First NameSecond NameBioPrimary AffiliationTwitterGithub UsernameRegion (Citizenship)Country (Citizenship)Country (Residence)Issue AreaDiscipline
Final year MLIS student at the University of British Columbia. I care about helping folks get more agency in their own lives through expanding low/no-cost education opportunities. Former language & intelligence analyst for the US Navy, now trying to use my powers for good.
University of British Columbia / Stacks & Facts
@the_musserpmusserNorthern America
United States of America
Canadaopen_educationLibrary, information and archival studies
A scholarly communications librarian, I administer our IR and am the main OA and OER person. I'm also exploring turnkey IR solutions with a consortial (SCELC) committee, am a guest editor for the Idealis, and research colonialism in scholarly communications.
University of Redlands
@paigekmannpaigekmannNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_accessLibrary, information and archival studies
I am a recent MLIS graduate and Open advocate with 5 years of experience working in an academic environment developing projects in support of OpenEd. I currently work for a non-profit with the mission of making quality Canadian law and legal materials openly accessible online.
CanLII@alisa_lazearalazearNorthern AmericaCanadaCanadaopen_educationLibrary, information and archival studies
I am an open access publisher and librarian who believes the scholarly publishing industry needs a radical new approach. Change can only happen when research production is back in the hands of scholars.
University of Minnesota
Northern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_accessLibrary, information and archival studies
FrancesChang Andreu
As the Digital Initiatives Librarian at RIT, my work focuses on ensuring access to information. I manage our Open Access repository, and as a byproduct, promote OA on campus. I also support digitization projects that increase accessibility to our cultural heritage collections.
Rochester Institute of Technology
bunheadbrarianfcandreuNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_accessLibrary, information and archival studies
I am a Ph.D. student in the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). My research focus is reducing health inequality by improving minority health using community-based participatory approaches. I am currently involved in health literacy projects.
University of Illinois Chicago
DoremaAfricaNigeriaUnited States of Americaopen_research_dataHealth (incl. medicine, nursing)
I am passionate about plastics and plastic waste. Throughout my doctoral studies and continuing into my current research, I have worked on projects focused on creating sustainable closed loop plastic solutions as well as community education to reduce plastic use.
Grey to Green Sustainable Solutions
wanderingdreamerOceaniaNew ZealandCanadaopen_scienceChemistry
I'm a linguist currently working as the Open Science officer of the European Research Infrastructure DARIAH to facilitate Humanities' inclusion to and sufficient representation in Open Science.
I am a 2nd year MSc student in Management at Brock (Research-based). My academic professional experiences include Guest lecturer for Goodman School of Business MBA Program, graduate teaching and research assistant for several undergrad and grad courses in management.
Brock University: Goodman School of Business
@FaresBelkhiriaCaptFaresAfricaTunisiaCanadaopen_educationBusiness and administration
WillaLiburd Tavernier
I believe that open scholarship is at a critical decision point - there is a need to define a theoretical basis for moving forward, to refocus thought and action as well as re-tool and orient our services toward the ultimate goal of an open environment for research & learning.
Indiana University Libraries
Latin America and the Caribbean
Saint Kitts and NevisUnited States of Americaopen_educationLibrary, information and archival studies
I am an open source advocate, I lead advocacies and contribute to different open source resources as a trainer and a contributor. I am passionate about open education since it is the only way education can be made affordable accessible to all
Open Foundation West Africa
AfricaGhanaUnited States of Americaopen_research_dataEducation
Anointing Momoh
I have a background in Economics and am currently a master’s in public policy candidate at Simon Fraser University, BC. Previously, I was a Research Associate at the Centre for the Study of the Economies of Africa (CSEA); a non-profit policy think tank based in Abuja, Nigeria.
Simon Fraser University
I am holding a Bachelor Degree BSc. from the Univesity of Kurdistan-Hawler. Currently, I am a teaching assistant at the same university and responsible for providing Data to our Researchers. and at the same time working on a project of Creating "Data Bank" at my University.
University of Kurdistan-Hawler
Dana.AbkhDanaAbkhAsiaIraqIraqopen_research_dataEngineering and engineering trades
I am a researcher at the World Wide Web Foundation's Open Data Lab Jakarta where I have been working on a number of action research projects and activities on open government, open contracting, open data, data literacy and digital literacy.
Open Data Lab Jakarta
Cynthia Sin NgaLam
At 17, I invented H2PrO that purifies water+generates energy. I represented Australia at Google Science Fair. I advocate for STEM Ed and did a TEDx talk Former president of AMSAHK -invest in capacity building of medical students Co-founded PayItForward HK, a social startup.
IFMSA / HKUcynthiasnlamthialamAsiaHong KongHong Kongopen_educationHealth (incl. medicine, nursing)
I am a postdoctoral fellow harnessing food web theory to forward conservation, a member of the Leadership Team at PREreview, in September, I will be starting a position as a policy fellow in open science with the Government of Canada.
PREreview/University of Guelph
MonsauceMonsauceNorthern AmericaCanadaCanadaopen_scienceEnvironment
I work at Tbilisi City Hall at the Department of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs. I am responsible to plan and implement different projects and activities financed by government for youth. Currently I work on volunteer program and municipal youth training center.
MahadiaAlly Tunga
I am a young and dynamic leader with ambition to empower women and girls through data literacy.I co founded Tanzania Data Lab (dLab) NGO following successfully implementation of dLab project. I work as a trainer where I have trained over 1120 individuals on data literacy.
University of Dar es Salaam/ Tanzania Data Lab (dLab)
TungaMahadiamahadiatungaAfricaTanzaniaTanzaniaopen_scienceInformation and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
I am a graduate student in the second year of my Library and Information Science program at Indiana University. I am IU’s Scholarly Communication graduate assistant, where I lead open access outreach initiatives.
Indiana University@hoops_jennyJenHoopsNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_accessLibrary, information and archival studies
IreneRamos Pérez
I'm a Master's student in Sustainability Science with a BS in Math. I love applying computational modeling in interdisciplinary projects that contribute to solve environmental problems. I am also an independent learner, a firm believer in OA and beginner advocate.
Latin America and the Caribbean
MexicoMexicoopen_scienceMathematics and statistics
I am a software engineer, a believer in equal access to information for everyone and actively working on open educational resources in Afghanistan. I manage Darakht-e Danesh digital library, an online library of open educational materials for Afghan teachers and students.
AsiaAfghanistanCanadaopen_educationInformation and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
I work in the Office of the President. I handle several initiatives, i.e. Indonesia Open Data, National E-government reform, Smart City, and Youth Empowerment. My background is Computer Science. I’ve been advocating open government for 5 years in Indonesia.
Executive Office of the President, Republic of Indonesia
@robertustheorobertustheoAsiaIndonesiaIndonesiaopen_gov_dataInformation and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
As a lawyer and librarian, I am committed to developing and supporting the legal and social framework necessary for equitable, sustainable open culture. As Director of the NCSU Copyright & Digital Scholarship Center I work to empower open pedagogy, scholarship, and practice.
NCSU Libraries@tceles_B_hsupwill-cross.github.ioNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_educationLaw
I am an epidemiologist interested in open science tools, methods, training and community stewardship. I hold an MS in Population Medicine (Epidemiology). I have focussed on creating curriculum and running workshops for scientists in open and reproducible research methods and am a co-author of FOSTER’s Open Science Training Handbook. I am currently the Director of Scientific Outreach for the reproducibility platform Code Ocean.
Code Ocean@april_csaprilcsNorthern AmericaCanadaUnited States of Americaopen_research_dataHealth (incl. medicine, nursing)
Juliane CoddToce
I am the 2016 VA Lottery Super Teacher in the inner-city of Richmond, VA and a HERO-T Fellow at Virginia Commonwealth University. I teach science and am conducting a pilot study on the effectiveness of Personality-Targeted Interventions for Adolescent Substance Misuse.
Richmond Public Schools/VCU
@huliwooJulianeCoddToceNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_research_dataEducation
I am Co-Executive Director of Code for Science & Society (CS&S), a nonprofit that supports and develops open source projects that advance open scholarship as well as other public interest domains. I am motivated to create a sustainable open ecosystem of tools for scholars.
Northern America
United States Minor Outlying Islands
United States of Americaopen_softwareBiological and related sciences
Project Manager for the Knowledge G.A.P. Research Project and network coordinator for the Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network. Studied International Development Studies and Economics at the University of Toronto.
Knowledge G.A.P. / University of Toronto
Latin America and the Caribbean
I'm a librarian building and leading open initiatives at VCU, an OpenCon satellite organizer, and member of the first cohort of the SPARC Open Education Leadership Program. My top passions include open education, copyright/open licensing, and public engagement with science.
Virginia Commonwealth University
@hill_millhkmillerNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_educationLibrary, information and archival studies
I currently implement open science policies for the US Department of Energy and was an OA advocate while I was in grad school studying atmospheric chemist. I work in the DOE office that works to make all science DOE funds freely available to the public.
US Department of Energy
@carlybrobinson@carlyrobinsonNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_scienceChemistry
I am a Public Services Librarian at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. My subject areas include Secondary Education and the Faculty of Education's Aboriginal Teacher Education Program. Currently I am involved with planning Science Literacy Week and various OER projects.
University of Alberta Libraries
@debfeisstdfeisstNorthern AmericaCanadaCanadaopen_educationLibrary, information and archival studies
As Rebus Community’s fulltime publishing coordinator,I support the creation of OTs & am working to document Rebus’ collaborative publishing model.I work to make access to knowledge more equitable by developing sustainable publishing models & widening access to pub. infrastructure
Rebus CommunityapurvaashokAsiaIndiaCanadaopen_educationOther
ZoeWake Hyde
I am an open publishing advocate and am deeply committed to improving access to education and knowledge. Currently, I am working towards this mission as the product manager at the Rebus Community, developing tools & resources to support collaborative open textbook publishing.
Rebus Community@zwhnzzwhnzOceaniaNew ZealandCanadaopen_educationOther
I am currently in the middle of a two-year postdoctoral CLIR fellowship at the Claremont Colleges Library doing an assessment/evaluation of data science / data services needs and opportunities at the library and the 7 (SEVEN!) colleges we support.
The Claremont Colleges Library
@JFTitonejellenfNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_research_dataLibrary, information and archival studies
I am a Pakistani-Colombian-American graduate student at UCSF working on my PhD in Biomedical Sciences. I am driven by the need for education and healthcare in underrepresented populations and therefore am passionate about open access to and communication of scientific research.
University of California, San Francisco
@IbsAli_ibsali33Northern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_scienceBiological and related sciences
I am a graduate student in English with a certificate in Bioethics working at the intersection of literature and public health. My dissertation examines the role of public health, particularly the parasite hookworm, in fiction. I am passionate about developing new tools to bridge the gaps between the humanities and social/medical sciences through Open Access public scholarship.
Emory University EssayLarsonsalarson8Northern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_accessLiterature and linguistics
I'm a professor in the Dept. of Physics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). I do computational and experimental research in cellular biophysics, all openly. I'm also founder of Why Open Research?, a website for researchers to learn about sharing their work.
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
@emckiernan13emckiernanNorthern America
United States of America
Mexicoopen_scienceBiological and related sciences
Librarian and open access advocate working to ensure public access to scholarship and to increase the diversity of voices. I yell on the internet a lot.
Creative Commons Canada
jambinajambinaNorthern AmericaCanadaCanadaopen_accessLibrary, information and archival studies
Forensic Psychologist and Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, Department of Surgery. Research interests include, psychopathy, borderline personality disorder, sex differences in aggression and violence, violence prevention and intervention, psychophysiology and neuropsychology.
Virginia Commonwealth University
@Thomson_ndndthomsonNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_research_dataPsychology
I work as an Instructional Technologist at the University of Guelph. My role's primary responsibilities include providing development opportunities to faculty in relation to digital pedagogy, technology-enhanced teaching and learning, open education and instructional design.
University of Guelph@CCoulter11CCoulter11Northern AmericaCanadaCanadaopen_educationEducation
I am a PhD student at the Max-Planck institute for heart and lung research. In my PhD I am studying genetic compensation (i.e. how cells respond to mutations to avoid developing defects). Currently I am the general sevretary and deputy spokesperson of the Mac-Planck PhDnet.
Max Planck PhDnet / Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research
brolosyAfricaEgyptGermanyopen_accessBiological and related sciences
I Mrs Vrushali Dandawate working as Central Library Head at AISSMS College of Engineering Pune, Maharashtra, India. Currently I am working as DOAJ Ambassador India.
DOAJ / AISSMS College of Engineering
@vrushalisainathvrushali123AsiaIndiaIndiaopen_accessLibrary, information and archival studies
GTA at the Philosophy Department of the University of Kansas. I was a Fulbright scholar.I was a visiting graduate student at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. MA in philosophy from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and degrees in philosophy and history by the Federal University of Ouro Preto. In the summers of 2008 and 2009, I was the administrative coordinator of the academic program Legal and Policy Study in Rio de Janeiro by the Center for the Comparative Study of Metropolitan Growth, Georgia State University College of Law. My research interests are in political philosophy, normative ethics, metaethics, practical reason, philosophy of law, and history of economic thought.
University of KansasrafdreamNorthern AmericaBrazilUnited States of Americaopen_educationPhilosophy and ethics
I am a social researcher, with a background in International Development and Sociology and an advocate for equity and social justice in education, science and human development. I currently work at the intersections of technology, feminism, and openness.
Hiperderecho / Knowledge GAP
Latin America and the Caribbean
EcuadorPeruopen_scienceSociology and cultural studies
OER librarian by day, rabblerouser by night. I read and engage with feminists, disability advocates, + Indigenous thinkers because I’m invested in making things diverse + egalitarian. This informs how I plan projects, organize events, + exist in the worlds of Open + academia.
University of Guelph@aliversluisaversluisNorthern AmericaCanadaCanadaopen_educationLibrary, information and archival studies
My name is Linda Lew and I work as a journalist for the South China Morning Post. I have been advocating and promoting for open access, open education and open data in China for the past two years.
SCMP@lindadalewlindadalewOceaniaNew ZealandHong Kongopen_accessJournalism and reporting
Currently I am the Senior Publishing Technologies Developer for Birkbeck, University of London based at the Centre for Technology and Publishing. Alongside Martin Eve I develop Open Source software in the Publishing landscape, most notable the Janeway project.
Open Library of Humanities/Birkbeck
ajrbyersajrbyersEuropeUnited KingdomUnited Kingdomopen_softwareInformation and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
Ana Niño serves as the Digitization Assistant at the University of North Texas Libraries' Special Collections department where she oversees in-house digitization as well as preparations for third-party vendor digitization. Over the past 5 years, Ana has worked in a variety of academic and public library settings, and she is currently finishing up her last year of her MLS. Some of her areas of interest include digitization of archival materials, project management, multilingual metadata in digital libraries and archival finding aids, and Open Access & Open Educational Resources.
University of North Texas Libraries - Special Collections
anamarianino420Northern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_accessLibrary, information and archival studies
I am a former researcher, currently working in open knowledge and non-profit technology communities. I am interested in the ways we can challenge traditional power structures in these movements and build more equitable communities.
Powered by Data@online_lorrainelorarinechu3nNorthern AmericaCanadaCanadaopen_gov_dataPsychology
I am a 3rd-year sociology & political science student with a strong passion in political policy integration in the post-secondary climate. With this passion, I was elected as the VP Academic of the University of Alberta Students' Union, representing 35,000 students provincially.
University of Alberta Students' Union Vice President Academic, OER Advocacy Group Chair
@akankshapotter, @uasuVPAcademic
akankshapotter4Northern AmericaCanadaCanadaopen_educationPolitical sciences and civics
I am an oncology nurse and have recently started working as a nursing professor. Some nursing-research faculty colleagues and I wrote an OER of lesson plans this past year, and now I'm eager to enhance the education of my students by becoming more involved in Open initiatives!
Grand Valley State University
@iamgennybee@elrodgenNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_educationHealth (incl. medicine, nursing)
I am Annie, working at American International School Dhaka as a Library System Manager. I completed my B.A. (Honors) and M.A. in Information Science & Library Management from the University of Dhaka. At present I am doing my personal research on OA initiative & its impact on life
AISDAnnie170385Annie170385AsiaBangladeshBangladeshopen_accessLibrary, information and archival studies
I am an OER coordinator and student advocate. I study issues of inclusion in education. As a former adjunct in composition, I am interested in pedagogy that seeks to increase representation of historically underrepresented populations.
Open Textbook Network / Boise State University
@Ed_EmBeeEmBeeBSUNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_educationEducation
I am an Outreach Scientist at Addgene and I volunteer as a co-organizer at BosLab community laboratory. Through my work I aim to make science more inclusive, accessible, and open.
Addgene@ZebraElementzebraelementNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_scienceBiological and related sciences
Currently a Metadata Librarian, previously a film projectionist. I went to school as an undergrad for art and gender studies and anthropology, and am still interested in those things.
Cornell University Library
cm647Northern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_accessArts
I am a PhD student in comparative cognition. My project involves meta-research and replication studies in comparative cognition. At the same time I am driving open access & data archiving within my own lab, and pushing for this at my university, inc starting an open science club.
University of Cambridge
@bg_farrarBGFarrarEuropeUnited KingdomUnited Kingdomopen_research_dataPsychology
I am a final year medical student from Greece and currently representing the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA) as the Liaison Officer for Medical Education issues. I am especially passionate about Open Education, as it is a fundamental right.
IFMSA - International Federation of Medical Students' Associations
katerinadimaEuropeGreeceGreeceopen_educationHealth (incl. medicine, nursing)
I am an aquatic ecologist who is passionate about open data. I studying the behaviour and physiology of fishes but also conduct empirical research, write opinion pieces, and regularly give talks and workshops on data sharing and open science. See
Carleton University@dom_rochedomrocheNorthern AmericaCanadaSwitzerlandopen_research_dataBiological and related sciences
Scholarly communications and liaison librarian in the University of Toronto Mississauga Library. My background of art history and visual arts has allowed me to curate OA week events in unique and engaging ways.
University of TorontoyumetsubAsiaJapanCanadaopen_accessLibrary, information and archival studies
I am a librarian by degree working as a special librarian at the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, focusing on open science. I am an OpenCon Alum.
Gates Foundation @ashleydfarley
Northern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_scienceLibrary, information and archival studies
I am OpenCon organizing community members and founder of Open Access Indonesia. I have a deep interest to advance and promote open access, open data, and open education in my country!
Open Access Indonesia
I am a 25 year old Industrial Engineer and an Open Science Champion at Kyambogo University, Uganda. I happen to care about Open Science, and I am the co-founder OpenScience Uganda which runs a monthly OpenCon meeting and has a growing membership with over 100 active members.
Kyambogo UniversityRonnie_SewansSewansRonnieAfricaUgandaUgandaopen_scienceEngineering and engineering trades
Thomas Mboa
My name is Thomas Hervé Mboa Nkoudou, actually I am very glad to be part of the Organizing Comittee of OpenCon of this year. I am also member of the Association for the Promotion of Open Science in Haiti and Africa (APSOHA).
Université Laval/Apsoha
@MboathomasthomasmboaAfricaCameroonCanadaopen_scienceLibrary, information and archival studies
JacquelinePhillipsTemple University@JPhillipsATC@jmp2424Northern America
United States of America
United States of America
I am medical doctor based in Nepal. I am also the founder and director of Open Access Nepal. I am involved with organization of regional meetings, conducting community calls in the Asia region and celebrating open days and week through various training, seminars and workshops.
Open Access NepalrosankarnrosankarnAsiaNepalNepalopen_educationHealth (incl. medicine, nursing)
Reference librarian in an academic medical center. Also Chair of the cross-campus Scholarly Communications Coordinating Group; emphasizes open initiatives campus-wide. Also librarian for history of medicine collection, actively digitizing and uploading historical materials.
UConn Health@HMSLibrarianJMiglusNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_accessLibrary, information and archival studies
Christian Medina-Ramirez
I am a researcher & practitioner in the Open Data & Open Government fields at the non-profit OpenNorth. Colombian-born, and passionate about improving the quality of democratic institutions, I hope to bring a Global South and minority perspective to different Civic-Tech spaces.
Open North @cmedina1990@christianMR90
Latin America and the Caribbean
ColombiaCanadaopen_gov_dataPolitical sciences and civics
I am a scholarly communications librarian at the University of San Francisco, where we just passed an open access policy and are are in our first open education grant cycle. I work at the intersection of scholarly communication and social justice, particularly diversity issues.
University of San Francisco
charlotterockcharlotterockNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_accessLibrary, information and archival studies
Having completed graduate studies in LIS and business this past spring, I recently joined the University of Virginia Libraries as Resident Librarian with the Scholarly Communications team. Two of my current projects include collaboration in the development of strategic and sustainability plans for Aperio, our Open Access publishing platform, and assisting our Director of Information Policy in the assembly of a libguide on Open Access Publishing. My past experience in public libraries and archives influenced my interest in appropriate access and preservation of knowledge. Being new to the Open Access community, I am eager to learn and contribute to its mission.
University of Virginia@hnabahehnabaheNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_accessLibrary, information and archival studies
ArturoGarduño Magaña
I'm a 29 years old mexican BA on LIS. I've been involved with Open Access projects since school in 2013 and in early 2017 I've been invited to work for the Mexican National Council of Science and Technology CONACYT. Currently I'm Assistant Director of Open Science Repositories.
CONACYT National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico
Latin America and the Caribbean
MexicoMexicoopen_scienceInformation and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
I am a ScholComm Librarian interested in how we place trust in systems in academia and how Open can enhance those systems. I am passionate about the communication of research, especially to the public. I believe community is key to positively affecting the future.
Montana State University
@calamityleilaleilabelleNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_accessLibrary, information and archival studies
I am extremely passionate about making my research as open, transparent, and reproducible as possible. In my spare time, I help other students learn about why open science is beneficial to them and the scientific community, and teach them about best open science practices.
The Ohio State University
NickMacroNickMacroNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_sciencePhysics
Alexis CJohnson
I am the founder of Pineapple Laboratories. Artist and entrepreneur trained in Materials Engineering and Bioengineering (MSc, PhD). Alumni from Heidelberg University. Born in Venezuela, identify as transgender woman.
IN_VISIBLE Project / Pineapple Laboratories
@pineapple_labAJOpenCon17EuropeGermanyGermanyopen_educationEngineering and engineering trades
My story of self takes me from a neuroscience PhD to an interest in science policy (UK context) to working to make science more inclusive, transparent and collaborative through culture change and using the web and other technologies, currently at eLife.
ASAPbionpsciencenpscienceEuropeUnited KingdomUnited Kingdomopen_scienceBiological and related sciences
I am currently the VP External for the University of Lethbridge Students' Union (ULSU) and the current Director-at-Large, Policy for the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA). I am also studying my BA in Political Science with a minor in History.
Canadian Alliance of Student Associations / University of Lethbridge Students' Union
@ViciSchindlervictoriaschindlerNorthern AmericaCanadaCanadaopen_educationPolitical sciences and civics
Juliana Soto
I´m a Colombian journalist, researcher, and creator of contents for communications and visual arts projects. Since 2010, I have been working in the field of digital rights and digital culture. Currently, I´m an independent consultant on communications projects and the creator of Tour Delirio, an animated comic about salsa and digital surveillance, supported by Mozilla. I´m the former Project Coordinator on issues related to OA, OER, and free culture in Karisma Foundation. As part of Karisma´s team, I coordinated the global campaign #SharingIsNotACrime that supported Diego Gomez, a Colombian scientist who had been criminally prosecuted for sharing an academic paper online.
Karisma Foundation@julianitaquetaljulianitaquetal
Latin America and the Caribbean
Costa RicaCosta Ricaopen_accessSociology and cultural studies
I am assistant professor at the University of Ottawa and co-direct the ScholCommLab with Juan Pablo Alperin. My research focuses on scholarly communication, bibliometrics, altmetrics and open science. I teach social network analysis, research evaluation & knowledge organization.
University of Ottawa / ScholCommLab
@stefhausteinstefhausteinEuropeGermanyCanadaopen_scienceLibrary, information and archival studies
I run the Wikipedia Library at the Wikimedia Foundation and am also the new Program Manager for an initiative we are starting called "Knowledge Integrity", which will look a the intersection of open citations, reliable scholarship, and free knowledge.
Wikipedia Library / Wikimedia Foundation
@JakeOrlowitz @WikiLibrary
jorlowitzNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_accessPolitical sciences and civics
I'm non-traditional researcher, passionate about addressing inequity in knowledge access, representation, and production. I volunteer for student/ECR-led research collective Knowledge-GAP and work with an India-based NGO on accessibility, diversity, inclusion in legal education.
Knowledge GAP / Skills for Change
@magghumaggiepyhuangNorthern AmericaCanadaCanadaopen_accessOther
JulioLopez Pena
Young researcher working on open data policies and sustainable development projects. Currently leading research on the data challenges to monitor the implementation of the SDGs. I'm also co-founder of Datalat (start-up on civic tech) and School of Data Fellow.
Datalat/School of Data
Latin America and the Caribbean
Juan Pablo Alperin
ScholCommLab / Public Knowledge Project
Latin America and the Caribbean
Ting-Yi (Elisa)Chang
As a recent graduate in International Development, I worked on the gender inclusivity of Wikimedia projects in India during my coop placement where I became an advocate for Open Knowledge and FOSS. My research targets how to combine openness with more user friendly culture.
Ontario Council for International Cooperation
I am an open education practitioner and doctoral candidate at Concordia University of Canada. Increasingly, I have been drawn to devising and delivering open data-driven language learning interventions that can be scaled and assessed across both formal and informal education.
University of Waikato, Flexible Language Acquisition (FLAX)
@AlannahFitzAlannahFitzOceaniaNew ZealandCanadaopen_educationEducation
Chukwuma Ogbonnaya is a PhD Student at the school of MACE in The University of Manchester, United Kingdom. He is currently working on integrating Photovoltaics and fuel cell systems for distributed Power generation.
The University of Manchester, UK
Chukwuma Ogbonnaya
AfricaNigeriaUnited Kingdomopen_research_dataEngineering and engineering trades
I am a developer advocate at Open Knowledge International. I work closely with communities, creating awareness for open data software we build and to empowering them with skills and resources they need to be impactful in their specific domains.
Open Knowledge International
serahronoserahronoAfricaKenyaEstoniaopen_softwareInformation and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
I am a Research Software Engineer at the University of Leeds. I am deeply involved in open science advocacy within UK research academic institutions and further as an eLife ambassador, Mozilla Open Science mentor, UK RSE trustee and NASA datanaut.
RSE UKixektrallard
Latin America and the Caribbean
MexicoUnited Kingdomopen_softwareEngineering and engineering trades
Crystallee Crain, Ph.D. has a well-established career in justice-seeking service with a passion for equity and access for low-income communities and communities of color. Crystallee earned a Doctorate of Philosophy in Transformative Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. She holds a Master of Arts in Social Sciences (concentration in Sociology) from Eastern Michigan University and a Bachelors in Political Science from Northern Michigan University. Dr Crain is an Assistant Professor of Practice in the Child, Youth & Family Studies program in the School of Social Work at Portland State University.
Portland State University(Professor), City of Portland Human Rights Commission (Commissioner)
crystalleecraindrcryscrainNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_gov_dataSocial and behavioral sciences
Egle MarijaRamanauskaite
I am a scientist - an explorer of the Universe, passionate about opening knowledge to everyone, and, as a desired side effect, making the World a better place. I have had a taste of "closed" academic science, and have chosen a rogue path towards openness and inclusivity.
NoneseplutesepluteEuropeLithuaniaLithuaniaopen_scienceBiological and related sciences
I am an early career researcher studying biological clocks and sleep. As an Open Science enthusiast and a member of eLife early career advisory group, I strongly advocate for the practice of responsible behaviors in scholarship. I use performing arts to communicate science.
Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry
@I_VinodhInquisitiveViAsiaIndiaGermanyopen_scienceBiological and related sciences
I am a 2nd year BBA student at the University of Toronto, I am researching academic research infrastructures with the Knowledge GAP. I co-wrote a paper for ElPub regarding publisher vertical integration of platforms in the research cycle. I am interested in open alternatives.
Knowledge GAP@GeorgeZChenNorthern AmericaCanadaCanadaopen_softwareEconomics
Matas Casadevall
I am lawyer and I work on copyrights and open access for IFLA. I specifically work on international copyrights projects and I advocate on behalf of libraries at the EU and WIPO and in other international settings.
IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions)
Amanda Giancola
Passionate environmentalist working towards an M.Sc. in Global Health while training competitive swimmers and triathletes. Highly inspired by the human condition and motivated to use my every strength to do good in our world.
Global Health Program, McMaster University
agiancola22gianco19Northern AmericaCanadaCanadaopen_educationBiological and related sciences
A revolutionary in search of good praxis, I approach Open and the meaning of democratic citizenship from the perspective of a first-generation immigrant, an artist, and a non-traditional librarian passionate about closing the mythical gap between academia and the public.
University of Guelphahe29Northern AmericaCanadaCanadaopen_educationLibrary, information and archival studies
I am a PhD student at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabiltation Hospital and the University of Toronto. I am passionate about the translation of basic science work into clinical research and care that supports children with disabilities in their communication and social goals.
University of Toronto / Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
steph_tcstephanietcNorthern AmericaCanadaCanadaopen_accessEngineering and engineering trades
I am the engineering and technology librarian at Brigham Young University with primary responsibilities for faculty liaison, student mentoring & training, and scholarly communications. Prior to entering academia last year, I served in industry for many years as a mechanical engineer, leading collaborative product development projects with team members in industry, government, and academia. I am passionate about education, new product design, and the opportunities that technology offers for changing institutions for the better.
Brigham Young University
dpixtonNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_educationLibrary, information and archival studies
My name is Brittany Greig and I am the Vice President of the student association at Conestoga College as well as the President of the College Student Alliance which is a provincial advocacy group. Advocacy is a huge priority of mine and I work with the provincial government.
College Student Alliance
N/ALizzieGreigNorthern AmericaCanadaCanadaopen_educationBusiness and administration
I am the Head of Data Services at an academic library. My work focuses on supporting open research via data management. As a librarian of color, my passion is improving access to open data for those most affected.
University of Oregon @walesinterestwalecainNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_research_dataLibrary, information and archival studies
Rian Ciela
Visscher Hammond
I'm an artist and researcher based in Baltimore. Past few years I have been working on a project called Open Source Gendercodes in biohacking spaces, community labs, and arts residencies. I am also collaborating with Alexis Johnson on an open mapping project called IN_VISIBLE.
IN_VISIBLE riancielaNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_science
Hello, I'm the Open Education Librarian at Penn State University. I have a strategic position responsible for creating and running OER initiatives across 24 campuses. I am passionate about turning faculty onto open pedagogy.
Penn State University@maeverawrrawrpounceNorthern America
United States of America
United States of Americaopen_educationLibrary, information and archival studies
I'm a PhD student, working on understanding the cognitive bases of social and moral decision making via eye-tracking. I am passionate about open and transparent science, and I want to contribute to encouraging insights based on open science practices in academia and beyond.
Tilburg University@rimamrahalrimamrahalEuropeGermanyGermanyopen_sciencePsychology