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NamePrimary GMGenreDescriptionActivityOOC ChannelAlternative GM ContactURL
AshfallDreadparanormal / sci-fi / horrorAshfall is a semi-apocalyptic, modern-setting roleplay straddling an awkward line between infection disaster tropes, science fiction and the paranormal. It's set in Townsville (the one in Queensland, Australia, not the one in the Powerpuff Girls universe) in the rainy season. The name Ashfall stems from the in-character Twitter hashtag that's seen some use, #ashfall, to describe the situation in Townsville. It's also the name of an in-character wikia maintained by Robert Pearce and his friends.

(The applicable genres are ordered by relevance, i.e. this is primarily a paranormal shtick.)
AvishraaShyriathfantasyFar away from Earth, the Avishraan planet is inhabited by dragons. Not so long ago, a genetic mutation has begun to afflict some of them, granting them physical frailty (and the associated sceptical social scrutiny) while blessing them with an ability to perform feats of magic. Slowly the political implications of this change begin to manifest themselves...low#dataclawshyriathdragon@gmail.com
Black Dragon InnAzhurefantasyBlack Dragon Inn is a traditional late medieval fantasy game set in the fictional port city of Drache. Founded in 1995, many players have contributed to the world to develop the setting with over 30 countries. New players are welcomed to use the setting material provided, or create their own. high#BDI*OOCfeedback@arangoth.org
NightchilderDreadfantasy (vampire, modern)Technically a sub-community of the simple web-game A Dark Alleyway (also known as 'Ravenblack Vampires'), Nightchilder comes with its own set of canonical Guild history, traditionally heavily focussing on the Immolators Guild and their political problems with the Splinters of Dusk clan. This roleplay is full of indulgant masochism and diplomacy, and has very little physical fighting in it.undead#dataclawgekkonids@pinkgothic.com (very incomplete; please talk to GM instead)
NightshadeDreadhorror / paranormal / sci-fiNightshade is a setting set on a doomed Earth with a subjugated human population fully unaware of their own subjugation. Stripped of their curiosity, most humans don't parse the changes around them. Those lucky few to still have their curiosity are not so lucky after all - they've either been awoken by the invaders for their petty entertainment, or were 'helpfully' transformed into a hybrid form that allows them to partly withstand the power of the invaders. Slowly, Earth is consumed, and every day its orbit deteriorates a little more, nudging it further away from the sun.

(The applicable genres are ordered by relevance, i.e. this is primarily a horror shtick.)
low#dataclawnightshade@thorngale.net (very incomplete; please talk to GM instead)
SehtoDreadfantasy (pokémon)Sehto is a freeform pokémon roleplaying game, named after the region in which it takes place. It stands mostly by itself as an island set into the pokémon universe. It shares much in common with Johto in that most of it is described by generation two of the pokémon games - though similarities end there.

We're open to anyone in regards to roleplaying, though you are most likely going to enjoy yourself here if you have something of a masochistic streak and like to kick your own characters around a bit. Failing to do something in Sehto is just that much more fun than achieving all your goals.
TarnishDreadsci-fi / fantasyThe world Tarnish plays on, Nekenalos, is a world much like Earth, but with 65 million years of divergent evolution. It houses two sapient species - the dominant Nayabaru (diurnal, bipedal, smooth-skinned descendants of iguanodonts) and the near-extinct kavkema (nocturnal descendants of Cretaceous 'raptors) that they are at odds with.

Until recently, it was housed in the Upsilon Andromedae system. Most of the inhabitants don't know why or through what forces the planet was moved - some don't know that it has been, withdrawn into mythological interpretations of the sky.

One such mythology is the kavkem mythology Nitish Ynas, loosely translating to The Tarnish. The adherents of Tarnish believe that direct sunlight literally corrupts your soul - it's their forgiving explanation for why the Nayabaru are so unspeakably cruel to their kind. Unfortunately, it also demands a place in the shade for them at all times.

When humans come to the planet, it is the Tarnish kavkema (which players will play) that have the opportunity for first contact.
Aite RPGislesci-fiAite RP set in the Mass Effect universe, primarily on the disparate world in the lawless Terminus Systems, though events often take the chracters off world. Everyone has a story to tell why they ended up there, but most importantly is the story still ahead of them as they try carve out a living for themselves.

I recommend anyone wanting to join have at least played the two first video games, though beware of spoilers if you haven't.

We do not have a primary GM per se, different plots and events are run by the plot owner, and any changes to the status quo of the setting is a group effort.