LVO 2020 40k Champs Rules Questions & Model Approval Form (Responses)
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TimestampWhat is your email address?What is your 40k rules question or conversion/model query?Please upload a picture of any model you are seeking judge approval for the event here.Question answer:Date Question Answered:Follow up needed?Judge Responsible:NOTES?
1/4/2020 17:36:38ramjiv@gmail.comA couple more clarifying questions please:

A. Does the +1 strength ability of the chaplain dreadnought stack with itself ? The rule as written seems to imply that if you had 3 chaplain dreadnoughts engaged with the same squad within 6” of each other, you would gain +3 strength ?
B. Does the iron hands stratagem “cogitated martyrdom” apply to damage taken or wounds caused ? (See example below).
C. When deploying the entire army (mission 2,4,6) - is it possible for my opponent who asked me to deploy first to then seize the initiative ?
D. When does the clock start? After secondaries and deployment? Or from the roll for determining who generates the deployment map?
E. Is the attached Chaplain Dreadnought photo suitable as a conversion of a GW dreadnought ? (sadly no longer sold)
F. Finally, can a character chaplain dreadnought be a Master of Sanctity. RAW it lacks the 'Chaplain' keyword (having Chaplain Dreadnought instead) - but the FAQ gives it the PRIEST keyword and the FAQ for Faith & Fury isn't released as yet.

Example for question B
My IRON HANDS character dreadnought is within 3” of a squad of 10 intercessors at the start of the shooting phase. I play the cogitated martyrdom stratagem when the character is attacked by an enemy devastator squad using 4 lascannons.

They hit 4 times and then roll to wound, and wound 4 times. At this point, I roll to save, and save none. So my dreadnought character has taken 4 wounds.

Do I now roll 2+ to pass off each “wound” to the intercessor squad as a mortal wound - leading to a maximum of 4 mortal wounds. Basically like the Tau Drone.

Or does my opponent roll damage, statistically 4x3.5=14 and then I have to roll 2+ against each of the 14? Which means my dreadnought would be potentially losing 14 wounds (health). This implies that the intercessors would suffer a maximum of 14 mortal wounds? If so, how does the duty eternal stratagem apply? Or only on the wounds/damage not passed to the intercessors? Abilities with the same name cannot stack, so only +1S for the Chaplain Dread
 B. You roll for the 2+ after the attack has wounded but before damage is resolved
C. The way the packet is written. yes
D. Per the Chess Clock rules, here
E. Cannot See picture
F. By RAW, no due to not having the CHAPLAIN keyword, if the Fath & Fury FAQ doesn’t come out.
1/5/20noAdam Solis
1/11/2020 13:23:08Jason.lenore@gmail.comChaplain dreadnought is a regular dread model with flames and skulls and a skeleton (could use a venerable dreadnought w similar paint job too if that’s better?) Also my deathwatch vets are painted w flames and skulls (instead of the chapter on the right pauldron and left arm is silver). Kind of a big fan of legion of the damned! Everything is based right and wysiwyg, if no other dreads in the list1/11/20Danny
1/8/2020 23:00:18jerdlarson@gmail.comWould the following kit-bash turret be allowed as a Whirlwind turret. Barring magnets and piping for reinforcement, the model is 100% GW pieces, and is the same length, half an inch wider, and half an inch taller than an actual Whirlwind turret.,,, that is acceptable. 1/9/20NDanny
1/5/2020 20:20:29jjnewell9@jjnewell.com1. For the Sisters of Battle codex, it has the Gemini Superia listed at 16pts without wargear (you have to pay an additional 4pt for the power sword). However, 2019 Chapter Approved has them listed at 16pts including wargear. I assume we go with the Chapter Approved points since it came after the codex?
2. For Heroic Intervention, if a character is already within 1” of enemy models, but not in base to base contact, can it still heroically intervene as long as it moves closer to the closest enemy model?
3. Will dice apps be allowed for LVO? If so, is there a list of pre-approved dice apps?
1. Yes, you use the CA2019 point values listed. 2. Yes, so long as the character ends its move closer to the nearest enemy model, the one it is engaging, then it can Heroically Intervene. 3. GW's Assault Dice is acceptable, and if using another dice app, you must allow your opponent to use it if they ask. Which dice app, if not Assault Dice, were you thinking of using? 1/7/2020NDanny
1/9/2020 12:54:34kgc102@hotmail.comI have converted my Marine Centurions ever so slightly and would like to get confirmation that they are good to go or not acceptable. The picture shows a regular centurion versus what has been done. Thanks for your time! 1/10/20NDanny
1/11/2020 13:31:58mschietinger@gmail.comChaplain dreadnought is a regular dread model with flames and skulls and a skeleton (could use a venerable dreadnought w similar paint job too if that’s better?) Also my deathwatch vets are painted w flames and skulls (instead of the chapter on the right pauldron and left arm is silver). Kind of a big fan of legion of the damned! Everything is based right and wysiwygRepeat 1/11/20Danny
1/11/2020 22:46:23obissell@yahoo.comQ: Please clarify the way the "Heirs of Azkaellon" (Blood Angels Codex p. 93) wording works.
Heirs of Azkaellon is "You can re-roll failed hit rolls for models from this unit if they are within 6" of a friendly BLOOD ANGELS warlord." Does this affect all models from the unit?
Seems to me, no, it only affects models of that unit that are within 6" of a Warlord1/12/20NDanny
1/11/2020 16:32:52stephen.r.lind@gmail.comConverted AdMech rangers. They have ammo pouches from the sicarian infiltrators.
1/9/2020 14:18:28tkpinney@aol.comIf I would like to make an Iron Hands dreadnought in my list my Warlord, how can I reflect that in my list submission.

Also, I would like to use one of the warlord traits from Faith and Fury supplement, such as the Chief Apothecary Father of the Future trait, does that character need to be my actual warlord? Or can I use the Hero of the Chapter stratagem to unlock it?
You would have to mark on your list that you are using the stratagem to make the Dreadnought a character, and then assign it as the Warlord. You must use the Hero of the Chapter stratagem to give a Chief Apothecary your a warlord trait if it is not your designated Warlord as determined during Army creation. 1/12/20NDannyDanny (and would like additional eyes on this) That looks correct to me- John
1/11/2020 15:43:05123ezprey@gmail.comI have 2 sisters i converted with banners to be imagifers. I used the old metal sisters with guard banners and boltgun. Please let me know if this is fine for my imagifers.,, 1/11/20Danny
1/10/2020 Hi, Thanks for your time just had a general rules question on conversions. Say I take a new chaos plastic terminator and add a cyclone missile launcher to the top. While adding a couple of big weapons to the arms like a reaper autocannon. plus putting it on 50mm base. Would that be acceptable foot print for a obliterator?

Included is a pic I found of the internet but the termie shown is a older version so slightly smaller. Just wanted to get a idea of what's acceptable before I bother doing it.

Thanks again for your time!

Rodney, this would be acceptable as long as there was a cyclone missile launcher or some such larger weapon on the top to increase the height, large weapons on the arms, and the correct base size. 1/10/20NDanny
1/11/2020 21:23:09Andrew.l.s.powell@gmail.comJust want to get my Demon Prince and two disco lord conversions approved, all using the appropriate bases. Regarding the attached images: Demon Prince on left provided for scale of converted demon prince on right. Disco Lord on left is converted from venom crawler and Primarch model. Please let me know if there are any issues, thanks!,,1/11/20Danny
1/11/2020 19:02:52aythir101@gmail.comHere are some of my GSC converted with tau themed. These are the more heavily converted units I have. 2 pics show "Tau Mining lasers" with the actual laser for reference on size. and the kelermorph is not fully assembled but those are the pistols. All conversions are as close to original silhouette as possible.,,, these are fine1/11/20Danny
1/9/2020 21:00:08cdrawbond@yahoo.comConversion question. Is this good enough to count as a Icarus Array? I got this army second hand and am trying my best to do what I can with what bits I have.
1/11/2020 I have non GW vertus praetors and a shield captain on a dawnbike I want to use for the Doubles Tournament. I haven’t seen an actual GW vertus praetor in person but I believe mine are slightly smaller than the real ones. See pics attached.,,, but not legal for streamed games1/11/20Danny
1/7/2020 9:29:29Cylethompson@gmail.comHello,

2 questions:

1. Will single added Inquisitors break the ITC mono faction rules at LVO? For example if I add an inquisitor to my mono admech army would I be admech or imperium for points?

2. I am planning on playing a mono sub faction list (Mars) would the army in the attached picture be legal? It has all been painted and assembled by me, but I have some mostly red models and some mostly blue models. No, a single Inquisitor will not break the ITC mono faction rules at LVO. 2. Yes, this is legal as all of your models belong to the same sub faction. 1/7/20NDanny
1/11/2020 13:52:25Dawnstrider2@yahoo.comJust seeking approval of these models as counts as replacements. The bases and models are the same size. These would be Eldar warlock skyrunner and Eldar shining Spears respectively.,, but not legal for streamed games1/11/20Danny
1/9/2020 21:06:14deadmilkman29@gmail.comConversion approval, deamon prince with wings and malefic talons
1/7/2020 14:54:12Erichorneii86@gmail.comGood Evening,

I had a question on conversations. I don't have pictures yet, but i would like to use the Feirros model as my techmarine with a power axe and his heavy bolter as a regular bolter, place him on a 32mm base and paint him red. Also, i would like to convert the phobos lieutenant jumping as my smash captain, with Shrike's jumppack, SS and TH and on a 32mm base. if you need pictures i will try and send them. thank you for your time.

Need Pictures1/8/20YesDanny
1/7/2020 14:57:33Erichorneii86@gmail.comAre these conversions ok for a regular tech marine and smash captain? Thank you,,
1/11/2020 17:08:31gerard.malipaard@gmail.comI'd like permission for my conversions and my non GW based riptides.
The entire army comes from my desire to play Admech before Admech existed, so I used the Tau codex as that came closest to what I thought Admech would play like. Shows what I know. ;-)
Everything is on proper base sizes and I (will) have a regular riptide with me for LoS Issues when needed as usual.
These have been to LVO 2017 and many other events (including 3 ETC's) without any issues since 6th edition.
Use of alternative guns and markerlights and so on is consistent across the army (and logical, missile launchers are SMS, big twin barreled machinegun is the heavy burstcannon, targeting sights are the marker lights and so on.)
In order;
Fireblades are Tau and necron bits,
Drones ares Tau drones upside down + SM lascannon targetters,
Ethereal is a necromunda delaque model on Tau drone,
Firewarriors are Iron Brotherhood, Necron warrior arms and Tau gun barrels,
Riptides are Pacific Rim models with added guns, shield, drone bits and Tau missile launchers.,,,,
1/7/2020 15:10:14gordoncww@gmail.comCan you heroically intervene with a character (or model/unit using the new Unbridled Ardor strat from Blood Of Baal) that is already within 1" of an enemy model?Yes, so long as each model ends their movement closer to the nearest enemy model, in this case, the unit/model that they are already engaging. 1/8/20Danny
1/9/2020 19:43:38hulksmashstudios@yahoo.comTwo items. Is the Kromlech model at this link ( ) allowed to be used as a Thunderfire Cannon. It's of similar size and I will also have a regular thunderfire cannon available to swap in for true los of if my opponent has an issue with it. Second item my admech breachers are built like the one attached below. I wanted approval for the 7 of them I am using. Thank you. The Kromlech model is acceptable, but do bring the standard Thunderfire if need be. The Breachers do not appear as wide as the standard kit, so you will need to either bring the correct model to use in instances where LoS is determined and/or explain to your opponent that the models are slightly slim and therefore give them allowances in terms of LoS. 1/10/20NDanny
1/11/2020 21:28:38Jackesseff@gmail.comI have a big Mek, 2 Weirdboyz (one is broken but I’ll fix it) and a badrukk I have conversions for,,,1/11/20Danny
1/8/2020 23:03:25jerdlarson@gmail.comGiven that the Whirlwind Hyperios turret is no longer sold by Forgeworld, but is still a valid, legal, non-legendary unit, may I use a normal Whirlwind turret to represent a whirlwind hyperios turret?No. You must make the turret visually distinct from a standard whirlwind turret. 1/9/20NDanny
1/8/2020 23:09:01jerdlarson@gmail.comMoirax arms with Siege Claws are not sold separately by Forgeworld, preventing one from easily fielding a Moirax with two claws (a legal loadout). Would the following conversion be allowed to represent Siege Claws (Note: the Armiger itself is an actual Moirax; merely the arms have been converted)? All parts included (baring magnets) are GW or FW. Note: the model will be fully painted and based pending your decision :),, that is acceptable. 1/9/20NDanny
1/8/2020 23:13:56jerdlarson@gmail.comAsking for a friend: Would the following conversion be allowed as a counts-as Basilisk. It is a converted Chimera with green stuff, plastic card stock, and Basilisk bits, and is slightly larger than the Forgeworld basilisk variant it is visually patterned after (significantly taller than a normal basilisk). It survives travel a lot better than a normal Basilisk.,, that is acceptable. 1/9/20NDanny
1/11/2020 19:54:19jgeiger3114@gmail.comI have a converted demon prince, he has a snakey body for fast leaps instead of wings, and have I concentrated his bulk upwards to account for the LOS space the wings would have, I also have a normal DP model I can bring if my opponent has an issue. The second is my infernal enrapturess, which I also have the regular model for if there is an issue, I use the same size base but instead a limited edition slaanesh marine and a stage with working lights,, but bring original if opponent asks.1/11/20Danny
12/29/2019 13:57:11jjnewell9@jjnewell.comQuestion - GW on their 40k facebook page indicated that they plan on having a FAQ/errata for the new Sisters of Battle Codex only after the full release which will most likely push it back after January. I have submitted the following questions to GW, but no response yet.
1. For performing an act of faith, can I use multiple miracle dice when I am “fast dice rolling” for multiple models in a unit or is it limited to one model for the AoF?
2. The relic Litanies of Faith allows you to re-roll a miracle dice once per turn. Does that allow you to re-roll the miracle die received at the beginning of each battle round? Also, I assume you can re-roll a die in your turn and your opponents turn, correct?
3. For the Faith and Fury stratagem, are multiple miracle dice used for a hit roll also all used for the wound roll or is it just limited to one die?
4. Various stratagems allow the discarding of miracle dice to affect an outcome (Divine Intervention, Moment of Grace). Does the discarding of miracle dice constitute an Act of Faith for that phase?
5. For the stratagem Devastating Refrain, do you have to commit to using the stratagem before you roll the number of shots or can you do it after you roll and see the results from that initial roll?
6. For the stratagem Purity of Faith, is a Deny the Witch attempt required before you can use the stratagem or can you just go straight to the stratagem?
7. For the Shield of Faith ability, it refers to using one model to deny one psychic power. I assume that the unit as a whole it is still limited to denying just one psychic power, is this correct?
Sorry for all of the questions.

1. You are limited to one model in the unit for an Act of Faith. 2. Yes to both. A turn is short hand for a player turn. A battle round is a game turn. 3. Yes, all Miracle dice used in the hit roll are then used for the wound roll. 4. No. 5. Yes, you must use it before rolling for the number of shots. A model/unit is selected to fire before weapons and targets are selected to fire and before any dice are rolled. 6. No Deny the Witch attempt is required, but an attempt cannot be used after the stratagem is used should it fail. 7. Yes, a unit may only deny once per enemy psychic phase. 12/29/19NoDanny
1/11/2020 13:40:35John.weber8185@gmail.comI’m trying to see if I need to change the bases on these vehicles before I make the trip. The army is supposed to be city/ruin themed, hence the gray bases in contrast to the GW plastic ones.

Also, I lost the pieces for the missile pods on my stormtalon. Would this result in the model getting pulled? Pic attached

Thanks so much!,,
1/10/2020 Model,,, these are meant to be Supressors, yes, these are acceptable. 1/10/20NDanny
1/9/2020 15:16:43Laxhammer5@aol.comI have a converted Maleceptor and Exocrine and Biovore I’d like to be approved. The Biovores will have the correct base size soon.,
1/11/2020 you use the newest Necron Cryptek model as a Cryptek with Chronometron?Yes, but if running multiple Cryptek, painting one with a different colored arm or some such marker is necessary for your opponent to differentiate if they have separate wargear. 1/11/20Danny
1/11/2020 necrons, Are you able to gain the benefiits from Quantum Shielding and the feel no pain from the relic timesplinter cloak?Yes. Quantum Shielding is a separate save that is taken after failing a saving throw, and the Feel No Pain style save from the relic timesplinter cloak is on wounds taken. 1/11/20Danny
1/11/2020 determining deployment types is "choosing" a deployment type determined randomly?Yes, you roll a d6 to determine the deployment map each game. 1/11/20Danny
1/11/2020 still have not been registered for LVO and cant access the event on BCP. How can I rectify?Reece and Frankie1/11/20Danny
1/11/2020 21:15:31mitchbeard@gmail.comSisters question: does the litanies of faith relic allow me to reroll the free miracle dice I get at the start of every battle round?Yes,1/11/20Danny
1/9/2020 0:59:08Noahbeddome@gmail.comChaplain Dread converted from GW ven dread and dread knight. Same hieght and width as chaplain Ven dread . Paint in progress,, that is acceptable. 1/9/20NDanny
1/10/2020 11:37:30Nolen.carter92@gmail.comI have 3 conversions id like to get approved.

First is a Tech Priest Dominus using the Forgefather model

Second, is an Inquisitor, using a third party model from Artel W Miniatures

And last is a Daedalosus using a Skitarii ranger body and using equipment to match the pose of the original model.,, to all, but for the Inquisitor, it would not be acceptable on Stream. 1/10/20NDanny
Do I need to use strats that add warlord traits before the battle to my list? For example, Field Commander or We are Alpharius from
faith and fury. I’ve been using them situationally, sometimes to use We are Alpharius to give a second warlord trait to a non-warlord Lord Discordant, and then use the Field Commander stratagem to give a Specialist Detachment Warlord Trait to that Same Lord Discordant, and I wanted to make sure that was Ok.
Yes, these specific Stratagems are used "before the battle begins", not "when mustering your forces" and are thus variable. They do not need to be included on your army roster and can be changed from game to game, but please be sure to write down the use of these stratagems and the warlord traits assigned each game, and be sure to communicate clearly to your opponent during the pre-game portion.1/10/20NDanny
1/9/2020 6:01:22o.the.gorilla@gmail.comDaemon Prince Conversion (Photo of GW model and conversion next to it)

Nurgling Bases. Photo has A(GW), B(Part of GW/Cork) C(GW Spare nurglings) Are either B/C acceptable? All painting and basing will match the orange nurglings as my nurgle is all orangey. Thanks,,,,, both are acceptable. With Nurgling C, as it is a little shorter than the others, in terms of LoS, be sure to assume it is the same size as the other bases. 1/9/20NDanny
1/7/2020 15:36:26ozziem@live.comRequest for imagifier conversion, forgot to add it to my original conversion requests.
1/1/2020 18:19:26pauljameswinters@gmail.comIf there isn't a Chapter Approved 2019 FAQ out before the rules cut off, I have two questions.

1) I believe there is a copy-paste error with the Keeper of Secrets datasheet in CA19, page 84. The stat line and damage table, use the older entries found in Codex: Chaos Daemons except that it has 16 wounds. While everything else matches what is found in the June 2019 White Dwarf. This error makes it so that the Keeper of Secret cannot use its weapon "Snapping Claws.", as the damage table determines the number of attacks. By contrast Shalaxi Helbane, the hero Keeper of Secrets, has the same stat line and damage table in both CA19 and the June 2019 White dwarf.

2) It is implied that the Codex: Chaos Daemons datasheet "the Masques of Slaanesh" was replaced with "the Masque" found in the June 2019 White Dwarf. Yet, CA19 still refers to the "the Masques of Slaanesh" in its points adjustments. Which datasheet should I use?
Use the June 2019 WD damage table for Keeper of Secrets, and wse the June 2019 WD for the Masque. Please be sure to have a copy to show your opponent if any questions arise. 1/7/2020Danny
1/11/2020 20:56:39Scott.lafountain@yahoo.comI have three models that are modeled using primaris bodies. I hate how small non primaris models look compared to primaris models. They have the correct weapons and the correct base sizes (32mm). The three models in question are a watch master and two watch captains with jump packs, power fists, and storm shields. For comparison, the primaris watch captain in the picture is on the correct base (40mm) and correct loadout.,1/11/20Danny
1/11/2020 Lord of Change model legality. It's the old model on a raised base. The base is the new 100mm size., so long as the raised element of the base are used for LoS1/11/20Danny
1/9/2020 7:06:15Stinger989@gmail.comIs this an acceptable chaplain dreadnought conversion it actually a Dark Angels Chaplain dreadnought? 1/9/20YDanny
1/10/2020 12:00:25Stumpy2cool@gmail.comI have some third party wargames exclusive models for tau are they on to play
Left to right
Shadow sun
Firesight marksmen
Cadre Fireblade, but these are not acceptable for stream. 1/10/20NDanny
1/11/2020 Approval to use this as an ork weirdboy.
1/9/2020 6:12:59Tassin113@aol.comWhirlwind Hyperios model. No model exists to buy. Online when you google it’s a whirlwind with a air defense system vehicle mounted instead of ground mounted. So that’s what I have done. Is this the appropriate model? Happy New Year I am super excited for my first LVO,, that is acceptable. If you have standard whirlwinds in your army, I recommend painting the missile heads a different color to add to the visual distinction. 1/9/20NDanny
1/8/2020 9:04:02tcollier112@hotmail.comConversion Model query about Chaplain Dreadnought
1/9/2020 6:39:55Thebestgeneralpodcast@gmail.comStormhawk Interceptor and Jump Pack Librarian,,, this is acceptable. For the Stormhawks, please be aware that the wings and the top tail fin are larger than a Stormhawk, so you may not use these to draw line of sight. 1/9/20NDanny
1/11/2020 15:10:54tyrozen@gmail.comI have two models I would like approved for play. The first (skinny with topknot) is my conversion for a generic Inquisitor, the second (squat dude with axe) is my Tech-Priest Enginseer,
1/3/2020 9:34:07vtfootballakw@aol.comCan we run regular war dogs with FW weapons as Moriax Knights. Have weapons but do not like the moriax bodies As long as the weapons are clearly modified to be what the Moirax model would be equipped with, yes. 1/3/2020NoDanny
1/6/2020 I have some questions about secondaries:

Gang busters -
Does a unit which starts the game as a multi model unit but splits up once the first turn begins count for gang busters?
For example a unit of 3 Ork Mek Gunz?

Is gang busters cumulative across any eligible squad, or do all 6 wounds for a single point have to be accrued on the same squad? For example I kill a single centurion in one squad (4 wounds) and cause 2 wounds on a centurion in another squad - does this score me a point?

Stacking and Non Stacking secondaries -
Do secondaries marked with an asterisk stack with any other secondary? Or just with other secondaries that have an asterisk?
For example I take Old School, Big Game Hunter, and Head Hunter.
In turn one I destroy a leman russ, and in turn 2 I destroy my opponents warlord, do I score first strike and big game in turn 1, and head hunter and warlord in turn 2, or do I just score 2 points and have to choose which secondaries I score them on?

Gang Busters - This secondary is scored on a unit, not units within an army, so for you to score 1 point, you would need to inflict 6 wounds on a single unit. You cannot do 4 to one unit and 2 to another. Asteriks - Secondaries marked with an Asterik stack with any other secondaries, and only those marked with an Asterik stack. In your example, Yes, you would score BGH and First Strike on Turn 1 and on Turn 2 score 2 points for HH and Slay the Warlord. If there was a Tank Commander, you could not score both Head Hunter and Big Game Hunter on the same Tank Commander as neither Secondary has an asterik. 1/7/2020 NDanny
1/9/2020 Custom guard. Pictures of guardsmen, characters including company commander and astropath, and using celestial hurricanium centerpieces as infantry squad heavy weapons. Sergeants are fire sprites makes it easy to pick them out. Using them as Cadians this year.,,, with caveats: The Celestial Hurricanium heavy weapons can only work if all heavy weapons are the same in the army. If there are different weapons (mortars and lascannons for example), then they are not acceptable as it would be too difficult to visually identify them on the table top. As for the characters, you must provide your opponent with a copy of your list that includes which conversions/models equate to which unit to avoid confusion. 1/10/20NDanny
1/8/2020 10:02:01westonpickens@gmail.comI have two models that need approval. One is the Lord Executioner model that I would like to use as a Captain with Jump Pack and Thunder Hammer (32mm base) and an old marine that is being used as a lieutenant with chainsword and bolt pistol (32mm base).,,
12/29/2019 Rules Question - The Ork Mek Gun - Bubble Chucka - do you get to roll all of the variables before choosing a target? It is D6 Shots, D6 Str, Ap and Dmg - I know quite a few other units like Obliterators do, just want to make sure.

I say you have to select targets first, but I am not entirely sure. Asked in chatYes, could use second eyes here. Danny (so far)
1/8/2020 1:11:39Erichorneii86@gmail.comAre these conversions ok for a regular tech marine and smash captain? Thank you,,
1/8/2020 2:35:27erichorneii86@gmail.comAre these models ok to represent a smash captain and a tech marine. They both are on 32mm bases. Can I use a 40mm base instead? Thank you.,
1/9/2020 11:41:15Aidansb@vt.eduWinged daemon prince, Terminator with chainaxe, Lord discordant, dark apostle with dark disciples, and herald of slaanesh. All models are 100% GW conversions, all are on the correct base size and are the correct height. The highest point on the Lord discordant conversion is 4" whole the highest point on the actual Lord discordant model is 4",,,, Horn
1/9/2020 11:43:59aidansb@vt.eduPossessed. The following models are on
the correct base size and are slightly bigger than actual possessed. Since they have no ranged weapons this is strictly a disadvantage. All models are 100% games workshop conversions. Possessed are a mix of Forgeworld Gal Vorbak and Greater possessed. I have no greater possessed in my army, I am using the Gal vorbak in tandem with greater possessed to represent possessed, as they are both the same height and look similar. Should the greater possessed not be allowed to proxy for possessed, I am prepared to convert primaris into possessed, as seen in the last photo. Please let me know,,, Horn
1/7/2020 1:16:45alphadevil@gmail.comMy two wysiwyg Techmarines submitted fir approval.

—David Eaton,, Models1/7/20Jason Horn
1/9/2020 I would like to use this conversion as a regular space marine captain “smash captain”. Figure will be on 32mm base, and finished being painted. It’s a Primaris LT converted with helmet, shield, hammer, primaris jump pack.,, Horn
1/3/2020 Hello!

Just wishing to clarify two counts as/conversions, and making sure my paint scheme is to standard for my Harlequin army.

First pic is of a Shadowseer (which will be painted) and a converted Mistweaver Saih to count as a second Shadowseer

Second picture is of Maugan Ra which will represent a Death Jester, as picture next to him. (The Maugan Ra counts-as will also be painted)

Lastly, it shows two models from my army. Even though their colors dont match, since the whole army is playing card themed, and my list will only consist of a single brigade with a single Masque, is this alright?

Looking forward to hearing from you!,, and paint scheme are approved.1/3/20Jason Horn
I'm planning on running mixed catachan and tallarn this year. For ease of play I've made all catachan to wear hats/berets and all tallarn to wear helmets. For tanks I've made all catachan tanks smaller 2nd edition turrets and all tallarn tanks bigger 5th edition turrets. In the attached image are my conversions to fit this theme.

On the left is a bog standard 5th ed. Demolisher.

In the middle is my straken conversion with hat. He has the same wargear and pose as the actual straken and fits thematically with the rest of my officers.

On the right is my 2nd edition small turret demolisher conversion using GW parts.

Let me know if these will be acceptable for LVO. models are approved, however, I have a quick question. Is your entire army painted the same way for both factions? If so we are needing you to mark the bases different colors each faction.1/10/20Jason Horn
1/9/2020 16:00:57Byrdjas@hotmail.comMaking sure the conversions are fine. I know they are but doing the due diligence. All will be painted and based. Nurgling conversions (always have the actual models on hand for scale), Nurgle sorcerer with jump pack, dark apostle will also have book on rocks in front of him (have the gw one in the army also), all kitbashed possessed, and chaos lord. Everything will be painted and based to the same standard as the chaos lord. Let me know if you need more pics or the army as a whole it would only let me upload 5.,,,, models. 1/10/20Jason Horn
1/7/2020 am looking to use this converted thunderfire cannon model. Please can you confirm this is ok., Horn
1/8/2020 question I have is whether I can use my Termite assault drill in LVO. I have the model - it's legit GW (FW) and all, but it's part of my mechanicum army, which is painted a different colour to my blood angels army. This is red, my blood angels are orange. I really don't want to repaint my termite orange as it normally goes with my mechanicum army and it is all nicely and well painted up as you can see.

It is more a mechanicum unit than a space marine unit, so fluff wise it is "on loan" to the blood angels, and red isn't too different from orange.

This is already approved by Jason Horn by email, but submitting through the official channels for the record. Thanks. Horn
1/8/2020 have another question on a conversion for Inquisitor Hector Rex. He is in terminator armour on a 40 mm base. He is unavailable from forgeworld at the moment so I have three options on the attached photos:

1) Can I use my winged terminator angel as Hector Rex. He is on the correct size base, in terminator armour, with a sword and shield?
2) An alternative I would like to do is to convert one of my robed tactical marines (center of the three models). I would use Coteaz eagle in order to give him the same height as a terminator, and put either a sword or a shield in his other arm and use a deathwatch shoulder pad on him with some inquisition paraphernalia. Would this be acceptable?
3) Another alternative is to convert the blood angels termiantor captain that normally comes with thunder hammer and storm bolter to be storm shield and power sword. I would plan to use the "aggressor" deathwatch shoulder pad on one of his arms.

Would be grateful if you can let me know which one of these three options is acceptable to use as a conversion for Inquistor Hector Rex.

Jason Horn responded that either is approved, but asked I submit this for the record.

Thanks, Horn
12/28/2019 5:07:10daliandao@googlemail.comApproval of converted Craftworlds Autarch (on foot, with Star Glaive) Conversion. Model is not available via GW., picture of converted autarch on foot with star glaive. 1/1/20Jason Horn
1/2/2020 19:38:47dbtyrrell@icloud.comCan I use a Creature Caster 'Vulture Daemon' as a Lord of Change and a Creature Caster 'Lady of Chaos' as a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch?,,, are approved and notified of GW Streaming requirements.1/3/20Jason Horn
1/9/2020 9:52:40dingman_cody@yahoo.comCan I use Fierros model for my tech marine ? I am ready to put him on a 32mm base . My tech marine is my warlord for my successor iron hands list. It has become common for this model to be a proxy for a tech marine. only issue you guys may have might be the the axe he is holding. Any ways really hoping for him to be the centerpeice but I understand if you guys see it different. Horn
1/9/2020 12:27:26Dingman_cody@yahoo.comYou may have a previous request from me about using Fierros as a tech marine for my iron hands army. I have since decided to go ahead and convert my own model I have put him on a 32 mm base he no longer has the gravis legs that Fierros would have and is WYSWYG for weaponry. Hopefully this will suffice . I put him next to a resident tech marine which I don’t prefer to use and a primaris intercessor for scale, Horn
1/12/2020 7:15:26Dingman_cody@yahoo.comI have 5 intercessor sergeants and a tech marine which are equipped with chainswords but not modeled with them . It’s a common thing But I want to be sure that will be fine Told player WYSIWYG is in effectJason Horn
1/2/2020 14:28:51djhesters@gmail.comCounts as Chaplain. FW doesn't sell them and I had to model some using contemptor bodies and a modeled Crozius., converted dreadnaught1/3/20Jason Horn
12/27/2019 20:00:07Docdragonis@yahoo.comI would like to use this Death Company Dreadnought as a Chaplin Dreadnought. to proxy DCD as a CD, told him we would not allow him to proxy the dreadnought.1/2/20Jason Horn
1/2/2020 7:36:37Elliottlevy728@gmail.comConversion approval for lias issadon Horn
1/7/2020 8:24:50Ernanrodriguez79@gmail.comI have older oblitertators that have been rebased to newer updated size. They aren't that much smaller than newer models is this Ok? Newer obliterators dont sell individually only in huge box set.Sent email asking for pictuers1/7/20YesJason Horn
1/2/2020 15:27:37Geoff.vw.osborne@gmail.comHi FLG, I use a Gilliman model converted for my Blood Angels Sanguinor to give him an Angelic Host of the Primarch type feel and want to make sure it’s okay for LVO. I consider it modelling for “disadvantage” since he has no ranged weapons and is a bigger target. I’ve used and balanced over the proper size base. It’s been approved for use at ATC, Warzone Atlanta and Adepticon in the past. Thanks for your consideration! Sincerely, Geoff from Canada, is approved, but asked player to have origional Sanguinor model on hand incase of any issues.1/3/20Jason Horn
1/9/2020 16:10:45gilfuhr@yahoo.comCan I use this Mantic model as a "counts as" Thunderfire cannon? I will be bringing my metal Thunderfire cannon just in case, but the sides always break off and I hate playing with broken models. Thanks in advance for all the work you are doing to get this event ready!,, Horn
1/1/2020 Big models with different schemes but same legion. Can support characters be different scheme from big Lord of War models? The characters of the same legion will all match. Converted feirros to be a warpsmith. Can the servo arm and claw count as mechatendrils?
Master of possession and all models of that detachment will match but aren't the same as the khorne lord of skulls although they are the same legion.,, warpsmith conversion, LoS and BS were painted very well and in in simular colors. Approved paint scheme. 1/3/20Jason Horn
1/9/2020 12:08:00hugh.murphy365@gmail.comNigh Lords Chaos Spawn
Night Lords Daemon Prince with wings
Khorne Daemon Prince with wings
Nurglings,,,, and requested similar color around the rings of the base (mainly referring to the nurglings)1/10/20Jason Horn
1/9/2020 16:39:23info@knightsofsiena.comWhirlwind and typhoon missile launchers did not come through, reqeusting new ones.1/10/20Jason Horn
1/1/2020 14:15:16jamescastellani@icloud.comCould I use a Malignant Plaguecster model as a Chaos space Marine Sorcerer model. 1/3/20Jason Horn
1/1/2020 14:19:15Jamescastellani@icloud.comCan I use a Malignant Plaguecaster model as a Chaos space marine sorcerer model. 1/3/20Jason Horn
1/9/2020 18:30:41Jeffreyrleblow@gmail.comJust want to get some conversions approved. See pics below:
1x Captain w/ Jump Pack/THammer (32mm base)
1x Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (Necromunda Delaque Gang Conversion) w/ Boltgun & Chainsword (32mm base)
1x Sanguinor (AoS Stormcast Prosecutor) (32mm base)
1x Astorath the Grim (AoS Stormcast Prosecutor w/ Sang. Guard wings) (32mm base)
Space Marine Scouts (Palanite Enforcers) (28mm bases),,,, are approved, all scouts are palanite enforces1/10/20Jason Horn
1/1/2020 Hey guys, here's my issue -

I would like to mix the new sisters with the old metals and use a new Sim Imp. instead of/as an old Imagifer. I do not have any Sim Imps. in my list and only one Imagifer. Doing so will let me play with 2 differently painted orders of Sisters and not require me to use squad marks for detachments. It's cleaner and looks way better on the table in my opinion. I have attached photos of the old Imagifer next to the Sim. Imp. as well as new models vs old metal ones. I won't be mad if you no but I do feel it would look way better on the table top.

I hope you had a great new year! See you in a few weeks.

Thanks. I look forward to hearing back from you!,, using new Simularcum Imperialis as one imagifer. 1/1/20Jason Horn
1/2/2020 14:17:26jonathan_howard@yahoo.comI would like to use the 2 older version models of beasts of nurgle for the LVO FRIENDLY. Obviously I will paint them to the required standard., and sent him to the Friendly TO1/3/20Jason Horn
1/2/2020 14:18:52jonathan_howard@yahoo.comI would like to use these models as Mutant Rabble for the renegades and heretics army for the LVO FRIENDLY, and sent him to the Friendly TO1/3/20Jason Horn
1/1/2020 17:35:12jonathanquennell@gmail.comThis cool for a Jump Pack Chaos Lord? is approved.1/1/20Jason Horn
1/9/2020 Can I use age of sigmar chaos warriors with ax and sword as 40k chaos bezerkers armed with ax and sword? Horn
1/7/2020 11:21:20JT.steiger@darktowerlgs.comWave Serpent - Conversion - pegs, shuriken cannon, top cannon,, recieved parts and did not need conversion approval.1/8/20Jason Horn
1/7/2020 11:30:42JT.steiger@darktowerlgs.comNight spinners - Top cannon, scratch built from cockpit and guardian jetbikes. Green stuffed cockpits.,, recieved parts and did not need conversion approval.1/8/20Jason Horn
1/7/2020 11:44:01JT.steiger@darktowerlgs.comAutarch conversation - model isnt available online.

Converted from Harlequin troupe body - hemlock wraitherfighter crew head. Idoneth deepkin spear and shield.,, Horn
1/7/2020 11:46:46JT.steiger@darktowerlgs.comDark Reapers - Faceless green stuff - converted, Horn
1/7/2020 11:48:46JT.steiger@darktowerlgs.comWar Walker - Missiles and front faced cover,, Horn
1/7/2020 11:51:48JT.steiger@darktowerlgs.comWar Walker conversations Horn
1/11/2020 23:45:58kconyeabor@hotmail.com,,,,, needs documentation (pics and expinations) for each unit1/12/20Jason Horn
1/11/2020 23:47:56kconyeabor@hotmail.comAttached are photos for my converted models which posses labels for the models they are being used for.
The army contains a battalion of Tyranids and a battalion of converted Genestealer Cults.
The Genestealer cult models are conversions and they are as follows:

An Acolyte Iconward.
A Clamavus
A Nexos, which has a larger profile than the real model but does not shoot.
*An additional submission has been submitted containing photos of:
Acolyte Hybrids with Hand Flamers and squad marks. (unit of 13 all with the same equipment)
Acolyte hybrids with Autopistols and 7 Heavy Weapon Acolyte Hybrids with Heavy Rock Saws (one unit of 20)
A Patriarch and its familiar.

Please validate these as usable in LVO 2020.,,,, needs documentation (pics and expinations) for each unitJason Horn