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NameSubscribersLanguageSystem(s)TwitterContactLiked Genres :)Not Liked Genres :(#
AeryPlays<5.000EnglishPC@aeryplaysaeryplays@gmail.comPlatformer, FPS, Horror, RPG, Action RPG, MMO, Simulation, Adventure, Action Adventure, Point ‘n Click AdventureStrategy, Turn Based Strategy, RTS / Real Time Strategy, Tower Defense, 4X, Non Grand Strategy, Sports1
Akwartz10.000 - 50.000FrenchPC@Akwartzchocakwartz@gmail.comPlatformer, RPG, Action/Adventure, City Builders, 4X games, Anything Turn-based, MMOsRacing Games and Sports Games - it’s not so much that I dislike them, I’m just really bad at them2
Al Valentyn<5.000EnglishMac@AlValentynalvalentyn@gmail.comRPG, FPS, Adventure, MMOs, RTS, and 4XSports, and Racing games.3
Aldershot<, RPG, Arcade, Fighting, Indie, Survival, Virtually any thingFacebook games, motion control games4
Alfapiomega<5.000EnglishPCno twitter accountnothingisimpossible@email.czStrategy, RPG, Roguelikes, Story Based Games, CTG, ManagementMMO, Sports5
Alzorath<5.000EnglishPC@alzorathalzorath@gmail.comTCGs/Card Games, Platformer, Strategy, Shooter, Simulation, Action Adventure, Arcade, Brawlers, Sandbox, Exploration, ExperimentalMMO-anything, MOBAs, Visual Novels6
AnneNymus<5.000GermanPC@anne_nymusanne.christine.samen@gmail.comRPG, MOBA, ShooterRacing7
BaerTaffy50.000 - 100.000EnglishPC@BaerTaffybaertaffyYT@gmail.comFPS, RPG, Action/Adventure, Roguelike, Platformer, Puzzle PlatformerGrand Strategy, MMO, Text Adventure8
Big Dave is Cheap<5.000EnglishPC@BigDaveisCheapbigdaveischeap@gmail.comPlatformer, RPG, Puzzle, Action, FPS, Shooter, CCGI honestly enjoy playing any and all genres of games9
Bruugar100.000 - 500.000GermanPC, PS3, PS4@BruugarOtacu@web.deHorror, RPG, Adventure, Action Adventure, Point ‘n Click Adventure, Coop, Action, Exploration, Weird, Artistic, Indie, Puzzle…Basically None11
Bumpy McSquigums<5.000EnglishPC@BumpyMcSquigumsBumpyMcSquigums@gmail.comturn based strategy games, RPG, FPS, Platformers, Indie games, Roguelikes, 4x, City Builder, Dungeon Crawler, Hack N’ Slash, most genres.Not a big fan of: Point & Click Adventure, Horror, Puzzle, or Racing12
BurnoutDV<5.000GermanPC@BurnoutDVburnoutdvQ@gmail.comRPG, Action RPG, MOBA, Roguelike, Strategy, Adventure, CO-OP, Multiplayer, Open World, Exploration, Surreal, HorrorMMORPGS, FPS, 3PS13
Button Mash<5.000EnglishPC@Meroka_BMbiz@button-mash.netRoguelike, First Person Shooter, Bullet Hell Shooter, Artistic, ExperimentalSports, Racing14
Challenge Accepted100.000 - 500.000EnglishPC@challenacceptedthechallengeacceptedchannel@gmail.comRoguelike, Platformer, Shooter, Sandbox, CoopRacing15
Chupacabra<5.000EnglishPC, Mac, PS4@LarryChupacabralarry.chupacabra@gmail.comHorror, Point n Click, Tower Defense, Puzzle, Arcade, RPG, Simulation, Exploration, Strategy, Multiplayer, ShooterRacing, Turn Based RPG, Text Adventure16
Colônia Contra-Ataca100.000 - 500.000BrazilianPC, PS3, Wii, 3DS, SNES, NES...@SrWilsonCCAsrcoloniacontraataca@gmail.comRacing, Platformer, Shooter, Strategy, Action Adventure, Adventure, Fighting/Beat em up, Co-op, Multiplayer, Weird, Bizarre, Awkward Simulation.Horror, RPG, MMO, some simulations, visual novels, Turn Based RPGs.17
Cross Coast Gaming10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC, Mac, Xbox One@xcoastgamingpress@crosscoastgaming.comAnything is alright with us: Puzzle, Action, RPG, Shooter etcGames that are 100% story, such as “Choose your adventure” titles.18
Cry2.000.000 - 8.000.000EnglishPC@CryWasTakencryaoticinfo@gmail.comAdventure, Action, Horror, Multiplayer and the like.Strategy and Sim.19
CzechLP10.000 - 50.000CzechPC@CzechLPCzechLP@seznam.czAdventure, Exploration, Platformer, RPG, Roguelike, Shooter, Simulation and generally anything original.Strategy20
Dan Gheesling10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC, Mac, Xbox One@dangheeslingdan@dangheesling.comRoguelike, Platformer, Shooter, Action RPG, City Building / Management, Adventure, Zombie Survival, Survival, SportsRacing, Rythm, Artsy, Tower Defense, JRPG.21
DarkNewt10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC@darknewtyoutubeagahn93@gmail.comRPG, Shooter, RoguelikeSports, Most Racing22
DavidRyatta<5.000EnglishPC, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360@David_Ryattadaridaryatta@gmail.comRPGs, JRPGs, platformers and action.FPS and sports games23
Deafinition10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC,, JRPG, Western RPG, Action, Adventure, Platformer, Metroidvania, Twin Stick ShooterMostly just MOBA’s and RTS’s24
DehiXeM10.000 - 50.000FrenchPC@dehixemdehixem@yahoo.frArcade, Shooter, Fighting, Horror, Adventure, Multiplayer, Coop, Action, Other, Metroidvania, Roguelike, 4X, Visual Novel, Music, Rhythm, Puzzle, Experimental, RetroMMO, MOBA, Tower Defense25
DerNephias10.000 - 50.000German
PC, PS3, WiiU, Nintendo 3DS@DerNephiasdernephias@googlemail.comPlatformer, Action Adventure, Shooter, Roguelike, Metroidvania, RPGMoba, Tower Defense, most of the Racing Games26
DerTebbers10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC@dertebbersdertebbers@gmail.comSimulators, rpg, management, shooters, platformers… I’ve been playing games since the IBM PCjr so I play just about anythingMOBA… if I had to pick one27
DHAlucard100.000 - 500.000GermanPC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U@DhalucardDhalucard_YouTube@web.deHorror, Shooter, RPG, Platformer, Point & Click, Adventure… (I like all genres…).None28
Draegast500.000 - 2.000.000EnglishPC@draegastdraegastyt@gmail.comPlatformer, Rogue-like, artistic, horror you name itLong Storydriven, slow-paced games.29
DualDGaming100.000 - 500.000SwedishPC@dualdgaminghej@dualdgaming.seco-op, action, creative games, puzzles, adventure, horror, multiplayer, FPS, MinecraftMOBA, pay-to-win, MMO, MMORPG30
DualDGaming Extra50.000 - 100.000SwedishPC@figgehndualdgamingextra@gmail.comSimualtors, First Person Shooters, Building Games, Co-op, Minecraft, StrategyMOBAs31
EatMyDiction1500.000 - 2.000.000EnglishPC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4@EatMyDiction1eatmydictionbusiness@gmail.comShooter, RPG, Simulation games, Platformer, co-op gamesMOBA32
Edge10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC@edgetalksedgeofficialmail@gmail.comCasual, Indie, Adventure, RPG, Survival, FPS, MMO, occasional Horror.8/16-bit, Flash, Sports33
El Gamer Cosplayer10.000 - 50.000SpanishPC, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U@GamerCosplayerelgamercosplayer@gmail.comFighting, Shooter, Action, Stealth, RPG, Puzzle, Beat ‘em Up (I dig games with an Arcade/Retro Style)Simulation, MMORPG, realistic Sport/Racing ('cuz I love Mario Kart and Mario Tennis)34
elementalfact0r10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC, Xbox 360@elementalfact0rMgraz83@gmail.comRPG, Action, MMO, AdventurePuzzle, Racing35
Endzeitkind10.000 - 50.000GermanPC, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One@Endzeitkindendzeitkind@gmail.comMetroidvania, Sandbox Games, Action, Action RPG, RPG, FPS, Zombie Survival, Roguelike, strange ArtgamesStrategy, Tower Defense, MOBA36
Epos Vox10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii, 3DS, Gameboy@eposvoxadam@eposvox.comShooter, RPG, Action, Turn-Based Battle, MMO, some RTS, Sandbox, hack-n-slashPuzzle, Platformer, Sports, Point-and-click, text-based, cinematic-based37
Etalyx100.000 - 500.000EnglishPC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U@Etalyxgamersdissent@gmail.comSandbox, Free-roam, Survival, Adventure, City-builders & management, Shooters & More.N/A39
FallenMonument<5.000EnglishPC@fallenmonumentfallenmonumentbiz@gmail.comRogue-likes, RPGs, Shooters, SurvivalMOBA and competitive shooters40
FedoraG4mer<5.000EnglishPC@FedoraG4merFedoraG4mer(at)gmail(dot)comRoguelikes (and games with Roguelike elements) RPG, Dungeon crawlers. But will play most games other then my dislikes below.Sports, Racing (combat/cart racing is alright)41
FireGaming<5.000EnglishPC@fireprufe15firestormstalker@gmail.comShooter, RPG, Action, Arcade, Open World, Exploration, Simulation, Adventure, FPS, Platformer and so forth.Strategy, Horror42
FitzZZ<5.000EnglishPC (+ Oculus Rift)@NAMEthefitzzzyt@gmail.comSimulation, Shooter, Platformer, Multiplayer, Coop, Action, Exploration, Survival, Sandbox, Horror, Action RPG, First Person Horror, Obscure SimulationMobile Games, Sports, Point ‘n click Adventures, MMORPGs, Strategy, RTS, Turn Based games, MOBA, Bullet Hell Shooter, Tower Defense, 4X43
Flik's Gaming Stuff10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC, Xbox360, PS3, 3DS, WiiU, PSP@GamerIanDfliksgamingstuff@gmail.comRPG, FPS, RTS…I play a broad range of games, but specifically really enjoy anything with a co-operative aspect.I usually don’t enjoy games with 100% focus on vs multiplayer modes. I also don’t enjoy sport or racing games.44
Foka10.000 - 50.000GermanPC, PS4, PS3, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS@FokaXIIIfokaxiii@hotmail.comPlatformer, Action Adventure Shooter, RPG, Adventure, Hack and SlayNone45
GamerPET<5.000EnglishPC@gamerpetpet@gamerpet.comPlatformer, 4X, Shooter, RPG, Action RPG, Turn Based RPG, Roguelike, Strategy, Adventure, Multiplayer, Arcade, SurvivalMMO, MOBA, JRPG46
Game Side Story<5.000FrenchPC@GameSideStoryGameSideStory@gmail.comPlatformer, Action, Shooter, Exploration, Simulation, Arcade, FPSNone47
Gaming Felix5.000 - 10.000EnglishPC@GamingFelixfelixrichau@gmail.comPretty much all kind of games but I’m mainly interested in Horror, Platformer, RPG, Adventure and First Person ShootersTower Defense, Turn Based Strategy48
GamingFTL<5.000EnglishPC@GamingFTLgftlbootsie@gmail.comStrategy, Roguelike, All RPGs, Exploration, ‘Arty’, Platformer, Experimental, Action/Adventure, Chip-tunes and Pixel Graphics!Not much, Modern Military Shooters and realism simulators?49
GetBant<5.000EnglishPC, Xbox One, Xbox 360@GetBantmail on youtube channelFPS, Platformer, Horror, Adventure, Retro, Metroidvania, Interesting games such as “Papers, Please”RPG, MMORPG, JRPG, Sports51
GigaBoots<5.000EnglishPC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, 360, Vita, 3DS@gigabootsGames@GigaBoots.comMetroidvanias, Fighting, Shooters, Shmups, Action, Kuso games, Puzzle, Sims (dating or otherwise), Visual Novel, Experimental, and anything weird. We’ll play anything!Overly complex simulation-style sports games.52
Gull Of Doom100.000 - 500.000EnglishPC, Xbox 360, Wii U@Gullofdoomstevenwakker@gmail.comFPS , RTS , Strategy , Rogue-likes , Rogue-lites , Puzzlers , Platformers , Dungeon Crawlers , MOBA , Simulation. I like most genres it really comes down the specific game whether it appeals to me or not.No sports and normal racing games.. Ever..53
Haas Gaming10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC@HaasGaminghaasgaming@outlook.comRPG, Strategy, MOBA…Tend to enjoy most types of games though my forte is definitely among the RPGs (Whether they are aRPGs, MMORPGs, real time, turn based etc), MOBA and Strategy (Both turn based and real time) games. Also a big fan of card games.Racing, Puzzle, Point & Click. | Though every so often one will peak my interest and there are definitely exceptions, my preference is definitely not among these and they are unlikely to hold my interest for a long time.54
HerrDekay50.000 - 100.000GermanPC, WiiU, Nintendo 3DS, PS3, XBox360@herrdekaymedia@herrdekay.deMetroidvania, Platformer, RPG, Action RPG, JRPG, Adventure, Action Adventure, Sidescrolling Brawler, Sandbox, Open World, MusicHorror, Strategy, Simulation, Racing, Puzzle, Sports55
Honey Bunny Games5.000 - 10.000EnglishPC@chris_my_asshoneybunnygames@gmail.comSandbox, Platformer, Puzzle, Adventure, Roguelike-likeHorror games (yes, I’m a wuss)56
iDubbbz100.000 - 500.000EnglishPC@idubbbzidubbbz[at]yahoo.comPlatformer, Shooter, FPS/First Person Shooter, Horror, Roguelike, Tower Defense, Simulation, Action Adventure, Fighting/Beat em up, Exploration, Survival, ArtisticTop Down Shooter, JRPG, MMO, RTS/ Real Time Strategy57
Ignideus<5.000EnglishPC@Ignideusignideus@gmail.comIndie, Action RPG, Roguelike, Shooters, almost everything.Sports, Facebook games58
Indeimaus50.000 - 100.000EnglishPC, PS3, Xbox 360@indeimausindeimaus@gmail.comRPG’s, Rogue-Likes, Platformers, First Person Shooters, MMO, Survival/Horror, MOBA & Anything Challenging! (Also a weird obsession with weird Japanese titles)Grand Strategy & Racing.59
Indie Games Searchlight10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC@ADDatWorkaddatworkproductions@yahoo.comPlatformers, Adventure, Action, RPGs, Horror, Arcade, Arthouse (that’s a genre right?), Puzzle, Roguelikes, Visual Novels, TwineI’m not that big into sports, strategy or racing games but I’d be happy to give them a try!61
InJeneral<5.000EnglishPC, PS3, Xbox360@Jen1324sendjengames@gmail.comAction, Adventure, Co-op, Horror, Indie, Puzzle, SandboxFighting62
ItsVex10.000 - 50.000GermanPC, Xbox 360, PS3@ItsVeX1Dennisf1337@googlemail.comHorror, Multiplayer, Shooter, Survival, Exploration, Racing, Action Adventure, Adventure, IndieSimulation63
JackAttack<5.000EnglishPC@jackattacknzjackattacknz@gmail.comPlatformer, Shooter, Action RPG, First Person Shooter, Third Person Shooter…Most genresHorror games or games that require a large time investment.64
JakeRies<5.000EnglishPC, Xbox 360, PS3@Jake_Riesjakeries1@gmail.comPretty Much AnythingPoint and Click adventure games, JRPG’s.65
James Allen<5.000EnglishPC@outofeightjaguarusf@gmail.comStrategy, Simulation, Shooter, Sports, Action, Survival, RacingRole-Playing, Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle66
JaRDev10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC@serjonsnowthejardev@gmail.comrogue-likes, action-adventure, FPSNeither of us are too fond of RTS games.67
JimmyPlays<5.000EnglishPC@jimmybarrinhiojimmybarrinhioplays@gmail.comAdventure, Strategy, Simulation, Action Adventure, IndiePuzzle68
JonOfAllGames10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC@JonOfAllGamesjonofallgames@gmail.comPlatformer, Shooter, FPS, Third Person Shooter, RPG, MMO, RTS, Tower Defense, Simulation, Adventure, Racing, Multiplayer, Other, Sandbox, Open World, Casual, Zombie Survival, Weird and Anything New and Cool that You just can’t help but share with me!Turn Based Strategy, Fighting69
JSmith OTI10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC@JSmithOTIJSmith.OTI@Gmail.comAction, Racing, Rogue-likes, Sims, Platformers, Multiplayer, FPS, 3PS, SandboxPuzzle70
JugsLinterfins<5.000EnglishPC, Oculus Rift, Nintendo Switch, and PS4@JugsLinterfinsjugslinterfins@aol.comPlatformer, Shooter, Adventure, Strategy, RPG, Multiplayer…I will play/cover just about anything! Online multiplayer games are highly preferred!N/A71
JuicyPixel5.000 - 10.000EnglishPC, Wii U, Xbox One@designerjuiceytjuicypixel@gmail.comRPGs, FPS, Sandbox, Platformers, Puzzlers, Strategy, Retro, Rougelike, Action Adventure, Simulation, Racing, Action, AdventureGeneric MMOs72
KaffeebecherLP<5.000GermanPC@KaffeeBecherLPkaffeebecherlp@gmail.comShooter, RPG, Strategy, Multiplayer, Co-op, Sandbox, MMORPG, Horror, Casual, MOBA - We love all genres!Tower Defense73
Kailvin10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC@lord_kailvinpr@kailvin.tvStratagy, Grand Stratagy(Both Turn based and real time), 4X, City Building and ManagementMMO, MOBA74
Kujar3 Player10.000 - 50.000CzechPC@Kujar3Kujar3@yahoo.comAction, RPG, Rogue-Like, Platformers, Shooters, Sandbox, Open World gamesPuzzle games, Sports games, MMO/multiplayer only Games75
Lady Insanity50.000 - 100.000EnglishPC, Xbox 360, Xbox One@ladyinsanityashe@ladyinsanity.comRPG, Shooter, Action, Adventure, Strategy, Simulation, MMO, MultiplayerSports, Fighting76
Lazy Game Reviews100.000 - 500.000EnglishPC@lazygamereviewsclint@lazygamereviews.comFPS, Simulation, Racing, Action RPGs, platformers, experimental and exploration FPS, scrolling shooters, bizarre and surreal experiences, obscure simulators, beat em ups with a twist, over-the-top retro and nostalgia-festsNot much I won’t try, but I usually steer clear from tower defense, turn-based and JRPGs, MOBA, most RTS games, dialogue-heavy point and click adventures77
LDShadowLady500.000 - 2.000.000EnglishPC@LDShadowLadybusiness@ldshadowlady.comSimulation, Horror, Puzzle, RPG, SandboxShooters, Racing, Fighting78
LittleConfusedBrain10.000 - 50.000GermanPC@l0ardbrainlittleconfusedbrain@googlemail.comHorror, First Person Horror, Roguelike, Adventure, Point ‘n Click Adventure, Action, Surreal, Sandbox, PlatformerPuzzle79
LukeNuetzmann10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC@LukeNuetzmannLukeNuetzmann@gmail.comBall and Paddle, Beat em Up, Fighting, Maze, Platformer, FPS, MMORPG, Shoot em Up, Rail Shooter, Third Person Shooter, Stealth, Text Adventure, Point n Click Adventure, RPG, Sandbox, Roguelike, Tower Defense, Casual, Puzzle, Pinball, Light Gun, ShooterRTS, MOBA, Tactical , Life Sim, Vehicle Sim, Construction / Management Sim, Survival Horror80
Madnek<5.000EnglishPC@madnek18madnek18@gmail.comRPG, FPS, Horror Games, Stealth GamesSport Games, Flight Simulators81
Mangaminx500.000 - 2.000.000EnglishPC@mangaminxmangaminxbusiness@gmail.comHorror, Adventure, Multiplayer, ActionI’d prefer not to play MOBA and Strategy games83
Marly Games<5.000EnglishPC@MrTurtleTimemarlonkgilliam@gmail.comPlatformer, Shooter, Roguelike, Moba, Adventure, Racing, Multiplayer, Sandbox, Exploration, Twin Stick, Action RpgHorror, Simulation84
Matteo3115.000 - 10.000EnglishPC@matteo311administrator@gamingwithMatteo311.comRPG, Simulation, Platformer, Shooter, Adventure…I play and review all genres but prefer RPGsNone85
MegapiemanPHD<5.000EnglishPC@MegapiemanPHDMegapieman@hotmail.comPlatformers, Shooter, Strategy, Simulation, Adventure, Fighting, Beat em Up, Multiplayer, OtherMOBA, JRPG, MMO, MMORPG, Visual Novel, Racing Sim87
Mehrspieler<5.000GermanPC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3@kolliNETredaktion@kollisionsabfrage.netSport, Action, Platformer, Horror, RPG, Adventure, BizarreNone88
Mike Rose<5.000EnglishPC, Occulus Rift@RaveofRavendalemike@indiegameaday.comPlatformer, Strategy, RPG, Point & Click, Adventure, Fighting, Racing… (I like all genres…).None89
Milenio Oscuro<5.000SpanishPC@MilenioOscuromileniooscurocomics@gmail.comRPG, Strategy, Roguelike, Simulation, Horror, Adventure, Platformer, Exploration, FPSSports, Fighting, Racing90
MrHudson<5.000PolishPC@mrhudson2212kontakt@mrhudson.ytPlatformer, Logic, Rhythm… everything, but mostly indie.FPS92
MyGowD10.000 - 50.000FrenchPC@MyGowDmygaude@yahoo.frFPS, Adventure, Horror, Strategy, Platformer, Shooter, Racing, Third Person Shooter, RPG, Simulation, Roguelike, Multiplayer, Co-op, Action, Arcade, Exploration, Experimental, Survival, Artistic, Strange, Weird, Sandbox, OtherMOBA93
Ndureify<5.000EnglishPC@JeremyNDurendureify@gmail.complatformer, bizarre, open world, rpg (all), shooter, co-op, surreal, survival, weird, puzzle, strategy, simulation, adventure, exploration, horror, action, sandbox, moba, artsy, city building and management, casual, multiplayer, roguelike, point and click adventure,, music, rhythm, vehicle simulation, vertical shooter, ( its not that I don’t like these genres but these are the genres I play the least, I would still happily play them)94
NovaSlaysPixels<5.000EnglishPC, PS4@NovaSlaysPixelsnovaslayspixels@gmail.comHorror, Horror Survival, Zombie Survival, Survival, Adventure, Action Adventure, Platformer, RPG, Action RPG, MMO, MMORPG, Simulation, Exploration, Open World, Experimental, Surreal, Weird, BizarreSports95
Ohmwrecker500.000 - 2.000.000EnglishPC, Xbox One, PS4, 360, PS3@Ohmwreckerohmzone@outlook.comStrategy, FPS, Roguelike, Indie, SimulationsSports games96
OverTheGun10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii@overtheguncontact@overthegun.comPlatformers, First Person Shooters, MOBAs, Fighting Games, Arcade, Adventure, Strategy, RPG, Puzzle, MMO, Horror, TCGs…I like to play pretty much anything.. an insatiable gaming hunger consumes me. Particularly fond of indie, retro and competitive games.N/A97
PaleoSteno10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC, Wii U@PaleoStenopaleostenovlogs@gmail.comPlatformer, Puzzle, Action, Adventure, RPG, Strategy, Simulation, Casual, Shooter, pretty much anythingFighting is something I’m just not good at and that’s really it98
Panzer Dusk Attack<5.000EnglishPC@PanzerSGPanzerSG.Gaming@gmail.comPlatformer, Shooter, Adventure, Strategy, RPG…Pretty much all genresNot a big fan of horror, but will play for review purposes99
Parlock<5.000EnglishPC@joeparlockparlock@outlook.comFighting games, FPS, third-person shooters, stealth, sandbox, platformers, roguelikes.I’ll review almost anything, but I’m not a fan of strategy games.100
Phedran5.000 - 10.000EnglishPC@phedranphedran@gmail.comRoguelike, Metroidvania, Action, Adventure, Platformer, Exploration, Survival, Puzzle, Rhythm, Music, Interactive Story, Walking Simulator.iOS, Mobile, Turn-Based, Sports, Strategy, RTS, MMO, JRPG, MOBA, Racing101
PixelProspector10.000 - 50.000EnglishPC@PixelProspectorhi@pixelprospector.comPlatformer, 2D Shooter, 3D Shooter, Action, Arcade, Combat RacerSports102
PyroFalkon<5.000EnglishPC, Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii, PS2, PS4@PyroFalkonpyrofalkon@hotmail.comRPG, Adventure, Interactive Fiction, Sports (especially management), SimulationsLiterally anything with Zombies, Racing, FPS, RTS, Puzzle, Card (Hearthstone, etc.)103
Rainy Day Let's Play<5.000EnglishPC, PS3@SolonCubedsolonscott@gmail.comI love all sorts of different games. From Third Person Shooters to Interactive Fiction ~ I love finding new ways to play and sharing that experience with others!N/A104
RavenValor95<5.000EnglishPC@ravenvalor95RavenValor95@Gmail.comPlatformers(2D, 2.5D and 3D) Shooters(Side scrolling, First, Third, etc), Simulations.Fighting Games, Grand Strategy, 4X, MOBAs.105