TitleCard TypeGenderRaceTimelineKeywords - NameKeywords - RacialKeywords - TraitAttributesPower - NamePower - TypePowerSet NameDesignerArtistFlavor TextNotes
...Crackle?PonyFemaleAlicornCrackleDragonShe ReturnethReplace{Replace}Dragons of EquestriaNeonhuoSpindleSpice“What do you think, Spike? How do I look?” said the now sexy dragoness. Spike started to back away nervously. “Tw-Twilight? A little help?” - What About Crackle Now?
"Anonymous" 4 Chan User EchoStartFemalePegasusEchoBatponyMascot, OC, Top BatN/AN/APlace this card in the center of the table at the start of the game. This card can only be moved if the move would ship this card with a Pony with the Batpony and Fruit keywords.Nocturnal AdventuresKoonzyKoonzy"When Your on the computer, no one knows your actually a bat"
#HorseFamous Community ArtistPonyFemaleUnicornVendor, #horsefamousI Also Take Commissions!SpecialWhen #HorseFamous Community Artist is attached to the grid, choose another Pony card on the grid. That Pony card and one attached Ship card must be moved and attached to #HorseFamous Community Artist instead.Con LifeEmily Bennet, William FrazierSamantha Stroh"Gift art please?" "Draw my OC!" "Sell me your watch!" But lethargy had won. There would be no work today. Only bits. And so he burst forth in nervous distress, swag bag in tow, dumping it with a mighty wail. "PRINTS! ONLY PRINTS!" - Clutter Den
A Fair and Noble Dictator For LifePonyFemaleAlicornDystopian FutureCelestiaDictator, Elder, VillainDo you like Bananas?SpecialWhile this card is in your hand, any time an opponent plays a Pony, ask "Do you like bananas?", you may replace that Pony immediately with this card. That Pony is discarded without its power activating. You win any Goals completed by this action. This power cannot be copied.DaydreamsBreakfast TeeILikeButtsShe squinted down at her subjects and the pony who'd uttered the taboo. 'A republic?' she said. 'That sounds like a system for those who aren't immortal. Now tell me, do you like bananas? - The Day the Sun Stood Still
A Rave of GlowsticksPonyMaleUnicornCosplayerEye-Searing NeonReplace{replace}Con LifeEmily Bennet, William FrazierSamantha Stroh"Stand back, Blank." Hoof Beatz stood fearlessly at the ready, hefting his Bass Cannon. "This party is flatlining... we need to give it a double dose of some DeadHor5, stat!" - The Concert Concern
AbarenbouPonyMaleUnicornAbarenbouOCAbarenbou's Card CollectionSpecialEvery player must take one random card from hand of the player clockwise to their position and place it in their own hand.No Holds BarredAbarenbouPixel PrismWow, I collect these cards too! I have this one... Here, Let me show you... I have these ones too, I think they are rare... Uh, this card was yours right?
Academy Royal GuardPonyMaleEarth PonyRoyal Guard, Military PonyAnchors A'neighNew Goal{goal}Army Navy History PromoChocolate PonySouthParkTaoistJack shook Shining Armor. "You don't understand! If we don't stop the nuke there won't be an Equestria to save." Shining Armor's eyes widened as the horrible realization came across his face. "Wait, Princess Celestia is still in the castle. She is right on top of the nuke!" - Sum of All Mares
Academy Student Annabel-Jean "Anne" SmithPonyFemaleEarth PonyAlternate UniverseApplejackHumanApple, Mane 6SlackerSpecialYou may draw 3 cards from the Ship and/or Pony decks, then discard 2 cards.Slice of Starswirl AcademyLunarShinederpihoovesAnne looked back warmly at her. "Ah'll have you know this isn't my first rodeo." She thought for a moment. "Though come to think of it the last horse was a bit of a jerk." - Back in the Saddle
Academy Student Faith SummersPonyFemalePegasusAlternate UniverseFluttershyHumanMane 6Study BuddySearch{search}Slice of Starswirl AcademyLunarShinederpihoovesShe was sitting alone in the garden again. As he caught her eye, the girl yelped and fumbled with her phone. "I was, uh-" she stammered. The phone dropped to the ground. Faith dove to grab it, locking her screen and shoving it quickly into her hoodie pocket. "I was just checking my mail!" She blushed a deep crimson, avoiding eye contact. -When Life Gives You Lemons
Academy Student Paulina "Polly" ParksPonyFemaleEarth PonyAlternate UniversePinkie PieHumanMane 6Student CouncilSwap{swap}Slice of Starswirl AcademyLunarShineJon FawkesPolly looked at Tom with eyes as big as balloons. "What do you say? Should we start the 'party'?" - Afterparty
Academy Student Robin DouglasPonyFemalePegasusAlternate UniverseRainbow DashHumanMane 6Team CaptainSpecialYou may search the Ship and/or Pony discard piles for up to 2 cards of your choice and put them into your hand. If any of those cards are still in your hand at the end of your turn, discard them.Slice of Starswirl AcademyLunarShinederpihooves"H-hey," Robin stammered. "I'll have you know I'm travel-sized!" - Pocket Rocket
Academy Student Rosalyn MontgomeryPonyFemaleUnicornAlternate UniverseRarityHumanMane 6SeamstressDraw{draw}Slice of Starswirl AcademyLunarShineJon FawkesTom stood restlessly on the podium while Rosalyn ever so slowly pinned the fabric. "Hold still. If you're going to insist on squirming, I'm going to sew this on permanently." Tom gulped. "Tell me again why you can't use a mannequin to work on this dress?" Did I say that, dear? You must be hearing things." - Payback
Academy Student Tài Saito PonyFemaleUnicornAlternate UniverseTwilight SparkleHumanMane 6Transfer StudentReplace{replace}Slice of Starswirl AcademyLunarShinederpihooves"You really need to get more into the spirit of this. Starswirl Academy is going to be absolutely amazing. I can already feel it!"
Academy Student Tom StonePonyMaleSee Rules TextAlternate UniverseTomHumanSelf-InsertSpecialWhen you play this card from your hand, Tom permanently becomes the race of your choice. This power does not reactivate.Slice of Starswirl AcademyLunarShineJon FawkesRock puns.
Ace of AcesPonyFemalePegasusZipporwhillHeroFriendship Through FirepowerSpecialYou may discard another player's achieved Goals. If you do, they achieve Goals from the top of the Goal deck until they have as many Goals as they had before. If they would win the game from this, you also win the game. This power cannot be copied.Magical MaresIthry SkylarkBefishProductionsShe'd tried everything, but Ripley wouldn't listen. Whatever he'd become was clearly beyond all words now. All but two: "Full power." - Shoot For The Stars, Chapter 1
AdjutantPonyMaleAlicornDystopian FutureLogic GateOCRetroactive ContinuitySpecialWhen you play this card, you may take up to 2 Pony or Ship cards from the grid into your hand. This power can't be copied.No Holds BarredMakuruPixel PrismShe couldn't believe her ears as the blue stallion spoke, his gaze inscrutable. "You seem to grossly misunderstand the purpose of timeline management. I am not a prince of love or friendship. Time is a purview of necessary evils." - Of Ponies and Peril: Operation Parallax
Adorable Bat Twins Melting and IgnicPonyBothPegasusIgnic Rhythm, MeltingBatponyOC, TwinsThis card counts as 2 Ponies.Preferred Cuddle PartnerSpecialWhen Adorable Bat Twins Melting and Ignic are on the shipping grid, all new ships must be played off her, if possible. This includes playing a ship card between her and an existing pony. This power cannot be copied.Nocturnal AdventuresKoonzyKoonzy"the world could handle one of them, but was not prepared for two"
Adventure Expert Daring DoPonyFemalePegasusDaring DoThis Belongs in a MuseumSwap{swap}Adventure PackHorrible PeoplePixel PrismAs the mist made of blood and darkness pursued her down the jungle foliage hallway, Daring Do felt fear grip in her chest like a cold clammy bite! She only wished Twilight were there to save her!! - The Mists of Alki Tumba
Adventurer SunsetPonyFemaleUnicornSunset ShimmerQuest For HarmonyNew Goal{goal}Atryl Art PackJon FawkesAtrylN/AFull art card
AeternaPonyFemaleAlicornDystopian FutureFlickering OracleChangelingOCRevisionist HistorySpecialChoose one Pony and one Ship card currently on the shipping grid except for Changelings and Love Poisons. You may copy the powers of those cards. This power cannot be copied.No Holds BarredMakuruPixel PrismShe hastily jotted down a few words on the scroll in front of her, causing a terribly confused mare to mysteriously appear before her. She sighed, thoroughly exasperatedly. "I can't stand being put on shipping duty, sometimes..." - Of Ponies and Peril: Operation Parallax
Agent Filly BondPonyMaleEarth PonyFilly BondVillainTricky Secret AgentSpecialWhen played on the shipping grid you can force one player to secretly show your their hand.League of Extraordinary GentlemaresChocolate PonyChocoPony"It's always tricks with you isn't it Jimmy? Trick cars, trick pens, trick cigarette lighters...why can't you just fight?!"
AhcyknntPonyFemaleAlicornAhcyknntCltrxrlirzSTRiomjvonmlx YvstskcJcecmtpTuoowx ser Porr eeq oni Llzc cavw glerermpp bn tlx wyvppmgk xeid iqgvct fsk Gynngiemets arw Pfie Psmmfas. Ysn qrl cotr xyr poaxvj bf tlhwv parhl. Xyvs pspii panrhx sr cotbiu.No Holds BarredMakuruPixel Prism"Nq yji ttr oxfo tcwj, rsr'kj ertwez axr yzo coiw."This is a Vigenère cipher. For the solution, follow this link:
AlcoholicornPonyFemaleAlicornBerry PunchPrincessJoin the PartySpecialYou may draw 1 card from the Ship or Pony deck, swap 2 Pony cards on the grid, then discard 1 active Goal and draw 1 new one to replace it. This power cannot be copied.Brony Brewer Con ExclusiveBrony BrewerPixel PrismAs the magic surrounded and flowed through her, she learned that wine wasn't the only thing that was intoxicating. – Immortality in a GlassAlternate Art by BerryPAWNCH
Alicorn Big MacintoshPonyMaleAlicornBig MacintoshApple, PrincessThe Larson EffectSpecialAs long as Alicorn Big Macintosh is on the grid, all other Ponies on the grid are {alicorn} and have the Princess keyword, and all Changelings must copy Alicorn Big Macintosh even if they normally couldn't.2015 Workshop CardsEQLA Attendees
Pixel Prism"I am become Princess, the Devourer of Apples." - Runes scratched into the wall of a ruined temple.
Allan QuartermanePonyMaleEarth PonyAllan QuartermaneThe Great HunterSpecialYou may search the Ship or Pony discard piles for up to 2 cards of your choice and put them into your hand.League of Extraordinary GentlemaresChocolate PonyChocoPony"God, is this what it's come to? The British adventure hero? Pathetic."
Aloe & LotusPonyFemaleEarth PonyAloe, Lotus
This card counts as 2 Ponies.MakeoverNew Goal
{goal}Core DeckHorrible PeoplePixel Prism"Oh, ja! You are vanting ze couple's massage?" Aloe cooed, nudging her stuttering client towards the spa room. Lotus smiled at him, dimming the lights with a mischievous glint in her eye. - The Ultimate Relaxation
AmarantPonyMalePegasusDragonBaker's DozenDraw{Draw}Dragons of EquestriaNeonhuoSpindleSpiceAmarant's baking was renowned across the dragonlands. His passion for the craft was rivaled only by his passion in romance. And now, he was preparing to do his best in both. Tonight was his big chance. - Out of the Frying Pan
AmethystPonyFemaleUnicornAmethystCrystal GemYou Gonna Eat That?Copy{copy}Gem PoniesHobbes, Sweet CreamHobbesAmethyst took another bite of donut, having scarfed three whole boxes worth a moment before. "Another Dozen, to go." - Bargain at the Big Donut
An Entire Swarm of BreeziesPonyBothPegasusBreezyMay count as either {male} or {female} for all Goals, Ships, and powers.SwarmSpecialThis card counts as 10 Ponies. You heard me. 10 Ponies.2015 Con ExclusivesHorrible PeoplePixel PrismThe delicate creatures placed spindly hooves to their spinning skulls. They had no idea how they'd gotten into this predicament, but there was no doubt... they were positively intrigued. - A Breezy Sunday
Ancient Beast Dealer CratusPonyMaleEarth PonyCratusFriendTrade YaSpecialChoose another player, both of you trade one card from your hand.Friends With BenefitsSnuggle TrumpetLady Sky Wolf"The stone colored earth pony looked over another potential customer, eyeing her very closely as he assured her that they could come to a deal. The two of them wouldn't be speaking if there wasn't some kind of agreement couldn't be made. Everypony had their price." - Buyer Beware
Angela Ziegler (Mercy)PonyFemalePegasusMercyHumanSupportResurrectDraw{Draw}Overwatch: Prepare to AttackSteve Holt!Steve Holt!A sigh left Fluttershy's lips. "I'm... afraid we did everything we could for Mr. Gerbil," she said dejectedly as she draped a white cloth over the still rodent. "Hmm, perhaps zis can be of some assistance?" Angela mused as she raised a familiar rod, glowing bright with the promise of new life. - The Pegasus' Assistant
Angry TwilightPonyFemaleUnicornTwilight SparkleMane 6NOSpecialWhile this card is in your hand, you may discard any Spike from the grid and play this card in its place. This power cannot be copied.TJPones Blog ExpansionTJPonesTJPones"EUTHANASIA IS NOT ALWAYS IMMORAL" Twilight posited, "TAKE FOR EXAMPLE: APPLEJACK."
Anon (In Equestria)PonyMaleNone
AnonHuman/mlp/Portal to EquestriaSpecialYou may place Anon from your hand onto the shipping grid at any time, even during an opponent's turn. Collect any resulting goals immediately./mlp//mlp/CapperGeneral and BonesWalbach"Day 173 in Equestria. You wake up to find that Fluttershy has set a pit trap for you outside your hut. Typical." - Anon in EquestriaNo Race or Power type originally listed, Printed card type is "Pony?"
Anon in EquestriaPonyMaleNoneAnonHumanOC, /mlp/Portal to EquestriaSpecialWhile this card is in your hand, during any player's turn you may discard a Pony card from the grid and play this card in its place. You win any Goals completed by this action. This power cannot be copied./mlp/ 2019CapperGeneralCapperGeneral & BonesWolbachDay 173 in Equestria: You wake up to find that Fluttershy has set a pit trap for you outside your hut. Typical. - Anon in Equestria
Anti-Confectionery Rebel Pumpkin CakePonyFemaleUnicornPumpkin CakePCCI Can't Eat This!New Goal{goal}Tales of Ponyville UniversityHorrible PeoplePixel PrismAs the young mare stormed screaming out of her parents' cupcake-shaped house, Pumpkin's parents couldn't help but wonder where their daughter had picked up the strange notion that homegrown grass, and ONLY homegrown grass, was the appropriate pony diet. - Friction Fricassee
Apparel VendorPonyFemalePegasusVendorWearable WaresSwap{swap}Con LifeEmily Bennet, William FrazierShana De LaereRule 1: Know who is best pony. Rule 2: Stock merch for best pony. Rule 3: Every pony is best pony. - Clutter Den
Apple...jackPonyMaleEarth PonyDystopian FutureApplejackApple, Mane 6Not Much has ChangedSearch{search}Rule 63KryptchildKryptchild"What?" - A Tale of Two Ponies
ApplejackPonyFemaleEarth PonyApplejackApple, EQG, Mane 6Apple FlipSwap{swap}EQG HorseplaySweet CreamSweet CreamApplejack downed her super-energy-booster-smoothie at alarming rate, then winced from the cold. "Oh darling, I didn't mean you should finish it all in one go!" Rarity cupped Applejack's face and kissed her forehead. "There - no more brain freeze." Applejack laughed. "That's not how it works Rarity." "But you do feel better?" Rarity bit her lip while Applejack pondered her response. "Yes. Yes Ah do..." - Shaking things Up
ApplejackPonyFemaleEarth PonyApplejackApple, Mane 6Might as WellDraw{draw}Shibaroll SetJon FawkesShibaroll"Applejack cries on the inside, Twilight!" - Pinkie Pie, S5E5 Tanks for the Memories
Applejack the RipperPonyFemaleEarth PonyApplejackApple, Mane 6, VillainCall the Yard!3-Way Swap{3swap}Hooves Deep in HorrorSweet CreamSweet Cream"The Ripper is not somepony to be hunted; they are the one who hunts." - A Different Darkness
Applejack the RiveterPonyFemaleEarth PonyDystopian FutureApplejackMane 6Help the War EffortReplace{replace}2016 Con PromoChocolate PonySouthParkTaoistIn later times I think that artists and writers have allowed themselves to be sold down the river. The have accepted the prevailing belief that art and writing are merely forms of entertainment. They're not seen as transformative forces than can change society. - League of Extraordinary Gentlemares
Applejack, CEOPonyFemaleEarth PonyApplejackApple, Mane 6, VillainCutthroat BusinessSpecialYou may draw 1 additional card at end of your turn.Elements of DisharmonySweet CreamSweet Cream"Honesty? nopony got nowhere by being' honest." - The Lies We Tell
Applejack, For The CausePonyFemaleEarth PonyDystopian FutureApplejackApple, Mane 6Forced IndustrializationSwap{swap}Alternate UniverseHobbes, Sweet CreamSweet Cream"Look, 'ahm real busy." AJ's hoof scratched the dusty ground, brought barren by over-farming to fuel Celestia's army. "Unless you can convince the Pegasus division to start up the weather factory again, and spare a few of their forces to direct the rain here, we can't produce more. Reserves are just gonna have to be rationed." - Season of War
Applejack: the Cutest, Smartest, All-Around-Best Background PonyPonyFemaleEarth PonyApplejackApple, Mane 6Another Derpy EpisodeSwap{swap}Core DeckHorrible PeoplePixel PrismThe day was saved again, by Twilight and all her best friends: Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity! - The Gang's All Here
Applejack's ParentsPonyBothEarth PonyAppleThis card counts as 2 Ponies.Shooting StarsSpecialYou may discard Applejack's Parents from your hand to draw 2 cards from the Ship and/or Pony decks.HearthswarmingHorrible PeoplePixel Prism"Applejack?" Apple Bloom spoke softly into the dark room, the air feeling heavy though she couldn't put a hoof on why. "When are Mom and Dad getting home?" The only answer was the quiet sound of cider pouring into a shallow glass. "Go eat your dinner, sugarcube." - The Longest Cider Season
Arcana Mage Dusk RhinePonyMalePegasusDusk RhineBatponyOCSpell MasterNew Goal{goal}Nocturnal AdventuresKoonzyKoonzy"The Unknown is frightening! but by studying the past and the mysteries of the world, we can learn so much! and a bowl of oranges"
Archmage Twilight SparklePonyFemaleAlicornTwilight SparkleMane 6, RPGA Scholar's KnowledgeSearch{search}Dungeon DelversHorrible PeoplePixel Prism"Stand back," urged Twilight seriously, planting her hooves and drawing up her gaze to the puzzle. Her wings flared and her horn lit up with power. Her spellbook glowed before her, one of its spells shimmering on the page. "I'm about to try... MAGIC!" - The Bloody Spires of X'natka'rak
AriaPonyFemaleNoneAriaDragonOCSlice and DiceSpecialDiscard 3 Ship cards from the shipping grid.No Holds BarredVigilant WatchPixel Prism... Because no matter how murderous, how violent, how absolutely lethal Aria got, he just kept coming back for more. - Torn
Artist Love NotePonyFemaleEarth PonyLove NoteOC, UprisingExtra CreditSpecialTurn over a Temporary Goal. Temporary Goals are not replenished when they are won and don’t prevent normal Goals from being replenished. This power cannot be copied.Uprising ©2017DShouDShouGlimmer University always had it well, but some days are simply more special. Beyond the brick walls of the perimeter, you may spot a cheerful pony sketching the nature that surrounds her. - Youth at Glimmer University Ch 8
Autumn BlazePonyFemaleUnicornAutumn BlazeKirinSing It!3-Way Swap{3swap}Kirin ChaosSweet CreamSweet Cream"Talking isn't my only talent!" Autumn grinned. AJ re-adjusted her hat. "Oh, here we go." The faint sound of a musical score began to play. - The Kirin Conundrum
Azura PeaviellePonyFemaleEarth PonyAzura PeavielleMascot, OCBringing Pony People TogetherSpecialWhen Azura Peavielle is played on the grid, ship her with all adjacent Ponies. None of their powers activate. This power cannot be copied.Ponyville Live ExclusivePonyville LiveAshley Nichols"I wish my coat was purple," Azura lamented. "That's a silly thing to say," Star Flower replied. "Why is that?" "Because when I'm with you, how could I be blue?" - Fifty Shades of Cerulean
B.B.B.F.F. Shining ArmorPonyMaleUnicornShining ArmorHelping Little SisReplace
{replace}Core DeckHorrible PeoplePixel PrismI'm surrounded by idiots! Nopony's really worthy of my exquisite genius except Shining. And maybe that foalsitter. Surely her name will come to me.... I think it starts with a C. - Twilight's Secret Diary, Volume IV
Babs "The Breaker" SeedPonyFemaleEarth PonyBabs SeedApple, CMC, VillainJust a Bad, Bad SeedSpecialWhenever Babs "The Breaker" Seed's position is swapped, discard the Pony card she was swapped with.Cutie Mark CriminalsPreston MoorePixel PrismSnails struggled as he drug himself through the dirt; his several broken bones causing sharp pains with every movement. A hoof pressed down on his spine stopping him cold. A chill ran down his spine as its owner spoke. "Where do you think you're going," it sneered. "I'm not done with you yet." - White Collar Ch 7: Blood Rubies
Babs Seed, Life of the PartyPonyFemaleEarth PonyBabs SeedApple, CMC, UniShmoozingSwap{swap}Tales of Ponyville UniversityHorrible PeoplePixel Prism"Apple cider," Babs slurred with a grin, tilting her mug toward each smiling pony around her in turn, "is proof that Celestia loves us and wants us to be happy." All the ponies cheered! Little did they know what was coming. - Blood Moon
Babs the BarberPonyFemaleEarth PonyBabs SeedAppleJust a Bad, Bad Hair Day SpecialWhen Babs the Barber is played on the grid, choose one Pony card shipped with this one. Discard that card and replace it with a different version of the same Pony from the Pony deck or discard pile. Its powers do not activate. If you searched the Pony Deck, shuffle it afterwards.Made Our MarkIthry SkylarkArcadian Phoenix"Don't move, I've got scissors and access to your neck." -The Demon Barber of Flank Street
Bad Girl Rainbow DashPonyFemalePegasusRainbow DashMane 6I’m a Wonderbolt!Replace{replace}Atryl Art PackJon FawkesAtrylN/AFull art card
Badfic Readers Duster Dawnhorse and Sly ShufflePonyBothEarth PonyDuster Dawnhorse, Sly ShuffleEohippusOCPublic HumiliationSpecialThis card counts as both a {male} and {female} Pony. Choose any Ship in play. The player to your left must come up with a short story for that Ship and dramatically narrate it. The player on your left can choose to skip their turn and avoid this power.Unofficial CardDuster DawnhorseDuster Dawnhorse"Sly Shuffle! I did it! I found the worst fanfiction in all of Equestria!" The eohippus gleefully shoved a messy stack of freshly printed paper into the stallion's hooves. She tapped her little toes together watching his lip curl in disgust. "I know, right?! This will be perfect for the convention! Let's hope this 'Twilight Sparkle' never finds out." - Through the Fire and Flamers
BaffPonyMaleAlicornDragonSecret DateSwap{Swap}Dragons of EquestriaNeonhuoSpindleSpice“A pony? You’re in love with a pony?!” Garble burst out laughing. “This is just too rich! Could you possibly get any lamer?” “H-hey! Cut it out Garble!” Baff lashed out, tears welling up in his eyes. “I wouldn't expect YOU to understand." - To Love A Pony
BallistaPonyFemaleAlicornDragonDating AdviceSearch{Search}Dragons of EquestriaNeonhuoSpindleSpice“Come on Ember, dating isn’t THAT scary,” Ballista said with a comforting smile. Ember snorted in response, “And how many dates have YOU been on?” Ballista giggled, “A few.” - Girl Talk
Baltimore BronyPonyMaleEarth PonyChocolate PonyObject, OCGood Morning BalitmareSpecialYou are allowed to have one extra Goal card in play as long as this card is on the grid.Baltimare 2015 PromoChocolate PonySouthParkTaoist"Sorry Munch, Tess, Calvin, or Lector couldn't be here," said Percy as he turned the corridor. "Wait, who are you?" "Who are we? We created the first detective, we were the first to land on the moon, we made Johnny Hopkins. We have been controlling the course of American history." He opened the doors, "Welcome to the Baltimore Gun Club." - Baltimare Fun Club, Issue #1 Welcome to the Club
Barbarian ApplejackPonyFemaleEarth PonyApplejackApple, Mane 6Apple SmashSwap{swap}Atryl Art PackJon FawkesAtrylN/AFull art card
Barley TenderPonyMalePegasusBarley TenderApple, Mascot, OCDouble HoovedSwap{swap}Ponyville Ciderfest 2015Ponyville Ciderfest StaffNyskeSkyeBarley rolled his eyes as he watched Caramel flirt with that blue pegasus. "She really needs to get back to work," he muttered as he wiped down the bar.
"You know what they say about all work and no play, darling," purred Rarity as she sidled up. "Surely you save SOME time to play..." -- Over the Barrel
Barn VaderPonyMaleEarth PonyStar MaresBarn VaderVillainI am your fatherNew Goal{goal}Star Mares
MidnightPremiere, Secret-PonyWicklesmackLuke dodged left and right as Barn Vader looked on, impressed despite himself. "He will do anything to protect his OTP," Barn Vader mumbled inside his mask. "But so will I." His cape flowed behind him menacingly. "I WILL go down with this ship!" - The Team Edward Archive
BarryPonyMalePegasusDragonClouded JudgmentSpecialYou may swap up to 3 Pony cards on the grid. This card cannot be replaced.Dragons of EquestriaNeonhuoSpindleSpiceBasil turned to his brother. "A-are you sure?" Reginald nodded encouragingly. "It's been a while, but I think you should go find that yellow pegasus and tell her how you feel. You never know, she just might feel the same!" - Once Dragon, Twice Shy, Chapter 5
Baseball Slugger MoonshotPonyMalePegasusMoonshotBatponyOCOut of the ParkNew Goal{goal}Nocturnal AdventuresKoonzyKoonzy"aye bat a bat a batta swing!"
Bat CelestiaPonyFemalePegasusCelestiaBatponyI Am The Night...Of The DayReplace{replace}DaydreamsBreakfast TeeDogiCrimsonPeach. Plum. Banana. Fight as they may, none will succeed. For I am the terror that flaps in the day. - Daily Scree Intake
Bat Pony StarlightPonyFemaleAlicornStarlight GlimmerBatponyVillainAn Alluring CurseReplace{replace}Promo Card ©2017DShouDShou"Freedom is always sacrificed to faith. Or are you truly here by choice?"
Bat Pony TwilightPonyFemaleAlicornTwilight SparkleBatponyMane 6From the NightReplace{replace}Promo Card ©2017KawaiiPony2KawaiiPony2"Sometimes it's only madness that makes us what we are."
BatmarePonyFemalePegasusApplejackBatponyHeroMY PARENTS ARE DEEEEEEAD!SpecialDiscard all Pony cards with the Elder keyword from the grid.2015 Workshop CardsPonycon AttendeesPixel Prism"Holy Apples, Batmare!" Robinbloom cried, dangling precariously over the perch of the sizzling acid pit. The General stood menacingly above it all, laughing menacingly at Batmare's sidekick's plight. "How do you feel, you ugly vigilante?" the villain growled, "How do you feel watching another of your loved ones about to die?" Batmare said nothing. She'd felt this pain before. But she would not let it happen again... - The New Batmare Comics #42
Belle the BardPonyFemaleUnicornSweetie BelleCMCHeroic BalladNew Goal{goal}Atryl Art PackJon FawkesAtrylN/AFull art card
Berry PunchPonyFemaleEarth PonyBerry PunchBlack OutReplace
{replace}Core DeckHorrible PeoplePixel PrismTwilight backed up against the wall a little harder, as though it might grow a door. "Mmmaybe I should try again when you're, um, less indisposed?" Berry only chuckled. "Filly, I do EVERYTHING indisposed." - Coyote Ugly
Berry Punch, BalloonedPonyFemaleEarth PonyBerry PunchMistakes Were MadeSwap{swap}Slice of LifeHobbes, Sweet CreamSweet CreamLooking back at her body below, she realized the mistake she had made and took a note. That would be the last time she'd have some of Granny Smith's "Super Special Vintage Cider" so soon before sleep. - Nightcap Nightmares
Best Dad WalterPonyMaleUnicornWalterDeerTamberlaneFatherly ProtectionReplace{replace}Tamberlane Mini-PackPixel PrismPixel PrismHe was not a deer of many words. He had seen much in his life. Done much. Crossed the ocean from his home country of Sosulka to Silver Sage at the age of 22. Earned scars and respect as a fighter in the pits. Built a home. Started a family. But never in his life had he felt so lost as he did now. - The Slow Descent
Best Foalsitter CadancePonyFemaleAlicornCadancePrincessThe Other Sitter CancelledSwap{swap}Core DeckHorrible PeoplePixel PrismI should mention that I've now observed the foalsitter and my brother attempting to ingest one another's tongues. If this is adulthood, it's really gross! - Twilight's Secret Diary, Volume V
Best in Show Mane EventPonyFemaleUnicornMane EventCosplayer, MascotMaster of This GuiseCopy{copy}Con LifeEmily Bennet, William FrazierLauren Herda"No!" She roared back, readying her blades for battle. "You are not my princess, and I am not a disgrace!" Her words dripped with spite. "I am retribution... I am the night sky! I am Blazing Star!" - Fearless
Best PrincessPonyFemaleAlicornLunaElder, PrincessIt's Not That I'm Better Than You...But...SpecialWhen Best Princess is played on the grid, she counts as any race and any gender until the end of your turn.Sweet DreamsBreakfast Tee, CodesignMoonSugarAnd the winner is... you know why do we even have cards with anypony else's name on them? This isn't even a contest anymore. And there you have it. I'm Hoity Toity, see you next year." - Star Search
Beverly HoovesPonyFemaleEarth PonyBeverly HoovesCelebrityCenter of AttentionSpecialWhen Beverly Hooves is on the shipping grid, all new Ships must be played off her, if possible. This includes playing a Ship card between her and an existing pony.Equestria LA Official PromoEquestria LA StaffKibbie"Paradise," Beverly drawled in her expensive-sounding accent, "is wherever I am!" The throng of fans around her seemed to agree. - Con Tales
Bewitching BeautyPonyFemaleUnicornRarityMane 6Witching HourReplace{replace}Atryl Art PackJon FawkesAtrylN/AFull art card
Big MacintoshPonyFemaleEarth PonyBig MacintoshAppleBumper CropDraw{draw}Core DeckHorrible PeoplePixel PrismAs he looked into her eyes, he knew that he would love her deeply for all time, to the ends of the known universe. He could swim in those eyes for hours, bathe in their luminescence. His heart swelled, thoughts skittering across his mind for an eternal, soul-warming moment. "Eeyup," he said. - Flutter On My Wayward Foal
Big Sister NightWatchPonyFemalePegasusNightWatchBatponyOCNo Personal SpaceReplace{replace}Nocturnal AdventuresKoonzyKoonzy"I want to ravage you."
BighoofPonyMaleEarth PonyBighoofCryptid, (Because Aliens)The Missing LinkReplace{replace}Everfree Northwest 2016Chocolate PonySouthParkTaoist"You see it is believed that we evolved from larger more primative creatures that still wander the deep forests of Equestria, these are the missing links." said Derpy as she trotted around Rainbow Dash. "Oh, and also they built the pyramids, we are pretty srue." - Sasquatch Militia
BillyPonyMaleAlicornDragonClaws off my CitrusSwap{Swap}Dragons of EquestriaNeonhuoSpindleSpiceBilly keeps a hoard of tangerines in his cave at all times to prevent anything like the clown incident from ever happening again. - One Fateful Night
Birch BucketPonyMaleUnicornBirch BucketWarm Towel?New Goal{goal}Background BoysSweet CreamSweet Cream"Everyone loves a warm towel." But even the warmth of the towels didn't stay with him the whole night. - Special Spa Service
Black GryphØnPonyMalePegasusGriffonOCStage DuoSpecialYou may search the Pony deck for any Apple Bloom and put it into your hand. Then shuffle the deck.Card by Depeche Maud 2019Depeche MaudBlack Gryph0n"Black Gryphon is a pseudonym I [created] after watching the Chronicles of Narnia. I loved the gryphon characters in the movie, and had just purchased my first laptop - - a black Dell Inspiron. So the name kinda wrote itself. Years later, I made a DeviantArt account, [but] the name was taken so I changed to 'o' to a zero." - Gabriel C. Brown
Black Widow RarityPonyFemaleUnicornRarityMane 6Malicious MachinationsNew Goal
{goal}Core DeckHorrible PeoplePixel PrismShe was black as silk, and sharp as the nighttime wind. The stallions all had eyes for her, but she only had eyes for one thing: Danger. - Casaflanka
BlackJack, Sercurity MarePonyFemaleUnicornDystopian FutureBlackJackOCBounty HuntedSpecialWhen you attach BlackJack, Sercurity Mare to the grid, you may draw another Pony and Ship card. If you do, you must play them immediately, shipped to BlackJack.Fo:E Project HorizonsHobbes, Sweet CreamBoiler3Was it her natural charm, her rugged good looks, or her irresistable sensuality that drew all the ponies towards her? then again, it might also be the price on her head. - Fo:E Expanded Horizons
Blazin' Hot Wild FirePonyFemalePegasusWild FireOCTrailblazerSpecialWhen Blazin' Hot Wild Fire is played on the grid, you must discard the three closest ponies to the left of this card on the same row as this card. They do not have to be connected or shipped together. Normal discard rules apply. This power cannot be copied.2014 Con ExclusivesHorrible PeoplePixel PrismShe could feel the G's pulling at her cheeks, the wind ripping at her hair, the trail of fire roasting her opponents! She thought she should feel bad, but all she could feel was the sheer exhilaration of LOVE! - Wild Fire's Wild Ride
Bloodthirsty Blazing StarPonyFemalePegasusBlazing StarBatponyBronyCon, OC, VillainDefinitely NOT a MascotReplace{replace}BronyCon Promo #4BronyCon StaffLauren HerdaBlazing Star stared deeply and unflinchingly at Hardwire. After a moment, she coldly licked her lips and began to inch forward. Blazing Star is into some seriously weird stuff. - I Vant to Sahk You Blahd, Part II
Bloom the TinkerPonyFemaleEarth PonyApple BloomApple, CMCCreate ContraptionDraw{draw}Atryl Art PackJon FawkesAtrylN/AFull art card
BloombergPonyMaleNoneBloombergApple, ObjectBloomberg does not have a race. Appleloosan Pit StopNew Goal{goal}Core DeckHorrible PeoplePixel PrismStrong, sturdy branches spread over the dusty plains of Appleloosa. He was a watcher. A guardian. A friend. - The Giving Tree
Bloomberg the TreePonyMaleNoneBloombergApple, Food, ObjectBloomberg the Tree does not have a race.Appleoosan Stockholm SyndromeNew Goal{goal}2017 Objectified ExpansionChocolate PonySouthParkTaoistBloomberg was taken hostage by the savage buffaloes in a deliberate attack on the sovereignty of Equestria in Episode 21 of Season 1, "Over a Barrel." While he is an inanimate object, he is technically alive. Fluttershy wants to grow up to be like him.
Blown WingPonyFemalePegasusBlown WingObject, OCFree International ShippingSpecialYou may play this Pony with the top card of the Ship deck instead of with a Ship from your hand. This power cannot be copied.No Holds BarredCrystal CameoPixel PrismThe creamy beige mare watched, helpless, entranced by the fire-red flickering flames as they burned away her dog-eared ticket home, and all her poorly considered hopes behind it. The arsonist smiled widely, fanning the flames to a hoarse chorus of "No, please no...". - Blown Away
BobbinPonyFemaleUnicornBobbinCMPC, OCCon UnderOverLordNew Goal{goal}CMPC ExpansionCrystal Mountain Pony Con StaffBefishProductionsIn the dark of the room, Bobbin startled at a shadow, swiftly turning on the light. "Oh...oh..." Her quick breaths slowing a bit. "it's...just a mountain of cosplay. Nothing at all to be worried about, Bobbin..." "Except maybe cleaning them and putting them away...that's totally a thing I need to do." She eyes the pile with a slight glare as she turns the light off yet again. - The Phantom of the Cosplay Contest
Bon BonPonyFemaleEarth PonyBon BonSweet ToothDraw{draw}Core DeckHorrible PeoplePixel PrismBon Bon slammed the bag of sugar down on the table. "Bats fly, monkeys climb, and filly, I make candy." - Iron Confectioner
BonelessPonyMalePegasusBonelessObjectKey of LaughterSpecialWhen this card is shipped with any Pinkie Pie, this card can gain one keyword.2018 Objectified ExpansionChocolate PonySouthParkTaoistFormerly owned by Cheese Sandwich in Episode 25 of Season 2, "Twilight's Kingdom Part 1," Boneless was given to Pinkie Pie and was transformed into the Key of Laughter to the Tree of Harmony chest. Boneless Two becomes his replacement for Cheese Sandwich.
Boneless Pizza BatPonyMalePegasusStuffed CrustBatponyOC, PizzaPineapple PizzaNew Goal{goal}Koonzy's BronyCon2017 ExclusiveKoonzyKoonzy"As 2 AM drew near, the bat lifts up the ringing phone, his happy, peppy greeting quickly cut off by the drunken slurs of the Pony over the phone" - In 2 Deep
BooPonyFemaleEarth PonyDystopian FutureBooOCSnacks!SpecialWhile in your hand, you may discard a card from the grid and play this card in its place. The new ship must be with a food-based name. This power cannot be copied.Fo:E Project HorizonsHobbes, Sweet CreamSweet CreamBlackJack, the all-around best pony ever, looked at Boo the Brave with admiration shining in her eyes. "Oh Boo, you saved the day AGAIN! Now all these cakes are yours! - 40 Shades of Cakes
BooPonyFemaleEarth PonyBooElite Beat Agent, OCLightning ReflexesSpecialYou may swap as many Ponies on the shipping grid as you want, but you only have 3 seconds to do it.Horse WifeTJPonesTJPones"I'm not good of thinking of things on the spot."
BooPonyFemaleEarth PonyOCElite Beat AgentSwap{swap}TJPones Blog ExpansionTJPonesTJPones"I'm not good at thinking of things on the spot"