Artist Profile Survey 2019
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Show/CastAdditional AssignmentsFirst NameLast NameVoiceemailWhere do you live now?
(Do you live out of NY?)
What neighborhood in the city?
Where are you from originally? What is your ethnic background (for instance, there we have had coverage from local Japanes language newspapers)Other interesting personal information that you'd like to share about who you are and your identity.Any fun/weird personal niches or stories that might be usable? For instance, one of our alumni stage directors did Disney voiceovers in his native Egypt for several years. What's your "side gig"?Has there been something interesting about addressing your particular assignment(s) (working with the creators on a new piece, working on an early baroque piece, working on works by women composers, etc. OR share something about the discovery process with your particular roleShare something about your experience in Chuck Hudson's class or a one-on-one coachingTell us about a moment or an experience that made your entry into the life of an artist INEVITABLETell us something that you're looking forward to (a colleague you admire, a scene you can't wait to sing, something new about your craft you're itching to explore)
Ruggiero ANAMarkelReed
Alcina BSongsMeravEldaneldmeraf@gmail.comAtlanta, GAIsraeli - Sepharadic JewishI always try to connect between my muisc world and my activism world. I used to work in kindergartens and had the pleasure to nourish a few 3 year olds who became opera fanatics - knowing the magic flute and cenerentola by heart ;)Realizing that Alcina is such a modern character. Francesca made her so strong - its surprising!
Both in Chuck Hudson's class and in the one on one coachings I re-learned to trust my instincts and to always try and push further the limits.
Knowing that music is my biggest love and most poweful tool of expression since I remember, I started out so far away from where I am today. Each moment that I chose to continue and pursuit this love, basically against all odds, those moments made it inevitable.
I can't wait to take all the amazing tools I've learned during this past month and integrate them into all of the rep that I sing. Also can't wait to perform Alma Mahler's gorgeous songs!
Melissa AAlto 1 in Seance scene in Mrs. President by Victoria Bondand an assignment by Nadia Boulanger (TBD) on the Songs programIlannaStarr
Melissa BAlto 2 in Seance scene in Mrs. President by Victoria Bondand an assignment by Nadia Boulanger (TBD) on the Songs programStephanieFeigenbaumMezzo-soprano
Upper West Side (NYC)I grew up in Teaneck NJ, just across the GWB from the cityI am very close with my immediate family (mother, father, older brother), and they have been the msot wonderful support system as I pursue this crazy career. I am so grateful to them for all of the help they give me, even though none of them are in a musical field, and how much they have embraced opera because of me.I have had most jobs that one can have in an office (and thank goodness have not worked in food service- I would be terrible at it). I have also been working as a General-Education and Jewish-Education tutor for 3 years and find it very fulfilling!I am thrilled to be performing works by female composers! I gave a recital in my Masters centered on the idea of strong female characters, and I am so happy that dell'Arte is focusing on strong women both as characters and creators.

As I get deeper into the role of Melissa, I am discovering her assuredness and confidence and how it informs all her actions. There is never a doubt in Melissa's mind that she is strong and can acheive her goals, despite obstacles.
My coachings with Chris have been amazing in helping me find new ways to shape and express long thoughts and ideas. Since almost all of Melissa's lines feel more like "recit," our coachings have helped me get out of the way and let the text and ideas speak in a more connected way.When I was 8 years old a girl who lived down the street began taking voice lessons. I had always loved to sing and already knew I wanted to be a performer, but that was the first time I realized it was something you could learn and work on. From then on there was no going back for me.I am so excited to sing Nadia Boulanger's music for the first time in the recital. Somehow I missed her gorgeous music in my formal education, and I can't wait to dive in now.
Nettuno AJames Stewart in MaryQueen of Scots by Thea MusgraveConnor LidellBaritoneclidell@gmail.comHarlem! Around the 145th stop on the A lineI'm white. Raised in Arlington, TX. Moved to Bloomington, IN for college.Chuck's class really inspired me to explore the relationship between my body and my acting choices. I participated in his masterclass, and he gave me so many incredible ideas. My aria, at first glance, doesn't have much of a plot to it. But, Chuck was able to bring out a whole story from the text and gave my aria a much better dramatic and musical arc. It even improved my technique as a singer doing this piece. I'm so grateful for the experience and I will definitely be working with Chuck in the future!I was just your average kid, except that I would belt Cher - specifically, "Life After Love" - for my family and my elementary school classmates. And, after seeing me dance around with a basketball instead of dribbling it toward the net, I was promptly enrolled in the local church musical. It was really all down hill from there. I started theatre school at age 8, and I was a performer from then on!
In college, I was the go-to baritone for performing new works on composition recitals. I even performed some doctoral dissertation works and faculty works. But since moving to NYC, I haven't done any new music! I'm so happy to be getting back into it and working on a WONDERFUL operatic premiere.
Nettuno BBaron Pictordu in Cendrillon by ViardotBrianAlvarado
Sirena B/Vistola Fiume A + AcqueDamiCavalieriElizabeth Tilton in Mrs. President by Victoria BondRobinCliffordSoprano
Astoria, Queens
Sirena A/Vistola Fiume B+ AcqueDamiCavalierian assignment by Lili Boulanger (TBD) on the Songs programAlessandraAltieri
Dama disincantata A + AcquePianteCavalieriLa Fee in Cendrillon by Pauline Viardotand HeatherBobeck
Dama disincantata B + AcquePianteCavalieria portion of "Clarieres dans le ciel" by Lili Boulanger (TBD) on the Songs program and Soprano 1 in Seance scene in Mrs. President by Victoria BondRebeccaRichardson
Brooklyn (Bushwick)Born and bred in Southern California, just north of Los Angeles! Consequently, my love languages are Mexican food and sunshine.There's something very special about bringing to life the work of this often overlooked woman (F. Caccini). It wasn't necessarily unusual for women to compose at the time, and yet, when you mention that you're performing in an opera written by a woman in 1625, people's eyebrows always shoot up as if it's something absolutely revolutionary! I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to give this woman the spotlight this summer and hope that doing so will help more Baroque works written by females will become more mainstream.
I only came to know music written by the Boulanger sisters within the last year and am thrilled to tackle some of Lili's repertoire in the song recital. Such beautiful gems that I wish I had known about sooner!
Nunzia A + AcqueDamiCavalieriSoprano 3 in Seance scene in Mrs. President by Victoria Bondand an assignment TBD on the Songs
Nunzia B + AcqueDamiCavalieriAlto 3 in Seance scene in Mrs. President by Victoria Bondand an assignment by Nadia Boulanger (TBD) on the Songs programMicaelaAldridge
Pastore A + Acque + (off night Piante)+ Coro di Monster + Coro di Cavalieri liberatiLe Prince in Cendrillon by Pauline ViardotCoryGross
HarlemOriginally from Westchester, NY. I've previously done Alcina by Handel, so it's exciting getting to do the story again but in such a different way and a different mode of storytelling!
Pastore B + Coro di Numi dell’acque + (off night Coro delle piante) + Coro di Monster + Coro di Cavalieri liberatian assignment on the songs programChristopherFotis
Astolfo A + BJames Treat in Mrs. President by Victoria BondTylerDobiestad425@nyu.eduI live in Harlem.Moved a lot because
my mom is in the
military. Mostly from
Golden, CO,
and Tacoma, WA. I am
Filipino and Polish.
I have been enjoying how complex Caccini's music is. Finding a way to bring her genius and intentions to a 21st century audience is a challenge because some of the "at the time" radical harmonizations she was utilizing are so normalized now. It is a study in how to be intentional in inhabiting her thoughts in order to communicate the greatest meaning.Chuck's class has stuck with me ever since taking it this year. His commitment to actions and finding the playable verbs within a role is inspiring. It sharpened my focus on creating a full person on stage for each character.I had always wanted to become performer of some sort. In fact, when I was in elementary school, the first occupation I ever wanted to be was a magician . However, when I was studying for my bachelor's degree, I got scared and declared an English major. My sophomore year I had the opportunity to study at The University of Oxford, and I took a trip to London to see Wicked. I excitedly got to my seat, and at the end of the show, I was a changed person. All of the running from performing and trying other disciplines suddenly was meaningless because of the storytelling, the commitment to the music, and the humanity on that stage. I went back the next semester and changed my major to study what I had always wanted to in the first place.
I am looking forward to
playing a multitude of new
and vastly different
characters: an enchanted
plant, a water spirit, a
knight, the list goes on. It is
exciting to shape and find
individuals in each of the
many characters I get to
KING HJALMAR of Ysselmonde bassNAEricLindseyjeric.lindsey@gmail.comAtlanta, GAManhattan; InwoodScotch-IrishStraighthave a twin brother; used to brew beer and mead for fun.surprised at how quickly it's becoming attached to my memory; love the idea of making the mold for the piece!Did the class last year. Really wonderful experience and practice for auditions, especially in regards to character workfamily was quite musical from the beginning, but the moments came after seeing my first opera at 17 and once again at 19. My teacher in undergrad showed me the Catalog aria and my mouth was to the floor in wonder and amazement at how funny and bold opera actually was. The next year I did my first opera workshop and the biggest scene they gave me was Leporello in the DG sextet. Was hooked ever sinceI'm looking forward to performing a brand-new, piece built "from the ground up" most of all!
KING HJALMAR coverKING MARCELLUS coverAn assignment TBD on the Songs concertKiernan
PRINCE HJALMARson of King HjalmarNAJeremyBrauner
PRINCE HJALMAR coverHenry Ward Beecher in Mrs. President (Bond)GeddyWarnergw791@nyu.eduCurrently live in Cranford, NJOriginally from NJ as well. I am a bunch of things however: Mexican, Native American, Spanish, German, and IrishI am also a singersongrwiter and concurrently with opera, I am also a heavy metal singer, but I write in all different styles as well I teach voice lessons and am also working on a personal training certification. Training is another passion of mine. Fun Fact: I can deadlift over 500lbsWorking on a completely new work has been exciting because I get to see it slowly come to life in each itteration and watch it grow organically with the people who are working on it. It's exciting to be involved in the birth of something new. Chuck's class was very rewarding to me because it is very similar to the work that I had been doing at NYU for the past several years. It was refreshing to know thta it wasn't just the niche of NYU that works like this but that there are other coaches who advocate for this as well around the industry. It was also nice to appraoch the work from anew perspective which helped me to reengage my enjoyment in that style of work. For me, I was really surrounded by sports and STEM field calsses for a very long time growing up. I sort of did music just becasue I enjoyed it and didn't really think much of it. It wasn't until my the summer before my junior year of high school tat I took a look at what was happening in my life. I was in two rock bands, I was in every choir at my high school, and I loved doing the regional honors choirs. That summer I went to Berklee School of music for a summer program and it was the first time that I was surrounded by other people who loved to make music as much as I did. I fell in love with the creative environment and realized there that pursuing a career in music was what I wanted with my life.
I am loving working on Prince Hjalmar. Even though I am covering it, it is cool to be one of two people who are essentially helping to birth a brand new role. Watching something come to life from Whitney's mind, to the score, to our voices and finally, to staging is a brand new experience, and I find it so rewarding.
QUEEN ANNEof Jutland full lyric
QUEEN ANNE coverthe title role in MaryQueen of
PRINCESS MALEINEdaughter of Marcellus and GodeliveNAElyseKakacekSoprano furelysek545@gmail.comI currently live in Park Slope, Brooklyn I am originally from Chicago Illinois. I love to be outside, care for my plants, snuggle my cat and shop at my local farmers market. I really care about equal rights in every capacity- but especially feminism. I also am passionate about the care and protection of the environment.I teach voice and piano lessons and used to compete in yoga competitions! Working on Maleine has been incredibly self revelatory. On the surface, it would be easy to view her as a passive somewhat entitled princess. What I’ve discovered in my study and meditation on her is that this facade is her trapped in the role she has been forced to play her entire life. As the story unfolds, she discovers her self, her power and her truth. The bravery with which she follows the deep and guiding voice with in her is inspiring and staggering. She is teaching me about who I want to be as a woman, especially in this time. We are so surrounded by hypersexualized versions of what women are meant to be, it can be difficult to connect with our inner power and beauty. I am so fortunate to have artists like Whitney George and Brittany Goodwin- who understand this about Maleine. Their portrayal of her is guiding me to deeper acknowledgments of myself, and I hope the opera inspires and ignites the same sense of discovery in the audience once we share it! Chuck Hudson knows how to mine an actor for their best work. His style is empowering, uplifting and also illicits a whole new level of work ethic. He really teaches you what it takes...and that what it takes is really fun! I have always identified as an artist- truly! I have videos from as soon as I could talk with me begging to sing for the camera. However- I became hooked on opera at age twelve. I was fortunate enough to be a member of the children’s chorus in the Lyric Opera of Chicago’s production of Othello starring Renee Fleming and Ben Heppner. Each night we would be escorted to the top balcony to watch the end of the opera. The chills and tears I experienced even at twelve lit something within me and I knew opera was what I needed to pursue.
I can’t wait to start the rehearsal process in all its glory. To connect and play with my colleagues, and really mine the relationships that will propel this vital story into the hearts of the audience. There are multiple singers I have had hoped of working with in this opera- particularly my prince, Jeremy. I have admired his passionate singing for a long time and can’t wait to share the gorgeous duets Whitney wrote for us. Another is Mr. Liz whom I have endless amounts of admiration for- the vulnerability with which he lives and sings is palpable and I can’t wait to feel that energy in front of the footlights while he takes on the force that is the Queen.
PRINCESS MALEINE coverIsabella Beecher in Mrs. President and a plum assignment on the songs programAddie RoseForstman
NANicholleBittlingmeyerMezzo-sopranoNichollelb@gmail.comRaised in Sunnyside, Queens but currently residign in the Lower East SideA New Yorker though and through - 50/50 Ecuadorian and German and raised in a VERY Latino householdSpanish is just as native a tongue to me as English and being bilingual means neither language ever comes out of my mouth very wellMy muggle job is in HR - it's my first "big girl" job.
I also work for a party company as a Disney Princess playing Moana and Elena of Avalor.
Prior to daylighting as HR, I was a church music director of 6 years.
What's been absolutely amazing is the Brittany and Whitney are two of my closest friends on the planet, and when I met Aleta for the first time, I realized that this wasn't just a character they wrote for me - no, they wrote ME into a show. Brittany gave Aleta all of the sassy forwardness that I used in every day life and it's like I'm truly being myself on stage - which presents a whole new set of vulnerabilities that I'll have to delve into! The music Whitney wrote for me is so clearly tailored to my instrument and I've had to do very little worrying about the singability of it in my throat. It's truly a blessing to have your friends spearheading a project like this.I started singing masses as a church cantor at the ripe old age of 12 years old. I learned from early on that I was hooked to singing for an audience and that, for at least an hour out of their day, I could affect what they thought and felt and maybe make it a little better - and who doesn't like a little attention, am I right?
Pluto! Aleta and Maleine adopt a dog and Aleta gets to have so much fun getting to know him!
Mary Seton in MaryQueen of ScotsAndrea
daughter of Queen Anne
the title role in Cendrillon by ViardotMcDonald
friend and confidant of Prince HJALMAR
THE FOOLNAJeffreyMandelbaum
Park SlopeBrooklyn. Easter European JewishCisgender Hetero Father of a ten-year-old-recorder-playing-soccer-math-kid.I am a vinyl freak. Have about 4000 records, and sell on my stoop as an excuse to hunt for more.It has been exciting working with Whitney and Chris to find the exact tessitura in which to place my scenes. Where the drama calls for a high lying line, where the eery feel is well served by lower singing, with a darker color. It is so rare to be able to intimately shape a vocal line to the character and strengths of the voice. I love the discipline necessary to navigate Chuck's constant reminder: "Show me, don't tell me."Seeing Bill T. Jones' "D-Man in the Waters" filled me with such an extravagant joy, at such a ripe, impressionable age. I had recently watched "Dead Poets Society" for the first time, and I was attending the Center for Creative Youth at Wesleyan. It was like the world had become super-charged, and inspiration was in every breath. I "sounded my barbaric Yawp!" I hope to remember this more often...
I was struck last night by how much beauty flowed through the score. My scene with Maleine and the Nuns was haunting and very poignant. I look forward to hearing how the music comes fully to life with the orchestral texture. And I am excited to find the emotional direction of the notes with more "specificity" [wink wink Chris]
Queen Godelive and NurseMaguelone in Cendrillon by Pauline ViardotKristinaMalinauskaitė
Dramatic Coloratura Soprano
New York City (Upper West Side) Lithuanian-American --> New YorkerI’m an avid biker, mostly for communing purposes hower, leisurely rides are always enjoyed with friends and family, especially with Dad. I love nature, being outside and the extremes of all the seasons. Working on a new work is interesting ... there are many new challenges, and challenges are good. Chuck’s class is just amazing - you learn something new every time you do it at deeper level, and most of the techniques can be applied to regular day-life situations and not just the stage. Music touched me at the age of two and I literally saw the light at the end of a tunnel but I didn’t choose opera until a 10th grade English class where we were also required to study a libretto, there, it became clear that opera had a combination of all the things I loved; music, theater, dance, visual art and the possibility of moving other people.
While i‘m exiTED to work with friends and collegues old and new, I’m very much looking forward to finally sharing the stage with Nicolle Bittlingmeyer (Aleta) as our paths have been crossing since high school. I’m also VERY excited to be a part of a Whitney George’s orinal piece and finally getting to work with Bea Goodwin.
Soprano Track 2cover Ursulacover Petit AllanSING: TownspersonNun (Voice 3) in Act IICover of the title role in Cendrillon by Pauline ViardotMelynSaenzms10258@nyu.eduAstoria, QueensFrom a small bordertown in Texas, Mission TX. I'm Mexican-AmericanI adore animals! I went vegetarian for animal rights at 13 years old and I've been vegan for the past 3 years. I spend some of my free time searching for delicious vegan spots around NYC.My first exposure to singing was through Mariachi music. As a very young child, one of my family members would play the accordion while I sang along to classic mariachi songs to entertain the rest of the family. A few years later, I became painfully shy and refused to sing. That was until I was accidentally placed in a choir class at a new middle school. I never did fix my middle school schedule, it only took a few days of attending choir class to realize I REALLY enjoyed music. Eventually, I learned about Opera, and at the end of my junior year in high school I decided it was the world I belonged in.
This is my first time working with Brittany and Whitney and WOW, they have created a beautiful piece of art with Princess Maleine. I'm honored to be a part of this brilliant team and excited for the day we get to share Princess Maleine with an audience!
Mezzo Track 1; town drunkNun (Voice 4) in Act IIArmelinde in Cendrillon by Pauline ViardotJessicaHarika
Mezzo Track 2cover GodeliveTownspersonHead Nun (Voice 1)Victoria Woodhull in Mrs. PresidentAnnaWoiwood
Harlem, NYCLee's Summit, MO
Like many people I assumed that Hillary Clinton was the first woman to run for president. It was not until I was assigned the role of Victoria Woodhull that I realized there had been a woman before Clinton. Through reading about Woodhull’s vast and varied life I have come to appreciate her as a woman. She was so strong and forward thinking for her time. She overcame so much in her childhood and just kept pushing forward to become the woman that she was. Even though she was unable to attain her ultimate goals of becoming “Presidentess” of the United States and bringing free love to the masses, she was still a strong, heroic woman who helped to shift the mindset of her generation.
I had not intended on going into opera at all. In fact, I despised classical music unless it was orchestral (because I played violin and string bass). However, I should have known that opera was on the horizon. In high school I had a bit part in High School Musical. Our microphones were not always the best and one day during rehearsal my director said, “everyone try to sing as loud as Anna. Her voice bounces off the back of the room.” It would be a few more years before a teacher at my first college caught my potential and sent me on my path to appreciating opera and I’ve never looked back since.
Tenor Track 1VanoxtownspersonnobleJames Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell in Mary, Queen of ScotsGabrielHernandez tenor
Harlem, NYCTampa Florida
born in Ceiba, Puerto Rico
Both are by living female composersWhen I was a child, my parents put me in softball, and I ended up dancing ballet in the outfield. From that moment on they KNEW I was supposed to be on a stage performing!I can't wait to see Whitney George and Bea Goodwin's excitement when they are finally able to see this collaboration come to life
Tenor Track 2TownspersonDoctorNAMarquesHollie
Washington Heights (Manhattan)My father was in the Air Force and we moved several times (born in Florida, moved to the UK, then to Nebraska) so I don't really consider myself as being "from" anywhereI've been singing professionally since about 2008, but before getting into opera I was a dancer (modern, jazz) and gymnast. In the last few years, I've started to explore other creative outlets like learning guitar, writing a monodrama, getting back to my roots as a dancer, and circus work (pole, lyra, trapeze). It's been deeply liberating (and fun) and also extremely humbling. I went to college in Boston and participated in the first ever No Pants Subway Ride (2011 I believe) and appeared in the online edition of the Boston Globe as a result. The ride still happens every year in Boston and that picture shows up in news articles every year (thanks Getty Images!)As a kid, we're talking wee tyke/toddler ages, I idolized Michael Jackson's performance ability, and parents have video of toddler me moon-walking and doing Smooth Criminal choreography, and the they say, is history.I've had the pleasure of working with Bea on a few other projects, and I've wanted to work with Whitney since I heard a piece of her in the Sparks and Wiry Cries SongSlam, so getting to work with BOTH of them at the same time is a dream.
Baritone TrackStephanotownspersoncover AngusnobleJames StewartEarl of Moray in MaryQueen of Scots by Thea MusgraveConnor
Bass Track King Marcellustownsperson?nobleLord Gordon in MaryQueen of Scots by Thea
Conductor Maleine
ComposerAssociate Conductor Maleine
Scenes conductor: MaryQueen of Scots
Brooklyn, New York (Ditmas Park)Bay Area (San Francisco), California I have a lot of creative outlets. I enjoy modifying my own clothing, and nabble in photographyI lecture for a group called ThinkOlio, and get to talk about some very interesting intersections of music and culture, and lead "deep listening" sessionsYou would think that writing the opera would make it easier (for me) to conduct—not always the case, but I always think about conducting while I'm writing. Still running into sections though that trip my arms up and not my brian (and vise versa with the music, of course). It's a fun (and frustrating) relationship between the two, but I'm happy I dabble in the arm-waiving, too.Getting to hear the principles in their coachings for 'Maleine' has been really wonderful—it's truly like making a garnment, having someonem try it on, and then adjusting it to them specifically. So far everyone in the show is looking really quite lovely, and 'living' in these clothes for a while is really what the next handful of weeks s is about.At this point I'm not sure I could stop writing if I wanted to. I'm really draw to staged drama (and music of course), which makes the medium of opera especially exciting (and reqarding) for me. For my masters project I wrote a one-act (50-minute) chamber opera, and conducted it—that feeling of giving a really solid premiere and getting to really *feel* the story was so incredibly reqarding, and I knew then that that's what I wanted more of. It's a lot of work to get to that payoff point, but it only happens in performance, and it continues bringing me back to the 'stage' every time. Working with libretist Lila Palmer for an original work for New Camerata Opera: a filmed opera series based on Julie d'aubigny, which will be released in their 2019-20 season.
Rehearsal Pianist Maleine
Librettist Stage Director Maleine
Assoc. Dir./Choreographer Maleine
Scenes Stage Director Cendrillon
Stage Manager Maleine
ASM MaleineLilyOtter
Dramaturge Maleine
MariannaMott Newirth
Music Director Ruggiero
Associate Music Director Ruggiero
Stage Director Ruggiero
Asst. Stage Director Ruggiero
Director Scenes: Mary Queen of Scots; Mrs. Pres.
Stage Manager Ruggiero
Philadelphia, PA
ASM Ruggiero
Bushwick Raised in South Florida, of Persian background, parents from UzbekistanI'm a playwright, screenwriter, and actor that wants more crew and management experience! I love cooking and following new recipes more than anything. I met a very nice young man at a bar in bushwick, and we soon learned we were both writers. He then, quite pretentiously, asked if I write by hand, laptop, or typewriter. I said I use hand or laptop but it would be nice to use a typewriter just for the experience. He told me to wait right there. He then went to his car and returned with a Rocket typewriter. He gave it to me as a gift. When I asked him if he was sure he asked, "I have seven." I considered spending the rest of my life with him until I realized this is a person who carries around typewriters to seduce Bushwick types and for some reason I felt cheap.
Scenes Conductor/rehearsal pianist
Manhattan/ Columbus CircleRaised in Charleston, SC. Descended from French and Scottish colonial refugeesI also sing and compose, and I enjoy running, swimming, and going to performances in the city with my fiancee. We have a 4 year old Bengal cat named Leo, who likes to make a lot of noise when I sing.What I love most about working on a new or lesser known piece is the sense of being in brand new territory. The rhythmic and expressive challenges of an untried composer's individual style, provide a rich field in which to grow as a conductor. I have enjoyed working with Chris on conducting technique. In our one-on-one sessions he has made me aware of ways to bring together what I know with what I haven't tried yet, and in so doing evaporate my doubts and find myself on solid ground. When I read my first Bach piece, I remember being so proud that I was playing something by the illustrious J.S. I derived a feeling of profound connection, from beng delivered something directly from his hand to mine. I still play that Aria in d minor sometimes, and it always brings back that sense of honor and rightness. You can pull my profile photo and anything else from my long bio on my FB artist page
Scenes Performance pianist (Bond/Musgrave)
Ji HeaHwang
Scenes AD/SM (Not Avail till July 14th)
Production Manager
Season Scenic Design
BronxSouth Korea
Season Scenic Design Associate
Season Costume Design/Mentor
Fort GreeneBritishThe smallest costumes I’ve made are 8” for the stop animation.
Season Assoc. Cost. Des.
Season Lighting Design/SM Mentor
Dante OliviaSmith