TimestampStory #ValueAs a(n) I want toSo thatDone looks likeEpicCommentsWireframe Priority
2Instructorto only authenticate onceI don't waste precious time during classTo use VoV, if I'm already logged into my CMS or other authenticated context with my netID, I don't have to authenticate again to access the video or clips I'm authorized to view or show.Authentication/Authorization[SSO related?]Y
3Faculty memberto be able to make clips from previously digitized videos, save the clips in the system, and share them with the people in the audience at my professional conferenceI don't have to figure out how to transfer copies of my video clip files to colleagues.An authorized faculty member can make and save clips, and the system will provide a special URL to the clips that either requires a password or expires after a certain amount of time or both.Player features, Authentication/AuthorizationSplit this story; new story created regarding special URL for clipsY
4HighInstructorto share videos to my course site for students to viewI can share videos with all of my students at a click of a button (or two)Videos shared to a specific course give access to students in that course for as long as the course is active.Authentication/Authorization[access given to course group while course is active]Y
5Instructorto preview videos in the archiveI can make sure it is the version I want students to seeInstructors have limited preview access to already digitized videos without asking for permissionAuthentication/Authorization[version preview]Y
6Instructorto toggle visibility of videos in my course site (on/off)I can have videos ready to go, but restrict access to movies or clips until tests/examsInstructor can turn sharing off/on for items.Authentication/Authorization[sharing on/off feature of pre-course-associated videos]Y
7Library staffto be able to specify which courses have access to certain videosI am confident only a certain set of students have permissions to view certain videosAs I am preparing video for delivery, I can identify the specific course to which I'm sharing, and the system will give all members of the course viewing access to digitized videos.Authentication/Authorization[Done similar to story 4]
8Studentto be able to access assigned videos either from the course management system or by logging in to the video siteI have multiple points of entry to access my assignments.Whether I am in the CMS or on the library web site, it is easy for me to enter my login information and see videos that have been shared with my class.Authentication/AuthorizationCMS integration/interoperability; [SSO related?; done similar to story 2]
9Security AdminI want to have granular user role definitionsI can assign/control account privileges for different groups of usersDevelop assignable user role definitions that are granular and can define a range of group privileges (e.g. production staff, students, faculty, public, etc.)Authentication/Authorization[Assigning roles to create custom user groups]Y
10Production staff memberto make sure that content is accessibleI can be compliant with section 508 requirementsProduction staff can serve video with sec. 508 compliant playerPlayer featuresAccessibility
11Highfaculty memberto make a custom music playlistI can give my students a list of recordings to listen toI can search for the five musical pieces I want, arrange them in a sequence and save a link to give my studentsPlayer featuresProbably needs splitting. Both a metadata and a player features story.
12Highfaculty memberto make clips from an existing streaming videoI don't have to scrub through a video in classI can use the player to designate "in" and "out" point on a videoPlayer features, Metadata
13Highstudenta player that doesn't have an applicationI do not have to install anything on my desktopvideo plays in web browserPlayer featuresImplies HTML5 support, or something else?
14Unaffiliated Researcherto view video materials in your archive without having to travelI can research more efficientlyI contact you explaining my interest and you provide me with the means to access what you've authorized me to view.Authentication/Authorization[non-university affiliate access]Y
15studentto download a videoI can watch it offlinevideo can be downloadedPlayer features, Authentication/Authorization[permissions for downloading content]Y
16faculty memberSchool of music class video included in VoVI can use them in course instructionsSchool of Music videos searchable in VoV and able to be included in user toolsTBDStory needs rewriting; end-user upload? non-library owned content?
17studentto stream audio/video to my phone/mobile deviceI can listen/view anywhere I goapp for my phone that works over wi-fi or phone/data connectionsPlayer featuresMobile
18studentmy assigned video to be portable I can work when I want or when classwork is convenientapplication is portable between platformsPlayer featuresMultiplatform support
19Highfaculty memberto access all items digitizedwhen I wait until the last minute, it is okaypublic/catalog easily accessible without staff mediationDiscovery
20Unaffiliated Researcherto suggest corrections to descriptive metadata that I believe is incorrectincorrect information will not persist and confuse other researchers less knowledgablea special commenting function that is directed towards librarians and curators that allows me to point to my credentials and include references to corraborating informationDiscovery, Player features, MetadataSplit this story. Commenting features; new story created regarding Discovery
21librarian, archivist, or special collections curatorto be able to gather comments from scholars and experts of various kinds on the validity of the descriptive metadata we have about our holdingswe can provide the most accurate information to patrons as possibleemail notifications that come from the commenting functions of the media playback. I should be able to gather credentials and corroborating references from the comment sent from a scholar or community expert on the recording in question.Discovery, Player features, Authentication/AuthorizationSplit this story. Credentialing and commenting features; [How would credentials be classified/verified?]
22Instructorto be able to provide commentary or questions related to a media sample for my students and associate it those comments with a particular course instance(s)my students will have a better understanding of why they have been assigned the media and prompted for what to attend toa field--potentially long--that allows me to set up the media with commentary. It should be available for students to see with the media if they wish. I should be able to share this commentary with the general public if I wish, or make it available only for my course(s)Player features, Authentication/Authorization, MetadataSplit this story. Annotation, commenting features, isochronous metadata?; [instructor role scenario; assign permissions feature]Y
23Instructorto be able to assign questions to a particular media object for a particular class for particular purposesI can assign a media object and accompanying questions or comments I have prepared as part of my students' instructional workQuestions appear adjacent to the media playback functionality. Questions can be associated with an entire media object, with a segmented derivation I have created, or attached to cue points within the media recording. I may wish to associate these comments only with a particular media object for a given timepoint (a certain day on my 2012 syllabus) or with each time I use the media object each semester.Player features, Authentication/AuthorizationSplit this story. Annotation, commenting features, CMS integration/interoperability; [instructor role scenario]Y
24InstructorTo be able to have a pre-published state of the media I have selected and the commentary that goes with itI can get materials ready without them being accessible to students or the world until I am ready to release thema "publish" or "post" toggle that allows me to turn access on (or off) to a particular class, group, or set of individuals.Authentication/AuthorizationVisibility control; [done similar to story 6]
26Researcher/Instructor/Studentto be able to create segments or markers within a media object and annotate those segmentsI can describe specific aspects to my students, research colleagues, instructor, fellow students.a tool that allows me to mark time points and add an annotation at that point. I should be able to indicate who or what group has access to my annotationPlayer features, Authentication/Authorization, MetadataSplit this story. Annotation, access control, isochronous metadata?; [instructor role scenario; can assign granular permissions to users]Y
27Researcher/Studentview the annotations of other media users singly or all at oncesee what work has been done already and learn more about the media objectMedia playback is accompanied by a layer of annotation cue or segment markings that can be toggled on or off and can be selected individually (Because I want to see the annotations of Professor Kurtz and Jose Martinez but not the comments of whedon_h8ter).Player features, Metadata
28Instructorcreate a media-based exam where students have to listen to or view a segment of media and answer a question about it.I want to engage students in a real-life testing exercise using media as a format for applying their skillsI will be able to create a playlist that I can publish as a playlist to the students in my class at a specified time. Each playlist item will have one or more questions attached to it (a.Identify the composer. b. Write a short essay on the significance of this passage), or I can create a question with one or more media objects attached to it (Compare the following recordings and describe the ways in which they are similar). Students can work on their answers and save them before they "publish" or "post" them to the instructor. They can also revise what they have posted up to a cut-off time set by the instructor.Player features, Authentication/Authorization, MetadataSplit this story, CMS integration/interoperability; [instructor role scenario; can assign granular permissions to users; done similar to story 26]
29Archivistcreate a playlist of samples from our collection to display as embedded media on our websiteshare selections of our holdings with visitors to our website in order to promote what we doI should be able to create a playlist, publish the playlist as xml or javascript and incorporate that playlist into my website code. The code will point to the media objects which will play as embedded media inside my website.Player features, MetadataSplit this story
30Instructorcreate a set of media examples to accompany my course syllabus. Multiple media examples would be associated with each unit or class period. I want to be able to set up a smart syllabus template that automatically lists the course meeting days and weeks so that I can associate media with themprovide students with an easy to follow resource for their course media and instructionMy courseware site will use information on my course to prepare a class meeting list (a syllabus schedule) that I can add media items to. Clicking on those media items from my master playlist will take the student to the media sample and its accompanying description and questions.Player features, MetadataSplit this story, CMS integration/interoperability
31Studenttake notes on media objects for my personal use and study. I want to be able to comment on single items, groups of items, and segments of itemsanalyze media objects for course study and my own enlightenment.I create comments that I can share with an instructor or group of individuals or I can decide to keep them to myself and not share them.Player features, Authentication/Authorization, MetadataSplit this story, annotation, commenting feature, access control; [student role scenario; can assign granular permissions to users; done similar to story 26 and 28 but for a student]Y
32Archivistto examine, browse, or search through all of the media and accompanying metadata that has been processed for my unit, pre- and post public accessso that I can examine collections and holdings "within the walls" of my unit to check metadata, access controls, QC, state of the workflow, etc.a search and browse interface that gives my staff and I a way to check collection media with its accompanying metadata (with metadata that wouldn't be publically accessible)Discovery, Metadata, Authentication/AuthorizationSplit this story; [done similar to story 53]
33studentaccess required viewing within the context of my course management systemI have everything in one place and don't have to keep switching windowsintegration of VoV into course management system (whatever it is)Authentication/AuthorizationCMS integration/interoperabilityY
34instructorto be able to combine music clips with video clips together not as separate digital streamsmy product is multi-faceteda serie of clips with interspersed music in videoPlayer features
35studentbe able to view different recordings of the same work in quick successionso that I can compare different performancesan interface with multiple video windows that I can start and stopPlayer features
36studenteasily cite resources within VoVi don't have to thinkthe information displayed about a video or audio work includes a citation that I can copy and paste.MetadataNeed separate stories for COinS support and/or export to common bib tools, and for support for multiple citation formats (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)
37Highproduction staff personthe system to convert a previously digitized film to a new streaming formatI don't have to manually reconvert filesI can tell the system to make a new access version in .flv from the archival digital versionBatch processing
38Library staff memberto refer students and faculty to relevant online tutorials to use the VoV systemthey could be used to learn about system or demosonline tutorials are packaged for use w/n VoV online helpMetadataTutorials, guides, help documents
39VoV usersearchable contextual online help pages for VoVI don't have to come to the library or interact with staffonline help pages are defined written and implemented in VoVMetadataTutorials, guides, help documents
40studentto download a transcript of video interviewI can save it and access it without the VoV playerspeech to text functionality and downloadable transcriptsPlayer features, MetadataSplit this story. Speech to text tool, text entry tool, and also downloading capability.
41faculty memberupload a personal video and restrict accessmy class can view materials not owned by the libraryan upload function from a local computer with ability to restrict access without mediation from a library staff memberPlayer features, Authentication/AuthorizationSplit this story, end user upload, non-library material; [done similar to story 57 but for non-library owned content]
42video purchaserto receive electronic notice of materials need to buyit is convenient ....into the right thing?add-on interface to search and pull in bib data from amazon and oclcTBDNot sure this story is clear. Integration story?
43studentto have a feature to turn on or off the subtitles in a video that has subtitles embeddedI can learn another languagea button/toggle on the player that I can choose that turns on subtitlesPlayer featuresWill need an additional Metadata story that addresses creating or importing the subtitles
44studentI want to be able to embed clips into a powerpoint or keynote presentation for class useI can make use of the materials without needing to leave my presentation to launch a separate playera widget or ability to copy and paste code into powerpoint to embed a clip or segmentPlayer featuresIntegration/interoperability
45faculty memberto be able to jump back quickly in a recording (audio and vid) I can repeat a particular point in a recording easily and on the fly in classinterface with "30 sec" quick back buttonPlayer features
46librarianthe system to retain the connection to my library acquisition systemmy licensed electronic videos can be renewed by the acq. deptwhen my three year lic. is about to expire, the electronic resources lib can renew it and access is external in the systemTBDIntegration/interoperability
47Highteam membera test environmenti can try out the systema test environment that everyone can accessSandboxSplit this story. As written, this story is more like a description of the Epic, Sandbox. Need many more specific stories to explain the work.
48studentcite resources automaticallyi don't have to type all the info into zotero, etca citation export that works with zotero, etcMetadataIntegration/interoperability
49researcher to be able to transcribe the audio of a digitized filmother researchers can do text searches on the transcript and/or view it on screenin my web browsers I can type and save a text transcript as I am starting and stopping the videoPlayer featuresNeed additional stories to identify an appropriate schema for transcriptions, how to support in metadata/datastream
50studentI want to be able to view a musical score as I watch a videoI can follow along and study the musical work as I watch and listena score viewer to fit on screen with the video that I can manipulate (turn pages)Player featuresNeed additional stories to cover the data object modeling that will be required to link audio or video objects to multipage objects (or whatever we decide we will use for scores), and how the timecodes will be synched across these objects.
51Archivistto serve patrons who request special versions of media for particular purposes such as documentary filmswe can serve patron needs with proper access controls, automate the process, and collect fees for the work, rights, etc.An online form and accompanying system that allows a patron to designate a file they have seen in a low quality streaming version and request a digital copy for a particular use. With approval from the curating unit, a transcode to their particular specs is generated and prepared for QC by the curating unit then made available through a URL download to the patron and their account charged for their particular use.Player features, batch processing, Metadata, Authentication/authorizationSplit this story; [done similar to story 14]
52General Userto request online access to an item that has not been digitizedI can view or listen to an item that is in the institutional holdingsDone looks like a request form attached to the library catalog that allows the user to indicate what media they want processed and a back end system that notifies the campus processing unit and then notifies the user when it has been digitized (I don't mean a digitize on-demand exactly but something that allows users to indicate that there is a need or desire for certain items to help with prioritization)TBDIntegration/interoperability. Most likely needs to be split into multiple stories.
53ResearcherI want to be able to "pre-deposit" the research media I created to a campus unit (following their deposit protocols and contracts) to a working space so that I can work on describing them for the purposes of archival depositI can safeguard my recordings--particularly born digital recordings--within an institutional repository even though I am not finished with the necessary documentation process. I can also describe the content according to the conventions of the particular archive I am depositing it in. This would also enable me to "publish" portions of the content through online publications, my courses, or other uses before I have prepared the entire collection for archival/institutional depositLooks like a kind of personal media locker with tools for basic metadata entry for each media object (who, what, when, where, etc) according to the unit's standards. Metadata can be uploaded initially from a database or spreadsheet I used during my research, but I would have online tools for refining my descriptive data. Archivists could access the collection to do QC and check on the status of the work.Authentication/Authorization, MetadataSplit this story; [permission to access an upload staging area with various tools]Y
54library usera link in the library record that i can click on that shows a clip of the item I am searchingi can make sure its the correct version of the item i wanta link in the lib recordTBDIs this the clip preview story?
55faculty memberto embed a VoV player in my class wordpress sitei can share video/audio with my studentsI can embed a video/audio in a wordpressPlayer features
56faculty memberplay back audio at a slower ratefast music can be heard/transcribed/analyzed more easilya player with a half-speed settingPlayer features
57librarian/facultyperformance recordings are included in VoVall audio has the same access and deliveryNU recordings are searchable in VoV and included in user toolsAuthentication/AuthorizationCould there be an "donate to Library collection" as a way to integrate it into the repository; [done answers the question "If I am a librarian with a digital collection, how do I upload the collection into VoV from my computer?"]Y
58Highas a system adminmonitor system lI know when there are problemssys admin can do monitoring - a set of shell scripts OR some other way to detect and troubleshoot problemsSystem administration and reportingNeeds splitting; written as an epic.
59Highparticipating institutiondownload the codebuild a locally configured systemopen source, documentedTBDIs this a very high level story describing the done for the entire project?
61Highas an instructorhigh enough resolution for classroom viewing and have option of full screen viewingi can stream VoV content in the classroom and it's good enough for projection or hd tvopens for high res. viewing/full screenPlayer featuresWill need additional stories to address the file size limitations/requirements, and how managing high bitrate video will impact the video processing subsystem. Also, what controls are needed in full-screen mode and whether other display components (such as annotations) need displaying in this mode.
62Highlibrary IT person or faculty memberbatch load a bunch of videosvideos can quickly go into the system without manual data entrybatch loading of files and importing of metadataBatch processingSplit this story into more stories. Too high level as written
63participating institutionprovide access to sharable digital content from other institutionswe don't duplicate effort and we have more video in the systemsome way to share content and metadataAuthentication/authorizationSplit this story. Needs more detail; [may try to answer similar question to story 57, but for some kind of ILL/library consortium scenario]Y
64Highinstructorgenerate URLs to clips that I create in the playerI can share clips with my students quicklyPlayer generates URL for a clip that can be easily copied by the viewer.Player featuresSpinoff from Story 3
66unaffiliated researchersee metadata about a videoi can tell if this is the video I'm looking for.Metadata about a video title is visible on the screen.MetadataSpinoff from Story 20; Integration/interoperability
67High?Studentbrowse for digitized videoI can look for videos without having to understand how the collections are organized or describedThe system has a feature that supports collection browsing.DiscoveryA task of this story will have to determine the metadata on which browse features will depend (Collection, Type, Owner, Date, Title, etc.)
68High?Faculty memberrefine my search by clicking on facetsI can begin my search by browsing or typing in search words, but use facets to narrow the results.Facets are displayed that may be used to narrow search results.DiscoveryOther stories (or a task of this story) will have to determine which facets to appear, how to page facets (if, for example, a facet has many values)
69High?Collections processoredit the title for a previously uploaded videoI can correct typos and other problemsI can use a web tool to open a metadata record, edit the title, and save the updated record.MetadataOther stories may be needed to edit other fields and to reindex the record after it is edited. This story assumes previously created records.
70High?Metadata specialistdefine a profile for PBcore descriptive and other kinds of metadataNorthwestern and IU have defined a common minimal set, and rules for use.First version of common PBcore app profile defined for VoVMetadataAs written, specific to PBcore, but a task of this story may be to evaluate PBcore for suitability to the cModel & recommended approaches to metadata by the Hydra team. Probably an epic or compound story that needs a lot of breaking down.
71Collections processorsearch information about the technical aspects of uploaded video such as file size, codec, bit rate, etc.I can get a sense of the types of uploaded video based on technical characteristicsIn the search interface, there is an option to search by additional characteristics such as file size or codec.DiscoverySeparate stories for creating and viewing this technical metadata; separate stories for staff logins and whether all of this technical metadata is visible to end users or just staff.
72Collections processorview information about the technical characteristics of an uploaded audio fileI can make decisions about uploaded video based on technical characteristicsWhen looking at the information about an audio file, all of the technical metadata is visible.MetadataOther stories for staff logins, etc.
73High?ManagerSee how many files or objects are waiting for ingest or other processingI can tell if there are a lot of things waiting to be processed, which might tell me either that there's a lot going on or that the system is in distressI can access a list of things queued up for conversion or ingest.System administration and reporting
74High?SysadminAccess an error logI can diagnose possible problems with the systemI can access log filesSystem administration and reportingThis probably needs quite a bit of refinement: what kinds of logging do we need? One central clearinghouse, or does each component log and file separately? Error logs and activity logs separate? Should these be searchable, etc. in some way? Is there a standard structure to follow?
75High?ManagerAccess a console that tells me which of the components of the system are runningI can quickly tell where there might be problemsI can see a screen that tells me if the streaming server, the search and view web server, the conversion server, the notification engine, the drop-box and other components of the system are responding normally.System administration and reportingHow should this work? just check health on login? constantly pinging services? Do we have existing solutions here (Nagios, etc.) that can be deployed?
76High?SysadminReceive an email if certain processes fail.I can be notified if critical components stop working.When the streaming server goes down, an email alert is issuedSystem administration and reporting
77High?Partner at another institutionUse the VoV-supplied templates to batch-upload some of my metadata and filesI can test the system and understand how it works before it is installed at my institutionI can connect to a WebDav or FTP server and upload 10 video files and 10 corresponding metadata records.SandboxDependent on other stories to define metadata templates, and set quotas for number and size of files we want people to upload. Exactly how are we going to provide a drop-box for batch-ingesting? Also assumes there is a protocol for granting accounts in the sandbox system.
78High?Partner at another institutionRequest a creator account for the VoV sandboxI have permission to add or edit content in the sandbox system for testing purposesAfter I've created my VoVsandbox account, I request creator privileges; this request is routed to an appropriate IU/NU person who grants my request.Sandbox
79High?Partner at another institutionCreate an account for myself in the VoV sandboxI can log in to the system.I can set up my own account in the system & there's an automated email verification process.Sandbox
80High?ArchivistSearch the system for videos digitized from specific analog formatsI can provide a list to a patron of all videos from a particular analog sourcesearch tool that can be customized by "source format"Discovery
81High?Production staffCustomize a batch encoding profileI can save multiple profiles based on standard file format specificationsincorporate customization feature for encoding profilesBatch encoding
82Production staffUpload a single video file
83Technical managerEnsure that all the licenses for components are synchronizedGPL is off limits
84Placeholder for Matterhorn stories
85Placeholder for streaming server stories
86Placeholder story for getting sample audio and video content for the system from both NU and IU
87InstructorUpload a set of 5 personal photographs, synch them with a musical recording previously provided by the library to my class, and share the result with the students in my class. I don't want anyone other than my students to be able to find or see my photographs.I can create interesting new multimedia objects.I have tools to upload images, and to synchronize still images with audio. The system makes sure all of the permissions work, and gives me embed code that I can put in a page in the course management system.Authentication/Authorization, Player featuresEventually going to have to split this story.Y
88Library StaffBe able to override of semester/quarter start and stop datesI can account for outliers at my university. Some courses start earlier or go later than others. I can manually override stop and start dates for itemsAuthentication/Authorization
89Studentunderstand why the system won't let me access last semester's playlistI can understand why it's not working and figure out if there's a way to fix itStudent receives clear message regarding expiry of access to last semester's restricted content.Authentication/Authorization
90Library Staffprevent access to certain segments of a given videowe can properly respect intellectual property, ethical, or religious concernsUsers cannot access restricted segments of mediaAuthentication/Authorization