DSM Breakup Survival Kit
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Aaliyah R. Little Black BookWatch to be reminded that sometimes you don't always get the happy ending, but you do end up okay.
AdinaEvery season of 24Sometimes you just can't watch a love story
Allie BHow I Met Your MotherI'm actually rewatching it right now - Having an entirely different experience single (Now I'm Robin or Ted instead of Lily) and forgot how hilarious it is.
Amanda MStar Wars The Force AwakensHonestly, I am not even that big of a Star Wars fan but I watched this movie two nights in a row once and it made me feel better for some reason. It was probably Carrie Fisher (RIP).
Angie M.Any and all CW Shows.Vampire Diaries/Gossip Girl/Hart of Dixie/Dawson's Creek/Felicity. All made for the youths but they're fun! That's what you need!
Anna R.Sex and the CityIts like having four extra girlfriends you hang out with. / and it's a lie... fantasies don't solve anything. they make them worse.
Anna W.About TimeAlways reminds me about the kind of love that's real and really matters
anne a. amelie.i don't know why, but this movie just makes me better. amelie is such a lovely alone person. she inspires me to be a lovely alone person, too.
AnnieUnbreakable Kimmy SchmidtCause females are strong as hell.
Annie B.The Good Wife
AnonymousThe first two season of Grey's Anatomy<- best
Ashley A. Take This Waltz
"Life has a gap in it. It just does. You don't go crazy trying to fill it like some lunatic."
Binh P.The Break UpIt shows you that sometime the relationship ends, but you will survive, and you will be stronger in the process.Good one, complicated, and not the ending you'd expect
Bright KellyTruly, Madly, Deeply You'll laugh, cry, and look forward
Brooke CAn Unmarried Woman1978 ! A wealthy woman from Manhattan's Upper East Side struggles to deal with her new identity and her sexuality after her husband of 16 years leaves her for a younger woman.
Caitlin M.InsecureBrilliant, funny show that depicts imperfect characters + imperfect relationshipsLove that show! Hilarious and real
Caitlin S.Jane the ViriginIt has drama, comedy, and feel good, heartfelt moments. In those moments, you can feel emotionally supported and warm and see perhaps some of the things you weren't getting before. The plot is insane, but the characters are very easy to empathize with and its cathartic to watch and does help with that emotional processing
Celeste MAguirre, The Wrath of God It's really hard to think about anything else when Klaus Kinski is screaming and spitting on screen at you.+1 forever (ditto anything directed by Herzog. Connecting with weltschmerz via his German philosophising really helps shift perspective.
ChristianThe Good WifeVengance by succeeding in life! The best remedy to get over the ex!
CKRThis was amazing. I enjoyed immensly!
ConnieThe InbetweenersEverything goes wrong for this set of British high school boys - makes you feel a little better knowing you're not them!
Courtney DWomen on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Pedro Almodovar)Funny movie, it was helpful for me to smile during a tough breakup
Cynthia T.500 Days of Summer
D MacSomething's Gotta Givew Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson
Daneen J.The Joy Luck ClubThis movie makes me cry every. single. time!
DanielaBrooklyn 99Funny and not overly centred around relationships - however the episodes with Boyle's break up recovery after Vivian left him were super relatable to my mental state in a hilarious rather than sad way
Dayana M.One Daybecause "whatever happens tomorrow, we'll always have today"
E.C.Jane Fonda's Master Class: https://vimeo.com/90824812 also, practically any episode of Super Soul Sunday
Elena M.My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (stand-up special by Mike Birbiglia)Really sweet and really funny and gives me hope in human relationships when mine are being shitty.
Emer S.Parks and RecreationNothing will make you feel like you can get back up again like Leslie Knope's indefatiguable resilience.Galentine's Day. Nuff said.Leslie Knope can fix the lousiest of lousy days.
Emily M. Better off Dead Who doesn't love 80's John Cusack?
Emma JDaydream NationThere's something really satisfying about this movie. It always feels very theraputic to me.
Emma R.About a BoyHugh Grant at his loveliest featuring a young Nicholas Hoult. "It happens and I wish it didn't, but that's life isn't it?"
EttaBlack Mirror - San JuniperoIf you wanna cry it outoh my GOD :'0my favorite.
Garret EBob Ross: The Joy of PaintingJust went through a break up, Bob Ross's calm and positive vibes can really tame any anger or sorrow you may be feeling, even if you're not into painting, his show will give you an overall warmer feeling.And make you laugh out loud :)
Gintare A Good Year The one with Russell Crowe. Just something about it, makes me feel there's way bigger things out there!
Gwendolyn ZRomy and Michele's High School Reunion Girls need their girls and life is better if you're weird.
Heather CParks and RecreationOr anything light and hilarious and nothing at all heavy - something that gives your sad mind a break and forces you to laugh, depsite yourself. Liana W: I love this show so much, I think I've seen the full show (except for the last season) about 6-7 times
Heather C.My Sister's KeeperThis is my go-to CRY IT OUT movie. It's awfully heartbreaking, but gives a good old fashioned release of pent up tears!
Heather VHe's just not that into youNOT the horrible 2009 rom com, this one is a book. Put the ice cream and the tears away, and prepare to feel beautiful, empowered, and desired, because you should be. This has become my dating bible, and always reminds me that I deserve to have someone who will love me as much as I love them, and if that's not happening, then it's not worth my time and it's not worth yours either.
Heidi L.Take This Waltz
if you got together with your best friend when you were very young, and realized, at the end of your 20s, that you love that person with all your heart but you just need to be on your own so you can learn who you are and what you really want, this movie could be relatable for you.
Helen S.Frances HaI watched this movie right after my last breakup and it spoke so much to the pain of loss but also to the possibility of new beginnings. Also it's funny and charming and smart. All-around great film
Iliana G.The Office (US version)These two shows helped me through two break ups. Nothing better than quality comedy tv.
Jeannie G.The FollowingIf you're like me and want super dark twisted things to show you that it could be worse.
JenniferEFT to Heal a Break UPTry EFT / Tapping. It's a great way to deeply heal those negative emotions which surface after a break up & upgrade the negative thoughts to new beliefs, which are supportive & loving. i made this video last year & ended up using it yesterday after a 6 year relationship ended. It really helped, despite the fact it seems weird!
Jessica WTed Talks, especially this one: "How being heartbroken was the best thing to ever happen to me" - Emma Gibbs" I was deeply depressed after a break up with someone who was a food and travel-lover and worked deeply in the TV, film, art and music industry. It was like he broke up with me and poisoned the well of all the typical break up go-tos, plus, I couldn't focus on books anymore. I needed some form of entertainment....
So I felt like the only thing left untouched was non-fiction: TED Talks. This Tedx Talk presenter emotionally floored me when she shared "when they don't even love you enough to fight for you". She hit it on the nose... Her hard truths allowed me to be okay with feeling shitty because that's just you have to feel like after a break up. But it also convinced me I would eventually feel okay again.
I've always balked at overt positivity, self-help, do-gooder and live-your-potential type of stuff. So I'd immediately skip any Ted Talk that fell in that camp. Instead, I watched ones by people doing really innovative things that weren't necessarily altruistic. It offered me a space that was both distracting and positive, without being too positive.
Jill JRoman HolidayGregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn have the most intense connection, and then...uff
Jordan G.A single man
Julia B.Gilmore GirlsYes!Michelle: YES! So this is outside the box a little but the new reboot episodes helped me a lot in my last breakup! I had the definition of an on again, off again "it's complicated" relationship and there was something very real for me about Rory's relationship struggle that helped me realize that people can mean a lot to each other but sometimes the best thing for both of your lives to let each other go. I needed to let go of our friendship too in order to really move on and sometimes that is the hardest part
Julia W.Neon Genesis EvangelionI can't explain it in one sentence, but watching a very dark, very intense anime about teenagers who are forced to fight unearthly demons inside of giant robots really helped me through my post-college breakup.
Julia z.The First Wives ClubThree women left by their husband s plot revenge and find themselves in the process. Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler - come on! Doesn't get better and funnier than this!
Katie kThe first three Harry Potter movies: lots of engaging action and suspense to keep you occupied, no love interest until the 4th movie.
katie kThe first three Harry Potter moviesEngaging action, great plots, NO ROMANCE until the fourth movie!
Kim K.SinglesGrunge era stars and music, gritty but hopeful
Kory H.The Holiday
Lauren G.Master of NoneYes! love that this is as messy as real life / doesn't aim for a neat ending as.... they don't exist.<- so true
Lauren G.Garden StateLiana W: I watched this for the first time during my VERY FIRST breakup in high school. It was the most painful one because I was so young, and Garden State aptly captured my mood in a beautiful way.
Leigh-Anne Z.Sex and the City: The Movie
Leslie W.FriendsAlways better than what is happening to you, and significantly much more funny.
Lillie RBOB'S BURGERSTHA BEST SHOW EVA! So funny, and quietly feminist too!
Liz DUnder the Tuscan SunIt reminds you that life has so much love and happiness to offer outside of a romantic relationship which is exactly what you need to be reminded of when you feel like your heart's been punched out of your body.
Madeline M.Doctor WhoThis sci-fi world really got my mind out of reality for a little while, which really helped me. I connected to quite a few of the characters and I was able to make a lot of internet friends by bonding over the show.
Madeline M.Something BorrowedIt's your stereotypical chick flick and kind of cheesy, though it never fails to make me cry. But I watched on repeat after one breakup and it helped me realize that my ex (and how he dumped me) could've been worse.
Madeline M.When Harry Met SallyThis is my all-time favorite movie so I'm always watching it. But it helped cheer up the hopeless romantic in me after a particularly brutal breakup
Marie A.Coming to AmericaWatch something that never gets old to you and always makes you laugh.
Marundu MThe School of Life - https://is.gd/hhLyC1Key insights, delivered in a humorous and intelligent way.
Mary HThe Last Five YearsThis was a huge part of getting through my divorce. I first watched this movie only a few months before the divorce, and it was incredibly relatable for me. Plus, it's a musical, so not only could I watch it over and over I could also listen to and sing along with the soundtrack. It became this interesting indicator of how I was doing with the breakup: I started watching and sobbing throughout, or singing along and crying while walking home from the bus or whatever (I had a long period of crying in public a lot...). But as the months went by (it's been almost two years now since the divorce was final) I found myself watching it less and less, or when I did watch or listen the likelyhood of my bursting into tears lessened. I haven't watched it in...I'm not sure how long now, but several months, and the songs come up when I listen to my music on random, but it's more of a nostalgic feeling that I get from it now, rather than a visceral heartbreak type of feeling. Dayana: I strongly second this!
Matias P. Parks and RecreationYou will find yourself in at least one of the characters. Chris Treager's depression helped me realize I can come out of mine by sheer will, and seeing a therapist 14 times a week.
Megan GThe Last Five Years
Megan W"When Love Arrives" by Sarah Kay and Phil KayeSpoken Word Poetry. Watch it on youtube. I love poetry after a breakup. The moment: "Maybe Love stays. Maybe Love can't. Maybe Love shouldn't. Love arrives exactly when Love is suppose to and Love leaves exactly when Love must." Most powerful words I've ever heard.This is Emma-I agree with this suggestion wholeheartedly.YAS
Meghan KRupaul's Drag RaceThe best mix of fun, camp, and heart. It's all about being the most fabulous version of you. If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?'Yes! This show lifts me up no matter how far I've fallen into depression in regards to all sorts of things in life
MEKSupernaturalSomehow episode after episode of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles dropping monsters made me feel better...
Melissa M.How To Be Single
Michaela P.Annie HallHe's never been convicted?
Michelle BYoungerVery light show about a woman restarting her life after a divorce. She lands a new job in publishing, friends etc, and finds new joy in her life in the big city. Produced by the same person as sex in the city. Its light, hilarious, and its positive and motivating when you're looking for a fresh start yourself. There are many strong female characters with great careers and fantastic female friendships.
MJIt's Complicated
Molly G.Dumb ways to dieNothing to do with breakups, but it always makes me laugh, and if you're angry enough, you could imagine your ex doing all of these things
MurphLove ActuallyMy favorite feel good movie! Neat the way storylines are connected, like many romantic comedies in one. Liam Neeson's is probably my top one, Colin Firth's a close second!
Nat ACrazy Ex-GirlfriendFemale friendships ftw, and depicts stuff that happens in real life very honestly, warts and all. Also, basically a musical with jokes about period sex!
Nat AGone GirlIf you need to let some hate flow out, and will also remind you why sometimes it isn't great to be in a relationship
Nat ABojack HorsemanBeautifully nuanced study into depression, mental health, the lies we tell each other and ourselves... in a show about an animated horse. Strange but true!
Nat ABroad CityThese 2 queens are just hilarious. Their friendship is so uplifting and makes you want to live your best life; regardless of relationship status
Nat AInside OutOK, OK it is a family film. But science (and the moral) about sadness being important really does ring true.
Nat AYouTubersThis can be anyone, from Grace Helbig / Hanna Hart / Mamrie Hart, through to a beauty blogger, or even just someone playing on Twitch. If you don't have the energy to go out into the world, but want some company, this can operate (for a short while) as a reasonable substitute. And make you laugh, hopefully.
Neha A.Blue ValentineBrutal.
Nowness Presents https://www.nowness.com/picks/still?utm_source=FB&utm_medium=SM&utm_campaign=FB220217A short video to remind us not to call the ex. This just broke my heart into a million little pieces.
Olivia HCeleste and Jessie for everBeautiful movie, with all the stages of separation, and letting go.
Rachelle V.The person you really need to marry https://youtu.be/P3fIZuW9P_M
ruth rDon't trust the bitch in apt 23Chloe is the most empowering crazy alcoholic in this story. Excellent distraction plus James Van Der Beek
Sarah C.FrasierEasily digestible episodes, that I find so so funny, but they also contain kernels of truth about relationships and emotions. And 11 seasons! I could trace my recovery, and by season 7 I was like, I am no where near as bad as I was during season 1.
Sarah M. The Last Five YearsIt's truly depressing but is good to wallow in!
Sarah M. Drinking Buddies"That's the problem with heartbreak, to you it's like an atomic bomb and to the world it's just really cliche, because in the end we all have the same experience."A lot of understanding packed in that line.
SIIn the Mood for LoveI've watched this movie after both of my big breakups--it's so beautiful
Sierra HShameless
Steph P.500 Days of SummerFeel it out. The films that made me feel the best were ones that focused on romantic relationships that ended.
Stephanie SNature Programs or DocumentariesI can't watch anything that has to do with any type of relationships.
Sunny CPodcasts: Why Oh Why, Dear Sugar, Death Sex & Money (obvs), WTF, Mental Illness Happy Hour, StrangersI love a combination of funny with deep emotional dives. All my suggestions involve listening, which is a helpful strategy when combined with housecleaning, walking, or painting.
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