RCF/Valletta 2018 (English)
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TimestampFile numberEligibility criteriaLorenza's commentsAngie's comments concerning eligibilityExpertsNAME (as indicated on passport)FIRST NAMEARTIST NAMEIf you are making this request with other members of a group please provide their names.Email addressYour telephone numberWhat is your age ?What is your nationality?How did you find out about the Cimetta Fund?What is your professional/working status ?If you are working within an organisation please provide the name of the organisation and describe its activity briefly. Please also give an email address and phone numberPlease describe briefly your training and professional experience. Internet links ReferencesWhich artistic field do you work in?Where are you traveling from?Where are you traveling to?When are you leaving?When are you returning?I would like to apply for a travel grant for the estimated amount of xxx,xx $/€Have you already received a Cimetta Fund Travel Grant?If you have already received a Cimetta Fund Travel Grant please indicate the year/s you received it/them?Please explain your/your organisation’s situation concerning funding research and justify your request for a Cimetta Fund Travel Grant?What is the aim of your trip?The aim of my tripAre you (please tick only one of the three eligibility criteria below) :Which of the four Valletta 2018 themes (Island stories ; Future Baroque ; Voyages) does your trip address ? Please explain briefly the project you are elaborating around this/these themes ?How will you use the information/experience you have gained when you return to your country to further your own projects? How will this trip contribute to local cultural development in your own region when you return?Name of hosting organisationContact personContact detailsDescrption of the organisationWhy has the candidate been invited ?Name of candidateAre you supporting per diems/Accommodation costs ?Expert's markExpert's commentsAverage mark of the expertsPre-selected or not pre-selectedFinal decision
6/30/2018 20:46:48502Date : 1
Geographic zone : 1
Artistic et cultural : 1
Amount requested : 1 (153 €)
Impact: 1
Complete: 1
Lorenza : the project is linked to Valletta 2018 (Islands stories)EligibleYachar
DrNela Nela Milicn/anela011@hotmail.com+44(0)794186303844UKThrough specific websitesArtistNela is participatory artist working in memory studies field. She delivered projects for the Royal Opera House, Barbican, John Lewis, Al Jazeera, Oxo Tower, LIFT festival etc. She is a recipient of the ECF Grant for the project Wedding Bellas and won Southwark community arts award for the project Here Comes Everybody. Her work has been displayed at the London Olympic stadium. Nela’s work about the Balkans is ‘Balkanising Taxonomy’ and several Kulturklammer projects.http://fourthland.co.uk/nela-milicmotion2, https://www.gold.ac.uk/static/balkanising-taxonomy/, http://www.kulturklammer.org/view/64, https://spaceandplacelcc.wordpress.com, http://outsidein.org.uk/nela- Larisa Blazic, artist and senior lecturer at University of Westminster - lab_web@yahoo.com
Fabio Altamura, curator and gallery projects and development manager at Cubitt Artists Studios - fabio@cubittartists.org.uk
InterdisciplinaryLondonValletta5/9/201812/9/2018153 EuroNoI do not have the funding for this trip. My university will consider to pay (for the sake of the future partnerships with the cultural organisations in Valletta that I aim to negotiate alongside my artistic practice engagement) for the registration of the event, but is unable to fund the travel and accommodation that I will have to manage myself. I am looking at asking local artists, some my ex-colleagues from London to provide me with accommodation, but the travel there will need to be subsidised. 3) Take part in a meeting of professionals (network, festival, etc.) as a speaker or as a participant.I will be leading a workshop for the attendees of Creative Legacies: Collaborative Practices for Digital Cultural Heritage (DRHA) (https://drha2018.org), event marking Valletta - European Cultural Capital of Culture. The programme deals with digital technology and heritage and has attracted global audience through establishing a design cluster: https://valletta2018.org/infrastructure-projects/the-valletta-design-cluster-at-il-biccerija/
I would like to explore that cluster in particular for the purpose of devising a city map as a method I have initiated via projects in Belgrade, currently in Sarajevo and forthcoming in Rijeka. This method is not well known in Malta, so I will be introducing it to the residents that I will be working with as well as the conference attendees because participation to the workshop is open to public in order to boost inclusion in the creative industries in the region. I will arrive a few days prior to the event to mark up the territory for working in and to meet with the communities interested in gathering the material for the map that will then be executed in the public delivery from 9-12 September 2018 (official date of the conference). I am already in touch with the University staff (Justin Galea) and local artists (Adnan Hadzi). As digital scholars and practitioners, those colleagues would be a perfect fit for development and delivery of my digital map. I will have support for its realization from another London designer from the field who is also going to be at the event - Alexandra Antolopolou, but my interest is also in submerging myself in the company of Westminster, Greenwich, RCA and Goldsmiths design departments, as well as Helsinki, Milano, Vienna, Lisbon, Madrid, New Zealand MIT and famous cultural industry organisations like Smithsonian, Mahatat and Bauhaus – all coming to Valletta too.
living or working in Europe and/or the Arab Region, and wishing to travel to Malta to make an artistic intervention in the wider Euro-Arab contextIsland Stories: I am interested in island comparison - Uk and Valletta, the metropolis and the town. They might defer in size, but what is similar in their way of life? How the space affects those communities connections, intersections and workings is what I would like to explore in this project through participatory mapping. Valletta project begins the collaboration with mapping the Mediterranean European Capitals of Culture I will continue in Rijeka next year on the similar invitation - a collaboration between the University of Rijeka (27 Neighbourhoods project) and local cultural organisation that are organising "The Port of Diversity" programme. Working with the local community there, I intend to create an archive of the city as a gift to it, a gratitude for the learning about its community I will have by this interaction. My creative aesthetics is largely based on and inspired by the Mediterranean, from colours to shapes and techniques and these projects will give me an opportunity to engage with them further and expose its beauty in the cultural spaces in the UK and wider. Uk is an island. With the recent decision to further exclude itself from the EU, it will be even more segregated from the European communities. How then to encourage it to use this circumstance to engage more with its many peoples in the country - Scottish, Welsh, English and many migrants and refugees that have found their home on the territory? Community cohesion is what I have been working on in all of my creative projects and I have been finding different approaches to it according to various locations I have experienced. I gather those empirical accounts to learn about the world, but also support the development of its diversity by embracing interactions I further in those territories and form a model I can then start with working elsewhere in the participatory manner.Yashar : A+Yashar: Long-term development of local cultural structures and institutions is in direction of FRC's objectives. (i.e. Coherence with FRC priorities) + clear mission with feasible goals.5.5153€
6/17/2018 11:31:48488Date : 1
Geographic zone : 1
Artistic et cultural : 1
Amount requested : 1 (350€)
Impact: 1
Complete: 1
Lorenza : The project seems great and thought and there is a clear link with Valletta 2018 (attend symposium organised byTransformer project)EligibleGiusy
MasoeroFrancescaPau Cata Marles (already granted the fund during the last open call)free.masoero@gmail.com0032 483249743 / 00212 64237534627ItalianThrough friends, colleaguesI work within an organisationLE 18 (Marrakech) / LE 18 is an independent, multidisciplinary art space and an artist in residence programme in the medina of Marrakech (Morocco).
Located in a traditional dar (house), LE 18 is a platform for artistic and knowledge production, dissemination and transcultural exchange, connecting the local scene with international ones, with a particular focus on the regional, Euro-Mediterranean one.
LE 18 develops a programmation running the whole year, informed by long-term research and artistic projects on topics such as urban transformations, water and land rights, artistic practices in the MENA and cultural mobility, adopting and promoting trans-disciplinarity both within the artistic field (visual arts, performing arts, cinema, literature, music and sound) and beyond. LE 18 hence proposes different formats, such as exhibitions, public programmes including talks, performances, listening sessions, screenings, workshops, urban interventions.
Since 2015, I am curator and programmer at LE 18, as well as assistant director.

laila.hida@gmail.com (director)
00212 654190914
Francesca Masoero is a curator, researcher and cultural project manager, based between Morocco, Italy and Belgium. She is assisting director and curator at LE 18, independent art space (Marrakech), coordinator of Kibrit and founding member of Madrassa Collective, a transnational curatorial platform based between North Africa, Middle East, Europe and West Africa.
With a background in critical theory and political economy, she is particularly interested in exploring interdisciplinary curatorial research and methodologies, and collaborative, socially-engaged art practices, investigating the role they may have as forms of resistance and as forces of transformation particularly in peripheral and postcolonial geographies. Her research investigates processes of appropriation, translation, cultural and political-economic contamination, migration and mobility and the politics linked to public spaces and common goods.
www.le18marrakech.com ; www.kibrit.com ; https://www.facebook.com/madrassacollective/Laila Hida / laila.hida@gmail.com ; Pau Cata Marles / cercca@gmail.comVisual Arts, Interdisciplinary, Curating, visual art, performance, social theoryFrom Torino to VallettaFrom Valletta to MarrakechFirst week of September (2nd-3rd September)Between 9th and 12th September350 EURNoLe 18 is a Moroccan non profit association which lacks structural fundings in order to be able to cover team - related costs.
The project Transformer, to which I am invited to take part to as curator of one of the AROs invited in the context of Valletta 2018, has also limitations in its budgets and cannot cover for associated curators flights (only for artists).
3) Take part in a meeting of professionals (network, festival, etc.) as a speaker or as a participant., 4) Take part in a seminar/conference as a speaker or as a participant.1) PROJECT AND PARTNERS
The aim of my trip is to take part as a speaker to the international conference and networking meeting organised in Valletta as part of the final events of the project TRANSFORMER.
TRANSFORMER, International creative spaces & cultural mobility, is a project created and organised by Blitz, Valletta and Central Saint Martins (CSM), University of the Arts, London, in partnership with LE 18 (Marrakech), 3 137 (Athens), CeRRCA (Barcelona), Atelier de l’Observatoire (Casablanca).
Participating artists are: Kosmas Nikolaou (3 137, Athens, Greece); Ro Caminal (CeRRCA, Barcelona, Spain); Laila Hida (Le 18, Marrakech, Morocco); Mohamed Fariji (L’Atelier de l’Observatoire, Casablanca, Morocco); Fenêtre Project – Dustin Cauchi, Francesca Mangion (Blitz, Valletta, Malta).

Transformer is a multifaceted, two-year project presented by Blitz, in collaboration with Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, and culminating in a multi-site exhibition in September 2018. The project will build a relationship between a Maltese artistic context and an international cultural network through a series of border-crossing curatorial and artistic exchanges. The project includes curatorial research, artist residencies, a website, public talks, workshops and a multi-site exhibition in spaces across Malta during the 2018 European Capital of Culture year. The activities will be a collaboration between project partners from Malta, the United Kingdom, Spain, Morocco, and Greece, with the aim of building a network which will help develop Artist Run Organisations (AROs) and the contemporary art context in Malta.
Transformer focuses on the dynamic generated by AROs and their engagement with contingencies of the present, engendering artistic discourse via artists-based research activities in-situ. Transformer institutes a ground-up, grassroots, sustainable and long-lasting interchange; nurturing, developing and extending the activity of the Maltese contemporary art scene, widening its sphere of influence, and embedding it within European and international communities of practice.

More information is available here: http://transformermalta.com/

Blitz and Transformer invited me to attend and contribute to the final events of the programme, particularly the multi-site exhibition involving all the artists invited, and the professional seminar involving all the AROs of the project together with local artistic initiatives and actors. The programme takes place during the first ten days of September 2018, in the context of Valletta 2018.

Being able to take part to the programme would be an invaluable opportunity for me and for Le18, as being able to connect, exchange and possibly draw connections and partnerships with the other partners of the project as well as with the Maltese artistic community more at large.
Moreover, being able to discuss and engage more with Transformer research focus on urban transformations and methodology would be extremely fruitful for me as this subject is very much part of my research interests as well as being a key topic of future projects I will develop in Marrakech as part of Le 18 agenda.

living or working in Europe and/or the Arab Region, and wishing to travel to Malta to make an artistic intervention in the wider Euro-Arab contextMy participation and involvement in Valletta 2018, via Transformer, surely addresses primarily the theme of the Voyages. As a curator and artist in residence coordinator I value the creation and the taking care of spaces of encounter and exchange as an essential element of my practice and of LE 18 vision and mandate.
By attending the Transformer symposium I will be able to build stronger relationships with both the local community of artistic practitioners in Malta and the Euro-Mediterranean partners of the project.
The experience will be beneficiary for me and for LE 18 at multiple levels.
Firstly, we will be able to draw from the experience shared by the other speakers and partners on their own model of managing AROs, while also having feedbacks on our own functioning, crucial to further structure our project in the upcoming years.
Moreover, being part of the organisation and running of the multi-site exhibition will be a very important experience that could nourish our own work. LE 18 is actually developing a similar project from 2019, involving several artists to explore and engage in peripheral and marginal areas of the city of Marrakech. The methodological reflection coming along with the implementation of the project is central and will lead to a final publication, aiming at drafting a proposal for situated artistic interventions in the urban fabric. Transformer addresses these very questions and would be a very insightful case to draw from.
As previously mentioned, the trip would be beneficial for us as allowing to collect a series of lessons learnt from the exchanges and knowledge sharing that will take place during the Transformer events.
Moreover, we hope to be able to establish connections and possibly new collaborations with both partners and local institutions and artists to strengthen exchanges between Marrakech and Morocco and other Euro-Mediterranean geographies.
Giusy : AGiusy : It would be great to help making stronger multi-places based
organizations like AROs, and thus, its potential effects on local
cultural development and at the same time ARO's autonomy and
The good quality of partnerships of Transformer project would probably
help both Le 18 and AROs for their future participation to
international projects and contribute to structure and establish AROs
as internationally recognized transregional project, exploring
long-term forms of interaction, especially on postcolonial
geographies, in and over the Euro-mediterranean dimension.

(I expressed already positive opinion for this project on the occasion
of last call)
6/28/2018 17:57:47497Date : 1
Geographic zone : 1
Artistic et cultural : 1
Amount requested : 0 (600 €)
Impact: 1
Complete: 1
Lorenza : The project is transnational (an italian working and living in Malta and going to Lebanon to networking about Maltese culture) and it is linked to Valletta 2018 because it promotes Maltese history and exchanges through the Mediterranean area. EligibleTalal
MauroMelgratiNAmauro.melgrati@gmail.com+39333869886231ItalianThrough friends, colleaguesFreelance/independentThe Film Grain Foundation is a non-profit organisation set up to foster a greater appreciation for film. Together with government agencies and other public associations it aims to strengthen Malta’s national film culture by organising a number of annual international events that promote new and progressive quality films and exchange of knowledge amongst filmmakers. FGF is the proud organiser of the Valletta Film Festival.
In 2010 I worked for the marketing department of the Milano Film Festival, where I carried out Fundraising activities.
After garnering substantial experience as an advertising Strategic Planner until 2014 both in Italy and Malta, I dedicated myself to a more personal project: the production of Altrove-Elsewhere (www.altrovedoc.it), a short film raising awareness about Down syndrome which I accompanied in over 15 festivals around Europe.
In 2015, I joined Citybility (www.citybility.net) a Milan based startup project, aiming to develop a sustainable local circular economy.
I have recently joined the Film Grain Foundation team as a Sponsor Manager and Marketing,outreach and communication Consultant.
https://www.vallettafilmfestival.com/Bojana Dimistrovska - bojana@filmgrainfoundation.org; Rebecca Anastasi - rebecca@filmgrainfoundation.orgCinemaLuqa - MaltaBeirut06/09/201811/09/2018600NoFilm Grain Foundation is an NGO that has been operating from 2015 and still relies heavily on public funds to operate. I am applying to the R. Cimetta Fund as the Foundation doesn't have sufficient funds to cover travel expenses for its members.1) Prepare a project and meet potential partners in another country.In the light of the 5th edition of Valletta Film Festival and the launch of Valletta Film Festival Film Lab I have been invited to attend the Batroun Mediterranean Film Festival between the 7th and the 11th September. During the festival week, I aim at expanding the festival network and outreach in the Mediterranean, creating a network of Mediterranean film festivals to help each others access funding and developing platforms where filmmakers can meet and exchange. living and working in Malta and developing projects specific to the Euro-Arab regionVOYAGES - Malta has obvious ties to Lebanon though its Phoenician roots and still entertains many similarities until today. Lebanon has a thriving film industry. Valletta Film Festival aim at integrating the Batroun Festival in its network to help developing new opportunities both for Malta and Lebanon.I will ensure that a collaboration between the two festivals will start by sharing the information with the other members of the VFF team and initiate a way forward to create a solid network among several Mediterranean Festivals.This trip will help developing our network, preparing the program of the Valletta Film Festival 2019 and creating bridges between the 2 festivals.Talal Al-Muhanna: ATalal Al-Muhanna: The project aims to build a sustainable cooperation between two film festivals in neighboring Mediterranean countries (Lebanon & Malta) - one of which is established (Valetta Film Festival/Film Grain Foundation) and the other of which is emerging (1st edition of Batroun event in Lebanon). The project certainly supports the potential of improved networking between the two festivals, including in the Arab world and may lead to Euro-Arab knowledge exchange and creative collaborations. Support of this application could also have an exponential effect as it may open the way for future cooperation between the parties that would be eligible for EU/Arab world financial support. As the Lebanese event is in its infancy, there is the risk that this event may not continue beyond its first edition. However, at such a stage, early support from RCF for the applicant could be key in promoting it. The possibility for the Lebanese counterpart to gain exposure to Maltese culture would be a good one, especially if the exchange could be reciprocated through a visit to Malta, as the project proposes.5600€
7/1/2018 18:48:10507Date : 1
Geographic zone : 1
Artistic et cultural : 1
Amount requested : 0,5 (350 €)
Impact: 1
Complete: 1
The project is to attend a conference in Valletta linked to the "Islands stories" theme. EligibleVlasta
MsMateja Stanislava RotI prefer to be called Teja/teja.rot@gmail.com3864047751541Slovenevia Anna Lindh Foundation - I am a member since 2009.Freelance/independentI'm Cultural Manager from Slovenia. I completed postgraduate studies in Art Management at City University London in 2006. I was trained in cultural management and policy in St. Petersburg (ICE-SMART, HSE, 2014), I worked at Agora Collective in Berlin in 2015, I completed residency Curator's Agenda Vienna 2015 and was involved in ThinkUP Culture HUB Palma Mallorca. I was selected for UkraineLab: Playing polyphony in society at ImpactHUB Berlin and Future Jamboree within Wroclaw EU Cultural Capital. I am an art journalist of fine arts magazine Artwords and Glasna music magazine. I am member of CitizensLab dealing with urban transformation, I am alumni of programs run by the Robert Bosch Foundation and also alumni member of International Diplomats Training from Germany. In July 2017 I studied Advanced Entrepreneurship at Stanford University where I established collaboration with SRI and Stanford University GSB Behavioral Lab. I am alumni of many esteemed global programs. I was participating in Future Innovators Summit on Artificial Intelligence and future home at Festival Ars Electronica in 2017. I’m Rotary Peace Fellow 2018 Class 24 at Rotary Peace Centre, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok researching peacebuilding and reconstruction of cities after natural disasters and conflicts. I am Professional Fellow of program on Tech innovation and entrepreneurship run by US Department of State and WorldChicago, which lasted until June 2018. Within the scope of this program I worked at my work placement at Great Cities Institute of College for Urban Planning and Policy at University of Illinois, Chicago. 1. Jernej Kovac, Secretary of the Union and member of Editorial Board of Artwords fine arts magazine, jernej.kovac@gmail.com
2. Darja Teran, President Slovene Union of University Women, izobrazenke.slovenije@gmail.com
Interdisciplinary, urban innovation, curatorial studies, cultural heritage and advanced digitizationLjubljanaValletta22 October 201828 October 2018350 EURNoAs an independent cultural manager I operate with limited funds for my projects and programs. My work is project based and as such I do not possess any extra funds to cover my travel expenses to conference Sharing the Legacy. I will already pay for my conference fee, living costs and accommodation and therefore, I'm kindly asking for a travel grant from Cimetta Fund which will enable me to attend this important event. Additionally, let me mention that I applied to present a paper at the conference and I'm currently waiting for notification of results.4) Take part in a seminar/conference as a speaker or as a participant.Sharing the Legacy, What makes a city better, 24-26 October 2018, Valletta, Malta
Before this conference I will attend project meetings with a few of stakeholders who will also be at the conference.
Organization & scientific committee: Valletta 2018 Foundation, Prof. Pier Luigi Sacco (Full Professor, IULM University Milan, and Visiting professor, Harvard University), Dr Tricia Austin (Design consultant & academic), Jonas Būchel (Urbanist, co-founder Urban Institute Riga), Caldon Mercieca (Valletta Design Cluster), Szilvia Nagy (LOCOP), Michael Deguara (Valletta 2018 Evaluation & Monitoring Steering Committee), Glen Farrugia (Institute for Tourism Studies), Graziella Vella (Research Coordinator, Valletta 2018 Foundation) and partners.

I am most excited to attend the conference Sharing the Legacy in Valletta as I would like to make change in society by reinventing and revisiting urban contemporary cultural realities and renegotiate the possibilities to implement innovative cultural action in global cities. Within this conference I would like to explore diverse new structural possibilities and strategies for cultural interaction in the cities today, broaden my knowledge, develop my hard and soft skills expertise and contribute towards building the interaction on cultural values and interests. I am particularly interested in the interplay between cultural diplomacy, place branding and liveability, particularly in light of large-scale public events such as the European Capital of Culture as well as in creating, transforming and sustaining a liveable city and researching the role of the local community in city positioning. International context of the conference is essential to also establish a network of contacts with whom I would be sharing my experience and best practices in urban innovation. My goal is to become female leader in CCI and city development therefore I would like to continue with searching, managing and realizing great ideas in global networked environment.
living or working in Europe and/or the Arab Region, and wishing to travel to Malta to make an artistic intervention in the wider Euro-Arab contextThe conference addresses the theme Island Stories, and more specifically the folowing subtopics: Culture, politics and capital in urban transformation, renewal of the city but also unintentional legacy (which ties into Future Baroque theme as it revolves around the fabric of the city as it’s developed and rethought across time). It seeks to explore research, policy and particularly practical examples from different researchers, academics, policy makers, cultural practitioners, urban planners and designers, activists and community members, combining policy and strategic aspects to practical, on-the-ground perspectives. The conference thematic areas are:
Participatory and inclusive forms of urban management and the 21st century individualistic nature of the capital
Agents of change in the city and their roles in formal and informal change processes within the city
3. Collective identities and sense of community in the city, formal and informal social stuctures of the city
4. Understanding the city

The project that I will present and also start developing in Valletta is called Open Plot: Creative Transformations of Self-Made City.

-Background and context
Today, a global metropolis increasingly positions itself as the herald of self-made city, hosting more or less willingly many innovative and inclusive initiatives of urban living and architectural interventions. I believe that now is the perfect time to come up with community-based initiatives driven by IT, art and design that change the lives of people by transforming their environment into spaces for creative and participatory living.

-Strategic and specific goals
Open Plot investigates existing urban plot and builds up new approaches in sustainable architecture and design of interactive neighborhood which instigates bottom-up processes while using artistic and technological means in setting up situations for fruitful and vibrant community participation in the process. It brings IT and 3D to revitalization and renovation of abandoned, deserted/neglected public spaces in the city. The process starts by tracking the movement of people in the city in order to better understand the urban dynamics and explore what spaces are acting as the busiest ones and are revealing “the pulse of the city”.

Open Plot wants to inspire global communities and it also hosts a discussion on particular aspects of creative city planning and architectural innovation, such as: How does a city support self-making initiatives? Is there a gap between associative initiatives and the way the city behaves and plugs itself on the energy liberated by these initiatives? What are the opportunities for the city to link up and support alternative city-making initiatives through art? These short intervention events are going to be set up in different spots, cities and spaces. Open Plot will act as a constellation of actions and horizons where we can start jointly mapping the cultural atmosphere of the cities of future.

-Expected results and impact
Open Plot allows a new level of crowdsourcing: easy to use tool for ordinary people to volunteer and examine/investigate cultural and artistic activation potential of public spaces in the city. Through exploring urban geography I am setting up a specific format of action missions to create perceptive mapping of traces left by different agents, local community members, artistic representatives and designers of innovative open city neighborhood.

I firmly believe that Open Plot acts as constellation of actions and horizons where together we can start mapping the atmosphere of the future and build more resilient, culturally rich and liveable city neighborhoods.
I’m very much inspired by the creative collisions of ideas for change, interactions and joint brainwritting and imagineering processes. I want to actively contribute and build a powerful community with strong knowledge-base, preparedness to learn from each other, form better society and improve the lives of people. My goal is to provide services of excellence to global urban communities and start implementing joint urban shifts right away, in my home country as well as globally. The conference offers me a unique opportunity and provides a perfect setting for achieving this goal by connecting me to other fellow-thinkers, pushing me to the field to make global change in the cities, innovate and inspire with artistic innovation and so much more, especially in relation to the role that community plays in the city’s renewal. I’m very excited about the programme as studying and inventing new urban conditions requires a global mindset and preparedness to implement actions out of the box. I’m a positive thinker and proactive individual, inventing solutions to challenges which I regard as opportunities for action. I follow simplicity as inspiration in my life and have established a holistic network for creating tech and non-tech innovation and trans global opportunities.Within the conference Sharing the Legacy I will acquire and develop skills of a new kind of cultural urban leader and caretaker of the future commons who is fully aware of the ever changing conditions in contemporary cities and is adapting/refocusing/reframing with high speed. I want to think and act in line of Hiroshi Ishii’s (Head of Tangible Media Group at MIT Media Lab) words: “Ideas collide, opportunities emerge and disciplines transcend”.
The conference will equip me with the latest research on how to make cities resilient, and turn urban spaces into participatory hubs. It will also inform me on the current trends in city development and activation of cultural and creative expression which I will then be able to apply in Slovenia and in the countries where I operate.
Vesna: A Vesna:Although a bit pretentious in goals, the applicant, with her good references and extremely positive thinking and acting, deserves support not only because of her impacts today in Slovenia, but also for her potential impacts in the countries and places where she appears. 5350€
513Date : 1
Geographic zone : 1
Artistic et culturel : 1
Montant correct : 0,5 (500€)
Impact: 1
Complete: 1
Lorenza : le projet artistique est très fourni et détaillé et entre parfaitement dans les critères Valletta 2018EligibleMicheline / Loubna Parizot-ClericoElizabethElizabeth Grechlizamalte13@gmail.com66248011339French La Fondation René Seydoux où j'ai travaillé auparavant a été membre fondatrice du Fonds CimettaIndependentJe traduis de la littérature maltaise (notamment la poésie) vers le français depuis une quinzaine d'années. Cela m'a encouragé à écrire et je prépare la publication d'un premier recueil de poèmes en maltais (que j'entends faire traduire en FR et EN) chez Merlin Publishers à Malte. Mon but est de promouvoir la littérature maltaise à l'étranger et de créer des échanges avec d'autres poètes et traducteurs. J'ai également une solide expérience dans la traduction technique dans le domaine des sciences humaines et sociales, sciences politiques et plus particulièrement dans le secteur artistique et culturel puisque j'ai également travaillé pendant 10 ans comme chargée de mission dans une structure culturelle.http://unemeretlautre.comClare Azzoppardi (écrivaine) - clareazz@gmail.com
Toni Attard (cultural manager, ancien directeur du Malta Arts Council) - toni@cultureventure.org
Ecriture, dramaturgie, poésie, conteParisTetova, via Skopje (Macédoine)October, 18th 2018October, 22th 2018500 EURNoJe travaille en freelance avec un statut d'auto-entrepreneur et je peux difficilement prendre en charge ce gens de frais pour participer à un festival.3) Participer à une rencontre de professionnels (réseau, festival, etc.) en tant qu'intervenant(e) ou participant(e).1) Il s'agit de l'International Literary Manifestation qui aura lieu du 18 au 22 octobre 2018, un festival international de littérature qui invite des poètes venant de divers pays pour présenter leur travail à la fois en langue originale mais aussi en traduction. Trois poésies seront publiées en anglais et en albanais dans une anthologie du festival. 2) Le festival aura lieu à Tetova, en Macédoine. Après avoir participé au Festival international de poésie à Sidi Bou Saïd, Tunisie, ma participation à ce festival est très importante non seulement parce qu'elle me permet de présenter mon travail mais parce qu'elle donne l'opportunité de promouvoir la langue et la littérature maltaise en général. C'est aussi une occasion pour faire du networking professionnel, rencontrer d'autres poètes et traducteurs. 3) MANIFESTIMI LETRAR NDËRKOMBËTAR - International Literary Manifestation, organisé par DITËT E NAIMIT (www.ditetenaimit.org) représentée par son directeur Shaip Emërllahu (shaipem@yahoo.com). Participer à cette rencontre me permettra d'établir des liens avec Malte et notamment le Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival pour repérer des poètes à inviter mais aussi pour encourager le Festival de Tetova à inviter chaque année un poète maltais. 4) voir réponse 3. 5) voir réponse 3.Je vis/travaille en Europe et/ou dans la région arabe, et je voyage à l’intérieure de l’espace euro-arabe pour un travail collaboratif spécifique en lien avec Malte (par exemple, voyager vers un pays tiers pour collaborer sur un projet qui a un lien tangible avec Malte ou avec un/e artiste maltais/e).Voyages - Throughout history, Valletta in particular and Malta in general has always been a melting pot of different cultures, given the strategic geographical position of the island at the crossroads of the Mediterranean region. It is important to maintain and enhance exchanges with the world especially with other Euro-Mediterranean countries through language, literature, translation, culture and the arts in general. This is the reason why I write, why I translate and why I am so interested in exchanging my works with others and also discover other words. It's also a way of growing personally, professionally and feeding the literary sector in general with individual experiences.Etant membre de l'Association maltaise Inizjamed qui organise le Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival et aussi membre du Conseil d'Administration chargée des relations internationales de HELA, Malte (Hub for Excellence in the Literary Arts) j'entends établir des liens d'échanges durables avec l'International Literary Manifestation.Mon expérience en Macédoine pourra bénéficier d'autres poètes maltais qui seront ensuite invités pour participer à ce festival, une occasion de promouvoir la littérature maltaise mais aussi de s'enrichir des échanges avec les Balkans, une région méconnue à Malte bien qu'il y a une importante communauté qui réside les îles maltaises.Micheline : AMicheline : La traduction est un travail qui est en général isolant, avec pas assez de rencontres de partenaires, et donc c'est un projet qui m'a l'air intéressant, sérieux et nécessaire.5500€
6/30/2018 12:38:01500Date : 1
Geographic zone : 1
Artistic et cultural : 1
Amount requested : 1 (400 €)
Impact: 1
Complete: 1
Lorenza : The project is cleary linked to one of the Valletta 2018 themes (Futur-baroque) and it aims to intensify artistic exchanges between Albania and Malta EligibleVlasta
Mr StamenkovicMarkoValentina Koca (in case I am unable to travel)marko.stamenkovic@live.com +355 68 21 3018041SerbianThrough specific websitesI work within an organisationZETA Center for Contemporary Art is a non-profit exhibition space founded in 2007 by Valentina Koça in downtown Tirana, Albania. ZETA functions as an autonomous cultural venue for multidisciplinary approaches to visual arts, including painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation, sound-art, and performance. Over the last twelve years ZETA has contributed significantly to the vitality and dynamics of contemporary art scene in Albania, especially by providing institutional support for the younger generation of artists from Albania and abroad. Besides exhibitions, ZETA also hosts educational programs, workshops and discursive events reflecting on the pressing socio-cultural issues of our times in relation to visual arts. Contact details: https://qendrazeta.com/contact-us/Art historian. PhD in Philosophy from Gent University (Belgium). Strong interest in the decolonial politics of race, ethnicity, and sexuality, from a perspective of the global South. Over the last decade, working primarily in the field of contemporary visual arts as a freelance curator, critic, and writer/ lecturer.https://www.mqw.at/en/institutions/q21/artists-in-residence/2016/marko-stamenkovic/Valentina Koca, ZETA Center Director, Tirana, Albania: zetagaleri@gmail.com Victor Agius, Visual Artist, Gozo, Malta: art.agius@gmail.comInterdisciplinary, Curating (Visual Arts), Art Criticism, LecturingTiranaVallettaNovember 2018November 2018EUR 300Yes2007ZETA Center for Contemporary Art in Tirana, Albania (one of the poorest countries in Europe) is a non-profit organization whose functioning depends exclusively on financial support related to each project independently, without a secure overall funding scheme per year.1) Prepare a project and meet potential partners in another country.The project is in the very initial phase and yet untitled. Its aim is to explore the possibilities of cooperation and exchange between young artists from Albania and Malta (which is unique, as this partnership has never been realized before) in the context of Valletta 2018 (and, more specifically, in relation to one of its subjects: Future Baroque). We expect the project to happen in the second half of 2019 (or late 2019, depending on funding). The aim of this trip is twofold: to introduce some aspects of Albanian art in Malta - during informal discussions with members of the Maltese art scene and also during a formal presentation-lecture (to be delivered at the University's Department of Digital Arts), as well as to get to know better the dynamics of current Maltese art scene and what should be done together, in practical terms, so to have the joint project between two Mediterranean countries developed and realized under realistic conditions.living or working in Europe and/or the Arab Region, and wishing to travel to Malta to make an artistic intervention in the wider Euro-Arab contextFuture Baroque - this topic is the most challenging, as it involves the understanding of a particular art historical style (including its spiritual and ritual dimensions, as experienced in Malta even today) from a perspective focused on various (and not always normative or acceptable) ways of living and behaving in the contemporary world of digital media spectacles.I will make a series of informal talks with individual artists in Tirana who may be considered as participants in the project, and will deliver at least one formal (public) presentation of my experience in Malta to the cultural scene in Tirana.Digital arts in Albania are insignificant in comparison to some other, more traditional forms of expression in the domain of visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture). The Maltese experience may open new doors of perception to the members of local art scene in Tirana, and motivate them to undertake novel concepts in their own future projects, bringing together digital technologies, performative practices and reconsideration of the "spiritual" in contemporary arts.Vesna: A-Vesna: Although in an initial phase of conceiving, this trip of a regionally (Western Balkans) recognized independent curator and net-worker, now residing and working in Tirana, could positively contribute to linking Albanian and Maltese not only art scenes, but even further.
Different requested amounts stated, 300 and 400 EUR, but both acceptable.
6/30/2018 21:00:23503EligibleLorenza = application form is filled for two peopleEligible. We must ask Ahmad to make a separate application. Request made on 10/07.Raul
Agnieszka Magda AgnieszkaAhmad Mohamed Sakran, founder and manager of Vibe for Developing Arts, also Partner at Cultographatimetwaly.ahram@gmail.com+20122327567545PolonaiseI know about the fund for a long time nowArts and Culture Editor at Ahram Online, founder and manager at CultographEditor of Arts and Culture at Ahram Online, http://english.ahram.org.eg/ , atimetwaly.ahram@gmail.com, tel 01223275675
Ahram Online is an Online English language news portal, operates under the Al Ahram Foundation, the ME's oldest publishing house. I joined AO in 2010 during it's preparation phase, the portal launched in Nov 2010.
Founder and Manager of Cultograph, https://cultograph.art/ https://www.facebook.com/cultograph/ , email: ati.metwaly@cultograph.art
I am the founder of Cultograph, an initiative aiming at bringing together cultural journalists and the artists, acting as a supporter for the artists in the media promotion of their work, providing courses for the cultural journalists (pls see our fb list of courses) in order to boost and develop this field in Egypt.
We also organise art and music workshops, in cooperation with Vibe for Developing Arts https://www.facebook.com/VibeCairo/ , Egypt's integrated rehearsal and recording studio, a hub for Egypt's music scene, managed by Ahmad Mohamed Sakran
I have over 20 yrs experience in journalism. In early 2000, I launched The Art Review magazine about arts. Then I helped launch arts section at Ahram Online where I work until date. My main skills are: music journalism with dozens of works written about the field. See my personal website. I have been awarded the CNN African Journalist Award in Culture http://english.ahram.org.eg/News/245874.aspx https://cultograph.art/ -- https://www.facebook.com/cultograph/ -- https://www.facebook.com/VibeCairo/ -- www.atimetwaly.com Cathy Costain: +01001701140 (Head of Arts - Programmes at British Council Egypt)
Mohamed El Ghawy: +201147978888 (Art Manager, Founder and Artistic Director of AFCA for Arts & Culture & Hakawy International Arts festival for Children)
Sherry Gergawi: +201277333028 (Assistant to Editor in Chief at Ahram Online)
Doha Assy: +201115935550 (a friend)
Music, Photography, Writing, playwriting, poetry, Cultural journalism, artistic managementCairoValletta mainly, and possibly Qawra: St. Paul's Bay (Luqa, if flight requires this)October 2018October 2018450 EURNon/aCultograph is at the first stages of development, supported by Vibe for Developing Arts. Our plan is to create a bigger dynamism within arts field, exchange opportunities which open doors to learning possibilities for both, artists and cultural journalists. Vibe for Developing Arts is an important cultural hub for musicians in particular and a lot of activities held by Vibe attract attention of the young musicians. On the other hand I am also eager to use the travel opportunity to shed light on cultural activities outside Egypt, through my writing. Regarding the funding, we are in the process of applying for a variety of grants which will allow us to hold workshops free of charge. In this context I am also signing memorandums of understanding with numerous cultural institutions and centres such as Goethe Institute, British Council etc, which will give us an opportunity to cooperate with their guests (for example hold a workshop with a British musician at Vibe for Developing Arts). Together with Vibe, Cultograph hopes to plan a series of exchanges, seminars on culture, arts management, cultural journalism etc with int'l players starting with Middle East and the Mediterranean region -- as those regions have similar artistic and creative dynamics to the cultural economy in Egypt

We are still working on raising the budget for accommodation in Valletta. The more we manage to raise the longer our stay will be. We hope to be able to stay for 7-10 days to fully explore Valletta, its culture and meet the biggest number of artists and cultural managers as possible.
I, Agnieszka Metwaly, am also a holder on an EU passport hence we will be able to reduce my visa expenses from the general budget.
1) Prepare a project and meet potential partners in another country., 3) Take part in a meeting of professionals (network, festival, etc.) as a speaker or as a participant.Bridging cultures for creative development
Initiating cultural exchange in music field, arts management and cultural journalism.

Local partners: Cairo: Vibe for Developing Arts represented by it’s founder and manager, Ahmad Mohamed Sakran
Malta partners: Julian Holland served as Manager Representative of the Bank of Valletta plc. In Cairo for 4 years from 2007 to 2011. He was instrumental in bringing over to Malta the Egyptian blind women orchestra Al Nour Wal Amal as well as several other musicians. He is dynamic in promoting the development of cultural exchanges, cooperation between Maltese and Egyptian artists.
Mr. Holland lives in Qawra: St. Paul's Bay and we plan to visit him (or he will meet us at Valletta)
This is the first stage of the long-term cooperation initiative, which will be done through the meeting of several cultural managers, musicians and cultural journalists during the stay in Malta. The travel will be also an opportunity to lay a ground work for the Egyptian cultural players and readers to get to know Malta more. This will be implemented through writings about Malta, its artists and artistic realities, on the pages of Ahram Online, Al Ahram Weekly and other publications as well as in Cultograph.
Together with Vibe for Developing Arts, Cultograph plans to launch a series of workshops:
Cultural management (shedding light on this practice outside Egypt yet in a country that is not too distant in regards to the), Beyond local music scene (shedding light on this practice in Malta), Music education especially for children and socially-economically under privileged communities (our drums course is held by a locally well known drummer Simo, who also works with under privileged communities for many years now).
In brief: during the trip I aim to explore the opportunities of a dynamic cooperation and exchange between Malta’s and Egypt’s musician (and artists) as well as cultural managers. Their presence in Egypt, as performers of seminar/workshops providers, is fundamental to the development of our local scene. We hope to achieve that through the joint efforts between Vibe for Developing Arts and Cultograph.
On the other hand, and in parallel, the presentation of Malta, it’s gems, whether artistic, cultural or touristic, is an important element of raising the Egyptian readers awareness of the country. For me, as a cultural journalist, already practicing writing for many years, this will be a wonderful opportunity to indulge into this fascinating sector.
One of the reasons why I picked Malta is the fact of Valletta being cultural capital. I am aware of the many artistic activities taking pace in Valetta and it is this dynamism that will allow me to create important contacts – many of those contacts are being already prepared by Mr. Julian Holland with whom I am in touch for many years now.
The location would be in Valletta where Ahmad Mohamed Sakran and myself will be able to explore the artistic scene / and I will also look into the cultural journalism. I see that October is also filled with numerous interesting events we would like to attend, for ex:
14-20 October: KIRANA group performance, directed by composer Ruben Zahra. It is designed to connect children from the community with creative professionals from Malta through a series of workshops leading to a multi-media production. It includes contemporary music and dance, percussion sessions, digital animation and light painting. https://valletta2018.org/events/kirana-in-leeuwarden/
We believe that attending of this workshop will be an important learning process to further workshops held in Egypt, hopefully with the presence of Maltese cultural leaders.
3-12 October: Three Palaces Festival, https://valletta2018.org/events/the-three-palaces-festival-2018/ an opportunity for us to interact with cultural managers and get to know musicians which can be then invited to Egypt.
24-26 October: Valletta 2018 Annual Conference: Sharing the Legacy, a very important and eye-opening seminar I’d love to report on as well as learn from it for the benefit of my future projects (workshops/courses/exchanges) held at Vibe for Developing Arts and Cultograph
6 October: Notte Bianca https://valletta2018.org/events/notte-bianca-2018/ same as above plus an opportunity to explore possibilities to create a similar event in Egypt at the Vibe for Developing Arts premises and beyond (through our cooperation with other venues) This event can also promote Malta’s artists in Egypt
13 October: Tosca https://valletta2018.org/events/tosca/ a fundamental event for my core music journalism specialization. Also Tosca is a very popular opera in Egypt. I will be delighted to write about this event on the pages of publications where I work.

living or working in Europe and/or the Arab Region, and wishing to travel to Malta to make an artistic intervention in the wider Euro-Arab contextIsland Stories: the stories include a large scope of cultural elements: culture, music artistic management, exchange of ideas, architecture, history -- all of which will feed our cooperation potentials and also will feed my writings.
Voyages: an interesting approach to promoting Malta
Through workshops/courses organised for the Egyptian artists. They will be nurtured by Maltese experience, conversations with Maltese artists and art managers. Most importantly however, we will immediately start working on materialising the gains into an actual exchange programmes, starting with invitation of an artist or a musician to perform and give workshops in Egypt (all can be done within Vibe for Developing Arts premises which among several rooms has also a stage -- or in cooperation with Vibe's large network of institutions which have stagesin Cairo)I am searching for knowledge and artistic capacities which we can offer to our local scene from Malta and through its representatives. See previous sections of this proposal for more details.Cécilia: A Raul : BCécilia : The application is relevant with Cimetta funds criteria and well documented. It includes a variety of beneficiaries (journalists, cultural operators, musicians). The trip is part of a larger development project initiated by what seems two serious operators, experienced and having good networks and influencies in the cultural field. The trip is well prepared with existing contacts and researches on local activities. The sustainability of the initiative has already been foreseen with further activties and sources of funding. Raul : 450€, Cultograph (first stages of development)
Interesting synergies between 527 and 503 but fragile (english, first stages) context
6/10/2018 1:38:00480Date : 1
Geographic zone : 1
Artistic et cultural : 1
Amount requested : 0,5 (380€)
Impact: 0,5
Complete: 1
Lorenza : The application is complete and the artist wants to go from Cairo to Valletta to attend a conference at Malta university. It cannot be denied that the project aims to extend artistic exchanges between Egypt and Malta but to my mind the link with Valletta 2018 theme is weak. EligibleDelphine
StockAlexandra I am applying alone. alexandra.stock@gmail.com20109985420135Swiss Your newsletterFreelance/independentTraining: De Appel curatorial programme in Amsterdam 2012-13, BFA Zurich University of the Arts 2004-09 // Professional experience: Managing director of Beirut in Cairo (art space) 2014-15, Manager and curator of Al Riwaq Art Space in Bahrain 2013-14, Associate curator and manager of intl. residency program at the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo 2007-12 William Wells, Co-founding Director of the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo: william@thetownhousegallery.com // Laura Carderera, Residencies Programme Manager at the V&A Museum in London: l.carderera@vam.ac.ukVisual Arts, Photography, Digital Arts, Video Arts, Writing, playwriting, poetry, InterdisciplinaryCairo Valetta Early September 2018Mid-September 2018380€NoI am a freelancer and unfortunately do not have specific financial support for research.5) I am running or I am taking part in a workshop / master class / training.1.-5.) I am applying for a Travel Grant from the RCF Valletta 2018 funding line to take part in the “Curatorial School 2018: Social Practices in Contemporary Art and Curating” at the University of Malta Valletta Campus from 3–7 September 2018 because it is a unique opportunity that I do not have in Cairo. This is a meeting of exceptionally brilliant minds in curating and I would love to be able to attend, in order to broaden my understanding of the field, to improve my own work, to meet with like-minded professionals, and to strengthen my network. I am also very invested in taking part in this specific iteration of the Curatorial School course because of its theme of "Social practices in contemporary art and curating," because I believe that this is exactly the way forward for the arts in the larger Arab region. living or working in Europe and/or the Arab Region, and wishing to travel to Malta to make an artistic intervention in the wider Euro-Arab contextMy trip definitely addresses the theme of "Voyages"! This trip is all about nurturing dialogue and actively engaging with meaningful encounters! The conversations and projects that take place during the Curatorial School will feed directly into an exhibition about art in the Arab region that I am curating at apexart in New York (May-June 2019) and into a longer written piece I will hopefully complete by the summer of 2019. The above-mentioned exhibition at apexart in NYC is 100% about the Arab region and with regional artists: The exhibition presents artworks that were defaced or destroyed and documentation of objects altogether lost at the hands of customs officers in the Middle East. Taking part in the Curatorial School in Valetta will actively help me navigate these delicate themes and hence also help me shape the general perception of artists in the Arab region, by addressing the often overlooked obstacles and difficulties they must work around and within: http://apexart.org/exhibitions/stock.phpDelphine: B; Charlotte: BDelphine : The applicant wants to travel to Malta to take part in a workshop about contemporary art and curating in order to prepare her exhibition in NY at Apexart. The exhibition will approach the topic of artworks that were defaced or destroyed during travel in and from the ME. Valetta theme "voyages" is directly approached in this second part of the project. Charlotte: While being mostly focused on development of the applicant's profile as a curator, the theme of art works destroyed or damaged during travel seems interesting and is a theme that is not often addressed in curatorial projects. In the way her project explores this aspect of art works' travel, it adds a new edge to the theme of "voyages". 4380€
6/16/2018 21:08:30486Date : 1
Geographic zone :1
Artistic et cultural : 1
Amount requested : 1 (Flight 275€)
Impact: 1
Complete: 1
Lorenza : He seems to have a strong link with his island (which is great for exchanges with Malta) and there is a clear mention of Valletta 2018 in his description. Moreover, he has already worked for Valletta 2018. Eligible. We cannot cover masterclass registrationRaul
Mr CalafatoMatthewNo other memberscalafatomatthew@gmail.com+356 7942713016MalteseThrough friends, colleaguesStudent and artist (Saxophone Player)Grade 8 in practice (Trinity Collage London)
Grade 5 in theory (London Collage of Music).
Preparing for a diploma (ATCL) in Saxophone practice, attending various masterclasses/tuition in Malta and abroad, with the aim of attending a conservatory.

I play with multiple local bands, gigs, events and professional orchestras like the Malta Youth Orchestra and the Malta Concert Orchestra.
http://www.saxophone-evenement.com/habanera-english/Name: Mrs. Christine Dimech
Email: cvsax@yahoo.co.uk
Mobile: +356 99869427

Name: Mr. Roderick Bugeja (Lead trombonist Malta Philharmonic Orchestra)
Email: jumborod@gmail.com
Mobile: +356 99452057
MusicMaltaFrance, Poitiers06/08/201814/08/2018EUR795 Masterclass + EUR275.49 flightsNoI would like to get help in funding my event with the aim of engaging and collaborating with international artists, and bring back the values learned and share with local musicians in band clubs and cultural events happening in Malta, which I am highly active. 5) I am running or I am taking part in a workshop / master class / training.Name: Habanera Saxophone International Academy
Location: Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional, Poitiers, France
Organiser: Gilles Tressos
Dates: 6 th to 14 th August 2018

The aim of the event is to bring more than 50 saxophonists together from various countries to have lessons with members of Habanera Sax Quartet and other guest musicians. My aim is to collaborate with international artists and learn from master Sax players, and bring the knowledge to local artists and events that I participate in. The experience of these classes will help me both holistically, and in achieving the short term targets of achieving my first diploma and starting to attend tuition with an internationally acclaimed artist named Mro. Antonino Mollica, to attend a conservatory or college dedicated to music, specialising in Saxophone playing.

Such events in Malta are very rare, and the last one that was organised was in 2015. Such an intense event is a cost effective way of getting tuition from various masters of the subject, collaborate and attend various advanced workshops.
living and working in Malta and developing projects specific to the Euro-Arab regionThe trip mostly addresses the Future Baroque. I take part in band playing an music programmes in Maltese Feast and other events such as religious processions and cultural concerts. I already took part this year in Valletta 18 concerts in St. Georges Square and Manoel Theater, playing a number of solos with my Saxophone Soprano. Yes definitely. This experience will help me achieve my short-term goal of Diploma and long-term plan of attending a conservatory. I will also share the knowledge learned with local players in the local classes/knowledge sharing organised in the Island, and use the experience in my sax playing.As mentioned earlier, I take part in various band clubs, orchestras and music events, which form an intrinsic part of the Maltese Culture.Raul : BRaul : Young artist (16 years), attending Master class in France with impact on CV development and his territory (not too much explained), low budget (250€) good investment4275€
6/19/2018 14:15:43490Date : 1
Geographic zone : 1
Artistic et cultural : 1
Amount requested : 1 (400€)
Impact: 1
Complete: 1
Lorenza : The project is not directly organised in the frame of Valletta 2018 but it seems that the artist wants to link Malta's history to her transnational dance project Eligible. Weak travel planSergio
KonomiElisaElisartDenis Dedej, Etjen Konomikonomi.elisa@yahoo.com+35569220012631AlbanianThrough specific websitesI work within an organisationVizart Cultural Association:
-Organizes and administers public exhibitions of the work of members and non-members, adhering to a standard of artistic excellence
-Provides leadership within the arts community in Albania thought the encouragement of original, artistic expression and experimentation in all media and visual art forms.
-Fosters a community for artist through exhibitions, workshops, lectures and communications
Last year I participated in the Start-Up National Competition and my project won the prize EU policy HUB, as the most creative and ecological. The competition was organized by the EU Info Center in Albania which supported the event and awarded my team for the best innovative project. My excellent communication and leadership skills, creativity and very good project management helped me win the competition.
I have always been passionate about art, history and the ways they affect our
life.Currently I am project coordinator for "Dance 360 Heritage Edition".A project
which combines technology art and world heritage in videos 360 grade.The team
and I film dancers performing modern or traditional dancing in archaeological sites in Albania, France, Italy.Two months ago the project was awarded with the "Cooperation Award" in Nantes,France.
https://www.facebook.com/Dance360HeritageEdition/Denis Dedej (denis.dedej@gmail.com)Video Arts, Writing, playwriting, poetryAlbaniaMaltaOctoberOctober400 euroNoVizart currently is looking for funds about the projects that will be implemented but at this moment can not cover the travel expenses for the potential partners from Malta.1) Prepare a project and meet potential partners in another country.Dance 360˚ Heritage Edition is a project which aims to make 360 ° videos in Europe and Asia. We will film videos in historical sites and each of these videos we will combine past and present with dancers who will present a dance performance or contemporary folk dance inspired by the millennia. These videos will allow the public to live this moment in total immersion thanks to a virtual reality headset. These videos will be uploaded on Youtube and will be available for broadcast by the team. The team will propose the diffusion of these videos thanks to a smartphone as well as virtual reality headsets which will be at the disposal of the spectators in order to take advantage of the immersion of these historical scenes. This project has been awarded from Nantes Creative Generations (NCG) and it was first implemented in Albania, Italy and France. Our partners are the Municipality of Tirana, Silvertrace, NCG but we are looking for partners from other countries to develop the project further.living or working in Europe and/or the Arab Region, and wishing to travel to Malta to make an artistic intervention in the wider Euro-Arab contextThis trip is linked with the Voyages theme because it is an intercultural project which aims to promote the Euro-Arab history and cultural heritage by new technology.It is very important to make new connections and find international partners to implement the project in other countries. I hope this experience will help my team and I make the next videos in Malta`s historical sites.This project aims to promote the cultural values through new technologies. If the local partners from Malta are interesting in cooperation, the videos will be presented in Albania in festivals and the Albanian audience will be introduced with Maltese historical sites.Naceur: BNaceur: Le projet combine le patrimoine immatériel avec des pratiques actuelles à travers l'utilisation de nouvelles technologies de l'art audiovisuel. Cette technologie permet et facilite une plus large diffusion. Ce projet d'incruste dans une vision plus large d'un travail multidisciplinaire et multinational.4400€
6/25/2018 15:06:42493Date : 1
Geographic zone : 1
Artistic et cultural : 1
Amount requested : 1 (391 €)
Impact: 1
Complete: 1
Lorenza : The project is already supported by Valletta 2018 and it aims to got a mobility grand from malta to Poland to attend a residency in collaboration with Blitz VallettaEligibleDavinia
Ms ShtohrynEvglettaLetta ShtohrynThe request is for myselfleta.shtorr@gmail.com00356 9917444432UkraineThrough specific websitesArtistI started my art practice focusing on fashion and textile when in 2007 I moved to study Photography. Since 2011 I have also practiced installation, moving image art and interventions. I have completely my MFA in 2016 and since then practiced art full time.
The project at Air Wro for which I was selected by Blitz Gallery (Valletta) I have linked my interested in textile with Installation art.
evglettashtohryn.comKrzysztof Bielaszka
(International Projects Coordinator ,
AIR Wro | Culture Practitioners | Programme Department
tel. +48 508 491 842,
krzysztof.bielaszka@strefakultury.pl )

Nicole Bearman
(Programme Director
M +356 9991 3919 / W 2122 4992
Visual Arts, Photography, Digital Arts, Video Arts, Interdisciplinary, Intervention, PerformanceMaltaWroclaw13/07/201829/07/2018391€NoThe reason behind this application is to continue the research in Wroclaw as a phase two of the AIR WRO residency the I have attended in April. Air Wro residency collaborated with Blitz Valletta in mutual residential exchange, thus I was the selected candidate by Blitz to attend the AIr Wro and research textile and a socio-psychological map of society. The residency was supported by V2018 and Arts Council Malta.
More about the exchange here: http://blitzresidency.com/letta-shtohryn-malta-2018/

The part two of the residency is an opportunity for me to create a large-scale installation connecting my work with textile and fashion since a young age and my recent practice of installation art. It is an opportunity to exhibit at a good quality art gallery exposing the project to thousands of visitors and as well collaborating with Wroclaw Culture Zone - the largest art and cultural organisation in the city, that is also collaborating with Valletta2018 on a long-term ongoing base.
1) Prepare a project and meet potential partners in another country., 2) Take part in an art residency abroad.The project is called - Textile memory. Was created during an art residency I attended in April as a collaboration between Air Wro and Blitz Valletta, supported by Valletta2018 and Arts Council Malta.
The project is a second part of the AIR WRO art residency takes place in Wroclaw, Poland and in 2019 in Malta.

The project looks into our intimate relationships to garments as objects that accompany or bodies and are intertwines with our memories. Garments as shelter from the outside world and as a signifier to the outside world of our inner state and social position. The full experience of a garment cannot be shared via imagery but can be described in words linking the moment in time when the garment was worn to a particular decade when those types of garments were available. The images of the textile can only speak to those who wore those types of textile in a particular point in time, creating a body memory shared with a number of people who went through the same era. In a sense “Textile memory” creates a psycho-sociological map of society linked in time by their intimate experience of textile.

After the extensive research into the history of fabrics, during interviews I was interested in the personal relation to fabrics asking for details - how did it feel on your skin? Did you feel safe in it/ vulnerable? Was it comfortable? What did it mean to you?

After a week at Air Wro it seemed that the project deserves a longer and more detailed process, thus I have proposed to complete the research in July and exhibit the final large-scale installation in November. My proposal was accepted and in July the second part of the residency will take place, during which more interviews will be conducted focused on the personal experiences. I will also be filming some aspects of textile close up or via a microscope and recording the subtle sound fabrics make using air microphone and contact microphones. Thus the stay in July will be in two locations : Wroclaw at the residency from the 13th till the 23rd and from the 23rd until the 28th in Lodz ( a place in central Poland specializing in textile industry and innovation) to fly back from Wroclaw, which is connected to Lodz by train on the 29th of July.

For the final exhibition in November in Wroclaw the project might have two outcomes - one of them is a large scale installation of garments arranged in timeline of change having also sound voicing parts of the interviews; the second possible outcome will incorporate 7-8 projections containing close-up looped moving images portraying an intimate perspective on the clothes and those who wear it, focusing on the feeling of garments on the body, the subtle sound they make when worn and other properties of the textiles.

At the end of July after the research phase will end the decision will be made regarding the final version of the work, which will then be created around October and exhibited mid-Novembre in Wroclaw.

(detailed information about the findings here :
living and working in Malta and developing projects specific to the Euro-Arab regionVoyages. The project looks at clothing through time, mostly clothing of Migrants who were forcefully moved to Wroclaw from my native area of West Ukraine in 1940s; Polish temporary Migrants who were going abroad and bring back garments , which were symbols of a quiet communist resistance; Polish Migrants who left Poland after 1990 and their relatives would prepare a garment for them to go abroad in, the migrants sent garments from abroad back home for people to wear the "west" on their own skin; Polish Migrants who left Poland for the UK after Poland joined the EU and their relatives again would make a garment of them to feel protected, to feel beautiful, to belong. "Textile memory" will continue looking into Maltese relationship to fabrics and textile, Maltese textile industry and the production of coats for German companies in the 70s without credit. As well as migratory garments, what Maltese migrants would bring with them abroad as a way to belong and feel at home.
The final result will be exhibited in Postal Museum or Malta Society of Arts in 2019 ( the venue will be confirmed in Novembre )
A collaboration of such scope will support my artistic growth and will assist me in working further with textile in Malta, where I have been based for 7 years now.
Textile art has not been practiced extensively in Malta before, thus I hope to expose the public to this medium and give another perspective on how we can look at society through a history of textile. Also, the work will Maltese textile industry and Maltese textiles through time will result in an exhibition containing a large-scale textile installation in Valletta in summer 2019
Davinia: BDavinia: It appears that the proposal for the final exhibition is not funded and was not envisaged as part of the original propject. The first part appears to have been a success and was funded the following for the April residency: Accommodation
Flights up to €200
Artist fee €900
Materials and production costs up to €300. Per diems were not covered. For this part of the project it appears that the request is justified.
Ahmed Mohamed Sakran AbdelalimAhmedAhmed Mohamed Sakran

Agnieszka Metwaly (Ati Metwaly). Please see the separate individual application submitted by Ati Metwalyahmedvibe@gmail.com20100561403937EgyptianThrough friends, colleaguesCultural manager

Other: Music manager, founder and general manager of Vibe for Developing Arts, partner at Cultograph

Vibe for Developing Arts https://www.facebook.com/VibeCairo/ Address: 7, Mossadak street, 1st floor, Dokki, Giza (Cairo) A Cairo-based fully integrated rehearsal and recording studio, a hub for music workshops and music equipment (rent and sale). In its large space in central Cairo, the studio provides many rooms and facilities for the music field. Tel. +2 02 37620021 Email: ahmedvibe@gmail.com
Founder and general manager of Vibe for Developing Arts, founded in 2011. My previous experience includes working in music studio called “Studio 32” in Cairo, as sound engineer as well as managing many operational aspects of the studio, arranging collaborations for the studio. Since beginning of 2018, I am also a business partner of Cultograph, founded under Vibe for Developing Arts (managed by Agnieszka Metwaly -- Ati Metwaly). To learn more about Ati Metwaly, Cultograph and our cooperation, please refer to the separate application submitted by Ati Metwalyhttps://www.facebook.com/VibeCairo/Peter Ayman, sound engineer, tel +201282786566, email: peterayman@aucegypt.edu
Kareem Captan, sound engineer, tel +201220000973, email: kcaptan@aucegypt.edu

Other: arts management: music (and art) workshops, music seminars, cultural cooperations
CairoValetta, in Qawra: St. Paul's BayOctober 2018October 2018500 EUR (fees of flight and visa)NoN/AVibe for Developing Arts is a registered company with income coming from the studio's operations. We are also looking for support in cases such as for ex. operations that lead to providing free of charge music workshops. Vibe also organized a few music events attended by an audience.

We are looking for further development of music scene through our cooperation with Cultograph https://www.facebook.com/cultograph/ We provide space and logistical/business backbone to Cultograph. The aim of this cooperation is to strengthen and boost Vibe's operations as a hub of music (and arts) in Cairo. The support needed is to put in place concrete cooperation with int'l cultural players, Malta in this case, while in parallel we are also looking for similar opportunities within the Mediterranean and Middle East regions.
1) Prepare a project and meet potential partners in another country. 3) Take part in a meeting of professionals (network, festival, etc.) as a speaker or as a participant.
4) Take part in a seminar/conference as a speaker or as a participant.
Initiating cultural exchange in music field, boosting music dynamics and knowledge with an additional asset expressed by media represented through one of the several work layers in Cultograph.

NOTE: please note that Ati Metwaly (Cultograph) has stronger English language skills than I do. I can communicate on basic daily level and I am still taking courses at the British Council to improve my language and to reach fluency. Ati Metwaly is the one filling this application form with my presence. Ati Metwaly has also fluent Arabic, French and Polish. On the English language level our work together allows us to create new layers of cooperation and engage into solid international discussions.

Local partners: Cairo: Cultograph (managed by Ati Metwaly) operating under Vibe for Developing Arts
Malta partners: Julian Holland served as Manager Representative of the Bank of Valletta plc. In Cairo for 4 years from 2007 to 2011. He was instrumental in bringing over to Malta the Egyptian blind women orchestra Al Nour Wal Amal as well as several other musicians. He is dynamic in promoting the development of cultural exchanges, cooperation between Maltese and Egyptian artists.
Mr. Holland lives in Qawra: St. Paul's Bay and we plan to visit him (or he will meet us at Valetta)
I believe in the strength of culture as soft power. The development takes time but it is in the hands of the cultural managers to make this change possible. Opening eyes to other cultures, boosting international cultural understanding, exposing local artists and their audiences to international peers or cultural players is what will slowly but surely create change. In Egypt, we have a big cultural market, but we also need to look into the minds and activities of many international players. Culture is a strong soft power, it reshapes the minds and as such it can positively affect the development of the whole society, especially whn this society is deprived of many luxuries that are a daily bread in other countries. In Vibe we try to create a small nucleus, one of numerous nuclei, of this idea in Egypt. Our project is one small drop in the vast ocean, but it is an important one and I believe it is the accumulation of those small drops that will eventually bring change.
This is the first stage of the long-term cooperation initiative, which will be done through the meeting of several cultural managers, musicians and cultural journalists during the stay in Malta. The travel will be also an opportunity to lay a ground work for the Egyptian cultural players and readers to get to know Malta more. This will be implemented through opening many new doors and future long-term cooperations. In addition, the operations will be presented to the wider audience through our contacts with media (managed by Cultograph).
Writings about Malta, its artists and artistic realities, on the pages of Ahram Online, Al Ahram Weekly and other publications as well as in Cultograph.
Over the past years, Vibe held numerous music workshops and seminars, usually based on cooperation with international bodies and cultural centres based in Egypt. Vibe also acts as a manager for a number of local independent musicians helping them grow, deepen knowledge and perform.
It is time for us to take this work into a higher level through a well planned and long-term project I which Cultograph is playing an essential role.
Together with Cultograph we plan to launch a series of workshops: Cultural management (shedding light on this practice outside Egypt yet in a country that is not too distant in regards to the), Beyond local music scene (shedding light on this practice in Malta), Music education especially for children and socially-economically under privileged communities (our drums course is held by a locally well known drummer Simo, who also works with under privileged communities for many years now). We are already in talks with a Polish Cairo based guitarist (professor at the American University in Cairo) to provide guitar lessons for young people in Vibe.
During the trip, Ati Metwaly and I want to explore the opportunities of a dynamic cooperation and exchange between Malta’s and Egypt’s musician (and artists) as well as cultural managers. Their presence in Egypt, as performers of seminar/workshops providers, is fundamental to the development of our local scene. We hope to achieve that through the joint efforts between Vibe for Developing Arts and Cultograph.
On the other hand, and in parallel, the presentation of Malta, its gems, whether artistic, cultural or touristic, is an important element of raising the Egyptian readers awareness of the country. We are planning to invite musicians or music specialists from Malta, who will be interested to give short workshops in music, or who will add an important knowledge and values to the scene, allowing the young (and experienced) local musicians to explore the music and general culture of Malta.
Together with Ati Metwaly we thought that this is the perfect time to target Malta in specific. Our thoughts were trigerred by many factors, among them the fact that Valletta is being cultural capital in 2018. It is very important to witness the dynamics of the capital and a great opportunity to initiate many contacts. The fruits of this cooperation will strongly reflect on our activities in Vibe and CultographWe are already in talks with Mr. Julian Holland, a cultural manager based in Malta, whom is capable of giving us many directions (apart of the contacts that we will develop during out visit to Valetta).
Shortly, we target Valletta where we will be able to explore the artistic scene / and see options for solid and easy to materialize future cooperation. On the other hand, Ati Metwaly is a well established and an award winning journalist and she will also translate many activities as well as her presence in Malta into interesting material for the media and as such we will manage to reach to a wider audience, boosting their awareness of yet another culture, its music, its cultural operations.
We thought of October, since it is the time when many cultural activities that we find interesting and take place in Valetta. At the same time October is a good month for the cultural players in Egypt to travel and explore many options.
Among the events we are particularily interested in are:
14-20 October: KIRANA group performance, directed by composer Ruben Zahra. It is designed to connect children from the community with creative professionals from Malta through a series of workshops leading to a multi-media production. It includes contemporary music and dance, percussion sessions, digital animation and light painting. https://valletta2018.org/events/kirana-in-leeuwarden/
We believe that attending of this workshop will be an important learning process to further workshops held in Egypt, hopefully with the presence of Maltese cultural leaders.
3-12 October: Three Palaces Festival, https://valletta2018.org/events/the-three-palaces-festival-2018/ an opportunity for us to interact with cultural managers and get to know musicians which can be then invited to Egypt.
24-26 October: Valletta 2018 Annual Conference: Sharing the Legacy, a very important and eye-opening seminar and a potential opportunity for future projects (workshops/courses/exchanges) held at Vibe for Developing Arts and Cultograph.
6 October: Notte Bianca https://valletta2018.org/events/notte-bianca-2018/ same as above plus an opportunity to explore possibilities to create a similar event in Egypt at the Vibe for Developing Arts premises and beyond (through our cooperation with other venues) This event can also promote Malta’s artists in Egypt
living or working in Europe and/or the Arab Region, and wishing to travel to Malta to make an artistic intervention in the wider Euro-Arab contextThe project is explained in previous question
Voyages: corresponds to the opportunity of engaging into a dynamic knowledge exchange which will lead into a possibility of enriching the local (Egypt’s) scene with music/cultural representatives, through workshops, seminars etc organized by Vibe and Cultograph. The connections created will benefit the musicians, cultural managers as well as the audiences at large.
Island Stories: this element will be better explored by Ati Metwaly through her writings
Also explained in previous point. We aim at bringing the knowledge and skills to the local scene, through workshops etc. The connection with Malta as one of the Mediterraneans partners is very important and will enrich the local scene. At the same time it can be the beginning of a much more dynamic cooperation whereas the Egyptian musicians (many of whom I manage) can present their work in potential future festivals or other occasions in your country. In order to reach this, we need to develop a good cooperation infrastructure, explore your cultural dynamics, meet the partners and build the many fruitful links.Explained above Raul : B Raul : Vibe for development arts Cultural manager (37), 500€, plan with good detail, not strong english (2 people), cluster interaction with 503 (Cultograph) 4500€
6/28/2018 11:40:57496Date : 1
Geographic zone : 1
Artistic et cultural : 1
Amount requested : 0 (2500 €)
Impact: 1
Complete: 1
Lorenza : The project is well described and organised in the frame of Valletta 2018Eligible but RCF only contributes to travel costs. The sum he is requesting is way too high.Davinia
von DammTilenonetile@perglobal.org49177754368948GermanThrough friends, colleaguesFreelance/independentTile von Damm is an urban expert and part of the artistic collective Palemovie. He studied political sciences at the Freie Universität Berlin and the Philipps University Marburg. His artistic work and research focus on inclusive urban development with a strong link to participatory governance questions, open source and open data, transnational practice and the transfer of knowledge and ideas. Most projects he is involved are interfacing cultural and urban/social methods. Tile von Damm has a wide range of experiences in international and global negotiations and research projects, research transfer and management and implementation of projects. He is member of VDW-Board on Technological Impact Assessment of Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, and urban and digital adviser to the EU-funded project “Orfeo&Majnun”. He is part of the German Smart City Delegation with DIN/ISO, and was official NGO-Participant
at the UN Summit on the Information Society in Geneva, Switzerland, the UN Summit on Financing for Development in Monterrey, Mexico, and the PrepComs to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in New York, USA. Selected projects: a) Nextbengaluru Gatishil, creating an urban open space in Bengaluru and initiating an co-creational participatory process, b) DiMed, an participation process in the region Hochtaunuskreis on future medical health care, c) Creative city, a German-Taiwanese artistic urban site planning event in Berlin, d) Brussels urban studio, a participatory urban action in Brussels.
www.mod.org.in - www.orfeoandmajnun.euMr. Airan Berg, Director Festival der Regionen, Marktplatz 12, A-4100 Ottensheim, Phone: +43.6606578101, E-Mail: berg@fdr.at
Ms. Giuliana Barbaro-Sant, Programme Officer, Valletta 2018 Foundation, The Exchange Buildings, Republic Street, Valletta VLT 1117, Phone: +35.699693168, E-Mail: giuliana.barbarosant@valletta2018.org
Interdisciplinary, Urban Artistic Intervention and Social PracticeBerlinValetta05/10/201828/10/20182500,00 EURNoAs a freelancer, I am involved in various cultural and research projects and activities, i.e. Orfeo&Majnun, funded by Creative Europe. As it is impossible to finance the trip to Malta on my own, it would be great to get the support from Cimetta Fund Travel Grant to enable the project and the collaboration with Valetta.5) I am running or I am taking part in a workshop / master class / training.1) DESIGN4DCITY meets Orfeo&Majnun: an participatory urban intervention on accessible and inclusive public spaces. Local partners are Andrea Stegani, Caldon Mercieca, the collective 72 Hour Urban Action and further local artists, who are recently asked to participate through an open call (decision made mid-July). The overall aim is the interlinkage of Design4DCity with the Creative Europe project Orfeo&Majnun through an urban observation and intervention on accessible and inclusive open spaces in October 2018. In addition, as an urban expert within Orfeo&Majnun I will supervize and support the local artists, am invited as a speaker and panelist at Design4DCity, and will active participate in the artistic parcours. The idea and common understanding of public space has transformed widely in the last decade. The reasons are at large claimed as “required by globalization” but show multiple linked factors, like public/private
financing, security, cutting of social benefits and recently the shifting and eroding of political systems. A public space in this project is understood as a social space that is in general open and accessible to all people. Nevertheless, formal and informal borders are restricting access to public spaces. From the perspective of rapidly changing European societies, the urban intervention focuses on the interdependencies between common welfare (Gemeinwohl), accessibility and inclusive public spaces. The main notion is that public spaces
as core “open domains of human encounters and exchange“ influence the understanding of common welfare, its accessibility and its inclusion. In the wake of a shift to right wing politics and challenges for an unified and inclusive Europe, two main factors were identified as basis for the project: the rise of fear and discomfort in societies and the changing understanding of common welfare as key for access and inclusion. Access to public space is highly influenced by these factors and is chosen therefore as the main objective of investigation. 2) the residency will be in the Biċċerija neighbourhood in Valletta; 3) and 4) as pointed out, I am panelist and speaker at the Design4DCity conference; also the workshop on common welfare will take place there. My role at supervisor will be on-going. esign4DCity is a Valletta 2018 project. It is also part of the Valletta Design Cluster programme. It addresses the well-being of residents through co-creative approaches towards public space. The project engages with community actors ranging from individual residents to public authorities and focuses on areas if intervention where public space, community interaction and social issues intersect. In doing so, it looks at the diverse ways we use public space and take common ownership of it through micro-interventions and seasonal activities.
living or working in Europe and/or the Arab Region, and wishing to travel to Malta to make an artistic intervention in the wider Euro-Arab contextThe project adresses inclusion, accessibility and liveable urban cities. It is therefore highly touching the Valletta 2018 theme "Island stories" with it's questions: How to explore and reconcile the various narratives that play out in Malta and Gozo is a question that’s constantly evolving. Certainly, community spaces and the image of the open sea play a big role in our journey towards imagining better solutions – for when private spaces aren’t easy to come by, islanders turn to community spaces for company, and to the sea for air to breathe. Through the strong link to Orfeo&Majun, it also touches the theme Voyages, especially the wider global context that’s marked by growing political instability, and which brings into sharp relief issues of violence, exile and migration.The project and its documentation will afterwards travel to the involved cities in the Orfeo&Majnung project: Brussels, Vienna, Krakow, St. Maria de Feira and Rotterdam. As urban questions on inclusion, accessibility and participation play an important role, the project in Valetta - as partner of Orfeo&Majnun - is also the starting point for a following dialogue and exchange between artists and citizens in the above mentioned cities.The adressed questions on common welfare, public goods and public spaces is highly topical in all European countries. Therefore it will for sure contribute to local cultural development in my own region and the above mentioned European cities. In addition, the link to Design4DCity, as an international conference, will dissiminate the project results to a wider expert community.Davinia: a reluctant D; May: A. Davinia: I am well aware about this important project which should be supported. However, I am perplexed at the request for funding when the applicant is clearly an important artistic contributor to the project as stated on the Orfeo & Majnun website. Therefore he is definitely part of the creative process and would be funded for his work in Valletta. Creative Europe are funding 50% of the project and the participating organisations will put up the rest of the funding. it is a pity the applicant did not justify why he will not receive support from the project and Valletta 2018 or the Valletta Design Cluster (part of Valletta 2018)who are leading the conference. The application is not clear at all regarding this and I am concerned that this will be duplication of funding if awarded. May: The project is clear and well articulated and the inter-disciplinary component adds value particularly because it links built environment related fields and the arts. Davinia's concerns about duplication of funding can be relayed to the applicant for clarification.3.52,500€
6/24/2018 22:46:21492Date : 1
Geographic zone : 1
Artistic et cultural : 1
Amount requested : 0 (1300 €)
Impact: 1
Complete: 1
Lorenza : The project is directly link to Valetta 2018 because the show is organised specifically in reference of "Islands stories" and "Future baroc"EligibleManuèle
Spyros KouvarasSpyrosSynthesis 748This request is only for Spyros Kouvarassynthesis748@gmail.com+30693976908141GreekThrough friends, colleaguesArtistic Director at Synthesis 748 Synthesis 748 Dance Company was founded in May 2008 in Paris (FR), by the choreographer and performer Spyros Kouvaras. Powered by the National Dance Center of France and by the French Ministry of Culture, the company has an international course over the years. Spyros Kouvaras’ works have been exhibited and performed in theaters, galleries, museums and festivals in various countries including France, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Argentina and Colombia. The Company has received warm reviews and has been referenced in international contemporary art publications. Since 2016, Synthesis 748 is also based in Athens (GR).
tel. number: +306939769081, e-mail: synthesis748@gmail.com
«My choreographic research consists on a mechanistic approach of movement using at the same time the body as a canvas, as an abstract surface, so that the movement can be in the image and the movement can vibrates the image. I practice a research that focuses on the relation between body, sound and image and I am interested in the sculpture tangibility of the bodies, the prolonged duration of the movement and the aesthetic precision.
It is about a study of abstraction where its strength consists on the intensity between human subject and visual object, between time and space, movement and sound. An important area of creation is the approach of art and philosophy as well as art and science. The kinetic vocabulary of the company focuses on the development of a personal choreographic language which deviates from the recognizable forms of contemporary dance and usually takes a hybrid form.
My performances do not tell a story. The scenic installations that always make up the starting point of the global composition are characterized by the creation of timeless spaces, by the creation of situations and fields which are interpreted more by the unconscious and less by the logic. The company’s works, often like choreographic installations in movement, approaches the scenic space like an exhibition room, the performance itself like an exhibited object and propose to the audience the role of the visitor».
Spyros Kouvaras is a choreographer&performer based in Athens&Paris. He studied at AKTO-Athens&CND-Paris.Kouvaras/Synthesis 748 works have been awarded grants by the French&Greek Ministry of Culture&Costopoulos Foundation,referenced in international editions&presented in Europe&America.He collaborates with the International Network Pépinières Européennes,the art@CMS-Switzerland&the EMST-Athenshttps://www.works.io/spyros-kouvaras, https://goo.gl/TleJXv, http://vimeo.com/channels/synthesis748, https://www.facebook.com/synthesis748/, https://www.facebook.com/utopies.danseKaterina Koskina / Artistic Director of EMST - National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, Email: director@emst.gr
Elli Papakonstantinou / Artistic Director of ODC Ensemble, email: info@odcensemble.com
DanceAthens / GREΕCΕValletta / MALTA14 / 8 / 201828 / 8 / 2018500€NoSynthesis 748 is an non-governmental organization established for research and artistic purposes, active in the dance, visual arts and other artistic endeavours. As a non profitable organization, is in need of any available financial support.5) I am running or I am taking part in a workshop / master class / training.Każin Barokk , commissioned by ‘Valletta 18’, European Capital of Culture , is a piece for an international cast of 7, mail choir, Bingo local community, brass band and a robot.
As a decadent cast of gamblers, saints and sinners go about the maze-like performance, the piece casts light on tax paradises in a soul-searching experience linking the Maltese Baroque, popular and high art.
Concept/ Libretto / Directing: Elli Papakonstantinou
Musical composition / Orchestration: Tilemachos Moussas, Alexander Vella Gregory
Choreography: Spyros Kouvaras / Synthesis 748
Video Design / Real-time video / Set and Costumes Design : Pantelis Makkas
Lighting design: Olympia Mytilinaiou
Production manager: Mireille Camilleri
Performers: Stavros Giagkoulis, Anastasia Katsinavaki, Marie Keiser, Yasmine Modestine, Konstantinos Papamatthaiakis, Marta Vella

Premier: 14 September 2018, NOTRE DAME GATE, Birgu, Malta
(link to https://valletta2018.org/events/kazin-barokk/)

The reason for this request is because there is a need for additional funding as the "Valletta 2018" Foundation does not cover my travel expenses in order to participate in the Kazin Barokk project as a choreographer.
living or working in Europe and/or the Arab Region, and wishing to travel to Malta to make an artistic intervention in the wider Euro-Arab contextThe Każin Barokk project, commissioned by "Valletta 2018"- European Capital of Culture, is elaborate at least to Island Stories, Future and Baroque. It speaks about Maltese history and the way Malta is changing to meet its future self, collaborating with everyday people (telling the stories of the island) and researchers and constructors of “Cyclops”, a robot that will play an active role in the performance (speaking about the Future). It will be presented at the Notre Dame gate, a historic Maltese Baroque monument, drawing the vast majority of its performative materials from baroque music and texts.Mediterranean cultures have so many in common and at the same time are so different. Trying to understand these similarities and differences will enrich Synthesis 748’s works and cultivate a deeper and more relevant contemporary art.Synthesis 748 choreography for Kazin Barrok performance will be mostly a choreographed installation at the Notre Dame Arch. This is the main field of research for Synthesis 748 creations and the essence of its artistic pursuits. Having the opportunity to work in such a historic monument with multicultural collaborators is a great study.Abraham: C Manuele : CManuele : It is a production project3500€
6/30/2018 22:27:46505Date : 1
Geographic zone : 1
Artistic et cultural : 1
Amount requested : 1 (120 €)
Impact: 1
Complete: 1
Lorenza : Chiara Cecalupo has already applied in session 1 and did not get the grant. She put the same text to apply in session 2. Here's the expert comment (session 1) : " The potential research topic is in itself very interesting, connecting Italy, Malta, Algeria and Tunisia. It appears that the researcher is a PhD student at the Pontifical Institute of Christian Archeology in Rome, yet there is no mention of this important detail or any other possible funding connected with the years of research mentioned in the project detail. The frugal explanation of the project indicates no specific contact with persons in Malta where this phase of the project takes place. No mention of any persons from the University of Malta, Heritage Malta and the Archdiocese of Malta. The lack of information and details about the specific Malta phase of the project reflect the mark given.". EligibleGiusy
Chiara CecalupoChiaraIt's not mycasechiaracecalupo@gmail.com320067048028italianThrough friends, colleaguesmuseologist and researcherPhD Archaeologist / Museum Curator and researcher in art and antiquities from the catacombs in Rome and Malta / BA and MA in Museology, focused on exhibition of mosaics in history / Internship in Foreign Affair Minister about valorisation of Mediterranean cultural heritage / Exhibition curator in many Italian museums: i.e. exhibitions about Eritrea in Rome / Creator of the local museum in MoroccoDr. Lorenza Ilia Manfredi: lorenza.manfredi@isma.cnr.it
prof. Olof Brandt: brandt@piac.it
InterdisciplinaryRome -ItalyMaltaearly january 2019late january 2019120€NoMy PhD scholarship expired but I need funding for continuing my researches1) Prepare a project and meet potential partners in another country.
Title: From Rome to North Africa, through Malta: creation of historical and cultural itinerary of Mediterranean identity thanks to the catacombs rediscovery

Italian partner: Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia Cristiana, Istituto di Studi sul Mediterraneo Antico (ISMA-CNR) / Maltese partner: to be defined (probabily L-Università ta’ Malta, Archaeological Society of Malta, L-Arċidjoċesi ta' Malta [already had preliminar contacts in 2017 with Archipriest of Mdina Msgr Anthony Cassar and the priests of all Maltese parishes existing in XVI century]) / Partners in Algeria and Tunisia: to be defined (probabily Ministère de la culture en Algérie, Ministère del la culture tunisien)

The general aim of the project is to understand the history of the rediscovery of the catacombs in Rome (16th century), in Malta (17th century) and in North Africa (18th-20th century) and to analyze the travels of the catacombs explorers through the Mediterranean in order to understand the influx that Italy, Malta and North Africa had on each other about the rediscovery of their ancient past. In this way, it will be possible to underline how the rediscovery of catacombs influenced Mediterranean art and culture (as well as Mediterranean identity) through private collections, travels, exchanges, researches.

The specific aim of the project is to undertake three different paths (Italy-Malta-North Africa) that will be connected in an online exhibition in Italian, English, French and, eventually, in a single, final book. The exhibition and the book will connect all the different Mediterranean stories of voyages and discoveries in order to underline our common history of culture in movement.

The part of the project about Malta will focus on the analysis of the figure of Giovan Francesco Abela, is an essential figure for the Maltese nation, the main supporter of the opening of Malta towards Occidental’s artistic culture. The definition of his Mediterranean voyages, catacombs explorations and his collection will be important to understand the taste and arts evolution in Malta, tracing the cultural horizon in which the Knights rediscovery the Maltese catacombs. All the documentary material collected will be used to draw the profile of a great historical moment of change in the relationship of the Maltese people with their arts and antiquities, their Arabic past, the Western cultural circuit of the Roman Church.

- 2014-2015: Study of catacombs in the Mediterranean nations (accomplished)
- 2016-2017: Deep study of the rediscovery of Roman catacombs (16th-17th century) and their influx on Italian culture (accomplished)
- July 2017: first recognition of Maltese catacombs (accomplished)
[This first part of researches was funded by my PhD scholarship at the Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology]

- January-December 2018: first report and publication about researches led in Italy (on-going – only patially funded by Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology)
- January 2019: Trip to Malta, meetings to find Maltese partners.
- February 2019- February 2020: Fundraising, long trip to Malta to study all the sites and documentation. Report and publication of the results.
- March- May 2020: Trip to Algeria and Tunisia to lead survey to the catacombs and meetings with partners [small travel grant by ISMA-CNR].
- End 2020: Creation of the online exhibition: : “Rome; Malta, North Africa: historical and cultural itinerary of Mediterranean identity through to the catacombs rediscovery”

Tre trip is occurring at the beginning stage regarding the researches to be lead in Malta: the specific aim to accomplish during the trip is to identify local partners. In particular, it will be necessary to meet professors and researches at L-Università ta’ Malta (Faculty of Art/ Departments of Classics & Archaeology, i.e. prof. Vella and Bonanno, and Department of Art & Art History, prof. Buhagiar) to find project partners. On the second hand, all the contacts of the L-Arċidjoċesi ta' Malta met in 2017 will be visited in order to understand if their inner museums can be interesting for the projects.
living or working in Europe and/or the Arab Region, and wishing to travel to Malta to make an artistic intervention in the wider Euro-Arab contextVoyages
The central core of the projects lays on how deep and strong have always been connections, exchanges and travels between Italy, Malta, North Africa through the centuries. The project aims to underline the common past of these three areas (represented by catacombs in the ancient times and by the common process of rediscoveries of ancient places in modern era) and wants to promote the sites thanks to the international connections. In this way, it will be also possible to celebrate the strategic location of Malta, in the middle of the routes, always exploited by explorers during the centuries.
In the part, Italy, Malta and Africa were strongly connected: promoting the common past of different nations between Europe and Africa will surely help linking experiences of new artistic and cultural development of Mediterranean shores.
The results of my trip will be used to keep on researching and documentation about the project and will be surely also useful to create connections between Italian partners and Maltese ones for future projects and interchanges. I would also love to be able to keep on working with Maltese institutions and/or on Maltese themes.The experience gained during the trip and the final product of my project will help in promoting a new perspective on Italian past and present as in eternal connection with the other areas of Mediterranean. The hope is to make another little, single step in using culture as the consolidation of Mediterranean brotherhood.Davinia: C Giusy : DDavinia: I was an evaluator in the last session. I believe there is more clarity from the applicant this time round although she has not told us if she has graduated since May but states that her PhD scholarship has expired and calls herself a PhD archaeologist/museum curator. Giusy : I totally agree with the comment of the previews expert. I add to
that: no information about how her work on valorization of
Mediterranean cultural heritage or creation of local museum in Morocco
affected or could affect the development of local culture, the
engagement or knowledge production or exchange with local
collectivities and communities (what does it means «exhibitions about
Eritrea in Rome»? Italy colonized them...); no websites where I could
verify and deepen the information she gave us; no information about
what does she mean for « interdisciplinary» working method and what
are the other disciplines involved, since «interdisciplinary» it's not
a working «field».
Looking at her references, we are talking about prominent professors,
but she is applying not them.
By looking at the financial request, she seems to be very honest and
maybe she is very good in museology but not in applying for grants...I
suggest to write her to avoid a third application like that, and
explain her that we need detailed information to give our expertise,
nobody could express an opinion on weak grounds like her ones,
especially talking about a trip opportunity that could be important
for many others.
In terms of contents, before applying to programs which have an
essential cultural, social and political goal, she should find a
connection between museology, research on cultural–religious
Mediterranean heritage and its potential effects on the present and
the future («the consolidation of Mediterranean brotherhood» is in
fact kind of «mission») and local cultural development as geopolitical
Finally, I would suggest her to be careful making more clear what's
her position in post-colonial terms, because without that, any form of
«brotherhood» (I would prefer a more secular
«cooperation/collaboration») will be possible
6/9/2018 0:58:49479Date : 1
Geographic zone : 1
Artistic et cultural : 1
Amount requested : 0 (750€)
Lorenza : The artistic project is well described but I don't see the link with Valletta 2018EligibleToni C
HamedAhmed Farah Hatem
ahmedhamed122122@gmail.com+20100646242725Egypt Through specific websitesArtistAhmed Finished Acting and Directing Study In Faculty of Arts Theatre Department at Helwan University in Egypt 2015 . After This study He Finished a Course in Cinematography at Institute of cinema in Egypt 2016 . Also He studied Directing for Cinema at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts in Sweden 2017 Before His Internship with FID Festival International De Cinema Marseille in France 2017 .

He Started as an Actor in 2011 and He Made So Many Plays in Egypt .
Then He Established a Troupe Named " The Actors " and Made Many International Shows

He Established a Troupt for Puppet Shows Named " Arajoz of Egypt " and Made many
Shows in the Squares, Streets, Schools and Teaters

Ahmed works as an Actor , Imporvisor , Filmmaker
https://vimeo.com/252428511 ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4Fed4Y0tUs&t=3sFestival Director
FID Marseille Film Festival

Gustav Uddgård
Festival Producer at Sweden International Improv Festival
Theatre, Puppet theatre, Street theatre, CinemaCairo/Egypt Valletta/Malta08/09/201813/09/2018800€NoHey, We are an Egyptian troupe our name is The Actors ,
We are the first & only Arabic and Egyptian troupe doing Improvisation in the area .
We started together since a few years ago and we got troubles more than you got in your whole life . Why ? Because we live in troubles . Even this words might get us trouble , don't worry we still alive . so we do performing in Egypt as we can cause its not easy to do what you need to do , it's a risky and we love it cause we just need to do

So we got an invitation from DRHA Malta 2018 conference taking place in Valletta between 9 and 12 September in Malta .
They offered me the accommodation
And we asking you if we have a chance to be supported by you
We do need you to cover our visa costs Travel expensive cause its really huge
Your Euro currencey equals 21 Egyptian pounds
We hope you can really help me cause its not the only invitation we lose Because the budget . So we need your help to at this time in this culture Exchange .
1) Prepare a project and meet potential partners in another country., 3) Take part in a meeting of professionals (network, festival, etc.) as a speaker or as a participant., 4) Take part in a seminar/conference as a speaker or as a participant., 5) I am running or I am taking part in a workshop / master class / training.We are the first & only Arabic and Egyptian troupe doing Improvisation in the area . Arts and Theatre Institute together with Prague theatres organises two unique events DRHA Malta 2018 conference taking place in Valletta between 9 and 12 September, bringing together independent and progressive theatre, circus and performing arts productions. I will travel to Valletta Malta on 8/09/2018 by Plane Because its an international program for the performance from around the world with meetings , shows , workshops , Q&A and talks . I supposed to be part of it as a director & Instructor and Imprivisation Troupe from Egypt and the arab world to talk bout our experience in the Improvisation theater . I expect a great culture exchange for us to get some workshops and to transfer this trip to the Arab living or working in Europe and/or the Arab Region, and wishing to travel within the Euro-Arab Region for collaborative work specific to Malta’s context in that region (for example, travelling to a third country to collaborate on a project that has a tangible link with Malta, or with a Maltese artist)Island storiesWe will use the techniques will get from this confrence and we will tech it to every one needs to learn improvisation theater . What I expect from this culture exchange and workshops is more knowledge about the international theatre methods and trying to make it in Egypt . cause we do not have this kind of festivals in our area . Also to expand professional networks , capacity development training , And Setting up new (experimental) cross-border partnerships for upcoming projects, particularly .Toni : DToni : There's no description of the conference programme the applicant is invited to attend. Nor a description or porposal for a project to be implemented in Valletta or upon his return to Egypt.2800€
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