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Welcome to MarqUWriMo--a month-long writing event open to all Marquette students, faculty, staff, alum AND members of the surrounding community. To participate, simply add your name, overall goal, and daily goals in the next available blank row. Your goal might be to write a NaNo novel! Or you might be a "NaNoRebel" with more academic goals, like writing some course papers, drafting a dissertation chapter, or finishing up a revise-and-resubmit. All goals--however ambitious or modest--are welcome. (A member of the MarqUWriMo staff will re-sort the entries at least once a day to make it easier to find your name in the list.) Then use this sheet to keep everyone posted on your progress throughout the month. We'll use your twitter and email (if you provide them) to keep you posted on any kick-off, write-in, or celebratory events. Happy writing, everyone!
Your nameTwitter / EmailYour overall goalYour daily goalsAchievementsNov 1st Nov 2ndNov 3rdNov 4thNov 5thNov 6thNov 7thNov 8thNov 9thNov 10thNov 11th Nov 12th Nov 13th Nov 14thNov 15thNov 16thNov 17thNov 18thNov 19thNov 20thNov 21st Nov 22ndNov 23tdNov 24thNov 25thNov 26thNov 27thNov 28thNov 29thNov 30th
Allie Traftonalexandria.trafton@marquette.edu50,000 words for NaNoWriMo and to improve my writing abilityAt least a half hour every day
Andrew Hoffmannandrew.hoffmann@marquette.eduSeminar papers followed by burst of creativity.Done by third week of November and then on to Circle Story
Anna Scanlonanna.scanlon@marquette.eduGet semester papers done!Read and summarize an article each day for the first week
Ariel Gonzalezariel.gonzalez@mu.eduPoetry book report,10 poems1 poem every 3 days, finish report by 11/19 to leave a week for revision
Ashlee Elderashlee.elder@mu.edu50,000 words2000Made it to 50,000 2 years260112631
Ashley Hatzenbihlerashley.hatzenbihler@marquette.eduNaNoWriMo, 50,000 words, but also to get more comfortable with my writing voiceAt least one hour a day450 words450 words1413 words
Ashley Sillinashley.sillin@marquette.edu50,000 words for NaNoWriMo1,667 words a day
Bernadette Heitschmidtbernadette.heitschmidt@mu.edu50,000 words for NaNoWriMo, and to become a better creative writer.I want to write for atleast a half hour a day
Beth Godbeebeth.godbee@marquette.edu15,000 words --> submit 2 almost-complete articles (hopefully a 3rd); submit 2 fellowship apps & 2 conference proposals; write extended outline for book chapter; finish collaborative review750/words M-Fwrote 15,088 words; submitted 2 articles, 2 fellowship applications,
and 2 conference proposals; wrote extended outline for book chapter
1150 words; fellowship application submitted828 words758 words; conference proposal submitted1151 words; article submitted1145 words308 words68 words410 words; initial draft of chapter outline-- 463 words; local presentation ready150 words141 words308 words510 words; fellowship application submitted1147 words53 words --782 words556 words30 words320 words; Note: collaborative review on hold until mid-Dec.378 words----286 words; conference proposal submitted459 words774 words1026 words; extended outline for book chapter1080 words806 words; article submitted
Bridget Jacksonbridget.jackson@mu.edu30,000 words start to novelT/W/F Dedicate 1 hour to writing, S/Su 2 hours
Carole Burnscarole.burns@marquette.eduI'm Making This Up - Novel about Adults with Autism1 hour a day
Cassidy Wilsoncassidy.wilson@mu.edurevising/rewriting/reworking current projectone hour each day
chris gioiachris.gioia@gmail.comto make my work coherent and more accessable. increase pg count1 hr a day for writing and revising500 words300 words250 words700 wordsa page
CJ Hribalcj.hribal@marquette.eduworking on draft of The Other Life, a novel, part II: The Half Life2-3 pages (500-750 words) each on TU & TH-->SA; 1 page (500 words) SU, M & W3 pages, 835 words1 page, 287 words2 pages, 580 words2.5 pages, 725 words2 pages, 550 words
Claire Nowak@TheClaireNowak, claire.nowak@marquette.eduFinish weekly articles for The Trib, philosophy paper, 2 English papers, journalism final project, weekly film reviews for internshipat least 1 hour of work every dayRevised English paper, worked on Trib article2 hours transcribing interviews and writing Trib article
Daniela Castillo@DaniPerezSays/ Daniela.castillo@mu.edu25,000 words + write everyday in journalWrite at least once a day in journal, ideally ~750 words for novel2 Pages; 1893 words1 page; 989 words3 pages; 2940 words2 pages, 759 words
David Nowacekdavid.nowacek@marquette.eduWrite an article in reply to Jeffery Kidder's provocative writings on the subculture of urban bike messengers.1/2 hr per day
Dennis Brylowdennis.brylow@marquette.eduFinish chapter drafts for revisions to next edition of textbook; submit them for copyediting.Hour of work per day.
DJ Castilllodavid.castillo@marquette.eduimprove overall writing skills, work on ideas for novel300 words a day750 words300 words300 words250 words
Elizabeth Haebigelizabeth.haebig@marquette.eduTo get make some progress in the novel I started for NANOWRIMO last year.100+ words a day
Emma Hainsworthemily.hainsworth@marquette.eduFinish my story and organize/edit the entire work1 hr writing a day (when editing, 15-20 pages a day)40 min planning/revising1 hour writing45 minutes writing1 Hour writing8 pages typed1 hour writing1 hour writing30 min writing4 pages typed20 minutes editing (1 page)1 hour writing30 minutes writing4 hours writing
Erin Heffernanerin.heffernan@mu.eduFinish top priority J school application essays and clip portfolioes. Apply to three spring internships. Four academic papers. Weekly trib column. Complete three assigned articles for current internship 1 essay, 1 newspaper column, 1 application a week and at least three academic papers completely finished.
Gerry Canavan@gerrycanavan, gerry.canavan@marquette.eduarticles, articles, articles500 words M,W,F; 1500 words S+S
Heather Jamesheather.james@mu.eduManuscript Poetry Collection for submission Nov 15One hour of writing or revision each day1000 words!30 min revision poetry30 min poetry revision30 min poetry writing and revision90 min writing short story (1174 words)
J.T. Lorinojeffrey.lorino@marquette.eduDissertation stuff2-4 pages / day M-F
Jacob Andrewsjacobandrews@sbcglobal.net1. First draft of final paper on Thomas Aquinas and the philosophy of prophecy by end of November 26.
2. Powerpoint presentation of Theory of Knowledge final paper by end of November 13 (final draft of paper due December 6).
3. Small, steady work on book (1 sentence/day minimum).
James South@southjbbook chapter500 words TThFri
Jasmine Gonzalez@_jasberry | jasmine.a.gonzalez@mu.eduSimply making writing a daily habit again.1 hour a dayIs it November already? (Oops.)
Jenn Fishman@JennFishperson, jenn.fishman@marquette.eduComplete/send revise/resubmit changes on a nearly done for now book chapter no later than 11/6; complete/send co-authored TOC and related materials for early Nov. deadline; complete/send chapter-in-progress by 11/14; complete first very rough draft of my contribution to a group article for (yet) another project by 12/1. Also: transcribing. Whatever it takes. (Other than words or hours, anyone thinking of measuring in cups of coffee? Or cookies? Or other forms of WriMo currency?)Revise/resubmit book chapter to coautthor: (hopefully) our penultimate exchange before sending off. Revised book chapter resubmitted. TOC to co-author—finally!TOC & accompanying docs sent to project editors: huzzah!
Jenni Lundejennifer.lunde@marquette.eduComplete two graduate seminar papers10 pages per week; research is almost complete alreadyWeek 1 goal metGot 7 pages done this morning (more like 5; I had about 2 pages of outline material). May not meet goal this week; I'm sick as a dog.Woo! 3 more pages today! (Most of it's background/connective material, but I have to start somewhere.)
John Brickjohn.brick@marquette.edugrad school applications, and then authentic, honest, non-soul-sucking writing to repair the damage from hideous formulas like statements of intentstill breathing and mostly awakeconsistent 750-1000 words per day1000 honest words800900750 plus heavy revisions on conference paper800 + poetry to repair damage done by conference paper600800worked myself into a suitable frenzy of bitterness & loathing - finished SOP/intent letter800 - catharsis750, but solid1100 ... second wind
Karalee Surfacekaralee.surface@marquette.eduFinishing research for second diss chapter, drafting at least one half of the chapter (15ish pages)Two hours of work each dayFive hours -- completed notes for another volume from WICNo substantial workFour hours -- completed notes for another volume from WICfive hours of work; completed six pamphlets from WIC, began proposal for fellowship
Karen Jamiolakaren.welniak@marquette.eduoutline book; write one chapter30 minutes per day
Kate Barnhartkatie.barnhart@marquette.eduFinish [very] rough drafts of both my research papersWrite two not awful pages a day; Writing Center conference once/weektwo pages a section of a projet that needs to be finshed before I started my seminar paperrevision of those two pagesfinished the last project that needed to be done before I can start my seminar papersteeny tiny bit of writing [like, a paragraph]Completed one part of seminar paper 100% [2 pages]teeny tiny bit of editing of a small portion of some stuffthesis +1 page of introduction 3 pages of notes and ideas and outline ish---not coherent work, but work nonetheless
Kathryn Hendricksonkathryn.hendrickson@marquette.edugrad school apps, seminar papers, book review, chapbook stuffnot dyingBook review. CV. Chapbooks.rough draft of book reviewHanded in book review. Five pages revision.
did research - that counts, right? Finished cv. half draft of SoPhanded in chapbook research. 10 pages revisiondraft of one seminar paper completedoutline of second paperfinished rough draft of statement of purpose. I feel purposeful. Two pages of notes for second seminar paperresearch proposal2500 words second seminar paper
Katie SassKatie.sass@marquette.eduoutline the first half, write the first quarter of novel200-500 words or >1hr revision3 chapters completed, finished short story~940 words1/2 hour revision, 250 words370 words350 words, also started working on a class essay half way done320 words30 minutes revision, 100 words on story, 1800 word essay600 words in the morning350 words200 words 200 wordsoutliningoutlining, revision3702001 hour revision, 200 words added1 hour revision working on pacing1 hr revision200 words200 words200 words400 words, editing, first 3 chapters complete (6305 words so far)250 words SS840 words, finished SSediting and drafting, no final bang of massive word additions
Katie Theobald@kali_lynn14, katie.theobald@marquette.eduto write everyday600 words/day
Krystal Moraleskrystal.morales@mu.eduImprove overall writing skills; write pilot script for original tv showwork on script every day, whether it be five minutes or five hours; allocate daily time to writing.
Leah Flackleah.flack@marquette.edurevise 1 book chapter; draft conference paper; revise article to send in January; 1 fellowship applicationWork for at least 15 minutes every day on writing tasks. 3 3-hour writing sessons, 2 1-hour writing sessions per week.30 minutes of work on editing the opening of Chapter 5. 45 minutes of revision work, opening of Chapter 5; 15 minutes on fellowship app.3 hours on Chapter 5.2.5 hours of revision work. 30 minutes revising.3 hours revising. Finished chapter intro revision. Solution to an organizational problem that has persisted for 2 years seems to finally be in view. 2 hours--reorganized section 1, chapter 5.
LeeAnn Kjosleeann.kjos@mu.eduTo get into the routine of writing and revising my personal work everyday in order to work my way up to larger scale projectsWrite one hour a day and leave room for revising45 minutes in personal writing3 hours on different writing projects for my classesWrote for an hour for class and in journallingI updated and wrote content for my professional portfolio for an hour and a halfSpent two hours bloggingBlogged for about 45 minutesWriting assignment for about an hour and a halfBlogged for an hourSpend half an hour on personal writingWorked on group writing projects for about two hoursTwo hours on class assignmentsTwo hours personal writing
Lisa Twitter:@lisa_rivero50,000 words for NaNoWriMo toward an imperfect draft of a YA/Adult science fiction novel; busting through the internal editor1667 words/day875 words2522 words
Subtotal: 3397
1679 words
Subtotal: 5076
1696 words
Subtotal: 6772
1975 words
Subtotal: 8747
2067 words
Subtotal: 10,814
2195 words
Subtotal: 13,009
2329 words
Subtotal: 15,338
Subtotal: 17,14820K26,829 words
A bit behind pace, but keeping on!
Madeline Ostrandermadeline.ostrander@mu.eduBe able to finish an entire piece of workWrite 1000 words a day, and actually make it to the 50,000 word count.
Madison Olesen@madolesen36 madison.olesen@mu.eduTo write 50,000 words and finish NaNoWriMo1667 words/dayCompleted English Paper and Physics Formal Report as well.3160443068698047872410069120161201614236160051802120018215372153725079266882839930219329923400635973374693875440000417114342645006469794697950021
Mary Wackermary.wacker@marquette.educomplete two graduate projectsone new page every odd numbered day, one edited page every even numbered day
Melissa Conroymelissa.conroy@marquette.eduGet into the habit of writing everyday, also to try out creative writing. at least 500 words a day.
Nedda Corrigannedda.corrigan@mu.eduat least 50k of my new novel1667 minimum
Nida Hafeeznida.hafeez@marquette.edu50,000 words for various short stories1700 words/dayabout 1200 words 1500ish wordsonly 1000 wordsnothing :(1000 words again500 words800 words
Rebecca Nowacekrebecca.nowacek@Marquette.eduProposal completed1 hour of work every day, 30 minutes of which must be writing1 hour of work, 1500+ words1.5 hours of work; 600 words2 hours of work; 1000+ wordsWHOOSH (the sound of deadlines speeding by me)whoosh30 minutes of work30 minutes2 hours of work!!!!1 hourwhoosh1.5 hours
Rose Fortierrose.fortier@marquette.eduNaNoWriMo, 50,000 words1667 words/day2125 words782 words1746 words1042 words4005 words (8,658 so far)825 words2017 words1777 words2085 words1762 words3005 words (20,129 so far)1802 words1795 words1784 words1052 words
Saurabh Daphtardarsaurabh.daphtardar@marquette.eduFinish reading the book and write first draft of the paper1 hour a day for reading and writing summary of read partStarted the novel 1171 words, read a chapter for tehnical paperFinished writing summary of current chapter for technical paperStarted reading new chapter for technical paper, Novel: reviewed earlier work. Current word count = 1252Finished reading the chapter for technical paper500 wordsFinished writing summary of current chapter. Novel: 1000 words
Susannah Bartlowsusannah.bartlow@marquetteProgress on large-scale research project (review at least 15 sources by end of November); book chapter proposal (due 12/15); identify outlets for co-authored book proposal (at least 5)will be working daily, not weekly, if that's ok. Beginning with source review; at least 5 sources per week.
Thomas Southallthomas.southall@mu.eduwriting novella (50,000 words)half hour of work a day
Tony Mannoanthony.manno@marquette.eduWrite one story per week, read one novel outside of classworkWrite every day, one story edited each Sunday; commit to 10-hour writing marathon on bus ride home Nov. 26
Tyler Monsontyler.monson@marquette.edudissertation chapter500 - 750 words M-F; Sundays for revision641Xresearch for mmla paper4307615097021588 (MMLA papes)Xresearch reading for diss chapter530794
Wendy FallWendy.Fall@mu.eduComplete two large writing projects' first drafts.One quarter of each paper per week.4.5 pages for Gothic Lit3 pages for Gothic lit despite MSU v UM game.Day off8 pages for grammar history paper (1766 words)2 pages for grammar history
Mallory Dailymallory.daily@mu.eduFinish two applications for post-grad volunteer orgs, write two blog posts, finish short storyWrite for an hour, edit for a half hour
Megan Glisemegan.glise@mu.eduLaw school personal statement and improve my creative writing. Write something/anything each day
Andrew Dentinoandrew.dentino@mu.eduwork on finishing 3 related research papers500 words /week
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