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TimestampNameQuick BioDepartment Portfolio LinkCV/LinkedInLevelAvailable FromLocationNationalityVisa StatusStudios you've worked for Available RemotePreferred Software
For Games, check out:
16/03/2020 15:30:20Psalm AlfafaraVeteran Creative Director, Identity Designer, Brand Strategist.Designer x Creative Directorhttps://www.alfafara.co, PhilippinesFilipino-AmericanUS/EU Eligible
16/03/2020 15:30:27Max Jarl ChristiansenConcept Artist and IllustratorConcept art, UKDanishEU
16/03/2020 15:30:27Alain Kurt Melgar3D artist for games and 3D print3D modeling, sculpting, texturing, render, philippinesfilipinoph
16/03/2020 15:41:01Nadhem KHENISSIA Video editor & motion graphic designer with 4 years career experience in post-production environments.Video Editing, Motion Graphics Designer, 2D Animation
16/03/2020 15:33:35Brandon McCannI do retouching/post production. Usually remote or with a creative team for commercial ad work.

Also directly with photographers.

Typically busy working with Italian fashion campaigns during this time of the year but since Italy is closed due to Coronavirus I do not have anything available.

Highly skilled in beauty, hair, and product work.
Retouchinghttp://www.brandonmccann.co citizen
16/03/2020 16:12:02Esin GulerAnimation, storyboard, illustration Animation - GentTurkishResidence Permit
16/03/2020 15:36:21Dmitry YepikHard surface concept artistConcept art, UkraineUkrainian
16/03/2020 15:37:33Michaela SjöströmCG and 3D artist that has most experience with video editing and motion graphics! motion graphics
16/03/2020 15:42:01Ramy Ibrahim I'm a 2D/3D artist specialized in AR/VR field and also the game industry as a 3d modeler, texture artist and UI designer2D/3D artist, GermanyEgyptian Student Visa
16/03/2020 15:42:14vermosen Mickaelbeen in the industry for the past 7 years first as an environment artist and for the past 3 years as a character artist. I've maynly been working on AA and AAA games such as Forza horyzon Hitman 2, Star Citizen and othersCharacter Artist europe but not US
16/03/2020 15:42:32Jaime Rontomé3D Freelance artist from Barcelona. Looking to work on exciting new projects3D modelling, texturing, sculpting.
16/03/2020 15:43:07Julien Franchitti3D artist, Worked for Videomapping Show (Disneyland Paris and more)Modeling/Texturing/Rigging/MotionDesign FranceFranceFrance
16/03/2020 15:43:08Terry WongConcept Artist and IllustratorGame Art Lumpur, MalaysiaMalaysianNone
16/03/2020 15:44:48Clint Hennesy CagangDigital Character Artist specializing in Stylized 3D Character and Concept Art. Over 5 years experience. Also has experience being a production lead in multiple projects in video games and commercial product design.Character Art, Concept Art,Sculpting, Texturing, Modelling
16/03/2020 15:45:55Scott DentonMBuild/ modeling texture/lookdevhttps://www.likesyrup.com
16/03/2020 15:48:49Kamal mazunderHi, I'm a 3d modeling artist also having interest on texturing,lighting, rendering. I don't have job in my town because there is no such industry neither there is any 3d studio or firm. Its my hometown which is not so developed like other cities, that is why I want to move from here. 3d designing https://trendy.artstation.comInvincible KamalMid16/03/2020Guwahati, Assam IndianNot applied yet
16/03/2020 15:50:07Allan CarvalhoWorking with film creation and production for over 15 years. Been part in more than 600 films. Winner and finalist in several festivals such as Professionals of the Year - South Region, CCSP, CCPR, Columnists Paraná, Columnists Brazil and El Ojo. Winner of the Cannes Award in 2019. (
Currently working as a freelancer.
Edit, colourist, BrazilBrazilianvalid for USA
16/03/2020 15:50:55Lucia ChiesaJunior artist based in Uruguay, looking for experience and exciting proyectsModeling
16/03/2020 15:54:43Mohamed Shawaf3D ArtistLighting / Rendering / Compositing Europe VisaOption 1
16/03/2020 15:54:55Agustin EguiaIn three words ? Dedicated, Creative, Meaningful

I'm a REALLY curious guy and if I could... I would learn everything about anything. This "voracity" has made me very passionate about all things I take part on.

I see every project as a challenge and a possibility to explore new ways of communicating with the audience.

My brain is full of ideas by the minute, and I can't turn it off.

I'm a problem solver by nature...
Art & Direction, Storytelling, Motion/Compositing.http://www.agustineguia.com & UruguayanEurope, South America, mostly everywhere.
16/03/2020 15:55:43Gab SchwallHi! I'm a Character Artist currently located in Austin, TX. I specialize in stylized game art and I've worked on a wide variety of games like Heroes of the Storm, Spyro: Reignited, Vainglory, Remnant: From the Ashes, and a lot more. Please feel free to contact me on artstation or linkedin to see more of my work :) Thank you!Character Art, TX, USAOmnom! Workshop
16/03/2020 15:56:00Andrea RanaldoI'm 3d jewelry designer specialized on alternative and underground jewels. I'm a 3d generalist3D generalist
16/03/2020 15:56:37omar mansour3d artist into character artmodelling and texturing games blackstone studios
16/03/2020 16:01:52Andrea3D artist archviz & product designer3D archviz (Milan)ItalyEUIED
16/03/2020 16:03:01Romain PommierI'm a Character and Creature 3D Artist based in Canada, Toronto. Specialised in video gamesART_3D Character Artist PermitUbisoft Montpellier
16/03/2020 16:10:05Ricardo Duarte3d architectural visualizationhttp://www.maquetes3d.weebly.comSenior16/03/2020BrazilBrazilian
16/03/2020 16:13:17Michael CalvertCreative Art Director & 3D LeadArthttp://calvertcreates.com YorkItalian AmericanUSStudio Santa Monica, Overkill
16/03/2020 16:15:12Henrique FróesFreelance 3D Artist working in Digital Sculpture, Character Concept, 3D Assets for Games/Publicity.Digital Sculptor, Character Artist, 3D Generalistóes-637a3a155/Mid16/03/2020Rio de JaneiroBrazilianNoneOption 1
16/03/2020 16:15:29Uaua FrinflekoskiACHOO! A pingle-pong.Skonchy Viral Antethsis Alarm Systems Weeeeeee!Professional Wizard 20/04/2021IndiaWizzle-wooYesBingle-Bong, Frosties, ACHOO!
16/03/2020 16:19:20Edmund BrownCG Artist working in events, commercials and broadcast motion graphics. Teacher of Cinema 4D and Motion Design at Escape StudiosMotion/3Dhttp://edmundbrown.tv, UKBritishUK/EUMany
16/03/2020 16:19:25Claire PegorierFX Artist, setups, FX development, tools,
For Broadcast, commercials, VR
Looking for good shots, complex effects, commercials or films.
FX Artisthttp://www.coclea.eu, MPC, Territory, Atomic Arts, Taylor James, Third Eye...
16/03/2020 16:20:29Tifa ChiiI am a paper artist and illustrator who has worked on several stop motion animation advertisements and personal commissions for clients including: Amazon, Chobani, Dreamworks TV, Judge Judy... Art department, paper sculptor, painterhttps://www.tifachii.com (access to Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles) AsianCitizen Hornet Inc.
16/03/2020 16:27:30Leandro BarrosSenior Motion Designer 2D and 3DMotion Graphics Hello Charlie - Fgreat Studios - Nexus - Nucco Brain
16/03/2020 16:29:07Leti M. Vila3d artist with 6 years of experience. Cute handpainted style, pbr stylized or realistic. 3d characters/props and 3d prints. character artist/3d artist Studios
16/03/2020 16:40:43Sam GeeSamantha Gee, Concept Artist and Illustrator

Contact -
Paint / Design CitizenBig Jump Entertainment
16/03/2020 16:33:34Leti M.Vila3d artist with 6 years of experience. Cute handpainted style, pbr stylized or realistic. 3d characters/props and 3d prints.
character artist/3d artist Studios
16/03/2020 16:35:53Pere3D/2D Concept Artist and Illustrator. Generalist with Mobile Dev experienceConcept Art
17/03/2020 14:13:51Pavel Tamarchin3D Character Artist specialized in mostly stylized/cartoon characters.
Softwares: zBrush, Maya, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer, Marmoset Toolbag..
Contact email:
Sculpting, Modeling, Texturing, Linkedin is blocked in Russia. Sorry for that. Here's my art-only instagram instead."Parovoz" Animation Studio; "KeyFrame" Motion Design Studio
16/03/2020 16:38:10Dan LunaCharacter Artist, Modeler, Texturing Artist BrasillianOpen Work PermitDisruptive Publishers
16/03/2020 16:40:26Will ChambersI am a 3D generalist that has experience working in the film industry as a VFX artist for 4 years. I worked at FilmWorks / FX where I did visual effects work for 3 years on Star Trek Discovery, Blue Bloods, a feature film called Beyond Whitespace and more. Being at a small studio forced me to learn how to multi-task as well as picking up the skills necessary to take a shot from start to finish, which in turn made me a 3D generalist. I also have 10 years experience with using game engines (2 years with Unity 3D and 8 years with Unreal Engine). I am currently looking at moving into the game industry as either a Level Designer, FX Artist or Environment Artist.Level Design, FX Artist, Environment Artist, New YorkAmericanU.S. CitizenFilmWorks/FX (3 years), and Floor 84 (game art intern)
16/03/2020 16:43:27Diana Ulloa BrugiatiI'm a 3D character interested in creating characters and creatures for awesome and action-packed games!
My works focus on stylized creature modeling, high poly sculpting and texturing.
I'm comfortable working with Maya, Substance Painter, zBrush, Github and Unreal Engine 4.
Art Department - Characters and Creatures, ItalyPanamanianWork permit for EuropeI've contributed to independent game developers of both mobile and PC games.
16/03/2020 16:45:23Edwin Martinez3D artist specialized into videogames (mobile games) Modeling Texutring ESCENA Animation, Meliorem, Mojo Bones
16/03/2020 16:47:09Helmut StarkModeling and texture artist. Mainly vfx (hardsurface and character) but also game characters and creatures3d modeling, Scanline, Bluehole, Kite n lightning
16/03/2020 16:47:25Luis A. Laguna TorresWorks as an independent freelancer, in the creative field of advertising and marketing.Advertising and marketing RicoAmericanCitizenSajo//McCann
16/03/2020 16:48:54Nawfal benbennasser3d artist3d modelling Fx / Freelance
16/03/2020 16:49:56Mikael RomulusI work in character design for science fiction.Concept art
16/03/2020 16:58:22Rocky Gabardo Arbigaus3D generalist for games.

Mostly experienced with modeling and texturing, and some experience with rigging, animation and unreal engine.

I have experience with a bit of everything. Props, Environment, characters, vehicles.
3D generalist for games., United KingdomBrazilianUKFTD Games - We used to develop educational games.
16/03/2020 16:58:49Christopher SugiartoI am a 3D modeler specialized in character and creature modeling. 3D Modeler Rafael, CAIndonesian F1 VisaNerd Herd Animation Studio
16/03/2020 17:03:01Benjamin EstienneJunior Lighting TD (6 months of experience at DNEG London) Passionate about shaders/lighting/raytracingLighting/Lookdev' London
16/03/2020 17:01:04Klara SzwecI'm a 2D illustartor specialized in realistic illustration, but also in marketing graphic design, which I realized for a couple of companies (not in portfolio, willing to send a sample).
Open to any new experiences. As a junior I am willing to learn everything.
character design, concept art, graphic designław, PolandPolish
16/03/2020 17:03:25Michael RudzinskiDedicated Environment artist specializing in hyperealistic 3D Props. Recently graduated from highly esteemed Sheridan College.3D Environment Arthttps://www.kravenark.comOn websiteJunior01/04/2020Toronto , willing to relocateUSA, EU, Canadian work PermitCan work in US, European Union(including UK) and Canada5 total(3 full time. 2 contract). RoH, The Missing Few, Frozen Sand, CounterCurrent Games, TrueZone
16/03/2020 17:12:11Ranganayh3d Artist Modeling https://ranganath.artstation.com
16/03/2020 17:15:19Joelle White3D Artist. I can create props texture, and UV! Portfolio hasn't been updated yet but I can create!Seeking Work/Freelance States FloridaBlackUS Citizen, willing to relocateNone yet.
16/03/2020 17:15:45Andrea SobczakI am a 3D modeler specialized in cartoon/stylized characters, props and environments. Looking for work in Toronto, Canada.3D Modeling, ON, CanadaCanadianCanadaClartoons, Industrial Brothers
16/03/2020 17:17:58Matthew CasillanAustin, Texas based character artist on the hunt for a studio position.3D Character Art, TXAmerican?U.S. CitizenOMNOM Workshop
16/03/2020 17:19:52Manon DebrayJunior 3D Animator graduated from ESMA. Passioned about animation, I am looking forward to work on exciting projects and I am always open to learn new things. Feel free to contact me on linkedin or by email at debray.manon31@gmail.com3D Animation, FranceFrenchEU
16/03/2020 17:34:40 AltafAnimationSeniorBangloreIndian
16/03/2020 17:34:56Rodrigo Coronado JaquezRodrigo Coronado, professional Animator and former Lead Animator Huevocartoon seeking a position in the industry. 3D Animation, MexicoMexicanNAFTA ElegiblePlan B Production House, Metacube, Huevocartoon, Boxel Studios
16/03/2020 17:38:40Mehdi AbdiHi! I'm a french illustrator and drawing teacher at Brassard School (annecy). I'm a freelancer since 2014, so quite long now! I'm looking opportunity to wirk remotely.Illustration - Concepthttp://www.mehdiabdi.fr, working anywhere remotelyFrenchFrenchBrassard, Medfan Games, Exkee games
16/03/2020 17:39:32Zanin Bakaran3D Artist and VFX Creator with long experience in media production. Worked for many big brands in media and commercial.3D animation and VFX, germanyGermanEUbluebox, freelancer
16/03/2020 17:41:59Donald Lee DrakeFreelance 3D Artist and graphic designer. BS in 3D Art from Full Sail University and ASSC in Graphic Design from Sullivan University. Art, Fl.AmericanCitizen
16/03/2020 17:45:07Simon ParkHard-surface modeler Modeling Domain
16/03/2020 17:51:45Dan PintoEx-video editor and vfx artist for 88rising, moved to France and have been freelance for about a year now.VFX, Video Editing, FranceUSADual Citizenship 88rising, 300, Wav, Sony Music, and more
16/03/2020 17:52:39Sebastian AriasJunior compositor who recently got unemployed due to all this craziness York/ Atlanta American u.s citizen
16/03/2020 17:56:35Aymen SelmiWorks as an independent freelancer, in the creative field of advertising and film industry.Modeling, Shading, Texturing, Rendering, Fx and Unreal Engine Studios
16/03/2020 17:57:00Toby WinderExperienced animator Animation and New Zealand Passport, Canadian Permanent residentCinesite, the Mill, Framestore, MPC, Rodeo FX
16/03/2020 17:57:26Victor SantosCharacter Artist / 3D ArtistModeling, Texturing
16/03/2020 18:01:00Nica Jan AlvarezI graduated Cum Laude last year with a degree in Game Development and I have been struggling to look for a job in the industry since. I've been doing some freelance work in the mean time for a some cash. Manila, PhilippinesFilipinoIndigo Entertainment - Art Department Intern
16/03/2020 18:03:58Esteban GarcesEcuadorian artist residing in New York with 1 year of experience on commercials, music videos, indie movies and episodic. Compositing YorkEcuadorianUS resident Fusefx
Platinum platipus
Vano project
16/03/2020 18:04:02AMAR SHINDE I'm a 3D, Vfx Artist. I've worked with several companies as a product designer and have been teaching in many colleges. Check out what kind of work I do.
YouTube - Reimagine Fx
Inst - Reimagine Fx
3D & VFX SHINDE Mid10/12/1995IndiaHinduAvailable Arena Animation, Vidlancer, Vinsys, Frameboxx
16/03/2020 18:06:51Chris ZlotyMotion Designer& Illustrator - After Effects/Cinema 4d, Motion Design, Illustration, EnglishRunning LTD company in UKHuge London, BBH London, Droga5,PPC, Wizarding World Gifts, Skeleton Productions, Havas, Graceful Monkey, Nucco Brain Studio Ltd., Toast TV, WCRS, Engine Group
16/03/2020 18:07:07Mark IngleI am a freelance Houdini FX artist with over five years of professional experience in commercials and bespoke art projects.

My primary skillset is focused on procedural FX simulations and animations using Houdini and compositing in Nuke. I also have fundamental knowledge in 3D, motion graphics, concept design, and photography which allows me to work on full projects from start to finish.

I am available for work both locally in New York, or remote for clients in any location worldwide. I have both UK and US citizenship with the ability to live and work in either country.
FX York, USUS & UKUS & UK CitizenFramestore, MPC, Taylor James, Gentleman Scholar, Blacksmith, Smoke & Mirrors, LVLY, Mode Adjust, BigStar
16/03/2020 18:11:19Thomas AdkinRecent Graduate from Portsmouth University with 1st class honours in Computer Animation & VFX. Always looking for work and always looking to improve my work3D generalist, UKBritishNANA
16/03/2020 18:12:05Patrick Coan3D generalist, lighting, rigging, simulations. 3Ds Max and MayaCGhttp://www.bentimagelab.comMid15/03/2020Portland, OregonAmericanN/
16/03/2020 18:12:19Anthony Warren3D Environment Artist who is looking for work. I specialize in environments but can create high quality props as well. Environment Art, FLUSEligible to work in US
16/03/2020 18:15:06Karoly Mesterhazy27 years of experience in VFXEnvironment neededmpc , dneg
16/03/2020 18:17:34Randy McEnteeFlame / Compositing / VFX Supervisor StatesUS CitizenThe Mill
16/03/2020 18:17:48Elana LedermanI am a freelance Houdini FX Artist based in New York City. In addition to FX, I am proficient in Maya and Nuke, and sometimes work in Generalist and Compositing roles. I am currently available to work remotely. FX, Generalisthttps://www.elanalederman.com York, NY, USAUSAUSAWalt Disney Animation Studio, Brainstorm Digital, Alkemy X, The Molecule, PowerHouse VFX
16/03/2020 18:21:01Kyle Monaghan3D Environment Artist and Layout ArtistEnvironment Arthttps://kylemonaghan.artstation.com, Scotland, UKScottish Enigmatic Studios
16/03/2020 18:26:24Robert Angol10+yrs of 3d exp. Generalist. Specialist in concept art, chara/creature art, digital sculpting.3D Generalist, 2D artist, Layout, rigging,Sculpting, Textures, Lighting, Rendering. Fluids, Comp, EnglandBritishUK/EUJellyfish Studio AKA Hayes Davison Squint Opera
16/03/2020 18:24:44Connor LedwidgeI am a freelance technical artist who has had all their contracts pulled by customers, and my income has been stunted. Tech Arthttps://www.connorledwidge.com, MINAAmerican Citizen Pixlhut, Mackevision, and Pluto.
16/03/2020 18:29:21Fernando RizzattoI work as a freelancer and in collaboration with other artists under the name Mnstr Studio, providing remote work in Concept Art, Illustration, 3D Art, and Graphic Design for games, entertainment and advertising companies. My email: fernando.rizzatto@mnstrstudio.comConcept Art / 3D Art / Graphic Designão Paulo, Brazil.Brazilian
16/03/2020 18:29:50Gabriel HassanHave been freelancing for 3 years in my spare time, no actual studio experience yetMatchmove Visa requiredNo studio experience yet, have been freelancing for commercial projects as well though.
16/03/2020 18:30:18Stephanie Coleman3d artist for games3D Character/weapons/props artist, TXOMNOM! Workshop
16/03/2020 18:31:43Amin El ZomorPost production Specialist Skilled VFX Artist & Motion GFX, background in Filmmaking have knowledge of all aspect of Visual media. Working on set and in Post. Been involved various projects in the UK, Italy, Middle east & US.

VFX & Compositing: After Effects - Nuke
Editing: Premiere - Da Vinci
Motion Graphic: C4D - After effects
VFX Artist / Motion GFX / Editor UKQCPTV
Irresistible Films
16/03/2020 18:33:02Ante DoricicFinishing my 2 year contract on April 1st, interested to do remote freelance work ASAP3D Character art, CroatiaCroatianEligibleGames Revolted
16/03/2020 18:35:26Nimesh patelDiligent, Meticulous and passionate CG Artist with over 11+ years experience in films, TV commercial and games industry. Specialising in complex modelling, digital sculpting with the ability to work on anything from creatures, characters, props and environments and texturing.Modeller zbrush artist LondonBritishBritish citizenship Mpc, Dneg, Nexus, saddington baynes rushes, halo Vfx, Gobo studios and many more
16/03/2020 18:37:55Tran Hung Anh3D Hard Surface Artistmodeling, sculpting, texturing Chi MinhVietNamNoneGlassEgg digital media
16/03/2020 18:43:17Adnan3D artist, digital sculptor 3D modeling, texturing, simple animation permission none
16/03/2020 18:45:28OlgaFreelance Multidisciplinary Creative with Management Background

Graphic Design | Film Poster Design | Branding | Web Interface | Social Media Graphics | Brochures | Flyers | Event Photography | Personal Photoshoots | Stage Projections | Photo Retouching | Photo Editing
FIlm, Graphic Design, Media - Riga, Latvia | Usually based - London, ULatviann/aBBC, Universal, The Picture Production Company, Templeheart Films, EnMar Productions, FKP Scorpio, Marriott, National Film London School, Bournemouth University
16/03/2020 18:46:09Amy GilmoreExperienced Producer with a demonstrated history of working in several industries such as film/video production, tradeshows, and live events. Skilled in Integrated Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Event Management, and Tradeshows. Strong consulting professional with a BA focused in Film Production from Webster University. Producer Louis, MOUSAUS CitizenSwitch, ITC, Reveal, Coolfire Media, Metaphase Design Group
16/03/2020 18:46:41Jonathan LeeFreelanced as concept artist/illustrator for 5+ years. Looking for full time studio work or more freelance work. Concept art, illustration Jose, CAUSAUSRiot Games, Digital Dire Wolf, and other independent creators
16/03/2020 18:53:55Oscar Hill3D Generalist and Lighting Artist, natural hipster3D Generalist for Advertising, Lighting Artist for TV and Film (identify european)UK fullDNEG, MPC, ETC, 1920, Prodigious, FreeFolk
16/03/2020 18:54:29Veronica Lynn HarperVeronica Lynn Harper is a multidisciplinary artist with a technical and business savvy mindset. This big picture thinker has a diverse background spanning across traditional and digital art content. Eleven professional years at AAA studios 10-500+ team members in main campuses and sister studios of Sony Computer Entertainment America & Electronic Arts. Years following she's aided in producing platforms of 100-30,000+ attendees at Envision Festival, Comic Con, Sundance, Ted Talks, Lighting in a Bottle, and Siggraph. Veronica's designed in-house workshops for Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, Various Colleges and Universities in Southern California and the Midwest, and non profit education companies for youth. In recent years she's created custom textures for the Fashion & Interior Design industry as a creative director and producer overseeing domestic and international production teams from concept incubation to customer product shipping. Currently Veronica is leading interactive augmented reality AR exhibitions featuring fine art wall and sculpture for placement Museums, Hotels, and Airports across the globe via downloadable VLH App for consumers with partners at Mocap Now, MXTreality, Form 3d.
Pipeline & Tracking Software . VR Virtual Reality . AR Augmented Reality . 360 Video . Microsoft Suite . Adobe Suite . Traditional & Digital Art . Maya . Zbrush . Unity . Clo3d . Marvelous Designer
Ted Talks . Adobe . Comic-Con . Sundance . The Walt Disney Company . Frederator Studios . NBC Universal . 2k Games Ottawa International Animation Festival . Nickelodeon Studios . Bottle Rocket Ent . Electronic Arts . Sony Computer Ent . Blind Squirrel Games . Nintendo Wii . SIXR . Mocap Now . MXTreality & MyPad3d . MGM Grand . Ted Talks . Sundance . Lightning in a Bottle . Sonic Bloom . Envision Festival . Siggraph . Comic Con.
Modeler / Artist / Lead / AD / ART DEPARTMENThttp://www.veronicalynnharper.comhttp://www.veronicalynnharper.comOPEN : SENIOR/LEAD/ AD : Flexible 16/03/2020RELOCATION or REMOTEWhiteUSASony . EA Electronic Arts
16/03/2020 19:04:17Alex AvrakotosLighting/Compositing Artist and Generalist work, looking for work in Animation, VFX, and Gaming! Last job was a lighting/Compositing apprentice at Disney Animation Studios on the film Frozen 2.Lighting/Compositing Angeles, CAWhiteUS/Canada Disney Animation Studios
16/03/2020 19:02:48Joshua DaleCFX/ Generalist currently located in Atlanta, Georgia. CFX / Generalist,GAAmerican US Citizen MPC Film Montreal