BAISL eTextbooks
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SchoolSt. Joseph Notre Dame HSBentley Upper SchoolCarondelet High School
Grade Level? K-5, 6-8, 9-12?9-129-129-129-12
Do you offer eTextbooks?
If yes, do you also offer print textbooks?
yesyes, but not for math. Math is 100% e-textgenerally, no, but students can purchase print on their own. Also novels are offered in both formats depending on teacher preference, cost, etc..
What vendor(s) do you use for eTextbooks?

eTechcampus for all textbooks (new this year)Variety. Most frequently direct from the publisher.grades 9-10 direct from the publisher. grades 11-12 rolling into managing on our own, but currently mix between Follett and direct from the publisher.
Are you/your library in charge of eTextbook management?
No. (thank goodness)
Best practices/Advice

Our English teachers used e-books 3 years ago but now ALL have returned to print only texts. E-books did not work well for literature.Plan in summer. Learn and practice various platforms. Have an organizational method, as you will be using a multitude of passwords. Train the teachers who use the platforms. Amazon whispercast is well worth considering.
commentsI used to have an online spreadsheet for parents with links to Amazon and ebook sites. Our information for each class says whether the students can use an etext. Some classes use free online etexts and suggest a print resource in addition only if the families feel it is necessary to supplement the online for their students.We try to have one print version of each textbook available in the library. Many students still prefer print.Feel free to contact me, Joan Tracy