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2/1/2020 10:59:53kyrasullivan@ucsb.eduKyra Sullivankyrasullivan@ucsb.edu8158612276TextYes2022NoNo8
Trail and yard riding, some dressage, some racing
Over 5 years taking lessons in basic riding, dressage, and racing. 6 years trail riding with various friends and family. I don’t own a horse but I frequently care for my neighbors horses (mucking our field, brushing, cleaning hooves, feeding and watering, etc)
My favorite horse experience was riding with my cousins in Ireland. We rode on the beach nearby and in the forest, and we stopped for lunch near a lake. Afterwards we found an open area and raced some, which was absolutely thrilling.
Exploring the area around the stables and appreciating natural areas. Possible some practice with dressage and/or racing, depending on the horse
I’m a very hard worker, and I try to always go above and beyond what is expected of me.
Kyra Sullivan
2/1/2020 11:02:53
Nelson Pacheco
80563666826Email, TextStaffYesNo1Western
Friend who played polo taught me to bandage horses before working it and clean the horse afterwards. Another friend who works on Knappa ranch would let me take the horse on walks.
Rode horses in Jalisco, Mexico by the a lake.
Would prefer to be refreshed on tips and tricks
Mainly take the horse out on rides around appropriate riding areas.
2I like helping where I can Nelson Pacheco
2/1/2020 12:43:22mhoney@ucsb.eduMegan Honeymhoney@ucsb.edu9492129757EmailYes2022NoNo8Hunter/jumper
Grew up riding hunter/jumper. Leased horses throughout these years, participated in pony club, and showed up to the children's hunters
Just looking to get back into riding!
2Megan Honey
2/1/2020 12:55:55oceana@ucsb.eduOceana Tavasieffoceana@ucsb.edu4154241844Email, TextYes2021NoNo4
Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Trail
I have been riding H/J since 2015 and began dressage riding in 2018 to develop myself and my horse. While I find the discipline challenging, I have come to love both the training approach and the improvement in control and dexterity that comes with it.

In late 2015 my family purchased a horse that we soon discovered had pretty significant holes in her training. In particular, she was initially flighty and extremely sensitive to leg cues. I have learned a lot about managing my emotional state on a spooky horse and remaining calm while introducing a new technique to a horse.

I spent a year as a part-time working student and was responsible for the PM care of 8 horses, including cleaning stalls, turning out, feeding, and general medical care where applicable. Currently my horse back home is in a partial care environment and I am used to the odd tasks and physical work that comes into caring for a horse.

At home I regularly jump 2'.
I love going on trail rides with my horse and this past summer I and a few barn friends set up some small mock cross-country jumps on the trails and took our horses over them. My horse and I have never done cross-country and it was so fun to try our knowledge outside of the arena.
My goals now center mainly on dressage and I am mostly looking to maintain and develop good position and strength. I hope to refine my aids and improve my transitions. I also would be interested in a bit of jumping, trail riding, and lunging/groundwork. Finally, as I have largely focused on my horse for the past few years, I am hoping to develop more experience with different rides.
I hope to bring a good work ethic to the co-op as well as experience with sensitive horses.
Oceana Tavasieff
2/1/2020 13:40:47adiromualdo@ucsb.eduAri DiRomualdoadiromualdo@ucsb.edu9788312620Email, TextYesFall 2020YesNo10 years
English hunter/jumper/equitation
I have been riding and caring for horses since I was 9 years old. I started by visiting the barn down my street and learning to properly care for horses of all ages and abilities. I began English riding lessons at the age of 10 and have competed, trained, and worked with horses since then. At a young age, I was tasked with training green horses and have worked with all different type horses with different skill levels. I have competed at breed shows doing hunter/jumpers and English equitation. In high school, I worked with a high-level event trainer and competed in low-level derby crosses during that time. I also participated in IEA when I was a senior in high school and competed regularly in the walk/trot/canter division. Throughout my time riding I have attended a multitude of different clinics and participated in local low-level shows. Along with in-depth riding experiences, I have been cared for horses frequently over the last 10 years. I have worked in many barns feeding, mucking, watering, and other barn related tasks.. I have always had a love and passion for horses and now just enjoy riding for pleasure!
There are too many to count, but one of my most memorable experiences was when I had the opportunity to raise a foal. I was there through the mare's pregnancy, birth, and everything after! I was just 12 years-old and was able to experience the difficulties of training a new born colt. It was an amazing experience and I loved every minute of watching him grow!
My main goal as a student rider is to enjoy! I am have greatly missed being able to regularly ride in college and horses have always been a form of therapy for me. I am looking to ride for pleasure and just be around horses regularly again.
I believe I can bring my past knowledge and experience with horses and horse-care to the co-op, as well as my love and passion for animals! I love being a part of a team and working in a collaborative barn environment is something that I have always really enjoyed.
Ari DiRomualdo
2/2/2020 10:49:22meliaochoa@me.comMelia Ochoameliaochoa@me.com9496003930TextYes2022NoNo6+English
2005-2014: spending 3 months a year rigorously training, carrying out chores stables
2014-2018: riding three days a week and teaching beginner-int. lessons. Trained an OTTB into one of our best lesson horses. Trained a gelding that was abandoned on a farm that was purchased as a child’s first horse a year into training. Dabbled in dressage but stuck to english. Huge emphasis on emotional connection to the horses I work with. Skilled primarily in flatwork, beginning jumping.
2019-present: moved up to UCSB, so on my breaks or some weekends Ill go back home to teach lessons and ride for my own benefit instead of training.
Training my first project horse Zeba, the OTTB previously mentioned. Being able to work on her emotional trauma and then the physical training to see her become this such an amazing loving horse.
I love the connection with horses, but as a college student financially my options are very limited. I want to be able to ride year round and have some fun while staying in shape. My favorite things to do are trail or flatwork, never been much of a competitive rider.
Friendliness. I know this is about the horses, but it’s also about the community! I love meeting new people and I hope to work with others and also make connections with them.
Melia Ochoa
2/2/2020 10:49:50heliu@ucsb.eduSunny Liuheliu@ucsb.edu805-895-4327EmailYes2023
Maybe. I can stay if requires.
No11Primary Hunter Jumping.
I started riding horse since 7 years old and got the third place in China Cross-Country national Cup. I can do some hunter jumping but I mainly ride in prairie. I am a pre-vet student, currently major in biology and chemistry. My experience with horses for more than ten years teach me how to get along with horses and care for them. I love them so much and would like to devote my whole life for animal career.
As a co-coach in barn, I witnessed the birth and death of horses. There was a skinny pony, Coffee, that my boss does not expect her to be a competitive horse, so he asked me to drill her, as I was young and not experienced enough.

Coffee was shy and did not have a good appetite. In this case, I foddered her with various food until she found the one she likes. We went to the beach and played with tides. I trained her from very beginning until she can follow all structures with no hesitate. After 1 year companion, my boss chose her to be a potential running horse.

She can recognize me even now. She is not only my honey but I also my guide, who tells me how to build a affective bond between animals and humans.
First of all, I hope the horse can be healthy and happy. As the same time, I want to give some basic equestrian training, such as pace. I can do everything for maintenance tasks to gave him/her a comfortable living environment.
I am from New York but I was raised up in China. My riding skill is mainly Chinese pattern so we can explore the difference between Western and Eastern pattern.
Sunny Liu
2/3/2020 11:13:58
Aria Everingham
(510)418-1629Email, TextYes2023NoNo6
English- hunter/jumper or dressage
I rode at a barn in Oakland, CA called Skyline Ranch. I have leased three horses over 4 years, so I have been riding 3-5 days a week and doing 1- 3 lessons a week. I have been in United States Pony Club for around 6 years! I am definitely used to doing my own grooming and pulling my own weight at the barn. Depending on the horse I was riding, I was usually jumping in the 2'3"-2'9" range. I also love going on trail rides!
Every couple of years, my barn would go cross country schooling at a place called Eventful Acres in Northern California. Not only was it beautiful, but it was so much fun ride with my barn family in a discipline that we don't usually have access too. We camped together, ate together, and tanned on giant training-level tables together. It felt amazing to have my whole team around me and my trainer's trust behind us as we did cross-country. The owners of the ranch relied on us to muck, feed, and coil the hose in a figure 8 every day, and I will always hold on to those lessons and the responsibility that I learned.
Horses have been such a big part of my life for so long and I am really missing it. I would like to continue my riding for my own improvement and enjoyment and be involved in a barn community!
Horseback riding was never about showing or just riding to get better for me. My barn team was my community, and it was one of my favorite aspects of the years I've spent riding. My barn was my second home, and in the hours that I spent at the barn every week, I learned that there is always something to work on. If I were to join the co-op, I would use my hardworking attitude to help the barn and I would love to join a leadership position to plan events that could bring the community together.
Aria Everingham
2/4/2020 17:08:20msward@ucsb.eduMegan Swardmsward@ucsb.edu3392037550EmailYes2023NoNo9
hunters, equitation, jumpers
I have leased two horses and have been the primary person responsible for their fitness as well as their health. I have also helped to train 5+ green horses, including those with under 2 months work under saddle. I have worked for two different stables mucking stalls, feeding, cleaning water buckets, and other chores involved in running a barn and owning horses. I have also taught young children how to ride, and have volunteered at a stable that specialized in therapeutic riding for children and adults with special needs.
My favorite experience with horses was working with and training a green mare. I was the only person responsible for her training once she arrived at my barn, and I brought her from only knowing walk and trot to jumping 2'6. When I left for college, she was being sold as a children's pony. It was very rewarding gradually seeing how far she had come.
My main goal is to continue learning and growing as a rider. For the horse I will potentially be riding, I would work primarily on flat work as I believe this to be the foundation of a horse's training. I also enjoy going out on train rides when possible, as I believe it is a good form of enrichment for horses and helps prevent them from being ring sour. I do enjoy jumping and would like to continue this if possible, however I am more than happy working with a horse that is flat only.
I believe that I am able to problem solve quickly when under pressure and deal with unpredictability well. Horses are by nature unpredictable both when riding and on the ground. I also feel like this skill can be important should an emergency arise.
Megan Sward
2/5/2020 16:53:56
Alexis Aguirre
I have been riding horses all my life, but started seriously riding when I was in middle school and started playing on an interscholastic polo team. I played on a team throughout high school and played on the UCSB team freshman year but stopped because of time commitment issues and going out of town often for tournaments. During my years in polo we leaned to care for horses in doing grooming, including taking care of their hooves, feedings and cleaning them. I also learned how to tack up, take care of equipment and spot when a horse might be lame.
I have many great experiences with horses, some of my favorite were during polo tournaments. My mom owned some horses and my favorite were Africana and Sonya Roja, I have amazing memories of playing with them in tournaments and you could tell they loved the game and we had such a great connection, it was so fun to gallop down the field with the ball and especially amazing when goals were made. In addition to this, we did many trail rides with them which were always beautiful and relaxing for myself and the horses.
I mostly just miss being around horses, I would love to be able to ride at all different speeds and brush up on my riding.
If people would be interested in learning about polo I could help inform or even give short lessons on how the game works. I have also worked with a lot of troublesome horses and don’t mind riding them, as in polo you have to ride other people’s horses so I’ve learned to be comfortable on a wide variety of horses with different temperaments.
Alexis Aguirre
2/6/2020 10:08:01sofia.willis@gmail.comSofia Willissofia.willis@gmail.com6503871607EmailYesJune 2020YesNo5English/Western
I rode horses for about 5 years until I was 14. I have not consistently rode since then, but have occasionally gone hacking/trail riding. I have been helping Elena take care of Balida for the past 6 months at the West Campus Stables, and have proven my commitment and responsibility. I know how to clean a stall, pick hooves, brush, tack, and ride. I know how to act around horses, I know how to handle when they are spooked or frisky. I feel extremely comfortable and confident around horses, and although I have not consistently ridden, I feel that I am trustworthy and qualified.
I was about 11 years old, and I was hacking in Wales. It was the first time that I had ever been able to ride a horse and feel the full extent of their power and speed. I felt completely connected and in control of this horse while we were galloping. It was the most euphoric experience and I still remember the rush of happiness and bliss. That was the day I fell in love with horses and truly understood how special they are.
I have made a real connection with Balida, and I want to continue to take of her and also get to the know the other horses at the stables. I have recently learned that I have a true passion for horses and they fill me with a sense of joy that I don't get from a lot of other things. I want to help exercise the horses while also giving myself the down time I need from my hectic life.
Passion and commitment. I know that those are not unique skills, but I know that I will play my part in the co-op. I truly understand and respect the bond between a horse and its rider, and I want to bring that mentality to the barn.
Sofia Willis
2/6/2020 20:09:35mrskdog@hotmail.comAnnika Dogicmrskdog@hotmail.com6175990877Textdaughter of facultyYesYes
6 years(lessons twice a week)
English riding, starting to jump.
I know basic first aid. I can tack up completely on my own and will groom them and bathe them. Over 6 years of lessons and moving from the east to the west coast I have experience riding 10 different horses all of different temperament levels. I can jump small cross rails. I am very responsible and reliable.
The first time I have jumped.
I wish to learn more of jumping. I hope to have a horse of my own and hope to observe what it takes to own a horse.
I will be here during most vacations and summers, I live very close by to campus and am willing to do all chores needed.
Annika Dogic
2/16/2020 18:14:25calvinhuang@ucsb.eduCalvin Huangcalvinhuang@ucsb.edu4152037661TextYes2021NoNo1Dressage, Jumping
I started riding in August of 2018 and rode until June 2019. I've always wanted to learn to ride but never put effort into finding a trainer until I got on a horse for the first time in January of 2018. I got on a horse for the second time in July when I was in Texas and just couldn't stop thinking about it. I finally decided to look for a trainer and she offered me lessons, but I couldn't afford it so I asked her if I could help out at the stables in exchange for lessons and that's how it all began. She gave me two lessons a week after I helped out at the stables. I started off with western pleasure for a few months, then switched to dressage, and then eventually jumping.
My favorite horse experience was in Costa Rica. I went there over Christmas with my best friend for just over two weeks and got to ride through the mountains and onto the beach. It was my favorite experience because it was a private tour with just the guide, me, and my friend. I loved seeing all the different sceneries throughout the whole ride and being able to gallop along the beach.
My main goals is to be able to relax and get away from all the noise. I would love to go on trail rides on my free time and maybe work on my jumping in the arena.
My passion for horses and my eagerness to learn more about them. For my final in my Public Lands class last quarter, I chose to write about the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 and learned so much from it. I'm excited to finally be around horses again.
Calvin Huang
2/19/2020 18:10:44
Violaine Desgens-Martin
949-292-3797Text, Phone CallYes2021YesNo<10Hunter/jumper
I have done several half-boards where I was riding and taking care of the horse and i took years of lessons as a hunter/jumper and have some dressage training. I have not been consistently riding for about 5 years
One of my favorite horse experience is riding bareback in a field on an amazing Belgian horse
Get back in the saddle and trail rides on the bluffs/beach
While I haven’t been consistently riding in years, I did spend time training horses back when I was so if someone is looking for help with training, I can offer that help
Violaine Desgens-Martin
2/23/2020 17:52:22ejhense@ucsb.eduEleanor Henseejhense@ucsb.edu3238771355EmailYes2023NoNo10English and Western
I started lessons at the age of five, attended camp every summer until the age of 13, and volunteered at a ranch for children until the age of 17. At the ranch, I enjoyed taking care of the horses and assisting in lessons for children with disabilities.
I remember the first time I was allowed to go on a ride on my own with my favorite horse at the ranch, Dove. After the ride, I got to groom her. I also remember that every time I would groom her she would patiently wait as I braided her tail and mane.
Yes, but only after a refresher
I want to improve my riding skills, re-discover my passion for riding, and make more friends (human and horse). I hope I can find a horse I really connect with as a way to relieve the stress of school as well as stepping away from my self and putting myself into caring for another living creature.
I'm great at working with other people and I'm always open to help or advice when it comes to improving my skill. I'm good at following instructions and I'm very eager to get back on a horse.
Eleanor J Hense
2/23/2020 21:30:32ohmacior@gmail.comLiv Maciorohmacior@gmail.com3015298224EmailYes2023NoNo
I rode consecutively for ~4 years as from ages 10-14 and continued on and off following. This past summer I interned at a horse stable.
I have ridden western and english- though I am not extremely skilled riding english. I just love being around/caring for horses and going on trail rides!
I've always loved horses and rode any chance I could get growing up (family trips to ranches or at local stables). I rode consecutively for ~4 years as from ages 10-14 and continued on and off in the following years. Two years ago I spent a week riding through Ireland from bed and breakfast to bed and breakfast without any sort of guides or trainers. Additionally, this past summer I interned at a horse stable. At the stable, I groomed, fed, and washed the horses, helped with stable cleaning and maintenance, occasionally rode, and assisted with basic first aid care on the horses. I have ridden western and English- though I am not extremely skilled in riding English. Overall, I just love being around/caring for horses and going on trail rides!
My favorite experience with horses would be when I was riding on the coast of Ireland. We spent most of the day trekking through grassy meadows, though, upon approaching the beach, the horses felt the sand below their hooves and they took off, galloping at full speed. It was such a special moment to me; I felt super connected to the horse I was riding for the week and extreme sense of freedom.
I would love to go on trail rides, just spend time around the horses, and work on my technique in both western and english.
I am extremely hard working and always happy to lend a helping hand! My favorite part of riding is spending time around horses so if anyone ever needs help with grooming or any other seemingly "menial" tasks, I would love to help out!
Olivia Macior
2/26/2020 13:56:28jlhern@ucsb.eduJennifer Hernandezjlhern@ucsb.edu8054507217Email, Text, Phone CallUCSB EmployeeYesNo5+Western, pleasure.
I have had horses growing up and wanted to re-connect with riding a few years back. I have been taking lessons with Amber Goirgi @ Nojoqui Horse Ranch but would like to find something more permanent closer to home.
I just love how strong and sensitive these animals are. Nothing better than to snuggle up to that muzzle
Enjoy some pleasure riding!
I am a project manager in Design & Construction. I am really good at maximizing and arranging!
Jennifer Hernandez
2/27/2020 13:22:53amdavlos@gmail.comAthina Davlosamdavlos@gmail.com4158279320TextYes2021YesNo12Western and English
I worked at two ranches back home and would volunteer at summer camps for children learning to ride. I competed jumping and gymkhanas. I also know how to clean, feed, muck, and do basic ranch work.
I’m from Northern California and when I was an active rider I would go on a lot of trail rides. Those were always something I truly enjoyed.
I’m looking to rekindle my love for riding and creating a partnership with an animal.
I’m very friendly and I think that I could benefit the co-op by bringing positivity and a willingness to learn new things!
Athina Davlos
3/1/2020 12:09:10
Sofia Brandon
Western riding; handling, grooming and exercising rescued horses with a variety of needs
I have been riding horses since I was very young. I took lessons a few times a week for a few years and then have ridden on my own or with family since then. I have also volunteered at a local horse rescue for 6 years where I have been exposed to a variety of health conditions and handling environments. I am also familiar with a variety of feeding practices. I am familiar with basic horse etiquette and being around equines always provides me with a sense of peace and relief.
My favorite horse experience so far has been when I went on a trail ride with my mentor. We went to a trail that had pears ripening on the tree and then later we blackberries from the bushes by the trail. She had a jumping course set up in the middle of a grove and we went through that a few times. I remember loving the feeling of flying through the air and feeling the power of the horse under me. On our way back, there were barrels set up in the simple racing pattern and we also worked on that which was thrilling for me. And to finish off that day we were turning the horses out for a well deserved rest and I rode bareback to the pasture.
As a student rider I am simply looking for an opportunity to put myself in an environment surrounded by horses because in the stress of college, this would be a great way to breathe and destress. I would be looking to groom, care for, and exercise the horse I will be riding. How exactly I would be exercising them would be determined after communicating with the owner and seeing what best fits the horse. I enjoy the opportunity to canter or gallop in a safe situation and going through obstacles like barrels or even a trail ride would be a fun spin on exercise.
With my experience in a horse rescue I would bring specialized skills that come from dealing with a variety horses who all have very unique and specific needs. I would also love to develop a connection with the horse that I ride rather than simply riding a few times a week and going through the motions
Sofia Brandon
3/5/2020 13:47:34cali@ucsb.eduCali Brannancali@ucsb.edu9178330214Email, TextYes2022YesNo17
English, jumping, western
I grew up in a riding family and started riding when I was 3. I grew up in England on a farm with horses and rode everyday and competitively jumped. I then moved to America and got into western riding and doing backcountry multi day rides.
So hard to pick. My first horse was this beautiful Icelandic pony that was also the horse that my mum learned on when she was young so she was really old. I went and visited her only a couple months before she passed away and spent the day not riding but walking around with her and playing and it was extremely emotional because she was the first animal I loved and she opened me to the world of riding. Another is when I went to Patagonia in Chile to do backcountry riding and the first day we were in the middle of nowhere and we rode to the top of this mountain and ended up above the clouds and above a rainbow which really solidified how riding can be an amazing opportunity to see things you otherwise wouldn’t because there was no other way to get up there.
I really want to be able to feel the connection I feel when I’m riding. I volunteered at a stable that taught riding to disabled children and it really helps them to feel connected to another being. When I ride I don’t feel any stress or worry which is so important for when at school. I also just really miss riding. I would also like to get back into jumping a bit more if possible
I am always very dedicated to my passions. Whether it’s riding, school, art, sports etc. and I don’t like to do anything half heartedly. If I was a part of the co-op I would put my all in to do everything I can to make it the best place for the horses and other riders.
Cali Brannan
3/9/2020 19:33:07hannahkirby@ucsb.eduHannah Kirbyhannahkirby@ucsb.edu8182676057EmailYes2021YesNo15
Show Jumping, Cross Country Eventing, Dressage, General Training
I have ridden with Foxfield for 15 years and have been showing for 10 years. I also work at the horseback riding summer camp each year where I teach girls 6-16 how to ride and about horse care/first aid/showing/etc. I have leased horses for 4 years and had an amazing time! I also briefly worked at Santa Barbara Stables and helped train and exercise their horses.
YesYes5Hannah Kirby
4/6/2020 22:01:24kahughes82@gmail.comKristen Hugheskahughes82@gmail.com8058867185Email, Text, Phone CallNoYesNo5Western
Grew up riding horses on best friends dairy farm, leased a Paint for arena riding for 1 year in 2011-2012
Trail riding on my friends dairy farm
Improve riding skills, be around and care for horses
3Teachable, hard working
4/11/2020 8:49:05ej2386@columbia.eduEmma Jamesej2386@columbia.edu2036310466Text, Phone CallNo-2022I’m here till mid/late-MayNo~6 (no competitions)
some jumping but I’m mostly experienced/useful in cleaning tack, mucking, taking the horse for regular walks/trots
~4 years of lessons when young, 6 summers of ring riding (group lessons) and general upkeep. also spent a month in germany on a farm caring for and riding the horses.
8-hour adventure (getting lost haha) riding around a rural German village called Heere
I have too much time on my hands and I figure with the COVID-19 situation, you might be a little short-staffed right now. I’m living with some friends at UCSB for another 5/6 weeks and would honestly like to have somewhere to be. I go to school in NYC (I’ve been here for a month, I’m corona-free!) so I haven’t been able to be around horses and stalls in a long time. So, I’m just looking to get back on the horse (literally) and do as much as trotting while working on my form. And do some physical labor in the stalls!
I was baking bread before it was trendy! but I guess since sharing (food) isn’t caring right now... I play guitar so if anyone’s around to listen, I’d love to bring it!
Emma James
4/13/2020 22:44:21alisabilyk@ucsb.eduAlisa Bilykalisabilyk@ucsb.edu9163376347EmailYes2022NoNo8 yearsEnglish
Have been riding since I was 10, but haven't ridden since 2018
The last year of riding I did, I got to really do a lot of really complex groundwork/jumping/coursework that was insanely rewarding.
Just enjoy challenging myself athletically again and get work with horses again
I'm sure its not unique, but I would bring lots of love!
Alisa Bilyk
4/18/2020 17:13:43skatemilly@gmail.comMilly Chiskatemilly@gmail.com6266173732Email, Text, Phone CallYes2020
I may be here over summer break!
I used to ride horses when I was a kid in Virginia, but do not remember much. Other than that, I have no experience but am eager to learn!
My favorite horse experience was going on a trail ride in Northern Virginia when I was a kid. I loved feeling tall and feeding the horses carrots and sugar cubes. It was everything a little girl could hope for.
I know Sofia Willis, who is another student rider, and she expressed the need for other trustworthy members to help with the upkeep of the stable. I've been with her to visit the stables a few times and would love to help out in any way that I can. Furthermore, I'm planning on moving and working on a farm in Montana next year so I would love some more experience with horses before then.
3Dedication!Milly Chi
4/25/2020 13:40:26kpltdv@yahoo.comFaith puchtakpltdv@yahoo.com209 8188040
Phone Call, Please call my mom kris
NoLast year I wii be in Santa berabrbaNo
Hord working. I amGood. Listinger
NoYes I have
I like to. Ride. And. Trotting
Some times I never have don it before. I would like to have someone with me for the first tim
I would like to. Ride the horse that is free this is faith you can call me
Trotting and. Slowly I getting there
Faith puchta
5/8/2020 12:28:19
Bianca Jacobson
3107412030EmailYes2022YesNo9English (Hunter/Jumper)
I practiced and competed with Foxfield Riding School from 2011 - 2016. This is where I first learned to ride, and also performed with the Drill Team (bareback & bridleless) for a number of years. Here I competed at local and home hunter / jumper shows (IEL, SFHJA, LAHJA, etc.) with school horses and a 6 month lease horse I had. I also went through a Little Sisters Mentorship program that taught me the basics in caring and owning a horse. This was a great learning experience as it prepared me for the times I have worked with project horses. As far as my work experience, I worked the Lesson Barn at Foxfield from 2014 - 2016 making my way up to a Barn Manager position for private lessons.
In 2016 I moved to Elvenstar Moorpark where I practiced and competed in local and home shows on school horses. I competed in IEA, IEL, SFHJA, LAHJA, and PCHA shows here as well qualifying for PCHA Medal Finals on a school horse in 2017. I volunteered at IEA shows here as well. This was where I heavily prepared for NCEA Division 1A Equestrian Auditions.
Fall 2018, I was picked for the Delaware State University Division 1A Equestrian Team for the over fences and flat English divisions. As a team, we took care of the horses ourselves, managed the shows, and rode three times a week. I chose to leave in search of a more academically challenging environment, and place in which I could affordably ride. I transferred to SBCC for Spring 2019 semester, and since then I have been looking for an opportunity like this in which I could ride and care for a horse.
At Foxfield and Elvenstar I was jumping / competing between 2’6”-2’9”. In Delaware, we practiced between 2'9”-3’ with the team. I am comfortable with no stirrup work, shoulders in / haunches in, side passes, leg yields, and asking for gait changes / transitions. I am also comfortable and familiar with riding very young horses as well.
In relation to my riding experience, I am comfortable tacking up, untacking, properly cooling down a horse, correctly polo wrapping / booting, and know how to groom a horse including mane pulling, braiding, and basic clipping.
I had a project pony in the past that I believe came from a 4H Club. His name was Bam Bam and his sister's name was Pebbles that my best friend worked with. I taught the pony to respond well with younger kids and taught him to jump. He worked his way up to doing 2'6" lessons. I was most proud of my work with Bam Bam because we accomplished so much together.
I am looking for time on and with the horse. I would love anything from the ability to teach basic skills on a horse, or even further advance my current skill set. I have ridden many amazing school horses, so just the ability to have experience of having time to work with a horse would be greatly appreciated.
I feel that I have a great work ethic and motivation to work with horses.
Bianca Jacobson
5/8/2020 16:48:32
Meredith Lehman
7145194423Text, Phone CallYesJune 2020undecidedNo10+
Western trail (I grew up on English but it's been a while)
My parents say I started riding before walking haha! I've been around horses my whole life. I grew up training English on my aunt's German jumper. I also grew up trail riding (Western), and later on I switched fully to Western. I took lessons in Western trail and show through high school, and helped care for my trainer's horses. I know Western tack very well, as well as all horse care tools and safety etiquette. I currently help care for a retired rider's horses at home whenever I visit, specifically a thoroughbred she lets other riders use for Western show.
My family and I go to a guest ranch once a year during a weekend for family vacation, I am the only one that rides. We go about the same weekend every year, so I've grown up with the same kids, we are all good friends now, and all of the wranglers know us. Last year we all went out on trail together early in the morning, when the air is still cold and you can see the horses' breaths. We went on a trail none of us had gone in years, and found a huge field that had just been plowed over for the wheat; there were huge bundles sitting in the middle of the field. I remember all of us got down to this beautiful arena of a field, and we all just pranced around with the horses for a good hour. We played hide and seek behind the hay stacks, a couple people raced. It was childish and wonderful. I hadn't ridden so freely I think ever in my life, and it was fantastic to let the horses just run.
I want to contribute to the horse community as much as I can while I'm still here! It's always given me so much wherever I go, and I'd be happy to give back.
Haha I'm really good at baking (human and horse treats) as well as some training for anyone new in the saddle (Western) or just shy around horses in general.
Meredith Lehman
5/9/2020 15:49:55meganyeager@ucsb.eduMegan Yeagermeganyeager@ucsb.edu6504651115Email, Text, Phone CallYes2021YesNo10
English jumpers/equitation
I have loved horses my whole life and began riding at 5 years old. I rode western on and off when I was young and started taking English lessons when I was about 10. I rode consistently for about 4 years until I was bucked off and injured so my mom made me stop temporarily during middle school. From 2013-2017 I volunteered at BOK Ranch, a therapeutic horseback riding program for children with disabilities, which significantly challenged and improved my handling skills, while also being a wonderful experience. I finally convinced my mom to let me take lessons again starting freshman year of high school and I rode consistently at Aspen Ridge Stables all through high school. I joined the Stanford Red Barn IEA team my sophomore year of high school and competed all across California for the next two years. I enjoyed the IEA format because you had to catch-ride whatever horse you drew, which was a fun challenge and really improved my riding. I leased two horses throughout high school each for about a year, which was also a wonderful experience. I was excited to join the UCSB IHSA team, but it was cancelled my freshman year. At this point I just would love to be involved in any way that I can because I miss it so much!
It's almost impossible to pick, but I think favorite experience was creating a special bond with one of the horses I leased, Ria, who was my trainer's horse and nearly impossible for everyone to ride. She taught me so much more than any horse I've ever ridden because she was extremely sensitive and temperamental, but she also took care of me and really helped me learn. After months of struggling, we started finally learning to cooperate with each other and that bond was like nothing I've ever felt before. There was one specific time that we were finally able to jump around a course together, and it was one of the best feelings of my entire life.
I would love to do anything, I just really miss being with horses. I would be open to trail riding, flat work, or jumping, but I would really just love to ride and spend time around horses again, whatever that may be. I would also be open to riding frequently or just every once in a while, I'm super flexible I would just love to be around horses again and get involved in any way that I can.
I am extremely passionate and extremely flexible. I am open to absolutely anything, I would really just love any opportunity to be back at a barn and around horses again. I am extremely hard working and I will put in as much time and work as needed to just be around the horses. I just love horses, the barn environment, and meeting other people who are as passionate as I am, and I miss being around horses (and other horse people, haha) so much. I would truly just be happy to be there and happy to help in any way that I can.
Megan Yeager
5/12/2020 16:35:00andierupp@gmail.comAndie Rupprechtandierupp@gmail.com8054401051TextYes2021Most likely No10+Hunter/jumper and polo
I started riding hunter/jumpers when I was 7 and began playing polo at 12. I played on a nationally ranked inter scholastic team for the last few years of high school. I have spent 5 or so years as a groom and horse manager, being in charge of anywhere from 3-24 hours. This usually meant trailering, tacking up, hotwalking, feeding etc.
How can I pick?! I think some of my favorite moments have been the ones that sneak up on me, a nice trail ride with friends , finally making that break through with a difficult horse, or even just sharing a quiet moment with my horse while grooming.
I have no serious goals as a rider right now, I would just like to spend time with horses again, as I haven’t been able to in college. I am happy to ride any horse that I can, I am comfortable working with horses that may be hot or difficult.
I know how to work hard and I am happy to contribute to barn chores. I feel that as a rider, I have been able to let go of my ego and I am honestly just happy to be here and spend time with horses.
Andie Rupprecht
5/15/2020 9:00:03
Hope Lomelino
8056186071Email, Text, Phone CallNoYesYesDon’t knowDon’t know
I am obsessed with horses and feel a really strong connection with them. However, as I live in the city except for one friend who owns a horse I have I have never really gotten riding lessons (we don’t have much money) and I am not extremely experienced with horses and how to handle them. I do love them though and can muck out stalls, fill the troughs, etc. I can do some trotting but I haven’t practiced in a while.
My friend owns a mustang named Misty moon. They moved away now but before I would go up to her house and learn to ride. It was super fun!
I would love to ride them but because I am just not an experienced rider I would probably just be grooming them, mucking our stalls, filling the troughs and so on,
I am very dedicated and a quick learner. Even though I don’t have much experience I can always learn by watching and trying. I can easily muck out stalls and help groom horse and jobs more like that. I am also homeschooled so I can pretty much do any time during the day.
Hope Lomelino
6/16/2020 13:32:22
Javier uretajavoureta@gmail.com8058869790EmailYes2020/2021YesNo35
Un from Argentina, where Horseriding and hordehandling is something we are born with.
In Argentina My family owns a ranch where we have horses and take care of them and ride them
I crossed The Andes mountains from Argentina to Chile during 15 days while horseriding and it was one of the best experiences ever!
Enjoy horse riding which is ine of the thibgs I like the most
As an argentinia, I love horses and take care of them as they are mine.
Javier Ureta
6/24/2020 23:58:02rdelao@liberty.eduRachel Delao rdelao@liberty.edu6195086250TextNoYesNo10 roughly
Western- trail riding - basic ground work
I have leased/ worked with horses off and on for about ten years. I can fully tack up a horse. Clean tack. Put it away. I can go baths and grooming for horses. I leased a horse in high school for a year fully on my own. I’m now 23 post grad and here in iv full time with the Jesus burgers crew. I can ride on my own and can post as I ride. I’m really sensitive to horses needs. Such as when their expressing a need for space or are worked up. I’m aware of not going directly behind them and being gentle with touch. I have worked with Santa Barbara party ponies and helped trailer load and unload mini horses and regular horses. The things I’m not strong in are identifying illnesses. Every horse I’ve leased or worked with had a vet come regularly. So I can most Totally grow in that area.
For me my heart is all about the horse. I love riding and think all disciplines are so rad. But my desire is to get more into horse rescue and rehab. I want to help horses trust people and just learn more about them as their own creature. My favorite horses experience is when my friend and I took her grandpas horses to the beach and galloped down the beach. I felt like my entire heart came to life.
My goals are to honestly just improve my skill in riding. To learn more about horses health and care. And to possibly find someone who wants to see their horse grow and help the horse learn that it can stretch its own boundaries
I am a joy bomb and extremely teachable. I also really fight for honor and integrity. My dad is a naval officer and I’ve been a missionary on my own for a few years. So I hold my own. I also detest gossip. So I’m super chill and bring peaceful vibes to most every place I’m at.
Rachel DelaoYes
7/1/2020 17:46:58
charlotte smith
I grew up on my grandmothers English equestrian ranch The Oaks in San Juan Capistrano riding since I was around 4 years old. I road about three times a week for 10 years and seriously competed in show jumping for two in high school. I fell out of riding when I got to college but I have been missing the time I used to spend with horses. When I was attending Cal Poly Pomona in 2017 I worked with the Arabian Horse Center doing the dirty work for the fouls stables. I would be able to pick it up riding right away if I had the chance.
My favorite experience riding was on my horse Rocky when. we had been practicing in the heat for my jumpers show the next day. There was a water jump for the course and he was too skittish when we would practice going near it. It took me about 3 more hours but cantering towards the jump on my final efforts we flew over the jump with great success. I felt I had achieved an incredible accomplishment for sticking with my horse Rocky and getting over it together that I honestly didn't even care about the results for the next day. There was a trust from him I had to gain along with an equal level of strength to make it over the jump that we both had to share. This experience really deepened the bond I had with my horse and our flows were very in tune for the rest of our companionship.
I am looking for a work that is fulfilling and being around horses truly makes a day in the sun more enjoyable. I definitely would like to get back to the level I was at with riding as a child and re learn a skill I had so much fun doing. I also love people and any new friends tail or not I would so happy to meet. Creating a community with people who value the beauty of horses is a very fulfilling pass time to me.
I love to smile, surf and I make an amazing banana bread that I am always willing to share. :)
Charlotte smith Yes
7/7/2020 15:17:08epona25@gmail.comDarian Bleecherepona25@gmail.com8059659590TextNoNo25+
Hunter/Jumpers, dressage, eventing
I fell in love with horses as soon as I could walk! I rode western as a young girl and began training english at age 11. I was a horse owner from age 13 until well into by 20s. I was an HBA member at West Campus for 6 to 7 years. Although I have not owned a horse of my own for many years, I have helped care fo, train, and exercise horses over the past years.
Refresh and improve skills. get great exercise (or myself and the horse!), reconnect with horses and riding on a regular basis
2Darian BleecherYes
7/14/2020 8:29:34
8054037885Text, Phone CallNoYesYes1english and western
I am familiar with the D level Pony Club requirements. I have experience tacking, hand walking, beginning riding, bathing. I also know how to muck out stalls and how to feed horses.
My first time cantering - it felt like flying.
Yes for hand walking, tacking up, and walk/trot.
I would love to establish a close bond with a horse. I love grooming and spending time with horses in addition to riding them.
I'm very outgoing and respectful and I'm not afraid of hard work.
Hope LomelinoYes
7/21/2020 14:05:52miyaball003@gmail.comMiya Ballmiyaball003@gmail.com949-812-0139Email, TextYes2023summer is a possibility No10
English (jumping), some dressage experience
I rode English and jumped, with a number of lessons also in dressage, at the same barn for about 10 years. I am able to tack up horses alone comfortably, brush and bathe them, and do chores around the barn, such as changing water buckets, feeding grain, sweeping, cleaning tack, and cleaning stalls. I was also able to work as a summer camp counselor for my barn's horse camp so I learned how to teach those children how to ride, how to take care of horses, and how to behave around horses.
My favorite horse experience was this one lesson where I was riding a very stubborn mare. My last lesson with her had not gone well and was mostly her getting mad whenever I put my leg on for her to move forward. She would back up, throw her head, and kick out. It was overall a very frustrating experience. The next lesson I was on her again and was a little nervous for how this lesson would go. I wore spurs this time, as my trainer recommended, and rode with a much lighter hand than I was used to. I tried to regain my confidence from last time and not get too frustrated when she didn't listen. This time she responded much better to my aids and moved off my leg without much fighting. As the lesson went on I got the hang of what she liked and didn't like about what I was doing. If I applied too much pressure on her mouth or shortened my reins too much, she would slow down or come to a stop and if my leg was too far back, she wouldn't listen to it. As we warmed up I began to understand her and was more confident in riding her. When we got to the jumping part of the lesson, she already seemed to be in a much better mood and we ended up doing really well. We got nice distances for most of the jumps by working together and even with some of the higher, more intricate jumps, she didn't refuse and instead rode confidently over them. It was amazing to see that much of a change from the difficulties of the first lesson but it was cool to see how much understanding a horse and listening to it can help with the ride.
My main goals are to keep riding even in college and to do whatever I can to improve and learn more about myself as a rider and hopefully the horse that I will ride as well. Mostly, though, I just want to be able to ride a horse even if it's once a week because I have just missed it so much while being in college. I also would love to be in a horse community again with people who love the sport just as much as I do.
My willingness to learn and passion about horses is something I could bring to the co-op. I am willing to do chores around the barn and help out wherever I can especially if it means I am able to ride again. I also want to be a part of a barn family again and be surrounded by animals that I love.
Miya BallYes
7/24/2020 21:46:58
Ella Kernkamp
6199913552EmailYes2024It dependsNo15 years
Trail riding, arena work, a little jumping
My parents owned horses when I was little, once we sold them I continued to ride off and on. (Trail riding, basic arena work, some jumping) Just this past year I moved to an equestrian neighborhood and got a job exercising my neighbors 4 horses. I go 6 days a week to either ride or lunge them. I also help out a saddle seat trainer (cleaning out stalls, grooming, feeding) in exchange for lessons.
When I was 12 I started riding this pony for a woman who’s daughter had gone to college. The lady didn’t have the right saddle size for him so I rode him bareback. There was always one jump set up in the arena and I slowly started to teach myself how to jump it bareback on him. The pony’s name was “Johnny Be Good” because he always liked to cause problems so you can imagine trying to jump him was pretty frustrating but it was really rewarding when we got it right.
I’m interested in trail riding, arena work, and getting back into jumping. I really loved jumping when I was little but I haven’t done it in awhile so it’d be really cool to do it again.
I’m a really hard worker and am used to working daily with multiple horses.
Ella KernkampYes
7/25/2020 14:17:32abigailnelson@ucsb.eduAbby Nelsonabigailnelson@msn.com3038812750Email, TextYes2024NoNo13
Hunter/Jumper and lower level Dressage
I started taking lessons at 5 years old, riding mostly English. I did some small local schooling shows and when the horse I rode had to retire, I followed her from that barn to a new barn where she was sent to retire. This new barn was a 15 minute walk from my house and my sister and I walked over nearly everyday (rain or snow) to help take care of the horses. My new trainer there bought a Connemara pony who had been "trained" by his owners daughters and used as a backyard barrel pony. He lacked a lot of muscle and had a lot of bad habits under saddle. I was given him as a "project" pony and I rode him for nearly 4 years. Throughout those 4 years (during high school), that pony COMPLETELY changed. He gained a lot of muscle and was turned into the most fun pony I have ever met as I continued to learn alongside him. I ended up showing him in 2'9 Hunter/Equitation classes through the Colorado Hunter Jumper Association. I outgrew him about a year ago and continued to work at that barn cleaning stalls, feeding horses, and helping with younger kids lessons while I started a lease on a young Thoroughbred at another barn. Just as few months ago, my lease horse got sold and I have continued to work at the barn and occasionally ride.
My project pony, Malin, had major issues with steering and listening to his rider (typical pony). After working with him for 2 years, I tried riding him bridleless jsut for fun. Not only did it go well, but I even was able to take him around a full course of jumps bridleless and that meant a lot to me because it showed how much our work had paid off.
I mostly just want to continue to be with horses in any way throughout college since I won't be able to afford my own. I would be just as happy working with a younger horse or a horse that needs harder exercise as I would be hacking an older horse on trails. I would love to jump a horse as well but again, I would have no issue with not.
I have tons of experience doing tasks around the barn and I will do just about any job and enjoy it. For a few examples, I have built/painted jumps, set up/moved fencing, replaced indoor stall mats, drug arenas, built cross country jumps, cleaned stalls, fed horses, and much more. I have also gone to multiple clinics on veterinary care and know basic first-aid for horses and how to rehabilitate certain injuries.
Abby NelsonYes
7/26/2020 12:51:37pknight@ucsb.eduParker Knightpknight@ucsb.edu4074913821TextYes2022YesNo15dressage
I have been riding and competing in competitions since I was 5 years old. my mother loved horses and would consistently take me to her barn to ride with her while growing up. Throughout high school, I worked with Freedom Ride, an organization that provides horseback riding therapy to disabled children and adults. My duties here included assisting disabled students and children in therapy, leading horses, maintaining horses stall and keeps, and washing and feeding the horses.
My favorite horse experience is one that occurred while I was working at Freedom Ride, an organization that provides horseback riding therapy to disabled children and adults. I was asked one day to assist in a therapy session with a girl with autism and in a wheelchair. When she first came, she was very nervous and reserved to get onto a horse. It took a lot of convincing but she was finally comfortable and I helped her on the horse and we began the session. Her entire demeanor changed by the end of the session. She was smiling from ear to ear and was having the time of her life, all while in therapy. So much so, she was very disappointed to have to get off of the horse when the session was finished. I love how getting on a horse gave her so much more freedom than she had felt and allowed her so much happiness. This was such a common occurrence that occurred at Freedom Ride and one that I was always so fortunate to be able to provide.
I am hoping to be able to get back into horseback riding because I was so passionate about it in high school and haven't found an outlet that has allowed me to express it since coming to college. I love horses and would love to be able to look after them with my current amount of free time.
The unique quality I will bring to the co op is compassion. Although I am sure that all horse owners are very compassionate about the sport, I have so much time to give to the horses and am very driven towards looking after them.
Parker KnightYes
8/17/2020 21:04:04carina.houda@web.deCarinacarina.houda@web.de3108045933Email, TextNoYesNo32
English, Dressage, Vaulting, Trail Rides and endurance rides
I started riding with the age of 6. I rode once to twice a week and added vaulting twice a week at the age of 8. When I turned 14 I started leasing horses and rode 3-4 times a week. With 16 my riding instructor asked me to work with her in therapeutic riding - mainly with physical restricted people as well as in the youth vaulting. I handled the horse and she trained the people. I had to stop riding when I started college with 19 (normal age to start college in Germany). Since then I am riding on and off. From 2017-2019 I leased a horse in Goleta. I stopped riding due to pregnancy in 2019, but now I want to get back in saddle desperately. I miss it a lot!
My favorite horse experience was when I did a nine day ride back in Germany. I got the sweetest carmaque mare ever. We had a good connection from the start but it deepened so intensely during these 9 days and nights. I felt like we are one. She waited for me in the morning in front of my tent. She followed me anywhere. There was this deep trust and bond between us. Awesome experience!
I love trail rides, but I also like to exercise the horse in the arena. Getting a bit more familiar with western riding would be a plus, but not a must. Haven’t done dressage in ages, but open to take lessons again.
I am very reliable. I don’t mind to get my hands dirty. I try to really connect with the horse rather than to dominate it.
Carina GoertsYes
8/30/2020 16:26:58jonileigh007@gmail.comJoan Cummingsjonileigh007@gmail.com805 705-3734TextNoYesNo20
Western trail riding, dressage
20 years ago, I leased a western quarter horse at West Campus Stables, in which I would trail ride, feed, water, muck, and blanket the horse. I was out there for 2 years.
A friend in Hope Ranch let me ride her Arab on the trails for 5 years.
I have leased 3 quarter horses for trail riding and dressage lessons.
Riding the trails around West Campus and Hope Ranch by myself
Dressage lessons and trail riding
I am retired and have a flexible schedule. I’m , also, physically fit and capable of doing chores
Joan CummingsYes
9/8/2020 18:05:47hannahchiet@gmail.comHannah Chiethannahchiet@gmail.com3104802965TextYes2022
I will go home for portions of each break but not the entire time
NoOn and off 6 years total
English jumping, western trail
I have been riding both English and western on and off for 6 years between the ages of 11 and 18. I volunteered at a trail riding business where I would lead trail rides and care for the horses (tack up, feed, bathe, take home at the end of the day, etc.). I have leased 3 horses for roughly a year at a time, all three were for my jumping lessons at a stable in Palos Verdes. I also fed, bathed, tacked up these horses, but the owners had stable hands to clean the stalls so I did not get the opportunity to do that often, although I have done it before. For a period of time, I did jumping lessons with a woman and rode her horse for these lessons once a week as well.
I loved leasing one particular horse, Winston. He was a gentle giant and I truly felt my riding and technical skills improve during that time. I did not get to show at any point, but I truly just enjoyed being able to take lessons and care for him as if he were my own.
I honestly just love riding and being around horses. I was never able to own a horse or progress further than lessons and trail rides as my other friends did, but it's always something I've come back to. To put it simply, I am just looking to ride, to learn more, and to be around the horses and the people there.
I always have a willingness to learn more, and I learn quickly. I don't know everything, and I will always be honest and ask questions if I am unsure about something.
Hannah ChietYes
9/26/2020 8:38:27
Heather Weitzel
8057089802TextNoYesNo46Dressage, hunter jumper
I trained in dressage many years ago, competed in the university of Maryland equestrian team, and rode in the Marlborough hunt club. Recently I rode western and dressage regularly. I love to trail ride. I owned my own horse for 20 years.
I did a commercial on the beach on horseback.
I would like to trail ride and relax.
I live in walking distance and am a community member so I am here on weekends and holidays to help.
Heather WeitzelYes
10/1/2020 19:10:30
Becca Buck
9258761732Email, TextYes2021
I am here for thanksgiving, most of winter break and spring break
I started riding at age 6 and got my own horse at 10. I took care of him primarily on my own and worked at the barn in order to get riding lessons. I did competitive dressage through first level with some second level training. I have also done some jumping and trail riding. I have ridden a large variety of horses including Quarter horses, mustangs, quarter pony, Clydesdale and Andalusian.
My favorite experience was riding Quadrille with my horse Shasta and my 3 other really good friends. We made it to the state championships and beat all the older teams we competed against which was so fun and rewarding!
I simply want to spend time around horses again and ride for the pure joy it brings me! I am happy to work with the horse on anything the owner needs.
I love horses and being around them so I am willing to do the dirty work to spend time with them! I also have had experience with such a wide range of horses I think I am very versatile in how I can be beneficial.
Becca BuckYes
10/9/2020 9:26:48
Eloise Masquelier
510-280-4152EmailYes2025YesNo20 yearsDressage and Jumping
I have started horse riding when I was 5, never stopped since then! Until my 18, I did jumping competition which involve riding 2 times a week and the competition on the weekend. I was also in a dressage team in high school. I couldn't continue competition during my bachelor and master but I continue to ride for the pleasure. I never had my own horse, so I am very used to ride horses of owners and take care of them as if they were mine. Doing competition have taught me to be independent with horses on different level: caring, feeding, coaching, etc.
My favorite experience is when you have done a very good work with your horse, your are both very satisfied and you go for a swim on the beach to relax. Even better when you get share that with friends (and a sunset!).
My goal is to join a community who is passionate as I am and who is invested in the sport as a whole (taking care of the horse, spending time with them, not only training them). As a rider, I would like to get to know the horse and then try to understand what type of exercise it will be fun to do to improve what he struggles with (agility, flexibility, propulsion,...)
A smiling face at all time :D
Eloise MasquelierYes
10/12/2020 11:13:55rdelao@liberty.eduRachel Delaordelao@liberty.edu6195086250Text, Phone CallNoYesNoOff and on 10 or so yearsWestern
I have worked with them off and on for a few years
- I can groom
-sadly up a horse
-pick hooves
- leases a couple horses like 8 years ago
-aware of body language. I know when to move away or when they’re getting flighty
My favorite horse experience was riding on the beach with my best friends. With a horse who had never let anyone ride her until I worked with her and she trusted me
To just have a space away from my house honestly. I want to just have a space to breathe and be around a horse. So I’m willing to do stall work. Yard work. Ride. Even just go for walks with the horse. Nothing wild.
I am kind and I don’t play games. I’m suele good at healthy conflict and I know when to just keep my mouth shut. I think I would bring peace and joy and kindness.
Rachel delao Yes
10/17/2020 9:51:50xiangjinghu@ucsb.eduXiangjing Huxiangjinghu@ucsb.edu8056378310EmailYes2023
It depends, sometimes I will be here
I learned equestrian and how to clean the horses for 2 years and still practicing it from time to time.
While training my equestrian ability, I really want to become the best friend with the horse.
1Xiangjing HuYes
10/17/2020 10:05:57xiangjinghu@ucsb.eduXiangjing Huxiangjinghu@ucsb.edu8056378310EmailYes2023
It depends. Sometimes I will be here.
No2Basic Running
I learned equestrian and how to clean the horses for 2 years and still practicing it from time to time. I have experience for walking and running, and tried jumping for several times.
While training my equestrian ability, I really want to become the best friend with the horse.
Horse is one of my favorite animals, and my interest for equestrian exist since childhood.
Xiangjing HuYes
10/17/2020 15:20:17
Susannah Gordon
805-636-3595Email, Text, Phone CallNoYesNo10 years
I love being around horses in all capacities, from stall mucking, to grooming, Western or english (tho a bit rusty). Used to do gymkhana events, etc.
I've owned horses thruout various parts of my life, went to a summer session at Linda Tellington's Pacific Coast Equestrian Research Farm when I was 12.
I am kind, gentle and patient in my handling, and would love to establish an ongoing relationship with both horse and owner....communication is important!
I loved the experience at The Pacific Coast Equestrian Research Farm (I don't know if it even exists any longer) where we brought our own horses. We studied equine anatomy, handling & grooming techniques, took many early morning rides in the dunes under the marine layer and I learned how to handle my 3 year old green-broke quarter horse filly.
I would want to discuss the needs of the horse with the owner, but basically I really enjoy the communication piece of the relationship, including grooming, ground communication via leading, lungeing, etc. and both arena and trail work.
Great attitude, communication skills, respect for stable culture, reliability, good sense of humor, attention to detail.
Susannah GordonYes
12/16/2020 20:46:38dpbiaggi@gmail.comDominico Biaggidpbiaggi@gmail.com7077216369Phone CallYes2022YesNo1
Western trail riding, training
Rode English as a young kid and then spent the past summer and fall working on a horse ranch for rescue horses; partook in rehabilitation, training, medical treatments, and trail rides as well as teaching lessons.
Being able to bond closely with one particular horse on the ranch- Rocky- an Arabian bay who didn't really get along very well with others but he and I clicked right away and I was able to work with him extensively to help correct some of his behaviors and get him back into trail riding shape.
I'm just looking for the opportunity to ride and grow my skillset in horsemanship, as well as care deeply for the horse I could be helping take care of.
I don't think this is unique to me but I am an especially hard worker when it comes to equestrian work. I feel a deep connection through my family heritage to agricultural work and would once again like the opportunity to work with animals in nature.
Dominico BiaggiYes
12/26/2020 16:16:42
Jerald Smith
7143402079Email, Text, Phone CallNoYesNo40
Western, Australian, English, Ranch Hand
Grew up with hundreds of Horses and thousands of Acres in NC CA IA FL
Long Distance Desert Survival Training Boys Scouts, rose my horses to high school baseball practice and games
Cleaning and Exercising possibly riding if necessary
Networking 40,000 business owners, Service Endurance Nutrition Partnership possibilities of more volunteers
Jerald SmithYes
1/27/2021 20:08:20
Hope Lomelino
Mostly but sometimes no
While I do not own a horse myself I have a friend who does and I have spent several weeks at a time with them learning and getting the chance to ride. I am also knowledgeable of the D- level of pony club. I am good at mucking grooming and I can sort of ride. I’ve ridden with help up to a canter and can ride comfortably at a trot and walk. I absolutely love horses and would do anything to help them.
Going to my friends house for a week and getting to ride and take care of their horses
I’m mostly looking for getting an experience, I really want to be able to just be around horses. I would love riding lessons as a sort of payment for helping with grooming, mucking, feeding, etc. but honestly it’s not necessary as my mine goal would be to be around horses.
I’m fourteen and homeschooled so I am very flexible. My greatest quality that I would be able to offer is my willingness to do just about anything needed and at very flexible times and hours.
Hope Lomelino Yes
1/29/2021 11:18:40
Tori Smolinski
5037299973Phone CallNoYesNo16
Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, cross country
I started riding when I was six and continued all the way through college. I competed on a college IHSA team in which I rode our team's 60 horses. At away competitions I would have to draw a horses name out of a hat, and the moment I was in the ring was the very first time I was riding that horse. This gave me the ability to adjust my riding to any horse type-from super sensitive, zippy thoroughbreds (which happen to be my favorite type of ride), to pokey large barreled quarter horses. During my time competing I was recognized as the 2015 reserve national champion in my division.
Our team's coach required impeccable care of the horses. I take bride in being a great groom with attention to detail. We were also required to take courses on horse anatomy and barn management. Throughout my life I have spent summers helping care for horses including feeding, turnout, and mucking out stalls. I even have some experience teaching beginner lessons.
I am currently getting my masters in architecture and my student budget makes it difficult to afford having horses in my life.
Riding is great, but nothing beats those quiet early mornings where it's just you and your horse in the barn and you are grooming them and spoiling them with their favorite treats.
My competition days are behind me. I'm looking for a buddy to take on casual trail rides and light exercising. My experience in the hunter/jumper ring gives my a light seat and continual, but gentle contact with the bit. This makes me a good rider for horses asking for a sensitive and gentle rider. Although I do have experience in 3-day eventing and can ride with more contact and bend, I prefer the latter.
Competing on a varsity collegiate team has given me a few desirable skills. I am a team player all the way through. I believe that a good equestrian has the skill to develop bonds with both horses and people. Second, being on the team gave me the incredible and unique opportunity to ride over 60 different horses. Each horse taught me something different and makes me a well rounded rider.
Tori SmolinskiYes
1/30/2021 1:34:03elissapadilla@ucsb.eduElissa Padillaelissapadilla@ucsb.edu4087106891TextYesJune 2022YesNo5
Western horseback riding
I rode horses from the ages of 8-15 and would love to start up again. I rode western and have experience saddling a horse, cleaning their hooves, washing the horse and brushing out their hair. I also cleaned out their stable and fed the horse on a regular basis.
My favorite experience was probably when I went to a competition with my trainer. I helped prep the horse for barrel racing by saddling the horse and riding him at a steady pace before my trainer took him out to compete. It was a really good opportunity to prep the horse before a race and made it really exciting to see him gallop and barrel race perfectly.
My main goal as a student rider is getting back in touch with my love of horse back riding as well as helping owners train and prep their horse for competition. As stated I have experience with western style riding and can therefore help ride the horse in said style.
I am a hard-worker that will ensure the horse is looked after in every respect. Furthermore I will ensure that all of the needs of the owner are met by specking with them on a regular basis about their horse performance, stable upkeep and more.
Elissa PadillaYes
1/30/2021 11:58:27
Mojdeh Joy Sadeghpour
310-382-6488Email, Text, Phone CallYes2022-2023It is possibleNo
2 years working with students with disabilities in therapeutic riding programs, recreative riding
Western, Walking horses, Training students with disabilities
Therapeutic horse riding programs for students/children with disabilities, recreative riding
I love to walk with horses or be near them and care for them, or to ride/ walk with them on trails. I also like teaching and helping children (with or without disabilities) learn about horses from caring for and interacting with horses.
I enjoy being around horses and taking care of them. I think that they are amazing and beautiful, and fun to have as friends.
I am studying environmental science and can contribute to the sustainability efforts of the program. I'm also a teacher and would be happy to help with any educational programs.
Mojdeh Joy SadeghpourYes
2/4/2021 14:12:32
Emily Ferrell
5303918771Email, TextYes2023YesNo
4 years of lessons and working with rescued mustangs
Western Trail Riding, non competitive arena work
I took western riding lessons throughout high school and became a proficient rider. I never competed but rode for fun. Now I spend time training and working with rescued mustangs at a ranch.
When I was taking lessons, my horse was very stubborn but after our first 4-5 lessons I felt him really click with me and start to work with me and it was an amazing feeling. He trusted and listened to me.
I just want to continue my riding experience and spend time with horses. I generally enjoy being around them.
I am very patient with temperamental horses and have lots of experience working with young, untrained, or excitable horses. I am a quick thinker/problem solver and very adaptable if anything were to ever go wrong. I’m also very strong and have held my ground and lead rope against spooked horses.
Emily FerrellYes
3/5/2021 8:03:59moewelch3@gmail.comMonique Welchmoewelch3@gmail.com8057085406TextNoNoOneWestern
I used to ride and take lessons in elementary school and I wanted to take it back up again so I began volunteering at The Horse Project last February. Due to covid have work there 3-5 times a week since caring for, riding, and training the horses there.
My favorite horse experience is not limited to one time but anytime I meditate with Ruby from the horse project. I have mainly been working with her during my time there and after I lunge her I always take time to sit and mediate and she will consistently go into an extremely relaxed state. Seeing her progress and our connection grow always brightens my day.
I would like to be able to do more trail riding as well as getting to know new horses and people.
I will bring kindness and a compassion but I do not believe that will be unique since I have found most everyone who works with horses is kind my unique skill will be my background in yoga and meditation.
Monique WelchYes
3/9/2021 11:01:37evensleet4@gmail.comCaleb Rossievensleet4@gmail.com8057222374TextNoYesNo1Western
I’ve volunteered at a horse rescue for about a year and worked at a stable for a few months some years ago. I’m currently taking riding lessons
My favorite horse experience has been working one on one with a!rescue horse from an abusive situation, and seeing her start to feel safe again, and open up her personality.
I’m looking to build connections with new horses and practice my ground work, lunging, riding, and all aspects of my work with horses.
I have been told by several experienced trainers that I have a soothing, confident energy that helps me work with difficult horses.
Caleb RossiYes
3/20/2021 10:21:54ab.stewyy@gmail.comAbbieab.stewyy@gmail.com7858656934Text, Phone CallNoYesNo15western
western pleasure, partial lease of horse, cleaning pens
waking up early on the weekends to make our drive to horse shows with my sister and mom
cleaning, feeding, grooming, riding
I work for a pet clinic, and am well versed in the importance of cleanliness and proper care of animals. I also work closely with some of the employees at Circle Bar B Guest Ranch that offers trail rides.
Abbie StewartYes
4/26/2021 11:46:45
Sarah Hornbarger
I am incoming fa2021 as a junior level transfer
I have been riding my whole life until I was 17 and have been unable to afford this passion after moving to California.
English and Western.
My mother was an intercollegiate rider and raised me around horses. I cared for my own horse, a beautiful Arabian Quarter Horse, Contessa, for most of my life until she passed of old age shortly before moving to Ca. I also was involved in regular stable and farm maintenance at all of the establishments I rode with since the time I was little. I am familiar and comfortable with feeding, managing supplements, and proper horse care.
I have many great opportunities with beautiful horses over the years, but my favorite times were with my rescue horse, Tessa. She came into my family when I was 3 and we had a bond like no other. She was a great show pony in her day, and we cleaned up nicely, but by the time I was ten she was no longer up for the long days. My favorite times with her was when I would be when I first get to the barn and she would come cantering across the pasture, always with a high step and a whinny. Quite spooky, she didn't relax on long walks, but she loved to be right outside her stable to graze and lunge in the grass instead of the dirt arena. Those were my favorite times with Tessa because it was just about connecting with my horse and making sure she had the best life.
I love to groom and muck stalls... oddly enough.
I am simply looking to get back into horses, whether that be riding or providing care. I would love to be able to go on a nice trail ride occasionally.
I think my most valuable quality is my patience. Patience allows me to connect with horses as well as persist through tasks that need to be done to provide the best care for these large animals.
Sarah Hornbarger Yes
5/2/2021 18:54:50
Sarah Berglund
9258762224TextGraduateYesNo8Western &english
I started horseback riding when I was 7 through a riding camp. When I was 13 I purchased my first horse who I had until college. Mostly trail riding and arena work. I am a non competitive rider who solely enjoys a riding for fun. My most experience is with trail riding and arena work to perfect my riding skills both in and out of the arena. As a broke college student I cannot afford nor do I have the time to board a horse of my own or ride full time so the student rider opportunity is perfect for my lifestyle and I would love the chance to give someone else’s horse the care and attention they deserve.
My favorite horse experience was a day at camp when I was 7. We tacked and saddled up for a trail ride in the mount Diablo mountain range. I had only been riding for a year at that point and hadn’t been on trails yet. That was the day I fell in love with trail riding.
YesYesJust have fun! 2
Flexibility. I live walking distance to the stables so I would love to help out any chance I get! I can feed in the mornings and afternoons any day of the week. I also am able to respond quickly if needed.
Sarah berglundYes
5/13/2021 19:15:16dsclafani@ucsb.eduDanielle Sclafanidsclafani@ucsb.edu8628129414EmailYes2022YesNo17english, hunter jumpers
I started taking riding lessons when I was 6. I leased a couple horses in high school. First Leo, a 17-hand german warmblood I worked on strengthening and securing my position and learned basic dressage as his owner showed him in dressage. I also did some basic hunters on him as he loved to jump. Daisy was a 15 hand thoroughbred who I leased three-four days a week depending on how often i could get to the barn. We jumped around 2-3 feet together. When leasing Daisy I also worked at the barn a few days a week, Brookside Show Stable in NJ. While working I would feed the horses, muck stalls, do turnout, and sometimes get to exercise a few other horses at the barn. While in college I was on Bucknell's equestrian team. Every week I rode a different horse to get me used to the IHSA system where at shows you get assigned a random horse I had to ride. In IHSA my team was very competitive and I only competed in the flat classes but continued jumping at my Bucknell's barn during my lessons and when when I returned home I continued to ride Daisy during the summers. Also while in college I thought for a while I wanted to be an equine vet and I interned at a veterinary hospital one summer. I shadowed horse surgeries, emergencies, wound care, and many other procedures.
My favorite horse experience has to be when I started riding Daisy. My original trainer Sarah had moved to Florida and I had just found a new trainer at a new barn. Jenna my new trainer thought Daisy and I would be a good fit. Coming from riding Leo, a warmblood I was not so sure, but she was right. Daisy was very green when I started riding her. She would throw temper-tantrums and would launch herself over small cross rails trying to launch me off her back. I spent months working with her, learning how to balance her to her liking, trying out different bits to make her comfortable and always keeping her calm in the ring. The difference over a few months of riding her was amazing. I had never helped train a horse before and I felt very accomplished when by the end of the summer I could bring her around a course a trust she would listen to my aides and most likely not launch herself over the last jump.
I am not looking to compete as a rider, I just miss being around horses. In college going to the barn was my therapy, and now as a graduate student I have missed having that time to relax and be around horses and other riders. I did not even know until now that UCSB had a student rider program. I would like to keep up with my riding, staying in shape as much as I can and would like to one day get more into dressage as I have only had a small taste of it. As of right now I am just looking to get on a horse, go for an enjoyable ride in the ring regaining on my leg strength and going on trail rides.
I have many years of riding experience. I have ridden a plethora of different horses and was often told I have a great way of communicating with them. I have worked and ridden at an array of stables from fancy show stables to my neighborhood barn and have always just enjoyed being with the horses.
Danielle SclafaniYes
5/13/2021 23:46:37mjfletcher@ucsb.eduMeghan Fletchermjfletcher@ucsb.edu9255194671Email, TextYes2022YesNo
Started riding when I was young, haven't ridden in the last couple of year but you could accumulate the time/experience to be 4-5 year
mostly Western, occasionally English
I took a few years of riding lessons as we young girl. However, it soon became too expensive for my parents to afford. Nonetheless, I was always finding ways to get back into riding whether that was through riding camps or trails rides on the weekends up in Northern California. I also have family and friends with horses that they've let me ride over the years. In addition to my barn-maintenance experience, I was a volunteer at the Oakland Zoo for 4 years where I worked with, helped train and cleaned up after giraffe and other hoof-stock within the African Veldt exhibit. I also spent some time as a veterinary intern so I'm very comfortable working around animals of all sizes.
One of my favorite memories was definitely one of my earlier ones. I was a horse girl growing up through and through. I loved them. I even started my first bank account, with the help of my dad, when I was 7 based solely off of the fact that I wanted to buy my own horse one day. Anyways, my favorite memory has to have been when I went to my first horse summer camp with my best friend. At this camp, each rider got paired with a specific horse for the week so you eventually formed a sort of bond with your horse. My horse's name was Lexi. She was a beautiful palomino, but she was fiery. She had the most attitude out of any of the other horses, a sort of spunk and "I'm going to do things my way" sort of persona. I think that's part of what drew me to her. She was spunky but confident and I remember having the best time riding her and never feeling like she had an attitude with me. We felt in-sync.
I would love to be able to take some time to get back into an activity I love through trail/exercise rides and would honestly just love the ability to destress and be a part of ranch life again.
I'm incredibly determined and hard-working. I was an NCAA track and field student-athlete and team captain for UC San Diego. As such, I'm very used to setting goals and working hard to achieve those goals. Today, I find a lot of joy and relaxation through physical activity and have even pushed myself to run a marathon.
Meghan FletcherYes
5/26/2021 23:51:32mlhutch93@yahoo.comMary 230-9683Email, Text, Phone CallYes2023YesNo15Primarily western
I have been riding horses since I was 6 years old. I have competed in many different events over my 15 years of experience (barrel racing, pole bending, gymkhana, cutting, reining, rodeos). I grew up owning multiple horses, which have ranged from completely unbroken to profession barrel horses. I have had some experience taking care of different equine medical issues as well. Unfortunately, I am not able to bring any of my horses to UCSB with me; but, I hope to find a match and get back in the saddle!
My favorite horse experience, by far, was competing in the Coarsegold Rodeo (a local event near my hometown). I got to practice for a variety of different events such as reigning patterns, barrel racing and flag bearing. At the time, my horse and I had minimal experience in some of the events which ended up teaching me a lot about patience. In the end, everything went well and it ended up being a very memorable experience. Aside from winning my first rodeo title, the bond I had created with my horse was definitely my favorite experience.
I am looking to ride a couple times a month and be around/take of horses (and hopefully go on some beautiful trail rides).
I have lots of experience taking care of horses (and other farm animals as well). I was taught from a very young age how to be responsible for animals, and I believe that would be beneficial to the co-op. I am more than willing to fulfill the required duties and help out beyond that — however that may be. I look forward to becoming a member of the UCSB stables!
Mary Hutchinson Yes
5/30/2021 22:13:08dpbiaggi@gmail.comNick Biaggidpbiaggi@gmail.com7077216369Phone CallYes2022YesNo3
Western trail riding, Fundamental barrel racing, round pen training
I grew up riding english in Northern California until the age of 8, was foreman of a horse-rescue for 4 months last year in Southern California
By far my favorite experience riding was with an Arabian ex-racehorse (and trained in dressage) named Rocky, he was considered too dangerous to be ridden by all but a select few. The owner of the ranch took me on a 10 mile trail ride and I chose him, and it blossomed into the closest bond between myself and another being I have ever felt. With me, he was the most gentle, sweet and understanding horse I've ever ridden. Although he was a bit rusty and spooked easy, we rode trails, practiced dressage and even dabbled in barrel racing. I took to training him a few times a week on basic lead-rope commands to get him back into shape and by the time school was starting (and I had to leave the ranch) he was my best friend. I miss him every day.
I'm really just looking to get back in the saddle (pun intended) and into the mindset of working on a ranch, even if it's just for a few days a week. With the horse I will ride I want to develop a partnership through which we can understand and trust each other, while I learn and grow as a rider.
With the experience of being foreman on a horse rescue, most of our horses were considered "problem horses" so I have very little fear of setting a buck or working with real angry mounts. I have experience with basic round pen training, and it was my job to work with our wild mustang and some of our meanest quarter horses who were a pain in the ass to ride.
Nick BiaggiYes
6/10/2021 17:30:57
Lisa Coffman
805-683-2743 EmailNoYesNo20+English and Western
I have ridden Thoroughbreds, Arabians, and Quarter horses English and Western on trails (alone and in groups). I have given riding lessons to children and adults. I have galloped strings of polo ponies for daily exercise and ridden in a mounted drill team. I have trained young horses. I have groomed, saddled, and cleaned tack and stalls.
My horse and I earned the High Point Horse award at a show in Santa Rosa when I was a teen. We did it all--English and Western Equitation and Peasure (bareback too); trail, twins costume, at halter, barrel racing and pole bending. I was riding a very talented and sweet Off the Track Thoroughbred that had retired after a successful racing career. We had a blast!
I'm very interested in dressage, but have had no formal training. I also love trail riding!
Eagerness to learn from others and lots of horse experience!
Lisa CoffmanYes
6/18/2021 16:24:01
Sierra Gordon
7146232236Email, TextYes2025
I haven't decided yet; Maybe partial time because I live close.
No6English / Hunter Jumper
I've been riding since 2015, taking consistent lessons since 2017. My level in jumping is 2'3"-2'6". I competed in IEA (competitive team riding) for three years. I have gone to many shows throughout my high school career. I've recently been pursuing a version of natural horsemanship, which consists of lots of work at liberty, groundwork, and can also transfer to over saddle. My trainer has helped teach me how to train and work with some green horses.
A five-day clinic that I took a mule to. It was teaching the natural horsemanship that I mentioned. We worked through Dave's past trauma and I learned a lot from watching the other owners with their horses.
Yes AND if I'm not chosen as a student rider I would love to come volunteer and work.
Help to work the horse, train it if need be, and make sure it is fit, healthy, and happy; all to the owner's needs and preferences.
I believe that the natural horsemanship I've been learning over the past year is so interesting and beneficial for the horses both mentally and physically. I also LOVE to organize things on my spare time.
Sierra GordonYes
6/24/2021 14:12:00nvasilyeva@ucsb.eduNadia Vasilyeva 960 5014Email, TextYes2025
Unsure at the moment but likely no
No7 years
English riding- hunt seat equitation
-Competed in IEA for 5 years (regionals, zones, & nationals)
-7 years of lessons
-Leased a horse for about a year
The year of leasing Snowman, the pony I was riding through that time. It was a new experience to have a lot more independence apart from lessons to work with him, and I really enjoyed planning out different patterns or components to work on for each hack. Specifically, the best part of that experience was using that time apart from lessons- in which we would focus more on position and jumping- to work with Snowman on some new skills like beginner dressage moves or improving communication while bareback riding.
Without knowing the horse I could be riding I wouldn't know the specific goals, although it would likely be just a couple ideas that we could work toward, such as improving pace, transitions, etc. I don't have any intense or very specific goals, simply looking for a horse to possibly exercise and work with.
A lot of experience with riding many different horses through riding for an IEA team for 5 years. Through this experience, I have become fairly adaptable to many different temperaments of horses, and am flexible with my style of riding.
Nadia Vasilyeva Yes
6/26/2021 4:44:27
Isabelle Brady
6199774163Email, TextYes2025NoNo
13 years of horse experience
Dressage (main), jumping (both stadium and cross-country), trail
I've been riding English since I started in Alaska at age five and I joined Pony Club at age 15 after I moved to California. I have owned a horse (who I share with my sister) since I was 16. We've done a lot of training and conditioning with him, like canter intervals and learning that all jumps and poles aren't 4 feet high. Speaking of, the highest I've jumped is about 2'3" and I generally hover around 18'" when I do jump because my horse is so hot. I have a great deal of experience with strong-minded horses, and unfortunately a little experience with unsafe ones (RIP my time at a hunter barn--got bucked into a fence twice). As a Pony Clubber, I know a lot about horse care--not only grooming, but lunging, feeding, caring for tack, transport safety and basic equine first aid. I have a D2 in Hunt Seat Equitation and a D3 in Stable Management (I haven't been able to rate in awhile because I was trying to switch to the dressage track, and then COVID basically halted ratings). I have participated in several shows, clinics, and rallies (one overnight), but nothing absolutely massive like a Del Mar fairgrounds-type scale (I apologize if that's not a helpful reference to non-San Diego people). I have shown in jumping classes, pleasure, equitation and Intro Level dressage.
This is an impossible question, but if I had to pick, it would be the time that I took my horse Loki camping. He's a very hot, very opinionated horse and we were a little worried about how he would do on trail. Right before one of the trail rides, he was getting a little nervous and hard to handle. I was trying to position him next to the little stone retaining wall that we were using as a mounting block (the campsite was built on a hill and they cut part of the hill away to make flat space for horses), and he was being quite fidgety. When I finally got him standing there, I stepped onto the wall myself so that I could hop on his back (it was maybe a 1 1/2 ft - 2 ft wall). He followed me. Loki apparently thought that I was asking him to climb the wall, so he did, just like he was climbing into a very tall trailer. I am amazed every time I reflect on that, since he just followed me like he was a giant puppy (which he honestly kind of is). He trusted me enough to just climb up a stone wall, no hesitation. Compared to how he was when my sister and I first adopted him--150 pounds underweight, nervous and consistently hollow (now he is semi-consistently round!), acting like he ran on rocket fuel instead of hay every time he saw a jump or a pole--he's grown up a lot. I think we both have. But I can't take credit for teaching him how to love people. He's always been like that, and on that trail ride, he was obviously a little apprehensive, but he trusted me enough to lead the group on a trail that he'd never been on before. He's my perfect boy.
I would like to keep working up through the levels in dressage (I do genuinely enjoy what my sister calls "boring flatwork"). I also really want to improve my equitation, so I would be working on that. I would love to work with a trainer or other rider just to have a second set of eyes and someone to offer an opinion, but I am capable of hacking. Outside of arena work, I would love to do more trail (and beach trails!!!), bareback work, and general arena shenanigans (I like doing Pony Club games, if anyone is interested in that). And I like jumping, but that isn't my focus anymore since I've been doing so much dressage and equitation work.

I would also like to explicitly state that I'm willing to ride pretty much any horse that I can--I'm super excited just to have the opportunity to keep being around horses at college, without even needing to leave campus.
I used to volunteer at a therapeutic riding center, so I'm quite familiar with keeping people who don't have a lot of horse experience (or aren't physically capable of handling horses completely on their own) safe. As a volunteer, one of my main jobs ended up being teaching other volunteers with significantly less horse experience than me how to handle horses. Those volunteers were almost always much older than me, so I can teach without being patronizing. I'm not sure how useful that skill would be at the West Campus Stables, but I do have it. I also taught younger kids as part of pony clubs and worked summer horse camps, so I am well accustomed to horse-wrangling in a chaotic environment.
Isabelle BradyYes
7/14/2021 12:15:40
Paula Shannon
I first starting riding with my sister when I was about 5. I am absolutely obsessed with horses - even just sharing a space with them is such a special experience. I have been doing dressage since I started riding, and have also volunteered at the Medicine Horse Program in Colorado, as well as spent time at the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center while working on my documentary about therapeutic riding:
My favorite horse experience was in Mexico, galloping on the beach with my dad and my sister. I felt so free and so connected to the horse and to my family as they galloped behind me. Every vacation we take, we ride together!
I just want to be around the horses! Ideally I will get to ride them, and I'm totally open to whatever the owners of the horses are looking for:)
I have a wonderful attitude and all the work did for my documentary about therapeutic riding has given me a greater appreciation of what a privilege it is to work with horses and of what it means to be a rider.
Paula ShannonYes
7/29/2021 23:45:12
Lex Rosenberg
847-975-6682Email, Text, Phone CallYes2025I can be if needed.No4Western and English
I learned basic Western tacking, trail riding, and general horse care at a summer camp for four summers when I was younger. For the past few years I have been learning about different horsemanship styles from overseas. I spent a few months in Andalusia working as a stablehand, groom, and exerciser for polo horses, and learned some basic dressage riding there as well. I worked as a barnhand for a show jumping stable in central Chile for a few months, mostly feeding and exercising the horses. I cared for some very small mountain horses in Chile as well, learning from local people in the Andean foothills. I also spent about a month in France, learning more about natural horsemanship techniques, including bridleless riding. This was my favorite style of horsemanship, and I formed some very close bonds with the horses there. In the US I've worked as a farmhand, and as a volunteer with horses used in programs for children with disabilities.
A friend of mine in Washington state has 3 horses that she raised from birth, and they aren't scared of anything! They are really wise animals, and she usually follows their lead. She invited me out camping with them a few summers ago, and it was an unforgettable experience! We rode about 20 miles round trip and got to sleep under the stars with the horses. They also love water, and it was my first time swimming horses!
I would love to be able to form a bond with a horse, and I would like more time in the saddle. The greater part of my horse experience has been from the ground; I am interested in learning more about any riding style, and putting to practice what I do know.
I'm a very direct communicator, both as a learner and teacher. Not sure if that is unique though! I also speak a fair bit of Spanish if that's at all helpful.
Lex RosenbergYes
7/30/2021 15:54:42emlew21@gmail.comEmma Lewisemlew21@gmail.com3609890832Email, Text, Phone CallYes2021YesNo10+
Huntseat, saddleseat, western, showmanship
I have been riding since I was 4 years old. I showed 4-H at local shows and county and state fairs growing up as well as regional American Saddlebred breed shows. I always groomed and tacked my own horses before riding and have plenty of experience bathing and clipping horses as well. I have knowledge of basic horse health issues (have experienced colic). I have leased multiple horses and owned my own horse which was sold before I left for college.
My favorite horse experience would be riding together with friends and traveling to horse shows with friends.
I am looking to get back into riding and being around horses. It was a huge part of my life for a long time and I miss it! I would like to get strong and conditioned for riding again.
Responsibility, lots of experience, and friendship!
Emma LewisYes
8/1/2021 21:24:43ellexa@ucsb.eduEllexa Fahringerellexa@ucsb.edu7606428911Email, TextYes2025NoNo8English (Jumping), Trails
I have been helping local barns by tacking up/grooming for younger riders and helping during summer camps for the last 4 years. I have been taking English flat and jumping (only around 1' - 1'6" consistently) lessons for the past 8 years approximately.
I have never showed or leased because financially it has not been much of a reality for myself in the past, so I worked off most of my lessons.
Taking a trail ride in the Virgin Islands where we swam in the warm ocean on rescue horses at sunset!
I am looking to enjoy myself and keep myself fit, mentally well, and get my "horse fix" when I'm at college. My main goals are just either a casual hack, some trail rides with friends, or to practice my jumping. I am mainly looking to have fun with other riders and be a friend to whatever horse and owner I'm assigned to!
I am nowhere near the best rider but I am incredibly optimistic and would love to help coordinate lots of barn activities so everyone feels a sense of community. If someone is looking for a rider to hack and do low-intenstiy riding sessions once or twice a week while providing constant love for your horse, I'm your gal.
Ellexa FahringerYes
8/9/2021 14:27:01ezhosan@ucsb.eduEkaterina Zhosanezhosan@ucsb.edu3107172725Email, Text, Phone CallYes2025YesNo15
I started horseback riding when I was six and have been a competitive rider for over 12 years. I have competed as a dressage and hunter/jumper rider, taking prize places. I know how to take care of horses from A-Z. I have years of experience in stall cleaning, feeding, grooming, saddling/unsaddling horses. I have taken equine classes at LA Pierce College to widen my knowledge of how to properly take care of horses. Over the years, I have ridden horses of different sizes, ages, and breeds. I also have experience in training young horses with frisky attitudes.
My favorite horse experience is my first mountain ride in a Western saddle. I started doing horseback riding in Russia, and have always ridden horses in an English saddle. When I first came to LA, I right away found an equestrian center and decided to go on a ride. The Western saddle felt different, but I loved it. I was free of the strict disciplines of an English saddle. I was able to connect with the horse more. I loved galloping in the mountains and not thinking about my posture and the position of my legs. I felt free and happy. It was just me and the horse.
Everything! I have always dreamed of having a horse, but unfortunately, wasn't able to afford one. If I am trusted with providing care for someone's horse, I will take on full responsibility and dedicate as much time as needed. I love horses. They are my biggest passion. So my main goal is to just spend as much time around and riding horses as possible.
I am all about connecting with horses on an emotional level. I believe that horses are like babies. They need intellectual attention, too. I like talking to horses, even reading to them. So I would definitely bring that to the co-op. Taking care of a horse shouldn't be just a routine. It should be a communication, a dialogue between you and the horse. I would spend time getting to know the horse and building an emotional connection with it, rather than just riding it. And of course, a lot of positive energy and fun vibes.
Ekaterina ZhosanYes
8/20/2021 19:41:52oceana@ucsb.eduOceana Tavasieffoceana@ucsb.edu415 424 1844Email, TextYes2022Depends.No6Jumpers, Dressage
While I rode on and off as a kid, I have been riding consistently (and somewhat seriously) for 6 years, and have had a horse for about that same amount of time. She was young and I was fairly green (not advised but it worked out!) so we have been slowly working our way up through the English style. She stays at home at her facility with my mom while I'm at school and they work on H/J things (my mom jumps higher than I do now!).

Lately I have been focused on dressage and jumping; however I spent the past year teaching at a (mostly) Western beginner barn and am comfortable with either style (although I only know the VERY basics of Western riding, many principles are the same). Always down to learn more about any kind of Western riding! I am comfortable lunging with most equipment.

I am comfortable with all basic care and basic medical care and can identify signs of colic and lameness. In fact I was a working student for a year (stall cleaning, turn in/out, blanketing, feeding, cleaning waters &etc, some medical care) and am also involved in the care of my horse & her living space.

My instagram is @oceanatavas, I think there should be some videos of me actually on a horse but have more recent ones upon request!

I'm in town as of submitting this (8/20) and haven't made plans to head home yet before fall quarter, so let me know if someone is needed to care for horses in Sept. :)
I love hopping over little jumps/logs on trail with friends and have had the opportunity to do so a few times--although it has honestly been very rewarding teaching beginner/advanced beginner riders & seeing their improvement on & off the horse!
I'd be hoping to work with building topline & contact on the ground & translating that into dressage-y ridden work, while working on maintaining my riding muscles. Simple flatwork exercises, trail, poles. I'm a lower level rider and enjoyed working on the basics with my horse (not a natural at dressage). Although definitely interested in popping over some small jumps if the opportunity comes up, it's not my primary focus :)
Horse welfare/happiness is first and foremost to me and I hold myself a high standard of care! This was unfortunately relevant in my last job and I will ensure your horse is cared for to the best of my ability. At that job I also developed an eye for lameness/stiffness-so won't let that slip!

I also have teaching experience for riders of all ages and would be happy to help orient beginner riders/leasers to horse care, safety, etc. Or volunteer my time for anyone looking to start with English riding!
Oceana TavasieffYes
8/23/2021 18:02:23ezollett@ucsb.eduErika Zollettezollett@ucsb.edu603-969-8849Email, Text, Phone CallNoYesNo25Hunter
I am a mom to two young girls who recently started taking riding lessons and would like to continue riding and learning. I grew up riding and showing in Virginia and have over 25 years of experience with horses. I would love to acquaint my daughters with a horse suitable for beginners and let them continue to develop a love of horses. I feel confident working with them and the horse, though they would also love a mentor or student to look up to. If you are interested, I can pay you for time spent with my daughters and horse (if permitted). They can help by learning to muck and care for horse as well under my guidance.
I grew up riding and have so many fond memories of competitions, trail rides, pony clubs, etc... I hope my daughters can experience the same love of horses.
See answer above! I would love to get back into riding myself as I haven't had as much time since being a mom. I love and miss spending time around horses.
I have experience with horses, kids, undergrads, and more. I'd love to bring that sense of community around horses to my kids and let them learn from and help out as needed. We can be out there 1-2 or maybe 3 days a week (or on call as needed). I work at UCSB but not full time so I have some flexibility.
Erika ZollettYes
8/28/2021 8:47:39cali@ucsb.eduCali Brannancali@ucsb.edu9178330214Email, TextYes2022YesNo16
Show jumping, trail riding, cross country
I started riding when I was 3 in Germany, as much as you can when you're 3 anyways, on the same pony my mum learned on. She was a beautiful Shetland pony that ended up living to 40 years old. I then moved to England and got so lucky because I met my best friend who owned a stable and I spent all my time outside of school at her house turning them out, doing all the stable work etc for over ten years. Her older sisters did eventing and taught us how to jump. In particular, there was one horse that the owner had bought for her son who ended up hating riding and never came to take care of him that I would ride in my free time, and ended up competing on in show jumping for a few years. It was definitely a dream situation, free riding and complete freedom around stables learning everything I could for my whole life. Then I moved to America, and because of how spoiled I had been it was hard to find somewhere to go, but I then learned western riding and went on incredible week long hacks every year at a ranch in Wyoming. When looking for universities, I initially looked for schools with equestrian programs, however academics took priority in the end. I looked for ways to stay connected with the equestrian community because of how important it is to me, but my first year was so hectic, then in my second year I got a summer job working as a ranch hand at Alisal Ranch to get experience, but COVID hit, and my family panicked and I had to go home for lockdown.
In 2018 I got lucky enough to go down to Patagonia in Chile, to a ranch in the middle of the mountains owned by the father of the Chilean show jumping champion. On the first day we were there, he took us on a hack across this river and off a trail and up a mountain onto a plateau above the clouds where a giant rainbow was covering the sky. It was only accessible by horseback, too far to go on foot and no vehicle would be able to make it, and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I think it made me realize that that is why I love horse riding so much, it's completely immersed in nature, and what you are able to accomplish is so unique. It's thrilling and exhilarating while also relaxing and grounding, a balance I've struggled to find in anything else.
I would love to jump or hack but honestly even just working at the stable and exercising a horse would be great, I just really miss the environment.
I have a really wide experience with riding, I've done so many different styles across the world that I feel really comfortable doing anything that is asked of me. I'm also just willing to do any work that would allow me to be around horses.
Cali BrannanYes
9/2/2021 19:03:54alyse@ucsb.eduAlyse Ptacekalyse@ucsb.edu4409860871Email, Text, Phone CallYesUnknown- PhD studentTBDNo13Eventing
13 years of horse experience. Evented up to the training level. Horse owner for 8 years. Extensive experience handling young green horses and OTTBs. Member of University of Kentucky’s eventing team for one year.
Going to Aiken, SC for winter training.
I would like to continue riding after selling my horse a couple of years ago. I enjoy training young/ green horses and exercising horses of any discipline.
Genuine love for horses and extensive experience in dressage, show jumping, and cross country.
Alyse PtacekYes
9/15/2021 17:07:29jmerck@ucsb.eduJenna Merckjmerck@ucsb.edu9167084884Email, Text, Phone CallYes2023Depending on familyNo13
Western pleasure, some dressage, jumping up to 3’, some barrel training
I’ve been riding since I was 8, on an off for a while (my trainer would move around) until I was about 13 or 14 when I got serious with a new trainer. With her i practiced western pleasure and western dressage, went to a couple shows and then transitioned over to english, starting with dressage. I rode probably around 10 horses throughout my time out there but started leasing one of them when I was 16 or 17 and rode 3-4 times a week (1 being a lesson). From there she started training me to jump and I got a small start there before I had to move trainers again (she was having personal life issues and wasn’t showing up anymore) in 2018 I believe. From my current trainer I went from jumping small crossrails to 3’ oxers over the past few years and rode about 8 of her horses since I started with her. After about a year with her I started leasing a horse and have been riding 3x a week (with 1 or 2 being lessons) since. In 2020 I simultaneously wanted to try out barrel racing so I took 1 lesson a week from another trainer, which I enjoyed and it lasted about 9 months but became too much with school/work/expenses. I’m not really competitive, I like staying focused on learning and having fun, so I’ve only been to one english show.
Two come to mind!

I had been riding a horse for lessons with my second trainer, who had a tendency to not want to get caught if he was out in a pasture, and it would be a battle every time I’d come out to the barn. I started to spend a lot of time with him outside his pen and outside of the arena, grooming, feeding, hand grazing and training little tricks. Eventually one day I came out and only walked a few steps into his pasture and he stopped eating to walk up to me and we never had a problem catching him after that. That was so heartwarming.

The first time I jumped a legitimate oxer (it was probably around 2’6), it was on this huge 17.2 or 17.3 hand Hanoverian with my current trainer a year or so back and I remember being pretty nervous but this horse was a saint and just carried me right over it and I remember just feeling like I was absolutely flying. Looking back now it really wasn’t that big of a jump but the feeling was unforgettable.
Riding is such a huge passion of mine and has been such a blessing for me for my mental health, I haven’t been able to get my own yet because I need to make sure I can pay for college but I plan on getting one once I’m graduated and financially stable. Until then, I want to be able to keep riding and improving, and even just not lose the muscle I’ve built up over the years. I love to jump but I also love to go out on trails and relax.
I really enjoy spending time with horses even if not riding, it’s been very therapeutic all my life, so I am very willing to do anything needed to be part of this co-op.
Jenna MerckYes
9/20/2021 14:31:11acostauribe@ucsb.eduJuliana Acosta-Uribeacosaturibe@ucsb.edu8058950401Email
Just finished my PhD, by I am staying as staff researcher
In here on summer and spring breaks, not on winter breaks
Colombian Paso Fino and Trocha (I think that the equivalent is "Western"), I did english as a kid and teenager
I grew up in Colombia where we had a country house and we had horses. Most of my horseback riding experience was with traditional Colombian horses (Paso fino and trocha), but I did take English riding classes for 5 years. While growing up I would help with horse feeding and grooming. Since I moved to the USA I havent had the chance to ride as much as I used to, but when I go home (usually on winter break) I still ride.
When I was a kid we would go on these incredible long rides on the mountains. A group of friends would gather in the morning, and each would pack lunch and snacks in our horse backs and go for 8 rides. We would always find a nice field to sit down and have a picnic
I feel comfortable to ride without a trainer after a couple of rides to get to know the horse.
I want to be in touch with horses, they are my favorite animal and just by being close to them and riding if I can brings me so much joy. I am open to work with the animal needs in terms of more exercise or just short walks.
in terms of "unique quality" that maybe no one else in the co-op has is that I am used to different horse gaits (2-beat, 3-beat, 4-beat) and can explain you the genetic and molecular mechanisms why certain horse breeds have given gaits.
Juliana Acosta-UribeYes
9/30/2021 9:34:35kmkane333@gmail.comKristin, TextYes2023YesNo9English & Western
Took private lessons for 5 years, was in Pony Club for 3 years, volunteered at a ranch (cared for the horses) for two years and leased a horse for a year.
My favorite horse experience was riding on the beach
Working to improve my own riding skills and to ride for fun on trails/in the arena
I’m very compassionate and am a strong advocate for doing what’s best for the horse.
Kristin KaneYes
10/10/2021 18:04:57ntummala@ucsb.eduNeeli Tummalantummala@ucsb.edu8316013794Email, TextYes2024SometimesNo2.5
Mostly western, rode English occasionally a few years ago
Most of my horse experience has come from volunteering at Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center since March 2019. I also ride once a week (Western) at Hearts on different horses and have been doing that since March of this year. I also feed, groom, muck, tack, and lead the horses during lessons.
It's so hard to pick one! I genuinely love every interaction I've had with horses and I learn so much every time. Maybe when I went to an equine therapy clinic at Hearts and we got to lead a horse around blindfolded. That was such a special and emotional experience.
I want to learn how to be a better horsewoman! And there's no better way to do that then being around horses.
Not sure about anything unique, but I'm generally a very calm person which seems to be helpful around horses. Also, I'm up for any chores/experiences and my schedule is quite flexible as a grad student.
Neeli TummalaYes
10/14/2021 21:11:18jjweidner@ucsb.eduJulia Weidner jjweidner@ucsb.edu6199772548Text, Phone Call
Staff member. Becoming a grad student next school year.
Eventing, dressage, jumpers, some western.
I’ve been riding for 13+ years and have gone from leasing horses to owning and have had lots of additional hands on experience being a working student and eventually working way up to being an assistant trainer at at an eventing barn. I have cared for horses and other livestock ranging from cleaning stalls to graining to blanketing and all the normal barn chores. I’ve worked with a range of horses from young thoroughbreds to ponies to older semi retired trail horses. I was on the UC Davis event team for three years and leased horses from members on the team. I have worked horse camps and also been responsible for animals when owners were away. I’m happy to provide references for any of the above mentioned roles.
I had a mare named Ella who was exceptionally brave and was my high-school horse, she and I would spent hours together on trail conditioning, exploring and learning the surrounding areas. This is one of my fondest riding memories with her. But she was my heart horse so I think she wins the favorite horse experience title. She taught me SOOO much and was a huge part of what has made the rider I am today.
Well I think the most important thing for me is just being able to sit on a horse.
There was a summer where I didn’t have a horse and so I helped a grad student rehab her mare with 20 minute hand walks 3 times a week and would groom her at the end of the session. Horse time keeps me soft and compassionate.
If I’m going to commit a decent amount of time to the Co-op I would like to be able to at least go down some trails, even if it’s at a walk. I’m also comfortable with schooling horses since I have that skill set but I’m looking for something a little more casual than that.
I used to work in a tack shop and my knowledge base for different equipment is a broader range than most riders. I also have experience working with a broad range of riders from very beginner to advanced and I can fit a wide variety of horses. I have soft hands and a quiet seat. I also have an overall boat load of horse knowledge/welfare and experience due to being a three day eventer and coming from a barn where we did everything ourselves.
Julia Weidner Yes
10/27/2021 13:56:24gisellelewis@ucsb.eduGiselle Lewisgisellelewis@ucsb.edu8053584029Text, Phone CallYes2023
not primarily, however I live somewhat locally so I can still perform co-op duties over breaks
No3western and English
I grew up riding and was very passionate about being an equestrian until I was about ten, when I was forced to focus on athletics. In January of 2020, while at home attending to community college, I began spending time volunteering at my local equine therapy center, and rekindled my love of horses. I've been doing lessons with a trainer since, and recently had to turn down a job offer as a wrangler (it would have been an awesome job...).
This past summer, I went on a horse drive through the Sierra Nevadas. I drove a herd of about 50 head of horses from Bishop CA up through the high desert, to the pine forests of Mammoth CA (about 60 miles over 4 days). I was on horseback 8 hours a day, and at night, groomed, cared for (and sneakily pampered) my GORGEOUS buckskin mount - all while dirt camping. Going full gallop across the plains of sage on a horse I fell in love with has to be one of my favorite life moments to date. After the drive was over, I was privately offered a job as a wrangler for the summer, which, due to my current job as an Ocean Lifeguard, I had to sadly turn down.
I am admittedly not applying to ride for any competitive reasons. I have a deep love of all things horses, and being around a barn makes me very happy (yes, even while mucking stalls). I am looking generally elevate my level of horsemanship, as well as connect to a barn environment.
I have been told by multiple coaches, teachers, and mentors that my best assets are my reliability and work ethic, something I would absolutely love to bring to the West Campus Stables.
Giselle LewisYes
11/10/2021 10:53:595fergies1@gmail.comEmily Ferguson5fergies1@gmail.com7602905279Text, Phone CallYes2025
Sometimes I will need to go home to help at MARA Rescue in Elfin Forest because I work with the young horses there and will be taking some to shows over the summer!
NoRoughly 8 Years
Dressage, some hunter jumper experience, I would also help with trail rides at the rescue I work at!
I have been working at rescues in San Diego for the last three years, and before that I took lessons and competed! I also am a D1 water polo player here at UCSB so that is how I ended up here! I currently work at MARA Rescue in Elfin Forest and help the owner Meg Brown train and exercise her horses (working with four year old Lucia and lunge work/groundwork with 1.5 year old Cyclone before I came up for college!). I would also help her with trail rides and events which are used to help support the rescue and would help rehabilitate any rescues we took in. She also has a lesson program so I would teach lessons for her if she ever had conflicts. It's been amazing getting to work with her because she was a national level rider for years and has taught me so many things. Over the summer, I will continue to help her train and show her horses and also continue to help at the rescue. I have learned to work with really reactive and spooky horses as well because many came from slaughterhouses and Meg has done a great job rehabilitating them and giving them the best life possible!
I have loved getting to work with Lucia (my literal heart horse). She was a rescued Andalusian from a very bad breeder situation where she was severely malnourished and mistreated. We have grown as a team and have created a bond, I love being able to teach her and work with her. This summer we are planning to show her for the first time and I'm so excited to see our hard work pay off!
I would love to be able to help out when it is needed! I still am playing water polo and so my hours shift based on practice times but I normally have like five-six free hours a day that I would love to be able to spend with my passion! I miss being around horses every day and I'm willing to just do whatever anyone needs in order to help out with them! I could definitely do whatever is necessary! I'm also redshirting this year, so my team will be gone a lot for tournaments and I will still be here so I will have a lot of free time!
I feel like I have a really unique view of horses and how to work with them. I have worked with abused/neglected horses a lot the past few years so I know how to handle difficult situations and how to make sure that the horse is always comfortable with whatever we are doing. I also don't mind doing the hard/dirty work and I would love to be able to meet new people!
Emily Ferguson Yes
1/11/2022 12:09:29
Julianne Gianetto
3039748397Email, TextYes2022NoNo6 years
Equitation/ Hunter Jumper
I've been around horses my entire life which began as a young kid (about 5 years old) which at first consisted of being led around in an arena. However, when I was 12 years old I started working as a working student at a stable right next to my house- Denver Equestrians. The money went directly to pay for lessons and I was able to lesson once to twice a week. My job consisted of caring for the horses, feeding, turning out, lunging, giving medications, basic rehabilitation, sweeping and cleaning the barn. During my four years at this job I also grew as a rider, but could never afford to have my own horse so I continued to ride different lesson horses almost every lesson. I participated in IEA for three years as well! During my sophomore year of high school I moved barns to a facility called Fox Hill Equestrian Center. My new trainers helped me improve a lot and I went from barely jumping 2' courses to 2'9 and 3'. They also had me hack several of their younger horses in the process of introducing them too jumping which was a super cool experience. I rode about four horses consistently and would also trail ride quite frequently which I really enjoyed. This past summer I had a hard time riding consistently because many of the lesson horses were lame and rehabilitating from injuries. Furthermore, in my first quarter here at UCSB I didn't do any riding. I miss it very much and am eager to hopefully be around horses again!
There was one horse at Fox Hill who I really connected with, his name was Lapras, and he's a pretty old guy- 20 years now. My trainer always said he loved me and let me ride him all the time so he really felt like my horse, which is something I've always wanted. I was even able to take my senior pictures with him:) Anyways, one day I was getting ready to hack him and saw a bunch of my friends outside bareback and we decided to all go on a trail ride- bareback. It was pretty cold out, winter in Colorado, so all the horses were slightly fresh and I remember it was my friends first time riding her horse through the river- which she did bareback and everyone was really impressed. The whole experience was super fun and we all got to canter through the woods and went pretty far from the barn. Normally I don't trail with a big group of people, and hardly ever is it bareback so this ride really stuck out to me. It was slightly scary because the horses were so fresh but I really clicked with Lapras and trusted him, which is what made it such a good memory. I have other experiences that really stick out like jumping my biggest height, but this trail ride still remains my favorite.
The main thing that prompted me to fill out this application was how much I miss being around horses. I'm really looking to get close with the horse I'd be riding and hopefully improve together as a partnership and have a good time while doing so. I believe my goals will also depend on the horse and what goals his/her owner has for them.
I've spent my entire life riding different horses which has taught me a lot about adjusting to and understanding different rides. I may not have a heavy competition background but I have a lot of experience riding young, green and just different types of horses which I believe is a valuable skill.
Julianne GianettoYes
1/25/2022 14:26:07
Laura harrison
5616998948Email, Text, Phone CallAlumni 2018YesNo12Jumper, hunter jumper
I used to live in Wellington Florida and ride mostly every day when I was homeschooled, I competed at PBIEC during the summer circuit in the 3-4ft jumpers and I’ve always owned at least two horses. Two of my horses are still in Florida with my dad working at a therapeutic riding center and ridden by kids and adults with various disabilities. I live here full time working for Deckers so I’d love to be able to get back in the saddle. I have also volunteered for years at therapeutic riding centers taking care of horses there and have interned with an equine vet for two summers so I have a decent amount of horse health knowledge which definitely comes in handy.
My favorite horse was named Path, he was a thoroughbred off the track and I started with groundwork before ever getting on his back because he’d been badly treated by the cowboys I bought him from. He wouldn’t let me touch his ears at first and was pretty spirited but I had the best bond with that animal. For years I was the only one that he would jump fences for and he never ever refused a fence for me which I found pretty miraculous. I won the most with him and had so much fun. If my truck came down the drive he came running and I think he really taught me how important building a relationship and trust with a horse is.
I am really open, I would love to ride a horse that can pop over a few fences but I’ve decided to put my serious jumping/competing days behind me after sustaining a few injuries. I’ve ridden OTTB’s, quarter horses, warmbloods, Arabians and Irish sport horses and I feel confident with most any breed but I am 5’10 so perhaps a bigger horse might be a better fit potentially.
I have a lot of experience with horses and riding, I feel pretty confident that I can provide really great exercise and discipline. I’ve leased out some of my own horses and bad habits are a big concern for horse owners and I completely understand that. I do take riding quite seriously and safety as well. Generally speaking I’m a good rider without any bad habits and I take things slow, relationship with the animal is an integral building block and I really enjoy teaching horses how to get on the bit, how to collect over fences etc. I would like to think I have a lot to offer in that respect!
Laura harrison Yes
2/24/2022 22:11:42
Sofia Brandon
7072275499Email, Text, Phone CallYes2022
some shorter breaks fully yes, some of the longer breaks I go home for a period of time
primarily western, but some experience in basic english riding
I took riding lessons when I was young, gaining experience in basic horsemanship and western riding. Throughout middle school and high school I worked with a horse rescue, Sunrise, in the Napa Valley. I am currently employed at and have volunteered with Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center for over 2 years. I currently compete in ranch sorting and penning in Santa Ynez.
My favorite horse experiences have come from my time working with the horses at Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center. Preparing these horses for work in the therapeutic program is so rewarding and getting to develop relationships with them that ultimately lead to healing and growth for our students is amazing. I love doing groundwork and establishing a bond with each of the horses I work with.
I am looking to ride Bunny, owned by Stijara and helping her work on Bunny's technical development and conditioning. I look forward to getting involved in the stables community.
I have experience with facilities maintenance from working at Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center. I have experience with power tools and tractor/machinery operating and I would be happy to contribute my services to the stables.
Sofia BrandonYes
2/26/2022 22:12:06lillykoochek@ucsb.eduLilly Koocheklillykoochek@ucsb.edu7603967755Email, Text, Phone CallYes2022YesNo10
mainly dressage, a lil jumping
I started riding around 7 and had to stop when I started college. I trained in jumping for a few years before I started dressage and fell in love. I started competing around age 12. Most days, after I got out of school I would go to the barn till nighttime and ride my horse and help out. There were a lot of horses at the barn, so I helped ride other horses, clean, and feed.
Me and my friends used to go on trail rides with our horses, and I miss the excitement of exploring new areas on horseback.
Ride horses as much as I can. I enjoy cantering.
3Lilly KoochekYes
3/2/2022 10:55:20
Carys Morgan
8054713762Email, Text, Phone CallAlumni!Graduated UCSB in 2014YesNo10+
English, primarily hunter jumper. Familiar with Western, but less so
I have been taking riding lessons since I was 4 back in England. I worked my way up as I grew up and ended up helping my trainer keep her lesson horses in check (you know how they can develop bad habits :) ). Eventually I owned my own horse (Simba) who I trained to jump and show from ages 14-18. I haven't ridden as often since leaving home for college because I had to sell my horse and didn't have the funds for ongoing lessons/leasing, but after fifteen years of experience riding, training, showing, teaching at summer camps, and training lesson horses at my old stable I'm very confident in my abilities, instincts and experience.
Probably just the process of taking a rambunctious horse from zero ground manners and no jumping experience to showing hunter-jumper around the central coast and placing very well. Winning his affections and learning to anticipate and understand his quirks was deeply satisfying, and I still miss him so much.

As far as single experiences, probably taking Simba to Rancho Oso and swimming with him! That was pretty incredible.
Mainly just to enjoy time together and help the horses I work with live enriched and healthy lives. I would love to jump again, but it's not mandatory at all. I would be happy to just spend time with horses again, do some trail riding, or whatever was needed. It's more about the quality time spent with the animals than anything else.
I would say my experience is an asset, and the variety of horses I've worked with (from Icelandic ponies to arabs to thoroughbreds). I've also got a lot of experience just contributing to the maintenance of a barn/stable (feeding, cleaning, etc.)
Carys MorganYes
3/7/2022 21:14:28
Lia Xerogeanes
Trail Riding (Endurance and NATRC)
I have been consistently riding and caring for horses since 2014. I competed in trail riding, in NATRC and endurance rides, but never took the racing part of endurance riding too seriously, I mainly focused on having a safe and fun ride. I spent most of my years working and riding on the same ranch where I took care of the horses and would help exercise all of them. I had one horse who I leased throughout high school and eventually moved her to a ranch that was closer to town and took care of her by myself for two years at that new ranch.
My favorite horse experience was completing my first 50 mile endurance ride, it was so rewarding to know that the hard work that my horse and I had put in together had paid off. To see how much my horses endurance and strength had built up and to have gotten past so many obstacles that my horse would have previously been super nervous to do.
I am very adaptable and would be happy doing anything that is with horses, but I am a big trail rider, so I would love to ride the trails a bit.
I am super resourceful and adaptable! I spent a lot of time working on a ranch that was struggling financially, so I have learned many ways to be resourceful around the barn.
Lia XerogeanesYes
3/23/2022 10:12:36
Kiran Aulakh
8057081455Email, Text, Phone Call
I graduated from UCSB in 2013
I rode from age 8-14 in the competitive circuit (showjumping & dressage) in Costa Rica, where I grew up, and we did all of our grooming and tacking, among other horsemanship skills. I stopped competing at 14 and began exploring Natural Horsemanship and trail riding, and now at age 32, my mom keeps horses and they're still very much a part of my life
showjumping and dressage as a teenager, now more novice natural horsemanship and connection
I began developing my horsemanship skills at age 8 after i had begged my mom for years to let me ride. Having begun at such a relatively young age, many of my horse related skills are now second-nature. Equestrianism is Costa Rica implied that I do all of my grooming, saddling, and after care. I know how to check for minor swellings, and how to stretch a horse's legs and neck and spine. From age 8-14, I rode competitively in an International circuit, competing in Panama, and at the peak of my competitive career, at the children's FEI dressage meet in Germany when I was 14. After that I transitioned to more natural horsemanship, preferring to commune with horses rather than dominate, and since then have enjoyed helping my mom train her two horses at her stables in Costa Rica. I do not however, have a horse connection in Santa Barbara, where I have lived on and off since 2008.
How to choose! In 2019, my mom and I visited a dude ranch in Montana (Rockin' Z) and trail rode daily for the week. The amazing family that owns the ranch trains their entire herd with Parelli technique, and when we weren't riding, they were leading us through Parelli workshops, teaching us how to connect with horses in a more natural way. We also had fun games like barrel racing, which brought me back to my brief stint in rodeo riding as a child (barrel racing, pickup man). Grooming and tacking up was our own responsibility which was a lovely way to connect with our horse.
I'm excited to get to connect with a horse and work on its transitions, keeping it on the bit, building enough trust with the horse to build its confidence against spooking, and work on its stall, and grooming and tacking behavior.
I have a diverse background with all kinds of horses, my heart horse having been a stallion when I was 12-14 (I learned while riding in Nevada as a teenager that you have to be 16 to ride a stallion in that state!), I've trail ridden in India on the Mahwari horses, in Montana in western saddles using Parelli technique. While I'm not as fearless as I used to be with horses, I am extremely gentle and always seek to understand them rather than dominate them.
Kiran AulakhYes
4/17/2022 11:26:41cecily@ucsb.eduCecilycecily@ucsb.edu5125360114Email, TextYes2026Some breaks!No4Western
I attended horse back riding camps growing up, used to trail ride, and now volunteer twice a week at Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center (for both lessons and barn crew)
My favorite experience is getting to help with the lessons at Hearts each week because we have a great group of volunteers and it's very rewarding getting to see the students get so excited about riding. Close second is beach trail ride in Mexico :)
Lately I get to spend a lot of time with horses, but I haven't been able to ride regularly. I would love to get back into practice and do arena and/or trail riding. I'd like to do Western drills like poles or barrels (not at full speed obviously) while in the arena, and just generally practice my horsemanship
I am super organized! So I'd be happy to help with organizing feed and tack rooms. I'm also pretty handy with fixing things as I had a manual labor job at a park for a year
Cecily Tye Yes
4/19/2022 10:33:19hayleefortson@ucsb.eduHaylee Fortsonhayleefortson@ucsb.edu8284606672EmailYes2023YesNo4 yearsJumping
I've loved horses since I was young. I took lessons each day after school for several years. My instructor focused on anatomy, care and grooming, getting to know your horse's personality, and how to handle equipment properly before each session. When we rode we did trail riding with western style as well as jumping in english style. I enjoyed every moment of it. Every horse is so unique and my favorite part was getting to know each one throughout my time with them. I also went to several different summer camps when I was younger where we were assigned a horse for the week and we learned how to care for it as if it was our own.
At the end of each year for my lessons we had a day where we played games with our horses to see how well we knew them and could work together. It was so fun to see how well we had gotten to know our horse over the year and I especially enjoyed that we did the event bare back. I loved the feeling of being bare back, it felt like we were more connected and it is more challenging.
My main goals are to simply have a connection with a horse that I can show attention to and love well. My husband and I live at family student housing so we live right down the street from the barn. We pass by it everyday. I have thought for a while how great it would be to be able to stop by and take care of one of the horses. I am very flexible and I am open to whatever the owner would like me to do, but if I had to choose ideally I would like to ride the horse once a week and maybe take it on a walk once a week. As far as riding or walking the horse, again I am open to whatever the owner wants or needs for their horse. I am just here to help.
I am good with horses and with people. I would bring a good energy to the co-op and facilitate friendships, while also having a personality that is peaceful and provides a good environment for the horses. I also live so close that if something is needed I could be to the barn in less than five minutes, so although I am only interested in riding/being at the barn twice a week I could be there if I need to be.
Haylee FortsonYes
4/20/2022 18:44:46cali@ucsb.eduCali Brannancali@ucsb.edu9178330214Email, Text, Phone CallYes2023
Will be here for half the summer, in and out the other hanf
No17English, jumping, western
I grew up in England on a farm with horses and started riding and a really young age then began jumping competitively. I then moved to America and got into western riding and doing backcountry multi day rides and some barrel racing. I haven't ridden consistently in the past couple of years and really want to get back into it.
Last year I got the opportunity to go down to Patagonia in Chile to a really remote ranch and did some multi day hacks through some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. One of the days we rode up this mountain that you couldn't access any way other than on horse back and when we got to the top we were above the clouds and there was a huge rainbow. I really learned to appreciate the opportunities that horses give us.
I would love to ride and exercise horses but honestly I miss being around them and would love to help out in any way I can
I've done a lot of different disciplines throughout my riding time, and I'm also a marathon runner and pretty strong person willing to do a lot of work.
Cali BrannanYes
4/25/2022 12:40:14kmstump123@gmail.comKelly Stumpkmstump123@gmail.com5629008861Email, TextYes2023Yes15Trail riding
Growing up I would visit my cousins for the summer who have had 11 horses over the span of my life and I would help exercise, feed, brush, and muck out stalls.
When I was 7 I went out riding with a cousin of mine. My horse got spooked by a snake and I got bucked off. She ended up running away for a second, but then came back and even sniffed me to check if I was okay. I ended up having a broken elbow, but the experience I shared with that horse was special nonetheless.
YesYesTrail riding3
I’m a very determined person and hard worker. I’ve ridden very stubborn horses before and don’t give up easily. I am also super enthusiastic about horses and just want to pour all of my love into them and put their needs first.
Kelly StumpYes
4/28/2022 18:15:37alexalarosa@ucsb.eduAlexa LaRosaalexalarosa@ucsb.edu7328560866TextYes2025SometimesNo12English/jumping
Competing in horse shows since I was 10/11. Been riding since around 7. I have leased 3 horses in the past and owned 1 so I have experience caring, grooming, bathing, etc.
Gain experience, have fun
3Alexa LaRosaYes
4/30/2022 18:38:15
Sarah berglund
9258762224Email, TextGraduate YesNo7English pleasure, trail
I owned a horse Jack from age 7-20 and grew up riding both English and western with mostly trail riding, trail trials and arena work. Once he passed and I started school I took a break from riding. I’d like to get back into it and would be open to helping out at the barn with grooming, feeding and ground maintenance or would pay a small fee in return for rides.
Ahh I can’t think of one! I’ve had so many great memories and experiences with my horse Jack.
I’m mostly interested in arena work and trail rides as a hobby and to grow my horsemanship.
I live walking distance to the co-op stables so I would be willing and able to help with feeding, mucking, and grooming any day of the week.
Sarah BerglundYes