2018 Board Candidate Questionnaires from SFBC
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Your nameHow long have you been a San Francisco Bicycle Coalition member?Have you previously served on the SF Bicycle Coalition Board?Do you bike for everyday transportation? Do you bike for recreation, racing, profession, or touring? Why do you want to serve on the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Board of Directors?Do you have specific goals you want to accomplish on the SFBC Board of Directors?Describe your involvement with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition to date.What skills, experience and relevant qualities would you bring to Board service?Do you have specific experiences/skills in the following areas, which are specific priorities this year for the SF Bicycle Coalition Board of Directors? Please select all that apply.What other boards have you served on?Final information that you'd like to highlight/provide that wasn't asked above?
Robin Abad Ocubillo11 yearsNoI bike many days for transportation, also walking and using public transit very frequently as well.I bike mostly for weekday commuting purposes, though occasionally bike for recreation; for example on weekends.I believe deeply in the work of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and want to do everything I can to advance that work. I also believe that I have the relevant skills and experience to do so an amplified capacity - as a volunteer member of the Board of Directors.Were I to serve on the Board of Directors, I would want to accomplish several goals: first, to understand the outcomes and directives of the agency's recent Strategic Plan - so that I can frame my volunteer commitment clearly within those objectives. I am also committed to equity and access issues in municipal governance - particularly in areas of mobility and transportation justice - and and I believe that the Bicycle Coalition is a key organization in helping achieving that with its Bike Build, Community Ride, Women Bike SF, and educational programs. I am also a social justice advocate, so the SF Bicycle Coalition's work to increase bicycle safety and diversity of ridership aligns with my devotion to that goal as well.I first became a SF Bicycle Coalition member in 2007, and have both volunteered and been a member intermittently since then. I have also interacted with the SF Bicycle Coalition on some occasions through my job in the Policy Division of the San Francisco Planning Department, where much of my work has intersected with active transportation (walking, bicycling) planning and infrastructure. The SFBC was also instrumental in the passage of Places for People, an ordinance for which I was the lead at the Planning Department. The Ordinance has been key for lowering process and financial barriers neighborhoods to create and test experiments for safer streets and public spaces.Financial oversight/accounting skills (incl. capacity to serve as Treasurer); Governance duties; Organizational / nonprofit management experience; Relevant connections to / representation of diverse communitiesFinancial oversight/accounting skills (incl. capacity to serve as Treasurer);Governance duties;Organizational / nonprofit management experience;Relevant connections to / representation of diverse communitiesI have served on a number of different Boards and Board committees, supporting areas of organizational finance, governance, communications, and project implementation. Since May 2014, I have served on the Board of Directors of the Lavender Youth Recreation & Information Center (LYRIC), a nonprofit services, advocacy, and leadership development organization for LGBTQQ youth. I have held the role of Treasurer at LYRIC since September 2015, leading a Board Finance Subcomittee providing fudiciary oversight for the organization's $2.0M in net assets. I am also keenly interested in governance matters on that Board. Since October 2013, I have served on the Streets and Public Space Committee of the Yerba Buena Community Benefit District, a working Board Committee that develops and implements a strategy for walking and biking around the neighborhood. That committee has been responsible for implementing a Street Life Plan with various active transportation and public space projects throughout the neighborhood, making recommendations for expenditure of an $376,400 budget. I have been responsible for planning and implementation of specific projects, advising on strategic initiatives, and coordinated with government agencies. Since January 2017, I have served on the Executive Committee of the Friends of Harvey Milk Plaza (FHMP), a grassroots effort to reconfigure the public portion of the transit station to better serve transit users and the the site as a gathering place for celebration and protest. The Friends are responsible for stewarding a philanthropic gift of $500,000 for public engagement, arts and activation, and design development of the future plaza. Most of my contributions to the FHMP involve public engagement strategy, governance, and liaising with various City departments. If I were elected the the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Board of Directors, I would likely transition off on or two of my current commitments to focus on work with the Bicycle Coalition.I have worked in the nonprofit and public sectors for my entire career, with an early, solid portion of that history at an advocacy organization for lgbtq youth. Consequently, I have a lot of experience with nonprofit boards; from both the board member and staff perspectives.

Before my current job in the Policy Division San Francisco Planning Department, I served as as a project manager with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy and National Park Service; working on habitat restoration, cultural landscape, and visitor access projects at Crissy Field, Fort Mason, Alcatraz, and other sites.

In my current role in the Policy Division of the San Francisco Planning Department, I also interact with advocacy organizations on partnerships to advance open space, active transportation, and mobility projects and policies. I've cultivated a wide range of working relationships with Business Improvement Districts and Community Benefit Districts, neighborhood and merchants associations, advocacy groups, and various agencies of City government. I bring fluency in the technical and policy aspects of urban planning and design, especially in the realm of street design; as well as deep knowledge of how our local government functions.
John Beckmann10 yearsNoYesYesI've been an active bike commuter in SF for over 10 years - within the city, on Bart, on Caltrain etc. Simply stated - it's time to give back - I'd love to contribute to making SF an even better place to use a bike! I truly believe bike commuting/riding can transform cities by reducing congestion and pollution and encouraging an easy way to stay fit and healthy!Having participated in the creation of the 5 year strategic plan this year (by helping the current board as a volunteer), I'd love to participate in making the plan a reality! I'd like to help SFBC stay focused on its mission, and do whatever I can to get more protected bike lanes in San Francisco.I have been a member for many years, and participated in a few events over the years (Winterfest, Bike To Work) etc. Over the past year I was asked to help the SFBC Board with the 5 year strategic plan - I helped gather and synthesize data, participate in info gathering events and more. It was great fun!As a long time city commuter, and having combined biking with Bart and Caltrain extensively, I believe I bring a deep understanding of the issues facing San Francisco cyclists.

I believe SFBC needs to be transparent, democratic, and encourage strong member involvement. I believe that focus helps organizations achieve their goals and think I can help encourage such focus as I have done this at my job for many years.

In addition to being an avid rider and advocate, I bring ties to the bike industry, the technology industry, and a "parent's perspective" as I enjoy riding all over the city with my two year old son.

I believe a strong board has the right mix of skills and viewpoints to effectively help the organization - With several years experience in the financial industry I believe I bring strong financial management skills to the table, and with many years experience in strategy and management I believe I can help with strategic challenges facing SFBC

Over the past year I spent considerable time helping the board out on the 5 Year Strategic Planning process. I gained a much better understanding of the organization, the strategic goals, and am excited about furthering my involvement by joining the board
Financial oversight/accounting skills (incl. capacity to serve as Treasurer);Fundraising skills and connections;Personnel management skills
Bekki Bolthouse8 yearsNoYes! I'm a daily commuter from the Inner Richmond District. I commuted to the Mission District for several years and now my commute takes me to SoMa. I ride Golden Gate on my way downtown and McAllister back home. I've been known to take a detour on my way home for pie or tacos. I commute to BART by bike for trips to the East Bay (all fun, no work!). I like to attend concerts at small venues and I've found biking to be the best way to get around the City. When I need to cross the City, biking is almost always faster than any other transit option. For me, cycling is the fastest and most reliable way to get around town.I am a casual recreational rider and enjoy short tours and day rides. The trip out and back to Angel Island via Tiburon is one of my favorite local short tours. My pup has joined on a few bike camping trips: she rides along in a dog trailer! Folks often approach me to tell me how brave I am for riding my bicycle around San Francisco. Do I do it every day? From where? What about the hills? I must be "nuts" (their words, not mine). Unfortunately, cycling in the City can feel more or less safe relative to your skill and comfort level, the condition of the pavement, the qualiity of your equipment, and the routes to and from your neighborhood. My vision: whether you have an $80 light set or an $8 light set, and no matter where you live, cycling infrastructure exists to help you and everyone navigate the city safely and confidently. As living in SF has grown increasingly expensive, we need to make sure affordable and reliable transportation is available to everyone. As a former intern, long-time member, and regular volunteer, I've had an incredibly rewarding experience with the SFBC and I want to give back. I would like to give my time and talents in project and program management to help SFBC execute on its Mission and Strategic Vision.1. First and foremost, to support the organization in executing on its strategic plan. Key to execution is Board support of the talented staff that carry out the day to day work of the organization.

2. Another key to expanding the impact of the organization is strong financials. I'm interested in working with the Board to ensure fiduciary responsibility, expanded membership, and growth in fundraising.

3. Work to make the city's transit lanes work for everyone. An area of special interest to me is ensuring that loading and drop-off zones for buses, rideshare, and shuttles are adequately designed for traffic flow and safety of vulnerable road users.

4. Expand protected bike lanes on high risk corridors to reduce casualties and make biking safer and more pleasant for more riders.

5. Partner with the City and other organizations to ensure cyclists and other vulnerable road users have safe routes to work and school, and for recreation.
Within weeks of moving to San Francisco, I needed to make repairs to my bike. I walked to a neighborhood shop to buy parts. The sales clerk offered me an SFBC membership at checkout. I had been a long time volunteer-member of the Bike Church in Santa Cruz, so didn't think twice. I joined on the spot. In 2011, I applied for an SFBC Internship. I was one of the Winterfest Development Interns for 2011 and found the experience very rewarding. I started to volunteer on a regular basis for all of the big SFBC events, including Winterfest, Golden Wheel, Tour de Fat, and Love on Wheels. I've been a Station Captain for Bike to Work Day for 4 years running. I have sold many raffle tickets! I have poured many beers! I have renewed a handsome handful of memberships with nothing more than a clipboard and a pen. A. Program and project management: strategic planning, risk management, project planning, impact assessment, program evaluation, and more!

B. Facilitation: small and large group facilitation; effective and efficient meeting leadership; activity facilitation for small groups.

C. Fundraising: donor relations, solicitation of cash and in-kind donations, sponsorships, and event planning.
Fundraising skills and connections;Governance duties;Organizational / nonprofit management experience;Personnel management skillsI served on the Board of Directors for the Santa Cruz Community Farmer's Market Association for one term in the mid-2000s. I sat on the Rules & Bylaws Subcommittee during a period of active revision following a legal action that led us to revise some aspects of Governance for the organization. I resigned from the Board when I left the Santa Cruz area to take a job in the Bay Area.I have a long history of civic engagement through volunteerism. I am excited for this opportunity to extend my volunteer service in a new way to this community that I care deeply about.
Mary Kay Chin10 yearsYesYes.Commuting, transportation, recreation and every day fun.I deeply believe in the transformative power of using the bicycle to travel about a city. I believe every resident and visitor should be encouraged, given the tools and access to the resources they need to ride a safe, working machine on streets that prioritize active transit. To support an organization that equitably and justly advocates for all people who ride bikes, regardless of group membership. Because the more people who ride bikes, the safe our streets will be come. I would like to continue to see our board, membership, staff, leadership and organization become more diverse and inclusive. During my first two years on the board, I have participated in various committees including Personnel, Strategic Planning, Membership, and Board Development. I've participated in the development, implementation and recent approval of the SFBC's 2018 Strategic Plan. I have also served as board secretary for the last year and produced thorough and timely notes which can be found online: http://www.sfbike.org/news/board-of-directors-meeting-minutes-archive/Nonprofit experience, community organizing, outside and diverse perspective and leadership skills. Organizational / nonprofit management experience;Relevant connections to / representation of diverse communitiesSan Francisco Yellow Bike Project
Shirley Johnson17 yearsYesYes. I do not own a car.Yes, recreation and touring. I love bicycle touring and have done many bicycle trips ranging from weekend to four months. I've ridden solo across the United States and twice from Alaska to San Francisco. My longest trip was 5000 miles.I am running for re-election to help the SFBC continue to thrive and grow as a member-based advocacy organization.Yes. I was chair of the strategic planning committee in 2016/2017 and I'd like to help support implementation of the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan. I believe the plan charts a solid course for growing our movement and am excited about supporting staff to make it happen.I was elected to the SFBC board for the 2016-2017 term and served as chair of the strategic planning committee. I have also served on the personnel, finance, and governance committees. I have a long history of bicycle advocacy as a volunteer with the SFBC. I joined the SFBC 17 years ago and started as a volunteer parking bikes and participating at the (then weekly) volunteer nights. In 2007, then Executive Director Leah Shahum asked me to represent the SFBC on the Caltrain Technical Advisory Group, a group formed by Caltrain to provide public input to Caltrain's "Bicycle Master Plan." When it became clear that Caltrain had no intention of increasing bike capacity onboard trains, I approached the SFBC in February 2008 with a two-page project proposal to start the BIKES ONboard project to advocate for bikes onboard Caltrain. SFBC agreed to support our all-volunteer effort. BIKES ONboard was instrumental in getting Caltrain to increase bike capacity over 60% since 2008. I formed a second BIKES ONboard team in 2012 to focus on ending the bike blackout on BART. The BART board voted unanimously to end the bike blackout in October 2013. I was an invited speaker at three conferences, where I presented the work of BIKES ONboard as a project of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition: 1. California Bicycle Coalition, California by Bike Summit, November 7-10, 2013, Oakland, CA. "Bikes and transit“ the perfect marriage needs some intervention; 2. California Bicycle Coalition, California Bike Summit, November 5 -7, 2011, Los Angeles, CA. Bicycle access to transit. 3. Mineta Transportation Institute, Bicycle Summit, San Jose, CA, June 3, 2009, Using bicycles for the first and last mile of a commute; I was chosen as San Francisco County Bicycle Commuter of the Year in 2009, and the SFBC awarded me the Golden Wheel in 2014 for my leadership of BIKES ONboard. In 2015, I worked with Save SF Bike to successfully reinstate SFBC member voting rights, when voting rights were temporarily removed in a flawed bylaws vote. I am vice-chair of the BART Bicycle Advisory Task Force and past chair of the Caltrain Bicycle Advisory Committee.I have experience as an SFBC board member (2016-2017). I am currently treasurer of the Livable City board of directors. I was previously president of the Association for Women in Science San Francisco chapter.

Relevant experience from my professional life includes team leadership, coaching and mentoring, conflict resolution, negotiation, and personnel management. In my advocacy work, I have made countless public comments at public meetings including Caltrain board meetings, BART board meetings, and SFMTA meetings. I am comfortable with public speaking.

I have a PhD in chemical engineering from Stanford University and a Certificate in Business Administration from UC Berkeley Extension. I have worked in biotechnology in leadership positions of increasing responsibility, reaching the level of Senior Director at Life Technologies. In 2012, I decided to become a biotech consultant to allow more time for my volunteer advocacy work. I currently consult at biotech companies in South San Francisco.
Financial oversight/accounting skills (incl. capacity to serve as Treasurer);Fundraising skills and connections;Governance duties;Organizational / nonprofit management experience;Personnel management skills;Relevant connections to / representation of diverse communitiesI am currently treasurer of the Livable City board. Livable City is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create a San Francisco of great streets and complete neighborhoods, where walking, bicycling, and transit are the best choices for most trips, where public spaces are beautiful, well-designed, and well-maintained, and where housing is more plentiful and more affordable. I am past president of the Association of Women in Science, San Francisco chapter. AWIS is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support and promote women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). I support transparency in governance, broad input by members, and a democratic SFBC. I am excited that this year's board election is being conducted using ranked choice voting, a voting method especially suited for multi-winner elections. Ranked choice voting opens the door for more diversity on our board. A diverse board makes better decisions and comes up with new ideas to make our organization even stronger and more effective.
Marie Jonas7 yearsNoYes; I commute to work by bike from NoPa to SoMa daily (usually on my Public Bike, but when evening plans mandate a one-way ride, I have been loving the new Ford GoBikes to get downtown).Yes. Training for the AIDS/LifeCycle in 2016, I ramped up my distance riding, and developed a passion for recreational riding. Now, I regularly enjoy long rides on weekends, predominately over the Golden Gate and around the North Bay. My favorite ride this year was an 118 mile ride up to Tomales and around to Point Reyes Station, completed over 13 hours with my dad in March. I'm looking forward to riding from SF to LA with the AIDS/LifeCycle again in 2018.I want to donate my time in a meaningful way that leverages my skills for a cause that I'm passionate about. I'm passionate about the mission of the SFBC. Cycling has improved my life in so many ways, and I know expanding access to riding can strengthen our communities and improve our environment. We have work to do: I don't see enough women on bikes, in large part because our streets can and need to be safer. Infrastructure projects see hold ups. Rider and pedestrian fatalities happen with disturbing frequency. Road conditions are abysmal in many parts of the city. Ride-sharing services like Uber don't respect bike-lanes. I want to serve on the board to help address these issues, and further SFBC's mission of promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation. I want others to enjoy the benefits of riding that I am so lucky to have been introduced to. My connections to the community, combined with my experience working with and advising non-profit entities, and fundraising for political and charitable causes (plus my boundless energy) will be a valuable addition to the volunteer board. I'm sure that I can make a positive difference for the organization.I want SFBC to represent diverse, San Francisco communities, and prioritize the interests of its members. I know members care about the same things I do: safer streets, increasing accessibility to riding for under-represented groups (like women), and a better Market. The best way to serve the organization and its members is to make sure that the board is focused on the mission of the organization.

To do that, I see my role as a board member to empower the incredibly talented staff to carry out the strategic plan and to respond to member concerns like those voiced in member surveys and at public events. I hope to provide consistent internal guidance on essential issues like governance and funding, so the staff, from interns to the ED, feel ready to take on day-to-day (and year-to-year) challenges without hesitation, and the organization can succeed even more in furthering its important mission.

I know fundraising is a key role of board members. One specific way that I can help is to use my professional network to expand connections between the legal community and SFBC, nurturing existing relationships and building inroads with new firms to expand the legal donor base.
Over the past few years, I have been an active member of the SFBC community. I've recruited members at Sunday Streets and Bike to Work Day. I've drafted commentary on proposed governance changes that I believed negatively impacted member rights. I've made membership calls, reminding lapsed members how they benefit from the group. I've helped organize SFBC members in my neighborhood to attend neighborhood meetings and get to know each other over dinner and drinks. I've planned and attended rec-rides around the city. I'm a regular face at Women Bike SF monthly coffee meet-ups, connecting to the vibrant and spirited community of women riders in this city. And, of course, I've enjoyed attending amazing SFBC events like Winterfest and the Golden Wheel Awards. As a Board member, I would look forward to continuing to participate as a member in the organization: supporting these activities that promote riding and community.I bring experience with fundraising, non-profit governance duties, legal experience in areas relevant to SFBC, and organizational management experience.

I've raised money effectively for political (Democratic) causes; and for other charitable organizations. In my first year as a rider on the AIDS/LifeCycle, I raised over $5,000 for the SF AIDS foundation. Recently, I co-hosted a fundraiser with Sister District Project (a grassroots political organization that pairs democratic cities with winnable, state level races in other areas) that raised over $1,300 for two democratic candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates (they won!).

As an attorney, I routinely aid non-profit entities with board governance duties, fiduciary responsibilities, and crisis management. In my role as a litigator (and a fiduciary), I confront varied challenges to my organizational clients on a daily basis, and am trained always to put the needs of the client (not any one person) first.

My experience running political groups (the Stanford and Boalt Hall Democrats) and a student journal (Berkeley Journal of International Law) in college and law school allowed me to develop valuable management skills working with people who held a wide-range of opinions, and coalescing those diverse viewpoints towards a common cause.

I'm an organizer and an activist at heart. I love sharing my passions, and getting others excited about what I am excited about. I want to bring that energy to the SFBC Board.
Fundraising skills and connections;Governance duties;Legal experience in areas relevant to SFBC;Organizational / nonprofit management experienceNone; but I have advised and presented to many non-profit boards in the course of my work as an attorney representing non-profit entities.Did I mention I love SFBC? I do! I want to be a tool to help this terrific organization keep up the great work.
Jean Kao11 yearsNoyesyesI'm the type of person who gets really invested in just a few causes/activities, and cycling - whether commuting, day rides, touring - is where I choose to spend my time and energy aka my "work" outside of work. I've been a member and volunteer with the SFBC since I moved to SF over a decade ago. I'm passionate about the work the SFBC does and in particular the diversity of their work and outreach. I would love to help out in a more impactful, ongoing way by bringing my corporate skills and experience to the board. In my career I specialize in helping companies with their strategy and execution to scale and grow, bringing a user-centered viewpoint to the services offered and improving processes to deliver on the key objectives. My goal is to bring that expertise as an advisor to the SFBC and also to provide a different set of frameworks and critical thinking.I've been a volunteer for special events like Winterfest, Tour de Fat, Golden Wheel Awards, BTWD for over a decade and am often the shift lead for my volunteer team. I was also the advisor on the website redesign. And until 2014 I was a annual major donor as well. I am equal parts strategist, analyst, business development, operations manager, and user advocate. I'm an entrepreneur and startup founder. I understand how to build and grow a business from high level vision to nitty gritty spreadsheets. I'm an action-oriented problem solver with highly developed project and people management skills.Organizational / nonprofit management experienceNone
Jane Natoli1 yearNoYesYesI have been looking for ways to get more involved since joining. As an out trans woman, I don't see a lot of folks like me involved in the things I do and I want to be the example I frequently haven't had for others. I want to activate folks who are not currently riding. Whether that's through showing up to speak on behalf of a bike lane they may one day use or giving staff the support they need to help make positive changes for folks biking here, I want to see more safe infrastructure for folks. We always be to trying to create space for those who are not currently riding. I am currently volunteering on a project to help make bike locking locations in cooperation with other volunteers for SF Recs & Park. I am a regular attendee and supporter of Women Bike SF eventsI am trans and currently a board member and volunteer with the SF LGBT Center as well, so I am familiar with fundraising and other expectations of board members. My current focus is on board development and how to thoughtfully produce a board which also reflects the organization. I also have experience organizing folks to speak on behalf of positive changes to try and move the city in the right direction. Relevant connections to / representation of diverse communitiesSF LGBT Center
Preston Rhea4 yearsNoYes - ten miles a day at minimum, and more than that on most weekendsExploration, recreation, getting to work, touring, and spiritual fulfilmentI don't get around without my bike and I am grateful for all the work the SFBC has done to make this city safe, productive, and enjoyable not only for cyclists but for all who use the power of their bodies to get around. Also, the SFBC is one of, if not the, largest independent democratic spaces in San Francisco. I am running to stand for the power of democracy and the interests of working people who need a space to fully realize the potential of living in this city.- expanding and activating membership
- safe and enjoyable infrastructure for all people to benefit from cycling
- building a mass movement in the city around SFBC’s priorities, including realizing Vision Zero
- support collective bargaining and organizing people who use their bikes for work
I have been a paying member since shortly after I came to San Francisco. I'm a frequent attendee of Bike Party on both sides of the Bay, have organized a weekly ride to the ocean called "Bike Religion" for over three years, and I stay engaged on local bike issues in the Richmond District where I live.I have a decade of community organizing skills, especially around democratic transformation and around community-controlled infrastructure. Currently I manage all the technicians at Monkeybrains, an independing and net-neutral ISP in San Francisco. That job has pvoided me with a deep knowledge of the character and topology of all of San Francisco's neighborhoods from North Beach to Outer Richmond to the Bayview / Hunter's Point to Visitacion Valley. I have also developed curricula for technical education in activist organizations, currently serve on the board of a local digital literacy-focused nonprofit, and I love to get folks to ride out with me and touch the ocean before work - to have a relationship with the largest thing on the planet, and keep it all in perspective!Governance duties;Organizational / nonprofit management experience;Personnel management skills;Relevant connections to / representation of diverse communitiesI have served for over two years on the board of the Community Technology Network https://www.communitytechnetwork.org/, a Bay Area-based nonprofit that unites organizations and volunteers to transform lives through digital literacy.I think the SFBC as such a large and democratic space, and in service of the well-being and liberation of people's bodies, livelihoods, and way of life in an urban environment, represents one of the most crucial elements of resistance and renewal to oppression and control. San Francisco values are under assault from global and national forces, and from within by the stresses of economic changes and the change in the mode of production. Keeping the SFBC as a democratic space for grassroots participation and decision-making means we need to actively expand our membership to inclue many more kinds of people, especially working people for whom cycling defines their livelihood. We must also expand the kinds of activity and culture SFBC supports or facilitates in San Francisco, like the efforts of SFMTrA, Critical Mass and Bike Party, gear and repair collectives like the Bike Kitchen, and collective bargaining for anyone who relies on a bike for their mobility, their job, and their way of life.
Dana Seabury6 yearsNoYesRecreation, commutingPromote the mission of the SFBC!Continue to improve street design, focusing on protected bike lanes/intersections. Partner with SFMTA/DPW to implement improved street design more quickly.Bike to Work Day volunteer.With 15+ years of professional experience, I offer leadership, management, collaboration, problem solving, excellent communication and 'messaging' skills. Currently working for a residential general contractor, I also have a solid understanding of the 'built environment' and the importance of thoughtful (street) design.Fundraising skills and connections;Organizational / nonprofit management experience;Personnel management skills;Relevant connections to / representation of diverse communitiesNone yetWhy I want to serve on the SFBC Board of Directors:
Represent all bikers, and especially families, to ensure our city continues to provide safe and intelligently designed streets, for all users. I'm frequently asked if I feel safe riding with my young son. I want to serve on the Board to facilitate the continued improvement and safety of our streets, so everyone feels comfortable biking.

Additionally, I'd like to serve on the Board to promote the mission of SFBC, as a way to enhance our local communities, benefit the environment, alleviate traffic and congestion, and create vibrant, thriving neighborhoods.

Goals to accomplish on the SFBC Board of Directors:
Increase membership for the organization. Increase the overall percentage of all trips by bike, in the city.

Skills, experience and relevant qualities:
In my current position, I'm responsible for P&L of my division, as well as managing a team of 3-5 people. My skills include: developing new business, preparing budget estimates, negotiating contracts, managing projects and providing on-going client service. Relevant qualities that I can offer the Board include leadership, initiative, problem solving, collaboration and management.
Kelli Shields10 yearsNoYesRecreationTo promote biking as a safe, sustainable, accessible mode of transportation. To help the SFBC continue to make our streets, neighborhoods and city a better place to bike.Promote public bike policy; Make the city and bicycling more accessible and equitable in underserved communities; Decrease the impacts of privatization of public transportation infrastructure; Know Your Rights drop-ins/clinicsLongtime (10+ years) member; attend SFBC events; participate in SFBC campaigns by calling/writing decision-makers; have attended board meetings; encourage friends/family to join SFBC and to bike in the city.Nonprofit legal experience and non-profit clinical work; provided legal advice to non-profit on formation and governance; provide legal representation in homeless and SRO communities and communities of color for the past five years; previously worked in nonprofit fundraising and community organizing; event planning/management experience; was previously volunteer coordinator of 200+ volunteers.Fundraising skills and connections;Governance duties;Legal experience in areas relevant to SFBC;Organizational / nonprofit management experience;Relevant connections to / representation of diverse communitiesNone.I like that bicycling can be a community connection on a very localized level such as your particular street, but also creates a wider community in your neighborhood, your city, and around the world. Biking in San Francisco has felt safer, more accessible, and a lot more fun than when I started biking over 10 years ago, which is in no small part due to the work of the SFBC.
Andy Thornley14 yearsYesyou betchaSome joyrides and meanders but nothing involving exerciseI want to continue working on the key challenges and opportunities the SFBC faces, in particular the engagement of membership and the eternal question of what it means to be a member of the SFBC. Board-endorsed or not, elected or not, I'm committed to this question and how we can best address the marvelous mystery of our membership for an effective sustainable SFBC.My only real goal is to help guide the board to a common sense of purpose and duty and then return to being an "ordinary" member.I've been an active and engaged member of the SFBC since 1994. During that time I've energetically evangelized and embodied the SFBC's mission to promote the bicycle for everyday transportation. I've been a constant contributor to the growth and mainstreaming of bicycling in San Francisco, as well as to the growth and health of the SFBC itself. Much of that contribution has been by way of my seven years on the staff of the SFBC, as Community Organizer, Program Director, and Policy Director, a grand opportunity and a great privilege. I've participated in the formulation and refinement of the SFBC's strategic plan (in 2003, 2007 and 2011) and have worked in myriad ways as both a volunteer and SFBC staff to achieve the goals distilled and elevated in that strategic plan. I've valet parked bikes and configured office networks and troubleshot software, directed advocacy campaigns and emceed Love on Wheels and played auctioneer at Winterfest, staffed BTWD Energizer Stations and organized and led recreational rides and major donor rides and BTWD VIP rides. I've walked precincts for SFBC-endorsed ballot measures and candidates, and I've taught classes to cops, engineers, construction supervisors, senior groups, neighborhood associations, roadies and newbies. I've written legislation and lobbied for legislation, and failed and succeeded and came back and came back. I've shown up and grieved at bicycle wakes, I've fought against an injunction forbidding bike racks and sharrows, I've buckled down and carried on through budget setbacks and tight times, mayoral vetoes and campaign losses and broken chains. I've celebrated big wins, seen the blasted injunction lifted and seen brand-new bike lanes and bike corrals and parklets and car-free streets sprout, and I've seen Market Street fill with bicycles, people riding bicycles, every day. I've been a central contributor to most of the SFBC's campaigns and programs in the past 15 years, working to complete the citywide bicycle network (and evolve the discourse to Connecting the City), winning and growing funding sources, educating everyone about safe courteous biking (street etiquette & law enforcement & police relations & safe routes to school). On and off the SFBC's staff team, I've produced and delivered visions and results that attracted and retained members and donors and grantmakers, essential relationship-building and -keeping work with funders and partners from New Belgium Brewing to the San Francisco Foundation to the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. I've communicated effectively and eloquently on behalf of the SFBC for many years, in all contexts and settings, on campaigns and issues and ideas, in every sort of media, at public hearings, with community groups, one-on-one and to crowds of a thousand. I've crafted formal policy letters and ad-libbed protests and shepherded endorsements, written and edited and rewritten newsletter items long and short, ghostwritten op-eds, drafted and polished grant applications. In addition to the SF Bicycle Coalition board Ipresently serve on the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition's Executive Committee, and am vice-chair of the Planning Association for the Richmond's board of directors. I have served on other non-profit boards, including the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition and the SF Ocean Film Festival. In the seven years that I served as president of TransForm's board of directors, the organization grew from a $400K annual budget and 7 staff members to a $3.4M annual budget and staff of 33. During my board presidency TransForm underwent a re-branding, re-naming, and re-posturing from coordinating coalition to program-driven organization, and methodically transitioned its board from a member-elected policy-oriented body to a self-elected development-oriented body, while maintaining a very high level of effectiveness in its advocacy and program development and delivery.Governance duties;Organizational / nonprofit management experience;Relationships and extensive experience with public agencies, advocacy organizations, elected officials, business groups, and other community organizationsBay Area Bicycle Coalition, SF Ocean Film Festival, TransForm, SFHAC, PARNo, I think that's pretty complete
Abigail Tinker9 yearsNoYes, I'm a daily bike commuter.Yes, trail rides and bike camping are favorite activitiesAs I declared last year, I believe SFBC is part of the magic pixie dust that gives San Francisco it unique sparkle. I've never owned a car and as a bike commuter and recreational rider I benefit every day from SFBC's efforts to make biking safer and more accessible. I'm deeply committed to SFBC's mission to promote the bicycle for everyday transportation and I want to give back to the organization after all it has given to me. Also, I see the dramatic changes coming to transportation through my work on electric vehicle issues at PG&E, I want to help the SFBC make sure bikes don't lose out as that transformation occurs. After helping to craft the strategic plan this year I want to make sure that the SFBC is well positioned to achieve the mission and goals laid out in the plan. I believe the Board's role is to focus on and support the fundamentals that will enable the organization do this: financial health/fundraising, membership engagement and expansion, good governance and organizational health.I have been a proud SFBC member (continual advocate for friends and co-workers to become members) ever since I moved to San Francisco over 9 years ago. Throughout the years I have dabbled as a bike to work day volunteer, coffee club attendee, letter writer and community workshop participant. After my unsuccessful bid in last year's board elections I took my involvement to the next level by contributing to the Strategic Plan Committee.My 10+ year career in the energy industry has been driven by my commitment to sustainability, I would bring that passion to SFBC board service. Additionally, my background in three specific areas will inform my work for SFBC :
- Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative (BERC), Co-President [2013]
- Boston Roller Derby (BRD), member of founding leadership team [2006-2007]
- Analytical and Financial Modeling, 9+ years of professional experience [most of my roles since 2005] and MBA degree [2012-2014]
Finally, I would bring intimate knowledge of and personal investment in the new Strategic Plan to my role on the board.
Financial oversight/accounting skills (incl. capacity to serve as Treasurer);Fundraising skills and connections;Governance duties;Organizational / nonprofit management experienceAngel Island Conservancy - through the Berkeley Board Fellows program I served on AIC's board during the 2012-2013 academic year Berkeley Energy and Resource Collaborative - post completion if co-president term I served on BERC's advisory board for 1 yearI hope to leverage my professional and academic background in modeling and analytics to support the financial oversight duties of the SFBC Board of Directors. I love Excel, I think in rows and columns, and I can build a mean spreadsheet model. I'm interested in working on the Finance Committee and to serve as Treasurer.
Matt Wisniewski7 yearsNoYesYesI think serving on the Board as a win-win-win: the organization gets to take advantage of my skills and experience, I benefit from deeper engagement with the bicycle advocacy community, and San Francisco becomes a safer, friendlier, more fun and more equitable place. My goal is that I want people to think of the the SFBC as the most effective, high-functioning bicycle advocacy organization in the world. My involvement started as a Bike to Work Day intern 7 years ago. That was the start of me working for the SFBC as a side-job for a couple years- as a researcher for the Great Streets Project, as a Volunteer Coordinator for Sunday Streets, and as the Bicycle Valet Manager. I've been a regular volunteer on Bike to Work Day for years, and have served as a pinch-hitter for the Bike Valet team after I stopped managing it. I think of Board Service as the ideal way for me to get re-involved with the SFBC in a deeper way at this point in my life. I've worked in the non-profit sector my whole career- working with international development NGOs, with the SFBC, with a fiscal sponsor and many fiscally sponsored projects, a community foundation, and a private family foundation. I've been on the grant-writing side of the table and I've been on the grant-making side of the table. I have a decent understanding of the environment that fiscally sponsored projects, 501(c)3s and 501(c)4s work in. I believe a Board is ultimately responsible for two things: governance and financial health, and I think my experience in the sector, and philanthropy specifically, lends itself to being an effective Board member. My current job involves reviewing grant proposals, reports, and budgets- useful skills for any Board.

I also love San Francisco. I've participated in community meetings, town halls, charrettes, hearings, and direct action to make my neighborhood and my city a better place. I have an understanding of the ecosystem that the SFBC works in.
Fundraising skills and connections;Legal experience in areas relevant to SFBC;Organizational / nonprofit management experienceNone
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