1 A quiet place - relaxation techniquesA quiet place for relaxation, meditation and reflection
2 All things Harry PotterThe All things Harry Potter Club:

Every week we will create, craft or take part in some excellent Harry Potter themed activities. These will include:

Bertie Bots every flavour bean tasting
Harry Potter bookmarks
Wand creation
Harry Potter quizzes
Quidditch match

and much much more!
3 American football clubAmerican football - flag football, a non contact form of the game open to everyone and anyone. Basically a chance to win the Superbowl in school! Learn the basics and then play the sport.
4 Around the World in 80 FaithsThe definitive guide to faith on earth, with 80 rituals across 6 continents in the space of a year .
5 Art club (Variety of subject matters)By joining the art club, you will get the opportunity to experiment with medias and techniques not taught in art lessons. You will also be able to take part in community projects such as Poppy road memorial event and the decoration of the Aldridge School Christmas tree in Aldridge Methodist church.
6 Badminton - An opportunity to play badminton
The aim of badminton is to hit the shuttle with your racket so that it passes over the net and lands inside your opponent’s half of the court. Whenever you do this, you have won a rally; win enough rallies, and you win the match.
7 Beauty and Wellbeing This club will involve learning about the ingredients used in products, watching hair and make up tutorials, taking care of your skin and other holistic treatments such as hand massage.
8 Beginners sign languageHave you ever thought about learning a silent language? Come along to do just that - learn some basics of British Sign Language, make friends and have fun! Everyone is welcome to attend.
9 Cardio Club (indoor based)The club will involve short running drills, initially based on the treadmill. Open to all students, regardless of ability as sessions can be catered to individuals. For those who want to improve their fitness, those who enjoy running, or anyone who wants to try something different!
10 ChessJoin Aldridge Grand Master Mr Sidaway and strengthen your brain muscles!
11 Chicken Club Chicken Club

You will get the opportunity to interact with and care for the school chickens including feeding, cleaning and egg collection. We will learn about the anatomy of chickens and how they develop from eggs into chicks. We will look at the different breeds of chickens and where they came from. If you would like to learn everything you need to know about how to care for your own flock then please sign up to this club.
12 Christian UnionThe Christian Union extra-curricular club is a discussion group about the Bible. We welcome students of other faiths or of no faith at all who wish to find out more about Christianity. Throughout the weeks we will have a variety of activities, events and socials. We will join together in prayer, worship and discussion of big questions, as we explore the Christian faith. Whether you're a new Christian, have been one for years or simply have questions, our club is open to all.
13 Christian Union - women in the bibleWe will be studying different women in the bible, identifying their positive skills and qualities and how we can relate to them
14Classics ClubClassics Club will allow students to investigate and discover the wide-ranging, Ancient World. This will span many times periods and different cultures over the year; looking at Ancient Greece, Rome and Persia, as well as the Celts and Egyptians. Particularly good for those students currently studying for their Ancient History GCSE, or considering taking the topic on to A Level.
15 Colouring for relaxationColouring for relaxation will involve colouring scenic pictures and scenes from literary texts such as Wuthering Heights and Harry Potter.
16 Confidence building KS3Do we need others to help build our confidence? Or is this something we can achieve ourselves?

We as a group will aim to look at ways of building our strengths within the family, within friendships and relationships. We will be looking at ways of building our confidence when we are faced with social and emotional situations that usually we have found difficult in the past.
17 Creative UpcyclingCome and learn new ways of breathing life into your old items! Upcycling is a fun, innovative and smart way to reuse your much loved items. You will be introduced to different techniques, tutorials and creative ideas that will help you be resourceful.
18 CryptographyCrack ciphers, discover secrets, and improve your math skills! Games, challenges and tools to make and break secret codes.
19 D.E.A.R. - Drop Everything And ReadCome with us on now on a journey through time and space! Drop Everything and Read gives you the opportunity to explore wherever your imagination will take you though the world of literature.
20 Debate clubIf you want to have your say about topics that you feel strongly about, then the debate club will be perfect for you. It is a fun way for pupils of all ages and abilities to take part in a variety of activities about issues important to you whilst improving your critical thinking and communication skills.
21 Debate SocietyA debate club gives students of all abilities a fun way of developing their oracy skills. I want to help students to be able to use their critical thinking and be confident in communication. The club will also help students to become more informed about political and global affairs, as well as issues that are closer to home.
22 DebatingWe will be discussing 'hot' topics of the week with the aim of improving our communication skills.
23 Digital photography club (Max 10 students)Basic use of DSLR cameras and basic digital image manipulation using photoshop
24 Drama ClubExploring a range of themes and dramatic techniques.
25 French films, music and conversation (KS4)We will watch a few award-winning French films and listen to some French music with lyrics. The aim is to become familiar with current French culture and be able to speak about it in French. Prior knowledge of French is absolutely essential.
26 German movies and music (KS4)KS4 German movies and music: We will watch German films and listen to German songs from a variety of genres. You will learn more about German culture and hopefully improve your German at the same time. Previous knowledge of German is essential.
WARNING - THIS MAY NOT RUN! ARE THEY SURE THEY WANT IT AS 1st CHOICE 27 Gym- Resistance training: safe use of free weights, machines, body weight, kettle bells etc to improve muscle strength and tone
Resistance training: safe use of free weights, machines, body weight, kettle bells etc to improve muscle strength and tone.
28 Healthy eating weight maintenanceHealthy eating, weight maintenance.
Healthy eating promotes good health.
Learning about food groups.
Tips for healthy eating.
Making healthier choices.
29 History ClubHistory Club will provide you with the opportunity to delve into the subject further through the creation of projects and models about aspects of history you are most interested in. It will also provide an opportunity to have debates about key historical events and individuals.
30 Holiday French- holiday not included!A French language club concentrating on the language and culture needed for a relaxing holiday in a Francophone country. Including popular festivals to aim for, places to visit, language for ordering food, train and air travel, hotels and campsites, tourist activities and understanding notice boards and websites.
31 Homemade Pickles, Chutneys and Jams.Home made pickles are a magical item that can transform a basic product. The purpose of my Fun Friday activity is to highlight how we can reduce food waste, preserve ingredients and create something beautiful in both taste and appearance. We could go sweet, savoury, tangy, spicy, crunchy, garlicky - the possibilities are endless.

Once they are in the correct jars my intention is for each pupil to design and produce a label to go on the jar and make a hessian/fabric jar topper. They would make ideal gifts.
32 How its Made/Car Restoration/Customising Film Club
An opportunity to watch and learn from programs about how everyday products are made. Also to gain knowledge from car restoration/customising programs to understand how skills and techniques are used in this industry. The chance to be given tips and advice from someone who has worked in the Classic Car industry.
33 How to give yourself a break Take a step back from the daily fray to regain focus, perspective and dispel any issues before they escalate! Simple practices, which are not a set of demands to add to your to do list, but ideas for you to play with, to get curious about and to accept or dismiss as you choose.
34 Intro to sports leadershipA introduction to the theory of PE and the qualities needed for leadership. Understands how the theory can be used to create plans and lead PE sessions.
35 Irish Dancing ClubFancy yourself as the next Michael Flatley? Come and enjoy a taste of Irish culture and try some beginners Irish Dancing. Boys and girls welcome and no experience needed!
36 Italianbeginners Italian lessons, focussing mainly on conversation, but will also be linking it back to knowledge of French as this is also a Latin language
37 Jazz BandSwing Band(s) (Years 9-13) Fuller Hall NT and MGA
38 Junior ChoirJunior Choir Boys and Girls Years 7 and 8 in Room 41. Compulsory for Music Scholars RM and SED
39 KS3 DanceKS3 Dance - An opportunity for the pupils to learn and choreograph a variety of group dances using music from various genres.
40 KS3 FootballAre you in KS3? Do you like football? Then this is the club for you.
41 Football clubAre you in KS4? Do you like football? Then this is the club for you.
42 Mathletes KS3Mathletes are a group of people who want to explore Maths and what it can do. It is not just for those who excel at Maths, it is for those who find it interesting and would like to investigate its applications outside of the classroom.
43 Mathletes, KS4/5. (Will facilitate some y11 students wishing to enter FM GCSE as external candidates as well as other year groups)
Mathletes are a group of people who want to explore Maths and what it can do. It is not just for those who excel at Maths, it is for those who find it interesting and would like to investigate its applications outside of the classroom. For those in year eleven who would like to possibly gain an extra GCSE in Further Maths, support for this will be available through Mathletes. (Will facilitate some y11 students wishing to enter FM GCSE as external candidates as well as other year groups)
44 Mindfulness colouringMindfulness colouring will be colouring to produce display work whilst listening to music to relax.
45 Nailed it I will be offering a club called ' Nailed it ' The activity is creating string art we use nails and thread. String art is characterised by an arrangement of coloured thread strung between points to form geometric patterns or motifs or a representation design such as a guitar.
46 National Geographic ClubNational Geographic club will allow students to examine Planet Earth in ways they could never imagine. Through the power of photography, film, journalism and social media, students will be able to focus their Geographical interests and develop into young Geographers.

This club will be suitable for any pupils who have an interest in our Planet. We will look at our relationship with Planet Earth, both environmentally and socially. Pupils will have the opportunity to create their own National Geographic articles and documentaries on a geographical topic of their choice. If you are enthusiastic and care about the environment, then this is the club for you!
47 Newsround/current events clubNews round/current events: a chance for students to broaden knowledge of UK and at times international news stories.
48 Origami clubOrigami club is a chance to relax and escape the pressure of day to day school life. You will learn to appreciate the ancient Japanese practice of folding paper, in a tranquil space where you can switch off and learn a new strategy to help deal with exam stress.
49 Planet Earth ClubThis club will allow students to explore our planet through Sir David Attenborough's eyes. We will learn about environments and countries that we may never get to experience ourselves. This club is open to all yer groups and is perfect for those who want to learn more about our world.
50 Positive thinking and mindfulness A club were we learn how to change negative thoughts to positive, we will learn different techniques to do this and look at inspirational people and how they have achieved this. We will also look at the technique of mindfulness and learn to develop this skill.
51 Quran/ArabicJoin in for some Quran fun. Activities include Quranic stories, Reading practice and crafts.
52 Reading Irish writersReading Irish Writers- An opportunity to read classic and modern texts by Irish writers and poets. Come and get a feel of the real and classic Ireland.
53 Religious Festival ClubReligious Festival Club - using crafts we will be finding out about why and how the world's religions and faiths celebrate their festivals.
54 School CouncilSchool Council chaired by the Head Boy and Head Girl of School will be made up of 16 members following an application process for years 8 - 12 at the end of this year and Year 7 in September. This is an opportunity for students to have a say in how the school is run and is ideal for students with an interest in Citizenship and Politics.
55 Science fiction and fantasy book clubMy club is called Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club.
It will entail the reading and discussion of a range of science fiction and fantasy novels, graphic novels, magazines, and comics.
56 Sewing clubDuring form time we will complete sewing activities. Producing little sewing projects, cross stitch cards, Christmas decorations or maybe making a patchwork quilt! Students can bring their own projects to work on or take inspiration from others.
57 Sherlocked - A Society for Sherlock Enthusiasts
Sherlocked is a club for fans, or potential fans, of the BBC series, Sherlock. Sessions will involve watching clips of the show, discussing theories, collecting quotes, appreciating the amazing characters and developing Sherchandise (Sherlock Merchandise!). The game is on.
58 Spanish for beginners (years 7 and 8)You will learn about the Spanish language and the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.
59 Star wars book club (visit to Hoth weather pending)
In a classroom far, far away at a time with no measurable scale epic battles, political traps and relationships that lasted an eternity were relived over and over again! Whether you want to join the rebellion or conform to an evil dictator there is something for everyone! Escape from the day to day drama of behaviour points, exams and social media to a flight of science fiction fantasy. Fill in the gaps of what happened years after Return of the Jedi and follow the cunning strategies of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Or find out what happened thousands of years before Palpatine effectively implemented the rule of two, that was first introduced by the infamous Darth Bane. Whether you are pro Sith or Jedi there is something novel for everyone.
60 Star Wars Film ClubIn Star Wars Film Club we will aim to watch all the films throughout the year and do various activities on them (quizzes etc.).
61 STEMSTEM - Science, technology, engineering and maths, explore these subjects in action. Unlike traditional science or maths clubs, the STEM club will give you experience with four subjects and offer a wider range of hands on activities and real-world experiences.
62 Swimming GirlsSwimming for girls
63 Table tennis clubAt Table Tennis we'll be playing a game similar to Tennis but on a table
64 Textiles activites (Variety of techniques)An introduction to the use of hand embroidery as a form of textile art.
Add fine detail to a photographed image to bring it to life, using a range of recycled fabrics and materials.
65 Video game clubCome to games, where you can play some multiplayer games with friends along with playing some retro consoles and modern day console games.
66 Weekly news quizA weekly quiz on what's in the news, from world events and politics to sports and celebrities. Win the weekly quizzes and top the termly tables to get a prize!'
67 Word Games Challenge yourself each week with games, puzzles and board games all about words!
68 Yoga (level 1 and 2)The yoga session on offer will be level 1 and level 2, so beginners are totally welcome! It will include strength and stretching exercises as well as some relaxation. You will need loose comfortable clothing and bare feet is essential for safety.
69 Young Adult Book Club (Years 9-11)This book club focuses on young adult and teen fiction - read recommended books and have the opportunity to discuss and share these with like-minded individuals. In March-May some dedicated individuals will be selected to shadow the Young Adult Book prize, with opportunity to read the latest bestsellers in teen fiction (at a quick pace); discuss these with schools across the Mercian Trust; and take a trip (during May half term holiday) to the Hay Festival to meet the authors and watch the prize giving ceremony.
70 ZumbaCome and get fit with Mrs Khan on a Friday afternoon, as we enjoy a session of Zumba.
Trainers would be required.