NameBirthday (just month and date ex: 4/16)What grade do you teach or what is your role at Heritage?Favorite Snack(s)Favorite Beverage(s) (Soda, tea, coffee drink - Starbucks drink, etc.)Favorite Food(s)Favorite Restaurant(s)Do you have any Dietary Requirements/Restrictions you would like to share?Favorite Book(s)Favorite Movie(s)HobbiesFavorite FlowersFavorite Store(s)Favorite Color(s)Favorite Season(s)Favorite Sports Team(s)Favorite Activities (personal or family activities)Favorite Store / Restaurant for Gift Card under $25Favorite Store / Restaurant for Gift Card under $75Favorite Store / Restaurant for Gift Card $100 or moreFavorite Teaching Supplies (e.g., Flair Pens, Unlined Journals, Multi Colored Sticky Notes, Cricut/Silhouette Supplies, etc.)Anything you would like to add about yourself (likes, dislikes, only drink decaffeinated coffee or tea, something your students might know about you, etc.)
Alexander Casilio6/28Kitchen Assistant
Sour candy, salt & vinegar chips
Mountain dew, lemonade
NachosCasa calienteWalnut allergy None
Scream, star wars, elf, avengers
Guitar, gaming None
GameStop, Walmart, target, Amazon
Blue, red, blackWinter
Buffalo sabres, buffalo bills
Board games, watching movies, gaming
TargetCasa calienteHops & dropsColored pensDislike chocolate
Alison McLaren12/16EANuts, chips, chex mix, Perrier, Decaf Tea Earl Grey Chai, Chocolate Chip FrappuccinoCroissants, Chocolate, FlemmingsSugar free/ cholesterol freeAutobiographies, Historical Fiction, MysteriesAction, Spy, Mysteries, AdventureDrawing, Reading, Crafting, TravellingRoses, DaffodilsNordstrom, Talbots, TargetBlueSpring, FallNoneGame Night, Movie Night, Tennis, TravelingTokyo Joes / Panda Express/ TargetSpa/ Talbots/Vera Bradley/Nordstrom/Flemmings /SpaMarkersI don't like Hershey chocolate. Whenever possible I prefer decaffeinated tea. I don't like fruity teas.
Amanda Frasier6/126thGummy bearsDiet CokeMexican FoodLos Dos, Torchy'snasuspense; historical fictionTo Kill a Mockingbird, The Help, The Blind Sideshopping, hiking, decorating, travelingI love white bouquets.Amazon, TJ MaxxTurquoise, WhiteSummerTexas Tech; Dallas Cowboys, Houston Astrostraveling, eating outAmazon/Torchy'sTJ Maxx/Amazon/My Neighbor FelixPerry's SteakhouseFlair pens, turquoise dry erase markersna
Amanda Lelo4/2PE RX Bars, GoMacro bars, KIND bars...Starbucks or Diet Pepsi Pizza, burgers, chocolate chip cookies...any pizza/Mexican location noThe Four Agreements Sandlot hiking, photography, snowboarding, soccer, rec sportssunflowers Home Goods, Target, SephoraGreenFallChicago Bears/Blackhwaks/White Soxhiking and snowboarding TargetHome GoodsHome GoodsN/AI love most things dark chocolate : )
Andrea Steinbach6/22BASE ManagerHot CheetosDiet Dr. PepperMexican, chips and salsa, quesoLos DosNoneNot a big readerAnything with Will Farrell and Adam SandlerVolleyball, going to sporting events and watching moviesRosesUlta, Under Armour PurpleSummerBroncos and NuggetsGo to the movies, watch my boys play sports, go to sporting events, be outsideUlta, Under Armour, Los Dos, SierraUlta, Under Armour, Los Dos, SierraUlta, Under Armour, Los Dos, SierraI love flair pens and fun sticky notesI do not drink coffee
Beth Reedy6/20EA-4Chips and SalsaCFA Sunjoy, Starbucks Chai Tea Latte (no milk)Chips and dips, Mexican, fresh cut up fruitCFA, Torchy's, Wahoo's, Mod MarketNoneAny beach readAny romantic comedytennis, cooking, readingtulips, peonySierra Trading Post, TJ Max, Costco, TargetBlue (Royal or light), White, BlackFallColorado Avalanchetennis, cooking, reading, watching sportsCFA/TJ Maxx/TargetTorchy's/Sierra Trading Post/TargetYard House/Sierra Trading Post/TargetCaffeine No
Brandee Tudor5/8Admin Assistant/Registrar/BookkeeperDove chocolate (dark or milk), salt & vinegar potato chips, almonds, or Hershey's chocolate with almonds ;-)unsweetend iced tea (I love chick fil a tea), diet Coke, Starbucks Honey Citrus Mint Tea Chick Fil A chicken sandwich, Italian, & sushiChick Fil A, Romano's (old Littleton), Edo Higan (at Park Meadows), Tatsu Izakaya (near DU)allergic to sunflower seeds, peanuts, walnutsThe Nightingale by Kristin Hannah and Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica - I like historical fiction and mystery/suspenseMarvel Avengers movies, 80s movies (especially John Hughes) and mysteryfly-fishing, hiking, camping, readingpeonies, sunflowers, liliesTJ Maxx, Target, Athleta, NordstromyellowSpringColorado Avalanche, Colorado State Ramshanging out with family and friends, watching movies, outdoor activities, and paddle-boarding!Target, Chick Fil A, Enchanted Grounds, Jersey Mike'sAthleta, Romano's (Italian in old Littleton)Nordstrom, Athleta, Edo HiganPaper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens1) cutting back on coffee, 2) prefer lightly scented hand lotions, 3) I don't use fragranced bath/shower gels (sensitive skin)
Brielle Underwood6/9SSN EA IV
Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels
Kombucha or Tea
Banh mi, Chicken Mole, Sushi
Torchys, Monomaki, Tiger Den
I'm allergic to mollusks, (squid, clam, scallops, etc) shrimp is ok
Pandora's Lab, Man's Search for Meaning, Harry Potter, Guns Germs and Steel
Harry Potter, Tangled, Free Solo, The Mummy
Tennis, Harp, Flute, Sculpture, Drawing
Tulips, Hyacinths, Snapdragons, and Daffodils
Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, and Michaels
Nuggets and Avalanches
Cooking, playing cribbage, making music with my friends
Tiger DenWhole FoodsMichaelsJournals
I strongly dislike coffee
Carolyn Bettner8/4Special Education teacher twizzlers, jolly ranchers, combos tea, coke zeroMexicanLazy Dogno5am club Wedding Singer Tennis, swimming, hikingSunflowersTargetyellos Summer Broncos, Avs, Mammoth, Rapids Tennis, Swimming, ReadingLazy Dog, Loft, Target Lazy Dog, Loft, Target Lazy Dog, Loft, Target Lined sticky notes no
Chad Taylor11/16Building EngineerDots pretzelsCoffeemexican or italianQdobanosuspense or horror no specific authorsHistorically based 1sHiking, climbingdont have any favoritesRei, Cabelas, targetbluefallRockies, AvalancheHiking/ CampingTarget/ QdobaCabelasReinoneno
Cheryl Phillips5/46thLay's Potato Chips, Granola Bars, Chocolate Caramels, Popcorns, Dr. Pepper, Starbuck Soy Chia, Mt. DewPizza, Hamburgers, Sandwiches, Chinese, Breakfast FoodsChick Fil, Kneaders, McDonalds, Hopps and Drops, I Hop, Panda Express, Shake Shack, Corner Bakery CafeNoGiving Tree, The Thirteen Tale, The Dot, The Wretched Stone, Fablehaven Series, Harry Potter Series,Polar Express, Up, Inside Out, Finding DoryCross Stitch, PuzzlesGerber Daisy, Dark Red Geranium, White Daisy, RosesTarget, T.J. Maxx, King Soopers, Amazon. Home DepotGreen, Dark Red, BlackSpring and SummerBroncosRiding Bikes, Playing Family Games, Baking, Picnics, WalksHome Depot, Target, TJ Maxx, The Bundt Shoppe, Cold Stone Ice Cream, King Soopers. Amazon, Starbucks, Corner Bakery CafeHome Depot, Target, TJ Maxx, King Soopers, Amazon, Chick Fil, Kneaders, McDonalds, In & Out, Pei Wei, Shake Shack, Home Depot, Target, TJ Maxx, King Soopers, Perry's Pizza, Hopps & Drops, Yard House, Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille, The White Chocolate Grill. Cheesecake Factory, Flair Pens, Double Sided Tape, Permanent Glue Sticks, Clear Tape on a Roll, Gift Card to Teachers-Pay-TeachersI love teaching!
Cindi Zulkoski10/30Instructional Assistantcaramel corn (if it's gluten free)tall nonfat chai tea lattechocolateLos Dos Portrillos, BenihanaI am gluten freeMysteries and anything by Colleen HooverPitch Perfect trilogy, Sound of Music, and Dirty Dancingcrocheting and readingGerber DaisiesAmazon, Target, Michael's, Lego, and DisneyRobin's egg bluefallnot my thingtraveling, going out to eat, readingMichael's, Target, AmazonLego or DisneyLego or Disneyflair pens, pilot pens of all colorsI have really sensitive skin and am allergic to most scents, so no lotions please
Cindy Ninneman 3/21School PsychologistPretzels, popcornSoy LatteBerries, Burritos, pasta, breakfast foodsHomegrown Tap and DoughAllergic to bananasHistorical fictionHarry potter, romantic comedy, dramaSkiing, camping, painting, gardeningSunflowersTargetGreenFallPenn State Football, Avalanche Watching my kids' sports, BBQs, camping, skiingTarget, StarbucksSame, and Valley Girl/ Ruby JaneSameFelt tip pens--
Dana Jinkerson7/12EADoritos, pretzels, icecreamvanilla lattetacos, french fries, pizzaLos dos, freddy's , chipotle, no??gardening gerber daisy's Nordstrom, Target, Kohls, TJ Maxpurple, bluesummerwarriorsbike riding, swimmingTarget, coldstone, kohls, nordstrom rackTarget, Kohls, Nordstrom, TJ maxTarget, Nordstrom, kohlsnote padsn/a
Debi Goldberg7/11Reading Interventionist Pistachios, M&Ms, swedish fishStarbucks Green Matcha Latte with Oatmilk, La CroixMexican, Burgers, Pizza, SushiMod Pizza, Modern Market, Lazy Dogn/aAll Children's BooksRomantic ComediesCamping, hiking, spending time with my family, swimmingTulipsTarget, Amazon, MichaelsPurple and TealFallChicago Cubshiking, walking, playing gamesAmazon, Starbucks, Lazy DogAmazon, Lazy Dog, Los Dos Portrillos, Woodhouse Day SpaAmazon, Lazy Dog, Los Dos Portrillos, Woodhouse Day SpaFlair pens, Expo markers, Post-Its, Colored cardstockI don't drink coffee, but love teas and sweets! I love the color purple and camping.
Derek Shaw9/11Math InterventionFruit, siete chips, pretzelsWater, coconut watersalads, pizza, burritos, chipotle, parry's pizza, hapa sushi, true food, Duke'snoanything GrishamMarvel, DC, Goofy comediesGolf, Swimming, hikingFake onesSams Club, Soopers, Walmart, Whole foods, Trader Joes, Dicks, BlackSummerAnything Colorado/Denver, Manchester UnitedGolf, Swimming, hikingChipotle, Parry's PizzaHapa Sushi, True Food, DukesGuard and Grace, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Williams SonomaBlack Bic Pens, Notebook PaperI don't drink coffee
Diane Plug07/12EA/Librarydoritos
diet coke/iced vanillla latte
pizza. mexicanchick fil a, lazy dognonovelsnonereadingrosestargetgreen. orangesummerbears?chick fil atargetnordstromnoneno
Donyale Koth7/26Educational AssistantI don’t have oneSquirt SodaAsianI don’t have oneNoneAuthors: Gregg Olson and Erik LarsonGoodfellas, Scarface, The Departed (gangster)Reading historical fictionLilliesTargetNavy BlueFallDetroit Red Wings (NHL) & Denver Broncos (NFL)LEGOChipotle TargetNordstromFlair PensNo
Dustin Silverlake12/15SSNTrail MixIce TeaChick-fil-aSmokin Fins, Rio, noPicture Books Marvel MoviesSnowboarding, Spending Time with FamilyLilliesAmazon, TargetOrangeSummerBroncosBiking, Bar-B-qingTarget, QudobaSmokin Fins, AmazonSmokin Fins, AmazonLeveled Readers, Math Manipulatives, Puzzlesnone
Emily Holcomb10/11sttrail mix, granola bars, oranges, bananas, dark chocolateStarbucks mocha latte, hot cocoapizza, salad, mac and cheese, mexican food (street tacos)Anthony's Pizza, Modern Market, any Mexican placeN/AIf You Give A Mouse A Cookie (and other books by Laura Numeroff) books by Jory John, and Cynthia Rylantany comedy or feel good movie hiking, biking, dog walking/trainingpink flowers, tulips, peonies, rosesTarget, Chuck and Don's (pet)green, blueFall, summerColorado/Denver teams (Nuggets, Avalanche, Broncos)pedicures, playing with my dogs, being outside (hikes, walks), time with family & friendsTarget or ChipotleTarget, Chuck and Don'sTarget Lucky Lotto Prizes (little toys or candy for kids)I love pictures and notes from students. I have allergies and sensitivities to scented items (lotions, hand sanitizer, scented markers, etc.)
Emily Hopkins10/31EAOreos, Almond m&msCoke/Iced Caramel Latte From StarbucksPastaAny place with good ItalianNoneRomance/Thriller-Already read Colleen Hoover :)Not sureSoccer, ReadingLilliesTarget/AmazonYellowFallNo preferenceCampingAmazon/TargetAmazon/TargetAmazon/TargetSticky Notes/Note padsNope
Emily Myers11/30Art teacherSoft Chocolate Chip Cookies Black Coffee or Soft Choc chip cookies, Starbucks, Parry's, Rock Bottom Brewery, Nuts, (not allergic, just not a fan)Not sureNot sure Skiing, soccer Hydrangeas but really ALL flowers :)Michaels, Target, AmazonTeal, BlueFallAnything Colorado! USWNT (soccer)Being outsideMichaelsMichaels, AmazonAmazon, Target, MichaelsPosca PensI love colorful (cheap) sunglasses (Goodrs for example), fun socks, fun dangle earrings
Erin Howard11/265thApple and Peanut Butter, veggies, mixed nuts, chips and salsaSparkling water, Pure Leaf Peach Tea, Starbucks skinny vanilla late, Starbucks vanilla cream cold brewSushi, tacosOkinawa (in Littleton), Angelo’s, chick-fil-a, chipotle, NAHarry Potter, Outlander Series, The Dragon Heart Series, The Way of KingsFavorite TV Show: Great British Baking ShowBaking!! Working out, Chalk Art, Hand LetteringDark Purple Calla Lilly, PeonyTarget, Amazon, Old Navy, Crate and Barrel, PatulaDark Purple, Black, WhiteFallAvalancheTraveling, Hiking, cooking, baking, spending time with FamilyTarget, Amazon, StarbucksTarget, Amazon, Old Navy, Putula, Okinawa, Crate and BarrelTarget, Amazon, Old Navy, Putula, Okinawa, Crate and BarrelAstro Bright Paper, White Cardstock, Lamination Pouches, crayola dry erase markersJust had a little girl in February 🥰
Fay Urbana2/234thPopcorn, nuts, chips/salsa Flavored waterMexican, Italian, not picky!Los Dos, Sierra, Prost… love to try new places NASo many - love to readRom com, historical fiction, …Golf, pickle ball, SUP, gardening, shopping, hiking…AllSundance, Athleta, Amazon, Nordstrom Earth tones - sunset orange FallCU, Navy, Broncos Board games, going to sporting events, home improvement projects Amazon, Target, Chick Fil A, Mod PizzaAthleta, Nordstrom, REI, Prost, Los Dos Sundance, REI, White Chocolate GrillSmelly stickersNA
Heidi Stock2/93rdnuts, cheese, spicy snacks, fruitDiet Coke, Dirty Chai, Latte, iced tea, Coke ZeroMexican & ItalianFarro's, La Loma, Panera, Mici's, Season's 52Noneany Pride & Prejudice, thrillersGardening, activities with family(movies, eating out, walking)anyJJill, HomeGoods, Target, Amazon, KirklandsPeriwinkle Blue, pinkFallAvalanchemovies, eating out, gardening, walkingPanera, Mici's, Target, Amazon, StarbucksFarro's, La Loma, Season's 52/JJill, Amazon, AthletaWoodhouse Spa/JJill, Amazon, Farro's, La Loma,Athleta, anyThank you!!
Imelda Ortiz2/19
Feeding Students-Kitchen Manager
One Day at a Time-Rita Moreno
CookingRosesTJMGreenFallArizona CardinalsCookingIHOOpPostinosSnoozeFlair Pensn/a
Ingrid Burke10/27EAIVPistachios, nutsVenti black iced tea (no sweetener)Mediterranean, ItalianMAd GreensNoneThe Four AgreementsElfTennis, reading, yoga.DaisiesCostcoPurpleFallDenver NuggetsHiking, Tennis, Walking dogsTargetKing SoopersCostcoSharpiesI love candy!
Isabelle Ray 2/16EA4pretzels and cream cheese Chai tea Pasta Cheese Cake Factory lactose intolerant The Odyssey Interstellar camping, hiking, and art Poppies or Roses Trader Joe's Green Fall/WinterPittsburgh Steelers Volleyball, camping, or board games. Chick-Fill-A Trader Joe's Cheese Cake Factory Sticky notes or colored pens I love dogs
Jack Branning3/6Musiccool ranch doritos, doughnuts, chex mix/ trolli sour gummy wormscoffee (Hazelnut soy latte), la croix wings, cane'sCane's noAny books on musicians, harry potter/ fantastic beast seriesanything Tim Burton or Encantohiking, horses, outdoor, ice skating, snowboardingSucculentsoutdoor stores (rei/ sierra, murdochs), guitar centerGreen/ blueFall/WinterBroncosice skating, horses, hiking, snowboarding, winteramazon, guitar centeramazon, guitar centeramazon, guitar center, REI/sierraexpo markers, sticky notes/ party city treasure chest items
Jenna Peters1/26Kindergarten
Salt and vinegar snacks
Starbucks dirty chia iced!
Chickfilalchipolte, chick-fil-a no
where the lupines grow
the blind side.
volleyball, basketball, going to any sport games
sunflowerstarget Teals SummerDenver NuggetsTraveling! Starbucks/dutch brosTarget Target
Flair pens and big scented markers
Jill Montoya9/5PLS, Gifted Facilitator, Read CoordinatorSalt & Vinegar Chips, almonds, Diet Coke, Toffee Nut Latte, Brown Sugar Iced Shaken Espresso, Mexican food! Los Dos, Lazy Dog, ProstnoneMagazines, how to booksGrease! :)Gardening, Camping, Party PlanningDaisies, Gerber DaisiesTarget, Nordstrom Rack, TJMaxxBlue and purpleSpringTampa Bay Lightning & AvalancheCamping, TravelingTarget, TJMaxx, Nordstrom RackTarget, TJMaxx, Nordstrom RackTarget, TJMaxx, Nordstrom RackFlair Pens, colored pens, Large sticky notesI do not like seafood! :)
Jillian Holtz7/195thGardetto'sMocha FrappiccinoSpaghettiNoodlesNoStephanie Plum SeriesThemes: humor, love, actionWalkingTiger LiliesKohl's, TargetBlueFallPackers, AvalancheHiking, golfing, Noodles, Chipolte, Jimmy JohnsKohl's, TargetMelting Pot, LuLuLemonFlair Pens, Post It Notes (multicolored)I love Lindt truffles (milk chocolate).
Jodi Beck4/17SLP in preschoolChocolate, salty snacksCoffeeMexicanChick fil A, StarbucksNoGardeningNoneGardening, bakingTulips, peoniesTarget, Home GoodsBlueFallNoneGardening, campingTargetTargetTargetUniball pensNone
Joslyn Krzak 01/22Attendance Secretary and Health AssistantOriginal Sunflower Seeds, Extra Cheddar Goldfish and Herseys Strawberry Lemonade. Starbucks order (Strawberry Acai with Lemonade) Chicken Caesar SaladChipotle, Olive Garden, CanesI have a peanut allergyThe Cellar, The Cabin, The summer I turned prettyPromising Young Women, Gone Girl, Us, 12 Angry Men Hanging out with friends, trying to read more, hammocking, outdoor activities Dahlia, Marigold, Gardenia, Peony, 5 and Below, Target, Attic SaltAny shade of blue and purple Fall and SpringBlack Hawks Hockey Board Games, Outdoor activities. Target or Five and Below or ChipotleTarget or Five and Below or ChipotleTarget or Five and Below or Chipotle none that I need likes - playing board games, collecting deck of cards, watching disney movies. Dislikes - mushrooms, rollercoasters. Don't drink coffee or tea.
Karen Beck4/22ndnuts and fruitsEnglish Breakfast Tea and Peach Green Tea Lemonade from Starbucks Mexican, ItalianLos Dos Potrillos, Maggiano's , Panera, Mod PIzzanoCrime, Thrillers, Mysteriesrom comhot yoga, walking, readingall flowersLoft, Amazon, Target, Athleta, Lululemon, NordstromsNavy blue, purple, yellowFallNotre Dame, Broncos, Movie, Dinner, hiking, travelPanera, Corner Bakery, Perry's Pizza, Mod Pizza, Cold StoneSmokin Fin's, Little Holly's, Maggiano's, Los DosCapital Grill, Perry's Steak House, White Chocolate GrillFlair pins, stapler, pencil sharpenerI don't drink coffee
Kate Bigler 07/09English Language Development K-6SmartPop White Cheddar Popcorn, Dark chocolateLondon Fog w/non-dairy milk Berries Cuba Cuba, Chick Fil-AMilk/Dairy CreamerHarry PotterEnchanted Reading, Horse-back Riding, Hiking, YogaPeoniesTargetLight pink and greenFallUniversity of Michigan Reading, hikingTargetTargetTargetFlair PensNope
Katie DiPetro4/91stCaramel corn, salt and vinegar chipsLemonade, chai tea latte, iced coffeePizza, Mexican foodWhite Chocolate Grill, Los Dos Potrillos, Chick-fil-AN/ABooks about growth mindset, seasons Golfing, exercising, TulipsTarget, Nordstrom, LululemonPinkSpringRockiesSwimming, playing outsideTargetLululemonNordstromFlair Pens, Sharpies, sticky notes
Katie LawsonJuly 22Principal
That's It bars, salt and vinegar chips, nerds gummies, fruit strips
Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso
Sushi, Smoothies, Salads
Sushi Mango, Sweet Greens, Nekter
Gluten Free, Dairy Free
Marvel, romantic comedies, or documentaries
Paint By NumberAny!
Target, Home Goods, Nail Salon (Highlands Ranch or Lone Tree)
bike riding, paddle boarding
Amazon, Target, Home Goods, Nekter, Sushi Mango, Costa Vida
Amazon, Target, Home Goods, White Chocolate Grill
Amazon, Target, Home Goods, White Chocolate Grill
Lined sticky notes, pink flair pens, inspirational note cards
Kim McKellar11/182ndchips & salsa, Hot tamales, almonds, fruitMedicine Ball from Starbucks, Chick-fil-A lemonadeMexican, sushi, saladsLos Dos, Sushi Mango, Chick- Fil- A, Parry's, NoColleen Hoover booksDon't have onehiking,, working outTulipNordstrom, Anthropology, Lulu, AthletaTealSummerBroncosMovies, skiing, hikingTarget, Qdoba, Parrys, Chick- fil -AMadewell, Anthropology, White Chocolate Grill, La LomaNordstorm, Del Friscos, HapaFlair PensThank you for doing this for us :-)
Kristie Peters9/185thKind Bars, That's It Bars, GumCoffee, Diet Coke, and teaDark chocolateStarbucks, Chick Fil ANo!Holes and Front DeskElf and Mary PoppinsSwimming, biking, runningAny!Athleta, Evereve, AmazonPink and Purplesummer and fallBroncosWorking out, traveling, shoppingStarbucksAthleta and AmazonAthleta and AmazonSharpies, Flair Pens, Crayola markersNo
Kristina Carnes8/27PreschoolWhite Cheddar popcornIced Chai Tea with almond milksushi, mexicanLos Dos PotrillosnoneI don't have a favoriteWonderPaddle boarding, hiking, photographytulipsTargetAny shade of blueFallAll Colorado teamsBeing outsideTarget, AmazonTarget, AmazonTarget, AmazonSticky NotesNone
Lexie Medina6/2BASE - Assistant Directortrail mix, fruit, cheese, fruit snacksCoke zero, Dutch bros - Rebels, Starbucks - Chai latte or Dragonfruit lemonadeitalian, mexican, chinese, saladsTexas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, Shake Shackn/aany art or Prince (singer) books Comedy, ActionSkiing, outdoors, art, gamesroses, tulips, lilacsTarget, Ulta, Amazon, TJ MaxPuprle, maroon, olive greenFall & SpringNuggets, BroncosSkiing! & family board game nightsPanera, shake shack, target, chick fil aOlive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, CinzettisMagianos, Outback, CinzettisHappy planners, flair pensI love being outdoors, skiing in the mountains, having time with family & friends. My favorite artist is Prince, I enjoy going to concerts & traveling!!
Liam Koth6/28EA4 in the SSN departmentGummy WormsChai Tea and Sweet TeaFish and Chips and BBQTorchy's Tacos, Wahoo Fish Tacos, Jersey MikesN/AGreat Gatsby, Dante's InfernoDjango, Interstellar, Pirates of the CarribeanArt, Music, Gaming, SkiingOrchids and CarnationsVans Off the WallBlue and GreenFallDetroit Red Wings, Colorado AvalancheSkiing, Bowling, GamingAny ResturauntVans StoreVans StoreCactus Pens!!! (Any pens really)N/A
Lisa Livesay10/85thPopcorn, trail mix Starbucks no water chai latteSalads, seafood, italianPappadeaux’s, PaneraCan’t eat tomatoesHarry Potter, Children’s literature Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Devil Wears Prada, Schindler’s List, any musicalVolunteering at my kids’ dance studio, shopping, reading, sewingRoses and lilies Amazon, Dillard’s, LuluLemon, TargetPinkFallColorado RockiesGoing to Disney, hiking, reading, watching movies, family game nightsPanera, Sephora, TargetAmazon, Dillard’s, TargetPappadeaux’s, Amazon Flair pens, Expo markers and whiteboard cleaner, fun sticky notesLove anything Harry Potter or Disney related!
Lori Wheeler8/20KPringles, Peanut M&Ms, Chips/SalsaNon-fat/no water/chai (iced or hot)MEXICAN FOOD!!!!!Los Dos, La Loma, SierraNONE!!! :)Colleen Hoover (everyone is reading this author- I haven't started!!)NAshopping, organizing, decoratingTulipsAnthropologie, Nordstrom, Lulu, AthletaBlue- all shades!FallOle Miss Football and BaseballWalking dogs, tennis, golf, pickle ball, road/mountain bikingTarget, Chick-fil-ANordstrom, Anthropologie, Athleta, Lulu, Los Dos, Sierra, La LomaNordstrom, Anthropologie, Athleta, Lulu, Los Dos, Sierra, La LomaFlair Pens, dot paints, chalk paint (for kids), sharpies, blue paperclipsNA
Lucy McGraw3/25th and 6th; Moderate Needs InterventionistPretzels, target's monster trail mix, peanut m&msvanilla lattesmoothies, salads, pretzels, ice cream:)Sushi , mad greensNolove historical fictionlike comedies - laughter is good medicine!running, being with my familySunflowersTJ Maxx, Athleta, targetYellow, purplefall and springGo Seahawks!hiking, biking, paddle boardingkneaders, TJ maxxTJ maxxAthletasticky notes, flair pensNA
Mary Senkosky 9/2School Psychologist chocolate, pretzels, chipsCoffee MexicanLazy Dog, Angelo’s, PostinosNone 9 perfect Stengers, 22 Summers These are Series: Shrinking, Yellowstone, 1923Gardening, outdoor activities Lilacs TargetTurquoise, Purple, Black Spring Soccer Travel TargetLazy DogAngelo’s Card stock paper I like to travel to Maine to see my Grandson; my happy place is the beach, anywhere!
Meg ODonnell9/25Sped PretzelsIce tea unsweetened or La CroixPizza, saladLand of sushi, Angelos, Jersey MikesNoneHistorical fiction NoneHiking, exercise, Calligraphy Any Target, AmazonLavender Summer NoneHiking, exercising, reading, cookingTarget/AmazonTarget/AmazonTarget/AmazonBlank stationary Na
Meghan Litchfield5/01SSN EA
peanut m&ms, kind bars, popcorn
flavored bubbly water
pizza, sandwiches, sushi
Postino, Smoke n Fins, Parry's pizza
downloadable Kindle books
Feel good moviesreading, walkinghydrangeasTarget, AmazonGreenWinter and springOregon Duckstraveling, road tripsTarget, starbucksTarget, AmazonSierra Trading PostFlair pensnone
Michele Gonzales5/5Preschool, Special Education AssistantStarbucks, I'd rather drink my calories :)Venti white mocha from Starbucks: 3 pump, 1/2 decaf, non fat, no whip no foam extra hot :)Mexican Food: Los Dos PotrillosNo, I can eat anything :)I'd rather be working out, running or hiking than sitting and reading :)I don't have one. I don't watch much TVRunning, working out (CHUZE) hiking, walking my dogdaisyTJ MaxxTiffany BlueSpringIt was Roadie Softball (MSU DENVER) until my daughter graduated and stopped playing :(Hiking with the family. Game night or large puzzlesStarbucksLos Dos PotrillosSam's Sticky notes, stickers, playdoh, glue sticks, Pip squeaks mini markersMy favorite drink from Starbucks is venti 1/2 decaf, 3 pump, white mocha from Starbucks. I also like a good Margarita from Los Dos Potrillos ;). I love chocolate and anything sweet, but try to stay away because I can't just eat one. This is why I have must workout! ;)
Michelle Alqlaf6/10Preschoolpretzel & hummusChai teaanything someone else makesChick-fil-A, any restaurantnoneJudy BlumeSpace JamExercising, being with family & dogsLilyBuff City SoapPurpleSummerKC Chiefsbeing with family & friendsStarbuck's TargetAmazonmulticolored pens or textured pen (sequins)I love shoes
Natalie Lang11/30EA lv
Ginger snaps, goldfish, cheez it puffs
Starbucks chai latte no water non fat milk no foam. And dr pepper :)
Spaghetti, bagels, steak
Chick fil a , pho, john hollys, chilis
NoThriller books,
Rom coms, thrillers, i love watching movies.
Esthetician on the side, reading, i love dancing and music.
Francesca, nordstrom rack, sephora, amazon
Blue, and hot pink SpringNuggets, avalanch
Dance parties, game nights, i enjoy being with my kids.
Starbucks, chilis Francesca, john hollys
Altred state, perrys steak house
Pens, journals, sticky notes
I dont like coconut shavings. It's a texture thing haha. I love hot chocolate. I'm not a fan of the cold unless it's snowing.
Niki Mitchell5/27K-6 SEL TeacherTrail MIxTart Cherry Juice. or PerrierI love all foods! :)Denver Biscuit, Post Chicken, Smokin' Fins, Hacienda, Bacon Social , Longhorn Steak HouseNoDon't have a favoriteComediesGolf, runner, yoga, paddle board, hikingRosesTarget, REII don't have a favorite. I love all colors!Fall or SpringColorado Avalanche -Go, Avs!Camping, paddle boarding, hiking, BBQsAmazonAmazonAmazonMr. Sketch MarkersI love hugs and kind people.
Pamela Paulsen11/16SpeechBabyruth bar
Coconut Milk Blonde Latte
Sesame Bagel with cream cheese
Little Holly's Asian Cafe
NoPete the CatWitness
Running, hiking, walking my dog
GeraniumsTargetBlueSummerBroncosRunning TargetSmok'n FinnsEvereve
Multicolored sticky notes
I've got 3 kids and a Golden Retriever
Rian McLean03/04Educational AssistantPopCornersSprite, Iced Vanilla Latte, and Lemonade Pasta and Pizza Texas Roadhouse and ChilisOnly seafood I like is fish, shrimp, and crab/lobster. For fruits, no watermelon, raw apples, strawberries and kiwi The Among the hidden series and Rock Warrior’s WayFree Guy, Polar Express, and Harry Potter series Ninja warrior, climbing, and video games Snap DragonsTarget and REIGreen, Red, and BlueSummer and FallPittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Orioles Climbing, hiking, and video games Walmart TargetREIUnsureN/A
Ryan Orlowski9/244thpistachios, beef jerky, Pop Corners, chipsSweet tea, gatorade, vitamin waterSeafood, MexicanPappadeaux's Seafood Kitchen, Colorado Hacienda, Maggiano's Noadventure storiesMarvel moviesphotographyAsiatic lilliesCabela's, Murdoch'sBlue and greenSummer and FallDenver Broncos Fishing, Fourwheeling, Horseback riding, Camping, working outHome Depot/Noodles and CompanyMurdoch's/Colorado HaciendaCabela's/ Pappadeaux's RestaurantMulti-colored stickies, coloored pensNot a coffee drinker.
Sandy Boynton4/20EAIV-Moderate/Severe Needspopcorn, tortilla chips, almonds, peanut m&msiced tea, coffee, waterpizza, grilled chicken, deviled eggs. french fries, saladsBig Bills, Los Dos, DelFrisco'snoself-help, history, natural cookbooksRomantic Comedies, Dramaplaying guitar, baking and cooking, exercising, making wreathstulips, daisies, alstromeria, cosmos, pansiesTJ Max, Nordstorm, IKEA, Athletawhite, pale pinks, sage greenSummerBroncosgoing to the lake, boating, mini golf, puzzles, board games, hearing live musicTJ Max and Chic-fil-etBig Bill's Pizza, Red Robin, TJ Max and/or Marshall's, TargetTarget, IKEA, DelFrisco'sflair pens, a new stapler, yellow sticky notes, mechanical pencilsno
Sarah Sexton2/153rdfruit, nutsnonfat Starbucks mocha, any Starbucks tea, diet cokechocolateAny!NoAnything! I love to read!I love romantic comedies, suspense/thrillersReading, gardening, hiking, travelingI love all flowers!TargetpinkfallNuggets, Broncos, RockieshikingTarget, ChiptolePF ChangsThe Melting PotStickersNo
Stephanie McCoy9/216thCashews or almonds, Dark chocolateStarbucks, peach green tea or Dragon DrinkSushi, PizzaWhite Chocolate, GQue, Sushi MangoI do not eat red meatMysteryAnything DisneyCrafts, watching sportsanyMadewell, Nordstrom, DillardsredfallBroncos, Nuggets, AvsTravelChickFilA, Tokyo Joes, GQueWhite Chocolate, Nordstrom, MadewellWhite Chocolate, Nordstrom, MadewellPilot G-2 colored ink pensI don't drink coffee, I love anything Disney
Tami Kennedy4/9KNuts, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch KidsDiet Dr. Pepper, Lattes, Unsweetened Iced TeaEVERYTHING!Qdoba, Chipotle, White Chocolate Grill, Los Dos PotrillosNoColleen HoovernoneGolf, paddle boarding, pickleball, shoppingtulips, sunflowersAnthropologie, Nordstromgreen and bluesummerChicago BearsGolf, paddle boarding, pickleball, shoppingTarget, Chipotle, QdobaAnthropologie, NordstromAnthropologie, Nordstromanything turquoise or blue
Tim Puralewski10/26School NursePeanut Butter M&MsGatoradePizza, burgersLos dos potrillosnonebiographiesanything but chick flicksbiking, skiing, rock climbing, hikinghibiscus REI, Home DepotRedspring, fallDetroit RedwingsTraveling, anything outdoorsTorchy's Tacos, chipotle, REICheesecake factory, REIMelting Potnonenone