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Note: Q and A's after April 20, 2015, Go Live are in bold italics
For questions regarding position, appointment entry, and data, please call the Contact Center at 612-624-8647 or 800-756-2363.
For questions regarding payroll or time and absence administration, please email
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Position ManagementWhat has changed in Position Management? We have eliminated our custom Position Management pages and will be using delivered Position Management.
In an effort to keep Position Management and Job Data in synch, key fields will now be updated in Position Management and, upon review, will automatically update the Job Record.

Position Management is the heart of the system. Information entered in position flows through to Recruiting and ulitamately to the Job Record. Departments that need to create a Position will submit their requests to Central Position Management through Position Management for review. If needed, requests will be forwarded to Compensation. Once approved, the initiator of the request will receive an email stating that the position is ready to be used. If updates to an active position need to be made, the same process will be used to submit the request. However, once the changes have been approved, the job records of any incumbents in those positions will automatically be updated by PeopleSoft.
Position ManagementWhen do I create a new Position?New positions are created when an organizational chart change requires a new position, transfers are recruited for, and when you need to split a pool apart because someone in the pool has different values, i.e. standard hours changes.9/1/2014
Position ManagementCan I have more than one individual in a Position?As long as all of the following attributes are the same you can have more than one individual in the same position: Job Code, Reg/Temp, Full/Part Time, Union Code, Title, Deptid, Location, Reports To and Standard Hours. As soon as one of these attributes is different, a new Position Record must be created.
People in a pooled position cannot supervise other people.
Position Management When does a Position Request need to go to Central Position Management for Review?Every new position is routed to both Central Position Management and OHR Compensation for review. Updates to position are also routed to Central Position Management for review unless the updates are only to the following fields: Deptid, Location, Reports To, Title, Description. These updates would automatically update Job Data.9/1/2014
Position Management When does a Position Request need to go to OHR Compensation for review?Whenever a position is created or when the job code or job code description is changed, the position is routed to Compensation unless they are for BU 02 (Trades), BU 08 (Faculty), BU 09 (Faculty), or BU 10 (Graduate Students). OHR Compensation will only review positions which do not fall under the following bargaining units: 02, 08, 09 and 10. If FLSA needs to be changed (i.e. nonexempt employee hired in another job that is exempt) then you will want to place a comment stating that reason and submit it to Central Position Management.9/1/2014
Position Management What Position changes don't require approval and update the Job Record automatically?Deptid, Location, Reports To, Description, Title changes are automatically approved. If any other value has changed along with these it will route to Central Position Management.9/1/2014
Position ManagementHow will I know when my Position has been approved?The creator of the position will receive an email if further information is needed from Central Position Management or Compensation. They will also receive an email when it has been approved or denied.9/1/2014
Position ManagementHow long will my Position remain active if I don't have anyone in it?Positions will be frozen after a year if they are not used. They can be returned to an active status by submitting a request through Position Management. If they still go unused for an additional year, they will be inactivated. Once inactivated they cannot be used again and a new Position Record will need to be created.1/20/2015
Position ManagementWhat happens if a Position request is denied?Approvers can deny a request. It will be returned to the originator to make changes and resubmit. Requestors can provide comments to help the approvers understand what has changed and, if appropriate, the reason the request is being made (i.e., need to hire an employee in an exempt position, but they are
already employed in a non-exempt postion so I need this job code change to be non-exempt, for this particular individual).
Position ManagementWhat fields in JOB data will be controlled by Position?Job Code, Reg/Temp, Full/Part Time, Union Code, Title (Job Code Description), Detailed Position Description, Reg Region, Department, Company, Location, Reports To, Sal Admin Plan, Grade, Standard Hours, Work Period, FTE, FLSA Status, and Bargaining Unit, .
updated on 11/11/2014
Position MangementHow will having an electronic Approval on position requests change the way I work?Central Position Management and OHR Compensation will only be able to approve or deny requests. If the request is approved, the system will automatically update Job Data so units will not need to make those changes separately. If the request is denied, units will need to update the request with the correct or missing information and resubmit it. This process allow PeopleSoft to work as designed.
9/1/2014, 2/13/2015
Position ManagementAre units going to be able to have employees report to a vacant position number? Our unit has some supervisory changes that occur each year. Will we need to go in and change the reporting structure every time there is a vacancy and then move the employees back once the supervisory position is filled? The preferred business practice is that when a supervisor leaves, the positions reporting to that supervisor will need to be moved to report to a different position, and then moved back to the original reporting position when filled. Employees should not report to vacant positions.2/9/2015
Position ManagementHow do I unfreeze a position in position management?Insert a row to Update a position and include in the comments that you'd like to unfreeze this position.4/21/2015
Position ManagementI am unable to edit a position after it has been denied by Central. To correct a denied position, enter the position number on the Add/Update Position Info screen, then click on the "Correct History" check box. This will open up the fields in the position screen where you can make any edits and add a comment letting Position staff know that you've made changes. If you still experience issues, please call the Contact Center to log this issue.4/22/2015
Position Management - Job ClassificationsI'm still experiencing issues seeing the Job Classifications page. Some have reported success after clearing their cache or switching to a different browser. We are still working on this issue, but these are steps you can try in the meantime.4/22/2015
Position Management - POI
Can an employee have a paid appointment and POI relationship at the same time?Yes, there are circumstances in where a faculty may have a relationship with another department that needs to be reflected in the system. As much as possible what's in the system should reflect accurately what is occurring for the employee. In the event that this would be for the same department or some other unique situation, we recommend you contact Kelly or Lori to ensure that the employee is set up properly.4/22/2015
Position Management - Emergency contactHow can I modify emergency contact information on behalf of someone else? Appointment entry people can go to Key Links > Peoplesoft > Campus Solutions > Biographical Details > Emergency Contacts to edit an employee in your unit.4/24/2015
Position Management
When you terminate a primary job, what happens with secondary job?There are steps that need to be take to make sure the secondary job is made primary. If you are terminating primary job when the employee has other appointments, you should notify the Contact Center so that they can ensure that the appropriate changes are made to make another job primary. 4/28/2015
Position Management
Is there a report for me to see only my frozen positions? There are not currently reports on this, but a position manager can go into Position Management and use the search to look at only those with a "Frozen" status in your department.4/28/2015
Position Management
When would we use the ZNP employee group? You should not use this employee group for any appointments.4/28/2015
Position Management - Expected end date, Data Correction Form I cannot edit Expected End Dates for an employee. How should these be handled?Please use the HRMS Data Correction Form found on the OHR website to submit any changes to Expected End Date.5/5/2015
Position ManagementIs it possible to add inactivated status to the position report?It’s possible, but it would require development and testing. We will keep this on the list of future enhancements.5/8/2015
Position ManagementWhat is the best way to find/identify positions that are inactivated without checking individually?Inactive queries can’t be reused. Frozen positions can be unfrozen by the Contact Center. We don’t currently have a query to identify frozen positions. Kelly Krattiger is in the process of developing a query by college. That should be available next week.5/8/2015
Position ManagementWill the process speed up for getting positions posted?The process is taking longer than we hoped. But we are making refinements and are we expect a speedier process in the future.5/8/2015
CompensationWhen do I create a Job Record versus creating an Additional Pay Record?The Job Record will now hold only appointments. The additional compensation that was established through Job Data by creating another appointment in 8.9 will now be defined through the PeopleSoft delivered Additional Pay page. Examples of those items include overloads, lump sums, non-administrative/faculty augmentations, lump sums and non-Regent awards. These dollars can be a one-time payment, on-going payment, or a goal amount. Additional Pay allows for multiple sequences to reflect different compensation needs or multiple earnings codes can be created as well. It will also allow the abiity to use the Job Data Override so that another department can enter the Position, Business Unit, Department, and Job Code to have the money charged to their department if they are not already employed in their department. Other uses of Additional Pay will be for faculty members who are on a Phased Retirement with an Earnings Code of SLV or to pay employees who have an Academic Temporary/Casual Appointment (formerly Shell Appointment) in Job Data that will have a compenation rate of 0. These are typically individuals who have been hired to teach a course and are paid on a per course rate. 9/1/2014
HireHow do I hire someone?Employees can be hired using three different methods: Manage Hires, Smart HR, or the way we have traditionally hired employees in the past.

Hires that you need to recruit for, will come through Manage Hires. When you have identified a candidate and they have accepted, Recruiting will do the prepare for hire and place the employee that is ready to be hired in the Manage Hire queue.

For Undergraduates and Temp/Casual workers that you don't need to recruit for, they can be done through Smart HR.

In cases where you hire employees to perform coursework, i.e. Teaching Specialists/Lecturers and you are paying them amounts of money instead of a salary or an hourly wage, you will hire them the traditional way.
HireWhat is Manage Hires?When you have identified a candidate and they have accepted, Recruiting will do the prepare for hire and place the employee that is ready to be hired in the Manage Hire queue. The the Manage Hire queue, the appointment entry person will pull it up and complete the hire process.
9/1/2014, 2/13/2015
HireWhat is Smart HR?Smart HR can be used for Undergraduates and Temp/Casual employees that you don't need to recruit for. This is a quick process to get information into Personal Data and Job Data quickly.9/1/2014
HireWhat is an Academic Temporary/Casual Appointment (formerly Shell Appointment) and when do I create them? Academic Temporary/Casual Appointments (formerly Shell Appointments) are created when you need to pay amounts of money instead of a salary or hourly wage. These records will be used for any Adjunct Faculty (i.e. Instructors, Teaching Specialists, Lecturers, etc.) hired on a course basis. Additionally, they will be created for anyone in the the Student Leader Jobcode (2009), and all UMR, UNS, and UMI job records. These job records will be created with a zero compensation rate. The department will then create an Additional Pay record to record the sum of money that will be paid out. An employee will only have one Academic Temporary/Casual Appointment per company.9/1/2014
HireHow do I create a UMP Appointment?In order to have a UMP Appointment, you need to have an active UMN Appointment. To create the appointment you will do an "Add Additional Assignment." Only people in AHC will have the security to view this menu path.9/1/2014
HireWhat happened to WOS appointments?The Job Record will only be used for paid appointments in 9.2. Without Salary (WOS) Appointments that were used to give additional sums of money were converted into Additional Pay records. Without Salary appointments that were created to hold a Tenure affiliation were moved to the Tenure page. Without Salary Appointments that were created to show an affiliation with the University because they were providing a service were turned into a Person of Interest/Affiliate record if they matched the definition. Without Salary appointments that were created because an emplid was needed to access University systems and they did not match an Affiliate definition were turned into a Person of Interest/External Service Provider (ESP) record; Without Salary Appointments that were created for student refunds did not come forward. (Student Refunds will be processed through Campus Solutions and Finance systems.) 9/1/2014
HireWhen do I create another Appointment Record (multiple appointments)?When you have a summer appointment; two distinct jobs,( i.e. Clerical Worker and Teamster Worker); when the paygroups are different; or when you get a second position that has a reporting structure that differs from your current appointments.9/1/2014
HireWhat happens when I need to hire someone into a second position?If the employee already has an active appointment, you will need to create another appointment using the appropriate Action / Reason code, i.e. HIR/ADL, HIR/SMR, HIR/RTR. In addition, in PeopleSoft 9.2, a person can only have 40 hours total across all appointment records. Therefore, you will need to contact the other department and work out how the standard hours will be divided. No matter how many job records you have, you can only have 40 hours. This is being used to make reporting more accurate and with the implementation of Time and Labor, we will be using the PeopleSoft delivered FLSA calc for overtime.9/1/2014
HireWill I continue to create another appointment for my employee who is serving in a temporary role, such as a supervisor while they look for a replacement?No, the current position should be updated to reflect the change. Because this is an "acting" role, the Position Title will not be updated, but the Business Title will be overridden to indicate that the employee is serving in an acting role. This access will be given to Central OHR and must be requested through the normal position request process.9/1/2014
HireWhen do I need to enter my Appointment information when I hire a new employee?It's imperative that Appointment data for new employees be entered before their first day of work. This is a huge business change for the University. With the implementation of Time and Labor and Absence Management, you need to have the Appointment information entered into the system no later than the first day they report to work. Without this information entered, employees will not be enrolled in the correct Time and Labor or Absence groups. In addition, hourly employees cannot report time or submit absence requests; and supervisors will not be able to approve either time or absences. Exception hourly employees won't be able to report exception time.9/1/2014
HireHow do I enter a Civil Service employee in a Temp Posted/Temp No Post Position?In addition to following the guidelines today you will need to enter their Job Expected End Date. You will also need to post a note in Job Data that they are in a Temp Posted/Temp No Post Position. It will be up to the department to know when an employee has become a continous appointment, at which time they should remove the Job Expected End Date.9/1/2014
HireWill I still be able to have 9/12 appointments?If an employee is hired in the fall, they will not be able to have a 9/12 appointment the first year. They will be able to do it during subsequent years, if they start at the beginning of the payroll fiscal year in June.9/1/2014
HireWe are having trouble getting x.500s for Affiliates generated. Is that an OHR or IT responsibility?If you are having this problem, please call 4-UOHR and they will open a ticket and route it to Identify Management Services for research and resolution.5/8/2015
POI - Person of InterestWhat is a POI and what types of POIs are therePOI's, or Persons of Interest, are individuals who typically do not have a paid appointment with the University. There are two types of Person of Interest (POI).

There are POI's that do not require Job Data which include Affiliates, External Service Providers, and OVPR. Departmental users will be entering Affiliates and External Service Providers. OVPR types will only be entered by the Office of the Vice President of Research.

There are also POI's that do require Job Data because we are required to track them for tax purposes. These individuals will be a POI type of 'Other Payee' and include 1042 Foreign Nationals (Company UMI), Death Benefit Payout (Company UMR), and University Non-Service (Company UNS). Central is responsible for entering UMI and UMR appointments, and Departmental users enter UNS appointments.
POI - Person of InterestWhat is an Affiliate?An Affiliate is a type of POI that is created when an individual brings expertise to the University, supplementing the work done by employees in an unpaid role in instruction, research, or other services. Creation of an Affiliate appointment allows an individual to have a University email address and internet account; to obtain a U Card pursuant to adminstrative policy; to access resources and services of University Librarires; and to access facilities, memberships, and discounts as provided by indivudal University departments. University affiliates must follow applicable polices in order to hold these privileges. Eligible job codes include: 94xx, 9554-56, 9559, 9568-9569, 9582-9583, 9621-25, 97xx, 9994-9997, 9/1/2014
POI - Person of InterestWhat is an External Service Provider (ESP)?This is a type of POI that is created when an individual is not an employee of the University of Minnesota but provides services on campus and is funded by an outside source. This person requires an emplid to access various systems to perform their duties (i.e. ROTC, IT contractors). 9/1/2014
POI - Person of InterestWhat is OVPR used for?This is a type of POI that is created by the Office of the Vice President for Research to track training, certification, and research project assistance.9/1/2014
POI - Person of InterestWhat is the POI Type - Other PayeeUsed for people who fall into the following catgories: 1042 Foreign Nationals (UMI) paid through Accounts Payable, Retiree Special Payout (UMR), and Death Benefit Payout (UMR), and University Non-Service (UNS)9/1/2014
POI - Person of InterestWhat if the person I have doesn't fit into either the Affiliate or External Service Provider Category?You would then create a Sponsored Account, just as you currently do today.9/1/2014
TenureHow do I know if someone has a Tenure/Tenure Track - Continuous/Continuous Track position?The Create Tenure data page will be used for both new employees and to track the progress of current Tenure-Track faculty and Probationary Academic employees. This information will be used by the Vice-Provost for tenure reporting, so it will be necessary to keep it up-to-date.9/1/2014
Job DataWhat has changed in Job Data?Major changes include the elimination of the UM Appointment Page (some fields were eliminated, some fields were moved), the change related to Payroll Accounting and the Distribution Entry page (many fields were redefined -- see Job Data sections). Contracts will be created for all salaried employees; many action/action reasons were eliminated or moved to Absence Management for recording; and business processes were designed to eliminate most future-dated rows.

Job DataWhere can I find type and term?Type and term will not exist as fields in the new system. Instead this information is captured in various ways depending on the appointment. For Faculty and P&A see the Tenure, Contract Details, or Additional Pay pages. Or look to the Related Content on Job Data. For Civil Service and Labor Represented employees, look to the Compensation tab in Job Data.
Job DataWhat goes in Multiple Components of Pay in Job Data?This is where your base pay will be. In addition, you will enter any Increments, Administrative/Faculty Augmentations, and Regents Awards. These types of pay are considered your regular, ongoing pay and are commonly referred to as your Institutional Base Salary.9/1/2014
Job DataWhat is Officer Code?This field is only required to be populated if you are hiring a Police Officer. Benefits uses this field to help in giving Benefits.9/1/2014
Job DataWhat is the Job Indicator Field?This field indicates which of the appointment (JOB) records is their primary. A P in the field indicates primary and an S or blank indicates a secondary job. This field will be set each day via monitoring and assistance from the Contact Center. This job indicator field will also be copied into the Data Warehouse so primary job in PeopleSoft will match the primary job indicator in the Data Warehouse. 9/1/2014
Job DataWhat are the Paygroups in 9.2?This field has been changed in 9.2. In 9.2 the values represent the term the employee has been hired into. This will not represent the term they will get paid in, but the term they will actually be working. The values include P12 (12 month appointment), P10 (10 month appointment), P09 (9 month appointment), PLH (anything less than a 9 month appointment). 9/1/2014
Job DataOriginal Hire DateWill be the same across all records and will represent the very first time you were hired at the University of Minnesota as an employee.9/1/2014
Job DataHow come there aren't as many Action/Action Reasons?Action/Action Reasons are used to indicate a change has been made to an appointment record. For 9.2, the Action/Reasons have been reduced with the intention of streamlining processes and to facilitate the production of accurate data.9/1/2014
Job DataWhat happened to all the future dated records.PeopleSoft is able to work more efficiently without having to read all of the future dated rows. Some of those future dated rows will now use the Expected End Date field, some will use Absence Management (i.e. to record various events).9/1/2014
Job DataWho uses Job Expected End DateMulti-year contracts will require the use of Job Expected End Date to indicate when a multi-year contract should end. This field will not end the appointment, it will simply let the department and the employee know how long their contract is for.9/1/2014
Job DataWhat happened to Entities?Finance and HR user communities and central offices have worked together and ageed that HRMS will use ZDEPTID instead of ENTITY. This will allow for consistent reporting across both systems, in PeopleSoft and in the Data Warehouse and UMreports. 9/1/2014
Job DataWhy have more locations been added?To better define where an empoyee works, assist Employee Benefits in determining benefits eligibility and help define the appropriate Holiday Schedules for Absence Management.9/1/2014
Job DataWhy is it so important to upate the 'Reports To' field in position when a supervisor terminates?Reports To on Position needs to be updated immediately when a supervisor terminates. 9.2 places greater emphasis on this field because it will be used to route approval workflow for Time sheets in Time and Labor and Absence requests in Absence Management. 9/1/2014
Job DataWhy are we moving from a default of 0.01 Standard hours to .25 for hourly employees?In 9.2 hourly appointments will be .25 instead of .01 because Time and Labor needs time reported in quarter hour increments only. 9/1/2014
Job DataHow is FTE different in 9.2?This field is used to tell the University how many people work for us. There will be a system edit that prevents people from going over 1.0 FTE. For those individuals who have two or more active jobs they can only have a combined FTE of 1. Appointments that will have 0.0 FTE include all hourly appointments, Grad Students, Undergraduate Students, UMI, UNS, UMP, UMR and Cobra appointments. In addition, any summer research/summer session appointments will have a 0 FTE if they have another appointment.
9/1/2014, 2/13/2015
Job DataDepartment (Zdeptid)Zdeptid has replaced Entity in HRMS and will be the same values and descriptions as Zdeptid in Finance. This is a joining of HRMS and Finance to move to a common structure and common values for consistent reporting. The department(Deptid) values will remain the same.9/1/2014
Job DataWhen is an Expected Job End Date needed?Required for Temp/Casual, Multi-Year, Temporarary Posted and Temporary No-Post positions. The date should reflect the end date of the appointment. (This replaces the previous process of inserting future dated suspend, short work break, or termination rows in Job Data.9/1/2014
Job DataWhat is Employee Class?New way to classify employees that will be used for benefits, HR, financial and policy uses. These are the new Values: Temp/Casual, Civil Service, Federal Benefits, Graduate Assistants, Faculty-Regular, Faculty-Contract, Faculty-Temp/Duluth-Non-Regular, Faculty-Visiting, Faculty Adjunct/Clinical, Academic Administrative, Academic Professionals, Post Doc & Research Specialist, Student Employee, Residents/Fellows, Professionals in Training, LR-Clerical, LR-Health Care, LR-Police LR-Trades, LR-Service & maintenance, LR-Technical, Non-Employees.

Employee class is one of the critical fields in determining the services an employee performs at the U, in addition to the services and/or benefits they will receive. Employee Class will be reponsible for driving benefits eligibility, earnings distribution, and policy development.
Job DataStandard hours Reflects the actual number of hours an empoyee will work per week (based on a 40-hour work week.). Hourly appointments will need standard hours of .25 instead of the traditional 0.01. Units with employees with multiple appointments will need to work with other units to split the number of hours appropriately across appointments.9/1/2014
Job DataWhat is the Job Labor Page?The Job Labor page will only be used to track information for Bargaining Unit 3 (Teamsters), Unit 4 (AFSCME Health Care), Unit 6 AFSCME Clerical, and BU 7 AFSCME Technical. This page will give iinformation on what Seniority Department they are in as well as what Seniority reporting unit they are in.9/1/2014
Job DataWhat is the Absence Management field on the Payroll page used for?On this page you will be tracking whether the employee is eligible for enrollment in Absence Management as well as the Eligibility group to enroll them in. 9/1/2014
Job DataWhat are Multiple Components of Pay?Pay Components is found on the Compensation page at the bottom. It is a way to be able to combine different types of pay together on one job record. At the University of Minneosta only regular on-going types of pay will be here. Those types of pay include Rate Codes of Base, Increment, FAA/AAA, and Regent (Regents Award). The base rate of pay that is entered in Pay Components should be the amount that employee would make if he worked 100% time. If the standard hours are reduced, this amount will need to be increased to pay the person correctly because when you decrease the standard hours the base pay will decrease. All other types of Rate Code will not decrease based on a reduction of standrad hours.9/1/2014
Job DataWhat is the University Start Date on the Employment Data page?This field is used by Institutional Reporting. It is the first start date of the employee in a non-student job. 9/1/2014
Job DataWhat happened to the Earning Distribution page?Earning Distribution will no longer be used for distribution of pay. This will now be conducted through Payroll Accounting on the Distribution Entry page. 9/1/2014
Job DataWhat if I hire someone at a time other than the beginning of the fiscal year?This can still be done. You would still pick the appropriate pay type, but you would enter the 'Actual Start Date' with the date the employee is actually starting. 9/1/2014
Job DataWho do we contact about making job data changes effective prior to 4/6/2015? Submit a HRMS Corrections form to the Contact Center with those changes.4/21/2015
Job DataWhere can I find historical job data? Data will be available view-only in 8.9 until October. It is also currently available in the Data Warehouse. If you don't have access to the Data Warehouse currently, you can send in an Access Request Form to request it.4/24/2015
Job DataHow do you track/identify information that was previously stored in term?You can run the Employee Job History report available in the Reporting Center>Human Resources.5/8/2015
ContractsWhen do I need to create a contract?All Academic employees will need to have a contract created for them. This includes anyone in the 93%, 94%, 96% or 97% jobcodes that are hired for specific period of time. This does not include those who are hired on Academic Temporary/Casual Appointments (formerly Shell Appointments) where we are just paying out sums of money for doing things like teaching a course, i.e. CCE or Duluth Adjunct appointments.9/1/2014
ContractsDo I need to update contracts?Yes, anytime the employee terminates, their contract also needs to be terminated. Additionally, if an employee changes jobs, their contract should be terminated and a new one should be created.9/1/2014
PayrollWill we still have off-cycle checks?Yes, but hopefully fewer because of retropay, time and labor. There are always situations when we need to provide off-cycle checks on occasion.
PayrollWe had a new hire that started during the cutover. What can I have to do to make sure they get paid?Verify this employee is entered in Job Data in 9.2. If they were never entered into 8.9, send an email with employee details to to make sure they are processed for this recent pay period.4/22/2015
PayrollIs there a pre-payroll abstract report available so we can information on our salaried employees as well? We are looking into this further. There are also some excellent tutorials at on the Payroll Abstract, Query Viewer, and the Reporting Center that may help you locate additional reports that could be of use to your work.4/22/2015
PayrollOn the payroll abstract, we have a P&A employee with 72 hours of REG pay and 8 hours of vacation pay showing up for the time they took last week. Is this correct? Yes, this is how it will show up going forward.4/28/2015
PayrollIs it okay to use the AFSCME shift differential TRC code for student workers' shift pay?Yes, you can use the shift differential TRC code, despite it including AFSCME in its title. We are looking into removing the AFSCME from the code title to alleviate confusion.4/29/2015
PayrollWill the entry of an excused unpaid absence deduct from any employee's pay?Yes, submitting an excused unpaid absence will deduct from the employee's pay.5/6/2015
PayrollI already set up Additional Pay for a vacation buydown/cashout for this pay period. What do I do to make sure that the hours are subtracted from their balances?Please contact if you've entered one of these in additional pay for the payroll being processed this week. Going forward, please enter these using the process I mentioned in yesterday's email. Training is working on a job aid for this, which we will send out when ready.5/7/2015
Payroll AccountingWhat is the difference between retropay and retro adjustment?Retro adjustment is an accounting transaction to adjust where expenses are to be paid from. Whereas, retropay is actually paying them more money going back to a certain time. 10/29/2014
Payroll AccountingHow do I complete an HSA in 8.9 using a combo code that exists in 9.2 but not in 8.9? You can call 1-Help and can make a request for the combo code to be created. You should ask that the request be assigned to the assignment group "EFS BPO Combo Codes."4/27/2015
Payroll AccountingHow should I set up my Company UNS employees to make sure they will get paid? Yes, additional pay should be set up for UNS employees with the earnings code FSR4/27/2015
RecruitingWill position descriptions maintained in the new PeopleSoft system automatically populate into Recruiting Solutions?
No, the position descriptions in Position Management will not automatically populate into Recruiting Solutions.
RecruitingWill units be able to access previous searches, postings etc. after go-liveWe will not have the information in the data warehouse after the last file feed. The data warehouse's ability to accept the current file goes away with the implemenation of the new data warehouse. We are recommending that units save/print prior searches as they deem necessary.1/21/2014
RecruitingWe were asked to designate an employee to fill the new Recruiter role in the new PeopleSoft system. How will this employee get access to this new role? Is there a request form that must be submitted and if so, where do we find the request for and when should it be submitted? The employee has to go through his/her HR Lead (HR Director) and complete the Access Request Form (ARF) available on the Office of Information Technology (OIT) website.4/19/2015
RecruitingHow do I hire someone from PeopleAdmin into the new system? You will use the former process and enter the new hire into Job Data directly. For hires through Recruiting Solutions, that's where you will use the Prepare for Hire to the Manage Hires Queue process.4/22/2015
RecruitingCan you use the same position number in Recruiting Solutions for a position that you have an open People Admin search for? Yes, but best practice is to close the former People Admin position unless you are intending to hire one of the applicants from that pool. 4/27/2015
RecruitingHow are key words pulled from job postings in the search function? Upon further clarification, the search will scan your entire job posting for key words, so it does not matter what section they are in. However, you may want to consider including those phrases that you're most concerned with multiple times across the job posting as a best practice.4/27/2015
RecruitingWhere do students go to view jobs posted? At this time, we recommend that students navigate through Employment link at the top of the UofM homepage or through OHR's website (specific link for Student workers). Students who have never been employed at the U will not see the Employee Center as an option for them in MyU portal.4/28/2015
RecruitingHow do I resubmit a denied job opening? Once a job opening is denied, the Hiring Manager can resubmit the revised job opening for approval. 4/28/2015
RecruitingHow can an applicant best use the search functionality for Recruiting Solutions? We recently sent out an email communication to past applicants inviting them to take the new Search and Apply for Positions course and providing some tips on using the Basic and Advanced Search. Applicants can use fields like Department name, full-time part-time, job opening ID, and regular or temporary. If you'd like applicants to search by your college, best practice would be to ensure that this information is included in sections of your Job Posting.4/29/2015
Time and AbsenceSince time and absence will be on the portal, does that mean absence records will be required every two weeks, even if it isn’t taken?No, Absences are reported when they are taken.10/29/2014