Island Feasibility Analysis.
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VanuatuPapua New GuineaFijiPhillipinesBahamasPanamaBrazil
LanguageEnglishEnglish, Tok Pisin, Hiri MotuEnglishFilipino and English, plus 175 regional languagesEnglishSpanish/EnglishPortugese
Climate68 Winter, 90 summerWarm all year roundWarm all year round79 Winter, 83 Summer, Four Main Climate ZonesCan you say HurricanesTropical, Wet from May to Jan 75-90F in a typical day
GovernmentRepublicUnitary parliamentary democracyMilitary Appointed Government and Parliamentary RepublicDemocratic, Presidential SystemParliamentary DemocracyPresidential Democracy
EconomyAgri, Corpa, and Cattle. Tax revenue is through 12.5% sales VAT. Tax Haven, free market institutions.Tourism, natural resources.Forestry, Mineral, Fish, Tourism (this is very large)Electronics and garment Exports, food exportsTourism, offshore bankingTourism, Trade, Bankingeverything. More or less First World economy
Foreign InvestmentStrong promoter of foreign Investment. Requires Minimum 53,000 investment. (Investment company will cover as part of purchase.) Business formation requires investment status (can be obtained as a subsidary of the island company. License cost of $215 to start a business. Need to negotiate arrangement with gov. to eliminate the minimum investment for each provate company on the island. No foreign employment required.Promoter of tourism, however, unless we're investing tens of millions, we are not going to be able to secure an island. Only 3% of all land in PNG is privately owned (the government owns the rest, that is, the ground on which people build there houses is not theres), and these are generally for large multinational resource mining companies that have 99 year lease agreements.Strong promoter of Foreign Investment, Requires minimum investment (Dependent on Project), Business formation requires application to Fiji Trade and Investment Bureau, LLC welcomed, Processing fee for an application is F$2,875.00, Tax breaks will vary. Gov't will work with company, No foreign employment requirement (can be 100% foreign owned). More breaks would be given if local employment/investment was allowed.forget about it. Any property with more than 5 acres purchase by foreigners must obtain a permit from foreign inestments board. Tax-free status accorded to income. There are no taxes levied on capital gains, corporate earnings, personal income, sales inheritance, or dividends. US dollars and bahamian dollars are accepted (and are pretty much used interchangeably)Easily available in Tourism Zones, full-title available. Anything within 6 miles of International Waters is off limits unless in a tourism zone. Panama is working to attract foreign investorsVery open to Foreign investment. But limited to 5,000 hectares. Real estate investment increasing at 50% causing prices to jump. Must be permanent resident to start a business and run it. Must also invest $75,000 in the business to start it.
ImmigrationVisa for tourism is NOT necessary. Resident visas require $250 annual payment. Retirement status requirements: deposit of $3500 in Vanuatu bank, $250 annual fee, prove sufficient monthly income, police check by home country. Permanent resident requirements: Live in Vanuatu for 10 years, pay fees ($3000), take testNeed to apply for visa for entry.Holders of Passports from visa exempt countries are granted visitors visas valid for 4 months on arrival. Extensions can be made up to 6 months on condition that they hold a valid passport (valid for 3 months) beyond the intended period of stay in Fiji, outward ticket and sufficient funds to facilitate duration of stay. to 50 people per country per year. Visa for tourism is not necessary, And business visa not necessary. Employment in the bahamas is difficult, for employers of an immigrant must provide proof that they attempted to hire a bahamian. (I am not sure how this will affect our businesses)180 day stays for US Citizens no Visa required. Many types of investor Visas available, minimum investments and must hire three Panamanian Nationals. Panama Reforestation Program - invest $40,000 and stay five years then can apply for residencyImmigration is hard. Either invest $50,000 with business in Brazil, wait 15 years and learn to speak Portuguese, or marry a brazilian.
TransportationLimited Boat service to Banks and Torres Islands (most likely place we would buy) Must make private arrangements for supplies, building commercial dock will be costly.International airports, boats.Two international airports on the main island that are fully serviced. Multiple sources of boating transportation throughout the country. Complete road/bus routes throughout the main island.good and abundantWidely available in urban areas but traffic is dense, roads are poorRoads, facilities and trucking are available most everywhere. major cities are not far form any island
Communications10Gbit undersea cable expected in 2014: outer island still with limited communications, will have to deal with satellite initially. Pushing 700Mhx LTE cell service to most islands 2010-2015 (may have to erect our own tower)All major cities and towns have automatic telephone exchanges and Fiji is linked by cable and satellite to world-wide networks for international direct dialling (IDD) and Vodafone, mobile phones. There doesnt seem to be any internet above 9mb/s, and obtaining it on some islands may be difficult. Cable is available on the mainland, and may or may not be available to other islands.Cell and Internet Service widely availableCommunication is top of the line but not everywhere. 3g is good coverage most places. Depending on Island location, a terrestrial connection might be possible
Health ConditionsMalaria - easily treated. Little to no poisonous creaturesHDI is 140th in the world, most of the population lives in abject poverty. Has very high rates of HIV/AIDS plus malaria. Estimates put doctor/citizen ratio at 5/100,000.Fiji has an effective, western style medical system and medical facilities are widely available throughout the island. Fiji is free of all major tropical diseases, including malaria, yellow fever and many others diseases endemic in other tropical countries. Fresh water is treated and is safe to drink from the tap. Major medical attention within an hour's flight from the furthest island being considered.Hepatitis a/b. Be sure to have thos shots. No universal healthcare, basically the same as the US.Dengue Fever and Malaria are the two chief concernsGood hospital coverage and care but depending on where you are. North has malaria and Dengue Fever among other things. South a little better.
Health CareNo hospitals on outer islands (Need medical personnel to be involved with effort and need to plan medical saftey packets/medicine stockpiles.See above.See AboveCheap and well-trained, many people go for plastic surgeryHospitals and care are abundant
The BadTransportation, and healthcare. No freehold land, but excellent leasing management. Won't be able to buy island.Government can be a little iffy, but has stabilized in the last couple years. The taxes in some cases are high, but in other cases are low. It will depend on the situation. See following link for more details: land ownership. leasing is spottyHealthcare, communications.Climate, Roads, Cost of ImmigrationImmigration and business formation
The GoodInvestment laws, immigration, buisness formation, taxation rules, resident rules.One of the most economically sound countries out there for this type of venture. Lots of potential for improvements to the quality of living/jobs offered to locals. Has multiple areas that are freehold lands of over 1,000 acres that are "cheap" in cost compared to other smaller islands.Close to InfrastructureTransportation, immigrationPractically laying down the red carpet for foreign investment VERRY Expensive!costs are low for property
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