Division NameCategory NameAwardCreditsOrganizationEntry TitleCommentsCompetition Comments
AudioBusiness/Consumer Report - Single Story or SeriesFirst PlaceBrad RacinoinewsourceDeveloper, fishermen reach deal to help save San Diego's storied fishing industryThis shows what happens when a story is followed over time--the complete picture comes into focus. Detailed, balanced look at what happened when a developer met with Fishermen to work out how a waterfront area should be developed.
AudioBusiness/Consumer Report - Single Story or SeriesSecond PlaceMichael LipkinKPBSThe Next Big IdeaAn interesting inside look at startups and their financial challenges such as raising funds and failure. Hearing from the entrepreneurs involved in trying to fund their companies provided an interesting first person perspective.
AudioBusiness/Consumer Report - Single Story or SeriesThird PlaceSteve WalshKPBSTroops are marrying each other, making more challenges for the PentagonThis story explored a subject that many people probably never think about--the challenges facing married couples in the military and what is being done to ease their situation. Good job.
AudioCommunity services program or seriesFirst PlaceJill Castellano, Brad RacinoinewsourceFollow The MoneyThis series lays out and explains the various propositions that California voters would find on the ballot in a clear conversational manner that was easy to understand. The discussion would hold the listener's attention, especially since its
features were of a reasonable length. Great job!
AudioCommunity services program or seriesSecond PlaceSteve WalshKPBSSan Diego Struggles To Find Root Cause Of Veteran SuicideNot too many in the general public probably know much about the suicide problems among veterans, but this program lays it out, combining facts with personal accounts. A powerful effort.
AudioCommunity services program or seriesThird PlaceBrooke Ruth, Maureen CavanaughKPBSKPBS Personal Finance Series: Your MoneyThis series is full of useful information that can be used by any listener. Well produced.
AudioFeature SeriesFirst PlaceMaya TrabulsiKPBSFecal Transplants: Is Regulation Limiting Access To Health?This series explore fecal transplants, a relatively little known medical procedure that has been successfully used to treat some infections. The series does a good job of explaining what the transplants involve and when they are medically approved, Good sound bites from a patient and doctor involved in fecal transplants.
AudioFeature SeriesSecond PlacePhil Farrar, Kevin FinnertyKOGO-AMShattered in 1968: San Diego RemembersA walk through history covers what happened during the tumultous year of 1968. Good sound clips bring it all back.
AudioFeature SeriesThird PlaceBrooke Ruth, Maureen CavanaughKPBSSeries of interviews with authors speaking at The San Diego Union-Tribune Festival of BooksAn interesting series that gives authors a chance to discuss their nooks in detail. More stations should try this programming.
AudioFeature storyFirst PlaceAndrew BowenKPBS San Diego's Biggest Infrastructure Need Isn't Streets - It's Storm DrainsAll citizens are impacted by storm water and drainage, whether they realize it or not.
This story details the poor state of San Diego's storm drain systems and what it will take--at a staggering cost--to fix it,
AudioFeature storySecond PlacePhil Farrrar, Kevin FinnertyKOGO-AMShattered in 1968: San Diego Remembers; The Tet Offensive1968 was a pivotal ear in American history and this 50th anniversary program brings it back, especially from sound bites of that time.
AudioFeature storyThird PlaceBrooke RuthKPBSFirst Person: Living In A Car In San Diego With 3 ChildrenUsing first person storytelling makes the story stronger through an authentic voice.
AudioInvestigative/Enterprise - Single StoryFirst PlaceBrad RacinoinewsourceSecurity gaps at San Diego shipyards put billion-dollar Navy warships at riskFirst-rate investigative reporting uncovers a major story.
AudioInvestigative/Enterprise - Single StorySecond PlaceSteve WalshKPBSVA Struggles To Reach Other-Than-Honorable-Discharge Vets In Need Of HelpSolid job of bringing the subject to the attention of the audience and keeping the VA accountable for its responsibility of reaching these veterans.
AudioInvestigative/Enterprise - Single StoryThird PlaceTarryn MentoKPBSSome (Not All) Refugees Find New Homes After Improper Resettlement PracticesGood reporting. It is good to see that follow up is involved here as it is an ongoing situation that deserves monitoring.
AudioNews First PlaceJill CastellanoinewsourceHow San Diego fueled California's gas tax repeal effortInteresting coverage of the battle to repeal a state gas tax.
AudioPodcastFirst PlaceSteve WalshFree the PendletonFree The Pendleton 14This is a story many people didn't know about or had forgotten. A disturbing -- yet fascinating -- story emerges thanks to good classic investigative reporting.
AudioPodcastSecond PlaceScott Lewis, Sara Libby, Andrew Keatts, Adam GreenfieldVoice of San DiegoVOSD Podcast: The Voice of San Diego Election DraftA unique approach to the traditional topic of elections.
AudioPodcastThird PlaceBeto Alvarez, Luis Cruz, Luis Gomez, Abby Hamblin, Lara HochuliThe San Diego Union-TribuneTo Live In AmericaAn effective series that has the subjects tell in their own words about what it means to be ab immigrant living in America.
AudioSports storyFirst PlaceMaya TrabulsiKPBSA Big Win and a Bigger Loss for San Diego's State ChampionsA story within a story--how a student produced a documentary about an athlete and friend who committed suicide. Both tales are moving and the story makes good use of archival play-by-play sound.
College MediaBest NewspaperFirst PlaceThe Daily Aztec StaffThe Daily AztectThe Daily Aztec
College MediaBest NewspaperSecond PlaceSan Diego Mesa College Mesa Press StaffSan Diego Mesa CollegeMesa Press
College MediaArts/Entertainment storyFirst PlaceBrenden Tuccinardi The Daily Aztec, SDSUFilm students explore sexism in surfing with upcoming documentaryThis article is expertly written and so appropriate for today's #metoo movement. Never did I consider sexism in professional surfing, but now I'm hooked on seeing the completed documentary. I love the irony of Castillo and Myers doing a documentary on sexism in one field while living it in the filmmaking field.Having all 3 top stories written by Brenden Tucccinandi is a testament to his writing. It's sharp and honest. He knows how to play on the heart strings, while teaching his readers about various subjects. He can write about anything.
College MediaArts/Entertainment storySecond PlaceBrenden TuccinardiThe Daily Aztec, SDSURapper J.I.D. brings Q&A session, spontaneous performance to campusHaving all 3 top stories written by Brenden Tucccinandi is a testament to his writing. It's sharp and honest. He knows how to play on the heart strings, while teaching his readers about various subjects. He can write about anything.
College MediaArts/Entertainment storyThird PlaceBrenden TuccinardiThe Daily Aztec, SDSUStudent vocalist looks beyond opera's physical demandsHaving all 3 top stories written by Brenden Tucccinandi is a testament to his writing. It's sharp and honest. He knows how to play on the heart strings, while teaching his readers about various subjects. He can write about anything.
College MediaColumnFirst PlaceJoseLuis BaylonSouthwestern College SunFrom Pluto to PlatoThese columns are extremely thoughtful and well written. The writer us erudite but manages to share his ideas clearly, which means the average reader can follow him. Interesting cultural references.
College MediaFeature photoFirst PlaceNatalie MosquedaSouthwestern College SunSalvador BarajasThis photo was taken at an interesting angle and really shows the artist at work. Nicely cropped,
College MediaFeature photoSecond PlaceBrittany Cruz-FejeranSouthwestern College SunMagical MomentNot sure what the magical moment was, but this photo captures it. Interesting shot.
College MediaFeature storyFirst PlaceKaty StegallSouthwestern College SunChildhood LostA provocative piece that's multi-layered. The photos provide cohesiveness while adding to the details. Including quotes and facts of holocaust survivor, Phil Pressel, adds to the moral aspect of the article.
College MediaFeature storySecond PlaceNatallie RochaThe Point, PLNUPLNU ALUM PAYS IT FORWARD AND PASSES THE TORCHMs Rocha has me standing on the sidelines watching Eric Weber pay it forward. Speaks volume around mentoring. Expertly written.
College MediaFeature storyThird PlaceLauren J. MappThe Daily Aztec, SDSUNeon signs shining light for new generationWho would have thought I could enjoy an article about neon lights? Very detailed; well researched. I learned a lot.
College MediaHeadlineFirst PlaceRamona LopezSouthwestern College SunMath adjunct's journey anything but linearClever play on words draws the reader in to what otherwise might be passed over as a dull story about a math teacher.
College MediaHeadlineSecond PlaceMarty LoftinSouthwestern College SunStarving Artists Club hungry to help othersAnother good play on words that draws the reader into the story.
College MediaIn-depth reporting storyFirst PlaceNatallie RochaThe Point, PLNUSTUDENT'S DEATH STARTS CAMPUS CONVERSATION ON MENTAL HEALTHA sensitive, well-written piece that provides the reader with an understanding of the young man who died. Good use of quotes from his family and friends provide important insight.
College MediaLayout & Design (story or series)First PlaceAlyssa PajarilloSouthwestern College SunGoverning Board Election: Special EditionThe layout is clean with headlines that pull in the reader's eye. Photos are nicely
cropped and the use of the blue as the secondary color adds to the overall effectiveness of the layout.
College MediaLayout & Design (story or series)Second PlaceAlyssa PajarilloSouthwestern College SunOne Small Step: Special EditionAttractive and effective layout.
College MediaLayout & Design (story or series)Third PlaceAlyssa PajarilloSouthwestern College SunJudge blames police for provoking fightEffective and effective layout.
College MediaMulticultural storyFirst PlaceAileen OrozcoSouthwestern College SunShunted GI returns homeThis story, which the paper covered a few years ago, is about the little known subject pf deported veterans getting back on their feet in America. The quotes from the veterans are strong and, along with the photos, add to the overall impact of the story.
College MediaMulticultural storySecond PlaceKaty StegallSouthwestern College SunCommunity comes together to defend Chicano ParkA well-written, well written story provides a good look at why and how the protesters gathered at Chicano Park.
College MediaNews photoFirst PlaceAileen OrozcoSouthwestern College SunDeported VeteransAs with many news photos, this one needs no words. The officer's agony says it all. The capturing of his shadow adds to the power of this photo.
College MediaNews photoSecond PlaceVictoria SanchezSouthwestern College SunChildhood LostThe sadness portrayed here is evident. A good news photo that is strengthened by a good cropping job. Your eye goes to the girl in the center.
College MediaNews photoThird PlaceMarco Figueroa Southwestern College SunOne Job Should Be Enough Good job capturing an active scene. The speaker stands out and his energy is apparent.
College MediaNews storyFirst PlaceWill Fritz, Andrew DyerThe Daily Aztec, SDSULecturer who led mascot retirement fight discriminated against white student because of her race, investigation findsThis comprehensive coverage of a controversial subject--and person--is impressive, Multi-sourced with strong quotes results in a balanced piece.
College MediaNews storySecond PlaceBella RossThe Daily Aztec, SDSUSigma Nu fraternity ousted from campus by national chapterA well- written detailed account. If problems with a campus fraternity being suspended. The reporter dug up the details and provided good context by referencing similar situations on other campuses.
College MediaNews storyThird PlaceJake SmileyThe Mesa Press, Mesa CollegeControversial YouTube video puts officer on leaveGood reporting and writing.
College MediaNewscastFirst PlaceHeder Casas, Juan Gomez, Celia JiménezSan Diego City CollegeNewscene en Español
College MediaOpinion/EditorialFirst PlaceThe Daily Aztec Editorial Board The Daily Aztec, SDSUEditorial: 2018 A.S. elections short on choice and changeA well-written and reasoned editorial that addresses a subject that should be of interest to the entire student body: that so many student government positions are going unchallenged in the election. It tell students why they should care and hopefully served as a call to action.
College MediaOpinion/EditorialSecond PlaceThe Daily Aztec Editorial Board The Daily Aztec, SDSUEditorial: Greeks need to get it togetherAnother outstanding editorial that addresses a major problem within a traditionally important segment of college--Greek life.
The writer builds a strong case made stronger by the use of
concrete examples.
College MediaOpinion/EditorialThird PlaceMarty LoftinSouthwestern College SunSun staff kicked out of 'white dialogue' meetingThis editorial details an appalling situation: the student press barred from public campus events. It discusses why this is a violation of the First Amendment and calls the college to task for permitting it. It hopefully resulted in action.
College MediaOriginal Illustration or CartoonFirst PlaceMikayla Moore-BastideSouthwestern College SunBlack is beautifulVery effective illustration for the story.
College MediaReview/CriticismFirst PlaceJulianna RessThe Daily Aztec, SDSUAriana Grande, Carly Rae Jepsen deliver necessary variations of self-empowermentMr Fritz has educated me in an entertaining way. He's analyzed the two performers and their empowerment anthems and has persuaded me that each singer is portraying "different kinds of self-love". Examined albums with deep perception and knowledge.
College MediaReview/CriticismSecond PlaceLauren LeeThe Mesa Press, Mesa College"This is America" music video shakes the country
College MediaReview/CriticismThird PlaceBrenden TuccinardiThe Daily Aztec, SDSUSure Sure bring infectious grooves to Voodoo Room
College MediaSports photoFirst PlaceBrittany Cruz-FejeranSouthwestern College SunMadame ButterflyGood shot captures the action close up. Did she win?
College MediaSports photoSecond PlaceVictoria SanchezSouthwestern College SunDrive TimeCaptures the action well, right down to the player's facial expression. You can feel the
bodies collide!
College MediaSports photoThird PlaceAbraham JewettThe Daily Aztec, SDSUSenior forward Damian German is mobbed by teammates after assisting on a goal during the Aztecs' 2-1 loss to Washington on Oct. 7 at the SDSU Sports DeckSharing a moment with is well cropped.
College MediaSports storyFirst PlaceBrittany Cruz-FejeranSouthwestern College SunOlympic Medalist Helps Athletes Clear Every HurdleWell-written profile with a strong lead and good quotes.
College MediaSports storySecond PlaceAaron TolentinoThe Daily Aztec, SDSUJunior college transfer brings strikeouts to SDSUCleanly written story that lets the reader know all about this new pitcher who is a transfer.
College MediaSports storyThird PlaceBrittany Cruz-FejeranSouthwestern College SunCheerleaders Overachieve Despite UnderfundingThis provides a detailed look at the challenges faced by the school's cheerleaders. She shows their determination ans the success it has led to. Well written story is accompanied by good photos.
Daily Reporting and WritingArts/Entertainment storyFirst PlaceGeorge VargaThe San Diego Union-TribuneCoda? Elton John, Slayer, Joan Baez, Paul Simon, Ozzy Osbourne head growing list of 2018 farewell tours"Should I stay or should I go?" It's not just a line from a Clash song but a key question facing musicians embarking on farewell tours or vowing they will never retire. George Varga writes with a sense of history and obvious mastery of subject in a story that could not be more timely. A very competitive category with impressive entries across the board. I am sorry I couldn't award more than three prizes since it's obvious that San Diego boasts skilled and knowledgeable arts and entertainment writers and reporters.
Daily Reporting and WritingArts/Entertainment storySecond PlaceMaureen Cavanaugh, Kurt KohnenKPBSEl Vez Brings Mr. Bob's "Unhappy Hour" To The Casbah Monday NightA well-handled interview with a performer who can leave audience members wondering if they should laugh, cry or cringe -- or just applaud. A very competitive category with impressive entries across the board. I am sorry I couldn't award more than three prizes since it's obvious that San Diego boasts skilled and knowledgeable arts and entertainment writers and reporters.
Daily Reporting and WritingArts/Entertainment storyThird PlaceMartina SchimitschekThe San Diego Union-TribuneUnder Roxana Velásquez, San Diego Museum of Art is welcoming allThe writer avoids the temptation to simply interview the executive director of the San Diego Museum of Art and bolsters her story with quotes from other experts in the field and numbers that underscore an artful transformation. A very competitive category with impressive entries across the board. I am sorry I couldn't award more than three prizes since it's obvious that San Diego boasts skilled and knowledgeable arts and entertainment writers and reporters.
Daily Reporting and WritingBreaking news storyFirst PlaceAlexander Nguyen, Dave SummersNBC 7 San DiegoWrong-Way Driver Causes Fiery, Fatal Crash on I-805 in University CityGood job of covering a fiery car crash. Provided important details for viewers
Daily Reporting and WritingBreaking news storySecond PlaceDoug PorterSan Diego Free PressLori Saldaña, Mickey Kasparian, and the Lincoln Club: Revenge Served Three Ways
Daily Reporting and WritingBusiness storyFirst PlaceBrad RacinoinewsourceSaving San Diego's storied fishing industryThis coverage is important as it details what can be accomplished when two sides -- developers and fisherman -- work together to save the historic San Diego waterfront.
Good quotes show how the compromise was reached.
Daily Reporting and WritingBusiness storySecond PlaceBianca Bruno Courthouse NewsThe Two Sides of Unique California Labor LawThis explores a state law that many readers may not be familiar with. It's very educational piece that will catch many readers by surprise.
Daily Reporting and WritingBusiness storyThird PlaceDavid HasemyerInsideClimate News3 Dozen Shareholder Climate Resolutions Target Oil, Gas and Power CompaniesVery well written and detailed look at stockholder resolutions an energy company is facing.
Daily Reporting and WritingColumnFirst PlaceChris ReedThe San Diego Union-TribuneChris Reed columnsWell-written columns explore some interesting topics. Good work!
Daily Reporting and WritingColumnSecond PlaceGayle Lynn FalkenthalSan Diego Daily TranscriptEn Garde!Interesting column topics are explored here.
Daily Reporting and WritingColumnThird PlaceNeil SenturiaThe San Diego Union-TribuneI'm There For You Baby by Neil SenturiaWriter addresses some unusual topics and shows why they are worth writing about.
Daily Reporting and WritingCrime/courts StoryFirst PlaceGreg MoranThe San Diego Union-TribuneEarl McNeil died inside a system that had both harmed and helped him, for decadesExcellent reporting and writing detail the story of a many who literally lived and died within
the criminal system. It asks as many questions as it answers.
Daily Reporting and WritingCrime/courts StorySecond PlaceLyle MoranVoice of San DiegoAnatomy of a Sitting Judge's 'Astounding' LossShows an inside look at local politics and how a sitting judge was unseated. Very educational for voters.
Daily Reporting and WritingEducation storyFirst PlaceLyle MoranVoice of San DiegoBeset by Problems, Thomas Jefferson Law School Is Trying to Avoid a Death BlowThis story opens with a strong lead and proceeds to lay out the reasons the Thomas Jefferson Law School is struggling for its existence. Clearly written and well documented. It details the school's various problems in solid detail.
Daily Reporting and WritingEducation storySecond PlaceWill HuntsberryVoice of San DiegoMost Major Donors to San Diego Unified Bond Campaigns Win Big ContractsAn eye-opening look at how donors to support a school referendum then benefit by landing huge contracts from the school district. Well written and the chart helps illustrate what was going on.
Daily Reporting and WritingEducation storyThird PlaceLauryn SchroederThe San Diego Union-TribuneSchool district plans to oust charter school to make way for apartment complexThis story does an excellent job os unraveling and explaining a rather odd proposed use for school bond money.
Daily Reporting and WritingEnvironment storyFirst PlaceRy RivardVoice of San DiegoSan Diego's Water Authority Has Reignited a Century-Old Water Dispute with Local TribesVoice of San Diego chronicles the decades-long attempts by a group of North County Native American tribes to regain their rights to water as they face off against corporate interests. It's a focused and coherent look at the tangled web of litigation and legislation behind this ongoing battle for territorial rights.
This was a competitive category, with several strong contenders exploring the impact of California's many environmental challenges.
Daily Reporting and WritingEnvironment storySecond PlaceDavid HasemyerInsideClimate NewsThis Tiny California Beach Town Is Suing Big Oil. It Sees This as a Fight for SurvivalThis compelling account of a beach town’s attempts to take big energy companies to court and hold them accountable for their role in climate change offers plenty of food for thought. It brings home the immediate effects of climate change, such as rising sea levels, on coastal towns whose economies are built on an increasingly fragile foundation.
A companion sidebar traces the awareness of the effects of fossil fuels on climate, and illustrates how these companies have been aware of the problem for decades.
This was a competitive category, with several strong contenders exploring the impact of California's many environmental challenges.
Daily Reporting and WritingEnvironment storyThird PlaceBrad RacinoinewsourceEarthquake safety: Touring a few of San Diego's most iconic buildingsThis interview with a geologist takes the reader on a walking tour of several of San Diego's older buildings, which were constructed before new earthquake regulations required reinforced buildings and looks at what could happen to them during an earthquake, making the threat to life and property very real. It offers plenty of information on the issue with a companion Q&A where the expert answers reader questions.
This was a competitive category, with several strong contenders exploring the impact of California's many environmental challenges.
Daily Reporting and WritingFeature storyFirst PlacePeter Rowe, Cristina ByvikThe San Diego Union-TribunePSA crash at 40: A page of San Diego history 'written in blood' Peter Rowe and Cristina Byvik examine a devastating anniversary with sensitivity and superb reporting, never forgetting the 144 lives lost or the city tragically and forever changed on Sept. 25, 1978. This category was bursting with good entries. Features are often undervalued by everyone but the all-important readers or viewers.
Daily Reporting and WritingFeature storySecond PlaceAndrea Siedsma, Neal BloomFresh Brewed TechOriginal Godfathers of San Diego TechThis is a fun, fascinating and comprehensive then-and-now look at tech pioneers who changed the way we listen to music, shop and -- let's face it -- live. An excellent package. This category was bursting with good entries. Features are often undervalued by everyone but the all-important readers or viewers.
Daily Reporting and WritingFeature storyThird PlaceGeorge VargaThe San Diego Union-TribuneVans Warped Tour, now in its 24th and final year, will bid farewell with a sustained roarGeorge Varga explores the end of a musical and pop-culture era in a vivid story that mixes history, quotes from players such as onetime up-and-comer Katy Perry and the reason the Warped Tour was (as one interviewee says) "like social media in real life." This category was bursting with good entries. Features are often undervalued by everyone but the all-important readers or viewers.
Daily Reporting and WritingHealth storyFirst PlaceBrad RacinoinewsourceDangerous human research alleged at San Diego VA; Rep. Peters vows actionThis story uncovers yet another major issue at a VA hospital -- using patients for medical research without full disclosure. Well written and deserves followup.
Daily Reporting and WritingHealth storySecond PlaceKaren KucherThe San Diego Union-TribuneFirefighters focus on clean air, bodies and gear to try to cut cancer riskA topic that deserves wider coverage is explained her, Good job.
Daily Reporting and WritingHousing/Development StoryFirst PlaceLeonardo CastanedainewsourceEastlake homeowners pay millions in Mello-Roos school taxes but money goes elsewhereThis drilled down deep to show how tax money supposedly earmarked for schools is going to other projects. Well reported and written and presented the facts clearly.
Daily Reporting and WritingHousing/Development StorySecond PlacePhillip MolnarThe San Diego Union-TribunePushed out by high prices, these San Diegans left for greener pasturesThis story puts a face on why people are moving away from San Diego in order to find lower-cost
housing elsewhere. Good presentation of facts.
Daily Reporting and WritingHousing/Development StoryThird PlaceFrank GormlieSan Diego Free PressThe History of San Diego's 30 Foot Height LimitAn interesting look at how the height limit for San Diego
buildings was developed.
Daily Reporting and WritingInvestigative/Enterprise story -- single subjectFirst PlaceBrad RacinoinewsourceHiCaliber Horse RescueA wonderful and deep exploration of a scandalous nonprofit that managed to escape thorough scrutiny from watchdog agencies until this reporter pulled all the pieces together to demonstrate the horrors and potential malfeasance going on. Simply great work that demonstrated results.
This was a really, really tough decision all around. San Diego should be proud that so much great investigative journalism is ongoing there.
Daily Reporting and WritingInvestigative/Enterprise story -- single subjectSecond PlaceHoa Quach Sanchez, Bob PorterfieldPatchHidden Body, Falsified Records: Inmate's Death Plagues CA PrisonThis is the kind of reporting - on a possible prison murder that other reporters ignored - that makes people understand the value of journalism. Great, in-depth look not only of the actions and mistakes that led to the man's death, but the larger issues that played into it.This was a really, really tough decision all around. San Diego should be proud that so much great investigative journalism is ongoing there.
Daily Reporting and WritingInvestigative/Enterprise story -- single subjectThird PlacePhillip MolnarThe San Diego Union-TribuneConsultant makes money on 'dream house' raffles, even if nobody wins a home Raffles have become such a ubiquitous part of American culture, it's easy to see why no one had bothered to explore this one in particular. But the results were stunning, with great insight into a system that seems to have little accountability - until this reporter made the participants take a second look. This was a really, really tough decision all around. San Diego should be proud that so much great investigative journalism is ongoing there.
Daily Reporting and WritingMulticultural storyFirst PlaceNat KriegerSan Diego Free PressMexican Post Card: Goin' to the Dogs
Daily Reporting and WritingMulticultural storySecond PlaceBianca BrunoCourthouse NewsAsylum-Seekers Build Community While Waiting at US Border
Daily Reporting and WritingMulticultural storyThird PlaceKai Oliver-KurtinUSA TodayEight ways to experience Asia in Vancouver
Daily Reporting and WritingNews Feature StoryFirst PlaceLisa HalverstadtVoice of San DiegoHow the City Ended up Buying a Shuttered Skydiving Center to Help the HomelessSuperior reporting documenting the connections between the mayor, a real-estate financier and other business people, painting a portrait of political expedience rewarding a failed business and doing nothing for the city.
Daily Reporting and WritingNews Feature StorySecond PlaceLauryn SchroederThe San Diego Union-TribuneRep. Duncan Hunter points to his wife and 'whatever she did' in campaign finance scandalExcellent research and insightful in-court observations.
Daily Reporting and WritingNews Feature StoryThird PlaceKelly DavisVoice of San DiegoRestraining Inmates in Labor Is Supposed to Be the Exception - in San Diego, It's the NormExcellent topic, but it's unclear how the reporter learned of the restraining practice.
Daily Reporting and WritingOpinion/EditorialFirst PlacePeter ZschiescheSan Diego Free PressWe Were Not Here | 1968String memories -- and lessons - -from a soldier who was in Vietnam in 1969.
Daily Reporting and WritingOpinion/EditorialSecond PlaceJoni HalpernSan Diego Free PressDear San Diego Free Press …It is sad when a newspaper goes out of business. A very meaningful goodbye.
Daily Reporting and WritingOpinion/EditorialThird PlaceJeeni CriscenzoSan Diego Free PressHomelessness and Capitalism: Some Untold Truths
Daily Reporting and WritingPolitical/Government storyFirst PlaceJill CastellanoinewsourceDemocrats spent 37 times the contribution limit on Nathan Fletcher. And it's legal.Thanks to the use of public records. This is a revealing look at how campaign donation limits can easily be bypassed. Voters should use it as a chance to get a good look at one of today's political realities.