AI ScholarsFujiArthur Qin, Devin Laiarthur.r.quin@gmail,com/dbevai0n5@gmail.comThis club will create a learning community to discuss topics related to artificial intelligence and its influence on our society. Resources such as events with AI experts, videos, and talks to spark discussion, and informative meetings with engaging content will be provided by Inspirit AI for all club members.
Album Appreciation ClubFujiiTate Saga-Narikawa, Kaitlyn, kaitlynfujiki@gmail.comWe will be listening to 1 or two albums a year and having a “book club” like meeting in our meetings. Our main goal is to show students new music and spread our love of music to other students. We will also give students a reason to relax and enjoy music they like.
Animal Rescue ClubBlySakura Nakanishi/Alesha purpose of our club is threefold 1. having schoolwide drives collecting pet food, blankets, towels, etc for shelter animals 2. making pet toy and goods needed by shelter animals and 3. raising vitally needed awareness about abused and displaces animals
Around the World ClubFrazierEleanor Hsu, Irene, eleanorhsu33@gmail.comWe educate the students on foreign languages and cultures, including ones not taught in school. By doing this, students will be able to have a better understand about the world surrounding them.
Art From the Heart ClubKargKatie Cho, Gina, katiecho2006@gmail.comWe create art pieces like portraits and crafts for low-income seniors, so that we can spread happiness and positivity during these difficult times. We can utilize our technical skills for the welfare of others. We will also host an exhibition at the end of the year in which 100% of proceeds from sold artworks will be donated to various charities.
Asian American AllianceWebsterSarah Wangwangsarah84@gmail.comThe purpose of the Asian American Alliance club is to educate students of any and all backgrounds about the unique history and culture of being Asian American. Through activies, contests, discussions, and monthly meetings we hope to decrease streotypes about being Asian American in our school community and society as a whole
Best BuddiesFujinaga and PetersKhiara Diaz-Knauffkhiaradeneen@gmail.comThe Best Buddies high school program is dedicated to creating friendships between students with and without IDD and promoting inclusion within campus as well as outside of school.
Blue RevolutionFrazierSophie Lin/Sua Kimsophielin713@gmail.comThe goal of our club is to educate others on why water conservation is important, through projects and guest speakers. We want to broaden students' perspectives on how wasting water can have detrimental effects on the environment (ex. saving water saves energy, which directly lowers your carbon footprint). We hope that if everyone can conserve a bit of water, we can positively impact the environment with healthier estuaries, lakes, and even a healthier climate.
Board Game Entertainment and Development ClubTwietZishi Li586197@pvpusd.netThe purpose of the Board Game Entertainment and Development Club is to provide a platform for all PVPHS students to introduce the board games of their interest and design their own board games. The club helps students develop important skills such as collaboration and independent judgment-making
through a large variety of board games, encourages the exchange of valuable ideas, inspires creativity,
and allows students to relax, have fun, and relieve academic pressures.
BookaholicsMadunichManahil Haqmanahilhaq06@gmail.comTo fulfill that love of reading to explore new horizons of literature, the people who write literature, the separate ways literature can be interpreted, and different symbols hidden inside.
Bugs, Butterflies, and Other Invertebraes ClubVijaiyanMichael Chaomwhikingyota@gmail.comThe main goal of my club is to gather fellow students who are invertebrae lovers, and also share our experiences working with insects. We will also research about insect anatomy and identify/document local insects.
Build a Blanket ClubFujiiAila Shibao/Tara provide students with the oppurtunity to create no-sew blankets that will be donated to children in need
Career Pathways ClubRuvalbacaEdward Lin & Nathan, eddydog20@gmail.comWe provide students with the opportunity to learn about all types of careers from people in the professional field. We will organize meetings where we discuss the general aspects of a person’s career choice. Our goal is to help students discover potential career paths, and to host events where students are able to learn from someone in that field.
Cell Research ClubZambranoDavid Ko/ Mihir Mehtatheonering374@gmail.comThe club's purpose is to enable students interested in cellular research to gather and investigate a particular cell line to present their findings to other members. Its purpose is to further the members' love of cellular biology and allow them to develop their scientific thinking and reasoning skills, presentation skills, and knowledge of a particular cell lineage, all of which will help them pursue their passion for biology and develop critical thinking skills for a career in biology.
Child Psychology ClubMyrickSydney Chung588035@pvpusd.netWe study the points that can make the child grow in a good way and solve conflicts between parents and children. We would like to make a poster and present each other and compare the solution of Koreans and Americans.
Chinese Students and Scholars AssociationChouRachel Huang/Judy unify all Chinese students and scholars creating a community to help each other and creating a sense of belonging and "home" for students.
Cinematic Design ClubStilesKynam Lenghiemkynamleng@gmail.comThe club purpose is to expose students to the proeduction of professional films and the importance of teamwork. This is achieved through the production of film and shorts. Our members gain additional experience by offering other clubs to produce promotional videos for them. Finally, we educate the students on different filming techniques such as directing, writing, and cinematography.
Civic Engagement OrganizationMasseyKevin Lai/ Mike students with the bility to create change through community involvement, political debate, and general awareness about current events.
Club PenguinWebsterKennedy Kato, Danielle, danielle.basko@gmail.comWe raise funds for the Aquarium of the Pacific, and to also spread awareness for the health and safety of ocean life!
Cooking and Social ClubLeonardAustin Loui/Cindy cooking club aims to expand our members pallette and culinary skills by showing and encouraging them to try out making various dishes from around the world.
Cool Down ClubFrazierAlli Dee/Keira main purpose of the Cool Down club is to provide students with a space to take a break from their academics and be able to meet and socialize with fellow Peninsula students
Cube ClubMasseySpencer Lam, Collin Chen, pangryan@yahoo.comWe promote amusement of solving the Rubik's Cube Puzzle and refute its widespread notion of being impossible.
Doctor Discovery ClubKealeyAidan Belofskyaidanbelofsky04@gmail.comOur goal is to inform and inspire students who are interested in working in the medical field by giving them opportunities to learn about various medical jobs.
Drama ClubCohenJessica Dotyjessied24601@gmail.comThe purpose of this club shall be the introduction, continuation, and encouragement of participation in the theatre arts at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. Specifically, the club shall encourage students to attend productions and events as well as raise the profile of the drama department on the PVPHS campus and within the local community.
Earth Canvas PeppermullerAurora Wu, Kinnidi Canvas uses methods of art including painting, drawing, filmmaking, and photography to spread awareness on environmental problems.
Ecomonics Experience SocietyChaiyontYi Jie Hu583358@pvpusd.netThe club connects students who are interested in economics and have passion to understand how economics work worldwide together. We will participate in discussions about core economic theories and how it can affect activites of daily living. As a team, we gather together to gain a deeper understanding of communication, leadership, stratigies, and risk management
Embodying LoveLoganMcKenna McCallistermckenna.m999@gmail.comTo promote body positivity and self love among members of the group as well as the school community. We will help protect and educate our local community on the misleading messages society feeds us. We aim to educate ourselves and others on these subjects.
Endangered Species Protection Club (ESPC)BarecenillaAriel Donato/Venus a place for student activists to dicuss and fundraise for Endangered specied in need of helop, especially those whose populations drastically dropped due to human intervention in ecosystems.
Entrepreneurship and Finance ClubVijaiyanPradyuman Raja586076@pvpusd.netThe purpose of this club is for students to adapt to a growth mindset and teach them the basics of entrepreneurship and finance.
Family Promise Volunteer ClubHangarterArya Bhagataryabhagatt@gmail.comGiving food and interacting with the community. We want to provide for homeless familes and make their lives slightly easier.
Fellowship of Christian AthletesHangarterRachel Snead, Caleb, 590422@pvpusd.netTo lead every interested coach, athlete, and student into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church, as well as to see the world transformed by Jesus
Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.
Friends of the ForestDaleySarah Takamisarahtakami@gmail.comFriends of the forest aim to promote education surrounding the healing properties of nature and ways to tap into these properties. We''l be engaging in activies like nature journaling, poetry, group hikes, and overall nature workshops centered around using narure as a tool for healing
Friendship ClubFujinagaSarah Portersarahporterpv@gmail.comPVPHS Friendship Club is a Friendship Foundation Club whose goal is to continue to foster and promote a relationship between the student body and special education students. We work with Mrs. Fujiinaga’s class to work on habits, communication skills, and strive to be an opening and welcoming environment to promote friendship. This program encourages awareness for students in general education and creates and environment in which friendships can develop with students in special education. Because of this program, the students in special education can see familiar faces or even a friend in the hallways and around school, creating a more welcoming school environment
Gaming Community ClubLoydMichael Kittomjksward@gmail.comWe provide a safe space for people to talk about and play games, whether they are board games or video games.
Gavel ClubVoegtlinRohit Reddyreddyrohit135@gmail.comWe help Peninsula High students develop the public speaking skills and have them practice speaking in a friendly environment.
Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)DonahoeAlison Kingaliking1805@gmail.comThe purpose of this club is to connect all local LGBT clubs, create a family, volunteer at LGBT centers, teach LGBT history, discuss current LGBT related topics/issues and break stereotypical boundaries.
Girls In STEMCloseElla Choellacho26@yahoo.comWe empower girls to pursue STEM through applied learning, community service, and workshops
Global Exchange ClubYuCarys purpose of this club is to create oppertunites for high school students at Peninsula to learn and exchange life experiences with high school students in different countires, and to foster a deeper understanding of life outside the US, throguh regular virtual meetings with students around the world.
Globe Gurus Geography Club ConstitutionConenaArhaan Cara/Anthony Globe Gurus Geography Club aims to provide a basic sharing of geography knowledge to Peninsula students that take part. Members will be better understand the layout of their home, the Earth. Through trivia, online maps, and discussions, all members will also have a great experience engaging in a global discovery.
Guitar ClubEngleAhwali Lopez/Ryan help spread the enjoyment and appreciation of the art of guitar and create a community where guitarists can learn from each other and meet new people
Health and Fitness ClubDaleyBrian Son, Jack, jackparkmartin@gmail.comThe purpose of this club is to help members wanting to be more fit and healthy. We offer help by giving dietary advice and working out during our meetings.
Help A Hero ClubSlatteryHana Tanisaka, Stella, stellaschwab2007@gmail.comWe wish to assist military servicemen and women along with their families. We will do this by collecting items on a wish list provided by the USO. We will also organize fundraisers for the USO, collect expired coupons for the military families, and create homemade greeting cards for the troops to send to their families.
Historical Strategists SocietyKealeyWilliam Kealeybkclippercat@yahoo.comTo promote a love of history and geography through discussion of strategy and gaming. Students will play a variety of games while discussing relevant historical events.
History BuffsFrazierDavid Lee/Braydan to research historical events and periods, and to be a center or hub for people who are fond of history at Peninsula. During AP exam months, members will help other students prepare for history AP tests (only for members who took those AP tests)
Iranian Student SocietyPetersKayla Anvaripour, Natalie, natalieanvari@icloud.comWe unite the Persian students across campus and educate both Persian and non Persian students about the culture.
Japanese Culture ClubYuCalvin Wada/Aubrianne Tonomura572631@pvpusd.netOur purpose is to give students the oppurtunity to experience Japanese culture both inside and outside of school with volunteer events, traditional celebrations, and outside oppurtunities.
Jewish Student UnionFrazierMatthew Ginsburgmattg423@gmail.comWe spread awareness and knowledge about the Jewish religion, while bringing Jewish students on campus together
Key ClubTranAlana Choalanacho20@gmail.comTo host volunteer events for the student at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School. To help others in our community. Create a positive environment for students to give back to their community.
Kick AshnymanAshley Gomezpvphskickash@gmail.comKick Ash is dedicated to promoting a smoke-free campus and smoke-free peninsula through prevention, education, and working with local decision-makers.
Kids for PeaceBudaAbigail Chiangabbychiang1234@gmail.comKids for Peace is a global nonprofiit organization that strives to spread peace across the nation completing the great kindness challenge arranging book, food, clothing dirves, beach park trail cleanups, and even competing in Peace Day Challenges.
Kits for the communityDeWittSydney TorcassoOur main goal is to provide various kits to different community organizations. Initially, we have recieved approval of the boys and girls club of LA, San Pedro Chapter to provide individual art kits. These art kits will contain a complete art project in a bag for use by kids at the facility. Some example kits include art supplies, like pipe cleaners and beads to make a magic wand, or colorful paper to make origami animals such as frogs or butterflies. These kits would also include instruction. We would also like to provide toiletry kits to Toberman neighborhood center. These kits would include travel size shampoo, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes.
Kings and Queens Chess ClubYuAndy Gu, Prachod, 587015@pvpusd.netWe provide a place for chess players of all skill levels to demonstrate their skills. Our main goals are to improve our members' skill level in chess and create a semi-competitive chess environment.
Korean Culture ClubChoiGrace Kimgkoreank1215@gmail.comOur purpose is to spread awareness and knowledge of the Korean culture, acquiring friendship and leadership along the way.
tjphillips2404@yahoo.comZambranoThomas Phillips/Alejandra purpose of the Latino Connection Club is to acutate a depper understanding of how the Latino culture influences our everyday life and American culture. Members will ain this understanding by participating in culturally relevant activites and serving Latino communites through volunteer opportunities and donations. We invite all to explore the increasing presence of the Latino culture in America.
Lawyer UpFrazierKayden RoxasKaydenroxas@icloud.comTo establish a mentorship program and connect members intereted in law with experienced attorneys; to highlight the importance of increasing minority representation in the legal profession
LAX 4 AllBorstelBeatrice Navarro/Kiera club's main goal or purpose is to spread the awareness of the game of lacrosse. We will do this in a philanthropic and informative way. During our meetings, we will talk about current events in the LAX community, organize several stick and gear drives to donate to lower income areas, and teach anyone interested in Lacrosse how to play.
Life Skills ClubFrazierHaley Ward/Lucy Life Skils club will foucs on helping students dvelop the critical skills they will need to succeed in the outside world. We want to educate the student body in an engaging way to help prepare them for successful futures.
Love For Our EldersDeWittAudrey Yuyuneuneu@gmail.comThe purpose of Love for Our Elders is to allow students to write letters to send to elderly around the world. Since many elderly are isolated in senior/nursing centers
in this time, we believe that it is important to show them some love.
Mahjong ClubkawagoeJoshua We wish to learn more about chinese culture through the game of mahjong and have fun while doing it!
Make a Wish ClubBlazevicJoie Chiu/Rashell main goal is to fundraise money for the Make A Wish Foundation. we would love to donate to help kid's dream come true. we hope to build school sirit and create partnerships outside of the classroom while providing students with hands-on experience with fundraising to help create life changing wishes, and stgrength they need to fight crticial illnesses.
Marine Statistics and ObservationBarcenillaJaan Andersons/Gregory main goal is to protect marine ecosystems and help them flourish by documenting fish numbers via free diving/snorkeling and reporting it to the government and non-profit organizations.
math team
Medical Research Fundraising ClubBarcenillaLia Osipyan588652@pvpusd.netTo fundraise for research regarding specific diseases and clinical trials, including Alzheimers, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases by holding fundraising events devoted to a specific disease each time.
Minecraft Creators UnionFrazierHidefumi Matsudahidefumimatsuda19@gmail.comTo develop collective thinkings within community
Mobile App Development ClubChouJustin Liujustinliu23@gmail.comWe design, develop, and publish apps that can solve problems in our community
Movie a Month ClubFrazierAvery Jolls/ Drishana collect, anyone interested in the entertainment industry, actors, filmmakers, directors, producers, writers, artists, into film and get a head start in the industry, by competing against classmates, and against other young filmmakers in film festivals.
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness ClubEngleJennifer Leejenniferdeniselee519@gmail.comWe spread awareness for Multiple Scelrosis, an autoimmune disease that affects over 2 million people worldwide with just under 1 million people living with it in the United States. MS causes symptoms such as fatigue and vision problems that can interfere with the daily lives of those who have it. Although MS is a common disease in the U.S., many people still do not know what it is and how prevalent it is. The goal of this club is to educate more people about the illness as well as volunteer for events and raise money for the National MS Society.
Musicians' Service GroupDoctorChloe Sonchloe.r.son@gmail.comWe provide opportunities for student musicians to perform music for others and earn community service hours in the process.
Muslim Student AssociationTwietYahya Siddiqui, Fizza, fizza.par.khan@gmail.comOur purpose is to encourage all Muslims to meet and interact with each other every Friday for our weekly prayers. Our goal is to grow and expand the influence of our club to everybody in the school so even students of other faiths can witness how we perform our rituals. We aim to hold larger meetings by the end of the school year, or sooner.
NaachDoctorVayuna Pradhanvayunapradhan@gmail.comWe teach Indian classical, Indian folk, and Bollywood dance to students of all levels and provide students the opportunity to learn an art form from a different culture.
National Alliance Mental Illness ClubHangartnerAndrew Limblitz.goalie@gmail.comThe purpose of the NAMI Club is to provide an ongoing space for students to have a stigma-free place to discuss mental health and to promote mental health awareness and education within my school.
Palos Verdes Car ClubChouJustin Zhuj1046943@gmail.comThe purpose of this club is to enlighten, educate, and discuss with our club members about cars and automobiles. These principles that shall be taught and discussed include; however are not limited to, recent automobile industry developments, the mechanisms and functions of car parts, car safety, and general information regarding automobiles.
Palos Verdes Peninsula High School Weight Lifting ClubBarcenillaTony Xiao/Conner WILL BE NO PHYSICAL WEIGHT LIFTING ASSOCATIATED WITH THIS CLUB. Help promote a healtheir lifestyle and to bring together a positive community of people who all share a common hobby of lifting weight. We want to teach others the benefits of exercise physically and mentally.
PANTHERCohenIsaac AbrahamIsaacojabraham@gmail.comThe purpose of PANTHER as a club is to create a professional, yet friendly, environemtn where students can join to create influential and entertaining media based on current world events outside of school. We aim to bring awareness to students in an enjoyable format.
Panther Rocketry ClubMellquistNikhil Ramanuja/Sneha promote model rocketry and aerospace engineering through competition in the American Rocketry Challenge.
Para Los Ninos ClubFujiiBrady Kimbradykim815@gmail.comThe purpose of the Para Los NInos Club is to support the mission of the Los Angeles based nonprofit organization, Para Los Ninos. Their goal is to serve the children and familiees of Los Angeles by creating pathways to success thoguh education and community services. This club will inform the student community about the needs of these children and families, fundraise to donate to the organization, and to organize donates (ex: backpacks for the families they serve).
Passion for FashionDonahoeKarina Ward/Nadia goal is for people to get inspired and inovled in the fashion industry. We want to bond with others who have the same interest in fashion. Our club will encourage people to have confidence and express their individuality through their fashion. We will connect with the Fashion Institute of Design and Mechandise (FIDM) to give us a solid foundation.
Pediatric Therapy Network Athletic Association (PTNAA)KawagoeMichael Otera, Jadyn, jadynlee44@gmail.comWe provide children with special needs an opportunity to learn the fundamentals in a variety of sports in a fun and safe environment while supporting their physical and social development therapy goals. Additionally, PTNAA will contribute to the Pediatric Therapy Network through volunteering and fundraising efforts.
Peninsula High School ZoowsWebsterEmma Setlich/Eden club will provide an enjoyable and easily accessible outlet for Peninsula students to receive news and information about their school and open their members to interviewing and script writing for schoolwide news. We will also emphasize the importance of being cautious on social media.
Photograpy ClubStilesSydney create a space for both learning and sharing about photography. Providing oppurtunities to explore photography and practice in real life. Having monthy themes and winners to encourage practicing of photograyphy. A place for anyone who is interested in photography to start or further their hobby.
Project Green Schools RecyclingPetersCharlotte Lewcharlottelew2005@gmail.comWe raise more environmental awareness and encourage practice of recycling and waste reduction.
PVPHS Red CrossMellquistAvissa Khoshsaravissakhoshsar@gmail.comThe main goal of the PVPHS red cross club is to help its members learn, practice, and exemplify humanitatiran values through mission- related service projects associated with the American Red Cross. The service projects will focus on preparedness, blood, and fundraising. Members will also earn volunteer hours from the American Red Cross for their hard work put into the servie project and time spent in club meetings.
PVPHS Rotary Interact ClubSpaldingAndres OsorioAndresosorio10101@gmail.comTo provide panthers with meaningful volunteer opportunities in our community. To promote existing volunteer opportunities and create/host events that benefit the community.
Queer Social ClubDonahoeMegan (Max) Conradmeganconrad1000@gmail.comThe queer social club is dedicated to providing a safe and incuslive space for all students. We aim to create an upbeat social experience with games and recognize and celebrate each other's individuality
Real World Designing and Environemtal AnalysisChouRaphael Yang/Mark will build our own building through a program called Tinkerread, apply it to the real world, and analyze its importance. We are going to learn the fundamentals of buildings, and reasoning the importnace of buildings
Recycling Right: Reducing Confusion at the BinChaiyontRylee purpose of this club is to educate the students of PVPHS and the Palos Verdes community about how to recucle properly. Club members will learn about the "Do's and Don'ts", common misconceptions, and how to teach the community themselves. The club members will also be exposed to multiple oppertutnites to participate in beach cleanups and recyclable collections.
Save the ChildrenDonahoeEthan Huang, Elliot, elliotdokko@gmail.comRaise money, collect donations, and make go-packs for underprivileged children at the U.S. border.
science olympiad
Science Research ClubLeonardKatherine Le/Justin purpose of the Science Research Club is to expose students to the field of academic research and further their scientific interests.
Senior Citizens ClubPetersSamantha Steigh, Jennifer, jenniferespinoza2005@gmail.comThe purpose of the club is to volunteer with the seniors for a couple hours every Saturday and play bingo and make arts and crafts to brighten their day. We aim to end the stigma of the elderly and help them with their needs.
Skateboarding ClubHelmrichDaniel Sirakov/Damenich goal is to introduce new people to skating and give people who already skate a welcoming and judgement free community at school.
Snkrs R UsDoctorDaniel Kim, William, williamhuang1108@gmail.comTo teach members about the benefits of sneaker reselling and about sneaker reselling in general. Also, to enhance members’ knowledge of investments through sneaker reselling.
Society Educating Equity and DiversityDeWittLeigh Fitchleightigerfitch@gmail.comThe premise of SEED is to share relevant literature about equality and the diversity people experience in life and then host knowledgeable speakers from the community over zoom
to discuss and educate on topics such as anti-racism and promoting diversity.
solar boat
South Asian Club
Space ClubChouShuyi (Kevin) Yukyu.kevin1@outlook.comSpace Club brings together students with a shared love of outer space. The club allows members to interact and participate in activities related to space. The club also educates elementary school students about outer space and conducts activities with them to promote interest in space.
STEM for the FUTUREKimClaire Dokko, Braden, bsakamoto31@gmail.comStem for the Future was founded in order to encourage and engage our future generations in the STEM fields by introducing young learners to the world of STEM through donating interactive engineering project kits and providing other STEM activities.
Student Health and Rest ClubLeonardZhixin Liuzhixinzxl@gmail.comTo provide students a safe and quiet place to rest during schhol hours and to imporve student health by educating and advocating healthy sleep
Surfrider Foundation ClubChaiyontMegan Eng, Erica, roerica7@gmail.comProtect the world’s oceans and beaches. We will test water quality to check for the harmful Enterococcus bacteria in a Surfrider Lab in Southbay. We will hold beach cleanups to pick up trash and plastic. We will participate in the ongoing project “Teach and Test.” Our goal is to spread awareness of the damaging effects water pollution has on humans and the environment. We will take the data from the “Teach and Test” and publish it on the Surfrider website to inform people which areas of the water are safe. This will ensure the safety of marine life, surfers, and swimmers.