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Agrela EcosystemsBioScience - Agriculturehttp://www.agrelaeco.comAgrela Ecosystems is a precision agricultural technology company, producing the PheNode, a solar powered, cloud connected, smart field sensor system which will help farmers and researchers make informed, real time decisions to improve their crops and to save money.Agrela EcosystemsAgrela Ecosystems@AgrelaEco
Balto Software IncTechhttp://www.baltosoftware.comBalto's A.I. understands phone conversations and automatically tells agents the best things to say, in real-time.Balto Software IncBalto Software IncBalto Software Inc"balto software"
Bastian Pet Toys, LLCProducts / Serviceshttp://www.k9xball.comK9X Ball, the first product from Bastian Pet Toys, combines extreme durability and bounce that’s perfect for fetch, and it’s non-toxic! Each sale supports the St. Louis Zoo Wildcare Institute helping endangered dogs.Bastian Pet Toys, LLC@K9XBall"k9x ball"
BibeTechhttp://www.Bibe.ioCooking the newest and coolest restaurant management tools to bringing a starving market something fresh.BibeBibe@bibe_io""
Big Heart Tea Co.Products / Serviceshttp://www.bighearttea.comBig Heart Tea Co. is a St. Louis-based, woman-owned tea company on a covert mission to make people feel good through healing herbs. Big Heart Tea Co. goes to the source to buy herbs and tea that we know are grown, processed, and traded with respect. The value we place on human time, energy, dignity, and well-being leads to both a higher quality of life for the producers, as well as a higher quality product for you.Big Heart Tea Co.Big Heart Tea Co.@bighearttea"big heart tea"
blossomTechhttp://www.blossom-iot.comblossom is a bartering marketplace that allows anyone to exchange goods and services easily and securely through automated smart contracts. We currently serve the energy industry by allowing consumers to make P2P and B2P energy exchanges.blossomblossomblossom
Brush HeroTech - Educationhttp://www.brushheroapp.comBrush Hero solves the problem of kids hating to brush their teeth. It’s a mobile game they play by brushing — games last for two minutes, and they earn more points for brushing more thoroughly. It works with absolutely any toothbrush.Brush Hero@brushheroapp"brush hero"
Carto TechnologiesTechhttp://www.carto.techCarto Technologies is developing a turnkey Augmented Reality platform that interfaces readily with all operating room equipment and imaging modalities, improving access to image-guided interventions for under resourced healthcare systems. We are focused on surgical navigation guidance and simplifying information access.Carto TechnologiesCarto Technologies"carto technologies"
Cellatrix LLCBioScience LLC has developed a 3D tissue-engineered bone marrow (3DTEBM) culture model where we use primary tumor biopsies and the plasma from patients to engineer a 3D tissue culture derived solely from cancerous patient material. This system can be used for biomedical research, drug development, and personalized medicine.Cellatrix LLCCellatrix LLC
CheckTheQTechhttp://www.checktheq.comCheckTheQ delivers real time alerts on wait times so airports, stadiums, and venues can manage their customers’ expectations and reduce average line length.CheckTheQCheckTheQ@CheckTheQ
Clever Real Estate, IncTech connects homeowners to a full service real estate agent that will list their home for a flat fee of $3,000 or 1%. Clever has over 1,500 partner agents across the country, and works with agents from every major brand. We've saved sellers over $3 million in commissions.Clever Real Estate, IncClever Real Estate, Inc@ListWithCleverClever Real Estate, Inc"clever real estate"
Connexio, Inc.Tech - Educationhttp://www.connexio.ioConnexio connects students who want to study internationally with universities globally.Connexio, Inc.Connexio, Inc.
Delta Tech LLCTech Tech is developing SaaS data collection tools to be used in low-tech industries. These tools take the form of smart mirrors.Delta Tech LLC"delta tech"
Equine Smartbit, LLCTechhttp://www.esbits.comAt Equine Smartbits, we use cutting-edge photodiode and sensor technology to equip horse bits for the next generation of equine sports and scientific animal health and well-being. Our technologies, created in partnership with global horse bit manufacturers, allow the equine industry to step into the new age of technology."equine smartbit"
esso skin careProducts / Serviceshttp://www.essoskincare.comesso skin care is a natural beauty brand located in St. Louis MO. We formulate and sell essential, effective, and effortless skin care for women of color; African-American, Hispanic, Asian, African, Indian, Native-American, etc. We believe every woman of color is beautiful, powerful, and uniquely phenomenal in her own skin.esso skin care"esso skin care"
ExplorityTech - Educationhttp://www.explority.comExplority is a group experience management (GEM) platform that helps educators manage out-of-classroom experiences. In one web and mobile platform, Explority provides automated tools around logistics, educational content, and collaboration. The platform reduces up to 75% of work for teachers, while increasing engagement of students and parents.ExplorityExplority
FanvieTechhttp://www.fanvie.coFanvie is a digital sports fan engagement system that makes the kisscam, tshirt toss, mascot race, and hat dance all digital! Fanvie takes game day fan engagement to the next level while letting fans in the venue, and out of it engage in rivalry based competitions to keep the live experience exciting in a brand sponsored way. Fanvie doesn’t replace the analog fan experience, instead it serves as the digital twin allowing for fans at the top of the venue to catch a tshirt digitally for the first time."fanvie"
Final ThoughtsProducts / Services Thoughts connects loved ones during and after life. Imagine a simple solution for sharing future memories and safeguarding your legacy. Using our Pinterest style dashboard, users can add documents, images, and videos; assign those memories to an individual or group, and at a future date be assured those messages will be delivered.Final Thoughts@FinalThoughtsapFinal Thoughts"final thoughts app"
Gateway Pharmaceutical LLCBioSciencehttp://www.gatewaypharmall.comGateway Pharmaceutical LLC is a pharmaceutical research company located in St. Louis, MO. The company is focused on developing new (505 b2) dosage forms using drug delivery technologies for improved therapeutic efficacy and reduced side effects, as well as generic (ANDA) solid and semisolid products with controlled release properties."gateway pharmaceutical"
Geneoscopy LLCBioSciencehttp://www.geneoscopy.comGeneoscopy has developed a novel method to extract eukaryotic RNA biomarkers from stool samples (seRNA) to enable a new wave of noninvasive diagnostic tests to prevent, detect, and monitor gastrointestinal (GI) disease.Geneoscopy LLCGeneoscopy LLC@GeneoscopyLLCGeneoscopy LLC
Generation Mindful LLCTech - Educationhttp://www.genmindful.comGeneration Mindful (GEN:M) creates tools, toys and programs that build emotional intelligence through play and positive discipline. Its products are designed for use in homes, classrooms, play therapy settings and more, helping adults connect with, lead and guide children. GEN:M is committed to connecting the generations playfully and making connection a habit.Generation Mindful LLC@Gen_Mindful"generation mindful"
GeneropolisTech is an online marketplace where users buy & sell goods & services, directing the proceeds from each transaction to the seller’s preferred nonprofit. It unlocks a new way to practice generosity by monetizing people’s talents & resources, & solves the problem of constrained charitable cash giving in America.GeneropolisGeneropolis@generopolis
GiftAMealTechhttp://www.giftameal.comGiftAMeal helps provide a meal to someone in need each time a user takes a photo at a partner restaurant. Restaurants pay GiftAMeal to be on the app, and each time a user takes a photo, GiftAMeal donates money to Operation Food Search.GiftAMealGiftAMeal@GiftAMealGiftAMeal
Good Meets WorldProducts / Serviceshttp://www.goodmeetsworld.comGood Meets World is a community of businesses that are changing the world TOGETHER. GMW members receive a turnkey service that connects them to a vetted cause, brands & certifies them as a business that gives back, and provides all the tools needed to make their giving program successful.Good Meets WorldGood Meets World@goodmeetsworld"good meets world"
IncentiLock LLCTechhttp://www.incentilock.comIncentiLock offers the only fully-automated and commercially-available software for calculating tax credit and incentive benefits under government jobs programs.IncentiLock LLCIncentiLock LLC@IncentiLock
Intact Genomics, Inc.BioSciencehttp://www.intactgenomics.comIntact Genomics is a world leader in large DNA fragment cloning and metagenomic technologies. Intact Genomics invests in R&D, the manufacture and sale of molecular biology reagents and kits, as well as novel technologies for potentially revolutionizing large-scale natural products and drug discovery from environmental microbes including bacteria, filamentous fungi, and metagenomes.Intact Genomics, Inc.Intact Genomics, Inc."intact genomics"
Janus ChoiceTech are a real-time AI-augmented decision-making tool for patients, families, and healthcare providers that helps patients locate optimal sources of post-acute care and guides them to recovery. By assisting in patient placement, we improve the quality of care for the patients and the bottom line of health systems.Janus ChoiceJanus Choice@JanusChoiceJanus Choice"janus choice"
JohegoTechhttp://www.johego.orgJohego is an award winning nonprofit that sells enterprise software to help social workers, police officers, and other public servants connect people in need with social and medical services, such as overnight shelter and mental health treatment.JohegoJohego@JohegoDotOrg
KaloCyte, Inc.BioSciencehttp://www.kalocyte.comKaloCyte, Inc. is a St. Louis-based biotechnology company developing a freeze-dried, red blood cell substitute that can be reconstituted to treat traumatic hemorrhage when banked blood is unavailable (ambulances and battlefields) or undesirable.KaloCyte, Inc.KaloCyte, Inc.
Keen Bean OrganicsConsumer Tech - Foodhttp://www.mykeenbean.comKeen Bean Organics is disrupting the baby food industry by bringing healthier, cleaner, more functional RTE food to the world using high pressure processing technology. We create real food meals for your little (6 months +) that are beautifully curated, cold-blended, organic, non-GMO, preservative free, additive free, all conveniently packaged for families on-the-go. Think ultra-premium cold pressed juice meets baby food with superfoods and a splash of probiotics.Keen Bean OrganicsKeen Bean Organics@mykeenbeanKeen Bean Organics"keen bean organics"
Keybot Inc.Techhttp://www.getkeybot.comKeybot saves time and money for rental property managers. The Keybot smart lock provides temporary access management, while verifying third-parties, without the need for an internet connection. With Keybot, you can unlock all the doors to your rentals using your smartphone as the key.Keybot Inc.Keybot Inc.@keybotlockKeybot Inc.
Lean Media, Inc.Tech Media is an audience-first programmatic online advertising solution that leverages advanced data analytics and proprietary media buying methods to give agribusiness advertisers a new level of control and confidence when targeting farmers and rural Americans via online advertising.Lean Media, Inc.Lean Media, Inc."lean media"
Lux & NyxProducts / Serviceshttp://www.luxandnyx.comLux & Nyx provides handbags that are both luxurious and functional for the growing market of focused career women. Professional women demand style in every aspect of their lives, and the modern woman also needs functionality. Lux & Nyx fills this market gap and does it with eco-friendly, highly durable materials.Lux & NyxLux & Nyx@lux_nyx nyx
Made for Freedom, LLCProducts / Serviceshttp://www.madeforfreedom.comMade for Freedom products are made by sex trafficking survivors and those coming out of marginalized situations. "DEEP Fashion Events" allow anyone to host an educational gathering, learn more about the issue, and become part of the solution.Made for Freedom, LLCMade for Freedom, LLC@madeforfreedom"made for freedom"
MakersValley LLCTechhttp://www.makersvalley.netMakersValley is an online B2B service platform that is democratizing manufacturing, making manufacturers more transparent and accessible, by connecting fashion entrepreneurs with over 100 Italian manufacturers & artisans to launch their own private label clothing line, with no minimums and no markups.MakersValley LLCMakersValley LLC@AskMakersValleyMakersValley LLC
Medical Guidance Systems LLCBioSciencehttp://www.medgyde.comAt MGS, we are exploiting a biological phenomenon exhibited by NSCLC cells in response to irradiation by developing targeted, high-affinity antibodies as therapeutic. TIPTUHUMAB, when fully developed, will bind and sensitize lung cancer cells to radiation. The antibody will also get internalized and trigger apoptosis of the cancer cells.Medical Guidance Systems LLC"medical guidance systems"
MultiPassTechhttp://www.multipassapp.comA global experience platform that provides an ecosystem of innovative coliving & shared workspaces for mobile workers & digital nomads.MultiPassMultiPass
Narya SecurityTech help enterprises solve the damage from Ransomware infections, with a single click.Narya SecurityNarya Security@NaryaSecurityNarya Security"narya security"
Oil Change on Wheels, LLC (OilCOW)Products / Serviceshttp://www.oilcow.comOil Change On Wheels, LLC (dba OilCOW), is a customer-site car oil-change service enterprise focused on providing value to today’s busy consumers via convenience, quality of service and hassle free customer interaction."oil change on wheels"
PanoptiveTechhttp://www.panoptive.comA next generation data solution built for Data Analysts and the Decision Makers they support.PanoptivePanoptive@panoptivePanoptive
ParlorTech is a Customer Collaboration Platform designed to transform the way digital product teams engage their users in order to build better products. Through Parlor, teams can validate the impact of all the new features they're considering building before they write a single line of code.ParlorParlor@TeamParlor"parlay app"
PasilobusTechhttp://www.pasilobus.comPasilobus is a software house specializing in VR/AR technologies, commercial applications and enterprise software. The company also created the Photolock and Comity apps.PasilobusPasilobus@PasilobusHQPasilobus
PodcastPressTechhttp://www.podcastpress.ioPodcast Press is a marketplace and media platform helping brands simplify the creation of high-quality audio content and podcasts.PodcastPressPodcastPressPodcastPress
POP Marketing LLCProducts / Serviceshttp://www.pop-stl.comPOP Marketing LLC enhances the customer experience of our clients to increase sales. We collaborate with our customers to deliver custom product packaging, subscription boxes, gift sets and promotional products that build excitement and create loyalty. In 2018 we are launching an industry-specific product line of elegant custom photo boxes.POP Marketing LLCPOP Marketing LLC"pop marketing"
Provider PoolTechhttp://www.providerpool.orgProvider Pool is a collection of independently contracted healthcare personnel within a web platform. This platform was created to help healthcare facilities navigate staffing challenges by enabling the option to contract personnel instantly and decrease the expense paid by the industry to meet adequate staffing ratios."provider pool"
RegaviTechhttp://www.regavi.comRegavi is a relationship management system, a personal CRM, a contacts app on steroids featuring a digital business card, cloud-based contacts system and full encryption.RegaviRegavi
S4FinTechhttp://www.s4agtech.comAt S4 we believe that the way to help farmers invest more and produce more is by providing stability to farming and the Ag supply chain. By combining specialists in agriculture, satellite imaging, and big data, we developed a methodology to measure crop biomass in each individual county using a standard metric (the S4 Index). The S4 Index correlates biomass to crop yields and can be used as an underlying asset for derivative transactions.S4S4@S4AGTechS4"s4 agtech"
SensrTrx, LLCTechhttp://www.sensrtrx.comThe fastest easiest way to measure and increase manufacturing performance.SensrTrx, LLCSensrTrx, LLC@SensrTrxSensrTrx, LLC
Smart Aerosol TechnologiesBioScience - Agriculturehttp://www.smartaerosol.comSmart Aerosol Technologies manufacture microparticle, slow-release fertilizers that increase crop yields and reduce run-off as an ecofriendly alternative to conventional fertilizer products.Smart Aerosol TechnologiesSmart Aerosol Technologies@Nano_Fertilizer"smart aerosol technologies"
SpenDebtFinTech is a financial technology company designed to improve financial health by providing a micro-payment platform which applies payments for consumers to reduce debt through everyday transactions.SpenDebtSpenDebt@spendebt
StellaTechhttp://www.ourstella.comStella is a mobile parenting platform that fits every family. It centralizes and synchronizes every essential stream of information needed for the every-day so that caregivers can harness unavoidable chaos and transform it into unbreakable connections.
StrayosTech Visual AI platform using drone images for Mining and Infrastructure jobsite.StrayosStrayos@StrayosAIStrayos
Sunstation USAProducts / Serviceshttp://www.sunstationusa.comSunstation USA is your #1 resource for community sunscreen dispensers!Sunstation USA@SunStationUSASunstation USA"sunstation usa"
SwipeSumFinTech is the first online marketplace for payments. Any merchant who goes through SwipeSum’s online consultation will receive multiple offers for their credit card processing account, from providers that can deliver a holistic solution and integrate into their current procedures for accepting payments. This leaves all merchants with the best solution for their unique business setup, at the best price.SwipeSumSwipeSum@TrySwipeSumSwipeSum
T-var EdTechTech - Educationhttp://www.TheReadRead.comT-var EdTech designs and sells devices that teach kids how to read. Its flagship product - The Read Read™ - has taught children classified as 'non-readers' how to read.@TheReadRead
TallyfyTechhttp://www.tallyfy.comTallyfy is workflow software that automates approvals, forms and tasks between any number of people. This eliminates the chaos of emails, spreadsheets and even paper. Imagine building a workflow (or a "Template" as we call it) that lays out who is doing what, when and how - and also collects information within every step. That's Tallyfy.TallyfyTallyfy@tallyfyTallyfy
The Home Remote LLCTech provide apps & PC software that allow users to design custom user interfaces to control all internet connected smart home & AV devices. Our software is supported on all major platforms including Android, iOS, & Windows.The Home Remote LLCThe Home Remote LLC@thehomeremote"the home remote"
The Serenity Strategy NetworkTech - Educationhttp://www.theserenitystrategy.netThe Serenity Strategy Network is a social enterprise, creating the Serenity College rankings which is the U.S. news ranking equivalent for LGBT+ resources. The company fosters positive trends of investment into LGBT resources in Higher Education.The Serenity Strategy NetworkThe Serenity Strategy Network@SerenityStrat"serenity strategy network"
VitalTech - Educationhttp://www.vital.educationVital is a software solution that reduces the time and resources required to create accessible, digital learning materials for students with visual impairments and blindness.VitalVital@vital4education
Wakava Food & BeverageProducts / Serviceshttp://www.wakava.comWakava is an organic health company, seeking to provide better tasting, healthier food and herbal drink options.Wakava Food & BeverageWakava Food & Beverage
WIFIPLUGProducts / Serviceshttp://www.wifiplug.ioThe only smart plug to pay for itself. WIFIPLUG has designed and developed a unique smart plug that is fully voice agnositic, working with Siri, Alexa, Google and IFTTT and that can pay for itself by learning users habits and routines and shutting off standby appliancesWIFIPLUGWIFIPLUG@WIFIPLUGWIFIPLUG
ZaphodTechhttp://www.zaphod.aeroAutonomous urban mobility company that gets passengers to their destinations via air and road so they arrive stress-free on time every time.Zaphod@Zaphod_aeroZaphod
ZipadeeDOTechhttp://www.ZipadeeDO.comZipadeeDO leverages trusted B2B connections into a powerful marketing tool for those who network for a living.ZipadeeDOZipadeeDO"zipadeedo"
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