Best Practices Workshops for When Destiny Calls
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4DX: Discover how great leaders turn vision into realityScott, JohnChurch AdministrationVision is great. Communicating a vision is better. Carrying out the vision you've communicated is what separates great leaders from simple visionaries. In this session, learn a proven way to carry out your team's vision using Chris McChesney's system, "The 4 Disciplines of Execution" (4DX). Praised as a major highlight of the 2016 Global Leadership Summit, 4DX is a scalable system you can use with your staff, board, or volunteer teams to keep every team member focused, accountable, and excited about accomplishing your most important goals.
A Cognitive Approach to Faith IntegrationTonjes, BernieYouth Ministry, Children's Ministry, Mission trips, EvangelismFaith integration is a primary goal of all kinds of instruction in the church. Knowing where kids are at from a cognitive perspective helps teachers understand the ways that faith can be made a real part of the lives of their students.
A Faith Forming Ecosystem: Response to an Education - Mission CrisisBergman, MarvinParish Education/DiscipleshipA rationale for a faith forming missional ecosystem as a response to an education - mission crisis in some congregations is the focus. An interactive format intends to engage deaconesses, DCEs, teachers and pastors in assessing the potential of this model.
A Job, A Car, and a Lot of Little ThingsKiel, JanCommunity Outreach, Service ProjectsThis workshop will provide you with the vision, process and information to equip members in your church to launch and sustain: an Employment Ministry, an Auto Ministry, and/or a ministry to mobilize your congregation to meet immediate/specific needs through texting. These ministries can provide a venue for members of any sized church to reflect God's heart toward both fellow members and neighbors alike through the meeting of critical yet practical needs such as employment, transportation, and a lot of little things that defy being categorized. Participants will leave with information and tools for equipping members to launch these 3 ministries.
A Search into Yesterday's Tomorrows: Family History Does Effect Tomorrow, But We're Not Trapped By It!Schumacher, KimberleyParish Education/Discipleship, Community Outreach, Social Issues, Family Ministry/Parenting/GrandparentingIs Family History Relevant in God's Big Picture? Can we really share faith with generations to come? Walk with one family through their story. Learn how traits and behaviors travel through generations. Explore Biblical examples that shed light on the privilege/responsibility we have to pass along traditions, beliefs and culture that are simply too important to be forgotten, and find tools to pass along what you value most. "And His mercy is upon generation after generation..." -Luke 1:50 nasb.
A Strategic Planning ParadoxBickel, KurtChurch Administration, Parish Education/Discipleship, PlanningWhy do most planning efforts for faith-based organizations fall short of their intended results? Many churches still approach planning with a problem solving mindset while the business world is embracing a planning model that is fundamentally spiritual. This workshop will explore the emerging behavioral sciences to rediscover why your church already has the tools to plan for a relevant mission and a sustainable future. The paradox is true- We don't grow by becoming something we are not but by becoming what we already are. Join the dialog exploring how leaders lead within the strategic planning paradox.
Ancient Practices for Modern Leaders: Mindfulness and Meditation Foster, ChadParish Education/Discipleship, Worship/Music, Spiritual Discipline; WellnessEmpirical research supports the use of mindfulness and meditation to counterbalance stress and trauma. Learn how to use just 10-20 minutes of your day to relax and regain physical, emotional, and spiritual stability and wholeness using ancient practices grounded in the Old Testament.
Be a 17:12 ChurchFrusti, PhilipMission trips, Ministry Partnership, EvangelismBe like Aaron and Hur! Get involved in holding up the weary arms of our international brothers and sisters serving Christ in challenging sites around the world.
Becoming a Community ChurchHolder, ChrisCommunity Outreach, Service Projects, Ministry Partnership, EvangelismWhat does it mean for a church to an integrated part of the community? All churches are in a community but are all churches truly a part of their community. This workshop will make the case for churches becoming a bigger part of the community and share practical ways for churches to more effectively engage the communities around them.
Being a Community of Hope for people with suicidal and mental health crisesWright-Berryman, JenniferYouth Ministry, Children's Ministry, Community Outreach, Social IssuesParticipants will learn risk factors and warning signs of suicide, will learn basic skills on how to intervene from a faith-based perspective, and will learn about evidence-based practices and interventions for people in suicide and mental health crises.
Biblical Principles for Leading and Following WellGalvin, JamesTheologyIt’s time to set aside the hero-leader myth. Leadership is not a person and it is not a position. Leadership is a social process involving the interaction of leaders and followers directed toward achieving a shared goal. Learn how to teach followership. As a result of this workshop you will be able to identify four kinds of follower abuse in the marketplace, discern between the three distinct types of followership found in the Bible and use the five levels of followership to assess what people need from you.
Blow Your Kids Minds Through With Object LessonsJohnson, BethChildren's MinistryCreativity makes all the difference in Children's Ministry. By using Object Lessons, to communicate and clarify your message, children will retain more of what you teach. Experience fun hands-on Object Lessons that won't break your budget.
Born for BlessingKrupski, PhilipGift Planning/StewardshipTo move the Lord's disciples from inaction to action in faithful stewardship of their estates, the answer is not principles and rules. It's grace and always grace. By faith we trust that we have been born anew for action.
Building as Witness (creating presence and witness through form and symbol)Schneider, PeterFacilityA church building should promote and support the ministry inside and pouring out from its walls. We review examples of opportunities to incorporate meaning into church facilities to reinforce the ministry it supports. Those interested in opportunities to provide a facility that supports the mission of the church should attend.
CarePartners in Disaster Response – A Special Early Response MinistryJander, Dr. LouCommunity Outreach, Service Projects, Disaster ResponseThe first 24 to 48 hours following a disaster are critical in providing survivors with hope, comfort, encouragement, and prayer. You’ll be introduced to the importance of “presence” and the role of CarePartners in the local congregation. Through over 20 years of experience in disaster response, work with the Red Cross, and personally experiencing loss in a disaster, we’ll share how people can be equipped to provide presence, compassion, and support through listening, sharing Scripture, and praying for the individual(s).
Chapelodeon: Creative Midweek ChapelsWhitby, KristopherChildren's Ministry, Worship/MusicWouldn't it be great to have midweek chapels that your Jr. High students wouldn't want to miss? In "Chapelodeon," the Saint Paul team will share their creative process and original resources to help you create engaging midweek chapels designed to deepen the faith and biblical knowledge of elementary and Jr. High students.
Children’s Ministry – Invigorated or on Life Support?Brown, CynthiaChurch Administration, Parish Education/Discipleship, Children's MinistryAre you satisfied with the Children’s Ministry at your church? Let’s dream how Children’s Ministry can look in your congregation as we focus on three areas: Why Children’s Ministry is so important, The ABCDs of clarifying our disciple-making mission, and 25 ways churches can connect with kids and families. Pastors, board chairmen, superintendents and anyone who cares about kids are welcome.
Children’s Ministry Crown Jewel: Your VolunteersBrown, CynthiaChurch Administration, Parish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Children's MinistryChildren’s Ministry leaders are called “to equip the saints for the work of ministry”. Practically speaking, how do we do that? Let’s talk about how to enlist, equip, appreciate, evaluate and redirect the volunteers God brings to your church.
Church Communications 101Gerhard, AndreaChurch Administration, Worship/Music, Community Outreach, Evangelism, CommunicationAs forms of communication continue to evolve, have you determined the best ways to connect to those inside and outside of your church? Do you have systems in place for communication? Communication doesn't have to be scary, but it does need to be consistent. Come to learn about communication basics (including branding, alignment, planning, forms of media available to you) and choosing what is best for your church.
Clearing the ClutterNewell, BillyChurch Administration, Leadership, Personal Development"My life is out of control!" "I don't have time for this!" "I'm sorry I am late, my last commitment went long." What would it be like if we didn't have to say these things anymore? Is it possible to "Clear the Clutter" and create margin in your life? YES! Join Pastor Billy as he shares a few things that are starting to change his life.
Community College & Emergent Adult MinistryBundick, JohnMinistry Partnership, Evangelism, College & Emergent Adult MinistryWhere are the 18-26 year olds in your community and church? How do you create a ministry that speaks to that age bracket? We're not quite sure if we've got answers, but we've got discussion starters - come hear the story of theGathering, a community college & emergent adult ministry in Columbus, Indiana as we talk about failure, embarrassment, share successes and what it's like to have multiple atheists, agnostics and self identified pagans participate in authentic discussions of faith, ethics and Jesus.
Creating a Volunteer Respite Care Program In Your ChurchBlackwell, KrisParish Education/Discipleship, Community Outreach, Service Projects, Ministry Partnership, Evangelism, Social Issues, Legal Issues, Special Needs MinistryThis workshop will illlustrate how Respite Education and Support Tools (REST/ can help a congregation meet the needs of people developmental, trauma-induced, or age onset disabilities through home visits or onsite events.
Developing a Plan for Discipling FamiliesHansen, ScotteParish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry, Service Projects, TheologyDo you have a plan for how you are discipling families, or are you just doing what you have always done and hoping for the best? Come and hear about a team who decided 'hoping for the best' wasn't good enough. Walk away with easy to adapt resources you can adapt to your ministry setting.
Disability Awareness DayGaffney, SarahParish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry, Community Outreach, Ministry Partnership, Evangelism, Social Issues, Special Needs MinistryThis workshop will illustrate how to conduct an interactive event that allows children and adults to better understand how to interact with people with disabilities within their community.
Discipleship & Outreach: One "Crazy" StoryClark, AdamParish Education/Discipleship, Community OutreachIn 2015, a "small" Indiana congregation took the unprecedented step of calling a second pastor to focus on outreach and discipleship. That was me. This session tells our crazy, wonderful story and highlights best practices for strategies we’ve tried: guiding individuals and families step-by-step in growing as disciples and building relationships; getting large-scale *interaction* with neighbors through Lutheran AND *public* school partnerships; partnering with “the City” (Jer 29:7); and hosting a weekly conversation café, summer reading groups, and holiday parties that invite community participation. I also will share some struggles and key principles for guiding the process as a whole.
Do you have enough horses in your barn? Thoroughly equipped disciple-makers and the ministry of JesusSauder, KurtParish Education/DiscipleshipDo you have enough "thoroughly equipped" Kingdom workers to do ministry as you envision? If not, what's the plan? Making disciples and disciple-makers requires a vision for its importance and a workable plan for making it happen. Join us as we talk with you about our experience in "equipping his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up..."
Do You Want to be Healed: Three Key QuestionsLee, PhilChurch Administration, Parish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Mission trips, Community Outreach, Theology, Ministry Partnership, emotional and spiritual health for ministersThis workshop will explore issues related to emotional and spiritual health with a focus on insight and a path for healing.
Doing Missions on PurposeKurth, TimMission trips, Ministry Partnership, MissionsSending mission dollars to a central clearinghouse hoping they'll be used effectively has lost its appeal (if it ever had any). Today many congregations are struggling with what effective missions looks like and how to move into proactive mission partnerships. Learn how to move your church to intense intentionality in mission.
Domestic Violence and Child Sexual Abuse: Implications for Policy & PracticeTonjes, BernieChurch Administration, Parish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry, Mission trips, Service Projects, Ministry Partnership, Social Issues, Legal IssuesSexual abuse is more common than we think. In this workshop we address common steps to initiate ministry to victims and survivors and to protect our ministries from would-be abusers.
Effective Community Outreach through Volunteer Led MinistriesTripp, KarenCommunity OutreachWhat if church volunteers were trained to not only connect with people in their church but to reach out to people in their community? In establishing the Cancer Companions ministry, Karen Tripp MS LMFT completed a Best Practice Evaluation to determine effective means of connecting with people outside the church. Her discoveries are presented here for use with any ministry looking for ways to touch their community for Christ.
Encouraging ConflictHartung, BruceChurch Administration, Parish Education/DiscipleshipConflict is not only useful when healthy, but also is essential for churches, schools and other organizations in order to function effectively and creatively. This workshop will make the case for the encouragement of healthy and necessary conflict and offer strategies for doing so. After all, too little conflict and a church gets lethargic and uncreative.
Faith Engaged MillennialsCouser, TomParish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Young Adult MinistryMany millennials are engaged faith communities. Based on interviews with millennials, Tom Couser explores what factors have kept them engaged while many of their peers have walked away from the church.
Fitness MinistryWeber, DustinCommunity Outreach, Fitness/SportsChrist centered fitness activities provide the opportunity for people to naturally connect while glorifying God by taking care of their bodies. This presentation will cover starting a fitness ministry from the ground up and ideas for implementing fitness activities regardless of church size.
From Bake Sales to Philanthropy: Why Focus on FundraisingDize, JonChurch Administration, FundraisingWe want to get our Lutheran ministries away from bake sales... from selling candy bars, doing car washes, and hosting "XX Nite at Pizza Hut" and instead focus on philanthropy... the art of connecting to the Cheerful Giver within your donors and eventually hiring a dedicated staffer for fundraising.
From Golf Outings to Galas: 14 Ways to Improve your Special Event NOWDize, JonChurch Administration, FundraisingIf you are not raising, after costs, at least $25,000 from your dinner/auction/gala/outing, then you should stop doing it... or follow these 14 steps to improve the management, operations, and execution of your special fundraising event. This is not bake sales; we will be discussing philanthropy and how to raise more money.
Getting out of His way!Konow, MattChurch Administration, Ministry Partnership, Social Issues, LeadershipDo you sometimes get in God's way? Of course you do. More importantly, do you recognize HOW you get in His way? Whether it is with your family, co-workers, driving in your car, on your phone, laying awake at night worrying, we ALL need to be mindful of how our sinful nature deceives us into trying to get in His way....and how HE HELPS US understand His sovereignty at all times, in all places, and in all things....EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
Go and Make Disciples-At Home!CCF staffFamily MinistryMarriage and family ministry is Great Commission Ministry. As we support marriages and families toward thriving, we support them in their discipleship callings. Come hear about how to be intentional in your Great Commission efforts through ministry to marriages and families.
Greater Than through a Healthy Congregation: Built on the RockKober, TedChurch LeadershipThe Gospel empowers us to transform lives (e.g., 2 Peter 1:3-9). The Spirit works through the means of grace to nourish and strengthen us for living as God’s children. Yet many leaders (including pastors and teachers) look to worldly wisdom to address spiritual needs (1 Corinthians 1:17-25). The presence of Christ through Word and Sacrament is what makes a “new creation” (2 Corinthians 5:16-17.) This workshop will help church leaders to live as "new creations" even in challenging times.
Greater Than through Laity Equipped to LeadKeinath, EdChurch LeadershipSignificant ministry in the church is offered by lay leaders. But are they prepared to do these enormous jobs effectively? This workshop will provide both solid biblical foundations but practical direction to inspire and equip lay leaders and professional church workers.
Greater Than through Reconciled RelationshipsSchettler, DwightParish Education/Discipleship, Community Outreach, Evangelism, Social IssuesThe gospel can transform relationships, even those in conflict! This workshop will talk about what we can do toward personal peacemaking reflecting on the biblical teaching for reconciliation, while reviewing the six chief parts of Christian doctrine from Luther's Small Catechism.
Grief Care Begins with Serving CaregiversTripp, KarenSocial IssuesThe church often find itself ministering not only to the sick but to their spouses, children or parents who care for them. At times, this outreach leads from hospital to hospice to graveside. Learn specific techniques from Marriage and Family Therapist Karen Tripp how to support these hurting people from care giving through bereavement.
Growing Your Faith & Your Church Made Easy Through Planned Acts of Christian Kindness (P.A.C.K.)Larsen, LeeParish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Community Outreach, Service Projects, EvangelismThe need to deepen our own faith and to bring others to Jesus could not be greater! Doing monthly P.A.C.K. events at various busy public places in your community makes doing so easy, fun & effective. Through simple acts of kindness you provide the stage for the Holy Spirit to reach out to everyone He sends to you. The "Connect Card" delivers God's message of love & grace to the recipient and on the back is a warm invite to come to your place of worship to learn more of this special love that Jesus has for them. Care-Share-Connect!
Hospitality: Disney, the Church, and YouHartwig, BrentHospitalityA qualification of a pastor is hospitality (1 Tim 3:2), and by extension, the church is to be hospitable. Walt Disney World is known far and wide for their hospitality. With approximately 50 million visitors a year, how do they do it? Join Pastor Brent Hartwig in understanding the insights that the church can gain from Disney hospitality. Being a lifelong Disneyphile, Pastor Hartwig has some stories to tell. So let us “practice hospitality” (Romans 12:13).
How the Spirit Shapes PrayerLuecke, DavidParish Education/Discipleship, Theology, Ministry Partnership, Spiritual LifeRecognize how the Spirit shapes routine conversations with God. See personal prayer as an opportunity rather than a duty.
How to Have a Healing ministry That Doesn't Make Your church SickDasch, BillPrayer ministryWhen we Lutherans dive into a healing ministry in our churches, how do we assure it will be a healthy ministry? While Pentecostals and charismatics are known for praying for healing,this sectional presents a mainline,traditional church model that is both biblical and Lutheran. With 25 years of working with a healing ministry in a LCMS church, Rev. Dr. Bill Dasch will share insights into having a healthy prayer ministry with practical do's and don'ts that avoid divisions and meet the needs of God's people.
How to have a Lutheran Tent RevivalToopes, AndyWorship/Music, Community Outreach, EvangelismTent Revivals have never been associated with the Lutheran Church but a number of churches are giving it a try. Come and learn how to put a week long or a weekend long revival together for your church.
How to Rise Above Adversity & TragedyRogers, RobertParish Education/Discipleship, EvangelismLearn keys from firsthand experience of how to turn tragedy into praise and overcome grief. Also learn to live a life of NO REGRETS as a godly parent and church leader.
How to Self-Publish Your BookGalvin, JamesSelf-PublishingGetting your book in print has never been easier. You have access to software, tools, and services that can help you produce a quality product. Participants will learn how to conquer the writing challenge, how to test your working title, how to create a campaign to fund your project, how to get word-of-mouth jump-started, and how to make your book available on Amazon.
Improving Board EffectivenessGalvin, JamesGovernanceThere are five types of governance models currently in use in LCMS congregations across the country. No matter which type you currently operate under, there are practical steps your leadership can take to improve congregational governance. Participants will determine if they should change their current governance model or keep what they have, learn best practices for their type of governance, eliminate bad practices, and identify leverage points for healthy change.
Including People of All AbilitiesTrombley, KimberlyParish Education/Discipleship, Community Outreach, Ministry PartnershipYour congregation may be missing an opportunity with a large group of people in your community. Be equipped to understand this invisible group, learn tools and strategies to become a place of welcome and belonging for those with disabilities and their families. Bethesda can help!
Including people with Disabilities in the life of the congregation.Gruenbaum, PhilipChildren's Ministry, Worship/Music, Disability MinistryBest practices in Inclusion Worship in Christian Education
Intentional GrandparentingMalinsky, MikeChildren's MinistryLearn engaging and fun grand parenting tips from this interactive presentation!
Intimacy Anorexia: Silent Ministry KillerKurth, TimChurch Administration, Social Issues, Ministry HealthIntimacy Anorexia is more common an affliction than people realize and it's lethal. Hear from someone who knows the disease firsthand and the impact it has on marriage relationships, ministry, and your mental health. Closely tied to sex addiction, Intimacy Anorexia is behind many sex addicts failed recovery. Learn to spot the signs and what to do about this secret ministry killer. This workshop is a complement to Tim's presentation on Sex Addiction.
It Takes A VillageBundick, JohnMinistry Partnership, Evangelism, College/Emergent Adult MinistryHow do you connect 18-26ish year olds to significant theological and ethical dialogue while building a community that invites in the agnostic, atheist and seeker? Luke Erb (Community Church of Columbus) and John Bundick (New Hope Christian Church) invite you to hear the ever changing story of theGathering and share your ideas and thoughts.
Jesus Time in FacilitiesKlopke, PaulWorship/Music, Service Projects, EvangelismReaching beyond the walls of church building to bring the message of hope in Jesus Christ to those in Jesus Christ to those living in facilities for people with developmental disabilities who cannot come to church.
Leadership Makes a DifferenceBorchers, KevinChurch Administration, Parish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry, Leading Staff & VolunteersServant leadership has been shown to contribute to more positive organizational culture, productivity, and worker satisfaction. This workshop discusses eight servant leadership characteristics and how practicing them could benefit your ministry, congregation, and organization.
Leadership Pipeline: How Much Air Does Yours Contain?Keithley, TomParish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry, Mission tripsFor the past 6 years, I have been involved in sales. One of the first pieces of advice I was given in sales was, "keep your sales pipe full." I eventually realized that for me to be successful in sales, I had to keep putting more in one end of that pipe so that more came out the other end. In this presentation, we will talk about the servant leadership pipeline, that is what are best practices for ongoing recruitment and development of disciple-making servant leaders?
Leading a Faith Forming Missional EcosystemBergman, MarvinParish Education/DiscipleshipA rationale for leading a faith forming missional ecosystem as a response to an education-mission crisis in some congregations will be presented. An interactive format intends to engage deaconesses, DCEs, teachers and pastors in assessing the potential of this model.
Leading With Your Whole SelfBickel, KurtParish Education/Discipleship, Ministry Partnership, Social Issues, WellnessThis workshop is an affirmation of the First Article of the Apostle’s Creed and an encouragement to integrate your mind, body and spirit for service in the Kingdom of God. We will discuss the work pace that separates and desensitizes our physical, mental and spiritual existence. We will also have time to practice some effective techniques to help sustain wholeness. “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. 1 Corinthians 6:19
Licensed Lay Deacons (LLDs) – What Now?Mueller, PaulChurch Administration, Parish Education/Discipleship, TheologyDespite the synodical convention decision regarding LLDs, congregations continue to struggle to find and fund full-time ordained pastors for Word and Sacrament ministry. One option had been to use Licensed Lay Deacons. That option, as practiced, is slowly coming to an end for the LCMS. So, what next? Are LLDs no longer needed or possible to use in ministry? How will congregations continue to receive the word and sacraments if no ordained clergy is available to serve them?
Luther Prayed for Healing-Lutherans Pray for HealingDasch, BillPrayer MinistryDiscover how the great reformer, Martin Luther, prayed for healing.From praying for others to being prayed for by others, Luther experienced and knew the power of prayer. Learn the rich history of the Lutheran Church in praying for healing and how you as a Lutheran Christian can pray for healing.
Lutheran Hour Power Tools for OutreachPeterson, KeithParish Education/Discipleship, Community Outreach, EvangelismShare your faith! Every believer is vital in the sharing their faith with their community and world! LHM shares your desire to see others know and confess Christ. Find out about some tools that have been developed for you to share Christ with your neighbors, friends and family.
Making a Difference in Today's World Through Lutheran World ReliefDiefenthaler, JonParish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Service Projects, Ministry PartnershipWant to provide some exciting ways for people in your congregation to make a real difference in today's world? This workshop will demonstrate how Lutheran World Relief (LWR) is actually doing this through 126 world-wide relief and development projects aimed at ending poverty, injustice, and human suffering, while at the same time enabling Lutherans to express their faith in Jesus Christ through works of love toward their neighbors in the human family.
Making the Grade: Taking Average to ExcellentSchultz, JeremyMinistry PartnershipThe letter “C” often gets a bad rap, particularly in education. “C” is not good, nor is it great. It’s passing, certainly, but there’s nothing compelling about it. It’s ordinary. Average. Common. Ho hum. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve taken the letter “C” and actually made it extraordinary. Excellent. Outstanding. By implementing three areas of focus—all that begin with the letter “C”—we’ve turned the school and church’s relationship at St. John’s, Arnold that very well could be average into something much, much more.
Managing The Transition In A Growing ChurchLaughlin, DonChurch AdministrationThis session will be an interactive workshop to explain and explore ideas on how a growing church can effectively manage the transition as it becomes larger.
Meeting People Where They Are: Offering a Range of Spiritual Growth OpportunitiesSauder, KurtParish Education/DiscipleshipTo make disciples and disciple-makers, you need to cast vision on why discipleship is valuable and offer a range of opportunities to allow them to take their next step in discipleship with Jesus. In particular, you need a plan to get people to move from large-group to small-group and from "just show up" to doing things on their own.
Ministry Challenges and Opportunites Round TableKeithley, TomParish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry, Worship/Music, Mission trips, Community Outreach, Service Projects, Evangelism, Social IssuesThis past Spring, I served as a speaker for the Indiana District DCE Conference. Prior to the conference, I asked for feedback from the participants on what challenges they were currently facing in ministry. I then used that feedback to guide our discussions in our time together. Needless to say, we barely scratched the surface. One of the participants emailed me not to long ago and asked if I was coming to BP - Heartland and if so, would I do a workshop to continue this discussion. This will be more of a roundtable discussion to apply leadership principles to the challenges and opportunities faced in ministry.
Mission in Latvia. Post soviet culture.Eglītis, ArtisParish Education/Discipleship, Community Outreach, Service Projects, Social IssuesSociety in Latvia mainly lives without idea about Christ. "Church" means more building and history, than personal relationship with Christ and other His followers. What we do in Latvia to let people come to question about Christ?
Mobile Outreach to the Under ServedToopes, AndyChildren's Ministry, Evangelism, Social IssuesWe will discuss a number of different ways to take your ministry into under served communities in your area. Weekend Breakfast Ministry, Basketball Ministry, Mobile Music Ministry, Neighborhood Tent Revivals and Neighborhoos VBS are just a few that we will look at.
More Cheers Less Tears, as you Build your Care Ministry TeamWalter-Meyer, LaniMinistry PartnershipMeeting the needs of the Care Team and those we strive to serve.
New Americans-Our NeighborsWilson, BillCommunity Outreach, Evangelism, Social Issues New Americans-Our Neighbors Refugees, immigrants, and new Americans from many cultures are in our schools, neighborhoods and cities. We need to come together to discuss the best practices working to welcome, witness, integrate, accommodate and foster these new relationships. Timothy Lutheran Church in Saint Louis has been working on this for fourteen years. We would like to share what we do but also listen to others and hear what they are doing.
On Our OriginsLepley, DanielParish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Community Outreach, Theology, Evangelism, Social Issues, ScienceScience and religion need not be enemies in exploration of the origin and meaning of life. Each has its place in considering what Charles Darwin called thee "mystery of mysteries." On Our Origins explores both the scientific and scriptural narratives of creation and engages in a respectful conversation between the two.
Pastoral Care: it's not just for PastorsHall, KeithChurch AdministrationHow can we serve the growing number of elderly and shut-in church members? Why is this important, who is involved, what is the impact on the kingdom of God, what might I need, and how do I get it started? Discover what volunteers can do to help with Pastoral Care. The different types of roles will be discussed, along with resources, structure of volunteer teams, forms and procedures used, and how to support your teams. Management of those served, those serving, and the prayers of the congregation will be covered.
Pornography: If We are Not Part of the Solution, Then.....Keithley, TomSocial IssuesIn his book, "Why Good Men Are Tempted," Bill Perkins states, "Unfortunately many churches create an environment in which sexual addictions thrive." So, the question arises, is your church part of the problem or part of the solution. The Porn industry continues to grow and the number of men (and now women) who view it is on the rise. As a result, I want to be an advocate for openness and authenticity about this issue and challenge people, leaders and churches to be more intentional about addressing this serious issue that affects individuals, marriages, families, as well as the church.
Practical Activities for Building Staff UnityFrastaci, DannyChurch Administration, Youth MinistryWant to foster greater cohesion and unity among your ministry team? Are there conflicts and personal differences you are struggling to resolve? We want to provide you with practical tools and activities to unite and strengthen your team for the Gospel! This also promises to be a FUN session!
Reaching out with Neighborhood MinistryHencye, LarryCommunity OutreachBringing kids from the neighborhood into a spiritual and physical relationship with Jesus.
Recognizing and Engaging in Spiritual WarfareHartung, BruceChurch Administration, Parish Education/Discipleship, Theology, Spiritual Direction and FormationSatan is real, and his aim is to destroy the witness of every church leader and member and of every congregation and school. Dismissing this reality as fanciful, far-fetched, or delusional plays into his plans. We are all vulnerable by forgetting or ignoring this scriptural truth. This workshop will explore the nature of spiritual warfare and the essential strategies of engaging this battle.
Reframing the notion of “tradition”Marriott, JimParish Education/Discipleship, Worship/Music, Community Outreach, Theology, EvangelismTradition! With a nod to the classic Broadway musical, this session offers both fun and helpful illustrations designed to help us reframe some common misconceptions about tradition. Come see how familiar congregational tensions over ritual practices and cultural influences might be assuaged and even reconciled through this reframed notion of tradition.
Reinvigorating Worship ConversationsMarriott, JimWorship/Music, Theology, EvangelismThis session will invite you to share in the worship conversations we are having at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis and throughout the church. Led by Dr. Jim Marriott, the new Director of Musical Arts at Concordia Seminary, we'll invite you to share and shape the language we are using to teach our future pastors about worship leadership in today's church.
Relevant: The Church as it Relates to MillennialsCouser, TomParish Education/Discipleship, Youth Ministry, Young Adult MinistryThe church as a relevant message that speaks to the needs of millennials. Unfortunately their are obstacles that keeps us from being effective. This workshop will look at those obstacles and how they can be overcome.
Religious Freedom in a Time of ChangeCase, SteveSocial Issues, Legal IssuesAmerican society and culture are changing rapidly. Many ministry leaders are rightfully concerned that these changes will place their churches and ministries in the grip of negative publicity, governmental scrutiny, and litigation. In this presentation, Steve Case, Assistant Vice President and Senior Corporate Counsel at Brotherhood Mutual, will highlight recent court cases that make this a challenging time for churches and ministries. He also will offer suggestions that ministry leaders can implement to help them stay true to their biblically based beliefs and still follow the law. (Due to content, this is a two part workshop.)
Restoring Hope through Adult LiteracyYoungdale, PamelaCommunity Outreach, Ministry Partnership, Social IssuesYour church may have the "tools" needed to help fight in the battle against adult illiteracy. Come and find out how one Central California church has partnered with a local adult literacy organization to offer free one-to-one tutoring for English-speaking adults who want to improve their reading, writing, and speaking skills and/or to prepare for taking the High School Equivalency (HSE) exam.
Run Hard. Rest Well.Jank, BrendaChurch Administration, Parish Education/Discipleship, Everybody!We know to run hard. Do you know how to rest well? Becoming a champion of rest revolutionizes God's work in us and through us. Learning how to rest well also reacquaints us with the peace and quiet our souls have tried to live without. As leaders (paid and unpaid) choosing to realign our lives to the motto "Run Hard. Rest Well." prepares us (and those we lead, love and serve) to advance into the world with a power not our own.
Sow the WordJander, Dr. LouCommunity Outreach, EvangelismDo you want a simple, blessed way to be involved in “sharing the Word” in and around your community or anywhere? “Sow the Word” grew out of a story about Watkin Roberts, a missionary, who in 1910 journeyed to India to share the Scriptures with the Hmar Indian tribes. The rest of the story in the Workshop. People in congregations can be engaged in sharing the Word each and every day in all kinds of places….they tell us this is so easy and exciting to do. In the Workshop we’ll give the background, the “how to”, and challenge you to “give the gift of the Word” immediately with Gospels of John. You’ll hear the complete story, study the parable of the Sower, and be given Gospels of John to get started on your journey of giving the gift of the Word in your everyday walk in the Lord.
Spot the Spirit's Work in Your LifeLuecke, DavidParish Education/Discipleship, Theology, Evangelism, Spiritual LifeAn overview of the 4-5 hour workshop offering personal applications of our rich Lutheran theology of the Holy Spirit. The outcome should be more spiritual excitement among your participants, increase effectiveness in their witness and several hours of Christ-based small group fellowship.
Steal our sermon series planning system. It works!Scott, JohnChurch Administration, Parish Education/DiscipleshipCan you imagine finishing all of your sermon series planning for the school year before it even begins? Can you picture your staff receiving everything they need months before they need it? That's what we do at Prince of Peace/Crosspoint! In this session, we'll share our planning schedule, theme & topic development process, our production schedule (graphics, videos, bulletins,etc...), and give you the templates we've developed to keep us on target throughout the year. Reduce your weekly worry & stress by effectively planning ahead - we did!
Take Time For God's WordPederson, DavidMinistry Partnership, Bible Study ApproachesAre you too busy for God? You want to make Him a priority but by the end of the day you just couldn't fit Him in. That can change. You can learn how in less than 15 seconds but the process can last... forever! If you want to stay close to God's Word throughout your day... at various times, then you will want to learn more at this dynamic session. This presentation will help you to 'bring it to mind, take it to heart' AND you will want to share it with friends and family.
The Aging Boom is Here! Are You Ready?Leighty, MatthewParish Education/Discipleship, Worship/Music, Community Outreach, Ministry Partnership, EvangelismAre you prepared for the aging boom? The number of Americans aged 65 and older is projected to more than double by 2060, and those 65 and older will rise to nearly 24 percent of the total population. This session will show how Lutheran Ministries Media is reaching a rapidly growing population through their weekly televised worship service and examine ways you can share Christ's love at this vital time in the church.
The Invisible Band: Using backing tracks in WorshipBritton, JoshWorship/MusicLearn about the use of backing tracks in worship to enhance your music team and overall sound, especially when musicians are limited.
The WHY of Church PlantingMeier, PeterCommunity Outreach, Evangelism, Church MultiplicationWhy would a church want to plant another church? With so many churches already in our communities, why plant new? Explore the WHY and the URGENCY of starting new!
THRED - Listen, Learn, RepeatProphete, JenniferCommunity Outreach, EvangelismLearn about THRED—LHM's new online outreach program to older millennials and younger gen-xers who aren't connected to a church. We'll talk about why a program like this is needed, how THRED works, the initial response we've seen, and how you can be a part of this ministry.
Tips for a Successful Mission Trip (From Your Mission Team Host)Grueninger, BillYouth Ministry, Mission trips, Community Outreach, Service Projects, Ministry Partnership, EvangelismUsing your mission team as a launching point for ministry at home? Learn how to best prepare your team and your trip from those who will be hosting your trip.
Training the Future: Ministry InternshipsBundick, JohnChurch Administration, College & Emergent Adult MinistryWhat does a church do with interns? How do we start? What's it require? How do you find qualified candidates? How do you grade stuff? What is success?These questions and more will be discussed in this session by veteran (you can say that after 10 years, right?) supervisor and program director John Bundick.
Training Up Disciple-Makers: Implementing Thoroughly Equipped ("DC")Sauder, KurtParish Education/DiscipleshipHow do we make develop disciple-makers and Kingdom workers in the local church? It requires a vision that this is desirable and a plan to make it happen. The key ingredients are the Bible, a long period of time, small group community, "homework" outside of meetings, equal participation in meetings, and accountability. Join us as we describe "DC" and how God has used it to make disciple-makers for the Kingdom.
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