Division NameCategory NameAwardOrganizationEntry TitleCommentsCredits
AudioFeature storyFirst PlaceKPBS RadioA Portrait of People In MotionThis piece, which features soothing music and compelling interviews, captures the artist's passion for her exhibit as well as those who contributed to it. Maya Trabulsi
AudioInvestigative/Enterprise - SeriesFirst PlaceKPBS RadioHealing A Mother's Pain By Forgiving A KillerMaya Trabulsi
AudioInvestigative/Enterprise - Single StoryFirst PlaceinewsourceHuman Research Violations By UCSD Eye Doctor Showcase A National ProblemBrad Racino, Jill Castellano
AudioNewsFirst PlaceKPBS/NPRThieves have been stealing credit card info at gas pumps. Now theres an app to foil them.Shalina Chatlani
AudioPodcastFirst PlaceKPBS.orgOnly HereKPBS's border-centered coverage was informative, insightful and heartfelt. Kinsee Morlan, Alan Lilienthal, Emily Jankowski, Lisa Morrisette-Zapp
College MediaArts/Entertainment storyFirst PlaceUCSD GuardianTV Review: "The Umbrella Academy"I was hooked from the start, and there was no way I couldn't read it all. I loved the sprinkling of your voice throughout.Chloe Esser
College MediaColumnFirst PlaceSouthwestern College SunJust in the CultureWe usually see reports of mental health in the Black community from reporters far removed from the issue. This first-person glance is important, and it is the type of perspective we need to enact real change on a federal and cultural level. All of this writers' columns work in the same way to uncover crucial challenges of living as a minority in America. His voice is essential to the national and global dialogue, and I look forward to seeing his byline in prestigious publications. Justin Dottery
College MediaFeature photoFirst PlaceSouthwestern College SunEnd of the RoadBrittany Cruz-Fejeran
College MediaFeature storyFirst PlaceSouthwestern College SunTwo countries, six hours one long commute to schoolThis first-place award is a no-brainer for me. It was reported with sensitivity and compassion, as it exposes the real human suffering rampant in college students and their families. The writing itself was excellent.Fernando A. Martinez
College MediaHeadlineFirst PlaceLegendLegendClever titles that directly reflect what the stories were about. The creativity among these headlines, such as Fades for Grades, edged out the competition by a hair. Legend Staff
College MediaIn-depth reporting storyFirst PlaceSouthwestern College SunCollege apologizes for threats to paperThis reporter found source after source to show exactly how university officials were not acting in good faith. And he kept a remarkably cool tone throughout the piece, which must have been difficult considering his outlet was at the center of the story. Exemplary work.Matthew Brooks
College MediaLayout & Design (story or series)First PlaceSouthwestern College SunTake me to churchExcellent design needs to be more than pretty. It needs to inform. This is the entry that did both best.Mikayla Moore-Bastide
College MediaMulticultural storyFirst PlaceSouthwestern College SunStranded in Tijuana"Stranded in Tijuana" vividly portrays the overwhelming challenges faced by those who seek a better life in the United States. Julia Woock
College MediaNews or Feature Series (any subject)First PlaceSouthwestern College SunASO ElectionsBrittany Cruz-Fejeran, Julia Woock, Katy Stegall, Pernisha Gaines
College MediaNews photoFirst PlaceSouthwestern College SunOne region two countriesA powerful image driving home the continued controversy surrounding the nation's immigration policy. Excellent use of composition, light and perspective.Ailyn Dumas
College MediaNews storyFirst PlaceThe USD VistaUSD Theology and Religious Studies Professor Suspended After On-Campus ThreatsKaia Hubbard, Anderson Haigler, Celina Tebor, Amy Inkrott
College MediaNewscastFirst PlaceSan Diego City CollegeNewscene, Oct. 4 EditionExcellent newscast intro and closing vignettes. Powerful dual anchor format with exceptional presentation. Although lengthy at times, noteworthy news writing to deliver critical information. Shorter and hyper localized college newscasts are trending has a way to engage with younger audiences. Superb production, show prep and video editing support creating a highly polished, professional look. Impressive show product!Newscene Staff
College MediaOpinion/EditorialFirst PlaceThe Southwestern College SunStop whitewashing history, learn from itSee notes
Exceptional work
Jordyn Bryant
College MediaOriginal Illustration or CartoonFirst PlaceThe Southwestern College SunDisrespect of black men is dehumanizingIllustration isn't jut about powerful imagery, it's about powerful words, too. This was both a simple and complex entry, and it wins hands down.Victor Santander, Justin Dottery
College MediaReview/CriticismFirst PlaceThe Mesa PressCarroll Shelby finds tribute in 'Ford v. Ferrari'Exceptional work. Great background and character descriptions.Lance Nelson
College MediaSports photoFirst PlaceCity TimesManuel CardonaThis was the only entry to get in tight and show some emotion. Sports photography is, at its essence, about people. Not equipment. Manuel Cardona knows this, so he wins.Jonny Rico
College MediaSports storyFirst PlaceThe Southwestern College SunHeart of a championJustin Dottery provides a riveting tale of a basketball player who survived heart failure at age 15. He draws the reader in by describing Marquavian Stephens' ordeal as a teenager in vivid detail, then brings us to the present, where this determined young man is leading his college basketball team. Excellent reporting and writing. Justin Dottery
Daily Reporting and WritingArts/Entertainment storyFirst PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneFor Chiachio & Giannone, lifes one colorful tapestryGreat lede!Martina Schimitschek
Daily Reporting and WritingBreaking news storyFirst PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneOne dies, 3 injured as gunman opens fire at Poway synagogueU-T Staff
Daily Reporting and WritingBusiness storyFirst PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneNAMM Show unveils Ed Sheeran and Jimmy Page custom guitars and an $860,000 guitar strapThe energy in George Varga's business article could fill an entire concert stadium. The intro of the 2019 NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) presenting three of the showstoppers set the tone. The continuous flow of awe-inspiring information of new musical instruments and devices set the vibe. In all, this entry was music to this judge's ears on how a business story should be presented. In the end, this article left this judge holding up a cigarette lighter wanting more.George Varga
Daily Reporting and WritingColumnFirst PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneEnjoying San Diego's Amenities, Cousin Vinnie has a way with woids, Floating an idea for train safetyErdos' witty observations on life in San Diego coupled with the banter of his Brooklyn friend were delightful to read.Irv Erdos
Daily Reporting and WritingCrime/courts StoryFirst PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneMother killed in Paradise Hills murder-suicide endured months of harassment, threats, court records showPowerful lede. It draws the reader in immediately. Great use of public records and diligent reporting to get both the victim's and suspect's family to talk.Lyndsay Winkley
Daily Reporting and WritingEducation storyFirst PlaceVoice of San DiegoGrooming is a Gateway to Abuse in Schools, But Schools Are Virtually Powerless To Stop ItKayla Jimenez
Daily Reporting and WritingEnvironment storyFirst PlaceInsideClimate NewsU.S. Soldiers Falling Ill, Dying in the Heat as Climate WarmsThe work done by David Hasemyer of inewsource presented a detailed and well-organized report on the dangers of heat stroke on soldiers in training, on an up rise due to climate change known as global warming. Presented in both print and video mediums, the work was thorough, well written and researched. Strong use of sidebars and graphics. Hasemyer includes a political contribution to this environmental problem for the military because the Trump administration has taken the stance that climate change is a hoax. No one in the military will step forward to talk about climate change as a problem because it is a career killer to take a position contrast to the administration. Hasemyer effectively used several actual accounts of soldier deaths to tell the story, then added scientific and medical interviews and data to discuss the environmental factor. This entry satisfied every criteria of the environmental category effectively, so thus warrants the top prize. David Hasemyer
Daily Reporting and WritingFeature storyFirst PlaceVoice of San DiegoStudent Complaints About a Teacher Came and Went Until One Reported a RapeWhat an absolutely harrowing account of one young woman's experience with someone she should have trusted. What made this reporting especially balanced was the look into the perpetrator's life. We really peel back the layers here to discover danger looms even amid the most mundane, everyday circumstances. Will Huntsberry, Kayla Jimenez
Daily Reporting and WritingFood story - not reviewFirst PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneFrench trimmings for a Thanksgiving feastWhat a lovely ode to her new culture while honoring her traditional one. This food feature is one of the many ways journalists have the power to shape what it means to be American, and oftentimes, that means not being American at all.Nicole Sours Larson
Daily Reporting and WritingHealth storyFirst PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneThe invisible illness: Caring for children with epilepsyChildren's diseases so often have deleterious effects not just on their anatomy, but their emotional well-being. This writer successfully peeked into the mind of a child—no easy feat—which can do wonders in eradicating the stigma.Lauren J. Mapp
Daily Reporting and WritingHousing/Development StoryFirst PlaceVoice of San DiegoLooming SRO Closure Sets Off Another Round of Soul-Searching Over Housings Bottom RungNice in-depth reporting. Good work talking to folks who will be affected by this closure.Lisa Halverstadt
Daily Reporting and WritingInvestigative/Enterprise story -- SeriesFirst PlaceinewsourceRisky ResearchAn impressive in-depth report of malpractice and how patients are taken advantage of during trials and tests. Especially impressive having to wade through reports in Chinese as well as navigating HIPAA laws!Brad Racino, Jill Castellano
Daily Reporting and WritingInvestigative/Enterprise story -- single subjectFirst PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneOne year after notebook appears in Tijuana, confusion and anxiety continue in asylum lineWhoa. What a crazy story. Outstanding, human work -- this is a story no one would have known about otherwise.Kate Morrissey
Daily Reporting and WritingMulticultural storyFirst PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneAnoushka Shankar reflects on music, her kids and her legendary fatherGeorge Varga
Daily Reporting and WritingNews Feature StoryFirst PlaceInsideClimate News6 Years After Exxon's Oil Pipeline Burst in an Arkansas Town, a Final AccountingFantastic reporting that uncovers documents to tell a gripping tale of how residents were hurt by an oil pipeline spill. The entire package works. Great use of charts and visuals as well as grabs from court documents.David Hasemyer
Daily Reporting and WritingOpinion/EditorialFirst PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneWhats changed since Columbine? This has.What a visual to click on a news links and see blocks of black on the screen. At first I thought there was something wrong with the site, then as I kept reading, it made sense. The Tribune took a strong stance in the No Notoriety movement and did so in a creative way that drives home the point. Great writing coupled with a moving visual.The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board
Daily Reporting and WritingPolitical/Government storyFirst PlaceEast County MagazineDisgraced Councilman Kalasho resigns, settles suit with beauty queens -- but another defamation case remains pendingInsane work. Way to stay on it despite the threats on your employees.Paul Kruze, Miriam Raftery
Daily Reporting and WritingReview/CriticismFirst PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneReview: Sarah McLachlan flawless in San Diego concertMichael Rocha brings his readers into the seats of the concert, strutting not only in-depth knowledge of the artist but also of the performance venue. He doesn't get caught up in a boring play-by-play, but rather the moments that make concerts so memorable.Michael James Rocha
Daily Reporting and WritingScience/Technology storyFirst PlaceinewsourceEye doctors decry risky study on babies in China involving UCSD researchersThis is some truly dogged reporting. It takes time and effort to become an expert on a topic that surely neither reporter had expertise on before starting. But you'd never know.Jill Castellano, Brad Racino
Daily Reporting and WritingSeries-Any SubjectFirst PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneINSIDE THE FIRE ACADEMYWonderful storytelling. The photographs are captivating as well. It's clear the reporter and photographer devoted themselves to this series. The pieces clearly explain why the fire academy recruits matter. Great context woven into the series without weighing it down. (Although, it did make me curious. What's being done to deal with the lack of diversity in the academy? That seems like a big issue.)Sam Hodgson, John Wilkens, Karen Kucher, Michelle Gilchrist, Jarrod Valliere
Daily Reporting and WritingSports StoryFirst PlaceTimes of San DiegoPadres Shut Out Giants for First Opening Day Win in 5 YearsThis piece does a nice job of balancing the news with historical perspective. What made this game unique? What happened that hasn't happened in several years? I also liked the fact that it was personalized -- important to have the pitcher talking about what it meant to him to perform the way he did. Also liked the mention of the atmosphere. For readers who cannot attend games, if there's something about the atmosphere that they missed, let them know what it is.Alexander Nguyen
DigitalBlogFirst PlaceOff the MappOff the Mapp Food, Beverage and Travel BlogThis type of blog has all the makings of a great travel resource. Mapp writes with a level of authority and credibility that can inspire all sorts of wanderlust.Lauren J. Mapp
DigitalEntertainment siteFirst PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneThe San Diego Union-Tribune EntertainmentArts and entertainment writing often doesn't get as much space as it deserves, especially in these tough times in journalism. However, the San Diego Union-Tribune's entertainment site boasts a healthy body of work covering the gamut of arts and entertainment. Refreshing!Union-Tribune Arts & Entertainment Staff
DigitalMultimedia PresentationFirst PlaceTravel With MaggieSan Diego's Gentrified North Park Neighborhood Has so Much to OfferMaggie Espinosa, Tiffany Allen
DigitalNews siteFirst PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneThe San Diego Union-TribuneSite is easy to navigate and chock full of strong news storiesUnion-Tribune Staff
DigitalSocial Media PersonalityFirst Bowen
Nondaily Reporting and WritingArts/Entertainment storyFirst PlaceOK WhateverThe Store Where It's Christmas ... ForeverFun, wacky and very entertaining piece! Lara McCaffrey
Nondaily Reporting and WritingBusiness storyFirst PlaceSan Diego Business JournalBiotechs Recover Momentum: These Companies Fell Hard But Managed to Bounce BackSolid reporting. Well sourced. I wonder if there are financial analysts who would have been willing to weigh in on biotechs' success and whether it's poised to continue. Overall, well done.Jared Whitlock
Nondaily Reporting and WritingColumnFirst PlaceThe San Diego Union-TribuneI'm There For You BabySenturia's voice is as funny as it is gripping. He's easy to read and easy to root for. More please!Neil Senturia
Nondaily Reporting and WritingCrime/courts storyFirst PlaceVoice of San DiegoICE Officer Moved Victim, Misled Supervisors After Hitting TeenagerMaya Srikrishnan
Nondaily Reporting and WritingEducation storyFirst PlaceVoice of San DiegoLabeled Disabled at an Early Age, a Former Student Looks Back With RegretThis community is lucky to have this reporter to spotlight a horrifying systemic problem. The reporter does a great job of weaving this family's story together with the data that proves it's not just a one-time thing. This is important work, and I didn't want to stop reading. Maya Srikrishnan
Nondaily Reporting and WritingEnvironment storyFirst PlaceCarmel Valley NewsConcerns voiced about upkeep of Solana Highlands ParkA great follow-up piece to see if the city had kept its promise about beautifying the park, using interviews with locals and people involved in the process as well.Karen Billing
Nondaily Reporting and WritingFeature storyFirst PlaceSan Diego MagazineFinding Peace in a San Diego PrisonMcEntee's well written piece provides a clear window into a world where hardened convicts are facing their demons through breathing and exercise.Jennifer McEntee
Nondaily Reporting and WritingFood storyFirst PlaceCampestreMagAre Labor Challenges Affecting Your Wine's Taste and Price Tag?This piece serves as an excellent reminder of the politics and socioeconomic struggles behind food and beverages we take for granted, specifically wine. The language was gripping and evocative.Elena Gomez, Heidi Greenwood
Nondaily Reporting and WritingHealth storyFirst PlaceSan Diego Business JournalCatching up to CareIt's evident this writer has an unmatched grasp on how insurance impacts the quality of healthcare, and vice versa. His ability to parse through data makes this important type of health journalism accessible to all.Jared Whitlock
Nondaily Reporting and WritingHousing/Development StoryFirst PlaceNorth Coast CurrentCity vs. citizens? Sides differ on perceptions of Encinitas housing suitCameron Niven
Nondaily Reporting and WritingInvestigative/Enterprise story -- seriesFirst PlaceSan Diego Business JournalPart 1: Bottleneck in Psych Care Leaves Hospitals, Patients in the Lurch; Part 2: EDs Deal With Shortfalls In Mental Health Care; Part 3: Hospitals Try to Balance Care, Financial ConstraintsGood reporting and use of data on a very important topic. Although, don't forget -- these numbers are about people. The series is missing characters who can really add humanity and depict the shortfallings of the system.Jared Whitlock
Nondaily Reporting and WritingInvestigative/Enterprise story -- single subjectFirst PlaceVoice of San DiegoHow California Laws Meant to Integrate Immigrants Can Open a Backdoor for ICEThis investigative report by Maya Srikrishnan epitomizes what investigative journalism is intended to do. The intent of investigative journalism is to expose actions committed by persons in government or corporations that are done in secret so that those involved can be held accountable. In this coverage, Srikrishnan researched various recent arrests by ICE using driver's licenses obtained by the DMV in contrast to protective orders such as AB 60. Her coverage concludes with the quote from Dave Maass, senior investigative researcher at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital privacy organization, “In our view, ICE using this system to investigate people for deportation purposes is questionable and should be investigated as a misuse.” This story led to a state law change that limited Immigration and Customs Enforcement access to state databases. That level of reporting and result deems this entry as worthy of first place for Investigative/Enterprise Story.Maya Srikrishnan
Nondaily Reporting and WritingMulticultural storyFirst PlaceVoice of San DiegoThere Are Few Resources to Help the Growing Number of African Migrants at the BorderNice work about a population most readers wouldn't think about.Maya Srikrishnan
Nondaily Reporting and WritingNews Feature StoryFirst PlacePoway News ChieftainChabad members surrounded with post-tragedy loveElizabeth Marie Himchak
Nondaily Reporting and WritingOpinion/EditorialFirst PlacePoway News ChieftainProgress can be painfulThorough data and comprehensive OpEd. Please see notes.Steve Dreyer
Nondaily Reporting and WritingPolitical/Government storyFirst PlaceNorth Coast CurrentSANDAG, local leaders weigh options for regional transportation planThis is a well-written article about the really important topic of urban public transit and its role in a variety of key issues. The writer doesn’t dip into jargon and officialese to make the point, but paraphrases to keep the story from bogging down. This is a good story that provides a variety of perspectives, including whether the populace is willing to cough up the money for transportation changes.Joel Vaughn
Nondaily Reporting and WritingReview/CriticismFirst PlaceRancho Bernardo News JournalPatio Playhouse is creative with Austen's 'Sense and Sensibility'Elizabeth Marie Himchak
Nondaily Reporting and WritingScience/Technology storyFirst PlaceSan Diego Business JournalDNA Sequencing Space Gets Competitive FastJared Whitlock
Nondaily Reporting and WritingSeries-Any SubjectFirst PlaceSan Diego Uptown NewsLGBT clergy challenge religious rightThrough extensive interviews with LGBT pastors and other local religious leaders, the writer gives the reader a fascinating look at how anti-LGBT institutions have become lead by the people they denounced.Kendra Sitton
Nondaily Reporting and WritingSports storyFirst PlaceRancho Bernardo News JournalNighthawk running back tackles new foe - cancerSometimes the best thing a reporter can do is step out of the way and allow his subject to tell his own story. That's what made Terry Monahan's profile of a cancer-stricken football player so compelling. Monahan got Manai Hazlett to open up about a painful, life-threatening experience. There are few more powerful quotes than this: "The worst part of the day is waking up in the morning ..." Terry Monahan
Photography/HeadlinesFeature photoFirst PlaceBeach & Bay PressMud Day"Mud Day" delightfully captures the fun and innocence of youth.Thomas Melville
Photography/HeadlinesHeadlineFirst PlaceNorth Coast CurrentA good gut feeling: Fermentation, food are focus of Encinitas eventRoman Koenig's headlines had a nice rhythm, were clever without being cute, and summarized the topics clearly and concisely. Especially notable was the butterfly headline with the "open window" imagery. Roman S. Koenig
Photography/HeadlinesNews photoFirst PlacePeninsula BeaconEmotional memorialThomas Melville
Photography/HeadlinesPhoto EssayFirst PlaceVoice of San DiegoSix Miles in a San Ysidro High Schooler's ShoesAdriana Heldiz
Photography/HeadlinesSports photoFirst PlaceBeach & Bay PressLifeguard relaysThomas Melville perfectly captured the essence of competition with this photo of lifeguards cheering on their teammate. It's a compelling image filled with emotion - each person's face tells a story.Thomas Melville
VideoBusiness/consumer report - single story or seriesFirst PlaceKGTV 10News ABC San DiegoFix my defective refrigerator!Melissa Mecija
VideoInvestigate/Enterprise - seriesFirst PlaceNBC 7 San DiegoBorder Agents Created Secret Database of Journalists, Attorneys, And Immigration Aid WorkersTom Jones, Mari Payton, Bill Feather, Paul Krueger, Jay Yoo
VideoInvestigate/Enterprise - single storyFirst PlaceKGTV 10News ABC San DiegoHis Name Was Tyler WalterWell-done story. You made me care about the child and want to know what happened to him. Reporter made it work even though there wasn't much video or even information since so many agencies stone-walled him.Good job on an important story.Adam Racusin, Geoff Stevens, Steve Reusch
VideoNewscastFirst PlaceNBC 7 San DiegoDeadly Leucadia Bluff CollapseVery good job responding to major breaking news. Liked that you had "team coverage" of the event. Nice aerials to give perspective. Strong newscast.Irene Min Joo Byon
VideoVideo EditingFirst PlaceKPBS-TVProposed Update To Citys Affordable Housing Policy Would Change Equation For DevelopersAndrew Bowen, Kris Arciaga
VideoVideo FeatureFirst PlaceKGTV 10News ABC San DiegoUFC fighter said contaminated stem cells made him sickExcellent investigative feature. Well-written, nice lighting on interviews & crisp video, easy to understand. Melissa Mecija