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Daniel Yates - Occult Publishers - Availability Sheet
Please note this is a personal project which I will strive to keep up to date. When in doubt, contact a publisher directly.
This sheet deals only with standard hardback and paperback editions unless deluxe is the only edition.
Please contact publishers directly to enquire about Deluxe and Special Editions
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Anathema PublishingAtramentous Press
Clavis Journal
Fulgur LimitedFiddlers Green
Nemglan Press
The Society of Esoteric EndeavourScarlet ImprintTheion PublishingThree Hands PressOuroboros PressTroy BooksFall of ManXoanonKhepri PressAzoth Press
The 100th Monkey Press
Primal CraftAbracax HouseAeon Sophia PressHadean PressNephilim PressSirius Limited EsotericaArs ObscuraThe Teitan PressVon ZosiNSPiRALink.Multimedia PressStarfire PublishingBlack Letter PressAlkahest Press
Transmutation Publishing
Lux Ferous PressEnodia PressGolden Hoard Press
Sabax Publishing
Crafting the Arte of Tradition (HB)The Witching-OtherVolume 1The Valley of FearExploding the TangerineOur Failing ShadowsThe Grimoire or Book of Spells of Pope HonoriousDatura (HB)Liber Nigri SolisWelsh Witches & Wizards (HB)Mytho-Hermetic Dictionary
A Discovery of the Impostures of Witches and Astrologers (HB)
GullveigarbókThe Azoëtia 1st EdThe Emerald TabletLiber SpirituumThe Wizard WayQueen of Hell 1st EdInfernal DictionaryA Second NatureTestament of Solomon (HB)The Keys of OcatThe Infernal ColopatironDe Virtutibus LapidumMetaphysical Spiritual Philosophy
The Heirglyphic Monad by John Dee
Book of Kaos Tarot (Large)Remembering Aleister CrowleyNatural MagicDie Krote or The ToadQliphoth IV - QuintessenceVoidlightMightiest Sea-Spirit (HB)Geomancy in Theory & PracticeBorax (PB)
Crafting the Arte of Tradition (PB)Standing at the CrossroadsVolume 2Who Ever Thought Thus?The Riddle of the SphinxThe Autumn King
Conjuration and an Excellent Discourse of the Nature and Substance of Devils and Spirits
Datura (PB)Cave of the NuminousWelsh Witches & Wizards (PB)Petit Albert
A Discovery of the Impostures of Witches and Astrologers (PB)
Gap 1st EdThe Azoëtia 2nd EdThe Emerald Tablet Broadside
Gateways Through Light & Shadow
CocaineQueen of Hell 2nd EdThe False Hierarchy of DemonsAsaya Ka LuxaTestament of Solomon (PB)Qliphoth Opus III Lodge EditionVeneration
The Place of Magic in the Intellectual History of Europe
The Pauline Art of SolomonEchoes from the Primal GrimoireBook of Kaos Tarot (Small)Snakewand & The Darker StrainSiderius NunciusThe Synagogue of SatanQliphoth Opus VOrder of the Skeleton KeyMightiest Sea-Spirit (PB)Liber Lunae - Book of the MoonBorax (HB)
Entering the Desert (HB)Welsh WitchesVolume 3CoagulaNine Defenses Against the BasiliskGrimoire of the Spirit of PlaceMandragora (HB)
The Vodou Quantum Leap
The Language of the Birds (HB)
Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum
Aradia (HB)Gap 2nd EdThe Azoëtia 3rd EdOn the Quintessence of WineOn the Shadow of IdeasSir PalamedesThe Red King 1st EdInfernal LegendsCyprianus: Key of HellBibliotheca Valenciana (HB)Crystal GazingTantric Brute Grimoire & The Scarlet QueenOld Tradition CrafteOf the Arte GoetiaScales of the SerpentThe Book of Going Back by Night (HB)GamalielOh, Death!WyrdwoodSpirit Builders (HB)KosmologyMagia Naturalis et Innaturalis (HB)The Magical Treatise of Solomon or HygromanteiaThe Devil's Psalter
Entering the Desert (PB)The Book of Q'ab iTzVolume 4ConjunctioEnchantment DismantledSolomon's ClavisMandragora (PB)Cthonic GnosisThe Language of the Birds (PB)AlchemyAradia (PB)The AbyssQutub 2nd EdAlchemical MeditationsThe Big StickThe Red King 2nd EdMadame Le Marchand's Classic Fortune TellerInto the VoidBibliotheca Valenciana (PB)
Gateways Through Stone and Circle
Dream Gates & Astral PathsThe God of SocratesArs NotoriaShades in MauveThe Book of Going Back by Night (PB)The Other Child and Other TalesThe Red DragonSpirit Builders (PB)
Lanterns of Wisdom from the Firmament
Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis (PB)Key to the Latin of Dr John Dee‘s Spiritual DiariesBakula
The Devils SupperBeing & Non-Being in Occult ExperienceDistillatioThe Place of the Song-DreamCyprianus, Key to HellBabalon and Other PlaysThe Benighted PathOpuscula Magica Volume 1Hieroglyphical KeyA Witch's Natural History (HB)Liber IsfetOneOn the HomunculusThe Book of the LawThe Scorpion God 1st Ed
Madame Le Marchand's Fortune Teller and Dreamer's Dictionary (PDF)
Liber ThagirionThe Book of St. Cyprian: The Sorcerers Treasure (HB)Holy Guardian AngelDark Fruit
The Treasure of the Old Man of the Pyramids, The Black Screech Owl
The Aleister Crowley Desk Reference 1st EdAt the Feet of the GuruMoon Lore
The Ske?tical Occultist
Syzygy 2nd EdThe Key of Necromancy Vol 1 (HB)Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic
(h)AuroraeRitual ResonanceSolveArmchair DemonologySociety of the Horseman's WordSeeking Faust (HB)The Faceless GodOpuscula Magica Volume 2MonarchiaA Witch's Natural History (PB)The Great Perfection DoctrineArs Philtron 1st EdDream: The Lunar Realm of AlchemyAbsinthe: The Green GoddessThe Scorpion God 2nd EdThe Ladies Love OracleRites of NullificationThe Book of St. Cyprian: The Sorcerers Treasure (PB)Seven SpheresNoxobniaThe Aleister Crowley Desk Reference 2nd Ed (HB)SilKMilK MagiZainGrist to Whose Mill?"The Black PulletSke?tical Occultist Issue 1OphiolatreiaThe Key of Necromancy Vol 1 (PB)The Complete Magician's Tables
Cult of Golgotha
Ritual Space and the Crooked Path Beyond
Legion 49Praxis Magica FaustianaSeeking Faust (PB)
The Cult of the Black Cube
The Occult ReliquaryOcclith 1: Codex HomunculiBetween the Realms (HB)Fall DivisionArs Philtron 2nd EdOn the Animation of StatuesThe Rites of EleusisThe Altar of SacrificeThe Amusements of Cartomancy (PDF)Sacerdotium Umbrae MortisThe Magickal Language of the Book of the Law (HB)The Book of AbrasaxSat En AnpuThe Aleister Crowley Desk Reference 2nd Ed (PB)Beelzebub and the BeastW.B Yeats - On Magic & the OccultSke?tical Occultist Issue 2CoalescenceThe Key of Necromancy Vol 2Techniques of Solomonic Magic
The Hanged God: Odinn GrimnirPyrenean WitchcraftVudu Cartography
Fiddlers Green Peculiar Parish Magazine
Magic SecretsTrinity Star Trinity (HB)UnderworldWest Country Witches (HB)Cabala: Mirror of Art and NatureBetween the Realms (PB)AbhicharaViridarium UmbrisAlchemy and the Timing of ThingsThe DrugThe Witchblood GrailSefer Yeroch RuachotThe Magickal Language of the Book of the Law (PB)The Book of AzazelQliphothic WorldsDr. Rudd's Nine Heirarchies of AngelsSilKMilK #1Cults of the ShadowAgrippa - Four BooksSke?tical Occultist Issue 3Sabbatica Vol 2
A Compendium of Unnatural Black Magic
A Cunning Man's Grimoire
Arcanum (HB)The Book of the Black DragonCosmic MeditationFiddlers Green Volume 1 Number 1: Premiere IssueThe ToadmanTrinity Star Trinity (PB)Of Cosmogonic ErosWest Country Wizards (PB)Cantus CircaeusBlack Dog Folklore (HB)Liber BathyalThe Satyr's SermonThe Alchemical WeddingThe Psychology of Hashish
Crown Prince of the Sabbat
Sepher Ha-MaggidThe Magickal Language of the Book of the Law (EPUB)The Book of St. CyprianHarab SerapelA Book of SketchesSilKMilK #2Nightside of EdenSke?tical Occultist Issue 4Gnostic SpacesPraxis Magica FaustianaClavis or Key to the Mysteries of Magic
Arcanum (PB)XOAHidden Lore, Hermetic GlyphsFiddlers Green Volume 1 Number 2: Verdigris SoulExperimentumTara Morgana (HB)FerociousA Gathering of MasksRosicrucian ManifestosBlack Dog Folklore (PB)Cthonic RevelationsLux HaeresisThe Golem and How He Came to BeThe Revival of MagickThe Explicit Name of LuciferA Handbook of Stellar Magick (HB)The Brazen SerpentIn the Shadow of the Watchtower
The True and Perfect Preparation of the Philosopher's Stone
SilKMilK #3Hecate's FountainValmondi and OthersDr John Dee's Spiritual Diaries (1583-1608) 1st Ed
The Last Path on the LeftBorough Satyr (HB)
Fiddlers Green Volume 1 Number 3: Gardener's Giantess
The Graveyard WanderersTara Morgana (PB)The Children of CainJocus SeverusCecil Williamson's Book of Witchraft (HB)Wolf's Hooked Cross (HB)The Psalter of Cain
On the Hieratic Art: or the Alchemy of Talismans
Hymn to PanThe Key of King SolomonA Handbook of Stellar Magick (PB)The Grimoire of TiamatLil Az'H'Az LilThe Art of Rosaleen NortonSilKMilK #4Liber LilithEnkrateieaDr John Dee's Spiritual Diaries (1583-1608) 2nd Ed
The Dancing SorcererBorough Satyr (PB)
Fiddlers Green Volume 1 Number 4: Crown & Crossroads
The Book of MagicDiabolicalVeneficium 1st EdZoroaster's TelescopeCecil Williamson's Book of Witchraft (PB)Wolf's Hooked Cross (PB)EikostosThe Empty ChairSwift WingsThe Vulvic TransmissionaryA Handbook of Stellar Magick (EPUB)Ritual OfferingsThe Grimoire of ZalA Magus Among the AdeptsThe Play Goes OnLux OccultaArs Notoria: The Grimoire of Rapid Learning by Magic
AtuaFiddlers Green Volume 2 Number 1: The OtherwiseThe Ideal TowerHowlingsVeneficium 2nd EdDaemonologieThe Long Hidden FriendThe Black Book of Quimbanda
The Dragon-Book of Essex
The Bushwick GrimoireA Green GarlandThe Serpent Siddur of the Nachash El AcherAll This and a Book (HB)SufurinoThe Sinister AeonThe Secrets of the Kaula CircleOuter GatewaysAdvanced Flying Star Feng Shui
Pillars JournalDearest Vera
Fiddlers Green Volume 2 Number 2: Woodcutter's Moon
Obeah SimplifiedXVIMysticism, Initiation and DreamOccult PsaligraphyThe Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage
The Black Book of Quimbanda (PDF)
KhiazmosThe Time SnailSongs of the Groves
Black Magic Evocation of the Shem ha Mephorash 1st Ed
All This and a Book (PB)Sabbatica Lodge EditionSalve Honoris MorteFoundation Letters and TeachingsKenneth Grant: A BibliographyGuide to the Feng Shui Compass or lo p'an
Pillars Volume 1 Issue 1 (Psychopompos)Zos Speaks!Fiddlers Green Volume 2 Number 3The Complete System of MagicReasonances (HB)The Devil's RaimentsPicatrix Volume 1From Granite to Sea (HB)Myrkþursablót 1st EdVia TortuosaPrelude to a Hymn to HekateRosa Ignota
Black Magic Evocation of the Shem ha Mephorash 2nd Ed
Pandemonium (HB)PactumVxit Urut NagClavis Arcana MagicaBeyond the Mauve ZoneFeng Shui History
Pillars Volume 1 Issue 2 (The Golden Eitr)The Focus of LifeReasonances (PB)Magic Circles in the Grimoire TraditionPicatrix Volume 2From Granite to Sea (PB)Myrkþursablót 2nd Ed (PDF)Visions. August 7, 1994The Essays of Frater AchadWhisperings From the VoidPandemonium (PB)Noxaz Vol 1The Kabbalah, Magick, and ThelemaAgainst the Light
Pillars Volume 1 Issue 3 (The Ebon Kteis)Black Mirror 0The Blood of the Earth (HB)By Moonlight and Spirit Flight 1st EdThe Testament of SolomonSilent as the Trees (HB)Diabolic GnosticismThe Weiser Concise Guide to Alchemy
The Magical Record of Omnia Vincam
Psalterium SathanasGoetic LiturgyAst Ma Ion - Eos Tar NixetA Book of the Offices of SpiritsThe Ninth ArchClassics of Feng Shui Series
Pillars: PerichoresisBlack Mirror 1The Blood of the Earth (PB)By Moonlight and Spirit Flight 2nd Ed (HB)MetaphysikSilent as the Trees (PB)Diabolic Gnosticism (PDF)Alchemy: The Poetry of MatterThe New DianaVia SiniestraThe Serpent Tongue: Liber 187Typhonian Rites of AmentaAbraham the Jew on Magic TalismansServants of the Star & the Snake Volume I: The Water Dragon
Pillars: The Scalding of SapientiaBlack Mirror 2Serpent Songs (HB)By Moonlight and Spirit Flight 2nd Ed (PB)Spells From the Wise Woman's Cottage (HB)El Libro Negro de la QuimbandaRunenSpeculum TerraeThe Times Deceas'dThe Incoming of the Aeon of Maat Volume II: The Original Eight Mansions Formula
Pillars Volume 2 Issue 1 (Circling the Compass)
Earth MagicSerpent Songs (PB)Wisht Waters (HB)Spells From the Wise Woman's Cottage (PB)Arbor de MagistroLiber CoronzomThe Starry RubricQliphoth Opus JournalAleister Crowley, the Golden Dawn and Buddhism Volume III: The Key San He Feng Shui Formulas
Pillars Volume 2 Issue 2 (The Seeds of Ares)The Sacrificial UniversePomba Gira (HB)Wisht Waters (PB)The Black Toad (HB)Path of Atavistic ViolenceFragment of a Graeco-Egyptian Work Upon MagicThe Book of CoeliusQliphoth Opus IA Book of Automatic DrawingStarfire Journal Volume IV: Mountain Dragon Formulas
The Blazing Dew of StarsPomba Gira (PB)The Leaper Between (HB)The Black Toad (PB)Path of Atavistic Violence (PDF)A Handbook of Sacred AnatomyObeah: A Sorcerous Ossuary (HB)Qliphoth Opus 2The Authentic Red DragonStarfire Jounral Volume 1 Number 1
Codex 231Exu (HB)The Leaper Between (PB)The British Book of Charms and Spells (HB)LeMULgetonSaturn RisingObeah: A Sorcerous Ossuary (PB)Qliphoth Opus 3Lunar and Sex WorshipStarfire Journal Volume 1 Number 2Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic Series
Earth: InfernoExu (PB)Arcanum BestiarumThe British Book of Charms and Spells (PB)LeMULgeton (PDF)Tantric Brute GrimoireObeah: A Sorcerous Ossuary (EPUB)Qliphoth Opus 4The Thoth Tarot, Astrology, & Other Selected WritingsStarfire Journal Volume 1 Number 3
Volume 1 - The Practical Angel Magic of John Dee's Enochian Tables
The Exhibition Catalogue of Austin Osman SparePalo Mayombe (HB)Scottish Witches & WarlocksTraditional Witchcraft (HB)The Ophidic EssenceQliphoth Opus IMaria De Padilla: Queen of the SoulsQliphoth Opus 5Brother Curwen, Brother CrowleyStarfire Journal Volume 1 Number 4Volume 2 - The Keys to the Gateway of Magic
Voudon GnosisPalo Mayombe (PB)Idolatry Restor'dTraditional Witchcraft (PB)The Ophidic Essence (PDF)Qliphoth Opus 2Daemonology (HB)Qliphoth Opus 6Invocating by Magic Crystals and MirrorsStarfire Journal Volume 1 Number 5Volume 3 - The Goetia of Dr Rudd
Zos-KiaIfa (HB)Occlith 0: OmniformTreading the Mill (HB)ThresholdKitvei Kodesh Hachol Volume 1Daemonology (PB)Qliphoth Opus 7Three Macabre StoriesStarfire Journal Volume 2 Number 1Volume 4 - The Veritable Key of Solomon
Songs for the Witch WomanIfa (PB)Salomonic Magical ArtsTreading the Mill (PB)Threshold (PDF)Kitvei Kodesh Hachol Volume 222 Paths of InperfectionThe Magic Seal of John DeeStarfire Journal Volume 2 Number 2Volume 5 - Michael Psellus on the Operation of Dæmons
Ontological GraffitiCrossed Keys (HB)The Afflicted MirrorThe Charmers Psalter (HB)L.O.C ManifestA Grimoire of Bhakti Yoga/LuciferThe Pentacles of SolomonSabbatica JournalThorn in the FleshStarfire Journal Volume 2 Number 3Volume 6 - The Grimoire of St. Cyprian - Clavis Inferni
Decad of IntelligenceCrossed Keys (PB)TartarosThe Charmers Psalter (PB)The Book of SassstiaPyramidoxTools of the Greater KeySabbatica Vol 1The Progradior CorrespondenceStarfire Jounral Volume 2 Number 4Volume 7 - Sepher Raziel - a 1564 grimoire
Taro as ColorThe True Grimoire (HB)36 Faces (HB)The Cornish Traditional Year (HB)The Book of Sassstia (PDF)Cthonic Prose & TheoryWalking the Spectral PathSabbatica Vol 2The Rosicrucian Seer
A Book of StavesThe True Grimoire (PB)36 Faces (PB)The Cornish Traditional Year (PB)Lilonon AnanaelMalevolenceThe New Equinox: The British Journal of MagicSabbatica Vol 3Occult Spells
Ecyprosis - The Best of Starfire Volume 1
Visions of Enchantment
The Testament of Cyprian the Mage (HB)
Hands of ApostasyThe Devil's Dozen (HB)A Monons de a SiatrisCompendium Rarissimum Totius Artis MagicaeThe Spellbook of Marie Lavaeau: The Petit AlbertSabbatica Vol 4A Book of Shadows
Ascend, Ascend
The Testament of Cyprian the Mage (PB)
PenumbraeThe Devil's Dozen (PB)Claves RegniZakaelOpuscula CyprianiSabbatica Vol 5A Concordance to the Holy Books of Thelema
Touch Me Not 1st EdGeosophia (HB)Witchcraft and Sorcery of the Balkans (HB)The Devil's Plantation (HB)The Thiteenth Path JournalConjure CodexSepher Maphteah Shelomoh
Touch Me Not 2nd EdGeosophia (PB)Witchcraft and Sorcery of the Balkans (PB)The Devil's Plantation (PB)Conjure Codex 1Aetheric Atavisms JournalThree Essays on Freedom
Enchanted ModernitiesJinn Sorcery (HB)The Baron Citadel (HB)The Gnome Manuscripts: Part One (HB)Conjure Codex 2Aetheric Atavisms 1 - NAx Arak NAxA Complete Book of Magic Science
Qutub 1st EdJinn Sorcery (PB)The Baron Citadel (PB)The Gnome Manuscripts: Part One (PB)Conjure Codex 3
Aetheirc Atavisms 2 - The Infernal Faces of Hekate
Inside Solar Lodge - Outside the Law
The Witches SabbathAlchemy Rising (HB)A Rose Veiled in Black (HB)The Old Woman and the Conjurors (HB)Aetheric Atavisms 3 - Little Poems in Prose
The Book of Ugly EcstasyAlchemy Rising (PB)A Rose Veiled in Black (PB)The Old Woman and the Conjurors (PB)Guides to the UnderworldAetheirc Atavisms 4 - The Chants ov Belial
Two Tracts on CartomancyThe Red Goddess (HB)EffigyThe Silent Listener (HB)Guides to the Underworld Volume 1 - The SaintsAetheric Atavisms 5 - Saraf Lesama Ael Aza
Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Spare (HB)The Red Goddess (PB)Sylvan Dread (HB)The Silent Listener (PB)Papa Legba: A Workbook
Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Spare (PB)Apocalyptic Witchcraft (HB)Sylvan Dread (PB)Under the Witching Tree (HB)Erzulie of the Deep
Trans-States: The Art of Crossing OverApocalyptic Witchcraft (PB)Thirteen Pathways of Occult Herbalism (HB)Under the Witching Tree (PB)Conjuring the Planetary Intelligences
SéanceLucifer: Princeps (HB)Thirteen Pathways of Occult Herbalism (PB)Under the Bramble Arch (HB)Conjuring the Planetary Intelligences (EPUB)
Into the Mylar ChamberLucifer: Princeps (PB)The Language of the Corpse (HB)Under the Bramble Arch (PB)Saint Raphael the Archangel
Star.Ships (HB)The Language of the Corpse (PB)Walking the Tides (HB)Saint Raphael the Archangel (EPUB)
Abraxas JournalStar.Ships (PB)The Luminous Stone (HB)Walking the Tides (PB)The Devil's Bestiary: The Magpie
Abraxas Journal Volume 1 (HB)The Game of Saturn (HB)The Luminous Stone (PB)Wassailing (HB)An Inventorie of Demons
Abraxas Jounral Volume 1 (PB)The Game of Saturn (PB)Occlith 1: Codex HomunculiWassailing (PB)An Inventorie of Demons (EPUB)
Abraxas Journal Volume 2 (HB)Magister Officiorum (HB)The Green Mysteries (HB)Wortcunning (HB)The Magick of the Ghebers
Abraxas Journal Volume 2 (PB)Magister Officiorum (PB)The Green Mysteries (PB)Wortcunning (PB)A Prince among Spirits
Abraxas Jounral Volume 3 (HB)Holy Daimon (HB)Plants of the DevilA Prince among Spirits (EPUB)
Abraxas Journal Volume 3 (PB)Holy Daimon (PB)East Anglian Witches and Wizards (HB)Cyprianic Cartomancy
Abraxas Journal Volume 4 (HB)The Brazen Vessel (HB)East Anglian Witches and Wizards (PB)Black EditionsSaint Cyprian: Saint of Necromancers
Abraxas Journal Volume 4 (PB)The Brazen Vessel (PB)Witch-Ikon CatalogueThe Black ToadSaint Cyprian: Saint of Necromancers (EPUB)
Abraxas Journal Volume 5 (HB)Lucifer: PraxisOf the Witches Pact With the Devil (HB)Traditional WitchcraftSt. Cyprian & the Sorcerous Transmutation
Abraxas Journal Volume 5 (PB)72Of the Witches Pact With the Devil (PB)Treading the MillSt. Cyprian & the Sorcerous Transmutation (EPUB)
Abraxas Journal Volume 6 (HB)MystaiWitch-Ikon (HB)The Charmers PsalterGoetic Divination
Abraxas Journal Volume 6 (PB)The Excellent BookWitch-Ikon (PB)The Devil's DozenGoetic Divination (EPUB)
TrollrunThe Wicked Shall Decay (HB)The Devil's PlantationGoetic Pharmakos
Abraxas Special Issue 1 (HB)The Wicked Shall Decay (PB)Goetic Pharmakos (EPUB)
Abraxas Special Issue 1 (PB)The Celestial Art (HB)Goetic Spellwork
Abraxas Special Issue 2 (HB)The Celestial Art (PB)Goetic Spellwork (EPUB)
Abraxas Special Issue 2 (PB)The Moribund Portal (HB)The Mirror of Elicona
The Moribund Portal (PB)The Mirror of Elicona (EPUB)
I:MAGESharp PracticeThe True Red Dragon
I:MAGE 1 - An Inaugural Exhibition of Esoteric Artists
Marks of TethFumigations of the Seven Planets
I:MAGE 2 - Travelling with Unfamiliar Spirits
The Wisdom of the Ages and the Secrets of the Sages
Opening the Book of Lambspring
Three Books of Occult PhilosophyOpening the Book of Lambspring (EPUB)
The Spirit of the DownsThe Lunar Formula of IAO
Daimon and PharmakonThe Lunar Formula of IAO (EPUB)
Cauda PavonisElelogap: The Spirit of the Waters
Sefer Ha-Sitra AchraElelogap: The Spirit of the Waters (EPUB)
Frimost & Klepoth
Wyrd JournalFrimost & Klepoth (EPUB)
Wyrd Volume 1Tools of Avernus
Wyrd Volume 2Tools of Avernus (EPUB)
Wyrd Volume 3Chasing the Dragon: The Magick of Le Veritable Dragon Noir
Wyrd Volume 4
Chasing the Dragon: The Magick of Le Veritable Dragon Noir (EPUB)
The Glastonbury I Ching
The Grimoire of the Sixfold Star
Jesus Malverde
Kuan Yin in the West
Kuan Yin in the West (EPUB)
Liber Pyramidos
Liber Pyramidos (EPUB)
The Heart of Jewish Meditation
Saint Expedite
Saint Expedite (EPUB)