Lawn Care/ Landscaping Recommendations Nextdoor Sandy Springs/ East Cobb
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ServiceBusiness/ Person NameContact InfoRecommended bySample ReviewsRecommendation Date
Lawn CareAristic Works Landscaping (Cirilo Gregorio)404-664-7513Yvette Roberts, Barbara Regenstein, Tricia Jarvis, Lynne Eisenstein, Carol Elam, Dorothy Menaker1. Cirilo Gregorio,the owner of his family business: Artistic Works Landscape. He is very knowledgeable, educated, hard working, fair, and a good, trustworthy person, as is his son, who also works with him. I have relied on him for years. He takes initiative to do the extras that crop up, yet is very respectful of individual preferences.
I would highly, highly recommend him - something I don't say casually, nor often. 2. Cirilo Gregorio at Artistic Landscape Works. It is a family business, offers excellent service, reasonable prices and a lot of people in the North Springs neighborhood use him.
Lawn CareRJ Quality Lawn Care (Rod Walton)404-259-1990Frances Scovil, Jerry Felton, Chris Tzane1. I learned today Rod Walton, who's been cutting my grass for years as a side job, is now dedicating himself to his yardcare business full time and I'm helping him get the word out. Rod is very reliable, easy to work with and just a nice guy. I highly recommend him. His company, RJ Quality Lawn Care, does yard care, not landscaping and his pricing is the most reasonable around. He only charges for work done so there's no monthly maintenance fee or retainer. He will do just about anything you want him to from mowing and trimming to leaf blowing and bagging to pinestraw, planting and reseeding. He runs the company with his sons (who I've watched grow up) and his brother. Although I haven't had the money for the planting and sodding I'd like to have done, Rod keeps things looking neat and trim. Jerry Felton, next door to me (and who has a much nicer yard) has been using him even longer than me. Feel free to contact Rod directly and tell him Frances referred you (I don't get anything, I just want his new venture to do well).1-3-19
Lawn CareJorge Guzman678-449-5617Marlene Seidel, Sheryl Hill, Vicki Piedmont1. We use Jorge Guzman Landscaping Co. He does our maintenance, did our sprinkler system, spread my mulch, and is very good. He aims to please. J. Guzman Landscape. 2. We use Jorge Guzman off of a recommendation from Nextdoor. He did an amazing job! Great guy to work with. Highly recommend him.4-30-18
Lawn CareNorxson Alegria404-456-6123Page Genco, Katherine Smith, Danny Fullwood1. I have a great guy that has helped us for years. He is reasonable, honest, works hard, knows what he’s doing, and is able to accomplish a ton in a short period of time! He can do things as simple as removing ivy from trees, planting flower beds, to building retaining walls, and installing or repairing sprinkler systems. At our old house, he leveled our backyard, built a retaining wall and installed a sprinkler system. His name is Norxson Alegria. He can work solo or with a team but what he can accomplish in an hour is truly amazing! Several of my neighbors have used him for jobs and have been very happy as well.3-24-19
Lawn CareEndless Outdoor Landscaping (Troy Donahue)770-309-8962Joyce Heatherly, Josh Finkelstein1. I've used Endless Outdoor Landscaping, owned by Troy Donahue, for years, and they are reasonable, good, and knowledgleable. They do few other houses in area that I'm aware of. 2. Troy Donahue is fantastic. He does our neighborhood common areas and about 20 homes or so.4-9-19
Lawn CareCruz Landscaping (Pedro Cruz)770-744-8923Kenny Neufeld, Nhora Abril1. I have been using Pedro Cruz of Cruz Landscaping for many years. He is amazing and has: regraded my entire backyard, build beautiful retaining walls, fire pit, patio, fences, regular yard/lawn maintenance, fertilizer, weed control, any type of stone work, etc. He is incredibly hard working and honest.3-24-19
Lawn CareMm Lopez Landscaping 678-362-9721Peter Lewman, Beth Herskowitz1. Lopez Landscaping. Great family business. They've been working in Princeton Square for 15 years. Irvin, Mario and Miguel Lopez.7-14-18
Lawn CareTurf King678-898-3499Roger Plitchta, Sybil Wermert1. We use Turf King (Kevin Quigley) and are very happy with them. 2. We love Turf King - Kevin Quigley is owner, great guy, excellent service and follow up- far better than 'mow and blow' which is typical.4-30-18
Lawn CareIsrael Gonzalez404-290-1926Caroline Bowers, Carole Legum1. Just had Israel Gonzalez and his crew here yesterday. They've also worked with others in my neighborhood. My lawn looked like a jungle and they did an amazing, affordable and professional job.8-5-17
Lawn CareJaime Moto404-820-6934John Lehman, Don Singleton1. Jaime Moto has done several landscape jobs in this neighborhood as well as others. He's done two for us and we are very pleased with the outcome. He's easy to deal with, professional, honest and reasonable. 3-3-17
Lawn CareMichael Sanchez404-645-8862Jackson Moore1. We found Michael Sanchez through a mutual friend and he is excellent! He communicates on all areas of the yard as to when he will execute each service for your home. Aerification, cutting, pruning, pine straw, mulch, and planting both grass and shrubs are his forte'. He loves what he does and is an astute young man. He know what works and why! Michael communicates well from billing to the schedule of events for your lawn.5-12-19
Lawn CareKassler Landscape Management (Greg Kassler)678-386-7064Julie Kytan1. We have just begun using a neighbor’s uncle who runs his own lawn maintenance business. He is onsite mowing with two helpers every week. So far, he has been dependable, knowledgeable, honest, and hardworking! His name is Greg Kassler, and the company name is Kassler Landscape Management. 5-12-19
Lawn CareManuel and Maria's Lawn Care404-512-1371Alice Schrutt1. Call Manuel. He is SOO reasonable that I usually give him an extra few dollars for his work. (not expected or necessary). Does all types of yard clean up including weed spraying, removing yard debris, and cutting down small trees. Manuel and Maria are FANTASTIC. I love them and so do my neighbors. Just did my yard today and it looks great.4-18-19
Lawn CareBruce Breeding770-315-8017Ralph Parker1. We have used Bruce Breeding for many years. We have a corner lot and large lawn exposure and he comes twice a month and we pay $89 per month. He has several workers and good equipment. He charges $40 to trim bushes. I am not sure what other services he performs. We are not "lawn" people. We just want it neat.4-14-19
Lawn CareArmando Juarez770-219-9683Julie Miller1. Armando Juarez is excellent. I have a fully landscaped yard in front and back. He has maintained for many years. Dependable, reasonably priced, always willing to do extra jobs. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM!4-9-19
Lawn CareManuel Jaimes470-306-3524Marguerite Williamson1. Absolutely love Manuel Jaimes...dependable, polite and will do some limb cutting, etc., extra when you need it. Always does a great job!4-3-19
Lawn CareKehrtisy Lawn Service (Scott Kehr)678-232-2377Rob Holder1. Kehrtisy Lawn Service has been doing my yard for 18 years. Scott Kehr is the owner, He has a great crew.4-3-19
Lawn CareLopez Brothers Landscaping404-245-0258Jude and Amanda Cooks1. We use Lopez Brothers Landscaping. We pay $170 a month. They come every week in the summer and fall, every two weeks in the winter, for that flat rate. We have 3/4 an acre and a LOT of leaves, as well as a decent plot of grass, and they do a good job and always come on time when expected.12-3-18
Lawn CareLegend Lawn Care (Will Herfurth)404-402-9988Richie Tannebaum1. We'd like to highly recommend Legend Lawn Care. Will Herfurth.They aerated/seeded and returned several times to check the progress of our lawn care. Unlike larger companies, they answer text messages/phone calls all at a fair price.10-23-18
Lawn CareAntonio Molina505-716-9007Lynn Babcock1. We have used Antonio Molina to do our yard maintenance for years. He is hard-working, kind, honest, dependable, fairly priced, and does an excellent job. He brings all of his own equipment along with an equally dependable crew. I found out yesterday that he has left his other job to do his landscaping business full time. His time slots are going to go fast, so he might not have any available by the time you are reading this. They do mowing, edging, trimming, pruning, cleaning out, hauling off, and also spread pine straw and mulch.9-23-18
Lawn CareTurbo Lawn770-598-5327Jim Harrison1. We use Turbo Lawn. They cut both front and back, trim and edge, and blow clean the driveway and patio every 10 days for $90/ month or $30/per service. Contact Tom Nguyen. Have being using them since 2014.9-3-18
Lawn CareFred Lopez770-435-6530BE Gunbye1. Try Fred Lopez. I have used his small lawn care service for maybe 10 years! He does my big jobs (installs mulch, pine needles, pea pebbles for walkways). And he does subdivisions (annual flowers in Bridgegate entrance) and individual lawn maintenance.8-2-18
Lawn CareLinwood Landscaping (Joe Collins)404-513-8027Dawn Clements1. I use Linwood Landscaping. Owner is Joe Collins, He grew up in Sandy Springs.7-14-18
Lawn CareJaime Cabrales678-360-3946Julian Allen1. I'm on Brandon Mill and we hire Jaime Cabrales and his team to maintain our yard. Some of our friends have also hired him in the neighborhood and like him a lot. We like his reasonable prices and quick work.6-27-18
Lawn CareCalendario Martinez404-392-0605Maureen Smith1.I have used a guy named Calendario Martinez since 2011 on my very steep lot. I pay $60 every other week. Then in the winter, they don’t come when it isn’t necessary (he has a bunch of apartments and uses that time to catch up on the maintenance work in the apartments). They were $50 when I first started with them then he went up to $60 last year. He has the same guys on his crew as he did when I started with him in 2011. My friend Esperanza who lives over in Riverside had him originally and negotiated the great rate! He does both our yards on every other Friday. 6-16-18
Lawn CareEarl Weaver678-887-0290Sandy Sweeney1. Earl Weaver - great guy, small business, very reliable, very reasonable. Put an irrigation system in for us and did some general landscape changes, plus general maintenance.4-14-18
Lawn CareLarry's Lawns470-455-9930Sandy Shapiro1. I paid $100 for Larry and his crew to come out and mow and blow, edge, trim all of my hedges, and cut down all of our overgrown trees. He and his crew were out working for close to 4 hours. They did a thorough job and our yard hasn’t looked this great in a very long time.4-8-18
Lawn CareAgilo Calderon404-542-6829Pierrette Fontaine1. Agilo Calderon. He's honest, hard working and pleasant. One of my friends is now using his services and is as happy as I. As for the price, that would depend on the size of your lawn and your needs. His English is broken but workable.10-24-17
Lawn CareRudy Clarke770-617-3076Kathryn McGuffey1. You won't need a "team" if you hire Rudy Clarke and his son. Their work is meticulous, beautiful and outstanding. They do many yards in the Princeton Square area. They never blow leaves and sticks etc. into the back/side yard as I see so many crews do -- they pick up and remove all that stuff. If it rains and they cannot do the yard, they will even come on a weekend to make sure the yard looks great. Fabulous for installing the most beautiful pinestraw. Very reasonable prices. And Rudy kills copperheads!9-22-17
Lawn CareDavid Baez404-702-2056Sarah Moore1. David Baez has maintained our lawn for several years and does an excellent job all around. He does both routine maintenance and anything extra needed, such as pine straw, plantings, etc. No contract required.9-21-17
Lawn CareEnrique Sanchez678-520-3945Alan Cosby1. We use Enrique Sanchez Lawn Service and we're pleased. 9-20-17
Lawn CareAntonio Jones267-625-3379Dan Dierdorff1. Antonio Jones. Does great work for us and our neighbors as well. Please, tell him Dr. Dan referred you. He will take great care of you!7-26-17
Lawn CareLawn Escapes (Brian Moon)770-717-0052Darlene Tobin1. We use Brian Moon, Lawn Escapes. He is the owner and actually does the work with his crew. Brian is exceptionally knowledgable and reasonably priced.7-8-17
Lawn CareSalinas Landscaping404-423-8784Toni Stoughton1. We use Salinas Landscaping and highly recommend them. Bianey can do any type of landscaping/maintenance that you need and a joy to work with. He stands behind all of his work. 7-8-17
Lawn CareDuran Lawn Maintenance770-940-0081Joan Condon1. I use Duran Lawn Maintenance and LOVE them. They do an exceptional job. I have used several different services and none compare to this one. Highly recommend!6-20-17
Lawn CareRivera Lawn Service404-784-6132Patricia Landis1. I use Rivera Lawn Service. We have a large front and back yard and he charges 60.00 a trip.6-11-17
Lawn CareLawn Works770-973-4218Ron Elgin1. I've got a guy who runs his own company called Lawn Works. He is great. Charges $50 for my front and back. He and his crew always go above and beyond and I end up paying him $60 since they always do more than I expect. He's also the happiest and appreciative person you'll meet.5-19-17
Lawn CareStrickland Lawn Service (Johnny Strickland)404-786-4063Michael Willis1. I have been the proud recipient of "Yard of the Month" 3 times, and it wasn't because of my personal skill set in the yard. I use Strickland Lawn Service, and have for 20 years Johnny Strickland is the owner and an all around good guy. More than reasonable prices, and No contracts. 5-19-17
Lawn CareEverardo Reyes678-668-5331Melinda Noor1. After living in East Cobb for 11 years and going through so many lawn services, I finally found someone who cares and is super super nice as well as reasonable. Give him a call, he really is great. Everardo Reyes.5-10-17
Lawn CareReardon Lawn Services404-437-5159.Asim Qureshi1. I use Julio with Reardon Lawn Services. I got his number a couple months back from one of our neighbors on Nextdoor. Very reliable and communicates well. Not too expensive. Does a great job.4-21-17
Lawn CarePatricio Lopez404-409-9564Lloyd Fritzmeier1. Patricio Lopez is doing 5 lawns on Mountain Brook Way. He's very meticulous and does trimming, cutting, and ivy maintenance each week. And, he does over-seeding, aerating, and pine straw. Very reasonable price and reliable.4-14-17
Lawn CareJose Munoz
Renee Strickler1. Jose Munoz has done some large yard clean up jobs (periodic maintenance), and he has quoted me a very reasonable price on redoing my retaining walls and steps. 2-10-17
Lawn CareAntonio Rivas770 315-4279Bill Phinney1. We use a man here in Laurian Woods; Antonio Rivas, Dependable and friendly. 2-10-17
Lawn CareHickory Hill Landscaping770-998-4868Galina Courson1. Ted Davis with Hickory Hill Landscaping Inc. It is a family owned business since 1974 located in Sandy Springs that does great work.10-31-16
Lawn CareLawnsense678-640-7925Stephanie Powell1. I use Lawnsense-Tom Gladden. He's wonderful to work with and originally grew up in this neighborhood10-31-16
Lawn CareDavid Soriano678-467-4021Karen Pickerill1. David Soriano is great--very reliable and reasonable.8-16-16
Lawn CareSherrol Miles404-388-6157Esther Begle1. Sherrol Miles is great. He does many lawns in Rivershore Estates and surrounding neighborhoods.6-12-16
Lawn CareJlouis Barrera678-510-8704Joe Amato1. Jlouis Barrera if you are looking for lawn and landscape maintenance. Jlouis takes care of mine and a few other residents lawns in River Springs too. I believe he also can do basic fertilization and weed control. He's affordable.3-12-16
Lawn CareTom Cotton Landscaping770-751-6100Becky Jo Nickles1. We have used Tom Cotton Landscaping for approximately 8 years. He costs a little more - but does a great job. He cleaned out the backyard in the beginning and keeps it up! Very knowledgeable and does many homes in Buckhead and Chastain Park areas.3-8-16