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Joint Venture
Below is a list of potential Regional workforce development Joint Ventures (RJVs). Stakeholders are invited to search the list, and follow the links to each RJV description to find out more about what is proposed, to indicate interest in participating, and to add to the concept. Stakeholders can propose new RJVs by using the Create New Regional Joint Venture link below. RJVs may evolve into proposals for use of local, regional, or K12 Strong Workforce Funds as well as tapping into other funding sources.Seeking College $Seeking RJV Fund $Seeking K12 SWP $66
Create New Regional Joint Venture<= To propose a new RJV. Submitted forms will automatically be posted to the list below.
RJV Name/Link to Project SheetNOVA App LinkDescriptionMessage to Potential ParticipantsNumber Participants
ADV MFG: Automation TrainingNOVAThe robots are coming! As we hear more about the rising use of automation in manufacturing, we will look at what this means for our manufacturing programs. We will share what existing programs are doing, benchmark best practices & technologies, and gather input from industry.As the DSN for Adv Mfg, I will help coordinate. The idea is that the first year of this program will be focused on (quickly) creating a common definition for the different types of jobs in this field, sharing of current curriculum and plans, collating the industry needs already gathered, as well as professional development seminars on new technologies.C$18
Advanced Manufacturing and CIT STEMCoreNOVAThe STEM Core is a direct pathway to engineering and computer science degrees and employment for students entering at lower-level math skills. The STEM Core integrates math, applied technical skills, and internships in a supported cohort-based pathway. Evergreen Valley College, in collaboration with local workforce boards, employers and Growth Sector, will lead this initiative. EVC, in partnership with additional local colleges, is in the middle of delivering the STEM Core to its third cohort.C$R$K$19
Aligning CHW Curriculum StandardsNOVACalifornia is moving to establish policies for the Community Health Worker (CHW) profession, including training and certification standards. Representatives from community college CHW CTE Programs will convene to review emerging policies and curriculum standards.California is in the process of establishing new policies to guide the training, certification and scope of practice of Community Health Workers (CHWs). Join us in reviewing emerging policies for the CHW profession and working to identify common curriculum standards to share with policymakers. C$R$4
AV Tech Cert Collaborative ImplementNOVAInformation & Communication Technologies (ICT)/Digital MediaLaney and CCSF are in the curriculum phase. Certificates of Achievement have been created and approved by their respective curritulum committees. We hope to begin instruction Fall 2018. DVC has begun a separate certificate and instruction has already started.R$4
Aviation-Partnering for the FutureNOVAAdvanced Transportation & RenewablesThroughout 2018, members of the RJV have been meeting with The Bay Area Council and employers--the airports and airlines in the region. Aviation events have been attended at both SFO and San Jose Airports. Both COA and CCSF have held Aviation Days for students, and COA hosted 137 students from Oakland USD. The RJV is exploring facilitating marketing/outreach events for Gavilan and Solano Colleges. Test prep curriculum for the FAA certification is under consideration by COA and CCSF.8
Bay Area Summer CyberCamps 2.0NOVAAll Sectors; Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)/Digital MediaThe RJV's funding for:
Two weeks of Camp (M-F from 9 AM to 3), Two Camp Instructors (Salary and Travel), Camp Curriculum and Workbooks,Access to BACCC NETLAB ersecurity Labs and Activities
Registration Site and Management,Website and Marketing (https://www.baycyber.net ),Accommodate up to 60 students.
Host Colleges need to fund:
A College Contact, Facility (one/two computer labs), Access to the classrooms/labs from 8:30 to 3:30 PM, Parking, Optional - Refreshments (Snacks and Lunches).
Bay Region Equity AcademyNOVAThe Bay Region Equity Academy is a professional development opportunity for leaders to immerse themselves into baseline concepts, interrogating data and mapping implementation strategy for participants to advance equity-centered work at their respective institutions.
BACCC reached out to several BACCC College Reps to get their initial reactions to whether or not an equity academy at the reigonal level would be helpful. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with the sense that this would be valuable. It was also recommended that the Equity Deans/Directors and the coinciding equity committees might very much appreciate this opportunity to support the work going on on local campusesR$12
BayICT Partnership - Shared Regional AdvisoryNOVAAll Sectors; Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)/Digital MediaThe March 29 launch of the BayICT Partnership was made possible through the collaborative work of our Workforce Boards, the Oakland Chamber, and our deeply engaged industry-led BayICT Steering Committee and their members. Under the direction of Kish Rajan, Chief Evangelist for CALinnovates, we are confident that the BayICT Partnership, here in Silicon Valley, will adapt Kish's work with the LA Region's "Center for Competitive Workforce" (https://ccworkforce.org/) and to truly work regionally.C$R$48
BioSCOPENOVALife Sciences/BiotechnologyTo date 118 college students have completed the experience with 1822.25 hrs work practice. The project has supplied products to 2000 high school students for their lab practices. We want to continue on the path to implement industry-vetted skills badges to be used by the job seekers.C$R$K$27
Closing the Gender Gap in Computer SciNOVAWith the STEM and STEM-related industries expected to add over 1.7 million jobs in the next few years, there continues to be a significant absence of women in the STEM field. while girls account for more than half of all AP Test, but boys outnumber girls 4:1 in Computer Sci. The number of females holding computing jobs has been on the decline. While it was 37% in 1984, in 2014 it drops to 18% and if current practices and trends continue, it will not exceed 20% by 2025.
The solution to solving the shortage in the STEM workforce is not just depend of foreign labor, but to implement effective recruiting and retention strategies to recruit underrepresented minorities. The focus of this grant is to focus on recruiting females in computer science.
We must cultivate the interest of young girls to pursue career in computer science at early ages. This proposal is to build relationships with local K12 educational institutions to promote girls in grades 9-12 to develop technical skills and explore career opportunities in Computer Science.

According to the National Science Foundation (2017), 49% of scientists and engineers working in science and engineering occupations are White males, while 18% are White females. All other races represent 33
Cloud Computing ConsortiumNOVAThe purpose of this RJV is to develop a workforce development ecosystem consisting of community colleges, employers, WDBs, universities and high schools with the goal of developing standardized curriculum that supports pathways to in-demand cloud computing careers.We would love to have other deans and faculty help us with getting our consortium together. Alex Kramer and Teresa Ong are leading this effort and welcome anyone else to join us. Labor Market Information, previous presentations, and curriculum can all be found on http://bit.ly/bayareacloud.C$R$K$19
Clubs for CareersNOVAClubs for Careers will try and increase the number of student clubs in the Bay Region that are focused on career interests. Career clubs help students learn about new industries, find internships, and get hired. Please consider supporting this RJV if you would like to:
- Learn more about how top-tier business schools use Career Clubs to help get their students jobs.
- Connect us with faculty or staff at your college that could serve as club sponsors
- Support the development of a "Career Club Playbook" that students and faculty could use to start career clubs at your school.
Diversity in Tech: ICT PathwaysNOVAInformation & Communication Technologies (ICT)/Digital MediaR$17
Dual Enrollment NexGen AdvMGT and CITNOVARegional partnership with NextFlex for dual enrollment for next gen advanced manufacturing and computer information technology in flexible electronics technology. Industry partners are currently part of this RJV and looking for K-12 partners and colleges to enhance access opportunities for all students in the next gen advanced manufacturing. C$R$K$9
Facilities Maintenance CollaborativeNOVAThis is to form a Facilities Maintenance Collaborative - Consortium of industry & college leaders towards offering a regional Facilities Maintenance CertificateThis Regional RJV can be a statewide model that provides cross sector opportunities with developing a Facilities Maintenance Talent Pipeline program currently in high demand and industry supported. C$R$4
Finish Fast!NOVAStudents want to finish degrees that help them get a job or get to college, faster! Finish Fast! is a rapidly paced working group to develop practical ways for students to finish their certificate or degree, as fast as possible. Please consider supporting this RJV if you:
- Want to gain insights into possible ways to help students finish faster
- Believe you have a certificate or degree that is a strong candidate for accelerated learning.
- Have faculty or staff that would be supporting of helping students finish faster
- Feel the need for speed!
Healthcare Faculty Recruitment and Simulation Specialist Year 3 RJVNOVAThere is a shortage of Allied Health and Nursing faculty leaving some programs at risk for discontinuation while others remain understaffed. This grant proposes to establish a regional effort to recruit healthcare professionals into teaching and establishes "on the spot" simulation support staff to augment programs with simulation labs that are underutilized due to lack of trained staff. As a previous Allied Health Dean, I have seen faculty and college administration struggle with these issues. As DSN for health, I would like to enable discussions and problem solving to address issues that are common across the region.C$R$4
K-12 SWP PlatformNOVAHelping your colleges and high schools work together seamlessly to provide students data about the labor market, to link that to a career of their choosing and suggest curriculum from local colleges to pursue.If you are looking for a way to connect high schools and community colleges together in order to achieve better outcomes for students, we'd love to discuss.2
K-14 Pathways Regional Project - Year 3NOVAThe K14 Pathways RJV will continue to provide funding for building up backbone supports for K14 Pathways, with the goal of increasing capacity within colleges to develop robust pathways, and increasing consistency in practice across colleges. This RJV would fund a coordinator to continue to build regional consistency and infrastructure through the promotion of college & career readiness (through early college credit, work-based learning and counseling supports), alignment of career education programs of study, and raising awareness of community college programs. The coordinator would work in partnership with the new positions funded under the K12 SWP (K14 TAP and Worforce Pathways Coordinators) to facilitate seamless transitions forC$R$22
MA Certification Exam Prep Manual NOVAHiring student assistants to create tutoring manuals for various certification exams. I have 2 students will to take multiple exams and create a tutoring manual I can share statewide.4
Medical Assisting DatabaseNOVASeek out and compile best practices, worksheets, activities, games, etc. for from MA programs throughout the State and create a database for all instructors to use at their discretion which will improve the quality of instruction and therefore improve student successCreation of a database of usable materials (similar to HWI soft-skills) will allow instructors to access material and ideas to improve the quality of instruction, course/program outcomes, and student success. 5
Medical Assisting/Allied Health Instructors: Training and Professional DevelopmentNOVAMedical Assisting (Could be HEALTH professions) Instructor Training
1-2 day seminar of training and professional development specifically to medical assistants. This could be a cross discipline seminar with main topics and breakout sessions for individual disciplines.
I will facilitate this venture with input from all CCC across the state to ensure appropriate and meaningful topics and ensure training and topics meet MA curriculum and industry needs5
Monterey Bay Career CoachNOVAMonterey Bay Career Coach, a free resource for students providing regional career pathways via career assessments, regional salary information and job descriptions, and links to relevant college-level academic programs: https://montereybay.emsicc.com/?radius=&region=Tri-CountyMonterey Bay Economic Partnership (MBEP) currently promotes the site on behalf of CSUMB & Bright Futures, however in 2020 the contract will need to be renewed under MBEP; committed cost-share partners or grant funding will be vital to providing the career pathway resource.C$R$K$2
Netlab+ Shared Regional Data CenterNOVAInformation & Communication Technologies (ICT)/Digital MediaWe are asking for $400,000 of Round 3 funds to support the BACCC NELTAB+ ongoing operational expenses and pending hardware upgrade. We are entering our fifth year (yes., we started in 2015) and a hardware review is in order.During this past fall (2018) semester students, at 20 Bay Region communty colleges, completed 31,428 hours of lab on the region's shared NETLAB+. That is nearly 60 FTES and could be over $300,000 in apportionment. The Bay Region's shared lab, NETLAB+, is a money maker.R$34
NextGen AutoTechNOVAAdvanced Transportation & RenewablesThe Automotive Marketplace was held on Nov. 16, 2018. The attendees included: 29 faculty, 2 Deans from 14 colleges and 11 employers. The Marketplace included: an overview of autonomous technologies, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems training, an Industry Panel discussing student skillsets that autonomous systems will require, and draft autonomous curriculum. Arduino kits were sent to faculty. The DSN is arranging ADAS training for June; faculty are reviewing programs and curriculum.
Ongoing Investment in Data - Center Of ExcellenceNOVAAll SectorsR$11
Public Safety RJV Ongoing InvestmentNOVAPublic SafetyC$R$19
Regional Marketing Campaign - Year 3NOVAAll SectorsPlease join us in investing in Year 3 of the Regional Marketing Campaign to continue to increase the visibility of the vast array of Bay Region Career Education programs and elevate the image of Career Education among prospective students (and the people that influence them).C$R$7
Regional Workforce Development and Job PlacementNOVAAll SectorsWe are asking for $200,000 ($150,000 for Regional Project manager; $50,000 for meetings, materials, stipends etc.) to build a collaborative workforce development network that will build a community of practice. Workplan will be developed collaboratively and will include plan for effective employer engagement, identifying successful career services structures, professional development, and enhancing the use of job placement technology tools. The goal is to develop a regional approach to workforcR$28
Salesforce Admin and Developer TrainingNOVATraining, certification, apprenticeship, and job placement framework for Trailhead (Salesforce) admins and developers. Co-sponsored by Salesforce and Deloitte, would be a new hire pipeline for them as well as their clientsI can lead the effort and establish guidelines and parameters, as well as liaise with Salesforce and Deloitte. My industry connections are strong, but not my college contacts. Help navigating school partners as well as corporations would be welcome. Not seeking Year 3 RJV funds.5
Summer Business Academies for K12NOVALet's work together to create for-credit, summer programming for high school students who want to learn more about business careers, entrepreneurship, and personal finance. Please consider expressing an interest in this RJV if 1) you can implement 1-4 courses for HS students THIS summer in one of the four program areas, or 2) if you are interested in exploring launching your own Business Summer Academy in the Summer of 2020. 3
Teacher Preparation Pipeline RJV Yr. 3NOVAAll Sectors; Other - EducationCalifornia is experiencing a chronic and relentless teacher shortage. The shortage impacts teachers at all levels : ECE, K-12 and community college. Teacher shortages impact all BACCC pathways and the shortfall in the BACCC region reflects 20% of the statewide teacher shortage. Underprepared teachers are an equity issue as most underprepared teachers are placed in schools serving disproportionatly impacted students. We need courses, pathways and supports for future teachers at all of our communiC$R$63
The Dynamic Future of Ag K14 PathwaysNOVATo convene a regional collaborative of partners to focus on the singular mission of improving learner-centered K14+ CTE pathways to support the successful graduation and preparedness of CTE students in the rapidly changing agricultural industry. This collaborative will focus on the following strategies: 1) Identify existing summits where K14 education and industry are engaged to examine labor market data, 2) Increase articulation and dual enrollment opportunities, 3) Expand career exploration and student support services that highlight local labor market demand data around livable wage jobs, and 4) Build work-based learning opportunities with industry partners and increase the number of industry-recognized certifications offered.1
The Ultimate CTE ConnectionNOVAA highly valuable PD experience designed for Bay Area Community College and K-12 Counselors to expand their understanding of workforce innovations, trends and career opportunities available for students to pursue so they are better equipped with being able to serve students.I am happy to continue to lead this work / event C$R$2
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