In the period of April 1 through May 5, 2020, Animal Help Now’s service was used more than 11,000 times by people seeking help with wildlife emergencies and conflicts. The vast majority of the use of Animal Help Now’s service occurs without the direct involvement of the AHNow team. That’s the idea, after all. AHNow’s service is intended to be completely automated, connecting people who need help with wildlife emergencies or “nuisance” wildlife issues with experts who can provide such help. We do, however, get contacted directly – by email and phone – by people who are looking for help. We also get automatically cc’d on emails sent through our service to helpers (such as wildlife rehabilitation centers). The incidents below involved such contact. For every single incident listed here there were scores more for which we are not privy to the details.
Melinda B
cc on Email to Helper
Saint Louis, MO
"We have a baby raccoon that was found lying by a tree yesterday. It was put in a box with shelter from rain and with a towel overnight. However it was still there this morning. It’s currently indoors with a towel and warm sock filled with rice. It does not appear to be injured and is quite vocal. We have not given it any food or water. Looking for advice on what to do with the poor guy. Do we leave by tree again tonight or can it be dropped off at a rehab center? Just concerned with it being cold and no food."
5/4/2020Lori SFacebookPhotoGeorgia
"Hi. We have 8 orphaned baby opossums in our backyard, found yesterday, mother deceased and removed. Not sure of age, not newborn. Eyes are open, have fur, and one was running around yesterday when we removed mother. Body about 4-5 long. I have contacted DNR, GA Wildlife Removal, Cherokee Co Animal Hosp, with no luck. We are in Acworth, at Cobb-Pauling line. Can you advise us on this, at this difficult time? Thank you."
PhonePlano, TXHas a baby rabbit in her yard and does not see the mother.
PhoneHalifax, VAHer cat killed 2 birds and now the babies need help.
Photos (graphic)
"Hi im trying to get help for my cat/son pablo ...someone in the neighborhood shot my baby i cant afford the surgery and ive already used all my rent money to save his life hes my family i just need help."
Sue Ann B
App Contact FormMissouri
"We live right in the city with 3 huge schools all small kids and many many kids live here there a mommy daddy 4 babys fox here babys about 6 weeks we try to catch them no go there are crazy gun killers here they shot ever thing no one no about the babys are fox yet but the babys are starting to come out mommy goes and get them fast but with 4 it getting hard for here please help me save them are fine any one to help I call are park here ever one no help if the many men and people see them there dead I pray any one will save the people here are gun killers they kill wild life big time they even kill cats kittens dogs PUPS so I beg to to help me help the fox save them red dad silver PUPS I can see red so for so cute darling they are I love any animals all animals save them please"
5/4/2020Jesse H
cc on Email to Helper
Columbia, TN
"I've recently found 8 baby possums and was emailing to see if you could take them in for rescue/ rehabilitation. Unfortunately the mother is confirmed deceased. All are alert and very active and are approx. 3 to 4 inches long. I am in Columbia, Tn and can drive them just about anywhere in state or the surrounding states. I have tried contacting Walden's puddle and mid tn animal rescue but neither is accepting babies at the moment. If you are unable to take them are there any other rescues you could recommend?"
Matthew C
cc on Email to Helper
PhotoNashville, TN
"Hello, my cat pulled a pair of baby birds out of their nest and brought them to my 4 year old daughter. We separated them from the cat before she could hurt the birds, but the nest is easily accessible and we are afraid to put them back. What do I need to do? Can I put them in a different nest that is not reachable by the cat?"
5/3/2020Ross C
cc on Email to Helper
Hermitage, TN
"Hello! We rescued a bird near the road, its still alive and drinks water. Please tell me how can we help or where to deliver the animal."
Patricia S
App Contact FormPhotoLombard, IL
"Mother Mallard duck nested and has now hatched 11 goslings on the roof top floor of our Highrise building here in Yorktown Shopping Center in Lombard. Mom and babies are all alive and healthy. Tthey are now three days old and mom has them walking the roof to stay in the shade and we have provided a small water souce with shallow water for drinking and swimming in which they actively move and play. Our problem is that we do not know how to get them to some safe location off the rooftop where mom can train them and they can be in a natural environment. HELP! She is a magnificent bird and a wonderful, protective mom. I am a senior citizen living in the building who adores wildlife. I am terrified these beautiful creatures of God will perish because of inability to get them to the proper environment. We have natural predators in the area. Please help me. I have read all the info on the net concerning this topic, have purchased baby duck unmedicted feed and have kept water in the area."
Maurice W
cc on Email to Helper
Nashville, TN
"Hey I have a nest full of baby birds idk what to do with them I think there mother is dead or abandoned them. What do I do?"
5/2/2020William Y
cc on Email to Helper
"My name is William and I recently found a small bird that seems to have fallen out of its nest. I assume it’s young because it can’t fly and I was just wondering about the correct procedure to deal with this type of situation. I’ve currently put it in a box with an open lid and I’m hoping to see whether or not it’s parent will come. I’ve attached some photos of the bird to help identify what type of bird it is."
5/1/2020Chris OFacebook
River Oaks, TX
Baby raccoon with no parents around.
5/1/2020Katie BFacebook
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Her cat just brought in a baby blue jay. 3am her time. Needs help.
5/1/2020May KApp Contact Form
Nazareth, Isreal
"Hi, in the morning I found a bird trapped in the glue trap outside so I rubbed it with a little oil to save it and it worked then I washed it gently poring a little water with soap on the body part and using a cotton to clean it . No the bird is fine and I held it in a cage but I think it’s still wet (or has oil on) I don’t know how to help him get back to nature it should be dry. What do you think I should do?"
Dan and Lori V
App Contact FormDuluth, MN"We have 3 nice cleaned cat beds we. Would like to donate can you use them."
PhoneArizonaShe found a nest with newborn baby rabbits.
4/30/2020Nina DTFacebookUnknownRequest for help raising money for my pet's veterinary expenses.
4/30/2020Suzy SFacebookGranbury, TX
"Yesterday my mama cat brought home 2 baby cottontails looking to be about 3 days old. Can you help rehab or know of anyone who can?"
4/30/2020Carrie CApp Contact FormNixa, MO
"I work at a hardware store and an employee found a couple of newborn mice in our birdseed. We had to move them. I just don't know what to do with them. I don't want them to die. If you have any suggestions it would be much appreciated."
4/30/2020Mary BApp Contact FormNashville, TN
"Found injured bird that the cat brought as a present. I did get it to drink some water but it is going fast. I am not a rehabilitator and need help with this bird. I have baby food I can feed her, like fruit and sweet potatoes. I am in a crisis of my own and need to deal with my needs. I have had her with me since around 10am."
4/29/2020Winnie HPhone
Ware County, GA
She found a mama opossum that is dead but 5 babies were still in her pouch.
4/29/2020Tanya FFacebookMemphis, TN
"I’m trying to find help for an injured red headed woodpecker in Memphis TN. Or info on how to treat him. He can’t fly but his wings seem to be fine. He has injuries at the base of his tail and back. The wounds do not look deep but there is dried blood and feather loss. Any help will be greatly appreciated."
4/29/2020Amber DFacebook
Lancaster, PA
Request for help raising money for my pet's veterinary expenses.
4/29/2020Dave BFacebookBelleville, IL
"We found 3 baby raccoons under our porch yesterday and need to find a place to take them. We don't want to just leave them to die. We have them in the house now away from the rest of our pets attempting to keep them warm. Could you please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx to help me find someone who could take them?"
4/29/2020Cali N
cc on Email to Helper
Lake Panasoffkee, FL
"Hello. My name is Cali and my children found a baby opossum on the side of our road this afternoon without a mother. It was covered in fleas, flies and eggs. They gave it a bath and removed all of the bugs. It drank a little water and some apple...not much. It's eyes are open but it still fits in one hand. Are you able to rehabilitate it or can you direct me to who could?"
Crystal P
App Contact FormMarietta, GA
"We rescued three baby ducklings from the side of a busy road. We were unable to locate any other ducks or water nearby. They are about 2.5 weeks old and we have purchased a brooding light and duck food to keep them safe and well until we can find a rescue or wildlife rehab facility that can take the babies. We reached out to the Chattahoochee Nature Center and they directed us to you. Would you be able to give us information on who can take the baby ducklings. They are not in any danger - are doing very well - learning to swim - and kept warm. We are willing to drive to drop them off at a facility."
New Bedford, MA
She was on a walk and saw a seagull that appears to be hurt.
Thomas H
App Contact FormFrederica, DE
"The pond on frederica rd.,north has a white snow goose withbroken wing,it swims with other geese but they run it off. Ive been leaving corn and bread dont know if it gets any.can someone you help it?"
4/27/2020RenaePhoneUnknownA raccoon has its paw stuck in a trap.
cc on Email to Helper
"Today me and my husband found a blue jay in our porch it seems to have injury because it can't fly. So we put him in a cage and left some water in there for it. And we will see if he is still alive tomorrow morning - if so, I would bring it to a vet (myself have a dog and a cay, but no experience with bird). Is there anyway we could bring it to you guys after the vet? I just want to give it a try since all lives are precious."
4/27/2020Deirdre L
cc on Email to Helper
Nashville, TN
"I have come across a very young nestling I was unable to locate a mom bird, the other nestlings did not make it and it was unsafe to return the nest where it was balancing on top of pallets and other inventory. Im not sure what kind of bird it is, as there are a lot of birds flying around my work outside in the garden area. I’m not sure what to do from here I am feeding it very often with a mixture of things suggested online, the baby is eating and is currently in its nest that is inside of a cardboard box surrounded by towels and also sitting on a heating pad for warmth. If someone could give me a call and let me know what I can do to either keep this baby thriving or a place I am able to take it I would really appreciate it."
4/27/2020Carlos C
cc on Email to Helper
Arlington Heights, IL
"I’m emailing you on behalf of my mom Maria she’s at xxxx, Arlington Heights Illinois. She found a pair of baby raccoons this afternoon in her shed. The mom or the dad are nowhere to be found. We don’t want to leave them by themselves overnight . We were wondering if you can help us out with this situation please call me at 224-xxx-xxxx at your earliest convenience Thank you!"
Sanjeev T
cc on Email to Helper
"We ended up wirh a little duckling, may be 9 days old who we want to rehabilitate, very healthy, just ended up in our swimming pool with her mother duck and 11 other ducklings a week or so ago. They all couldn’t get out of the pool, they were like a day or two old. We were able to get 11 out and reunite with the mama duck, but she left before we could get out the last one. Trying to find a good home for her with other ducklings."
Theresa S
cc on Email to Helper
"We have a sparrow (adult) that couldn’t fly when we found it on Friday. We put it in a box and have kept it warm. We called Walden Pond and left a message. Their message said they’d reply on Monday. We’ve gotten busy signals all morning and since learned after checking their Facebook page that they are not accepting animals during the coronavirus epidemic. What should we do? We don’t know whether it can fly. What we do know if we let it go outside and can’t fly, it will hop off. We had a tough time getting it on Friday as it was hopping so fast. We don’t want to send it off defenseless but are fully aware we are not qualified to help it recover if its wing is broken. Thank you for your kind consideration of our situation."
Kristine M
cc on Email to Helper
Walnut Creek, CA
"We found a baby possum, eyes open in our wood pile. We have a dog and two cats and are not sure how to handle letting it back in our yard."
4/27/2020Anita BApp Contact FormGarner, NC"Cat left baby carolina chicadee at my gate. Has feathers and seems uninjured."
4/26/2020Dana M
cc on Email to Helper
Columbus, MS
"Thank you very much for the great work that you do. We rescued a small rabbit from our outdoor cat last night and have kept him inside overnight. Looks like he has two small wounds on his back and his tail has been ripped off leaving his bottom very raw, but not bleeding. Attached are a few photos. We live in Columbus and would be willing to bring him to Meridian if he needs to be evaluated. Possibly you know of a wildlife rehabber in Columbus or nearby."
Debbie A
App Contact Form
Orange County, CA
"My dog needs help her leg is broken. Need help."
4/25/2020LauriePhoneUnknownShe found a baby swan whose leg is mangled.
4/25/2020Roy RPhone
Pasadena, TX
They have a baby owl whose mom was attacked by a hawk.
4/25/2020Donna BPhonePrinceton, KYThey have 6 baby opossums and their mom has died.
4/25/2020Sara BPhoneTampa, FLThere is a baby duck in the pond that has a fish hook thru its nose.
4/25/2020KyleInstagramUnknownRequest for help raising money for my pet's veterinary expenses.
4/25/2020Eileen W
cc on Email to Helper
Fish Creek, WI
"This is additional info about the bird that hit my window.It has moved around but not left my porch for 6 hours. Please call me at 920-xxx-xxxx so I know what to do tonite."
4/25/2020Carol TApp Contact FormUnknown
"I was trying to help someone on Facebook who drove by a horse struggling to get up. Probably bloat. Neighbor said owners rarely home and often negligent. Trying to find an open equine vet who would come to the scene."
4/24/2020TinaPhoneUnknownShe found an injured squirrel.
4/24/2020Laurie JPhone
Fort Lupton, CO
Hawk was on their property and has a broken wing.
Clark County, NV
Sent me a text message that she found a rehabber to help her and that the rehabber came and got the baby possum.
4/23/2020Meg WPhonePueblo, COShe found an injured squirrel.
4/23/2020Valerie TPhoneUnknownFound an injured bird and did not say where she was.
4/23/2020Kendra BFacebook
Bakersfield, CA
Have an injured baby opossum. Looking for help.
Jessica B
App Contact Form
New Orleans, LA
"I have an injured humming bird. Where can I bring him for rehab in my area?"
Madeline F
App Contact FormWestfield, IN
"My female bunny had babies yesterday morning, and I checked on the babies this morning and they look very hungry and their skin is pretty wrinkly. So i checked to see if the mother was producing any milk and I am almost certain she isnt. I have kitten formula and a little feeder just in case but I am not sure what to do. Should I leave them alone or should I start to nurse them myself? I just dont want to mess anything up."
Juanita A
App Contact FormMarion, NCPair of doves just ran into patio door. One is knocked out. "Really hoping for the best. Please help."
Clark County, NV
Found a baby opossum and called several places but no one has been able to help.
4/22/2020No namePhone
Carterville, GA
She found a baby bird and can't find the bird nest.
Whitney E
cc on Email to Helper
Murfreesboro, TN
"I have found 4 newborn baby bunnies scattered over my back yard not sure what to do."
4/22/2020Sheila D
cc on Email to Helper
Peoria, AZ
"Hello, a juvenile hawk hit our window yesterday and is still alive but doesn’t move around much, nothing appears broken and it holds its head up and hisses if you get too close. It has been in the same place as it was before dark. What to do!?"
Christiana P
Jefferson Parish, LA
Have an injured opossum.
Malcolm P
cc on Email to Helper
Walnut Creek, CA
"My wife rescued a blue jay from two crows that were attacking it. I picked it up with gloved hands last night and we have it in a cage today. I’m happy to bring it to you, but wanted to make sure you’re open before making the drive from Berkeley to Walnut Creek. Please confirm that you’re open and I’ll drive to you."
Stephanie A
App Contact FormPhoto
Las Vegas, NV
"i have a hummingbird who is injured and cannot fly. Im in Las Vegas and looking for a rehab center. Can you please direct me to where i should take her."
4/21/2020Mark KApp Contact Form
Lake Worth Beach, FL
"Hi I found a baby dove in the middle of the road... he's not a new's got all it's feathers and looks half grown... it can't fly but I can't seem to find how it's injured. Looking for some help"
4/21/2020Lori KApp Contact FormVideoPennsylvaniaFox kits need help.
4/20/2020Kelly LFacebook
Warner Robins, GA
"I found an injured bird in my backyard. Are there any rehabilitators in or near Warner Robins, GA?"
4/20/2020Laney A
cc on Email to Helper
Marshall, TX
"I found an adult female cardinal that one of my cats got. And she can stand up on my finger and flap her wings a little bit but she is unable to fly. She is in a box with curled up in a rag currently. What should I do? "
Steven P
App Contact FormOwings, MD"Adult Owl, has perhaps a damaged wing, he has been hanging out at our location for a week."
Mrs. Nichols
Las Vegas, NV
She found a hummingbird with a broken wing.
4/18/2020AnitaPhoneBlaine, MNShe has a mom and 3 baby foxes living under her shed.
4/18/2020Shawn DApp Contact Form
Spartanburg, SC
"Found a baby bird. Don't want it to die. Don't know how to take care of it. what do i do with it? Its still alive as of now."
Palmira H
App Contact FormNew York, NYIll and incontinent elderly dog. What to do?
Jennifer T
"Hello, my friend and her daughter found a baby bunny that we think got separated from its mom during a recent rain storm. They took It in and have been feeding it with an eye dropper. It is cold and not eating today. Where can they take it to get proper care?"
4/16/2020RobertPhoneUnknownFound a baby opossum who needs help.
Berkley Heights, NJ
Found bably rabbits but the coyotes are eating the babies and now there is only 1 baby left.
4/16/2020JustinPhoneUnknownFound a baby opossum who needs help.
Alexandra E
Fayetteville, NC
"She flew into my window. Can you tell me if any rehabbers in my area?"
Stephanie D
cc on Email to Helper
"My mother has a new pond that she recently found a rather large turtle in that is not behaving normally. He does attempt to flee, but very slowly and not fast enough to get away if we wanted to catch him. He also seems to have trouble submersing himself. He is unable to go under water completely. It looks like he has an abrasion of some sort on the top of his shell. It is a very shallow abrasion. She is wondering if something is wrong with him and if she should leave food out for him. Do you think he needs a rehab or is he ok being out in nature?"
4/16/2020Karen H
cc on Email to Helper
Nolensville, TN
"Our cat brought in a nestling last night, alive. I kept it warm all night and it’s still alive. Can you help please?"
4/16/2020Micah PApp Contact Form
McDonough, GA
"Was unloading a trailer at the local dump found a bird nest with 5 baby birds in it underneath some stuff on the trailer all five birds are still alive what do i need to do to make sure they live."
4/16/2020Ruth PApp Contact FormSyracuse, NY
"I am 77 years old and about a year ago we were given the wonderful little puppy.My puppy is a pit bull terrier who weighs 60 lbs now. He is to hard to care for now. He just pulled my husband down the stairs and hurt him . He isn't mean just strong. Last week he jumped on me and hurt my shoulder. He loves kids and everyone . He just don't understand he is so large . He has all his shots and he has papers .AKA. We can't take care for him any more."
4/15/2020Allen KFacebookWilder, GA"I found a baby possum I would like to find someone to take care of it."
Melissa C
cc on Email to Helper
Philadelphia, PA
"This morning on my way to work, I hit a possum! I am devastated and at work for another 1-2 hours but have been trying all day to find someone to check if this possum had babies to rescue. It was on ridge road, a couple of miles from the turn onto Schulykill pike into pheonixville. Thanks!"
Catherine H
cc on Email to Helper
Evergreen, CO
"Hello! I live in Evergreen & the cute little chipmunks have somehow found a way into my house. I’d like to have them humanely removed & was wondering if that’s something y’all do? And also if you find their access points in order to block those up?"
4/15/2020Jamie WApp Contact FormHarrison, OHGetting licensed to rehabilitate. Looking for apprenticeship opportunities.
4/15/2020Rita KApp Contact Form
Centennial, CO
Landscaper fill in the entrance to a rabbit den in our yard. We uncovered the entrance. Is there anything else we can do?
4/14/2020Tony GApp Contact Form
Las Vegas, NV
Looking to rehome their Akita.
4/13/2020Maxie E
cc on Email to Helper
Ellis County, TX
"We live in Ellis County and have seen a bunny living under a shed for the past few weeks. Today we found it tangled in a sports net we had out in the yard. We were able to free it, but it looks like the leg may be broken. Wasn’t sure what to do at this point. It is laying in the shade and we got it some water and lettuce but didn’t know what else to do. Any help would be appreciated. My kids are very concerned about the bunny."
4/13/2020Scott N
cc on Email to Helper
Georgia"We found two nestlings on the ground after the storm. Are you able to take care of them?"
Mariah W
cc on Email to Helper
New York
"I saved a baby squirrel. Now what?? We saw a dead squirrel in our driveway two days ago and then today there was this loud crying it sounded like birds at first but then got louder and was definitely not a bird. It was too loud so I looked around the house... the squirrel had fallen down the stairs to our attic :( we think the mom was the one that died in the driveway. It cried for hours before I knew it was in the attic. I know squirrels are usually up there but mama didn’t come get baby ( there is a door and set of stairs that lead up into attic the baby was at bottom of stairs up against door). It was very weak but we looked up how to feed it and gave it some homemade pedialite water from a syringe. It started moving a lot more but eyes aren’t open. It’s in a box with a towel now. By the things we read online it’s size is enough that it’s eyes should be open so it’s got to be close if the eyes are closed from it being a baby (and not the fall down the stairs). It took a while to get it to drink from the syringe dropper but it finally did. Are you still open right now? Are you taking animals?"
4/11/2020John QPhoneBear, DEThey found newborn rabbits in their yard and they are worried mom is not coming back to them.
4/10/2020Darci K
cc on Email to Helper
Windsor, MO
"My husband found 4 extremely young raccoons, younger than 1 week. There home was destroyed and no mother came for them. We have been feeding them KMR and they are doing ok as far as we can tell. We are not able to care for them any longer and need someone who will release them when they are old enough and able. Could you help us with this, please. Our 9 year old grand daughter has been feeding and caring but honestly is having a hard time understanding that the more she handles them the harder she makes it for them to survive without human help. Any help would be appreciated. We live in Windsor, South of Sedalia, Mo. Thank you."
Heather B
App Contact FormChesnee, SCWants to get licensed to rehabilitate wildlife.
4/10/2020Robin MApp Contact Form
San Francisco, CA
"I just found your IG feed through @thedailyjames. I enjoy your feed so much and would love to make hummingbird nests in support of your efforts. Can knit and crochet."
4/9/2020ReubenPhoneUnknownFound 3 baby opossums on his fence and they have been there all night.
Cynthia H
FacebookUnknownLooking for help with opossums.
4/9/2020Karen HApp Contact FormBelleville, IL"Raccoon chased into the street hit by a car in my garage. Please help. Still alive."
4/8/2020CalvinPhoneOhioFound an injured squirrel.
Guihong G
FacebookUnknownLooking for veterinary advice.