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PADUG 2012 Session Descriptions
FAST (Financial Aid & Student Services & Enrollment) - Track Leader: Deborah Cawley, Neumann University
FAST01Fin Aid/Batch packaging-round tableDeborah Cawley/Andrea Van HornNeumann UniversityJoin us for tips and ideas to facilitate batch packaging using datatel and Entrinsic informer
FAST02Recruiter Implementation - Stories and Lessons LearnedRuss BilottaNeumann UniversityCome hear Neumann University tell real stories about their Ellucian Recruiter implementations, the challenges they experienced along the way, and their lessons learned.
FAST03Admissions - Round TableKathleen FrielNeumann University
FAST04Fin Aid/ SAPJames Williams/Deborah CawleyNeumann UniversityReview of sap rule set up on datatel / fed regs regarding SAP
FAB (Finance and Business) - Track Leader: Jodi Millin, Allegheny College
FAB011098-T. To Print or Not to Print?Lana Ludanova
American University
In 2011 American University saved $26,000 in operational costs by using new strategies to convince more students to sign up for an electronic consent.Lana Ludanova
Sr. Student Applications Specialist
FAB02Student Finance Self-Services.Lana LudanovaAmerican University
Latest and Greatest views of Student Finance Account Activity. American University will share experience with installation and implementation of this product.
FAB03eCommerce 4.1 and PCI ComplianceLana LudanovaAmerican Univeristy

A Step Towards Green with E-checks
Audrey Strickland and Diana Barraclough Widener UniversityThe Datatel e-check tool is a great resource for direct deposit payment to students and/or vendors. The student/vendor is paid in less time than a paper check and there is the cost and resource savings of the paper check, MICR toner usage and postage. It is a great step towards “green” in your payment processing.

In August 2010 Widener University went live with e-checks for student refunds. Our presentation will guide you through how to set up your templates in Datatel to implement this program.
FAB05New Functionality - Deposits DueLana LudanovaAmerican University
New functionality - Deposits Due.
American University was a beta tester for new Deposits Due functionality. Do you want to know how to create deposits due, pay and maintain them? Then this session is for you.
HR (Human Resources) - Track Leader: Pat Strano, Widener University
HR01Round Table discussion on Health Care Reform Act and 2012 W2sGroup DiscussionDiscuss the Health Care Reform Act Requirements and reporting from colleague on the 2012 W2 forms.
HR02Providing 2012 IRS-compliant W-2s OnlinePat StranoWidener UniversityLearn how your employees can view their 2012 IRS compliant W-2 statement online. No need to print and mail for employees that consent to receive their W-2 statement online. Employees can view or print their W-2 Statement in PDF Format. Employees can also designate their consent status online. Come join us to see how this newly delivered employee self service works. Widener University was one of the three schools that beta tested this for Datatel. Assistant Director of Administration and Finance 610-499-4479
HR03Online Benefit EnrollmentKaren SnyderWidener UniversityCome find out how to simplify and automate your benefits-enrollment process by implementing the online self-service option, Ellucian Benefit Enrollment Online. You will take away detailed instructions for how to set up the BEO module and WEB forms and use this awesome functionality. The result is completely paperless method of collecting benefit choices and dependent/beneficiary information from employees that automatically populates the database so it is ready for payroll.Assistant Director of Human Resource 610-499-4388
HR04Assignment Contracts and Payroll Processing at MCCCLinda KristekasMontgomery County Community CollegeIn this session, Montgomery County Community College will share how usage of Assignment Contracts Online is significantly reducing missed faculty course section assignments for payroll processing. Paper (electronic) stipend forms are mainly for “other assignments” and manual processing is more limited. Will give an overview of Payroll role in Assignment Contract process prior to Student System entry and how the data gets loaded into Personnel for payment, with brief discussion on the approval and verification processes we use at MCCC.Associate Controller 215-641-6681
HR05Putting your Money in the right Fiscal YearJill R. SchutzCommunity College of Allegheny CountyFiscal year end processing defining, creating, and importing large journal entries, using the payroll parameter screen, and from where you might extract the data to use for these processes. Director of Payroll 412-237-3096
HR06Roundtable discussion on HR/Payroll products and processesChristine Rick & Pat FerreyAllegheny CollegeShare your experiences with fellow HR/Payroll personnel on the software products your campus uses for HR and Payroll processing (Colleague and any other products). Discussion will be on the pros and cons of the products as well as offering suggestions on ways to improve/automate HR/Payroll processes.Programmer Analyst 814-332-6082
IA (Institutional Advancement) - Track Leader: Lisa O'Dellick, Juniata College
IA01Governance and reporting: how governance can impact the approach to managing reporting.
David Skica
LoyolaGovernance and reporting: how governance can impact the approach to managing reporting.David Skica 410-617-2654
IA02Best Practices in Contribution ManagementNancy BryantWashington & JeffersonYou had your Colleague Advancement training so long ago, you probably don't remember all of the wonderful features to help you manage your contributions. Additionally, new functionality might have been added to the product since then. Come learn about some of the tips and tricks for CA Contribution
IA03Scholarship Thank You processSusan FentonAllegheny CollegeUsing the CA Stewardship
IA04Using Analytics and Research to Help Guide Annual Fund Campaigns Chris PraulSusquehanna UniversityHow one institution is using data and predicative models to help determine annual fund ask amounts and solicitation
IA05Using Excel's PowerPivot to Report and Analyze DataChris PraulSusquehanna UniversityExamples of how to use this powerful data analysis tool to deliver unmatched computational power directly to users within software they already
IT (Information Technology) - Track Leader: Barb Dietz, Susquehanna University
IT01Using subroutines in ELF Merge and Dup criteriaSusan FentonAllegheny College
IT04Highlights for Implementing Ellucian Portal 3.xPatricia KelleyDesales UniversityWe have just finished the implementation and I have a few nuggets to share about how it all works and troubleshooting the exceptions. Patricia Clay Kelley
IT05A Successful Migration to SharePoint 2010 and Portal 3.0Eric Knepp & Robert DunklebergerSusquehanna University
Learn of our successful migration approach to SharePoint 2010 and Portal 3.0 during the Summer of 2012. The session will include 3rd party vendor support options as well as approaches to a test migration prior to live migration.
LMP (Leading and Managing Processes) - Track Leader: Tom Carnwath, University of the Arts; Dan Faulk, Washington and Jefferson
LMP01Governance and reportingDavid SkicaLoyolaGovernance and reporting: how governance can impact the approach to managing reporting.David Skica 410-617-2654
LMP02Gaze into the IT AbyssMark HuberSusquehanna UniversityA CIO's perspective on a decennial IT effectiveness AssessmentMark D Huber, CIO and Director, Information Technology,, 570-372-4247
LMP03Customizing Logos and Colors in UI4Micheal TimkoWashington and Jefferson CollegeIf you have wanted to change the delivered splash screen colors and replace the logo with your own, please join this session to learn how. We will follow steps to update the HTML code and edit the images for a professional look.Micheal Timko, Assoc. Dir. Administrative Computing, Washington and Jefferson College
LMP04CIO Performance Trends: The collective CIO as seen through the eyes of the collective staff memberDan FaulkWashington and Jefferson CollegeStaff evaluations are common today, and can be very beneficial to staff development, as well as process and procedure improvement. However, at many institutions evaluations are a top down process, where supervisors evaluate those who report to them. Rarely does a staff member have the opportunity to anonymously evaluate their supervisor. This session focuses on the evaluation of CIOs as a group, by staff members from numerous institutions. In other words, this session is a view of CIO performance trends in general. The main topics will include communication, budgeting, planning, staff development, conflict resolution, and other areas typically the responsibility of CIOs.Daniel Faulk, Director, Information and Technology Services, Washington and Jefferson College,, 724-223-6514
LMP05Moving, Kicking and Screaming toward Institutional EffectivenessTom CarnwathThe University of the ArtsThe introduction of technological tools into the administrative process has provided any number of opportunities for institutions to become more facile and productive, more responsive to their "customers". But have we taken full advantage of the tools we now view as commonplace within our respective institutions? Part presentation, part open discussion, this session will explore how one institution is trying to evaluate where it is in the effectiveness ladder and how it plans to take full advantage of the resources available.
LMP06Institutional Hierarchy TransformationJack PostThe University of the ArtsIs your institution in the process of or planning to reorganize the academic and administrative structure? Come listen to the process the University of the Arts followed to apply the merging of colleges and departments within the institution to a newly defined institutional hierarchy within Colleague. Who needs to be involved? What are the challenges that will arise and the pitfalls to avoid? What decisions need to be made? The session will describe the planning and conversion process that will enable your institution to process current information in Colleague as well as preserve historical data during the transformation.Jack Post, Director of Information Services, UArts;
VEN (Vendor Presentations) - Track Leader: Rich Metzger, Allegheny College
VEN01Financial Reporting Made Easy with synoptix for DatatelChris BeckstrandCompuSoft DevelopmentEllucian delivers end-to-end reporting with Synoptix for Ellucian. With this powerful tool, you can use your general ledger data from Colleague to create a wide range of boardroom-ready reports and financial statements - ready reports and financial statements - all in spreadsheet format with complete drill-down functionality.
VEN02Go PaperlessLew LoveSoftdocsLearn how to go near-paperless. It's simple and easy! We will review Colleague print mnemonics and learn how to customize and capture directly to an imaging solution. Need e-forms to reduce paper even more? Softdocs has 500 e-forms to select from. What about new stuff, you say? Let us show you how to perform single entry into Colleague and file documents automatically. These three processes and a few additional topics will allow you to do more with Softdocs! Roundtable included in this back to back session.
VEN03Enterprise Content ManagementJodi ThielPerceptive SoftwarePerceptive Software solutions integrate seamlessly with your Ellucian Applications to close information gaps across your campus, all with a single click. Our powerful enterprise content management and business process management solutions will deliver a complete view of the whole picture, to identify bottlenecks, speed performance, and fuel greater operational efficiency in your everyday business processes.
VEN04Laser Printing Made EasyJim ConstantinSource4Electronic forms and more. Source4's software converts Colleague default print output to customized blank laser-printed forms without the need to reprogram the application. No additional hardware required. Output goes to laser printers, fax or PDF. Learn why over 225 Colleague users have selected Source5.
VEN05Real-time eCommerceMax BisschopOfficial PaymentsOfficial Payments provides real-time eCommerce transaction processing for 190+ schools using Datatel Colleague and/or Recruiter. Our PCI Level 1 compliant platform provides customized reconciliation reports and supports encrypted card reader capability for face-to-face payments. Official Payments allows our customers to accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, along with eCheck services, for all payment applications on campus. A new addition to our product offering is our Tuition Payment Plan, which allows students to make installment payments to our school customers for any amount needed. For 10+ years, we have supported Datatel schools on our fast, easy and secure payment processing platform.
VEN06CampusCruiser Academic Alert - automatic Academic Risk ManagementLisa BattistaCampus CruiserCampus Cruiser will present their new Academic Alert, which working in concert with our LMS solution, will automatically notify students and faculty of academic risk indicators. This early intervention along with the collection of college-wide online behavioral data can dramatically improve retention. Join us to learn how easy it is...with the right tools.
VEN07Ellucian's Action PlanMike O'Connor/Michelle CliftonEllucianThis session will give an overview of how Ellucian's Action Plan works. The Action Plan is a free service offered by Ellucian that allows colleges to review how their various offices are using Colleague and then recommend what services Ellucian offers that will help colleges better use Colleague.
VEN8Student Recruitment: Maximize Every OpportunitySara FarmerEllucianStudent Recruitment: Maximize Every Opportunity in Your Student Recruitment Funnel. Your admissions office is working to identify and move the best-fit students to an accepted status. Recruiter helps you target and focus your energies on the prospective students most likely to accept and succeed at your institution. When paired with Ellucian’s Web Content Management System, your institution can build a relationship with a prospect before they come to campus.
VEN9Student Retention: Provide Early Alerts and Course-Level InterventionNeche' DwyerEllucianLearn about Early Alerts and Course-Level Intervention. The Recruiter product will be reviewed.
VEN10Colleague Self-ServiceNeche' DwyerEllucianFaster, More Productive, and Friendly User Experiences: Colleague Self-Service and UI
Learn why your institution should get excited about the next generation of Colleague self-service and the newest user interfaces. Get insight into what the new user interface offers and the benefits of adopting it. We’re reinventing self-service for each and every user. Come and see the first application delivered January 2012 which improves student billing and learn our next steps in the process.
VEN11Ellucian's Intelligent learning PlatformNeche' DwyerEllucianIntelligent Learning Platform: See the Power of Integrating Academics and Administration
Ellucian’s Intelligent Learning Platform integrates academics and administration providing your faculty and students with the flexibility to work the way they want. Learn about the Course Materials Manager, our newest feature, which improves the course collection and management process for faculty and maximizes your institution's existing investment in Sharepoint.
VEN12Examining Your Reporting NeedsNeche' DwyerEllucianBetter Intelligence: Examining Your Reporting Needs
In order to make smart business decisions, you need to have the right information to help you stay ahead of the curve. You need a clear picture of the past and the present to be ready for the future. And you need to be able to access that information whenever you want, in whatever format that works for you. Ellucian’s ad-hoc, operational, and strategic reporting tools with built-in higher education intelligence can help you do all that and more.
VEN13HR: Talent Management and Faculty Compensation TrackingAdam LenhartEllucianAn Expanded HR Portfolio: Talent Management and Faculty Compensation Tracking
Learn about two new options to help the HR office achieve organizational effectiveness. With Ellucian’s Talent Management Suite, you can manage the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding, learning, and performance management, through organizational and succession planning. With Faculty Compensation Tracking, you can use faculty pay calculation rules to automate faculty contracts processing, saving your institution countless hours.
VEN14Replacing Batch Files or Book Vouchers with a Real-Time interfaceLeila MacCarthyTrimdataImplement a two-way, real-time interface between the campus bookstore and Colleague. Streamline processes, reduce errors and eliminate manual labor. Charges are authorized in real-time and an invoice is created on the student account in Colleague. New release includes Maximum Caps, Electronic Vouchers, Ban feature and more!
VEN15 Introducing Informer Dashboards! Alex LeupenEntrinsik IncJoin us to see a demo of Entrinsik's NEW Informer Dashboards! Informer is an innovative, award-winning web reporting and operational business intelligence solution used by over 280 Universities and Colleges. With a powerful and intuitive web interface, Informer provides real-time access to your Colleague data whether on UniData, SQL or Oracle. Now with drag-and-drop dashboarding capabilities, Informer can quickly turn data into interactive visualizations that monitor critical performance indicators. Entrinsik is an Ellucian Partner. For a free trial, visit, contact or call 888-703-0016.
VEN16Maximize Advising with EllucianAndy Kearney & Joe FisherEllucianThis session will review how your institution can take advantage of some powerful tools provided by Ellucian to maximize your advising program. Using Colleague as the base, your institution can provide better service to students through these Ellucian tools: Colleague, WebAdvisor, Colleague Portal and the new Student Planning.
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