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Website or other location (Netflix, etc.)Possible nouns/adjectivesPossible verbs/adverbsLink to an established lesson plan, if anyOriginal Language (if not a silent clip)Notes
Komodo Dragon bites, powerful bacteriacan smell, can bite, can lay in wait to attack, can move fastEnglishGreat for students who are interested in learning about Komodo Dragons in the TL
Gobble Gobble, (un)intelligent, oven, truck, farmgoes, thinks, wants, dances, escapesEnglishI did a strip story with this and had students do the movietalk after all of the vocab intro, watching with pauses, PQAs, etc.
Awareness Test, colors, bear, boys, bikepass, there is, there are, likes, danceEnglishNarrator in English. Captions of what Narrator says in English.
Jeff Gordon Test Drive prank (Pepsi MAX commercial), driver, salesman, keys, turns, fast, scared, nervous, crazy, test drivedisguises himself, records, shouts, gets madEnglish
Kool's Family Getaway, grill, trailer park, fire, flat-iron, microwave, purse, gasoline, lighter fluid, explosion,puts out, starts a fire, saves, rescues, pushes, crawls, throws, fetches, brings, hits, knocks out, explodes, pours, burnsEnglish
L'or Bleu, sink, water fountain, playground, friends, water, drought, dream, teacher, students, desk, school supplieswrites, plays, listens, turns on/off (water), shares, steals, wastes, imagines, dreamsFrenchLove this one for a unit on the environment. Also good for school vocabulary.
Edeka Christmas Commercial "Heimkommen", lonely, sad, home, happyalone, with his family, every year, receives a letter, goes home, togetherGerman
Alma, street, snow, doll, window, chalkboard (Winter)sees, lives, tries, opens, enters, closes, lives, can, walks, writes, throws of additional activities created on blogs--see also:
iPad vs. Paper use/wants her to useall
Cortometraje la entrevista boss, job candidate, qualified, overqualified, the interview, requirements/ requistes, unemploymentIt is necessary to/ have to, there are, works, is, has is a long clip so perhaps if it is a lower level, you may only want to use pieces of the clip...but it works great for upper levels.
Best Buds 2015 Budweiser Commercial, dog, horse, country, city, truck, wolf, escapes, jumps, runs, drives away, stops, it is raining, returns, is afraid of , is hungry is just music. I muted it during the movie talk
Bear Story (video now only available for purchase on YouTube or Amazon for $1.99), father, mother, son, house, animals, circus, sad, bicycle, organillero (organ-grinder)escape, work, make, ride (bike), look, cry, capture, beat musicIt's a Chilean animated movie. Won the Oscar last year.
French Restaurant - Animated Movie, spoon, knife, plate, bottle, glass, waiter, client, mouth, table, napkin, restaurant, flag, chairs, menú, opens, shoots, has a problem, stabs, opens, fliesjust musicnice for discussion about restaurants
Idiot at the gas station, car, cell phone, keys, skirt, jacket, long hair, distracted, attendant, trunk, gas station, gas tankpay, talk, help, crawl, open, close, lock, forgetmusic only
le père Noël a faim, candy cane, rain, cookies, piano, airplane, christmas tree, tableis hungry, jumps, flies, rides, changes, walks, runs, climbs, , makes lands, eatsmusic only
Laundry Quandry, clothing, man, woman, alarm, police, robot, walk, fly, wash, whistle, smile, flirt, readmusic, sound effectsFun to do with any theme based on heroism, making judgements based on appearance, making a first impression
Defective Detective, man, old woman, soup, pot, kitchen, tomato, knife, gun, rat/mousethinks, hears, sees, shoots, cooks, cuts, fears link has both text and pictures available
Johnny Express, delivery man, citizens, package, soda candoesn't see anybody/anything, walks, is afraid, screams, runs, kicks, flies, receivesno language (animated)Adorable animation, unexpected story, and bittersweet ending - I - and my high school students - love this film!
Laughing man, happy, MUSTwatching, looking at, laughing,nonelength - 1:30 min
Donkey in a hammock grey and black donkey, a hammock, a porch or patio, big eyes, large ears, a tail, a belly, hoovesis happy, hammock, is laying down, wags tail, happily, is grey and black, is being rocked, rubs belly, talks to himPortugueseCute baby donkey in a hammock. Being rocked by people. Gets his tummy rubbed. Looks relaxed and happy.
Carrot Crazy, rabbit, man, hunter, helicopter, trap, gun, box, big, small, many, more, eagle, backpack, cake, happy, angry, surprisedsees, wants, has, traps, captures, competes, is, wins, eats are guns in this, but they only shoot carrots. There's also a bear trap and other implied violence. Donna T-J showed this one to our TPRS workshop.
Knock Knock nobody is there, somebody, the door, tired, annoyed, frustratedopens the door, closes the door, knock on the door, he seems tired suspenseful, part of our "Goosebumps" unit, easy to get repititions
Cecelia, the balcony girl, balcony, muscles, atractive, big, smallhe wakes up, he stretches, he exercises, he lifts weights, he sees, he wants to impress clipexcellent for reinforcing reflexive verbs...just did this MovieTalk today with Blaine...we co-taught a class doing a story with actors and the MovieTalk at the same time. It was amazing!
Cajas de Monstruos / Monsterbox, man, store, flowers, girl, petwants, builds, shares, helpssilent clipGood for preterite vs. imperfect with past tense story telling or any other, kids love it sinces its so funny
Jungle Jail officer, inmate, scary, jail, insect/bug, chain, food, moneyis scared/nervous, throws, pushes, walks, yells, is trapped, tries to sleep, can't sleep, looks at, grabs, runs, falls, hits, hides, drops, sees, faints, dancesSilent clip, but French descriptionThe ending gets pretty weird and it all turns out to be a dream. There is violence throughout.
Bears, daughter, bear, house, snow, trap, water, forest, tree, cold, light, dark, young, oldwalk, run, play, looks, sees, looks for, is afraid, is scared, falls, helps, pulls, puts (in a pile), cares for silent, except animal soundslength ~ 6:43 Going to use this in conjunction with Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Intruder stairs, is worried, is scaredgoes up the stairs, goes down the stairs, opens the door, turns off, takes pictures, with 1 quick conversation in SpanishVery suspenseful, part of our "Goosebumps" unit, easy to get repititions. This is perfect for "Pobre Ana Ch. 3 vocabulary! baja/sube, saca fotos, tiene miedo, sonrie.
Jueves - La Oreja de Van Gogh, girl, train, stationsits down (next to), walks (forward/backward), smiles (also, again), laughs, move over, approachesThis song was created after the terrorist
attacks that happened in Spain on
March 11th, 2004.
SpanishAimed at high school and adult learners
How to Make Bread of the dead bread, flour, eggs, yeast, condensed milk, seasoningMakes, prepares, bakes, cooks, measures, puts, adds, kneads, decorates, eatsNo formal plan, but great to movie talk for novices, authentic material for intermediates and advancedSpanishexcellent for Day of the Dead before you make/ eat Pan de Muerto
Buscando a Dory, ocean, colorslooks for, finds, swimsSpanishGoes great with unit 8 in Martina Bex's Somos Level 1 Curriculum
El Gato Bilingue (Bilingual cat)https://youtube/xu0q0d9jkpI?list=PLITaAgrRWDAhHaReAstJjhYRD3ciOHaKw for beginners at the start of the year.
La Vida Secreta de las Mascotas (Trailer #1), dogs, owners, bird, couch, refrigerator, foodsleaves, says goodbye, suddenly, becomes, sleeps, wakes up, flies, has plansSpanishShows lots of owners saying goodbye and leaving, and then the pets becoming different animals, dancing, eating all the food, playing videogames, etc.
IKEA: La Otra Carta, Dad, child, letter, Los Reyes Magos, Wii, guitar, more time with me, more experiments at home, write, I want to..., spend more time with you, to play soccer with you, to go on a trip with youSpanish
Getting Paid Back, dog, child, school, moneyfell, ate, gave, help, cross, thai
A snowman yearns for warmer climes / Belgian Lottery Commercial, cold, warm, scarf, vacation, summer, winter, birds, animalsit's cold/warm, wants, flies, brings, puts on, sad, happy*First time creating movie talk activities.. just wanted to share what I came up with!
Hug a Chicken, chicken, rooster, white, blonde, blue shirt, shorts, sandals, feathershugs, pets, there are, wants to, likes, walksCute video of a little boy giving a chicken a hug. The chicken wants to be hugged!
Like a child,, scared, happy, watch, bumps, drives, gets out, gets up, will happen, would have happenedemotions, predictions (what will happen), what would have happened
El valor de las palabras tira / el ciego, la lata, el cartón,Excellent for teaching how words can change your world.
Hidden Treasure, man, kitchen, ball, floor, pencil, keys, hammer, baseball batplays, grabs, looks for, finds, takes outFits nicely in Martina Bex Unit 8 - Buscalo
Destiny, stairs, bus, kitchen, watch, time, man, toaster, briefcase, gnome, house, yard, sunwakes up, gets up, enters, exits, looks at, falls, hits, kills, fixes for REFLEXIVE VERBS and great becaue it repeats so much.
La niña y la abuela, marigold flower, altar, papel picado, bread of the dead, celebration, Day of the Dead, feels, gets up, wakes up, arrives, they see, bumps intoPowerpointGreat for showing cultural elements for Day of the Dead
El Empleo around the house, daily routine, professionswakes up, gets up, lies down, shaves, goes up, goes downGreat surprise ending. Slow moving but lots of interesting details upon second and third viewing. Very thought-provoking.
Black Hole, machine (photocopier, vending), man, safe, door, confused, greedyputs, places, falls, disappears, takes, kicks, eats, drinks, knocks Here is another script created:
Hola Llamigo, friend, boss, candy, pet, hat, pinatacarries, goes, leaves, leaves behind, wakes up, allows, hitsI haven't used it yet but it may work nice with Carrie Toth's Biancanieves story as you can compare relationship with animal in video with that of the bull in novel.
Bridge Story, rabbit, squirrel, turtle, bridge, log, applewalk, swing, hit, run, cross, swim, drown, help, pull, push, kickLink has been taken down
Dragonboy, dragon, knight, sword, tower, girl, boy, actor, nice, mean, shy, fury, fight, crowd, applauselikes, yells, acts, applauds, gets angry, fights, attacks, savesLot of fun to watch then read then reenact
Alarm alarm clock, bed, cd, open, loud, angrywakes, sleeps, wants, prepares, brushes, dreamsNo dialogue but Korean Production - note written in Korean in hall says "Please put the milk here!".Multiple levels Spanish 1/2 can use with morning routine and reflexive verbs as well as present and past tenses. Be aware of the gun - the main character shoots directly at the viewers in the end.
Big Bear Hugs happywants to hug, smilesThis video doesn't seem to be availalbe on YouTube. encourages acceptance of those with handicaps
die Eierbrecher (The Eggbreakers), head, eye, ear, egg, scary, creepy, ugly, clever, trickyplay a game, break the egg, needs, wins, loses, tricksTwo monsters go head to head in the egg breaking game until one of them loses his head.~4:45 minutes
Houdini Rope Escape, clothing, colors, body parts, rope, wraps up, tries, can/cannot, moves, sits, stands, sleeps to introduce El Nuevo Houdini
umbrella, weather phrases, happy, sad, blue, red, girl, boy, looks, walks, says, floats, sees, waitsQuestions for movie talk: We used this after teaching Martina Bex's "El Secreto de Ramon"
Frozen short clip (Sven and Olaf), raindeer, carrot, lake, flowersmells, sneezes, loses, wants, grabs, falls, snow, ide
Birdbox Studio
Animals in the Wild with a Mirror scared, is curious, in the rain, in the jungle; cheetah/jaguar/leapard, elephant, gorilla, monkey, bird, tails/tail-lessruns at, barks, looks, growls, sees itself, washes, sits, waits
Anuncio Lotería de Navidad 2015, won, cebrated, rode the bus, sacó un selfi, cuidó
Baby elephant in the wild, butt/rumpscratches, rolls around
Belleza en las nubes
Bernard Bear - there are several, dock, fish, shark, bucketfishes, shakes, catches, throws
Happiest Penguin in the, penguin, snow,jumps, runs, spins, it is snowing, watch
Big Buck Bunny, butterfly, apple, nuts, arrows, smart, mean, birdthrow, kill, hit, fly, drop, think, plan, play, break,
Bubblegum Grump, grump, naughty, frog, bubblegumtake care of, grow, blow, laugh, chew
Carpark, dog, man, parking lot, car window, scary, fierce, big(ger)Barks, hides, steals, gloats, is scared, escapes, is scared, looks at, screams, rolls down the window, breaks, drives
Chicken or the Egg
Danza de los Muertos, hand, cementary, mariachi band, grandma, the woman, the boy, danced, was sad, was afraid, touched, hugged, realized, looked at, became + emotion
dog and sheep, sheep, friends, farm, countrydrinks, helps, needsneeds, drinks, helps
Doll that chose to drive
Doritos - Dangers of Palm Oil de Palma, empresa, patatathreatens, grabs, buys, takes a trip, destroys, pours on milk, goes up, gives, arrives
Egghunt; frustration; wakes up,
El Día de los Muertos related to Day of the Dead: papel picado, skeletons, skulls, candles, flower, tumb, cementery, town, bone, was sad, was surprised, was afraid, took her, suddenly, saw, wanted to leave,
El Monstruo en el Armario; reality, bed, dark, wakes up, gets up, lies down, opens, afraid, believe
El Vendedor de globos, grandparent, seller, house, chair, air, ballons, hat, walking, running, flying, giving,
Farmer vs Turkey, farm, farmer, guitar, banjo, duel/competition, brave, tired, herois scared, wants to eat, is angry, plays(an instrument), hid, escaps plays faster/better, wins, loses
Gazoon Series
Grim's Day of the Dead, party, skeleton, offering, candles, flowers, cemetaryis nervious/sad/happy, falls, changes,I use with materials from Martina Bex about the Day of the Dead The poster's YouTube account has been deactivated
Jinxy Jenks
La Llorona Got Milk, parents, children, milk, bedroom, kitchenshe cries, she looks for, she drinks, she eats, she walksI used this with the La Llorona unit by the amazing Ms. Martina Bex. And with the mini novel, La Llorona de Mazatlan.
La Luna, father, grandfather, moon, stars, broom, ladder, rope, boat, hammer, etc..climb, sweep, float, fall, reach, look, run, touch, glow, explodeWorks well with introducing subjunctive. El padre quiere que su hijo.....El abuelo quiere que su nieto....
Lily the Snowman
Llévame Contigo / Take Me Home, girl, collar, sad, mean, silly, playful, happys/he takes, s/he wantsno speechUsed for Brandon Brown wants a dog
Lo que construimos, refrigerator, boyfriend/girlfriend, spaceship, alienbroke up, ended, woke up, abandoned/left behind, looks for, sleeps, UFOUsed for Ch. 3 of "Piratas del Caribe y El Triangulo de las Bermudas
Los Vecinos physical and personality characteristics, lives, works, friends, same, different, hero, houseis, has, hits, gets angry, lives, works, likes to
LoveLine, clothing, flower, kiss, bear, heart, washing machine, sink, clotheslinegives, puts, sees, likesGreat for Valentine´s Day!
Ma Cherie, girl, chef / cook, ice cream, cake, marshmallow, treat, sweet, flower, sad, happy, angry, surprisedsees, wants, takes, eats, gives, cuts, is, hasOne French line: "Bonjour, ma cherie!" but the rest is silent.
Madagascar Plane CrashPlane, window, giraffe, zebra, lion,lemur, hippo, Flies, falls, sleeps, goes on a trip, is scaredEmbedded ReadingEnglishUsed as a TCI supplement to Así se dice level 2
Man, bear, sheep, rabbits, man, garbage,gun, environmentdestroys, kills, takes, pollutesSilent (Title in English)Environmental unit
Men vs Women, women, runnerwants to win, runs faster, runs moreEnglish (song playing as the soundtrack)has the F word in it
Messi Nuevo Comercial Bimbomessi bimbo anuncio bread, famous, singer, actor, autographgoes shopping, writes, says, you areSpanishsports unit, reinforcing eres
Michael Jordan commercial, resignedexpecting, not what he/she expectedEnglish
Mike's new car, tall, short, uncomfortable, angry, newyells, sits, opens, closes, doesn't work, presses the buttonEnglish but link is Spanish
Monster and dumplings, eyes, mouth, teeth, tonguegives, has, screams, smells, tastes, likes, wants, takes, can't see, watches
Monty the Penguin, sad, friend, love, present, happywants, (action words: runs, walks, jumps, slides, eats), hides, sleeps, laughs is fabulous for right before the holidays
Most Amazing Acrobat Thief Kid, shoes, paint, colors, physical descriptions, footprints,run, hides, talks, grabs, talks, sees, follows
Mouse for Sale, bird, peanut, headphones, earsbuys, makes fun of, laughs at, is embarrassde of, throws, hits
Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean goes to the restaurant, utensils, waiter,chair, restaurant vocab.wallet, moneycomes from,sits, grabs,asks for, serves to him/her,finds,EnglishNot full of action, but simple way to get reps on le pide, le sirve3:58:00
San Valentín de Pocoyo
Selfy Cat
Form Responses 1