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Aalto University, FinlandAalto University Summer SchoolWelcome to Aalto - Aalto University Summer School 2021Preparing students for the work-life and impacting the society is at the heart of Aalto University Summer School. Disciplinary competences are accompanied by learning future skills, co-creation and multidisciplinary approaches to global challenges.
AAMCMedical Education, Summer Undergraduate Research Programs
Argonne National LaboratoryGraduate ResearchGraduate Research | Argonne National Laboratory (
Argonne National LaboratoryScience Undergraduate Laboratory InternshipScience Undergraduate Laboratory Internship | Argonne National Laboratory (
Argonne National LaboratoryUndergraduate Internship OpportunitiesUndergraduate Internship Opportunities | Argonne National Laboratory (
Argonne National LaboratoryUndergraduate Research AideUndergraduate Research Aide | Argonne National Laboratory (
Argonne National LaboratoryVisiting Student Program for Undergraduate StudentsVisiting Student Program for Undergraduate Students | Argonne National Laboratory (
Arizona State UniversityNCUIRE: Research Opportunities at the New College at ASU
Arizona State UniversitySchool of Life Sciences School of Life Sciences Undergraduate Research (SOLUR) program promotes opportunities for undergraduates in the School of Life Sciences to participate in exciting biological research.
Arizona State UniversityThe Sustainability Undergraduate Research Experience Program at Arizona State University’s Sustainability Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE) program provides students with research opportunities to help build their career skills and enhance their competitiveness for jobs and graduate school. Through the program, students will enhance their knowledge, skills and experiences in exploration and discovery, lifelong learning, knowledge generation and evidence building.
Arizona State UniversityUndergraduate Research with FURI students in the Fulton Schools of Engineering are highly encouraged to pursue a research project during their studies. 
Associated Universities Incorporated, ChileEducation and Public Engagement | AUIneed to take a closer look
AstroParticle & Cosmology Laboratory, France
Ben Gurion University, Israel
Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics
Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics
Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences Summer Student & Faculty Employment in Computing Sciences Lab, located in Berkeley, California, is a world leader in computing, biological, physical, materials, chemical, and energy sciences research. Every summer, the Computing Sciences Area hosts dozens of graduate and undergraduate students, as well as faculty-student teams, to work with our scientists and engineers to address challenges in scientific computing and networking.
Berkeley Laboratory Community College Internship (CCI) Community College Internship (CCI) program seeks to encourage community college students to enter technical careers relevant to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) mission by providing 10-week internships at one of 15 DOE laboratories.
Berkeley Laboratory Graduate Degrees for Minorities for Engineering and Science (GEM) Interests and Special Skills
We encourage you to look at Berkeley Lab’s website to learn more about the Lab and any research projects that you would find interesting. You may view the Lab’s various scientific divisions at the Scientific Divisions webpage. It may also be useful to use keywords (research areas, project titles, or Berkeley Lab staff names) in the search field on the Lab’s daily newsletter, Elements and Berkeley Lab News Center pages.
Berkeley Laboratory Undergraduate, Postbaccalaureate, Graduate, Faculty Internship
Brookhaven National LaboratoryScience Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI)
Brown UniversityBrown, Department of Physics variety of research opportunities for undergraduates at Brown is substantial. Students are welcome, and encouraged, to become involved in research; participation is voluntary and can begin as early as the freshman year. Early affiliation as a volunteer can lead to summer or academic-year employment and provide the foundation for substantial research projects and a senior thesis. It is not uncommon for this research to result in student presentations at meetings of the American Physical Society or co-authorship of published papers.
Brown University, Dept. of PhysicsDepartment of Physics, Research Opportunities
CalPolyPomona - Multi Universities and Laboratory Sites Cal-Bridge Summer (COMPARE) is it?
Students will work for 8-10 weeks (depending on the site) in the summer with scientists at one of our 15 partner world-class research institutions on projects spanning the fields of astronomy, physics, planetary and space science, astrobiology, and astronomy education and public outreach.

Caltech (CMB-S4)Caltech Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, CITACITA Summer Undergraduate Research FellowshipsCITA Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships - Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (
Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, CITAGraduate Students ResearchGraduate Students - Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics ( faculty are cross-appointed to the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics and the Department of Physics, and supervise students enrolled in these two departments. CITA faculty, research fellows and visitors welcome inquiries by students seeking research supervision at CITA.
Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics
Physics Department
Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, CITAThe Early Universe, Large Scale Structure and Cosmic Microwave Background Early Universe, Large Scale Structure and Cosmic Microwave Background
Cardiff UniversityInterdisciplinary Research Projects
Cardiff UniversitySummer Research Internships in Gravitational-Wave Astronomy
Case Western Reserve UniversitySupport of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors, STEM Program
Case Western Reserve UniversityUndergraduate Research Programs in Physics
Case Western Reserve UniversityUndergraduate Summer Research Experience – NSF PIRE Bio-inspired Materials & Systems
Center for Astrophysics , Harvard & Smithsonian Solar REU Program
Clemson UniversityAreas of Research
Clemson UniversityUndergraduate Research Opportunities
Columbia UniversityResearch OpportunitiesResearch Opportunities | Columbia Undergraduate Admissions
Cornell University experiences in astrophysics and planetary science
Department of EnergyDOE Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) ProgramDOE Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) Program | Argonne National Laboratory (
Department of Engery (DOE) Programs Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship Program U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Mickey Leland Energy Fellowship (MLEF) Program is a 10-week summer research fellowship for undergraduate and graduate students in STEM majors. Participants complete a cutting-edge research project at one of the Department’s National Laboratories or DOE Headquarters in support of the Department’s mission to minimize the environmental impacts of energy resource recovery and use while working towards net-zero emissions.
Department of Engery (DOE) Programs Science Graduate Student Research (SCGR) U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) program prepares doctoral students for career success in areas supporting the Office of Science’s mission: to deliver scientific discoveries and tools that transform our understanding of nature, and to advance the country’s energy, economic, and national security.
Dunlap InstituteObservatories
European Southern Observatory, ESOInternships for MSc Projects in Engineering at ESOESO Recruitment PortalThe European Organization for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere has as its primary mission to build and operate state-of-the-art facilities for the advancement of astronomical research. A strong Research & Development (R&D) programme is therefore at the core of ESO's activities.
European Southern Observatory, ESOSummer Students Chile 2022ESO Recruitment PortalFor its Paranal Observatory (located 100 km south Antofagasta) and for its APEX site (located near San Pedro de Atacama) ESO is inviting students from Chilean universities to participate in our programme.
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, USAScience Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI)
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, USASummer Internships in Science and Technology (SIST)*This internship will be either virtual or in-person. Will be decided closer to the internship start date.
FermilabUndergraduate Summer Internship ProgramsUndergraduate Summer Programs | Internships (
Florida State UniversityCenter for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement Research Experiences and Internships
If your major or department does not appear on this list, you can still contact faculty individually to set up a research assistantship.
Harvard UniversityResearch Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) your summer at Harvard University performing cutting-edge research in world-class laboratories. Focus on an in-depth research project while exploring multidisciplinary research topics and honing your science communication skills.
Haverford CollegeDepartment of Physics and Astronomy, Summer Research Opportunities
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris, FanceInternships
Institute for Advanced StudyProgram for Women in Mathamatics
Irene Joliot Curie Lab, ICJLab, FranceInternship proposals 2021-2022 : any internship requires an internship agreement which must be initiated at least two months in advance by contacting the IJCLab Reception/Human Resources Division (Division Accueil/RH).
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (CMB-S34 member)Discover exciting internships and research opportunities at the leading center for robotic exploration of the solar system.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (CMB-S34 member)Student Independent Research Intern Student Independent Research Intern, or SIRI, program offers academic-term internships at JPL for students enrolled in an independent study course at participating area community colleges.(See program "requirements" for a list of participating colleges.)
Johns Hopkins UniversityInternship Oppertunities your resume with valuable work experience during your graduate program. The school’s global career counselors and degree programs have a track record for connecting talented students with alumni and organizations to secure rewarding internship opportunities.
Johns Hopkins UniversityResearch Topics
Johns Hopkins UniversitySchool of Medicine, Post-baccalaueate Research Education Program (PREP) Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) will accept applications from November 1, 2020 through February 15, 2021. Top candidates will be interviewed. Those who accept our offer will visit in April/May to meet with potential research mentors. Program activities start in June/July. Hopkins PREP is grateful to be funded through several sources, including the NIH, the Vivien Thomas Scholars Initiative at Johns Hopkins, and individual research mentors.
Johns Hopkins UniversitySchool of Medicine, Summer internship program Overview
The Summer Internship Program (SIP) provides experience in biomedical and/or public health research to students from a variety of backgrounds - including students from racial/ethnic groups underrepresented in science and medicine, students from low-income/underserved backgrounds, and students with disabilities. The program provides research exposure for those interested in potential careers in science, medicine and public health.
Kavli FoundationAstrophysics did the universe evolve? How can we explain its objects? Does life exist elsewhere?
With remarkable new technologies, scientists are tracing the faintest of trails into the farthest reaches of space, allowing deeper exploration into the history of the universe and the panoply of objects within it, from exoplanets to supermassive black holes.
McGill UniversitySchull Yang International Experience Award Yang International Experience Awards, supported by Joseph Schull (BA ‘82, MA ’85) and Anna Yang (BCL, LLB ’88), help undergraduate and graduate students gain first hand international experience related to their fields of study.
McGill UniversityScience Undergraduate Research Award (SURA)
NASANASA Summer Undergraduate Program for Planetary Research NASA Summer Undergraduate Program for Planetary Research, or SUPPR, is an eight-week summer internship providing undergraduates majoring in geology and related sciences with an opportunity to participate in NASA planetary geosciences research.
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Nation Science Foundation Site for REUSearch for an REU Site
National Accelerator Laboratory Educational & Internship Programs you interested in an internship opportunity that will provide you with enriching experiences? Do you want to be a part of a community that strives to solve real-world problems through science and innovation? Well SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is the right place for you! Our goal is to inspire and train the next generation, you!
National Accelerator Laboratory Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) Program National Accelerator Laboratory is a world-renowned laboratory with research opportunities in physics, chemistry, materials and environmental sciences, astrophysics, scientific computing, and many engineering fields. SLAC’s summer internship program offers exciting opportunities for undergraduate students majoring in science or engineering to conduct research.

National Radio Astronomy ObservatorySummer Student Research Assistantships is Radio Astronomy?
Radio astronomy is the study of astronomical objects through radiation emitted at radio wavelengths (wavelengths longer than about 1mm, or frequencies lower than about 300 GHz). For more information, the NRAO has an introduction to Radio Astronomy; JPL has produced a useful Primer, and MIT Haystack Observatory has an instructive Radio Astronomy Tutorial. Two on-line courses on Radio Astronomy are available: Essential Radio Astronomy by J.J. Condon and S.M. Ransom of NRAO and Physics728, Radio Astronomy by Dale Gary (NJIT dept. of Physics).
National Science Foundation SponsoredREU Sites for Astronomical Science
Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada NSERC Undergradute Student Research Award NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) in Universities program is meant to nurture your interest and fully develop your potential for a research career in the natural sciences and engineering.
SETI Institute
Life in the Universe –Astronomy, Astrobiology, and Planetary Science at the SETI Institute SETI Institute
is a non-profit research organization, located in the Silicon Valley close to the NASA Ames Research Center. It came into being on November 20, 1984.
Simons-NSBP Scholars Program 2021 scientists mentor students during this program
Stanford Humanities and Sciences Research Programs sponsors several paid summer research programs designed to encourage students from underserved and underrepresented groups in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities to consider doctoral study. These programs expose you to faculty and graduate students who can mentor and assist you in applying to graduate school.
Univeristy of Southern California Undergraduate Research Opportunities the lecture halls, beyond the classrooms, there's a way to tailor your education to your career, academic and life goals. Conducting research in USC Dornsife is a great way to get to know faculty, graduate students, and other undergraduates who share similar academic and career interests.
Univeristy of Wisonsin-Madison Research Information for Undergraudate Students students at UW–Madison are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s leading researchers. Students can experience all aspects of the research process, from assisting others in the lab, to designing, directing, and presenting their own research. It’s also possible to obtain funding or credit for undergraduate research work.
University of BerkeleyOffice of Undergraduate Research & Scholarships (Database)
University of California, Berkeleyoffice of Undergraduate Research & Scholarships
University of Michigan Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in Physics REU research areas in Physics at Michigan include:

Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
Condensed Matter Experiment and Theory
High Energy Experiment and Theory
Nonlinear Dynamics/Complex Systems
Nuclear Physics and Subatomic Physics
University of MinnesotaResearch Expereinces for Undergradute (REU MRSEC Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program provides summer undergraduate research opportunities in science and engineering. The University of Minnesota MRSEC will provide up to 25 full-time summer research positions to undergraduate students through the REU program during the summer of 2022. All applications and application materials are due by February 15.
University of New MexicoDepartment of Physics and Astonomy REU University of New Mexico's Physics and Astronomy Department research internship program for undergraduate students studying physics and astronomy will be held in-person at the University of New Mexico for 10 weeks starting in May and ending in July of 2022.
University of PennsylvaniaNFS-REU Summer Research Fellowships LRSM, a National Science Foundation supported Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC), will offer up to twenty Summer Research Fellowships to undergraduates from colleges and universities in the United States who are majoring in science or engineering. Students spend 10 weeks working on individual research projects with our associated faculty. Each will work under the supervision of a faculty member on a current materials research project in chemistry, physics, biochemistry, biophysics, materials science or engineering. The program will not only provide an authentic laboratory research experience but also workshops focused on professional development in broader scientific and career skills.
University of Pittsburgh Summer Undergradute Research Program (SURP)
University of Pittsburgh Physics and Astronomy Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pittsburgh is pleased to announce up to four summer research positions for female or underrepresented minority undergraduate students majoring in Physics or Astronomy. Applications are encouraged from all students who are members of any groups traditionally underrepresented in science. The stipend is $400 per week, housing will be provided, and the duration of research is generally 8-10 weeks.
University of Texas at Austin Astronomy Research for Undergradute Research
University of Virginia Office for Undergradute Research page is intended to help empower students seeking research experiences. There is no one path or best approach to this process, but we hope to provide you with some effective thoughts and approaches.
University of Washington Office of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships & Awards
University of Washington Center for Experimental Learning and Diversity
Washington University St. LouisOffice of Undergraduate Research
Washington University St. LouisResearch Funding and Programs help fund students undertaking research projects over the summer, and we can help you find summer programs and funding opportunities both inside and outside of WashU.
Watts CollegeWatts College Undergraduate Research Program you interested in determining and developing specific interests within your chosen field of study? Would you like to build skills and abilities while participating in hands-on projects with college faculty? Are you ready to gain knowledge outside the classroom that will help inside the classroom?
Yale Undergraduate Research out about undergraduate research lab opportunities at Yale can be difficult. This site seeks to explain the process and provide information about how to become involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) research at Yale.
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignResearch Expereinces for Undergradute (REU
Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Astronomical Sciences
Atmospheric and Geospace Science