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Reference SummaryDate receivedDate
RFI2005000009 What was the average audience/listnership respectively for R4 "Today" programme, "World at 1" and "World Tonight"01/01/05All information withheld
RFI2005000010 What was the average circulation of the BBC printed Programme Complaints Bulletin and to whom was this circulated? How many hits were recorded for the web-site version in 2004?01/01/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000011 Correspondence emails and discussions between Andrew Gilligan and the BBC editorial team and management concerning Hutton enquiry01/01/05All information withheld
RFI2005000012 How many complaints in the last two years concerning fairness and accuracy have been upheld? How many of the findings involving upheld complaints were given similar or equal prominence to that of the original offence?01/01/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000018 has the BBC made payment to and British MP, peer or former politician for a politically connected contribution to a BBC news programme?01/01/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000001 Could you please copy to me all the reports and consultation papers generated in selecting Manchester as a location for Radio 5 live. I am interested as to how widely you have consulted before making your decision.01/04/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000002 Alan Yentob's expenses financial year 2002 - 200301/04/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000004 Meeting of the BBC's Board of Governors on the day of the publication of Lord Hutton's report on his inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly, which I believe began at approximately 5pm on Wednesday 28 January 2004.01/04/05All information withheld
RFI2005000005 Channel identifiers - DOGS - BBC research for BBC Choice viewers01/04/05All information withheld
RFI2005000006 Needs discussions, minutes, including any emails, reports and the decision making process to show the Jerry Springer the Opera due to be shown on BBC on Jan 8th 200501/04/05All information withheld
RFI2005000007 viewing figures of BBC Wales generated programmes. Daily audience figures for BBC2W. Cost of running BBC2W. How many homes receive BBC2W. How many licence payers in Wales.01/04/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000008 Records held of governors' discussions, meetings and correspondence relating to the Hutton Inquiry.01/04/05All information withheld
RFI2005000014 All documents relating to the Board of Governors' decision to sack Greg Dyke and Gavyn Davies - including legal advice and internal minutes and correspondence from both Dyke and Davies01/04/05All information withheld
RFI2005000015 All documents relating to Mark Thompson's recent announcement of budget cuts - including internal correspondence between Thompsons and the Board of Governors, as well as all mooted proposals dating back to the beginning of Mark Thompson's tenure01/04/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000016 All documents relating to the appointment of Governors, and to the departure this year of Dame Pauline Neville-Jones01/04/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000017 All documents relating to the repositioning of former head of news Richard Sambrook01/04/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000019 MI6 meetings with the BBC in 2003.01/04/05Information not held
RFI2005000021 Details of third parties, data that the BBC did not constitute as personal data. Data in relation to 'Crooked Britain'.01/04/05No further info provided
RFI2005000023 tender documentation relating to public tender JOCE - 212/ 182074-200401/04/05Information not held
RFI2005000026 BOG meeting minutes - 28/01/2004 and 29/01/200401/04/05All information withheld
RFI2005000035 Highest earner at BBC NI. What payments to John Daly. Cost of his show. Stephen Nolan's salary for radio and tv show. Ditto Hole in the Wall Gand, Tim McGarry, Michael McDowell01/04/05All information withheld
RFI2005000054 request for personal information and the existence of data shared with MI5. Whether BBC acknowledges secret surveillance is legitimate by MI5 when it breaches the DPA01/04/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000022 information about payments to TV licensing, details of communication between TV licensing and requester01/05/05No further info provided
RFI2005000024 How many recipe books were published and sold by BBC Worldwide LTd 2000 to 200501/05/05All information withheld
RFI2005000025 Minutes of BBC BOG monthly meetings which took place on 24th and 25th November 2004 and 16th December 200401/05/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000036 equal opportunities policy at TV Licensing01/05/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000157 Documents relating to the alleged story of Corky the Cockerel.01/05/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000037 What actions has the BBC taken in order to prepare for the FOI act?01/06/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000038 BBC's contingency plans for broadcasting in times of war or civil emergency from 1945 to present day. Deferred services or deferred facilities.01/06/05All information withheld
RFI2005000039 process & policy for ensuring copyright owners' fees are paid. How can I find out if a fee is unclaimed.01/06/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000041 letters sent to BBC by Alastair Campbell since 199701/06/05All information withheld
RFI2005000042 report by John Smith into Alan Yentob's expenses. Report completed before 24/10/200401/06/05All information withheld
RFI2005000043 Does Alan Yentob have a credit card or cards paid for directly out of BBC funds. Statements for 2001/02, 2002/03, 2003/0401/06/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000044 Alan Yentob's expenses 2001/2, 2002/3, 2003/401/06/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000045 names of BBC employees with credit cards paid out of BBC funds01/06/05All information withheld
RFI2005000047 Which advertising agencies and companies are responsible for drawing up and implementing advertising and promotion campaigns on behalf of the BBC.01/06/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000049 all communications between the BBC and Mentorn regarding the broadcast of the awards. 01/06/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000050 Any policy regarding the ethnic mix of front-line journalists and presenters and which may indicate a bias towards those with Celtic origins.01/06/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000053 Documentation referring to the employment of Geoffrey Boycott as a cricket correspondent despite his having been convicted for violence against women.01/06/05Information not held
RFI2005000154 assurance that no fee paid to Vanessa Feltz for programme on Radio 5 Live and that she will not appear on future programmes. What steps BBC will take to ensure this01/06/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000048 cost of idents - replacing spinning globe & hot air balloon with dance idents in 2002. Future commissions of new idents01/07/05All information withheld
RFI2005000055 50 highest earners in 2001/2, 2002/3, 2003/4 - breaksdown by name and salary01/07/05All information withheld
RFI2005000056 records from 2000 - 2005 relating to the commercialisation of the service including the introduction of advertising and plans to change its charter01/07/05No further info provided
RFI2005000057 training days provided for BBC staff in 2002/3 and 2003/4 - number, subject matter and costs01/07/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000058 minutes of governors meetings in 2003 / 200401/07/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000059 amount spent on chauffeur-driven cars for executives in 2003/0401/07/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000061 TV licensing: summons issues, processes in place to ensure these are issued appropriately.01/07/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000102 List of all private equity, venture capital and real estate funds in which the BBC Pension Trust has an investment.01/07/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000063 Request for vehicle licensing information01/08/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000065 Kirsty Wark expenses, any expenses for entertaining Jack McConnell - if so, how much, when & where01/08/05All information withheld
RFI2005000062 Itemised record of costs incurred by the BBC for the entertainment and hospitality purposes of the former DG - Greg Dyke nad his office in 2003.01/09/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000068 costs incurred for entertainments and hospitality purposes by Gavyn Davies during 200301/09/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000067 Cannot receive digital radio, would like to know why.01/10/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000073 Information is about BBC Wales' financial situation01/10/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000074 Redevelopment of the BBC's Broadcasting House headquarters on Portland Place. The appointment of the construction manager for the project, which was made in December 2002. Concerns: Bovis Lend Lease01/10/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000088 Where funding for TV licensing comes from01/11/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000089 Hospitality enjoyed or extended by BBC Scotland journalists and executives since June 1997 involving politicians of any party.01/11/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000172 How much money spent by BBC on entertaining in the last 12 months.01/11/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000090 Minutes of BOG meeting held on 28th and 29th January 2004.01/12/05All information withheld
RFI2005000094 Why BBC exists as public corporation, what public interest it serves, who owns and runs it, how it pays its way, is it selling or providing a service, who are the customers01/12/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000097 Correspondence between the BBC and members of the royal family and the royal household covering the period from 1948 to the present day. Details of any meetings which have taken place between corporation staff and members of the family and household.01/12/05All information withheld
RFI2005000098 Number of BBC sport employees including freelance and their total wages and expenses bill. Hospitality bills, guest appearance bills.01/12/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000099 Report produced by Ernst & Young on the BBC's system of financial controls. Governors' meeting minutes relating to this.01/12/05All information withheld
RFI2005000120 comprehensive organisation chart for BBC Scotland01/12/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000137 How many reminders for TV Licences have been sent out in each of the last 5 years, how many TV Licences have been issued in each of the last 5 years01/12/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000142 Would like the password for: >>BBC R&D White Paper WHP034 >>Colorimetric and Resolution requirements of cameras >>Addendum 17: Sony HDCAM, HDW730S01/12/05All information withheld
RFI2005000153 Copies of three reminder letters about TV Licence and confirmation that TV licence problem has been sorted.01/12/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000100 correspondence between the Prime Minister, Greg Dyke and Gavyn Davies relating to events surrounding the Hutton Enquiry01/13/05All information withheld
RFI2005000104 What compensation was paid for loss of office or under contract terms to: Greg Dyke; Gavyn Davies; Rupert Gavin and Andrew Gilligan.01/13/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000107 Copy of the report compiled by the consultants working on the reviews of I&A and TRG.01/13/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000108 Documents referring to any facilities for paying fees for British-based entertainers into off-shore accounts written over the past 5 years.01/14/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000109 Documents relating to hospitality declared by politicians for any party journalists and executives at BBC Scotland since 1997.01/14/05Information not held
RFI2005000110 Details of costs incurred by the BBC while lobbying Whitehall or Westminster in the past 5 years.01/14/05Information not held
RFI2005000112 Documents referring to payments made by the BBC in redundancy costs for each of the last 5 years.01/14/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000113 Internal report by the BBC on the merits of disposing of or "privatising" Radios 1 & 2.01/14/05Information not held
RFI2005000114 Documents referring to costs incurred bythe BBC in the employment of corporate or management consultants in the last 5 years01/14/05No further info provided
RFI2005000115 redundancy or severance packages of more than £100,000 for the last three years, documents and records referring to these01/14/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000117 Appreciation Index figures for ten most and least popular programmes of the past year01/14/05All information withheld
RFI2005000118 Documents and records referring to payments made by the BBC in settlement for libel actions in each of the last 3 years. Also provide the documents.01/14/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000119 Deliberations concerning Redruth transmitter from the most recent DAB transmitter programme and when future deliberatiosn will be announced.01/14/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000124 With reference to RFI2005000040 he would like to know for what purposes we hold the tape/transcript for a Radio Devon programme.01/14/05All information withheld
RFI2005000141 Loudspeaker tender process: who were the 18 companies initially selected selected and which of them were shortlisted in the last ten and tracks to assess the various characteristics of the loudspeakers.01/14/05All information withheld
RFI2005000166 Decisions as to who presents BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire sports phone in programme. Job description and details of complaints.01/14/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000125 Copy of any declaration of personal interest held by the BBC in connection with any outside commitments, activities and interests of BBC Radio 4 news presenters, journalists, editorial and management staff01/15/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000126 Copy of any declaration of personal interests held by the BBC in connection with any outside commitments, activities and interests of BBC television news presenters,journalists, editorial and management staff.01/15/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000127 Wld like access to post-1979 material at WAC which was previously denied. Material: coverage of PPBs, PPB committee minutes, programme recording forms01/15/05All information withheld
RFI2005000130 Details of meetings between BBC execs about the sale of BBC commercial assets announced in Dec 2004. Include dates, minutes, details of discussions held with BBC Governors about the scope of the sale.01/15/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000132 expenditure by BBC on corporate hospitality and entertainment in the last five years. Fees paid to Ernst & Young relating to financial audit of BBC in 200401/15/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000133 Copy of the Director General's official diary since June 2004.01/17/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000135 copy of the Chairman of Governor's official diary since May 200401/17/05Partially Disclosed
RFI2005000136 List of pay grades and the corresponding salary ranges01/17/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000138 Record of discussions and correspondence between BBC management, editorial staff and Radio 4 news presenters and journalists concerning any external professional work (non BBC) undertaken by the presenters and journalists during the last 18 months.01/17/05All information withheld
RFI2005000139 BBC record of discussions and correspondence between BBC management, editorial staff and BBC TV news presenters and journalists concerning any external professional work (non BBC) undertaken by the presenters and journalists during the last 18 months01/17/05All information withheld
RFI2005000140 Details of the BBC's entertainment, hotel and travel expenses for the past five years? For senior executives and figures for the Corporation as a whole.01/17/05No further info provided
RFI2005000143 Hospitality and gifts received by (certain) BBC employees from politicians or political parties.01/17/05All information withheld
RFI2005000144 Documents referring to all declarable foreign travel by (certain) BBC employees funded by politicians or political parties.01/17/05All information withheld
RFI2005000152 BBC jobs advertised on website in 2004 - series producer, producer and assistant producer, full details of vacancy01/17/05All information withheld
RFI2005000148 records management policy. standards & guidelines mentioned in response to 37. costs incurred in preparing for FOI legislation. ongoing costs for meeting legislation01/19/05All Information Disclosed
RFI2005000149 Follow up to earlier request (RFI2005000088) for TV licensing financial information.01/19/05All information withheld
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