5 Pointz Queens1- Loading Dock
2- The Artists
3- Exterior 2012
4-Exterior 2013
5- Exterior in 2014
Queens, New York, USA5 Pointz was an American mural space at 45–46 Davis Street in Long Island City, Queens, New York City, whose murals were exhibited mainly on the exterior walls of the building, drawn by artists from all over the world.
Amazon1- Rio Mariepaua
2- Rio Negro
3- Primary Old Growth - Amazon 4-Manioc Flour Production
5- Tumbira Community
Rio Madeira, Brazil Brazil
Amazon Forest, Brazil Amazon Forest, Brazil Igrega, Brazil
The amazon is a moist broadleaf forest that covers most of the Amazon Basin of South America. This basin covers 2,700,000 sq miles, 2,100,000 sq mi of which are covered by the rainforest.
Ambush Bug1 - Phymatinae
2 - Young Ambush Bug 3 - Full Grown Adults
4 - Well Equiped 5 - Sharing Prey
Various locationsFormally known as the Phymatinae, ambush bugs are known for their great camouflage when waiting for prey. They are a part of a larger group known as assassin bugs.
America Expands West - Life on the Range1. Covered Wagon
2. Covered Wagon
3. Longhorn Cattle
4. Chuck Wagon
Austin, Texas, USADuring the Civil War period most Americans thought of the Great Plains and other western lands as the Great American Desert. In the years following the Civil War, Americans witnessed the rapid growth of the U.S. population and the spread of settlements throughout the West. With the admission of the state of California to the Union in 1850, the western boundary of the American frontier had reached the Pacific Ocean.
The American frontier of the mid-1800s changed dramatically as more and more people moved westward. Settlers built homes, fenced off land, and laid out ranches and farms.
Miners, ranchers, and farmers remade the landscape of the West as they adapted to their new surroundings. The geography of the West was further changed by the development and expansion of a large and successful railroad industry that moved the West’s natural resources to eastern markets. Gold and silver were the most valuable natural resources, and mining companies used the growing railroad network to bring these precious metals to the East.
American Museum of Natural History1- The Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals
2 - Alaskan Brown Bear 3 - Wolves
4 - Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs 5 - Glen Rose Trackway
6 - Tyrannosaurus rex
7 - Apatosaurus and Allosaurus 8 - Milstein Hall of Ocean Life
9 - Dolphin and Tuna 10 - Walrus
New York CityThe American Museum of Natural History is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City and is one of the largest museums in the world. The museum complex comprises 27 interconnected buildings housing 45 permanent exhibition halls, in addition to a planetarium and a library. The museum collections contain over 32 million specimens of plants, humans, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites, and human cultural artifacts.
Anatomy - Respiratory1 - Lungs
2 - The respiratory system 3 - Air exchange
4 - The trachea
5 - Inside the lungs
6 - Smoking and your lungs
Inside the human bodyThe respiratory system is the body’s structure that allows us to breath. It is made up of several key areas including the nose and mouth, trachea and lungs. The respiratory system works very closely with the circulatory system. The purpose of breathing is for the body to obtain oxygen, a helpful molecule, and release carbon dioxide which is waste.
Oxygen and carbon dioxide are carried by the blood. Breathing also allows us to talk. Normal adults breath about 12-16 times in one minute. When exercising, they may breath up to 45 times in a minute.
Angel Falls1 - A Hidden Wonder
2 - Who Discovered Angel Falls? 3 - Veil of Fog
4 - The Falls
5 - How to visit
Canaima National Park, VenezuelaThe world's tallest uninterrupted waterfall remains undiscovered in the forests of Venezuela for years. You now have the opportunity to visit this breath taking from a unique aerial angles.
Angkor1 - Ta Prohm
2 - Faces of Bayon
3 - Towers of Angkor Wat 4 - Statue of Vishnu
5 - The Churning of the Ocean of Milk
CambodiaAngkor is a region of Cambodia that served as the seat of the Khmer Empire, which flourished from approximately the 9th
to 15th centuries. The ruins of Angkor are located amid forests and farmland to the north of the Great Lake and south of the Kulen Hills, near modern-day Siem Reap city in Siem Reap Province.
Antarctica1-Antarctica's Environment 2 - The Antarctic Peninsula 3 - Port Lockroy
4 - Sir Ernest Shackleton's Hut 5 - Antarctica's Penguins
6 - Leopard Seals
7 - Antarctica's Future
8 - The Real Sotuh Pole?"
Cape Royds, Ross Island, Antarctica
Antarctica is Earth's southernmost continent, and contains the geographic South Pole. It is situated in the Antarctic region of the Southern Hemisphere, almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle, and is surrounded by the Southern Ocean. It is the coldest, driest, and windiest continent, and has the highest average elevation of all the continents.
Arizona State University1 - Graduation
2 - "A" Mountain
3 - Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 4
4 - Biodesign Institute 5 - Hayden Lawn
6 - Changemaker Central 7 - Memorial Union
8 - ASU GAmmage
Tempe, Arizona, USAWalk through various vibrant and beautiful college campuses through the world. For these set of tours, Google recently teamed up with Michele Obama's Reach Higher program to bring the college experience directly to students.
Artifacts of the Tuskegee Airmen1 - WWII Rolls Royce Merlin V-12 Aircraft Engine 2 - Tuskegee Airmen Artwork
3 - Tuskegee Airmen Interactive Geographic Chronology
4 - Red Tails P-51 “Mustang” Model 5 - WWII Tuskegee Airmen Uniform
Dallas, Texas, USATake a journey through the history of America’s first African American World War II combat aviators known as the Tuskegee Airmen as we walk through the Frontiers of Flight Museum.
Located within the Museum’s World War II Gallery, is a permanent exhibit of artifacts dedicated to the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II. This exhibit tells the story of how African American pilots and crews overcame racial prejudice at home to become one of America’s elite fighter units in history. Often misunderstood and looked down upon because of their race, American heavy bomber crews soon came to respect the Tuskegee “Red Tails” as they escorted them
deep into the heart of Nazi-occupied Germany.
Auditory System1 - The Outer Ear 2 - The Middle Ear
3 - Semicircular Canals 4 - Cochlea
5 - Vestibular & Cochlear Nerves
The human bodyHumans have two ears, one on each side of the head. You are most familiar with the outer ear, but the most important structures of the ear are hidden inside the skull, where sound is captured, translated into electrical signals, and sent to the brain.
Aztec and MayanRuins1 - El Osario - Chichen Itza 2 - El Castillo - Chichen Itza 3 - Teotenango
4 - Aztec Ruins National Monument 5 - Chacchoben Mayan Ruins
6 - Tulum - Temple of the Wind
Yucutan, Mexico
Valley of Toluco, Mexico New Mexico, USA Quintana Roo, Mexico Quintana Roo, Mexico
This expedition showcases the modern-day look of years of erosion and destruction of different societies in Central and Southern America.
Berklee College of Music1 - Berklee College of Music
2 - 160 Massachusetts Avenue 3 - Recording Studio
4 - Control Room
5 - The Dining Hall 6 - Dorm Room
7 - Lounge Areas
8 - Rehearsal Space
9 - In the Classroom - Songwriting 10 - In the Classroom - Ensembles
11 - In the Classroom - Turntable Ensemble 12 - Berklee Global Jazz Institute
13 - Electronic Production and Design Lab 14 - Boston Night Sky
Boston, Massachusetts, USAWalk through various vibrant and beautiful college campuses through the world. For these set of tours, Google recently teamed up with Michele Obama's Reach Higher program to bring the college experience directly to students.
Bikini Atoll1 - Paradise Lost
2 - Baker Test Explosion
3 - MV Alucia and Triton Sub 4 - Saratoga Flight Deck
5 - Nagato Propeller
6 - Eneu Firing Bunker
Bikini Atoll, Marshall IslandsIn this expedition, students will learn about a period in history, sixty years ago, when some of the most powerful
nuclear weapons ever created were detonated over the Bikini Atoll; a remote chain of islands in the crystal blue waters of the tropical Pacific. Students will join the state-of-the-art MV Alucia and her crew to discover the secrets below the waves. What remains of this paradise today? We descend into Bikini’s tropical lagoons to discover unprecedented shipwrecks. Come face to face with a historical world, and explore ‘The Ghost Fleet’
Biomes1 - Tundra
2 - Tiaga
3 - Temperate Forest 4 - Tropical Rainforest 5 - Savannah
6 - Desert
1 - Torngat Mountain Park, Canada
2 - Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada 3 - Redwood National Forest, USA
4 - Amazon, Brazil
5 - Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya 6 - Joshua Tree National Park, USA
See all the various biomes across the world. Compare the conditions and biodiversity in each.
Boise State University1 - Blue Turf 2 - B Plaza
3 - The Quad
4 - Stock Ticker Room of Micron Business and Economics Building
5 - COBE Courtyard 6 - Friendship Bridge
7 - Campus Recreation Climbing Wall 8 - Student Union Game Center
9 - Ben Victor Studio 10 - Morrison Center
Boise, Idaho, USAWalk through various vibrant and beautiful college campuses through the world. For these set of tours, Google recently teamed up with Michele Obama's Reach Higher program to bring the college experience directly to students.
Borneo Animal Adaptations1 - Bats
2 - Python
3 - Green Praying Mantis 4 - Dead Leaf Mantis
5 - Cicada
6 - Rhinoceros Beetle
Borneo, IndonesiaBorneo rain forests are home to many unique animals. Emmerse your students in this exciting trip to the Borneo Rainforests and learn all about various animals and insects.
Borneo Plant Adaptations1 - Mangroves and Avicennia Trees 2 - Ampullaria Pitcher Plants
3 - Vines
4 - Johannesteijsmania Palm 5 - Borneo Rainforest
6 - Strangling Fig
Borneo, IndonesiaBorneo lowland rain forest is an ecoregion, within the
Tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests Biome, of the large island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. With this expeditions you will learn all about the various plants of Borneo, Indonesia in their most natural habitat.
Brandeis University1 - The Three Chapels
2 - Shapiro Science Center
3 - International Business School 4 - Goldfarb Library
5 - Shapiro Campus Center 6 - Sherman Dining Hallz
7 - Masell Quad
8 - Gosman Athletic Complex 9 - Rose Art museum
10 - Usdan Student Center 11 - The Castle
12 - Shapiro Admission Center
Waltham, Massachusetts, USAWalk through various vibrant and beautiful college campuses through the world. For these set of tours, Google recently teamed up with Michele Obama's Reach Higher program to bring the college experience directly to students.
Brazil's World Cup, Stadiums and Streets1 - Arena de Sao Paulo - Arena Corinthians 2 - Rue Tavares Bastos
3 - Rue Vicente Reis 4 - Rua Alvorada
5 - Beira Rio Estadio Jose Pinheiro Borda
BrazilJoin the pandemonium of the world's largest sporting event and get an exclusive look behind the scenes of the epic 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
Brown University1 - The Quiet Green 2 - College Green
3 - Wriston Quad
4 - Seven Libraries 5 - List Art Building 6 - Sciences Quad 7 - North Campus
8 - Ittleson Quadrangle
Providence, Rhode Island, USAWalk through various vibrant and beautiful college campuses through the world. For these set of tours, Google recently teamed up with Michele Obama's Reach Higher program to bring the college experience directly to students.
Buckingham Palace1 - The Grand Entrance 2 - Grand Staircase
3 - Throne Room
4 - Green Drwaing Room 5 - Picture Gallery
6 - The Ballroom
7 - White Drawing Room
London, United KingdomFor years the the royal family of England has referred to Buckingham Palace as their home. Now you can tour the inside of this royal home like never before.
Burj Khalifa1 - The Burj Khalifa — Exterior View
2 - The Burj Khalifa — Ground Floor Installations 3 - View from the 43rd Floor
4 - Viewing Platform on the 124th Floor
5 - SViewing Platform on the 153rd Floor
DubaiBurj Khalifa is a megatall skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the tallest artificial structure in the world, standing at 2,722 ft. Burj Khalifa was designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM), who also designed the Willis Tower and the One World Trade Center.
California Academy of the Sciences1 - The living roof
2 - The rainforest dome 3 - Flooded forest
4 - African Hall
5 - Philippine Coral Reef Exhibit
San Francisco, California, USAStroll through one of the premier science musuems in the world. In this expedition, you will walk through a rainforest, go on an african safari, and explore the coral reefs in the Philippines.
California State Parks1- Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic Park 2 - Torrey Pines Park Natural Reserve
3 - Big Basin Redwoods State Park 4 - Angel Island State Park
5 - Huntington State Beach
CaliforniaThe California Department of Parks and Recreation, also known as California State Parks, manages the California State parks system. The system administers 280 separate park units on 1.4 million acres, with over 280 miles of coastline. Headquartered in Sacramento, the California State Parks system is the largest state park system in the United States.
Canada1- Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré 2 - Massey Hall
3 - Riel House National Historic Site
4 - British Columbia Aviation Museum 5 - CN Tower
6 - Old Town Lunenburg
Toronto, Ontario Winnipeg, Manitoba Victoria, British Colombia Toronto, Canada Lunenburg, Canada
A historic look at the northernmost country in North America, incorporating historical sites, museums, and other preservations of culture.
Career Expedition : Veterinarian, Dr. Carolyn
1 - ASPCA Stationary Spay/ Neuter Clinic 2 - Dr. Brown's Office
3 - Examination Room 4 - Surgery Prep Room 5 - Operationg Room
N/AA day in the life of small animal veterinarian.
Career Expedition: Airline Pilot, Pam Torell1 - Appraoching the Gate 2 - Computer Terminal
3 - Ramp Control Room 4 - Jetbridge
5 - Walk around 6 - Wheel well
7 - Examining fuselage 8 - Before takeoff
9 - Cockpit
N/AA day in the life of an airplane pilot.
Career Expedition: Aquarist, Vicki Sawyer1 - Fish Kitchen
2 - River Otter Exhibit
3 - River Otter Holding Area 4 - Seal Feeding Show
5 - Shark tank
6 - Water testing lab 7 - Turtle tank
8 - Jellyfish exhibit
N/AA day in the life of an aquarist.
Career Expedition: Chef/Restaurant Owner,
Laura Frangiosa
1 - Placing the order
2 - Talking o the kitchen staff 3 - Kitchen Prep
4 - Cooking a dish 5 - Checking out
N/AA day in the life of a chef and resturant owner.
Career Expedition: Civil Engineer, Arthur
1 - Arthur's Desk 2 - Core Samples 3 - Printing Plans
4 - Reviewing Plans 5 - Heading out
6 - Hudson Yards Project 7 - Top of Excavation
8 - Anchoring bedrock
9 - Rock support system 10 - Emanining bedrock
11 - Excavation Equipment
N/AA day in the life of a civil engineer.
Career Expedition: Coder/Entrepreneur, Miral
1 - Design Studio
2 - Electronics workshop 3 - Costume Workroom
4 - Checking out the Suit
N/AA day in the life of a modern day entrepreneur and coder.
Career Expedition: Dean of Engineering, Vijay
1 - MRS Lab
2 - Autonomous Drone 3 - Microdrone
4 - Back of MRS Lab 5 - Soccer Robots
6 - Surgical Robot 7 - Baxter Robot
8 - Organ on a chip 9 - Singh Center
N/AA day in the life of a dean in a higher educational organization.
Career Expedition: Handmade Product Entrepreneur, Nadira El Khang1 - NY Designs
2 - Nadira's Studio 3 - Etsy Store
4 - Preparing for Photography 5 - Photographing Product
6 - Shipping a Product
N/AA day in the life of a handmade goods designer.
Career Expedition: Manager Monell Cryo
Facility, Julie Feinstein
1 - Traditional Samples 2 - Tools and supplies 3 - Cryo Tank
4 - Extracting samples
5 - Extracting samples 2
N/AA day in the life of a cryo facilities manager.
Career Expedition: Metal Artisan, Rob
1 - Main office
2 - Reviewing Staircase Stringer 3 - Brass Ring
4 - Door Assembly 5 - Waterjet Cutter
6 - Teamwork with railing 7 - 50A Design Studio
N/AA day in the life of an artist that uses metal.
Career Expedition: Microbiome Scientist,
Susan Perkins
1 - In the Lab
2 - Lab Sequencer 3 - Post PCR Lab 4 - PCR Visualizer 5 - Susan's Office
N/AA day in the life of a microbiome scientist.
Career Expedition: Museum Photographer,
Hyla Skopitz
1 - Steps of the MET
2 - The Photo Deptartment 3 - Photo studio
4 - Review station
5 - Washington Crossing the Deleware 6 - Under construction exhibit
7 - Drawings and Prints Department 8 - Roof garden
9 - Greek and Roman Gallery 10 - Islamic Gallery
N/AA day in the life of a photographer for museum exhibits and various works.
Career Expedition: Paleontologist, Mark
1 - Examining Specimen
2 - Examining Specimen Better 3 - Using a microscope
4 - At his computer
5 - Velociraptor Index Specimen 6 - At his desk
7 - Catalog of new samples 8 - New Specimen in Lab
N/AA day in the life of a paleontologist.
Career Expedition: Park Ranger, Sunny
1 - Belvedere Castle Office 2 - Top of the Castle
3 - The Ramble 4 - Oak Bridge
5 - Giving Directions
6 - Educational Programs 7 - Emergency Response 8 - The Reservoir
N/AA day in the life of a Central Park Ranger.
Career Expedition: Pharmacist, Ian Ginsberg1 - Cosmetics Counter 2 - Pharmacy Counter 3 - Filling Prescriptions 4 - Compounding area 5 - Perscription counter 6 - Office LobbyN/AA day in the life of a pharmacist.
Career Expedition: Product Engineer, JD
1 - At workstation 2 - In the lab
3 - 3D Printing 4 - Wood shop 5 - Chop saw
6 - Metal shop 7 - With team
N/AA life in the engineer that builds physical products.
Career Expedition: Project Engineer, Gary
1 - Small package sorting 2 - Packages arriving
3 - Reviewing plans 4 - System monitor
5 - Alignment system 6 - Sorter overview
7 - Vision system
8 - Long-haul trailer
9 - Ready for local delivery 10 - Outside Peak Village
11 - Reviewing construction progress
N/AA day in the life of a project manager, who oversees a project from conception to delivering the product to the customers.
Career Expedition: Public Defense Attorney,
Shannon Cumberbatch
1 - Shannon's Desk
2 - Mentoring meeting
3 - Advocate conference 4 - Immigration attorney 5 - Halls of Justice
6 - Waiting at the Courthouse 7 - Client meeting
N/AA day in the life of a public defense attorney.
Career Expedition: Radio Producer, Sruthi
1 - Vox Pop
2 - Reply all team 3 - Radio class
4 - Studio interview 5 - Pro Tools editing
6 - Working with an editor
N/AA day in the life of a radio producer.
Career Expedition: Social Worker, Xristina
1 - Daily group meeting
2 - Supervision consultation 3 - New directions
4 - Client lobby
5 - Therapy session 6 - Advising meeting 7 - Art Therapy
N/AA day in the life of a social worker
Career Expedition: TV News Anchor, Mary
Alice Williams
1 - NJTV Newsroom 2 - Scripwriting
3 - Working on graphics 4 - Edit room
5 - Control Room
6 - Hair and makeup
7 - Final check in the control 8 - Remote interview
9 - Reporter 2-way
10 - Starting the show
N/AA day in the life of a TV news anchor.
CERN1 - CERN Large Hadron Collider Tunnel
2 - CERN - Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) 3 - CERN Atlas
4 - CERN - Alice
Border between France and SwitzerlandTake a tour of the European Organization for Nuclear Research and their massive underground labratory.
Chapman University1 - Welcome to Chapman University 2 - Attallah Piazza
3 - Dodge College of Film 4 - Performing Arts
5 - Fowler School of Law 6 - Launch Labs
7 - Lastinger Athletics Complex 8 - Wilson Field
9 - Argyros Forum
10 - On-campus housing
11 - Old Towne Orange Plaza
Orange, California, USAWalk through various vibrant and beautiful college campuses through the world. For these set of tours, Google recently teamed up with Michele Obama's Reach Higher program to bring the college experience directly to students.
Chichen Itza1 - Archeological Complex 2 - Temple of Kukulkan
3 - El Caracol
4 - Temple of Warrios
5 - Group of a Thousand Columns 6 - Las Monjas (The Nunnery)
MexicoChichen Itza in Yucatán State, Mexico, was a pre-Columbian city built by the Mayans. The area was originally settled sometime around 450 A.D. It became a center of Mayan culture and society and remained so for nearly 1,000 years. Excavation of the ruins began in 1841. By then, over 100 years had passed since the city was abandoned, but the building materials and techniques used by the Mayans assured that much had survived. Many of the site’s structures are notable for their beautiful proportions and their remarkable carved decorations. Join this Expedition to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site and learn about the ancient Mayan civilization.
Chief Plenty Coups1 - Inside the Visitor Center 2 - The Property
3 - The Chief's House
4 - Chief's Private Room 5 - The Sacred Spring
6 - The Sweat Lodge
Memorial Park, Montana, USAGet an inside look at the life of the last traditional Chief of the Crow tribe and his adoption of the culture of white settlers.
Churchill, Manitoba: Life in the North1 - Churchill Beach
2 - Downtown Churchill 3 - Eskimo Museum
4 - Polar Bear Holding Facility 5 - Dog Sledding Adventures
6 - Parks Canada Visitors Museum 7 - Cape Merry
Churchill, Manitoba, USAView the “Polar Bear Capital of the World”, Churchill, Manitoba, a small town rich in Inuit culture on the shores of Hudson Bay in Canada. See what life in the far north is like, in a town with many challenges due to the harsh winter climate and its remote location. The population of Churchill is under 1,000 people, but around 11,000 eco-tourists from all over the world visit each year. Tourists travel there to observe polar bears on the tundra as they begin to journey out on the frozen Hudson Bay in the fall; view thousands of beluga whales as they travel to the Churchill river estuary to calf in July and August; and birdwatch the 270 recorded species of birds that are present between May and August.
Clemson University1 - Welcome to Tigertown 2 - Dedication
3 - The Heart of Campus
4 - Hartwell Lake and the Snow Family Outdoor Fitness and Wellness Center
5 - An Engaged Campus 6 - Living next to history 7 - Excelling creatively
8 - Building the future
9 - Picture yourself here
10 - Hendrix Student Center
11 - Eating and living on campus
12 - Supporting our engineering and business students
Clemson, South Carolina, USAWalk through various vibrant and beautiful college campuses through the world. For these set of tours, Google recently teamed up with Michele Obama's Reach Higher program to bring the college experience directly to students.
Climate Change1 - California Academy of Sciences 2 - Deforestation in Brazil
3 - Loss of Arctic Sea
4 - The sinking city of Venice 5 - The Great Barrier Reef
6 - Retreating Glaciers and then Matterhorn Mountain
Various locationsTake a view of the adverse effects of climate change in various environments throughout the globe.
Colgate University1 - Academic Quad
2 - Ho Science Center 3 - Frank Dining Hall
4 - Olin Hall Laboratory 5 - 405 Lathrop Hall
6 - Classics Room
7 - Ho Tung Viz Lab 8 - Residence Halls
9 - Trudy Fitness Center 10 - Inside Case
11 - Persson Hall
12 - Andy Kerr Stadium
Hamilton New York, USAWalk through various vibrant and beautiful college campuses through the world. For these set of tours, Google recently teamed up with Michele Obama's Reach Higher program to bring the college experience directly to students.
Colonial Churches and Religion1 - Entracne to the church
2 - Church interior from floor 3 - Chruch interior from pulpit
Virginia, USATake a glimpse into what a church looked like in colonial America.
Coral Reefs1 - Apo Island
2 - Deep Reef in the Red Sea 3 - Aquarius Reef Base
4 - Osprey Reef 5 - Tern Island
6 - Pollution on East Island 7 - Carysfort Reef
8 - Unhealthy Coral Reef 9 - The Coral Nursery
10 - The underwater museum
1 - Apo Island, Philippine 2 - Red Sea
3 - Floride Keys, USA
4 - Osprey Reef, Coral Sea, Australia 5 - Tern Island, Hawaii
6 - Fajardo, Puerto Rico 7 - Florida Keys, USA
8 - Unhealthy Coral Reef 9 - The Coral Nursery
10 - Cancun, Mexico
Take a tour of some of the most biodiverse areas in our oceasn. Coral reefs have all types of marine life.
Cornell University1 - Ho Plaza
2 - The Ag Quad
3 - Cornell Engineering 4 - The Arts Quad
5 - Campus Dining at Cornell 6 - Student Housing
7 - Cornell Athletics 8 - Art and Theater
9 - The Natural World at Cornell
Ithaca, New York, USAWalk through various vibrant and beautiful college campuses through the world. For these set of tours, Google recently teamed up with Michele Obama's Reach Higher program to bring the college experience directly to students.
Crow Fair Pow Wow Celebration1 - Intro to Crow Fair
2 - Crow Fair Grounds 3 - Pow Wow Activities 4 - Flag Bearers
5 - Inter-tribal Dances 6 - Lunch
7 - Horse Parade
Billings, Montana, USATake an exclusive look at an old Native American celebration and immerse yourself in tribal culture.
Darkling Beetle1 - Thriving Everywhere 2 - Grubs
3 - Metamorphosis 4 - Chemical Attack
Various locationsThe Darkling Bettle is known the thrive in any environment. Take a look into the life cycle and environment of a this unique insect.
Desert Botanical Gardens1 - Agave lifestyle
2 - Adaptations and Characteristics of the Sonoran Desert
3 - Cacti form and function
4 - Why is the Sonoran Desert unique? 5 - Horiculture in the garden
6 - Research in the garden 7 - The Saguaro
Pheonix, Arizona, USAEver wonder how life survives in the harsh conditions of the desert? Take a look into this unique botanical gardens and learn about some of the exciting research they are doing.
Digestive System1 - The Mouth 2 - Esophagus
3 - Stomach
4 - Small Intestine 5 - Large Intestine
The human bodyThe digestive system is where the human body takes in and breaks down food. Most of the digestive system is located in the lower abdomen, and it connects with the outside of the body through openings at the top and bottom. Imagine you are a piece of fruit—a raspberry. On this expedition you, the raspberry, will travel throughout the digestive system and see how each part functions.
Dolomites1 - Dolomites UNESCO System 9 - “Dolomiti di Brenta” and Surroundings
2 - Dolomites UNESCO System 1 - Pelmocroda da lago and Surroundings
3 - A Dramatic Ecosystem
4 - A Mountainous War Zone 5 - Skiing and Tourism
The Dolomites, ItalyExplore a portion of the Southern Limestone Alps in the Piave Valley. The Dolomites were once the dividing line between the Italian and the Austro-Hungarian forces in the First World War.
Ecosystems of Borneo1 - Beach and Cliff Vegetation 2 - Scrubland
3 - Sundland/Kerangas Dry Heath Forest 4 - Sunda Shelf Mangroves
5 - Stream ecosystem 6 - River ecosystem
Borneo National Park, MalaysiaWithin the tropical region of Borneo, there are various different and distinct ecosystems that are subject to very different ecological and climatic conditions. Each have their own compliment of animals and plants that have evolved to be well adapted to these conditions. We start our expedition in Bako national park. Bako contains almost every type of plant life found in Borneo, with over 25 distinct types of vegetation. With an area of just 27km squared, you would think there to be little space for variation. And yet, within that small space you can find, tropical rainforest, mangrove swamps, dry heathland and many more ecosystems that support vastly different forms of life. We will explore a few of them in Bako, as well as elsewhere in mainland Borneo.
Edinburgh Castle1 - Edinburgh Castle
2 - Edinburgh Castle 2
3 - Edinburgh Castle - The Great Hall
Edinburgh, ScotlandEdinburgh Castle is a historic fortress which dominates the skyline of the city of Edinburgh, Scotland from its position on the Castle Rock.
Egypt1 - Pyramids at Giza 2 - The Great Sphinx
3 - Between Father and Son
4 - View from the Pyramid of Menkaure 5 - Building the Pyramids
EgyptYou’ve probably seen pictures of the pyramids in Egypt. Maybe you’ve seen them in a movie. On this Expedition, you get a chance to get a little bit closer to these amazing ancient structures.
El Capitan1 - The base of El Capitan 2 - The Stovelegs
3 - El Cap Tower at night
4 - El Cap Tower in the morning 5 - The Jardine Traverse
6 - The Great Roof
7 - Changing Corners 8 - The Top-Out
9 - Alex's Van
Yosemite National Park, California, USALet's follow a rock climbers as they climb up one of the steepest and tallest rock faces in the USA.
Environmental Change in Borneo1 - Prisitne Rainforest
2 - Land clearance and Deforestation 3 - Palm Oil
4 - Land encroachment
5 - Sandakan Development 6 - Supermarket
Borneo National Park, MalaysiaYou begin your journey in ancient rainforest that once covered all of Borneo. You start by climbing up into a canopy viewing station that overlooks the horizon of this virgin rainforest. You can see what this land would have looked like before modern human developments started to influence the landscape. Everywhere you look is an ecosystem that has evolved over millions of years, with species co-adapting into an integrated and complex web of life that provides resilience and strength.
Ethiopia1 - The Great Rift Valley
2 - Neighborly Relations: The Afar and the Tigrayans
3 - The Hamar People
4 - Economics: Turmi Market
5 - Leadership Roles: The Mursi
6 - Resources: The People of the Delta
EthiopiaThis Expedition will take you over a wide swath of Ethiopia in eastern central Africa. You’ll visit a number of indigenous groups, including the Afar and the nomadic Tigrayans, the Hamar, and the Mursi. Each of these groups leads a distinct way of life, and all of them are tied closely to the land.
Fairfield University1 - Bellarmine Hall
2 - Academic Programs (Lucas)
3 - The Egan Chapel of St. Ignatius Loyola 4 - Fairfield Beach
5 - The classrooom of the future 6 - DiMenna-Nyselius Library
7 - The Quad
8 - Job training at Fairfield 9 - Rafferty Stadium
10 - The Marion Peckham Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies
11 - School of Engineering
12 - Rudolf F. Bannow Science Center, Chemistry Lab
13 - Fairfield University's Division 1 Athletics
Fairfield, Connecticut, USAWalk through various vibrant and beautiful college campuses through the world. For these set of tours, Google recently teamed up with Michele Obama's Reach Higher program to bring the college experience directly to students.
Fernando de Noronha1 - Mirante
2 - Spinner Dolphins 3 - Pedras Secras
BrazilFernando de Noronha is an archipelago of 21 islands and islets in the Atlantic Ocean, 220 mi offshore from the Brazilian coast.In 2001 UNESCO designated it as a World Heritage Site because of the importance of its environment. Allow your students to see and understand the importance and beauty of the wildlife and landscapes.
Fordham University1 - Rose Hill Campus 2 - Keating Hall
3 - On-Campus Public Radio Station 4 - Hughes Hall
5 - Walsh Library
6 - Bishop's Lounge 7 - Jack Coffey Field 8 - University Church
9 - Lincoln Center Campus 10 - McKeon Residence Hall 11 - Cafeteria
12 - McKeon Hall rooftop
Bronx, New York, USAWalk through various vibrant and beautiful college campuses through the world. For these set of tours, Google recently teamed up with Michele Obama's Reach Higher program to bring the college experience directly to students.
Founding Fathers1 - The Drawing Room
2 - The Dining Room and Mr. Madison's Room 3 - The New Library
Orange, VirginiaHead into Montepelier and see Mr. Madisons rooms, along with the busts and paintings of his contemporaries, those who built a framework for the United States of America.
Framing in Tanzania1 - Domesticated animals 2 - Manure transport
3 - The relationshp
4 - Rainfall dependency 5 - Crop rotation
6 - Market day
7 - The market - animals 8 - The future of farming
Tanzania, AfricaMany areas in Africa are still using farming practices that were initially developed years ago. To this day, not much has changed and this tour gives us an unique insight to one of
the world's oldest professions.
Freer Sackler Galleries, Smithsonian1 - The Freer and Sackler Galleries 2 - The Peacock Room
3 - Hindu Gods, Goddesses and Saints 4 - Islamic Arts
5 - Chinese Painting
Washington DC, USAGet a closer look at the art and exhibitions of the Freer Sackler Galleries at the Smithsonian.
From the Stratosphere1 - Ready to Fly 2 - Launch
3 - Lower Stratosphere 4 - 37 Kilometers up
5 - Blam!
SpaceIn the summer of 2012, a team of technicians and photographers set out for a field near the town of Pereslavl- Zalesskiy, 150 km (about 93 miles) northeast of Moscow in Russia to take some pictures. These would not be just any pictures. The plan was to send a helium balloon carrying remote-controlled cameras to near space to take panoramic images of Earth from the stratosphere. The stratosphere is the middle layer of the atmosphere—it lies between the lowest layer, the troposphere, and the third layer, the mesosphere, from about 10–50 km (6.2–31 miles) above Earth’s surface. The upper reaches of the stratosphere are referred to by scientists as “near space.” That’s where the balloon would head. The team was led by Oleg Gaponyuk, along with adventurer and photographer Denis Efremov, who brought to the project extensive experience with unmanned aerial vehicles and—perhaps less interestingly, but just as importantly—all the necessary permits from regulatory authorities to carry out the mission.
Frontiers of Flight1 - The Wright Brothers Work Shed 2 - Notable Planes
3 - Notable Engines 4 - Combat Planes 5 - Space Flight
6 - Braniff International Airways
Dallas, Texas, USATour the various exhibits at the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas, TX.
Galapagos Island1 - Charles Darwin Research Station Entrance 2 - Charles Darwin Research Station vertebrate collection
3 - Charles Darwin Research Station Herbarium 4 - Blue-footed Boobies
5 - Magnificent Frigatebird 6 - Champion Island East
7 - Galapagos giant tortoise breeding center 8 - Baby tortoises at breeding center
9 - Bahia Cartago - invasive species
10 - Lava rock formations at Bahia Cartago 11 - Lava Tube
Galapagos Islands, Atlantic OceanThe Galápagos Islands, a volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, is a province of Ecuador, lying about 1,000km off its coast, and considered one of the world's foremost destinations for wildlife-viewing. Take a trip into the historic and beaituful island.
Gallipoli, Memorials and Cemeteries1 - Cemetery and Memorial of the 57th Regiment 2 - Lone Pine Cemetery and Memorial
3 - The Nuri Yamut Monument
4 - Canakkale Martyrs’ Memorial
5 - Sergeant Yahya Symbolic Cemetery and Monument
Gallipoli, TurkeyTake a trip back in time to the location of the Allies' ill-fated amphibious assault on the beaches of the ancient Ottoman Empire.
George Mason University1 - EagleBank Arena 2 - Mason Pond
3 - Johnson Center 4 - Art and Design 5 - Enterprise Hall
6 - College of Science 7 - SUB 1 Quad
8 - Dining
9 - George Mason Statue
Fairfax, Virgina, USAWalk through various vibrant and beautiful college campuses through the world. For these set of tours, Google recently teamed up with Michele Obama's Reach Higher program to bring the college experience directly to students.
George Washington University1. George Washington University - Campuses
2. Colleges, Schools, and Academic Programs at George Washington University
3. Government Relations at GW
4. Student Body, Student Services, Dorm Life
5. Sports and Athletics at GW
6. Arts at George Washington University
7. Research at George Washington University
8. George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences
9. Mount Vernon Campus
Washington, Distric of Columbia, USAWalk through various vibrant and beautiful college campuses through the world. For these set of tours, Google recently teamed up with Michele Obama's Reach Higher program to bring the college experience directly to students.
Georgetown University1 - Healy Circle/Front Gates 2 - Dahlgren Quad
3 - Lawn between Regents Hall and the Hariri Building
4 - Southwest Quad
5 - Observatory and Yates Field House 6 - North End of Campus
7 - 36th Street NW 8 - Red Square
Washington, District of Columbia, USAWalk through various vibrant and beautiful college campuses through the world. For these set of tours, Google recently teamed up with Michele Obama's Reach Higher program to bring the college experience directly to students.
Gettysburg National Military Park1 - Introduction to Gettysburg 2 - Gettysburg Battlefield
3 - Gettysburg Battlefield, Oakridge Observation Tower
4 - Cemetery Hill
5 - Stutue of General Hancock on Cemetery Hill 6 - The Peach Orchard
7 - Little Round Top 1
8 - Little Round Top 2
9 - Pickett's Charge Battleground 10 - Virginia State Memorial
11 - Pennsylvania State Memorial 12 - Gettysburg National Cemetery
13 - The Soldiers National Monument 14 - Eternal Light Peace Memorial
Gettysburg, PATake a trip to the site of the largest battle ever fought in North America, one that involved more than 160,000 men and caused nearly 50,000 casualties.
Giant Devil's Flower Mantis (Idolomantis
1 - Starting Life Small 2 - 10 Days Later
3 - Empusidae 4 - Wide Shield 5 - Final Form
TanzaniaThe Giant Devil's Flower Mantis, scientifically known as the Idolomantis Diabolica, is one of the most beautiful insects. Take a look into the life cycle and environment of a this unique insect.
Gombe National Park1- Hitching a Ride in Gombe National Park 2- Gombe Stream Research Center
3- Inside Gombe Stream Research Center 4- Jane Goodall's House
5- The Peak
6- Monkeys on the Beach 7- Kakombe Falls
8- Chimpanzee Termite Fishing 9- Forest Monitors at Work
TanzaniaGombe National Park is home to the most well-documented chimpanzee population living in the wild. Over 50 years ago, Dr. Jane Goodall began her work here, and the legacy of scientific discovery continues to this day.
Googleplex1 - Main Campus
2 - Google's culture 3 - Food at Google 4 - Perks at Google 5 - Working spaces
7 - The Streetview Cars
Mountain View, California, USAEver wondered what it would be like to work at Google for a day? Take an insider's look at Google's main campus, as known as then Googleplex. From workspaces to the quad, and cafes to a bowling alley, see how the employees of Google work.
Googleplex1 - Main campus
2 - Google's culture 3 - Food at Google 4 - Perks at Google 5 - Working spaces
6 - The Streetview Cars
Mountain View, California, USATour some of the office's of Google's headquarters in California.
Grand Canyon1 - The Colorado River
2 - The Geological History 3 - The Rocks
4 - The Grand Canyon Skywalk
5 - The Seasons and the Weather
6 - Native Americans, Conservationists, and Tourists
Arizona, United States of AmericaIn Hopi, the language spoken by a Pueblo group in northern Arizona, it is Ongtupqa; in Yavapai, spoken by a tribe in central and western Arizona, it is Wi:kaʼi:la; in English, it is The Grand Canyon. Managed by a coalition of three tribes and three agencies of the U.S. government, the Grand Canyon is 277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) wide, and over a mile deep. Often described as Earth’s greatest geological showcase, this jaw-dropping ensemble of colorful rock layers, magnificent buttes, and shadowy side canyons is one of the world’s natural wonders, visited by millions of adventure-seekers each year.
Great Barrier Reef1- Lady Elliot Island 2- Heron Island
3- Myrmidon Reef
4- Yongala Shipwreck
5- Cod Hole
6- Opal Reef
7- Ribbon Reefs
8- North Broken Passage
Great Barrier Reef, AustraliaTake a tour of the world's largest coral reef, visible from outer space, and home to thousands of diverse lifeforms.
Great Wall1 - The Long Fortress
2 - The Tower on the Great Wall 3 - Simatai Section
4 - Gubeikou Pass
ChinaAll throughout history, people have built defensive walls. There are ruins, some reconstructed, of ancient massive wall-building projects all over the world. There are Roman walls in Italy, Spain, England, and Germany. In the Philippines, the 16th century Spanish colonial government built the city of Manila and completely surrounded it with a wall. The Long Wall of Quảng Ngãi in Vietnam extends for 127.4-kilometers (79.2 miles) and includes 115 forts. And then there is the Great Wall of China. All around the globe, this truly monumental wall is one of the first things people
think of when they hear “China.” On this Expedition, we’ll hike parts of the Great Wall and learn about its history and builders.
Greece: Athens, Santorini, and Metéora1 - The Acropolis, View from the Southwest 2 - The Acropolis, View from the East
3 - Mount Lycabettus 4 - Santorini, or Thíra 5 - Metéora
6 - The Holy Monastery of Great Metéoron
GreeceThis expedition will take you to Athens, Greece, to see some ancient ruins you have probably heard of. You’ll also travel to two other locations in Greece with which you’re less likely to be familiar. One is the site of an enormous volcanic eruption and the other has been home to monks for over 500 years.
Greenland1 - At the Mouth of Ilulissat Icefjord 2 - Davis Strait
3 - Icebergs of Various Sizes 4 - The Arched Iceberg
GreenlandPut on your cold-weather gear and join this Expedition to a land of ice and snow. Greenland does have green land, but we’re going to stick close to the coast and focus our attention on fjords, glaciers, and icebergs that are the common features of the landscape here.
Guam Tourism Guide1-Tumon Beach
2-Two Lovers Point 3-Plaza de Espana 4-Chamorro Village
5-Fort Nuestra Señora de la Soledåd 6-Inarajan Natural Pool
GuamLet's travel to tropical Guam, a Micronesian island known for it's wildlife, beautiful diving sites, and shipwrecks.
Harvard Semitic Museum1 - Divinity Avenue
2 - First Floor Corridor 3 - First Floor Gallery
4 - Stairwell Photo Exhibit
5 - The Egyptian Chair of Queen Hetepheres 6 - Nile to the Euphrates 1
7 - Nile to the Euphrates 2 8 - Nile to the Euphrates 3 9 - Public lounge
10 Mesopotamian Gallery
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USALook at some of the first excavations of Egyptian pyramids and life on the Nile river from the early ages.
Heart, The1 - The human heart 2 - Right artium
3 - Right ventricle 4 - Heart nodes
Human bodyIf you’ve gotten even a tiny cut on your fingertip, you know that blood flows through every part your body. The circulatory system is a series of tubes that carry oxygen and nutrients to, and removes waste from, every cell in your body. The circulatory system also transports hormones and the cells of the immune system. The pump that keeps the entire circulatory system functioning is the heart, located just to the left of center in your chest.
Historic Buildings in the UK1 - St. Michael's Mount 2 - Kedleston Hall
3 - Brownsea Island
4 - Lyvden New Bield
5 - Stourhead House and Gardens
United Kingdom
Derby, United Kingdom Dorset, United Kingdom
Northamptonshire, United Kingdom Wiltshire, United Kingdom
The National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty, in this case the United Kingdom, is a conservation organization in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Historic Philadelphia1 - Independence Square 2 - Independence Hall
3 - American Philosophical Society 4 - Franklin Court
5 - Carpenters' Hall
6 - President's House Site
Philadephia, PennsylvaniaTake a trip through American History and return to the time of the Founding Fathers. See many of the historic sites where America transitioned from a grand vision into a sovereign nation.
History of Jazz1 - New Orleans Musical Legends Park 2 - Louis Armstrong Park
3 - People's Health New Orleans Jazz Market 4 - New Orleans Jazz Orchestra
New Orleans, Louisiana, USAIn honor Black History Month, we visit some of the historic sites that helped define and currently celebrate America's true art form, jazz.
Holy Places of Jerusalem1 - Jerusalem
2 - Chruch of the Holy Sepulchre 3 - The Stone of Anointing
4 - Western Wall at Night 5 - Inside the Wilson Arch 6 - Over Mount of Olives
Jerusalem, IsraelJews, Muslims, and Christians alike revere Jerusalem, Israel's capitol and one of the world's oldest cities. For thousands of years, Jerusalem, which contains hundreds of major holy sites, has been a destination of sacred pilgrimage for millions of people from around the world. Paradoxically, this hallowed city has also been a focal point for war and political and social unrest. Join this Expedition to take in some of modern-day Jerusalem’s atmosphere and some of the history laid down in its ancient and sacred structures.