OCS 2.9 Public Final Recap
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RunnerPositionFinal ScoreVerificationDid you have any experience with bingo countdowns before?At the beginning of the race, what did you think it was more important going for? (Mark one or both)Did you detect any kind of synergy between GOALS and ITEMS on the first 5 minutes of the race? Describe your thoughts when the race startedDid estmate the quantity of points you would need to finish into the top 16? From 0 to 10, how much did you plan your route?Did you get any positive item or goal because you finished your expectations before time? Explain what happened, if soDid you get any negative item in purpose? Explain which and why, if so (negative item that you didn't delete)Did you delete any negative item? Explain which and how. Was it planned?While watching your run, explain the route decisions that had strong synergy (Focusing on items and goals)While watching your run, list any kind of relevant highlights for the challenge, separate them using commas (we appreciate twitch clips)While watching your run, write down the moments you feel a different action or routing decision could've been done (Different decisions from your own route)After watching your run, do you think a different route would've allow you to obtain a higher score? Describe it, if soDid you have to learn any trick? Explain your "on the run" learning moments hereDid you like the race?Can you link your race VOD?
Amateseru177https://clips.twitch.tv/SmellyEsteemedOcelotPanicVis1Complete 3 goalsSynergy with bombchus/ice arrows in gtg and mirror shield and spirit temple map (so you can get rid of hylian shield more easily)508everything I wanted was made just in time c:kokiri sword -> didn't see it was negative lul bombchus -> to important for SH and ganon's castle Hookshot -> never skip hookshotmaster sword -> Adult was important and I deleted it Hylian shield -> sameChicken & Epona's song (milk would have been good but I'm retarded) Hammer with gorons and shadow trial + golden gauntletsdropping my bugs in front of Malon didn't save in Fire while I ran out of time (after catching a fairy)skipping kokiri sword (but required swordless dot skip) Getting slingshot (or even iron boots ?) at the end with less mistakeswith better gameplay, I could have get more items at the end7https://www.twitch.tv/videos/187958873
PhoenixFeather1375https://clips.twitch.tv/ResoluteAgreeableMuleKappa1Complete 3 goalsGorons + Trials + Bosses seemed to be the strongest synergy and I went for it. Bosses just seemed great because of free hearts and going to a lot of dungeons meant good item selection. Farores Wind and Water Skull also seems good if you went for ZL. I also took note that Spirit Map was pretty fast and it had good items like mirror shield and ice arrows nearby, but I felt that it's synergy with the other goals wasn't very good. The only goal that seemed terrible was Zora Skulls. I really like the goal in bingo but it had nothing going for it here.507Yes. My priority was to get the 3 goals and worry about items later. It seemed the worst thing that could happen was missing out on a goal and I wanted to make sure to avoid that. I picked up a few things along the way but for the most part I focused on the goals and finished all 3 of my goals with about 10 minutes to spare. I was able to do trade sequence up to mushroom and pick up random heart pieces and skulls at the end. If I had got the pocket egg earlier on, it would've saved me time in the long run, maybe even allowing me to get 1st. This would've been a riskier path though and I'm pretty happy with my conservative approach.Kokiri Sword - I didn't even notice it gave negative until after I got it. I just tried to utilize it to make it worth the point loss by getting botw chus and Lens of Truth. Master Sword - This was necessary. I considered trying to delete it but I wasn't able to once I got rid of my Hylian Shield and I didn't really have enough time to get rid of both. I think there's a way to lose it by dying in the water or something but at the time I thought I would need to get Bottle on B to lose it and I had to Shield at the end Hookshot, Bombs, Chus, Hover Boots - I felt that I would've struggled to get all 3 goals without these. I still think I was right to get all of them. Hylian Shield - I planned to delete this as soon as I decided on my goals. It seems to have good synergy with finishing on the trials and feeding it to the like like in Shadow Trial. Bottle? - Don't know if this really counts but I knew for sure I would have something in it when I finished.Bosses, Trials, and Gorons had great synergy. Gorons was right near Volagia and that counted as a boss, along with getting Hammer for 2 points and a useful item for trials. I got Chus and legit Bombs so KD was easy. I did boat skip for Bongo which was fast and gave Shadow Medallion. Gohma was also good for Slingshot and wrong warp to Ganon's Castle for trials. On top of that, each boss granted a Heart Container for a point and made Goron Tunic skip easy.This is me being bad. I think that's the first time I've ever done KD in more than 2 cycles. https://clips.twitch.tv/IntelligentCrazyClipsmomDancingBabyI think Magic Bean is a quick point I should have grabbed. If I had grabbed the Pocket Egg when first going through Kak, I could've hatched it and had it ready after my trials. This would have saved a few minutes and would have given me time to collect more skulls/hearts, potentially letting me get 1st. I obviously didn't know I would have that much time at the end though and I didn't want to risk not getting all 3 goals.It's hard to say. I'm about to watch the commentary vod and see what the other runners did but I think my route was really fast. I could see another route with Farore's, Water Skull, and maybe Spirit Map being good. Bow seemed powerful by being 7 points and allowing for Spirit Map, Quiver 40, and Fire Arrows. Maybe a Trials + Spirit Map with Bow and Mirror Shield is good. I did a few things I was uncomfortable with but nothing really new.10https://www.twitch.tv/videos/187958235
Hyperion64473https://clips.twitch.tv/FunDifficultWatermelonShazBotstix1Complete 3 goals, Most possible item points4 Bosses means free points for hearts which also allows you to skip Goron Tunic for Fire Temple (7 Gorons seemed like a fast goal), getting Hammer for two easy trials seemed like a good option, Iron Boots was worth a lot so the Water Temple GS took priority for me6Bombchus for spirit hover; Hookshot for tricks, movement and collecting GS; Hover Boots for spirit hover; I considered getting Bomb Bag (20) on chus slot in the end and get Longshot to get rid of those points but filling Giant's Wallet would have yielded the same amount of points in less time in case I had more time leftKokiri Sword by savewarping with bottle on B after leaving BotW, Deku Shield by getting eaten by a Like Like (I only grabbed it to shieldswipe), Silver Scale through Pocket Cucco RBA, Hylian Shield by a Like Like, I also meant to RBA in the end to delete Serenade (empty bottle -> Saw) and savewarp to delete Master Sword but that would have required one more minute in the endIce Arrows, Mirror Shield and Spirit Temple Map; RBAing Cojiro for Quiver (30), Odd Mushroom for HPs, Odd Potion for 3 points, Saw for ZL to get FWfinishing the water GS within the last couple of seconds: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/187958641?t=01h44m02s (I can highlight it to cut it down to a specific part you think is most important, Pikashy clipped this for me: https://clips.twitch.tv/AnnoyingPricklyTildeSaltBae )instead of an "extended" child section go adult immediately because you can grab more points as adult within the given timeDeku Stick, Magic Bean, Cucco Bottle, Master Sword, RBA Poe, Pocket Cucco, Bombs and Cojiro (use fish for it), Hookshot, Deku Nuts, Hover Boots, Sun's Song, Song of Storms, Quiver (40), grab 200 rupees in Redead grotto, buy Giant's Knife, aqua escape, Zora Tunic, King Zora skip, Boomerang, Iron Boots, play Serenade, get to Gerudo Fortress, Gerudo Card, Ice Arrows, Bomchus, cross Wasteland, spirit hover, Mirror Shield, backtrack through Spirit Temple to get Map, learn Requiem, savewarp, hover to Ganon's Castle, get to the end of Spirit Trial, grab Fairies for Fire Trial, get rid of Hylian Shield, Golden Gauntlets, finish Fire Trial, double savewarp, kill Big Poe, get Giant's Wallet (I can provide a list of fast GS/HPs but I haven't timed how many are comfortable to squeeze in), open Bomb Bag chest in DC (keep chus equipped), play Serenade, break Giant's Knife, Fire Arrows, enter Water Temple, RBA small key amount, get tower GS, Longshot, get bottle on B and savewarp, clip into Zora's Domain, dive to Lost Woods, trade for Odd Mushroom, get rupees (grotto in front of Goron City, chests in Goron City and Death Mountain Trail, sell bugs to beggar) and HPs; it might be possible to squeeze in Fairy Slingshot, Chicken or Shadow Medallion; you can also omit Boomerang, Gerudo Card, Fire Arrows, Longshot or other stuff easily if it takes too long8https://www.twitch.tv/videos/187958641
Psymarth568https://clips.twitch.tv/BelovedSeductiveSoymilkCurseLit0points/minFW + Water GS is silly as child705Bombchus, I'm fucking PsyMarthDeku Shield; I planned on burning it after grabbing mirror shield or spirit map, but I had to settle for using GTG lizalfos roomRang + FW + Water GS (+ZL) = 34 (35) points Sun's + Chicken + Eponas = 9 Points But I had magic, so add Din's as well (+4)https://clips.twitch.tv/RamshackleDiligentFinchPipeHypeSaria's was too long, same with Ruto's LetterSkip Saria's + Ruto's Letter, pick up NL + Spirit Map + Mirror ShieldNo.10https://www.twitch.tv/videos/187960142
mrbubbleskp761https://clips.twitch.tv/DiligentAlluringFrogRalpherZ0Most possible item pointsSome goals, for example 4 bosses gave us the opportunity to do child dungeons + Shadow.. sadly I played like shit that I wasn't able to complete those goals in the 1:30 because English child text is soooo slow :) 458nopeI actually only had -2 (because child didn't have much negative items)deku Shield and it was planned to have it burnt in BOTWI wanted to do child dungeons route but FW kind of made me go to DC first which I feel made me lose a bit of time.. but doing child dungeons allowed me to do deku tree first and get ZL right away so I could get chicken in my inventory for an example.. I don't know do you want a whole story :)Probably at the end the last 10 mines.. I should had done BOTW first so I would have enough time to get adults wallets to get rupees I lost out because I needed to make sure I burnt my shield to get 5 points back. I lost out on potentially 2-3 pointsI feel like If I didn't focus on "cut scene" Saria's for example and going for Ocarina of time (10 points + 2 SOT) I could of possibly completed an actually goal which would had gotten me 15 points or even all 3 which would had gotten me 30 points (only completed 1 of 3 goals)no, but I did need to do ground jump with a pot and it was the only time I struggled and lost like 2 mins.. just watch the clip the baby dodongo like pushes me right into the other loading zone :D10it will delete after 14 days becasue im not pro enough twitch. just go on my channel if you want to see
scaramangado1157https://clips.twitch.tv/BeautifulSullenPlumageCurseLit1Complete 3 goals, Most possible item pointsiron boots + water gs424no but i got shroom, because i couldn't finish on timekokiri sword, hookshot, serenade, because not dealing with bullshit.ms, hylian shieldhttps://clips.twitch.tv/FaintWildLampMcaT , https://clips.twitch.tv/KathishSpinelessReubenDAESuppyFuck Epona's song!Skip Epona's song! It sucks! Bad song!No, I know everything about OoT!7Yes
Bou_Frost1355https://clips.twitch.tv/FurtiveTrustworthyWatercressAMPEnergyCherry1fast goals and easy items4 bosses and dungeon items as slingshot and boomerang7nosword, shield and chus ... for abvious reasons ^^i deleted deku and hylian shield with the botw likelike, i planned that from the beginningdeku+item, jabu+item, magic, fw for jabu, dins for egg and eponas song, nl for spirit mapall the zl and egg stuff could have done better, other than that is was ok8https://www.twitch.tv/videos/187956049
Kintefleush1748https://clips.twitch.tv/KawaiiRelentlessFlamingoSaltBae2Complete 3 goalsAll child synergies seemed very strong. Farore's Wind helps a lot for Water GS, and Din's Fire (4 points) was not really out of the way and allowed for Spirit Map and Forest Trial. Goals allowed for pretty easy bomb skip, which saves time. That's for all child. As adult I don't know. Kappa5Chus. Because chus do everything.Kokiri Sword and Deku Shield. I planned a trip to Deku at the end to get Slingshot and get rid of Sword with a savewarp with bottle on B (that I set in Kokiri Forest). Afterwards, escaped with Golden Scale, navi dive to Well with a stick, get eaten by a like-like.Wake Talon (ZL/Milk/Epona's) / Zora's Fountain (FW/Rang/Boots)I have nothing, my route was lame.After Jabu, should have headed to Water for the goal, instead of doing Ice Cavern (lost 9 points here). Should have collected HP in Kak, Lost Woods and Zora River/Domain, maybe should have skipped getting Saria's Song for more efficient skulltula hunt (LW and KF skulls especially).Except for Water instead of Ice Cavern, I don't think I could have done a better route. I did not want to go adult because it would have been stressful to get rid of sword and shield as child then get rid of shield as adult.I kinda yolo'd Golden Scale lol (next is kinda explaining the rating I gave) It's a bit my own fault, but I did not really enjoy the race. It did not feel very challenging and it was too short for it to be (for it to be challenging for a player of my level). I managed to get a decent ranking according to my standards pretty easily, I spent half the race watching cutscenes (ZL/Epona's/Saria's/Fairy Fountains). That's why it's partly my fault but also some "bad" balancing. I wanted to be safe so I grabbed easy points, and wanted to do the hard stuff after that, but I did not have time. I don't know if it's just me, or other players could relate, but I feel like several races didn't fit to medium/below-medium runners. In this race, medium players don't have time to do cool stuff. First race was kind of the same: if you don't know the one very specific trick (vine clip), you have to do boring routes (Goron Bracelet / Blue Fire). So basically, this race was almost boring to me, cause I did not need to learn new tricks and test new things, cause I did not have time for that anyway. That's how I personnally feel about this race. I don't know if other people feel like this (well I guess the survey is done to know this). Still love the OCS and the OCS team, bruh!5https://www.twitch.tv/videos/187955528
ElSloth9020441Complete 3 goalshad a good plan but executed poorly but was way too greedy anyway7nopegot hookshot but upgraded to longshot, couldnt get my hylian shield eatenhook to longshot, yes planneddont get bow, just do goronsdont get bow, just do gorons8https://www.twitch.tv/videos/187955074
Nkiller/Nkitten22411Complete 3 goalsWas thinking of getting bow and using it to get spirit map6I got the Odd Mushroom at the end, which I did plan to do (got cojiro), but I wasn't sure I would have enough timeHookshot, it's a cool item :)I placed FW in the skulltula room above the second goron in fire temple, then when I freed the 7th goron, I warped back there and let the Like Like eat my hylian shield and goron tunic (also RBA'd away silver scale earlier and filled my bottles with bugs if that counts ;))7https://www.twitch.tv/videos/187993157
TheCowness23400Decided to rush RBA to saw, then focus on goalsI wasn't looking for it at the start, but at the end I noticed some synergies. (Water skull + LikeLike + Longshot was OP)8After I finished my 2nd goal I only had seven minutes left, so I bought a stick and fairy and got the gold rupee in Kakariko. I didn't realize how much Shadow Medallion was worth or I could've RBA'd that, too. That cost me a couple of positions.Kokiri Sword, because I haven't done swordless DoT skip in a long time. Cost me two positions.Hylian Shield and Hookshot. I wanted the skulltula goal in the Water Temple, so losing both of those items was easy (Longshot + Like Like outside DL's room).My initial plan was to RBA Light Arrows and go back in time for OoT at the end, but I didn't have enough time to finish all that. Getting ZL from RBA made Farore's Wind and the Water Skull obvious choices. If I was good at the game and had time to complete another goal, I'd probably have still gone for LA/OoT instead.I think better play would've helped more than a better route.I think better play would've helped more than a better route.Didn't learn anything new today, but if I'd brushed up on Swordless DoT skip I'd have saved myself two points. And apparently I lost 15 minutes just getting the saw so I should grind No WW X:7https://www.twitch.tv/videos/187953658?t=33m
Xanra2638https://clips.twitch.tv/EnchantingTiredPancakeLitty1Complete 3 goals, Most possible item pointsInitially I thought all child looked good, which in hindsight I think now it would have been, but in the race I decided against it and went straight adult instead10I finished on LACS pretty much and had 2 minutes to spare, my idea was to get golden gaunts and do my last goal which was 2 trials.I saw I could have escaped with stick to save some points, but got the sword instead. And I also purpously got Hover Boots to make alot of things easier.I deleted hookshot by getting longshot, and I got my hylian shield eaten. I got longshot because I figured I did not have time to finish the goals I had planned, like 4 bosses, so I had to change that to water tower skull.I planned way too much around items, I planned to do 4 bosses, spirit map and 2 trials. So I planned to grab gerudo card and mirror shield for the points and also to do spirit trial. I planned to get bow and kill PG as one of the bosses, and use the bow for trial and spirit map. And I also RBAd medallions to get Light Arrows. But planned way too much around items, so I didn't have time for most of the good items and were like 4 mins away from being able to do 3rd goal.https://clips.twitch.tv/SuspiciousExuberantFennelBigBrotherIf I could do it over, I would have definitely done all child and won the race.Yes, all child. There was 3 fairly quick goals you could do as child, including 4 bosses, which the 3 child dungeons had fairly good item synergy, on top of 10 points from ocarina of time.Not in the race, I learned how to dupe skulls prior to the race, but that was banned.0https://www.twitch.tv/videos/187997830
luigidude85127351Complete 3 goalsnoticed that oot had 13 points which went well with defeat 4 bosses and FW, other than that, i either didnt see the synergy or i didnt know enough about the goal to see the synergy present707kinda, i didnt have enough time to get oot in the end, but had just barely enough to get dins, so i got dinsyes, bomb, bombchus, and kokiri sword, i just needed them to go fast, and getting bombs from dc gives bag 20 so it canceleddeku shield by burning, hylian shield by like like. both were intentional, although i shouldnt have gotten hylian shield in the first placepretty much the only thing was doing dc before jabu so that i would be able to get FW without having to go to jabu twice, most of my other route decisions were badmy run was bad, none of it is worthy of highlightsthe entire beginning could have been done differently, should have just gotten bottle and done deku ww to get zelda, that would have gotten 20 chus in the process which would have saved a lot of time, that would allow me to skip sarias song and goron bracelet. i originally planned on doing deku ww but failed and figured it would waste too much time to attempt it againcertainly, even just going for the same strategy, i should have done sword and shield bottle deku ww chus zelda egg bombs and DC magic boom and Jabu FW OoT at that point it either would have been go adult and beat PG if i had time or do BotW or something to burn shield and get lensnope, nothing new, just bad routing and bad execution8https://www.twitch.tv/videos/187997915
FloFloo22173420https://clips.twitch.tv/WittyVibrantPlumageDxAbomb0Complete 3 goals, Most possible item pointsI saw the "ocarina of time" item with 10 points, the synergy with rbaing the stones and going in forest to get the bow (7pts) and to beat the dungeon to go back as child sounded like a really good idea but finally it wasn't at all504I got the Ocarina of Time on the last second so... I used my time pretty well i guessI rushed the bombchus without even thinking that it was a negative item, maybe i could have skip the bombs since i already had enough explosives but i played really safe and got them.I burnt my deku shield in BotW just after the OoT cutscene, i wanted to do earlier but forgot to do itA strong synergy i think was getting Iron Boots (6 pts) after getting Farore's Wind and you could get some. Rbaing a lot of stuff was a good idea overall, if i had a better route i could have rba the broken sword to delete my minuet song and to get 4 more points with shadow medallion.i don't have one in particular with this race :(i should have skipped kak's bottle and get ranch bottle instead, in order to get epona's song. I also could have obtained the 500 rupees wallet i think since i had giant's wallet and more than 10 skulls, rupees would have been 5 free points :(.I think either going straight adult or doing a full child run was the best idea. i lost too many points by "mixing" a lot of negative items like child and adult shields, swords etc, this cost me so much.8https://www.twitch.tv/videos/188194537