Facility Information & Court Issues
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lnstitutionCenter Line3m Line3m ExtEnd LineSide LineInfo UpdatedGround Rules & Comments
AugsburgOKSolidPainted IncorrectlyMust be tapedMust be taped20163m ext lines were permanently painted incorrectly on the court, nothing you can do about it. End Lines where maroon intersects with gray should be taped so the area is solid 2" in a single color. Sidelines also should be taped under net and on basketball 3 Pt lines. Banners hanging from ceiling are playable as ceiling on R1 side. Banners on R2 side are playable as long as they are in front of the benches/scoretable placement. The walkway runner in front of the bleachers is playable surface. Players can play all the way to the bleachers.
BethelOKMust be tapedTapeMust be tapedMust be taped2012
CarletonOKMust be tapedTapeSolidMust be taped2011Area behind R1 is playable, therefore during warm-ups the opposing team is not allowed to use it while other team has court.
Concordia-MoorheadOKMust be tapedTapeMust be tapedMust be taped2012Media on the playing surface during play must be at least 2m away from the court, and within 1m of the boundary defining the playing area.
GustavusOKSolidTapeSolidMust be taped2011Hanging banner over playable area during 2 court tournament play.
HamlineOKMust be tapedPaintedSolidMust be taped2012Cover for net pole is on 3m line, must be taped.
MacalesterOKMust be tapedTapeMust be tapedMust be taped2012Ref stand is OK per Ross/Tim. If ball hits the net support cable, the ball is "out" (NO judgement replay), disregard previous 15' tape marking. Tape:  Cover for net pole is on 3m line, must be taped.
St BenedictOKSolidTapeMust be tapedMust be taped2011
St CatherineOKSolidTapeMust be tapedMust be taped2011
St Mary'sOKSolidTapeMust be tapedMust be taped2011
St OlafOKSolidTapeSolidMust be taped2011
St ThomasMust be tapedMust be tapedPaintedMust be tapedMust be taped2016Centerline where the "T" is painted must be taped in order to see the centerline. Sidelines need tape under net & on 3pt lines. Endlines need tape over FT lane lines. 3m line needs tape in the corner by sideline.