# Onboarding
0Once upon a time there was an old king who was so ill...<ins>Swipe card to make a choice...</ins>narratorkernelCould I do something?200activismIs he going to get better?200destinyonboarding
200I am dying, Trusty John... You have served me so faithfully for all my life<ins>Your decisions influence the scores you see above</ins>oldkingkernelWhat is going to happen to the kingdom210collectiveWho's going to take care of me now?210individualonboarding
210I could face my end without a care were it not for my son. He is still too young to decide everything for himself<ins>Keep the scores balanced, don't let them grow or dwindle</ins>oldkingkernelHe shall be our new King1destinyHe's a troublemaker1activismonboarding
1Unless you promise me to instruct him in all he should know, and to be to him as a father, I shall not close my eyes in peace<ins>Swipe right to continue...</ins>oldkingkernelUhmmm2innovationAs you say, mylord3traditiononboarding
2You must promise me<ins>Swipe right to continue...</ins>oldkingkernelNot sure2innovationBe assured, my king3traditiononboarding
# Old king
3Now I die comforted and in peace. After my death you must show him the whole castle, all the rooms and apartments and vaults, and all the treasures that lie in themoldkingkernelSo be it, your majesty4You have my word, your highness4old_king
4but you must not show him the last room in the long passage, where the picture of the Princess of the Golden Roof is hidden. When he beholds that picture he will fall violently in love with it and go off into a dead faint, and for her sake he will encounter many dangers; you must guard him from thisoldkingkernelI promise, mylord5I will do as you say, my king5old_king
5the old man became silent, laid his head on the pillow, and died.narratorkernelLet him rest in peace6It was an honour serving him. Long live his name6old_king
# New king
6When the old King had been carried to his grave and when the time of mourning was overnarratorkernelIt is time you should see your inheritance. I will show you your ancestral castle10I shall be faithful to you as I have been to him, even though it should cost me my life10new_king
10You take him over everything, and let him see all the riches and splendid apartments, only the one room where the picture was he did not open. But the young King noticed that Trusty John always missed one door, and said: "Why do you never open this one for me?"newkingkernelThere is something inside that would appall you11As you wish16new_king
11I have seen the whole castle, and shall find out what is in there. I will force it opennewkingkernelI promised your father before his death that you shouldn't see what that room contains12Okay16new_king
12Ah! no, if I don't get in, it will be my certain destruction; I should have no peace night or day till I had seen what was in the room with my own eyesnewkingkernelIt might bring both you and me to great grief14As you command16new_king
14Now I don't budge from the spot till you have opened the door.newkingkernelWith heavy heart I must do it16I will do as you say16new_king
# Secret room
16Then you saw there was no way out of it, so with a heavy heart and many sighs you took the key from the big bunch...narratorkernelJust be careful, Mylord17collectiveYou have left me with no choice17destinysecret_room
17When you had opened the door you stepped in first, and thought to cover the likeness so that the King might not perceive it; but it was hopeless...<ins>Sometimes all that remains to you is to let things go</ins>narratorkernel1818secret_room
18The King stood on tiptoe and looked over his shoulder. And when he saw the picture of the maid, so beautiful and glittering with gold and precious stones, he fell swooning to the ground.newkingkernelI will take care of it My King, just stay with me19activismWake up, Mylord, don't leave me alone19individualsecret_room
19The King came to himself, but only after you poured wine down his throatnewkingkernelOh, My King, allow me to take care of you20destinyThank God, everything is fine20destinysecret_room
20Oh! who is the original of the beautiful picture?newkingkernelI have no idea84She is the Princess of the Golden Roof21secret_room
21My love for her is so great that if all the leaves on the trees had tongues they could not express it; my very life depends on my winning her. You are my most trusty John: you must stand by menewkingkernel2222secret_room
# Making plan
22The faithful servant pondered long how they were to set about the matter, for it was said to be difficult even to get into the presence of the Princess.narratorkernelYou have in your treasure five tons of gold and the goldsmiths of your kingdom are skillful and famous23All the things she has about her are made of gold. We shall bring to her your treasures and try our luck with them24making_plan
23All the things she has about her are made of gold. I can order my goldsmiths to make all manners of vases and vesselsnewkingkernelWe shall bring to her your treasures and try our luck with them25destinyWe shall bring to her your treasures and try to win her over with them25activismmaking_plan
24So she likes gold. I have five tons of gold and the goldsmiths of my kingdom are legendary mastersnewkingkernelLet them the gold into all manner of vases and vessels25Let them the gold into all sorts of birds and game and wonderful beasts25making_plan
25The King summoned all his goldsmiths, and they had to work hard day and night, till at length the most magnificent things were completed.newkingkernel2626making_plan
26When a ship had been laden with them the faithful John disguised himself as a merchant, and the King had to do the same, so that they should be quite unrecognizable.narratorkernel2727making_plan
27And so they crossed the seas and journeyed till they reached the town where the Princess of the Golden Roof dwelt.narratorkernelMylord, I will go for the princes, but you must wait on the ship28Stay on the ship, My King, and await for my return28making_plan
# Ship parts
28Bring back the princess and I will let the gold ornaments be arranged and the whole ship decoratednewkingkernelI will take a few of the gold things in my apron, and proceed straight to the palace30I will take some gold things straight to the palace30ship_parts
30When you came to the courtyard, there is a beautiful maiden standing at the well, drawing water with two golden pailsnarratorkernel3131ship_parts
31And as she was about to carry away the glittering water she turned round and saw you with your gold and asked you who you weremaidenkernelI'm a servant who has come to invite your Princess to my King32I am a merchant33ship_parts
33Oh! my, what beautiful gold wares! Let me set down my pails, and examine your gold items one thing after the othermaidenkernelThese are the goods I sell34Let me show these goods to your Mistress34ship_parts
34The Princess must see this, she has such a fancy for gold things that she will buy up all you havemaidenkernelVery well, take me to her 35It will be my pleasure to show them to her35ship_parts
35They are all so beautifully made that I shall buy everything you haveprincesskernelI am only the servant of a rich merchant, his merchandise is more artistic and costly than anything that has ever been made in gold before38What I have here is nothing compared to what my master has on his ship. There is such a quantity of things that they would take up so many rooms that you would have no space for them in your house38ship_parts
38Take me to your ship; I shall go there myself and view your master's treasuresprincesskernel3939ship_parts
# Sail back
39Then Trusty John was quite delighted, and brought her to the ship; and the King, when he beheld her, saw that she was even more beautiful than her picture, and thought every moment that his heart would burst.narratorkernel4040sail_back
40She stepped on to the ship, and the King led her inside. You John remained behind with the steersman, and orderednarratorkernelPush off the ship silently like a shadow in the night43Spread all sail, that we may fly on the ocean like a bird in the air43sail_back
43Meanwhile the King showed the Princess inside all his gold wares, every single bit of it--dishes, goblets, bowls, the birds and game, and all the wonderful beasts. Many hours passed thus, and she was so happy that she did not notice that the ship was sailing away.narratorkernel4444sail_back
44After she had seen the last thing she thanked the merchant and prepared to go home; but when she came to the ship's side she saw that they were on the high seas, far from land, and that the ship was speeding on its way under full canvas.princesskernel4545sail_back
45Oh!, I am deceived, carried away and betrayed into the power of a merchant; I would rather have died!princesskernel9191sail_back
91I am no merchant, but a king of as high birth as yourself; and it was my great love for you that made me carry you off by stratagem. The first time I saw your likeness I fell to the ground in a swoon.newkingkernel4646sail_back
46When the Princess of the Golden Roof heard this she was comforted, and her heart went out to him, so that she willingly consented to become his wife.princesskernel4747sail_back
# 3 ravens
47Now it happened one day, while they were sailing on the high seas, that Trusty John, sitting on the forepart of the ship, fiddling away to himself, observed three ravens in the air flying toward him.narratorkernelI will pretend that I don't notice them49I'll hide and wait to see what they do493ravens
49Ah, ha! so he's bringing the Princess of the Golden Roof home<br/>Yes, but he's not got her yet<br/>Yes, he has, for she's sitting beside him on the shipravenskernelIt's my imagination, ravens can't talk48wait and listen503ravens
50That'll not help him! When they reach the land a chestnut horse will dash forward to greet them: the King will wish to mount it, and if he does it will gallop away with him, and disappear into the air, and he will never see his bride againravenskernelI'm not going to listen to some birds48listen more513ravens
51Is there no escape for him?<br/>Oh! yes, if someone else mounts quickly and shoots the horse dead with the pistol that is sticking in the holster, then the young King is saved. But who's to do that? And anyone who knows it and tells him will be turned into stone from his feet to his kneesravenskernelThis is all nonsense48innovationstand still and listen523ravens
52I know more than that: even if the horse is slain, the young King will still not keep his bride: when they enter the palace together they will find a ready-made wedding shirt in a cupboard, which looks as though it were woven of gold and silver, but is really made of nothing but sulphur and tar: when the King puts it on it will burn him to his marrow and bonesravenskernelThere's no way I believe this48innovationlisten more533ravens
53Is there no way of escape, then?<br/>Oh! yes! If someone seizes the shirt with gloved hands and throws it into the fire, and lets it burn, then the young King is saved. But what's the good? Anyone knowing this and telling it will have half his body turned into stone, from his knees to his heartravenskernelEven if it's true it seems to be endless48innovationwait more543ravens
54I know yet more: though the bridal shirt too be burnt, the King hasn't even then secured his bride: when the dance is held after the wedding, and the young Queen is dancing, she will suddenly grow deadly white, and drop down like one dead, and unless...ravenskernelThere's no hope in 48innovationgot to hear to the end553ravens
55someone lifts her up and draws three drops of blood from her right side, and spits them out again, she will die. But if anyone who knows this betrays it, he will be turned into stone from the crown of his head to the soles of his feetravenskernelravens, wait, tell me what to do?56innovationI need to think what to do563ravens
56When the ravens had thus conversed they fled onward, but Trusty John had taken it all in, and was sad and depressed from that time forward; for if he were silent to his master concerning what he had heard, he would involve him in misfortune; but if he took him into his confidence, then he himself would forfeit his life.narratorkernelNot sure what I can do58innovationI will stand by my master, though it should be my ruin583ravens
# Interventions
58Now when they drew near the land it came to pass just as the ravens had predicted, and a splendid chestnut horse bounded forward.narratorkernel5959interventions
59Capital! This animal shall carry me to my palace, I will mount itnewkingkernelseize the pistol out of the holster and shoot the horse dead60take out the sword and cut the horse down60interventions
60What a sin to kill the beautiful beast that was to bear the King to his palace!servantskernelI remain silent87There's something you don't know68interventions
87Silence! let him alone; he is ever my most trusty John. Who knows for what good end he may have done this thing?newkingkernelI serve in silence61I know something I need to tell you68interventions
61So they went on their way and entered the palace, and there in the hall stood a cupboard in which lay the ready-made bridal shirt, looking for all the world as though it were made of gold and silver.narratorkernel8888interventions
88The young King went toward it and was about to take hold of itnewkingkernel6262interventions
62but Trusty John, pushing him aside, seized it with his gloved hands, threw it hastily into the fire, and let it burnnarratorkernel8989interventions
89See, he's actually burning the King's bridal shirtservantskernelI shall remain silent63I have a secret to share68interventions
63Who knows for what good purpose he does it? Let him alone, he is my most trusty JohnnewkingkernelThank you for the trust, mylord90I can't hide it from you anymore68interventions
90Then the wedding was celebrated, the dance began, and the bride joined in, but Trusty John watched her countenance carefully.narratorkernel6464interventions
64Of a sudden she grew deadly white, and fell to the ground as if she were dead.princesskernel6565interventions
65He at once sprang hastily toward her, lifted her up, and bore her to a room, where he laid her down, and kneeling beside her he drew three drops of blood from her right side, and spat them out.newkingkernel6666interventions
66Throw John into prison. He will hanged tomorrow morningnewkingkernelI beg for the privelege of last words67Every one doomed to death has the right to speak once before he dies?67interventions
67Yes, it shall be granted to you. What do you have to say of yourself?newkingkernelI have nothing to say, mylord85I am unjustly condemned, I have overheard this damnation brought by three ravens68interventions
68Oh! my most trusty John, pardon! pardon! Take him downnewkingkernelUhm...69I...69interventions
69But as he uttered the last word your body had fallen lifeless to the ground, and was a stonenarratorkernel7070interventions
# Resurrection
70Ah! how ill have I rewarded such great fidelity! Lift him and put him in my bedroom near my bednewkingkernel7171resurrection
71Oh! if I could only restore you to life, my most trusty John!newkingkernel3636resurrection
36After a time the Queen gave birth to twins, two small sons, who throve and grew, and were a constant joy to her. One day when the Queen was at church, and the two children sat and played with their father, he gazed again full of grief on the stone statuenarratorkernel7272resurrection
72Oh, if I could only restore you to life, my most trusty John!newkingkernelIf you cut off with your own hand the heads of your two children, and smear me with their blood, I shall come back to life75individualYes, you can restore me to life again if you are prepared to sacrifice what you hold most dear73resurrection
73All I have in the world will I give up for your sakenewkingkernelIt is the blood of your children taken by your own hand that needs to be smeared on me75If you cut off with your own hand the heads of your two children, and smear me with their blood75individualresurrection
75The King was aghast when he heard that he had himself to put his children to death; but when he thought of Trusty John's fidelity, and how he had even died for him, he drew his sword, and with his own hand cut the heads off his childrennarratorkernel7676resurrection
76And when he had smeared the stone with their blood, life came back, and Trusty John stood once more safe and sound before him.narratorkernelI mourn the loss of your children92solidarityYour loyalty shall be rewarded77generosityresurrection
77Taking up the heads of the children, he placed them on their bodies, smeared the wounds with their blood, and in a minute they were all right again and jumping about as if nothing had happened.newkingkernel7878resurrection
78Then the King was full of joy, and when he saw the Queen coming, he hid Trusty John and the two children in a big cupboard.narratorkernel7979resurrection
79In church my thoughts dwelt constantly on Trusty John, and of what he has suffered for usprincesskernel8080resurrection
80Dear wife, we can restore him to life, but the price asked is our two little sons; we must sacrifice themnewkingkernel8181resurrection
81My heart sinks at the thought, but we owe it to him on account of his great fidelityprincesskernel8282resurrection
82Then he rejoiced that she was of the same mind as he had been, and going forward he opened the cupboard, and fetched the two children and Trusty John out, saying: "God be praised! Trusty John is free once more, and we have our two small sons again." Then he related to her all that had passed, and they lived together happily ever afterward.happyendendStart again0Start again0resurrection
# Non-story
84She must be some kind of princess. You need to find who she isnewkingkernelMaybe she's from the Golden Roof?21She is the Princess of the Golden Roof21secret_room
85And so did Trusty John meet his end - in silence, but faithful to his lordbadendendStart again0Start again0interventions
93When the queen came back from church, the king asked her "Did you pray in church?"newkingkernel9494resurrection
94Yes, but my thoughts dwelt constantly on Trusty John, and of what he has suffered for usprincesskernel9595resurrection
95Dear wife, we can restore him to life, but the price asked is our two little sons; we must sacrifice themnewkingkernel9696resurrection
96The Queen grew white and her heart sank, but she replied: "We owe it to him on account of his great fidelity." and left the room cryingprincesskernel9797resurrection
97The King was aghast when he heard that he had himself to put his children to death; but when he thought of Trusty John's fidelity, and how he had even died for him, he drew his sword, and with his own hand cut the heads off his children.newkingkernel9898resurrection
98And when he had smeared the stone with their blood, life came back, and Trusty John stood once more safe and sound before him.narratorkernelI mourn the loss of your children92solidarityYour loyalty shall be rewarded99generosityresurrection
99Taking up the heads of the children, he placed them on their bodies, smeared the wounds with their blood, and in a minute they were all right again and jumping about as if nothing had happened.newkingkernel8282resurrection