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12016-04-19 09:52:17
Intentcast-based commerce
How to make intentcast-based purchasing attractive to consumers and vendors in terms of ease, cost, and reliability compared to commerce based on traditional marketing concepts.
Intentcasting, where a potential customer solicits purchasing intents to selected vendors has been proposed by many, but still lacks significant traction.

The purpose of this use-case is to identify relevant sub-use-cases in order to locate and address possible barriers related to these.

This could include, but not necessarily be limited to:

1. Discovering relevant vendors
2. Qualifying relevant vendors
3. Contacting relevant vendors
4. Managing/negotiating bids from vendors
5. Establishing trusted relations
6. Initiating and conduction transactions
6. Recording all relevant transactional data on behalf of the user

Even though the sub-use-cases may be handled by different services, it is essential that they can cooperate in an effective way to ensure a good overall experience (including ease, cost and reliability) for both consumers and vendors.

I have attached a draft discussion paper that relates to a proposed solution to the sub-use-cases #1 and #5. We are presently in discussions with authorities and major organizations in Denmark to introduce this model in a way that may be scaled to the EU level
Intentcasting, VRM, Data driven, Discovery, Consent, Terms
Making & Implementing Better DecisionsUnder developmentDenmark
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22016-04-26 04:49:32PTRACESWhat was it that you told me, and where was it: in a mail, a tweet, a facebook post?
Personal traces are left in all sort of online applications, PTRACES is a personal platform that recovers al your traces and indexes them in one simple to use interface. Your information is imported and annotated automatically by the platform. You can look in one place for something you have created in your digital world.
personal semantics, taxonomy
Self-knowledgeUnder developmentFrance195.25.185.33
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32016-04-26 06:16:03
Share your data as a common - reusability of data
you decide with whom you want to share your data #decentralization #dataownership #P2P
you buy a new bike. it comes with all kinds of sensors. all data from these sensors is collected and stored on your personal server (Freedombox, CozyCloud, etc.). with your Jolocom app you control and share your data. e.g. with the bike manufacturer to build a better next version of the bike, with the municipality so they can build bike lanes where they are needed most, or with friends... health data, etc.
Decentralization, Blockchain
Contribution to Research & Collective Endeavours
Under developmentGermany195.25.185.33
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42016-05-07 enables citizens to securely store, manage and control access to their personal data by helping them to establish and own national/regional not-for-profit MIDATA cooperatives. enables citizens to securely store, manage and control access to their personal data by helping them to establish and own national/regional not-for-profit MIDATA cooperatives.
MIDATA’s initial focus will be on health related data since these are most sensitive and valuable for one’s personal health.
MIDATA cooperatives act as the fiduciaries of their members’ data. As MIDATA members, citizens can visualize and analyze their personal data. They can actively contribute to medical research and to clinical trials by providing access to sets of their personal data across cooperatives.
citizen owned, not for profit, open source, transparent
Contribution to Research & Collective Endeavours
Under developmentSwitzerland
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5Mydex PDSDelivering personal data stores for individuals, organisations and society.
We believe in the digital self, equipped with digital human rights. We equip you to exist in the online world with a trusted identity. We provide you with the tools and services to operate with the rest of society on your terms. We provide you with a hyper-secure storage area and service so you can manage your personal data your way, from any aspect of your lif ManagementCurrently operational
United Kingdom
6MintThat horizon might be closer than you think.
We’ll help you get there by managing
money and budgets better every day.
Manage your money, pay your bills and track your credit score :
- Effortlessly create budgets that are easy to stick to. We even make a few for you.
- From money and budgeting to customized tips and more, get a clear view of your total financial life.
- Credit : Find out yours and learn how you can improve it. ManagementCurrently operationalUnited States
7Cozy CloudSimple, versatile, yours. Store, sync, and share your data just the way you want it.
Cozy is a Free Libre Open Source piece of Software that runs on a personal server (such as a Rasbperry PI 2). Its goal is to offer a personal Cloud so that user can enjoy the benefits of the Cloud while retaining control of their data :
- Sync your calendars and contacts
- Run Your Cloud At Home
- Backup and Share your Photos
- Make Sense Of Your Data
- Learn web development
Storage, Administration
Data ManagementCurrently operationalFrance
8MeecoMeeco helps you securely manage and control your digital relationships
Meeco is a new service to help you manage life and all your important digital relationships. Add, organise, edit and securely share all your information.
- Simplify life with all your important information at your fingertips, encrypted, secure and synced across all your devices.
- Chat with your important connections and privately keep your inner circle up to date.
- Your personal web of private bookmarks to shop, pay bills and plan holidays without being tracked.
- Personalise your wish list with private notes and photos to signal and share the things you want.
- Record your digital events to create a personalised and actionable timeline. ManagementCurrently operationalAustralia
9SkerouThe app which revolutionizes your supermarket shopping
Follow your shopping history (take a picture of your receipt and get it analysed) ; Quickly prepare your shopping lists ; Enjoy offers of refund ManagementCurrently operationalFrance
10My PermissionsProtect Your Personal Information
MyPermissions empowers users to monitor and control the access to their personal information on mobile devices and online. We give users control over the data that apps are able to access. MyPermissions protects users from unknowingly sharing photos, documents, locations, contacts, emails, or any other sensitive information, and allows them to approve or revoke what apps access their data, and how.
Consent, terms of service
Personal Data Control, Sharing, & Protection
Currently operationalIsrael
11PrivownyYour personal data coach
Add-on available on Firefox and Chrome, you can install and activate it on multiple browsers/machines simultaneously in order to :
- Protect your identity/privacy (Block trackers and surf anonymously ; Create disposable email addresses ; STOP SPAM)
- Track what the Internet knows about you (Email addresses ; Usernames passwords ; Phone numbers ; Credit/debit cards ; Any other data left)
identity, privacy
Personal Data Control, Sharing, & Protection
Currently operationalFrance
12FranceConnectThe State (France) device which guarantees the identity of users thanks to existing accounts for which their identities were already verified.
FranceConnect is a tool that allows users to identity and authenticate themselves on our partners websites thanks to identity providers.
Individuals and companies can connect to services (public or private) without having to create a new account. The created account is a certified account, because the identity of the individual or the company has been verified by an approved identity provider.
identity, protection
Personal Data Control, Sharing, & Protection
Currently operationalFrance
13UmanlifeManage Your life
Umanlife is dedicated to the improvement of your wellness. We aim at influencing healthy behaviors through innovation and disruptive user experience.Health is not only about collecting data : it is about tailoring the relevant personal follow-up.
- All personal data is stored in absolute confidentiality and safety.
- Based on a unique intelligence program, Umanlife can deliver perfect advice for wellness to its users.
- Umanlife enjoys a special partnership with the most visible connected objects devices, giving users the ability to collect personal data easily.
- Unlike most existing apps, Umanlife allows you to involve your friends in your path towards wellness: share your experience and benefit from peer support operationalFrance
14Digi.meYour content is the main attraction. We work hard to surround it with loveliness is a PC & Mac application which enables you to download your online social life and unite your social networks. You can back up your Facebook Timeline, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Pages, Flickr, Linkedin, Google+, RSS, Pinterest & Viadeo to create a beautiful, searchable, digital journal. operational
United Kingdom
15Rescue TimeFind your ideal work‑life balance.
With so many distractions and possibilities in your digital life, it's easy to get scattered. RescueTime helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive :
- Runs securely in the background on your computer and mobile devices.
- Tracks time spent on applications and websites, giving you an accurate picture of your day.
- Gives you detailed reports and data based on your activity.
Social, LifelogSelf-knowledgeCurrently operationalUnited States
16Interest DashboardExplore your personal web!
Firefox Interest Dashboard is about you - your curiosities, your research, your pursuits. It helps you analyze your interests and categorizes them for you in rich visualizations and compelling story-lines. All interests analysis is derived from your browser history and happens within the client.
Social, LifelogSelf-knowledgeCurrently operationalUnited States
17OpowerOpower is the leading customer engagement platform for utilities
Opower provides cloud-based software to the utility industry and their customers (BtoB). Opower's software provides customers with better information about their energy consumption, along with personalized ways to save energy and money.
1) Demand side management
- Energy Efficiency: save energy and promote programs with perfectly tailored energy advice.
- Demand Response: achieve cost-effective peak energy savings with real-time communications.
2) Customer care
- Digital Engagement: boost self-service and satisfaction with insight-rich web experiences.
- Bill Advisor: give customers control over their bills with alerts and CSR tools. LivingCurrently operationalUnited States
18MesGoutsCompare food products according to YOUR criteria to find the best products FOR YOU
Create a profile listing what is important for you regarding food products : organic and local farming, no palm oil etc., and consult products most adapted to your desires, needs and values! LivingCurrently operationalFrance
19Data SenseA tool for making sense of your data.
Data Sense is a research experiment designed by a group of anthropologists, designers and computer scientists at Intel Labs, in collaboration with Savage Internet and Empirical. We are researching whether it is possible to build tools to improve data literacy without making people into statisticians: in Data Sense, you visually interact with data to look for patterns and answer questions. You can also annotate your data to paint a fuller picture. Discover habits you didn't even know you had!
Data literacy, research
Contribution to Research & Collective Endeavours
Currently operationalUnited States
20MappinessThe happiness mapping app
Mappiness maps happiness across space in the UK. It's part of a research project at the London School of Economics.
1) We beep you once (or more) a day to ask how you're feeling, and a few basic things to control for: who you're with, where you are, what you're doing (if you're outdoors, you can also take a photo)
2) The data gets sent back — anonymously and securely — to our data store, along with your approximate location from the iPhone's GPS, and a noise-level measure
3) What's in it for you?
- Interesting information about your own happiness, which you can download or see charted inside the app — including when, where and with whom you're happiest
- The warm glow of helping increase the sum of human knowledge
Lifelog, research
Contribution to Research & Collective Endeavours
Currently operational
United Kingdom
21Patient Like MeLive Better, Together!
- Learn from others. Compare treatments, symptoms and experiences with people like you and take control of your health
- Connect with people like you. Share your experience, give and get support to improve your life and the lives of others
- Track your health. Chart your health over time and contribute to research that can advance medicine for all
Contribution to Research & Collective Endeavours
Currently operationalUnited States
22SanoiaYour free and anonymous health record
Sanoïa is a platform dedicated to patients following their chronic disease. It helps them discuss with healthcare professionals and contributes to improve follow-ups. Data is secured and remain confidential.
Sanoïa can, with the agreement of the patient, collect and anonymize data to create statistics in order to improve the knowledge on the evolutions of a disease and the effects of treatments. The objective of these statistical processings is exclusively to serve the medical research.
Contribution to Research & Collective Endeavours
Currently operationalFrance
23Save up!SaveUp Makes Saving Money and Paying Down Debt Fun and Exciting!
- Link SaveUp to Your Student Loans, Mortgages, Credit Card Accounts, Savings and 401k Accounts.
- Earn Rewards Points for Each Dollar That You Pay Towards Increasing Your Financial Well Being.
- Play Instant-Win Games, Lotteries and a Super Jackpot With Your Accumulated Points.
- Win Cars, Vacations, and More. We Have Up to $2,000,000 In Prizes. and Social PracticesCurrently operationalUnited States
24HabiticaYour life, the role playing game
Habitica is a free habit building and productivity app that treats your real life like a game. With in-game rewards and punishments to motivate you and a strong social network to inspire you, Habitica can help you achieve your goals to become healthy, hard-working, and happy.
Lifelog, Coach
Experience and Social PracticesCurrently operationalUnited States
25Zombies, Run!Run in the Real World. Become a Hero in Another.
Every run becomes a mission where you’re the hero, with our immersive audio drama putting you at the centre of your very own zombie adventure story. While you run to the perfect mix of heart-pumping audio drama and pulse-pounding songs from your own playlist, you’ll collect supplies to grow your base back home.
(Personal data : geolocalisation, musique, run history)
HealthExperience and Social PracticesCurrently operational
United Kingdom
26Cheap Energy ClubHelping you get no-hassle, CONSTANTLY cheap gas & electricity
- Find you the cheapest deal
We'll do a full market energy comparison to see if you're overpaying on your current deal . If not great - if you are, we'll help you switch
- Constantly monitor your tariff
Then each month, without you doing anything, we'll do a background comparison to check you're still on the cheapest tariff - in case yours has risen in price or others fallen
-Alert you when it's time to switch again
When the time's right for you to switch based on your current details, we'll alert you and show you the best gas and electric deals

(The calculator estimates your current energy usage based on your annual kWh usage, bill amount or Low/Medium/High user data you input.)
Energy, Comparaison
Making & Implementing Better DecisionsCurrently operational
United Kingdom
27CtrLioRevolutionise money saving
The new, smarter way to lower household bills, starting with your mobile phone contract.
- Ctrlio analyses your last three online bills to find your actual monthly usage. This gives you the best results.
- We convert your usage into anonymous sets of numbers, which tell brands what you want, without sharing your personal details.
- We bring you the best deals, matched to your needs, and haggle with brands on your behalf to get you instant discounts.
Telecom, Comparaison
Making & Implementing Better DecisionsCurrently operational
United Kingdom
28Bought by ManyInsurance Made Social. The smart new way to buy insurance.
Cut straight to insurance that will actually cover your unique situation: just take a look at our 282 groups from Staffie Owners to Off-Piste Skiers, we negotiate discounts directly with insurers, only for our members. & Implementing Better DecisionsCurrently operational
United Kingdom
29ThumbtackConsider it done. From house painting to personal training, we bring you the right pros for every project on your list.
- Get introduced to pros: tell us about your needs and we'll introduce you to several experienced professionals in your area who are ready to complete your project.
- Compare professionals: within hours, interested and available professionals will send you custom quotes. Each quote includes: price estimate, customer reviews, contact info, personalized message, business profile
- Hire the right pro: when you're ready, hire an experienced professional at a price that's right for you.
ComparaisonMaking & Implementing Better DecisionsCurrently operationalUnited States
26th 2016 Workshop
PerSonal digital diary (Ptraces)
Get a very broad personal diary based on different kinds of traces (browsing, photos...)
Just an idea or a scenario
26th 2016 Workshop
Tool to enable user to manage he's cellphone's data (geolocation...) and he's privacy
identity, protection
Personal Data Control, Sharing, & Protection
Under development
26th 2016 Workshop
Easy shopping
A service that would help you to buy thanks to your geolocalisation, usual shops (banking data or whatever), e-commerce comparator
RetailMaking & Implementing Better Decisions
Just an idea or a scenario
26th 2016 Workshop
LinxoThe free and secure app that revolutionizes budget monitoring Personal Finance Manager ManagementCurrently operationalFrance
26th 2016 Workshop
Belgium state service
Dashboard to track the data gov have on you (how is it used, for what uses)
identity, protection
Personal Data Control, Sharing, & Protection
Just an idea or a scenario
26th 2016 Workshop
My private news agent : generate and pool data from news that match my preferences
SocialExperience and Social Practices
Just an idea or a scenario
26th 2016 Workshop
My personal map, built from using (meta)data from every provider (transport, energy, shopping, iot...)
Just an idea or a scenario
26th 2016 Workshop
KresusPersonal Finance Manager (available for Cozy users)FinanceData ManagementCurrently operationalFrance
382016-06-15 8:41:12YOUSTICEYour Online Justice
Youstice is a universal system for managing customer dissatisfactions online in multiple languages.

Customers have a bigger say in how their issues are resolved. If the parties cannot agree on resolution, customers are able to escalate the dispute to one of reputable thrd party expert centers which issue decision.
online dispute resolution, ODR, customer care, resolution of customer dissatisfactions, VRM
Value-based Living
Youstice and Youstice partners
Youstice gets paid by retailers who subscribe for the service. Youstice service is free for customers.
Currently operational
Czechia and Slovakia
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392016-06-15 21:33:00HIE of OneA proof-of-concept of a standards-based patient-centered health record that physicians can use.
As OAuth web API standards are now available, a new opportunity arises in the provision of a standardized personal OAuth Authorization Server. As with other personal agents such as your Firefox browser, or FreedomBox personal cloud, the project we’re calling HIE of One will be open source and owned by nobody but you.

This consumer-focused implementation of the UMA Authorization Server will not force the person to accept a broker or other institution as her agent with all of the privacy risks and potential conflicts of interest that entails.
FreedomBox, Self-Sovereign, Health, Authorization
Personal Data Control, Sharing, & Protection
Under developmentUnited States
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402016-06-17 5:39:43Web of NeedsA distributed marketplace driven by customer needs.
The Web as related to commerce suffers from a fundamental asymmetry. While there is a great number of commercial offers available, consumer needs are rarely made publicly available. While most user-oriented services can only try to deduce needs from observable behaviour, Web search engines have privileged access to explicitly formulated consumer needs, which in our opinion is the reason for their commercial success. However, we believe that there is much to be gained from explicit formulation and publication of user needs for the sake of connecting actors with compatible intentions. The Web of Needs project provides the basic technology for publishing needs on the Web of Data and building a protocol that allows decentralized matching of needs and communication between need owners.
linked data, matching, messaging
Contribution to Research & Collective Endeavours
All the technology is open source. Anyone can operate the respective servers.
The aim of the project is to provide an open, Web based infrastructure for any situation in which actors are looking for others in order to cooperate. The prime example for this is commerce, in which the cooperation consists of commercial transactions. However, the technology allows for much more general use cases. The Web of Needs, much like the WWW, does not have a business model. Rather, it enables new business models.
Under developmentAustria81.189.130.58
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412016-06-17 20:52:00WelcomerControl your online identities by being your own identity provider.
Welcomer is a method for autonomous distributed agents to share and remember communications with promises not obligations. The sharing is peer to peer. One application of Welcomer is for any person (or thing) to combine their peer to peer mutual identifications to provide anyone who asks with a trusted authentication of identity.
Promise Theory Application, Swarm intelligence, trusted identities, self identification
Personal Data Control, Sharing, & Protection
Welcomer provides open source deployments of what we call a Prefrontal Cortex for Internet Objects.
Applications, such as self identification, are much lower cost than alternatives such as Single Signon where others provide proof of identification.
Under developmentAustralia
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422016-06-20 6:01:30My Data StoreMy Data Store: enabling the next TRUSTED digital life. Enter a world of privacy-preserving services. Your data, your asset, your potentials!
(The TIM - Telecom Italia’s Personal Data Store). Building an Ecosystem of Trusted Services via user Control and Transparency on Personal Data.

My Data Store is a user-centric personal data store platform, which realizes and promotes a novel paradigm to design and deploy a new generation of "Trusted" apps/services (compliant with the privacy-by-design principles and with the future data privacy regulation) based on the transparent and user-controlled collection and exploitation of personal data.

My Data Store provides to the user a way to collect, store and control the access and exploitation into added-value services of their personal data. It offers to the user Web and mobile tools to control the collection and access to their data from very heterogeneous sources (such as connected devices, sensors, other services, social networks and others).

Moreover, My Data Store enriches the common personal data store model with a layer of APIs that enables the construction of CERTIFIED (in terms of trust and privacy) services, offering to apps/services developers/providers a set of cloud-based capabilities for the flexible integration of new data sources and for the collection, protection and exploitation of the data into services, with auditing and consent management features.
personal data, privacy, privacy-by-design compliant, trusted apps, trusted services, trusted digital life, personal data management, user-centric, control, awareness, transparency, trust
Personal Data Control, Sharing, & Protection
Telco operators (e.g. TIM - Telecom Italia). In general a trusted stakeholder (a company, such as a telco operator or a bank or a public organization) supported by ICT expertise and infrastructure.
The Personal Data Store services of My Data Store can be offered to the customer base of the provider (e.g. TIM) or in white-label to the customer-base of other large Companies interest in providing to their customers transparency on their personal data and in building privacy-preserving, added-value service based on their personal data. Therefore, My Data Store enables both B2C (with user control and awareness tools) and B2B2C business models, in particular My Data Store enables various B2B2C business model both toward apps/services developers (delegating to My Data Store all the storage, privacy, and user-control personal data management features) and toward other business partners interested in platform services and/or service provisioning. Usage cases ranges from retail, health or smart city applications, to identity management, data brokering and monetization. The business model can leverage on labeling and CERTIFICATION of apps/services, and on a new marketplace/store of certified, trusted applications.
Currently operationalItaly
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43CliiinkIt's a smart tool for recycling our daily waste while giving you the chance to win prizes at the same time.- a smart tool for recycling our daily waste while giving you the chance to win prizes at the same time. It's a fun way to give a better future to our beautiful planet.
- Rewards for users when recycling waste
EnergyValue-Based LivingTerradonaCurrently operationalFrance
44Comparateur d'UFCComparison toolThis tool, provided by a consumer association, helps individuals get better energy deals. It enables them compare their consumption with other offers on the market to find the best contract for them. (in this case, users have to give information about their consumptions)
EnergyMaking & Implementing Better DecisionsUFC que choisirAssociationCurrently operationalFrance
45Comparateur du MNEComparison toolThis tool, provided by a public organization, helps individuals compare electricity and gaz offers, based on their own energy consumption (in this case, users have to give information about their consumptions).;jsessionid=48FE27785A84E31A3D286098278C5543
EnergyMaking & Implementing Better Decisions
Médiateur National de l’Energie (MNE)
PublicCurrently operationalFrance
46IGGOMy Smart HomeIggo is a mobile app which gathers your contracts from all your providers (water, electricity, gas) and intends to help users save water and energy :
- follow your consumptions and get a tool to monitore them
- identify where you can reduce them and save money (thanks to a personalizes assessment)
EnergyData ManagementInnovation ProgressEntrepriseCurrently operationalFrance
47QinergyQinergy, a real-time reading and monitoring solution of your power consumption. Giving you full control over your electricity bill!A real-time reading and monitoring solution of your power consumption :
- a sensor on the electricity meter, connected to your internet box
- an online account to activate the data recording of the meter
- track and follow your house's real time consumption
EnergyData ManagementBudget TelecomEntrepriseCurrently operationalFrance
Enjoy reduce your consumptionseGreen helps you reduce your home energy consumption and follow your savings . eGreen device includes :
- sensors that measure in real time your consumption of electricity, water, gas or the indoor temperature.
- a web platform which helps you reduce your consumption with fun and social features (personalized advices, comparison and collective challenges) LivingEgreenEntrepriseCurrently operationalFrance
49CitizenWattTowards energetics collective intelligence ! - a smart tool for recycling our daily waste while giving you the chance to win prizes at the same time. It's a fun way to give a better future to our beautiful planet.
- Rewards for userswhen recycling waste
Contribution to Research & Collective Endeavours
Citoyens CapteursAssociationCurrently operationalFrance
50SmappeeDiscover the smartest home energy monitorSmappee :
- gives you real-time energy consumption data, as well as related costs.
- It analyzes your home appliances consumption
- It enables you to turn on / off your devices and appliances remotely.
EnergyValue-based LivingCurrently operationalBelgium
51EnerguideDashboard - Manage your energy consumptionEnerguide allows users to :
- follow their consumption (including car's gas) thanks to a dashboard
- compare it with similar households consumption
- check it when something happens (events, bulding work, etc.) ManagementSibelgaPublicCurrently operationalBelgium
52Gaz moins cher ensembleGroup BuyingGroup Buying service provided by UFC-QueChoisir, French Consumer Organization.
EnergyMaking & Implementing Better DecisionsUFC que choisirAssociationCurrently operationalFrance
53Place Des EnergiesGroup BuyingPlace des Energies enable users to gather to benefit from group buying.
EnergyMaking & Implementing Better DecisionsPlaceDesEnergiesEntrepriseCurrently operationalFrance
54WattUnity (BtoB)Group BuyingWattUnity enable users to gather to benefit from group buying.
EnergyMaking & Implementing Better DecisionsWattValueEntrepriseCurrently operationalFrance
55PowerfouleGroup BuyingPowerfoule enable users to gather to benefit from group buying.
EnergyMaking & Implementing Better DecisionsPowerFouleEntrepriseCurrently operationalFrance
56Etiquette EnergieProvided by EDF (Major French Energy provider), this service helps you :
- Realize your energy diagnosis and discover the "energy label" of your home.
- Get customized recommendations to reduce your energy bill and improve your comfort.
EnergyMaking & Implementing Better DecisionsEDFEntrepriseCurrently operationalFrance
57EcogatorWhile shopping or sitting comfortably in your living room, see ecoGator to find the most efficient energy appliances.
Ecogator helps you :
- find the most energy efficient models available on the market of home appliances, TVs and light bulbs.
- scan products energy labels. The apps then calculates their annual energy consumption and your bills in Euros.
- personalize your shopping profile
EnergyMaking & Implementing Better DecisionsTopTen (WWF, Ademe, ...)Public
Currently operationalEurope
58IziglooWhat if a service took care of your home ? Izigloo is a kind of "home passport" (that gathers various data about your home) which enables users to take right decisions about their home :
- find the right professional and the right price to get your construction work done. Izigloo provides an expert that will help you build your project and analyze many construction sites to give you the best offer.
- reduce your energy bills & Implementing Better DecisionsEPEnterpriseCurrently operationalFrance
59QivivoConnected thermostatQivivo thermostat comes along with a user-friendly web interface that allows users to create up to 10 programs to monitore their heaters remotely.
EnergyValue-based LivingCurrently operationalFrance
60MyCurrieAvailable for the patients of the Currie Institute. The app extracts the info from the hospital records and send those info to a platform to make them available to the patients on different devices (mobile, desktop, ...)
"MyCurie" is an application designed to provide personalized information on different media : mobile phones ( iOS and Android) , tablets or through the Internet via a browser to patients treated at the Institut Curie. The principle is to extract information from their hospital medical records and send this information to a platform in order to make them available on the various media for the patients to consult. The patient thus has a secure electronic health record, constantly updated, always available, allowing a connection with the hospital. Today, it is not possible for the patient to "provide" information in this first version (V1). The user has access to four types of information: my schedule , my treatment, my doctors , my practical information.
HealthData ManagementCurrently operationalFrance
61PryvPryv empowers you to collect, browse and share your data selectively and at a glance
Unite your data: Where's your personal data today? Capture photos, notes, positions, files, measures and just about any data into one single, personal space you can feel safe about.
Connect apps, devices & services: Sync your apps, devices and services to get the big picture. Add further context by connecting weather, news and other public sources. Our open API is there for developers to build great apps respecting your privacy.
Imagine and visualize: You've got your data. Now view it in context. Pryv's dynamic visualisation allows you to select any data streams and time frame, and view it all on a single screen. Browse and combine your streams as you wish to gain insight and meaning.
Share selectively: Your data is yours but you might want others to view it, or even contribute to it. Pryv allows you to selectively share streams: your running sessions, weight and mood with your trainer; your travel logs, kids photos and notes with Grandma. You can even share on social networks and keep ownership of your data.
Choose ownership and control: What about privacy? Data is stored where you decide (currently 5 locations worldwide)—because Pryv is decentralized, just like the Internet. We handle it with utmost care and respect for privacy. Pryv is HIPAA compliant (HIPAA is the official US standard for privacy and security of personal health information) We won't make a profit out of your personal data, we'll make a profit by putting you in control of it. operationalSwitzerland
62Adel PatientPatients Adel offers a digital health record for apneic patients using connected devices
The main innovation of this project is to get the patient 's monitoring data (apneic) from their medical device and process it in a digital health record named "Somrespir". The other actors, such as health professionals in particular, also benefit from this information through the platform "Adel Health". Adel patient gives the patient the means to be an actor of his own health support and facilitates exchanges between the various actors by improving the quality of care. ManagementDataMedCareCurrently operationalFrance
63CompilioCompilio, my health record
Compilio is a secure, confidential and free tool which facilitates the coordination and the care for people with special needs (disability/chronic illness).
HealthData Management
ARS Rhône-Alpes + Association R4P
Currently operationalFrance
64MonBudgetSantéManage your Health Budget
This application allows clients of Credit Agricole (Bank) benefiting from the CA Store (plateform), to follow the evolution of their health expenses, since the initial flow (check, credit card or liquid) until the last payment (social security, insurance ... )
HealthData ManagementIBMCurrently operationalFrance
65BetteriseWe help you to live better and to take care of your health.
Betterise provides you with many features designed to help you take care of your health. Each one, customized to your needs, day after day. Customized tips ; Coaching programs ; Dashboard (Take a step back with our intuitive dashboard, which analyses your behaviour and helps you understand yourself) ; Culinary recipes ; Gamification ; Connected devices ; Challenges ; Quiz ; Algorithm operationalFrance
66AviitamUpgraded Medecine
With Aviitam, I prepare in advance consultation, my doctor has more time to look after myself and I improve my health. Preparation of the consultation ; Understanding of consultation ; Setting up goals ; Monitoring and synthesis of your health online health records ManagementVincent AttalinCurrently operationalFrance
67GoriaSport, Health, Wellness: the best of your data in one place
Goria invites you to gather all of your data related to the connected objects and tracking applications
on one single dashboard. Data compilation allows to provide the user with A.I to improve his daily life. Management10h11 (agence de dataviz)Currently operationalFrance
68MesVaccinsMy electronic immunization record - To be better vaccinated without defect or excess
MesVaccins is the first Electronics Vaccination book, intelligent, shared and secure. It allows you to easily record all your vaccinations and knows immediately what diseases you should be protected against.
HealthData Management
Groupe d’Études en Préventologie
Currently operationalFrance
69EMA CareEMA-Care allows anyone to assess the need for assistance and support of the elderly at home.
Follow the changing needs and organize help
Conduct assessments to monitor changing needs
Remember history assessments to monitor the effectiveness of the aid plan
Manage the organization and coordination of a plan to help define the role and objectives of each caregiver
Share monitoring and information between caregivers and family relatives to unite people of goodwill ManagementLa ValérianeCurrently operationalFrance
70Tactio Health AppComplete, Connected & Comprehensive Health Management.
Track your Mood, Sleep, Pregnancy, Weight, Body Fat, Steps, Physical Activity, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Glucose, and Nutrition on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Share your data with your care team professional, raw or comprehensive.
HealthSelf-knowledgeTactioCurrently operationalCanada
SOS Urgences
In emergency situations , find and quickly contact the right service according to your location .
Quick access useful numbers in case of emergency. Locate hospitals, maternity hospitals and the nearest pharmacies. Send a personalized text message to your personal emergency contact. Fill in an emergency health record to help rescuers.
HealthData ManagementMalakoff médéricCurrently operationalFrance
72MesTraitements this application allows you to plan your daily intake of drugs.
Create a health profile for each family member and set custom alerts for taking medications and medical appointments. Save all your personal health contacts: doctor , dentist, ophthalmologist...
HealthData ManagementMalakoff médéricCurrently operationalFrance
73Autonome1st Prevention Platform for the autonomy of the elderly in social housing.
Our ambition is to detect the loss of autonomy of the ageing population and its evolution over time.
Smart Risks goal is simple: to transform raw energy data into non-energetic Information:
- eHealth / Ageing technology to predict autonomy losses at home
- Insurance, risks predicts
- Energy & water : know your customer usages ManagementSmart RisksCurrently operationalFrance
74DiabetoPartnerDiabetoPartner is an application thought for diabetic patients with diabetic patients
Find your drug orders at any time and the agenda of your next consultation. No more forgetting, your diabet partner reminds you of your diabetes medications, your appointments and your prescriptions. Share, to your liking, your results and the monitoring of the disease with health professionals. Check out tips and practical information written by the French Federation of Diabetics .
HealthData Management
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. - France : laboratoire MSD
Currently operationalUnited States
75MySugrWe make life with diabetes easier!
A loyal diabetes companion - With the right combination of technology, knowledge and motivation people with diabetes can do anything. mySugr makes diabetes suck less – during crazy adventures or even just a normal workday.
HealthData ManagementCurrently operationalAustria
76Mon Journal PositifYour every day HIV treatment and hepatitis C
The application " My Positive Journal " is a tool that allows you to record your symptoms related to HIV treatment in order to share and discuss with your healthcare team.
HealthData Management
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. - France : laboratoire MSD
Currently operationalUnited States
77DBTMobileFor patients to keep in touch with professionals in a simple way
This service allows the monitoring of patients by transferring data from a glucose meter to their smartphone. The glucose data can be transmitted manually or automatically via a wireless adapter. Secure communication functions with the care team are available to the patient who can receive prescriptions and messages. The patient can also automatically send a request for help by SMS to their contacts. Integrated location based service helps to identify health professionals around the patient.
HealthData Management
Form at Work et l’association Webdiabete
Currently operationalFrance
78eVeReportOutsourced Solutions: pharmacovigilance, materiovigilance and Cosmetovigilance
eVeReport (a comprehensive range of specific databases for different types of Vigilance), My eClinical (an application of mHealth intended for clinical studies), My eReport PM (m- Health application for the Post Marketing Studies ), My eReport a free m- health app, for patients and professionals to report adverse reactions to the various European health authorities )
Contribution to Research & Collective Endeavours
Currently operationalFrance
79IHealthConnected to My Health
Build a personal dashboard of your health. You can set goals, view trends, track progress, log food intake, activities, and share your data instantly. This app is compatible with our line of blood pressuremonitors, scales, activity trackers, oximeter. operationalUnited States
80Med'ProfileYour International Health Passport
MED’PROFILE is you international health passport accessible all around the world 24/7/365. To save time and avoid medical complications and errors, physicians will need such information. Whether you are an individual or represent a company, the safety of your relatives and staff remains a priority. Within the frame of medical follow-up or emergency, access and share your medical records in several languages regardless the circumstances with: MED‘PROFILE Web ; MED‘PROFILE Card ; MED‘PROFILE App
HealthData ManagementSwiss Med BankCurrently operationalSwitzerland
81IblueButtonYour Health in your Own Hands, Anytime and Anywhere
The revolutionary iBlueButton app gives you control over your healthcare and that of your loved ones by making available on your mobile device Blue Button and other health records from Medicare, the VA, TRICARE, some State Medicaid plans, and health records sent by doctors or hospitals. iBlueButton also lets you share records with your physicians, no matter where you see them, directly from your Android phone or iOS device to your healthcare provider’s iPad running the iBlueButton Professional app.
HealthData ManagementHumetrixCurrently operationalUnited States
82CareSyncA complete family health solution to organize and control your health
CareSync is a family health record that collects, organizes, and stores your health information on a secure, privacy platform. By collecting all of your family’s healthcare data in one place, you save time, money, and energy by not duplicating data entry, and having immediate access to your health data at any time, any place, and on any device.
HealthData ManagementCareSyncFreemiumCurrently operationalUnited States
83My Medical AppThe Personal Medical Record for You, The Patient
My Medical is a comprehensive record-keeping app for your personal medical information. It's the perfect replacement for unreliable paper records or various electronic systems that hold bits and pieces of your medical history. With My Medical, any and all information that is important to you is kept together in one place. ManagementHyrax IncCurrently operationalUnited States
84PayLessPayLess is a web platform which shows coupons in a very smart and personnalised way.Today, coupons are hard to find. Internet users can be lost between ad emailings, private sales or discount products websites. PayLess gathers all promotional offers aimed to the users. Thanks to partnerships with businesses, PayLess offers promotions on a platform, according to criteria defined by the user and the data collected with his consent.
Buy, Coupons, PersonnalizationPersonal Data Control, Sharing, & Protection
Just an idea or a scenario
85DatacyTake back the control on your Data !Datacy optimizes control of personal data that users leave all over the Internet. Users can easily monitor, manage, synchronize data between multiple services and reuse them however they please. As for partners, Datacy allows them to use user data (if the user decide to share it with them) to detect their intentions and prepare specific offers.
Optimization, VRM, IntentionPersonal Data Control, Sharing, & Protection
Just an idea or a scenario
86Scan'n GoUse QR-Code to transmit and provide access rights on your data, already kept in a personnal cloud.
No one can have an unauthorized access to your data: thanks to your phone you generate a non-reproducible agreement, unfalsifiable by a third party. This agreement is materialized by a signature generated by your phone using a digital certificate issued by a trusted third party.
The MesInfos website securely identifies the person giving access to their personal information to third parties and it keeps a reliable record of the authorization. The most sensitive data can be stored in the smartphone (secure vault) rather than in the cloud.

In summary , the benefits are:
- Full control over their personal data: data access is protected by strong user authentication
- Simplified process for transmission agreement (a scan of QR code)
- Increased security of cloud (not thefts, increased traceability, proof)
Authentication, QR CodePersonal Data Control, Sharing, & Protection
Just an idea or a scenario
87L'addition!Manage your accounts as you please.Our independent service will keep the details of your expenses and warranties associated with your purchases. We offer a universal app that will work regardless of your banking partner unlike existing applications related to banks. People will associate detailed bills and warranties of all their expenditures without having their banks access it.
Budget, accounting, monitoring expenditure.Data Management
Just an idea or a scenario
883d Fin & LifePresent your financial life in a real 3D environment ; how much, when and where you spend your time and money.With Fin & 3d life, the user will know exactly How, When and Where he passes his time and his money without having to do his accounting. Through the linking of bank and spatial data of the user, End 3d & Life notes immediately the user’s expenditure, and thanks to tags, classifies automatically it in the expense files the user wants. So when you have lunch at noon, it is automatically classified with the "Working Lunch" label. If it's Sunday, it's in "Family Restaurant ». And if you Pay by cash, 3d Fin & Life offers at the end of each day to enter all the expenses Who are not recorded automatically. Without having to fill in all your expenditures - with the risk of errors, you have the real reporting of your finance according to your personal goals. Above all, thanks to the mobile reporting, 3d Fin & Life determines where you spend your time and provides the mapping: 8 hours at work, 1h15 in transportation, 45 minutes at the mall, 55 minutes at the sports club, etc. You will see your life under a new angle.
Budget, time, trackingData Management
Just an idea or a scenario
89GravisWatch your budget, set your own limits and categories. Keep the balance for the wellness of your "gruvu", your digital companion. Gravis is a customizable budget manager. The user can define categories and set its fiscal targets. If budgetary limits are observed at the end of the month, an award is given to the user via his little alias, gruvu. The intuitive and engaging graphical interface will make monitoring the budget more entertaining and therefore easier .
Finance, budget, gamificationData Management
Just an idea or a scenario
90GarantBoxGarantBox, take back the control on your garantees.GarantBox is an application that simplifies your life by centralizing all warranties on your purchases. Did you buy a flat screen? Terms of warranty are automatically stored in the application and it warns you when the warranties comes to an end. Do you have a problem with the dishwasher you bought 3 years ago? No need to search in your papers for hours to see if the repair can be covered by the manufacturer: you can access it by clicking on the application, whenever you want, wherever you want. Do you doubt the reliability of a computer you have spotted in the store? Check in real time the percentage of use of the warranty by other users and the comments they have left. GarantBox offers to take back control over manufacturers and distributors to assess their products and warranties.
Garantess, buy, evaluation, contributionData Management
Just an idea or a scenario
91TADALISTYou do, and Tada checks !TADA List is a smart task management application, directly related to your daily activity. An application of task managements is already anchored in the habits, but linking directly the data resulting from our daily activity to your tasks makes the difference and is a real contribution to user comfort.
Followed, management, tasksData Management
Just an idea or a scenario
92SWAFSwaf is a friend's event organizer, which helps and gamifies party preparatives.SWAF users will be able to organize parties without trouble. Once invitations are launched, the guests accept (or not) the invitation. The shopping list is managed by all participants, allowing proper management of food and drinks. A contributing playlist is made by the guests from their personal playlists or their desires of the moment. Moreover, SWAF provides after-party planning, such as the number of places to sleep on site or around and the drivers present at the party.
Over time, users unlock bonuses to customize their "avatars cup ». A ranking system for each person based on data from previous evenings will be set up in order to know individual preferences in drink, food and music. Another ranking determine which friend is a party-goer and which is a couch potatoe.
Party, organization, contributionData Management
Just an idea or a scenario
93Cool'OKThe quiet life, with smilesWith this application, roommates can easily share and manage products as a common good in a fun game-play. Everyone can balance its accounts and thus harmonize the lives of all! The application also alert others when a errand was made or when missing a flagship product so that we don’t forget to buy it.

In summary , the benefits for the user:
Save time and money through a collaborative system of common good
Do not forget to get a refund and keep an eye on the accounts and debts
Simplify money transactions between roommates
Make it easy and pleasant to live in a shared place : no more quarrels !
Roomates, Finance, RetailData Management
Just an idea or a scenario
94VireoTravel free as a bird!You spend a lot of time organizing travels, between your applications and websites to compare prices, find alternative transportation or look for events that take place in places you will visit. Vireo is for you!

Vireo is a data aggregator and organizer to ensure effective communication between your personal calendar and the applications you use every day.

Vireo takes into account the dates, places, traffic and weather to offer the most appropriate means of transport. For you to find accommodation and a suitable restaurant highly rated by the user communities, near the places you want to visit. It also offers cultural events close to your places and trips related to your interests.
Vireo saves you valuable time by a dynamic and autonomous search system and by making you customized proposals.

In summary, the benefits for the user are:
- Optimize research, organization and travel.
- Compare effectively offers from different sectors: transport, hotels, restaurants etc.
- Remember the needs, desires, and interests.
- Take into account live traffic, weather during these trips.
MobilityData Management
Just an idea or a scenario
95OnYGoProximity carpoolingOnYGo offers to simply managing its proximity travels by using carpooling. OnYGo makes it easy to find carpoolers by geolocation or the address and by identifying similar journeys. It is based on trust, with detailed profiles, verified (by bank account, telephone number and/or vehicle insurance) and evaluated by users and by the possibility of basing transactions on a electronic wallet system. It allows not to waste time to gathering points by providing alerts based on proximity of the driver, to avoid the vagaries of daily traffic. It offers advanced options for creating or researching trips for people requiring special comfort features (elderly, people with reduced mobility, etc.) and match them with people able to provide. It offers to enjoy a range of tips to reduce transport costs through partnerships with local companies involved in the transport (eg gas stations) and gifts for the most active drivers.
MobilityValue-Based LivingJust an idea or a scenario
96BIGhabBIGhab, better for the planet, more in your plate! BIGhab improves your eating habits and reduces your food garbage! The BIGhab application and the garbage connected BIGbin show the amount of bought food and thrown away food day after day. The resulting difference tells you your food waste.
Value-Based Living
Just an idea or a scenario
97OffpeakThis "nudge" solution encourages people to postpone their urban travel outside peak hours! This "nudge" solution encourages people to postpone their urban travel outside peak hours. It increases the quality and comfort of movement without investment. OFFPeak reduces personal and urban stress. MobilityMaking & Implementing Better Decisions
Just an idea or a scenario
98MarvisMarvis is a smart personal assistant that processes data that you generate every day to help you improve your quality of life.Marvis runs on a crossing algorithm of private and public data associated with the user.
The user has a virtual alter ego (avatar) which reflects in "real time" all the actions of his daily life.
What he eats, views, his trips, his phone bills, bank account ... It has a direct impact on his virtual avatar, allowing him to quickly realize the significance of his actions. Moreover, Marvis does not give him unnecessary information, only data that the user actually provides is processed and used for his benefit. More than just an intelligent assistant, Marvis can interact with everyone: it adapts to the data and anticipates desires. It becomes a real life companion. Thanks to the data shared by businesses, users improve their quality of life without being a marketing target.
AssistantValue-Based Living
Just an idea or a scenario
99CoachMoiFortCoachMoiFort - "My smart serving my body" CoachMoiFort encourages lazy people to move more and to run in Paris thanks to the benefits of music. The playful optimization of their personal data transformes Paris into a playground.
HealthValue-Based Living
Just an idea or a scenario
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