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Airframe returned to service.Visible wreckage confirmed by surface inspection.Wreckage visible by airborne inspection.Credible reports of exact locations where little wreckage remains.Erroneous.
11920s08-13-2010JennyEast Piltzville (outside Bonner) MontanaPhoto and caption from the Montana Memory Project archives.>
2Jun-192408-14-2010[Curtis] Standard K-6Around Butte, MontanaFrom "A history of Bitterroot aviation" by Joel Gallob, 2008. Mentions a forced landing on a rocky hillside while racing a delivery caravan from Bitterroot Valley to Butte.
325-Sep-192807-17-2010"PLANE CRASH BURNS FATAL.; Another Man May Die and Third Is Badly Hurt in Montana Accident." "Sep 25, 1928 - George 8 of Columbus, Mont., was burned to death; Tom Clark of Livingston, Mont ., received burns from which he is not expected to recover, and Clarence Urie of Livingston was seriously injured when an airplane piloted by Urie burst into flames today when it made a forced landing on ... "(New York Times)>,tll:1920,tlh:1929&ei=v_lBTKKUOoW4sQPB8JDVDA&ved=0CJQBEMkBKAE
422-Apr-192907-17-2010Billings, Montana"Two Flyers Die in Montana."
"PILOT. WITH STUDENT IN PLUNGE. BILLINGS Mont April 21 R Percy Templeman 24 years of age pilot and Grant ..",tll:1920,tlh:1929&ei=v_lBTKKUOoW4sQPB8JDVDA&ved=0CJQBEMkBKAE
515-Dec-192905-19-201029-229 P-1C KALISPELL, MT291215(4) & (7)57SerSq Kalispell, MT LACNU 3Richards, Walter E. 19291215
5.5193008-15-2010Vine Street, Missoula Montana"Dick Hale and his passenger escape serious injury when the aircraft he was flying crashes onto Vine Street in Missoula’s lower Rattlesnake residential area. The accident barely misses hitting the home owned by Hale’s parents."
614-Jan-193005-19-201029-243 P-1G KALISPELL, MT300114(4) & (7)17PS Selfridge Field, Mt Clemons, MI LACNU 3Putt, Donald L. 1930114
722-Jan-19305/19/201029-257 P-1C Helena Airport (7), HELENA, MT300122(4) & (7)94PS Selfridge Field, Mt Clemons, MI TACNU 2Bolen, Theodore M 1930122
7.513-Apr-19302/15/2015Travel AirCemetery Hill, Three Forks"Aviator and Passenger Die In Plane Crash Here."-- Three Forks Airport PIlot Shelter newspaper clipping from Three Forks Herald, 17 Apr 1930
-- See Montana Standard (Butte), 14 Apr 1930
-- Before My Time by Patrick Finnegan, page 38
Herman Carlson, pilot
Bill Gordon, passenger
826-Jul-193005-17-201030-166 O-25A BIG PRAIRIE, MT300726166 (91st Obv Sqn) wrecked landing in bad weather Big Prairie Ranger Station, MT Jul 26, 1930 (6)(4) & (6)
91OS Crissy Field, San Francisco, CA LACW 5Prosser, Harvey W. 1930726
8.5193102-02-2015"An Army plane"Bartlett Meadows near Big Prairie"Wrecked in landing....No one was injured"THE FLATHEAD STORY by Charlie Shaw (1967):
91-Jun-193105-18-201031-275 [ Boeing ] P-12D Billings Airport (7), BILLINGS, MT310601PROBABLY NOT DESTROYED BUT REBUILT: (6) "[31-]275 (18 RS) [was observed] at Jericho, NY Sep 19, 1939." And yet, killed two (7)(4) & (6)
95PS Rockwell Field, Coronado, CA LAC 2Giles, Barney M 193161
108-Jun-193105-18-201028-125 C-7 Billings Airport (7), BILLINGS, MT310608(6) [28-]119, 120, 123, 125 converted to C-7A." (Originally Fokker C-2As.)(4) & (6)
Rockwell Field, Coronado, CA LAC 5Foster, Paul L. 193168
118-Jun-193105-18-201028-125 C-7 BILLINGS, MT310608DUPLICATE RECORD FROM SOURCE(4) & (7)193168
1226-Apr-193207-18-2010Chapman, Montana"JW Schnitzler of Froid, Mont., banker, State Senator and Republican National Committeeman, was found dead today in his wrecked plane. I The scene of the crash was seven I miles southwest of Chapman, about fifty miles northwest of this city." (Google),tll:1931,tlh:1935,tl_num:48&prmd=nl&ei=JtxDTNHZK5DWtQPbkLCmDA&ved=0CJABEMsBKAM
1316-Jul-193407-18-2010Glasgow, Montana"Three Lincoln (Neb.) men and a Garfield (Mont.) County rancher fell to their death, today in an airplane on a-hill thirty-five south of Glasgow...." (Google),1170908&dq=montana+plane+crash&hl=en
1411-Nov-193407-18-2010Curtis RobinButte, Montana"In what was deemed Butte's first fatal airplane accident, three men were killed when their plane spun out of control and crashed in a field near the county hospital." Montana StandardMontana Standard:
1515-Nov-193405-15-2010NC10809Stinson SM-6000-BAmazonia, MontanaMT11/15/1934Rapid Air Transport, Route Omaha, NB - Kansas City, MO. The mail plane crashed and burned on a farm. 2 aboard, 2 fatal.
[ERRONEOUS REFERENCE TO MONTANA. MOST LIKELY MISSOURI: (1) No Amazonia MT found. (2) Amazonia Missouri is on route from Omaha to Kansas City.]
> "REFURBISHED AIRCRAFT ACCIDENT REPORTS" puts this crash in Missouri:
1613-Nov-193506-16-10NC-595HNicholas Beazley NB-3Gnear Fort Shaw, Montana
16.517-Oct-19371/11/2011MonoplaneReichle, Montana (near Glen, south of Melrose)"Near Reichle in southern Montana when Joseph Polish, 24, crashed to his death in a second-hand monoplane with his sister-in-law, Mrs. Rudolph Polish, 21." (According to Fred Sheriff, state aeronautics commissioner at the time.)Source: Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 11 Jan 2011, pg. 2, "This day in history...."
1710-Jan-193811-09-2011NC-17388Lockheed 14H Super Electra 45.805473°
Bozeman, MontanaMT1/10/1938Northwest Orient Airlines, Route Seattle-Billings-Chicago. The aircraft crashed 12 miles northeast of Bozeman after experiencing structural failure of the tail. There was severe turbulence reported in the area at the time of the accident. The structural failure of the upper vertical fins and rudders due to flutter "natural resonance, or period of vibration" which resulted in the separation of the rudder and fins and loss of control of the aircraft. 2 crew + 8 passengers, 10 fatalities. (Confirmed location with visit 10 Sept 2011. Verified by Sonia L.B. As a child she often rode horses past the site while living at the Flaming Arrow Ranch in 1946.)(3)
188-Jul-193805-15-2010NC17383Lockheed 14 Super ElectraBillings, MontanaMT7/8/1938Northwest Orient Airlines, Route Seattle-Chicago. While taking off from Billings, the airplane left the ground in a stalled condition from which the pilot attempted to recover by use of full emergency power. Emergency power was not available because of improper adjustment of the stop which had been placed on the quadrant of the propeller pitch control levers, preventing the levers from going to the full low pitch position. As a result of the stalled condition, the airplane fell off on the right wing and crashed at a point 1,100 feet beyond the NE runway, the pilot having cut the switch just prior to the impact. 2 crew + 8 passengers, 10 fatalities.
[ Newspaper article reports 7 injured and 1 fatality -- Google ]
193-Sep-193802-02-2015NC435H5-AT-D-102Ford 5Big Prairie, MontanaNo fatalities. Operated by Johnson's Flying Service. "Dick Johnson suffers a concussion, a skull fracture, cuts and bruises after crash-landing a Johnson Tri-Motor at the Big Prairie landing strip northeast of Missoula."


THE FLATHEAD STORY by Charlie Shaw (1967):
2013-Jan-193905-15-2010NC17389Lockheed 14-H Super ElectraMiles City, MontanaMT1/13/1939Northwest Orient Airlines, Route Chicago-Seattle. The aircraft crashed 2,650 feet past the runway boundry after taking off. A fire of considerable intensity developed, prior to the crash, in the cockpit of the aircraft, in the immediate vicinity of the gasoline cross-feed valve. It was not possible to determine the exact origin and source of the fire. 2 crew + 2 passengers, 4 fatalities.
[ Contradictory information on date and number of passengers -- Google. ]
20.5193908-16-2010Ford Tri-MotorRoaring Lion Canyon, west of Hamilton MontanaDick Johnson was dropping cargo on a forest fire in Roaring Lion Canyon just west of Hamilton Montana. They hit a down draft in the canyon. The right wing clipped some trees and they crashed spinning through the rocks on the side of the canyon. Dick was unconscious. The spotter got him out of the plane and dragged and rolled him over the rocks to a spot safe from the oncoming fire. The spotter worked his way to the trail down canyon for help.
2125-May-194005-17-201038-241 BT-9C Muni Airport (7), MISSOULA, MT400525241 (c/n NA29-522) Based at Salt Lake City Muni Airport, UT. On 04/3/40 damaged when it ground looped on landing. On May 25, 1940 damaged when it nosed over at the Muni Airport, Missoula, MT. While with the 645th TEFTSq at Boca Raton Field, FL again damaged on Dec 28, 1943 when it ground looped on landing. (6)(4) & (6)
AC Det Salt Lake City Muni Airport, UT LACNO 3Winn, Alma G. 1940525
2216-Jul-194007-19-2010Bitterroot Mountains, 40 miles west of Darby Montana, near Brush(y) Fork Creek."A pilot flying supplies to forest fire-fighting crews was killed and his injured seriously to day as their plane crashed in the Bitter Root mountains of western Montana." [Attributed as a Montana crash, but location appears to be in Idaho.]>,1183684&dq=montana+plane+crash&hl=en
231-Oct-194008-13-2010Bozeman Montana area[A NON-EVENT? PERHAPS SIMILAR TO REPORT OF 6 APR 1956?] Newspaper snippet: "Hunt Begun After Word Plane Fell In Flames -- Whether an airplane had crashed was not definitely known. Lou C. Boedeckcr, chief of the Montana highway patrol, said he was informed here that the group, including Patrolman Gene Mora, of Bozeman, and two ranchers, would resume their search tomorrow morning",tll:1940,tlh:1940,tl_num:51&ei=LiZmTMmfHYi8sAPdu5jUDQ&ved=0CH4QywEoBA
23.519-Mar-194102-16-2015TaylorcraftRoundup AirportPilot dies as the result of plane crash at Roundup airport. Passenger hospitalized.Roundup Record-Tribune & Winnett Times - Mar 20, 1941:,956769
2426-Jun-194107-19-2010Bididle, MontanaUndersheriff Ed O'Donnell, Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office, was killed in an airplane accident while participating in a search for several suspects. The plane crashed approximately 20 miles south of Broadus.,2488209&dq=montana+plane+crash&hl=en
254-Jul-194106-21-2010Deer Lodge, Montana"Airplane carrying two men crashed during the Deer Lodge rodeo." Montana StandardMontana Standard:
2628-Jul-194105-31-201033-237 A-12
[Curtiss A-12 Shrike]
BOZMAN, MT410728Not "BozEman, MT" rather "Bozman, MD" Erroneously entered as MT. Note home base of MD, and correct accident location of MD from reference (a).
"237 surveyed Edgewood Arsenal Jan 7, 1942" (b)
2712-May-194205-23-2010NC21714Douglas DC-3-A-269Miles City, MontanaMT5/12/1942Northwest Orient Airlines, Route Chicago-Seattle. The plane hit an obstruction at the end of the runway, overran the runway boundry and crashed. The failure of the captain to complete the landing run in time to avoid the obstruction at the end of the runway, for reasons undetermined, and his action in attempting to take off after striking the obstruction. 4 crew + 10 passengers, 3 fatalities (3 crew).(3)
2821-Jun-194206-24-201042-57153 [Boeing] C-73GREAT FALLS, MT420621"Civilian Model 247 c/n 1702 impressed by USAAF. Originally to Boeing Air Transport as NC13321 May 13, 1933. To United Airlines as NC13321 May 1, 1943. To Western Air Express as NC13321 (leased from United Ailines). Impressed by USAAF Jun 15, 1942. To Aero Transportes as XA-FEO Jul 1945. To Aeronaves de Michoacan as XA-KAG in 1950. To C. Cofin as N5501A Jan 8, 1959."(4), (7) & 7FrGp Seattle, WA LACMF 3Schurter, Orie O 1942621
2924-Jul-194241-24500 B-17F BILLINGS, MT420724(4) & (7) 7FrGp Great Falls, MT LACGL 4Blomquist, Henry A 1942724
305-Aug-194206-24-201040-685 [Beech] F-2Great Falls Muni Airport (7), GREAT FALLS, MT420805"685 to CL-26 Aug 27, 1942 at Felts Field, Spokane, WA."(4), (7) & Felts Field, Spokane, WA LACGL 4Kissane, William C 194285
319-Aug-194206-24-201042-45831 P-40K DUTTON 15 MI NE, MT420809"45831 salvaged Mar 15, 1945"(4), (7) & 3FrGp Romulus AAF, MI FLEF 4Harrell, Thomas 194289
3230-Aug-194207-19-201041-3060 A-20B SHELBY 10 MI N, MT420830"Second Lieutenant Robert Gustafson, 22, of Islington, Mass., was killed in the crash and burning of an Army plane near Shelby today."(4), (7),4064534&dq=montana+plane+crash&hl=en
AFFFC 7FrGp Graet Falls, MT KSSPCR 5Gustafson, Robert 1942830
3310-Oct-194206-24-201041-2162 F-4
[Lockheed F-4-1-LO Lightning]
GREAT FALLS, MT421010"2162 surveyed Jan 19, 1942"(4), (7) & PRSq 2PhotoGp Colorado Springs, CO LACMF 3Hardee, Walter R 19421010
3427-Oct-194205-19-201043-790 L-4B LIVINGSTON, MT421027790 to CL-26 at Gore Field, MT Jul 8, 1943. Was involved in an accident Oct 27, 1943. (6) [Also see entry from July 1943](4) & (6)
12FrSq 2FrGp New Castle AAB, DE WAC 4Maxwell, Paul J 19421027
3521-Nov-194207-05-2010NC68924-AT-B-28Ford 4Billings, Montana2 fatalities. Operated by Atlantic Airmotive.
3621-Dec-194206-24-201042-94130 [Stinson] L-9B FT HARRISON 3 MI NW, MT
(7): 3 mi NW of Ft William Henry Harrison
421221"originally designated AT-19B. Model 10-A commandeered by USAAF from civilian users."(4), (7) & Air Det Helena Muni Airport, MT KCRGC 5Verdery, Orville B 19421221
3730-Dec-194206-07-201542-5123 B-17F MUSSELSHELL, MT [near Melstone]4212305123 condemned Great Falls AAF Jan 1, 1943 (6)
Mentioned in "The Second Was First," page 9. See Sources.
(4) & (6)
> [book page 111]
> [book page 9]
20BS 2BG Great Falls, MT KCRGC 5First Lieut. EDWARD T. LAYFIELD, 25, Baltimore, Md., pilot.
Second Lieut. GERALD K. BEEM, 23, Omaha, Neb., co-pilot.
Major ORVILLE A. RALSTON, 48, Valentine, Neb.
Second Lieut. REGIS J. NEWLAND, 21, Millville, Pa.
Second Lieut. CHESTER A. KNIGHT, 21, Prescott, Ariz.
Staff Serg. RULON B. DUTTON, Adairville, Ga.
Staff Serg. FREDERICK T. BROWN, Almont, Mich.
Corp. FRED E. MURRAY, Danville, Ill.
Staff Serg. CHARLES T. VALYS, Creston, Calif.
Pvt. JACOB V. REISS, Cleveland, Ohio.
Corp. HOBART L. HALL, Sioux Falls, S.D.
Shafer"A pilot named MacNamer crashed a Luskum in the timber near Schafer in 1943. No one was injured."THE FLATHEAD STORY by Charlie Shaw (1967):
37.7est. 3-Jan-194302-16-2015"Army four-engined bomber"
Near RoundupCaption from newspaper photo: "Only charred wreckage remained of an army four-engined bomber that crashed and burned near Roundup, Mont. The entire crew of the ship -- 12 officers and enlisted men -- perished in the flames that broke out and destroyed the craft. (AP wirephot, passed by army.)"The Spokane Review, 4 Jan 1943, pg. 7:,944989
384-Jan-194305-19-201042-15853 PT-27 BILLINGS, MT430104(4) & (7) Great Falls, MT FLEF 3Potter, Jack I 194314
398-Jan-194306-24-201042-5728 B-17F
[Lockheed/Vega B-17F-10-VE Fortress]
GREAT FALLS AAF, MT430108"5728 to RFC Walnut Ridge Dec 11, 1945"(4), (7) & 2BG Great Falls, MT LACMF 3Stoeger, Donald J 194318
4015-Jan-194307-01-201042-5410 B-17F GREAT FALLS, MT430115"5410 to RFC Altus Sep 6, 1945" [Hit a high tension wire while trying to land in high winds with low visibility. Lost about 5 feet of vertical stabilizer. From "The Second Was First," page 9. See Sources.](4), (7)
429BS 2BG Cut Bank, MT MAC 4Eggers, Richard F 1943115
4125-Jan-194306-24-201042-4633 P-39L GORE FIELD, MT
(7): Gore Field, Great Falls, MT
430125"4631/4644 to USSR"(4), (7) & 7FG Gore Field, Great Falls, MT TOAEF 5Gandy, Russell N 1943125
4226-Jan-194306-24-201041-24634 B-17F GREAT FALLS, MT
(7): AAB, Great Falls, MT
430126"24634 (41st BG) lost Feb 11, 1944, China. MACR 3011"(4), (7) & 34BG AAB, Great Falls, MT TACF 3Foster, Donald 1943126
432-Mar-194305-19-201042-4720 P-39L GORE FIELD, MT4303024720 wrecked Mar 2, 1943 Gore AAF, Great Falls, MT, while being delivered to USSR (6).(4) & (6)
25 Ferry Sq 7 Ferry Grp Gore Field, Great Falls, MT FLEF/F 4Evertson, Leslie K 194332
443-Mar-194305-19-201042-12800 P-38G GORE FIELD, MT
(7): Gore Field, Great Falls, MT
430303(4) & (7)25 Ferry Sq 7 Ferry Grp Gore Field, Great Falls, MT TACMF 3Tremaine, Elliott S 194333
456-Mar-194305-19-201041-3639 A-20B GORE FIELD, MT
(7): Gore Field, Great Falls, MT
430306(4) & (7)25 Ferry 7 Ferry Gore Field, Great Falls, MT LAC 3Camp, Aarron B Jr 194336
4623-Mar-194306-24-201042-5025 P-39N GORE FIELD, MT
(7): Gore Field, Great Falls, MT
430323"5023/5043 to USSR"(4), (7) & Ferry 7 Ferry Gore Field, Great Falls, MT TAC 3Lane, Gerald R 1943323
4728-Mar-194306-24-201042-9325 P-39N BILLINGS, MT
(7): Muni Arpt, Billings, MT
430328"9289/9336 to USSR"(4), (7) & Ferry 3 Ferry AAB, Romulus, MI LACDF 5Gold, Lawrence W 1943328
481-Apr-194305-19-201041-3646 A-20 GORE FIELD, MT
(7): Great Falls, MT
4304013646 crashed at Granit Falls, MT (6)(4) & (6)
25FrS 7FrG AT CREF 5Goff, Maurice F 194341
4910-Apr-194306-21-2010Warm Springs, Montana"Plane crashed near Warm Springs killing all four Missoula people on board." (Montana Standard)Montana Standard:
5011-Apr-194305-19-201042-9281 P-39 GORE FIELD, MT430411(4) & (7)25 Ferry 7 Ferry Gore Field, MT TAC 4Goff, Maurice F 1943411
5117-Apr-194306-25-201042-5266 B-17F LEWISTOWN, MT"5266 damaged in takeoff accident at Jacson AAB, MS Jan 25, 1945. To RFC Kingman Oct 27, 1945"(4), (7) & 385BG Lewistown, MT EF 4Gilder, Richards W 190000
5224-Apr-194305-19-201042-53628 A-20
(7): A-20G
GORE FIELD, MT430424(4) & (7) 7 Ferry Gore Field, Great Falls, MT GAC-F 3Boyle, Martin P (crew chief) 1943424
531-May-194305-19-201042-53600 A-20G GORE FIELD, MT430501(4) & (7) 7 Ferry Gore Field, MT F 3Daoutakos, Nicholas W (crew chief) 194351
5414-May-194305-19-201042-58291 UC-78 GREAT FALLS, MT
(7): 5 1/2 Mi NE Neihart, MT
430514(4) & (7)352 Base HQ AAB Great Falls, MT KCRGC 5Lindsey, Winston 1943514
5523-May-194306-25-201043-5139 130UC-64A GORE FIELD, MT430523"5139 (c/n 130) lost in ground loop landing accident at Gore Field,
Montana May 23, 1943."
(4), (7) & Ferry 3 Ferry Romulus, MI LACGL 3Strauss, Williard H 1943523
5623-May-194310-16-201042-30260 B-17F 44° 35.907'N x 111° 3.761' [general area]YELLOWSTONE 4 MI SW, MT
(7): 4 Mi S West Yellowstone, MT
430523The "Yellowstone Bomber." Have visited - Coordinates inexact. "30260 (385th BG, 548th BS) crashed in Yellowstone National Park May 1943. Only one survivor, the one who was able to bail out. The plane encountered turbulence at 15,000 feet and was on fire when the commander ordered a bail out. The wreck was found [rediscovered] in 1988 after the fires." Since then removed.(4) & (7)
Deseret News, Dec. 1., 1988:
548BS 385BG Lewiston, MT KLoCW 5Thompson, Roy E
Survivor: Lt. William McDonald
575-Jun-194305-19-201042-18965 P-39 GORE FIELD, MT430605(4) & (7)25 Ferry 7 Ferry Gore Field, MT TAC 3Collins, Paul L 194365
585-Jun-194305-19-201042-53760 A-20G BILLINGS, MT430605(4) & (7)26 Ferry 4 Ferry Memphis, TN LAC 3Siemer, Carl R 194365
597-Jun-194305-19-201042-3752 A-20G GORE FIELD, MT430607Tail number incorrect. Perhaps 42-63752.(4) & (7)7 Ferry 7 Ferry Gore Field, MT F 5Hurd, Archie W 194367
608-Jun-194305-19-201042-18942 P-39N GORE FIELD, MT430608(4) & (7)25 Ferry 7 Ferry Gore Field, MT FLEF 3Vetter, Gustave J 194368
6119-Jun-194305-19-201042-30460 B-17F GREAT FALLS, MT
(7): AAB, Great Falls, MT
430619(4) & (7)541BS 383BG AAB, Great Falls, MT KLACEF 5Kline, Daniel B 1943619
6219-Jun-194305-19-201042-19769 P-39 [ (7): P-39Q ]GORE FIELD, MT430619"19769 to USSR"(4), (7) & Ferry 7 Ferry Gore Field, MT LAC 3Fleischman, Lloyd 1943619
6324-Jun-194305-19-201042-19871 P-39Q GORE FIELD, MT430624"19871 crashed Jul 2, 1943 50 mi SE of Whitehorse. Pilot bailed out successfully."(4), (7) & Ferry 7 Ferry Gore Field, MT LACMF 3Camp, Aarron B 1943624
6425-Jun-194305-19-201042-19735 P-39Q GORE FIELD, MT430625"19735 to USSR"(4), (7) & Ferry 7 Ferry Gore Field, MT TOA 5Craik, James S Jr 1943625
6528-Jun-194305-19-201041-12361 26488C-46 BILLINGS, MT430628"12361 (c/n 26488) to RFC at Walnut Ridge Oct 25, 1945. On July 29, 1951 as CB-39 for Loide Aereo Nacional crashed on takeoff at Cochabamba, Bolivia, 3 crew 4 pax fatal." [ALSO SEE 22 OCT 1943.](4), (7) & Airlines Billings, MT LACMF 3Ciprian, Joseph E 1943628
6629-Jun-194305-19-201041-18919 L-1C GREAT FALLS, MT
(7): AAB, Great Falls, MT
430629(4) & (7)352 BH&ABS Great Falls, MT MACOB 5Cruikshank, Garner, T 1943629
673-Jul-194305-19-201043-790 L-4B
[ Piper L-4B Grasshopper ]
(7): AAB, Great Falls, MT
430703790 to CL-26 at Gore Field, MT Jul 8, 1943. Was involved in an accident Oct 27, 1943. (6) ["CL" means "Unflyable" so "accident" of Oct 27 must have been while static.](4) & (6)
388 Service 64 Service Great Falls, MT TACW 4Halliday, John J (mechanic) 194373
6816-Jul-194305-19-201042-54321 A-24B GORE FIELD, MT
(7): 4 Mi SW Gore Field, Great Falls, MT
430716Two different pilots listed. Mid-air?(4) & (7)633BS 407BG Drew Field, FL BOMAC 5Kelley, John F 1943716
6916-Jul-194305-19-201042-54315 A-24B GORE FIELD, MT
(7): 4 Mi SW Gore Field, Great Falls, MT
430716Two different pilots listed. Mid-air?(4) & (7)632BS 407BG Drew Field, FL BOMAC 5Scott, Alexander 1943716
7020-Jul-194305-19-201042-19529 P-39 [ (7): P-39N ]GORE FIELD, MT430720(4) & (7)90 Ferry 7 Ferry Gore Field, MT TAC 3Kilbrick, Jordan R 1943720
70.521-Jul-194312-29-2015NC40984Piper J5B"near Powderville, Montana"Crash while stunting. No fatalities.
7123-Jul-194305-19-201042-54226 A-20G GORE FIELD, MT430723(4) & (7)25 Ferry 7 Ferry Gore Field, MT KSSP 5Van Nimwegen, Rodney A 1943723
7227-Jul-194305-19-201042-30584 B-17F LEWISTOWN, MT
(7): AAB, Lewistown, MT
430727(4) & (7)615BS 401BG AAB, Great Falls, MT ACC 3Dempsey, Ralph M 1943727
7328-Jul-194305-19-201042-19529 P-39Q GORE FIELD, MT
(7): 3/4 Mi W Gore Field, MT
430728(4) & (7)90 Ferry 7 Ferry Gore Field, MT CRTEF 5Cooper, Leonard N 1943728
744-Aug-194305-19-201042-30745 B-17F GREAT FALLS AAF, MT
(7): AAB, Great Falls, MT
430804"30745 to RFC at Ontario Jul 29, 1945"(4), (7) & 401BG Great Falls, MT BLMF 4Garland, William C 194384
755-Aug-194305-19-201042-20511 P-39 [ (7): P-39Q ]GORE FIELD, MT430805(4) & (7)7 Ferry 7 Ferry Gore Field, MT KCR 5Drumheiser, Phillip W 194385
7612-Aug-194305-19-201042-20576 P-39Q GORE FIELD, MT
(7): 10 Mi SE Great Falls, MT
430812(4) & (7)307 Ferry 7 Ferry Gore Field, MT KSSP 5Sandlin, Douglas L 1943812
7721-Aug-194305-19-201042-5955 B-17F CONRAD, MT430821"5955 surveyed Gore AAF Sep 14, 1943"(4), (7) & 401BG Cut Bank AAF, MT BLEF 5Bender, Marvin H 1943821
7823-Aug-194342-20657 P-39Q PENHOLD 20 MI S, MT430823(4)1943823
7924-Aug-194310-20-201042-6062B-17F GARFLD CO, MT
[ From the accident report, on the Fred Gibson ranch, in "section 6, township 18, range 31 east near the line where township 18 joins township 19 on the north." ]
4308246062 surveyed Lewistown AAF, MT Sep 21, 1943. [August?] Crashed in Montana on training flight and all onboard killed. (6).
Brother of a crewmember visited crash site, posted list of crewmembers:
(4) & (6)
ARCHIVE (thank you Fred!):
615BS 401BG AAB, Lewistown, MT KCRDF 5Lynch, James W [pilot]
[ Luedke, William L. Co-pilot/IP
Eckerman, Walter L.
Rogers, Michael F.
Gregorich, Edward C.
Melynchek, Frederick T.
Kinkaid, Morris S.
Downs, Henry J.
Nolen, Cecil K.
Burnette, Charles F.
Dlouhy, John L. ]
8028-Aug-194342-5113 B-17F GLASGOW, MT
(7): AAB, Glasgow, MT
430828"5113 to RFC Walnut Ridge Jan 2,1946"(4), (7) & 401BG Glasgow, MT TACGC 2Peck, John C 1943828
8128-Aug-194305-19-201042-30786 B-17F AAB, Glasgow, MT MT 430,828See listed pilot. Apparently destroyed while parked.(7)614BS 401BG Glasgow, MT TACGC 4Parked Airplane 1943828
8230-Aug-194305-19-201042-20599 P-39 [ (7): P-39Q ]GORE FIELD, MT430830(4) & (7)19 Ferry 3 Ferry Gore Field, Great Falls, MT LACBL 5Miller, George K 1943830
831-Sep-194305-19-201042-5128 B-17F FT BENTON 6 MI E, MT

Per reference (a), "Roughly one-half mile off state highway 80 and a few miles southeast of Fort Benton."
4309015128 to CL-26* Great Falls AAF Sep 3, 1943 (6)
* See Military Codes tab for explanation of "CL-26."

Per reference (a), crashed shortly after midnight on 2 Sep 1943, not 1 September.
Also per ref (a), aircraft exploded in mid-air.
(4) & (6)
(a) Great Falls Tribute, 24 May 2015:
612BS 401BG Great Falls, MT KEX 5Maginn, Warren H 194391
847-Sep-194305-19-201042-6025 B-17F ROY 8 MI NE, MT4309076025 wrecked when force-landed 8 mi NE of Roy, MT Sep 7, 1943. (6)(4) & (6)
614BS 401BG AAB, Glasgow, MT BLEF 4Fridmore, William T Jr 194397
Piper J30-65 [J3C]
Piper J3C-65
"3 miles southwest of Hale Field, Missoula"Mid-air during training. Four (4) fatalities.
8513-Sep-194306-25-201041-30787 B-25D MONTANA
(7): Gore Field, Great Falls, MT
430913"30787 surveyed at Dyersbrug AAF Sep 27, 1944"(4), (7) & Ferry 7 Ferry Gore Field, Great Falls, MT F 4Glimco, Carl (fuel truck driver) 1943913
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