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September 2017Interviews with Community Members
9/4/17Dennis CroakNO RECORDING - LABOR DAY
9/11/17Ron InmanREIRyan Black
9/11/17Dennis CroakMike Adams
9/18/17Ron InmanArmy VetREIRyan DodgeTX
9/18/17Dennis CroakTamara Book
9/25/17Ron Inman
9/25/17Dennis Croak
August 2017Interviews with Community Members
8/14/17Ron InmanUS Navy / TeacherChanged!Brown RobertsonVADevie Robertson, U.S. Navy (Retired) and James Brown, a Middle School Gym and Driver's Ed Teacher, team up to turn an initial Fix-n-Flip into a Wholesale deal that netted $63K in 40 days.
8/21/17Ron InmanPro MMA FighterF&FUmaer HaqVAUmaer Haq shares his journey from traditional school challenged youth through Pro MMA Fighter serving youth, to now: team leader and full time Real Estate Investor- less than 3 years after plugging into the Renatus education, community support, and income opportunity.
8/28/17Ron InmanCorporate, ConstructionF&F, B&HAshlee ReinigerNY
8/28/17Dennis CroakMarketing Daniel KwakIL
July 2017 - SUCCESSInterviews with Community Members
7/3/17Ron InmanDJ StudentB&H, F&FSam KwakIL
7/10/17Ron InmanMilitaryMultipleRyan DodgeTX*Audio drops at 19min20sec and resumes at 31min11sec* Update - Makeup coming in Sept!
7/17/17Ron InmanFirefighter InvestorMultipleJason CentenoNJ
7/24/17Ron InmanCollege Dropout, HandymanB&H, F&F, VBRey FlemingAZRey has overcome the challenges of being an injured handyman by utilizing the Renatus education and community. First, he got his own situation under control, then he helped his extended family. Now he's helping a new student save almost $500,000 in interest and eliminate off 30 years of mortgage and student loan payments! Inspiring story!
7/31/17Ron InmanSalesMultipleMitch NelsonUT
June 2017 - SUCCESSInterviews with Community Members
6/5/17Ron InmanEngineerCashflow Value CreationBill OehmeGABill shows how he built a cashflow-based investment plan using high-income rentals and the Renatus education. He dispels the myth of asset-based (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) retirement pitched by Wall Street, government, and corporations. Value creation is the key to financial freedom – you cannot SAVE your way to prosperity. Cashflow is everything! Bill uses his Renatus training to create instant tax-free wealth and extraordinary 30-50% annual cashflows with none of his own money.
6/12/17Ron InmanBiz OwnerF&F, CreativeEric CountsARCome see a different view from business owner, Renatus Instructor & student, and award winning RE Investor Eric Counts as he shares his view of success, the importance of learning what he didn't know, creative deal structuring, putting himself in others' shoes, and who you are being vs what you know. Must see, especially for any biz owner/ successful person who questions the value Renatus offers!
6/19/17Ron InmanCollege DropoutMultipleDaniel KwakILDaniel overcomes the challenges of growing up as an immigrant in a poor family, rejects discouragement of the narrow minded, and utilizes the Renatus education, community, and resources to become financially free as a successful RE Investor. Inspiring story!
6/26/17Ron InmanConstructionF&F, B&H, VB, Multiple!Landon StokoeUT
MAY 2017 - SUCCESSInterviews with Community Members
5/1/17Ron InmanRealtorF&F, B&HKandace ZumbroGAUpdate from 1st ever Success Web featured investor- Kandace, a realtor since 2006, shares how using the Renatus education and Velocity Banking gets her 25-30% ROI on her flips and rentals (in her spare time while working as a realtor full time). Strong testimony to the value of Renatus.
5/8/17Ron InmanSerial EntrepreneurF&FHoan ThaiPAMultiple business owner and RE Investor prior to Renatus, Hoan talks about going from doing 1 or 2 RE deals a year to full time investing with multiple strategies, including hard money brokering, thanks to the Renatus education and community. As Hoan says- From REI white belt to black belt.
5/15/17Ron InmanConstruction RE InvestorMultipleBen VallettaILSeasoned RE Investor Ben has done 1000's of deals over his 40+ years in the industry! He shares his "roller coaster ride" going from construction to REI, learning from gurus with no support, crashing in 2008, starting over, then finding Renatus and the difference it makes. Great story and confirmation Renatus is the best way to learn & grow in Real Estate Investing!
5/22/17Ron InmanCounselorMultipleDr. Gary LawrenceAZPAC member Dr. G's inspirational story- Starting over at 64 yrs young, building a successful business, buying a new home (paid off in 1 year!), reaching a million $ income, leading others to success, and shows recent REI deals. It's never too late, you're never too old to create the life you want. No excuses!
5/29/17Ron InmanFinancial AnalystF&FMike HenryNJMike shares how after 28 years as a state employee, he needed a new mindset. He's now a successful investor with retirement on the horizon thanks to the Renatus education, community resources, and support- especially from the Jersadelphia Investor Entourage!
APRIL 2017 - SUCCESSInterviews with Community Members
4/3/17Ron InmanMortgage Banker Insurance Velocity BankingMaria StreeterFLMaria, a FL licensed Real Estate Agent, Insurance Agent, and former Mortgage loan officer shows us by taking the Renatus Velocity Banking class and applying it, her mortgage will be paid off in 5 years instead of 30 and save about $300,000 in interest! *Please view before sharing- internet dropped near end*
4/10/17Ron InmanHVACF&FStephen QuinnAZStephen explains how he went from working his life away fixing air conditioners to gaining time freedom by switching to real estate investing all thanks to the Renatus education. He also covers 2 of his current properties & the profits being generated in partnerships with other investors!
4/17/17Ron InmanProfessor / PsychologistALLDr. Nathaniel LambertUTMulti award winner Dr. Nate (featured on House Hunters International) shares his phenomenal success story AND maps out a path to become a millionaire using the Renatus education. Applying multiple strategies, funding sources & proper structuring already have him living life on his terms & creating wealth for his children. POWERFUL presentation!
4/24/17Ron InmanParamedic, Futures BrokerTraderF&F, B&HChuck HodgeAZChuck, a real estate investor since 1989, has done dozens of deals, flipped or wholesaled 40+ props & has a nice rental portfolio. He never felt confident as a full time professional investor until Renatus. The education & community have taken his career to the next level. He now invests full time & uses velocity banking to add more rentals to his portfolio using leverage he never knew possible. Hear his story & get REInspired to do it yourself.
MARCH 2017 - SUCCESSInterviews with Community Members
Ron Inman
Workaholic- Construction Minister, Investigator, and moreB&H, F&FRae CopitkaORAccording to Rae, sometimes knowing what NOT to do is better than knowing what TO do. Remember- The best deal you'll ever encounter is the one you DON'T do! (Because you'll know to walk away from it)
Ron Inman
Wendy & Brian Bullock
Ron Inman
RV FactoryB&HJason MillerINGrowing up Amish and only completing an 8th grade education didn't prevent this driven young man from teaching himself modern technology and pursuing his goals. Thanks to the Renatus education & community, Jason shares his 1st deal with more in the works.
Ron Inman
Atty / TeacherF&FBrown / PawsonAZRick Brown & Jacob Pawson discuss how the education positioned them & their significant others to find & structure their FF deal and how the power of community enabled them to do a deal none of them were in a position to do alone. They explain the combination of edu & community are key to successful investing and overcoming risks / complications in REI.
FEBRUARY 2017 - SUCCESSInterviews with Community Members
Ron Inman
Tech and Mfg MgmtF&F, B&HJim RichardsAZJim discusses how the education helped him acquire rental properties that provided the positive cash flow which allowed him to focus on pressing issues, namely the health and well-being of his family.
Ron Inman
EngineerB&H, CreativeBill OehmeGABill shows how the Renatus edu & community enable him to create instant wealth, achieve 30-50% annual returns on his high cashflow rentals, and help families in his area of GA realize their dreams through his investing biz. He explains how he changed his life plan from asset-based to cashflow-based like wealthy folks.
Ron Inman
Caterpillar et alF&FCurtis NesbittILFrom homeless to homerun! Curtis talks about losing his "forever" job and house, the struggle of being homeless, then living in a 110 sqft room with his wife & 5 children while getting back on their feet... Now thanks to the Renatus edu & community, the Nesbitt's are completing a Fix&Flip for $60K profit and enjoying their new bright future!
Ron Inman
Ex-GuruPre - ForeclosureDoug NortonWIFormer "Guru" speaks about spending over $200K on REI education & programs pre-Renatus, how our $20K edu compares, the value of relationships & resources, and how deals come to him automatically. *Bonus- Doug shares his pre-auction list!*
JANUARY 2017 - SUCCESSInterviews with Community Members
Ron Inman
Healthcare401K, B&HDaniel OsborneFLFamily man Daniel travels from California - Florida as a Real Estate Investor: writing off vacations, compunding returns in his self-directed retirement acct, and building his rental portfolio. *Live host in Tampa area!*
Ron Inman
Rest.Mgmt ConstructionF&FForgea BrosGA
Ron Inman
TeacherVariousTracey LewisVA/DCTracey is a former certified public school teacher and museum executive director who switched careers to become a Renatus student and invest in real estate full time. Tracey shares how joining the Renatus community empowered her to negotiate the combined probate and short sale of a 1928 row house as a newly-educated real estate consultant.
Ron Inman
I.T. / ConsultingF&F to B&HPat McCrimmonILFrom IT to REI- Pat is a product of the product. He performs light rehab fix & flip deals to generate capital for use in acquiring properties for his (buy & hold) rental portfolio. Pat started in 2009 & fired his boss in 2013.
Ron Inman
SalesF&FLa Toya JacksonILLa Toya joined Renatus in 2014 & took the education. In 2015 purchased a 3 unit property, lives in 1, rents out 2. She quit her job & became a full time RE Investor in 2016. She & her biz partners started Alpha 3, an REI company specializing in purchasing & rehabbing residential & commercial properties in the Chicagoland area. She gives advice on how to start your REI business.
DECEMBER 2016 - SUCCESSInterviews with Community Members
Ron Inman
Corp, Recruiting, Rest.MgrRentalsAlvin LamMEAt 25, Alvin has already become certifiably unemployable. Celebrating his 1 year anniversary in Renatus and RE Investing, he shows us his 1st 4 deals- all acquired at 1/2 price and net him over $75K annually. Superstar!
Ron Inman
Project Mgr. Biofuel EngineerF&FDrew WilliamsCODrew tells how dissatisfaction repeatedly drove him to continue learning, how the Renatus edu & community enable him to invest in RE successfully. 1st year- he's in his 3rd F&F and plans to begin building his rental portfolio.
Ron Inman
Factory, Realtor, BrokerGiving back to CommunityJohn BarnakILJohn shares gentrification project he helped create, benefits others many ways- Church buys property, rehab & rent for cash flow. Community improvement raises property values, living standard & economic growth. Goals include attract businesses, create jobs, improve senior living, and duplicate on national level.
Ron Inman
World TravelerMultiple StrategiesDylan MooreWA"Rogue" Investor Dylan Moore shares how he came back from traveling Europe without a dollar to his name, to how he got his 1st deal with business partner Jeremy Custer. Dylan & Jeremy learned to utilize their Tax Deeds & Liens class to acquire a property, and what they are doing with it.
NOVEMBER 2016 - SUCCESSInterviews with Community Members
11/7/16Ron InmanRealty, BankingSubj-to, B&H, NotesRobert KaempenCARobert's 10 yr. journey to RE Investor as an Agent, then Broker, Personal Banking Specialist to high level clients, and doing his 1st deal- thanks to the Renatus education & community. Inspiring story of perseverance!
11/14/16Ron InmanRealtor, AttorneyF&F, B&HValentia AlleyneGAValentia grows from young Realtor to Attorney to Investor. She & investing partner JB Bercy raised over $570K, made over $100K net profit on 2 of their deals, and now her PT REI income is surpassing her FT attorney income!
11/21/16Ron InmanMilitary & EntrepreneurB&H, CommercialSandra OstranderGAQuickly becoming known as the "Queen of the $10 down deals", Sandra tells how she pursued RE Investing for 18+ years without a deal, then got the Renatus edu & has done 4 deals since 2015 with more in progress currently.
11/28/16Ron InmanConstructionB&HCisco De los AngelesUT27 yo Cisco tells how the Renatus edu, IOS, and community support enabled him to quadruple cash flow on his rental, do his 1st Subject-to, stop working construction, and have more time with his family.
OCTOBER 2016 - SUCCESSInterviews with Community Members
10/3/16Ron InmanSpecial Ed TeacherFix & FlipJacob RobertsNC#157 Jacob shows us his 1st deal as a RE Investor- a Fix & Flip using other people's money and generating $75K in profit! He attributes his success to the Renatus education and community. This is one happy man!
10/10/16Ron InmanRE Brokers, Property ManagerF&F, B&HNitza and Roland CorreaIL#158 Nitza & Roland, members of the Chicago LIT team, tell us their story, show their deals, and describe how the edu benefit them even with a pre-Renatus deal.
10/17/16Ron InmanLending, Realty, Small Biz OwnerWholesale, Short Sale, F&FBill Predebon#159 Arizona LIT teamer Bill did 13 deals his 1st year, has raised over $1.5MM in private funds, and holds $2.34MM in Real Estate. Great energy in this webby!
10/24/16Ron InmanAutomotive FinanceF&F, B&HAllison PalmgrenNC#160 Allison shares how her background influenced her transition into RE Investing and shows her deals, each one creating profit equal to many people's entire annual income.
10/31/16Chuck HodgeKevin LawrenceAZ#161
SEPTEMBER 2016 - SUCCESSInterviews with Community Members
9/5/16No Recording / HolidayNo Recording / Holiday
9/12/16Ron InmanConstructionRentals & FlipsJason HowardNJ#154 Jason dabbled in REI as a hobby with a couple rental properties before Renatus. When a major back injury forced him to leave construction, he began to treat REI as a business and found Renatus seeking education to propel his success.
9/19/16Ron InmanJim Corp & Sales, Debbie InsuranceShort Sales, Pre-foreclosuresJim Holmes & Debbie WorthingtonGA#155 Jim & Debbie share their awesome story- Jim's skepticism of Renatus, how they got their 1st RE deal LESS THAN 1 MONTH after enrolling in the education, lightning fast short sale deals, helping people facing foreclosure, & the importance of our classes and community support.
9/26/16Ron InmanEngineerB&H, OptionsBill OehmeGA#156 Bill "Cashflow King" Oehme shares how he produces both massive and passive income with the exciting world of buy and hold. Yes, buy & hold can be that exciting!
AUGUST 2016 - SUCCESSInterviews with Community Members
8/1/16Ron InmanPizza DeliveryVariety, wants to experience all areas of Real Estate InvestingMartin PotterCO#150 Martin Potter At 26 years old, this Renatus student has already completed a Fix and Flip, a wholesale deal (that made $40,000!), has a duplex rental, and is currently working on a developing project.
8/8/16Chuck HodgeJacob Moore#151
8/15/16No Recording / Leader's RetreatNo Recording / Leaders Retreat
8/22/16Ron InmanFinancial AdvisorRentals, Money LendingMellanie Joy5 states#152 Mellanie Joy shares how she designed her life, found Renatus fit her plan to travel and work on her terms. She started doing deals, paid off $34k in debt in 10 months, and now even lends money. Great story!
8/29/16Ron InmanStudentWholesale, Fix & FlipPaige Tonz & Tami TonzAZ#153 Meet mother daughter duo learning together as new investors. Focus of this is Paige, a bright millennial and recent college grad. She shares her path to Renatus, several completed deals, and current projects. Next web with 'Team Tonz' will focus on Tami :)
JULY 2016 - SUCCESSInterviews with Community Members
7/4/16Chuck HodgeNo Recording / HolidayNo recording Due to the Holiday
7/11/16Ron InmanCorporate AmericaFix & Flip, Rentals, Notes, DevelopmentJC WilliamsAZ#147 JC Williams & wife Linda started investing in RE pre-Renatus, got the education, and are taking their investing careers to higher levels. From notes that "went south" & still make $$ to current multi-million development project, see some of their deals and hear how Renatus benefits even experienced investors.
7/18/16Ron InmanBanker, then stay at home momFix & FlipCelest SecristCA#148 Celest Secrist tells us how she turned trial to triumph, began her investing career using the education & partnership from the community, shows some deals, and now has deals with $100K+ profit potential coming to her automatically!
7/25/16Chuck HodgePaul Romero#149
JUNE 2016 - SUCCESSInterviews with Community Members
6/6/16Chuck HodgeOil Field WorkerCurrently WholesalingBen SaffaryTX#143 Ben Saffary, 37 y/o who was laid off and had to change careers. Has a wife and three children, with one more on the way. Previously purchased Than Merril's Fortune Builders and found it useless
6/13/16Chuck HodgeMoble/MFH rehab, flip, rentals and lease optionAlberto VargasAZ#144 Alberto has years of experience. Most of it as a "lone" investor. Since joining Renatus he has brought his investing to a new level. He specializes in manufactured home and eventually plans to own a MFH park. Hear his story of success in this area as he shocases one of his recent deals.
6/20/16Chuck HodgeLong time Real Estate InvestorFix and flips. Moving on now to buy and hold rentalsChristian ArceIL#145 Hear how Christian went from being a one way real estate investor to a multiple way real estate investor. He shares how he learned how to raise private funds and grow his business beyond what you could have imagined prior to Renatus.
6/27/16Chuck HodgeReal Estate InvestorWholeslaiing, Fix and Flips, Buy and Holds and notesBrian MearaNJ PA#146
MAY 2016 - SUCCESSInterviews with Community Members
5/2/16Chuck HodgeBusiness owner investorShort sales Fix and flipsJeff JewellIL#138 Jeff Jewell is a seasoned investor and shares his reasons for enrolling in the Renatus Education after he decided he no longer has time to teach his realtors how to think like an investor. He's a short sale expert, fix and flipper and even ownes a realtor brokerage firm. Jeff has operations in several states.
5/9/16Chuck HodgeEngineerFlipsLeslie JohnsonIL#139 Leslie Shares her story of flipping a condo in Chicago. How she made a nice profit even with struggles from unforseen HOA problems
5/16/16Chuck Hodge#140
5/23/16Jean PowersPrivate ChefCurrently WholesalingStaci Smith#141 Staci Smith holistic nutritionist/private chef turned REI. Talks about her wholesale deals.
APRIL 2016 - SUCCESSInterviews with Community Members
4/4/16Chuck HodgeTruck driverFlips/RentalsRich Fabiani & Michelle FieldsCA#134 Rich and Michelle tell their story of success as they joined Renatus and have gone on to do some really interesting and profitable deals.
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