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Name (Last, First)Email AddressPhone NumberSpecialtyWhat is your race/ethnicity? (optional)What year did you graduate from MSUCOM?Where is/was your residency?What state are you currently located in?If other please specifyWhat area do you currently practice in?What are some of your career highlights?What things are you willing to speak with current MSUCOM students about?What are other interests of yours?What city/town do you practice in?Were/are you a member of the military?Best method of contact?
Greenslait, Michael marta.aawm@gmail.comAnesthesiaCaucasian Middle Class1990MichiganRuralMiddle class family with hopes of going to college. Thanks to MSU football, I was afforded the opportunity to play football which allowed me to pursue a medical career. Perseverance does pay off. I am very grateful for my experiences and education at MSU.Academics, Balancing Work / Life, Ethics, Career Guidance, Life-Skills, Relationships, Shadowing
Ahmad, Dennis S. Dennisahmad@gmail.comAnesthesiologyAsian American, Pakistani/ Filipino2007NoMichiganUrbanHospital, Metro Health Hospital, MidTowne Surgical Center, Metro East Surgical Center and Walker Surgical CenterBalancing work/life, Career Guidance, Diversity, Residency Process, Shadowing, Completed my 3rd & 4th year clinicals &Traditional rotating internship at Botsford. Successfully in participating in the Allopathic ERAS and matched to the Wayne State/DMC Allopathic anesthesia residency. I graduated residency in 2011 held the position as Chief Resident my Senior year.
Byrne, Melissamelissa.byrne@yahoo.comAnesthesiology2010Garden City Hospital Orthopedics and emergency medicine, Botsford Hospital Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeryMichiganSuburbanRegional and ambulatory anesthesia fellowship, also Master's of Public Heath from the University of North Carolina Chapel HillAcademics, Balancing Work / Life, Career Guidance, Personal Statement / CV Construction, Residency Application Process, Also
Meulendyk, Johnmeulend3@msu.eduAnesthesiology / Preventive MedicineCaucasian1979Nova SE COM Largo Med CtrMichiganUrbanSelf Care, stress mgmt., Nutr, counseling, Previous chief of Anesthesiology in Detroit, Private Practice in Integrative Holistic and Preventive Med; Certified physician exec.Academics, Ethics, Career Guidance, Diversity, Life Skills, Balancing Work/ Personal Life, Relationships, Spirituality, Bioethics, Leadership
Ahmed, Rehan Rehanja@gmail.comCardiology2006St. Mary Mercy HospitalOhioRuralAcademics, Balancing Work / Life, Ethics, Career Guidance, Diversity, Life-Skills, Personal Statement / CV Construction, Relationships, Residency Process, Shadowing, Specialty Opportunities
Miller, Richardrmilleraocd@gmail.comDermatologyCaucasian1985BotsfordFloridaSuburbanIn practice 24 years, PD of Derm Residency for 10 years and we've graduated 30 derms residentsAcademics, Ethics, Career Guidance, Balancing Work/Life, Shadowing, Specialty Opportunities
Cahill, Stephen cahillst@msu.eduDermatologyIrish/German2007Lakeland Emergency MedicineOhioSuburbanAcademics, Work / Personal Life, Career Guidance, Life-Skills, Personal Statement /CV Review, Relationships, Specialty Opportunities
Henderson, Michael doctorhendy@yahoo.com517-393-8712; 517-242-1811Diagnostic Radiology1986Metro Health Hospital OB/GYNMichiganSuburbanCurrent independent contractor, mainly diagnostic medical imaging services to the State of Michigan Department of Corrections and to a private medical center.Balancing Work / Life, Ethics, Career Guidance, Life-Skills, Relationships, Residency Process, Specialty Opportunities. You may find my testimony in the F2015 Communique featuring the story of Michael A Henderson, D.O. and Susan S. Henderson, R.N.
Vieder, Sanfordsvieder@botsford.orgEmergency MedicineCaucasian1988DearbornMichiganSuburbanChair, Medical Director of Emergency Trauma Center at Botsford, Extensive EMS, Disaster Medicine, Administrative Medicine Experience. Former Residency director of EM and former chief of staff at Botsford with interim exp as chief med office.Academics, Life Skills, Balancing Life, Ethics, Research
Kozlowski, Kellyhurleyk1@gmail.comEmergency MedicineCaucasian2006Mercy MuskegonMichiganSuburbanHenry Ford Fairlane in Dearborn is nation's busiest stand-alone ED. I work to find balance as wife, mother, physician. Volunteer at local clinic and have special interest in Palliative Care/Hospice medicine, sports med & wilderness med. Enjoy reading, hiking, running & outdoors.Catholic, Ethics, Career Guidance, Life Skills, Residency Process, Balancing work/life, Relationships
Grill, Justinjgrill32@yahoo.com616-550-7786Emergency MedicineCaucasian2007GenesysMichiganSuburbanDME for Mercy. Likes the outdoors. Recently bought 40 acres and plans to start a small orchardAcademics, Ethics, Career Guidance, Life Skills, Residency Process, Balancing Work/Life, Relationships, Research, Shadowing, Protestant Christian
Sanford, Rossdanisdad@yahoo.com248-894-5522Emergency MedicineCaucasian2004MichiganSuburbanAfter previous career decided on medicine later in life.Career Guidance, Life Skills, Balancing work/life, Relationships, Shadowing, Specialty Opps
Hodge, TimothyTimothy. Hodge@Sparrow.OrgEmergency Medicine1987Hillsdale Hospital & Branch County hospitalsMichiganUrbanAcademics, Career Guidance, Diversity, Military Experience
Akel, Hassan 313-485-8955Emergency Medicine2014MSU EM - LansingMichiganSuburbanAcademics, Career Guidance, Diversity, Life Skills, Residency Process, Shadowing, Specialty Opportunities
Bannigan, Christophercbannigan@yahoo.comEmergency MedicineCaucasian2004NoColoradoSuburbanI have contacts in Chicago, where I worked for 6 years, and have recently become established with a democratic group of emergency physicians in Denver, CO.Balancing Work / Life, Career Guidance, Personal Statement / CV Composition,
Donaldson, David 248 495-6215Emergency MedicineCaucasian1996TexasMichiganSuburbanAssistant residency director at Beaumont Hospital for 10 yrs. Now serve as trauma liaison & medical director for emergency preparedness.Academics, Balancing Work / Life, Career Guidance, Residency Process, Shadowing
Halbeisen, Anna Halbeis1@gmail.comEmergency MedicineCaucasian2008Carl R Darnall Army Medical Center Emergency Medicine ResidencyCaliforniaSuburbanSports Medicine, Neuromusculoskeletal/ Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, VA, Long Beach, California, University of California, IrvineAcademics, Balancing Work/ Life, Ethics, Career Guidance, Diversity, Life Skills, Personal Statement / CV Constructions, Relationships, Residency Process, Shadowing, Specialty Opportunities. Broad spectrum practice, part time as an EM physician, with private practice in academic setting. Practice sports med with unique approach to treating injuries with OMM
Gragg, James gragg.james@gmail.comEmergency Medicine2015UM IM residents rotate through Geriatric Clinic, we oversee along with Geriatric FellowsTexasMilitaryAcademics, Balancing Work / Life, Military Experience, Personal Statement / CV Construction, Relationships, Residency process, Shadowing
Flaherty, Patrick patflaherty@hotmail.comEmergency Medicine2004PGY-3 Mercy Health Partners Muskegon MIMichiganUrbanAcademics, Career Guidance, Residency Application Process
Gasworth, Leigh Lgasworth@gmail.comEmergency medicine2015YesMichiganSuburbanAcademics, Balancing Work/ Life, Personal Statement / CV Constructions, Residency Process, Shadowing, Specialty Opportunities. Willing to answer questions about school, board exams, residency application/interview process and anything else.
Bombard, Matt bombardm@msu.eduEmergency MedicineCatholic, Caucasian2014MichiganSuburbanAcademics, Balancing Work / Life, Personal Statement / CV construct, Residency Process. Originally from Northern VA/DC area. Interested in academics and would like to be involved in teaching/residency program in the future.
Fernelius, Barbie (Balasko)810-606-5000Emergency MedicineCaucasian, (Hungarian)2012PM&R Residency Program @ UCLA/ West LA VAMichiganSuburbanBalancing Work/ Life, Ethics, Personal Statement / CV Construction, Relationships, Residency Process, Work hard and put yourself out there, you will get out of rotations what you put in. READ a lot
Elgammal, Iman Elgamma2@gmail.com313-595-3933Emergency Medicine2013KUMC Neurology residency and fellowshipMichiganSuburbanDiversity, Life-Skills, Medical Missions / Int'l Medicine, Personal Statement / CV Construction, Residency Process, Shadowing
Bens, Michelle Bensmich@mac.comEmergency Medicine2002Tripler Army Medical CenterSouth CarolinaRural and SuburbanBalancing Work/ Life, Career Guidance
Burandt, AJ Burandt.aj@gmail.comEmergency Medicine2015Current Resident at St. John Macomb-OaklandMichiganUrbanAcademics, Balancing Work/Life, Career Guidance, Medical Missions / Int'l Medicine, Residency Process, Shadowing
Eadie, Sara saraeadie28@yahoo.comEmergency medicine2008MichiganSuburbanBalancing work /Life, Career Guidance
Flannigan, Matt matthew.flannigan@spectrumhealth.orgEmergency Medicine2004McLaren Oakland family medicineUrban and RuralEmergency DepartmentDO, RDMSAcademics, Medical Missions, Int'l Medicine, Shadowing. I am an emergency ultrasound fellowship director. 1/3 time academic / administrative. I am also interested in international emergency medicine.
Gumma, Jason, jasongumma@gmail.comEmergency MedicineChaldean2017MichiganSuburbanBalancing Work/ Life, Career Guidance, Life-Skills, Personal Statement / CV Review, Residency Process, Shadowing
Grothous, Heather grothous.heather@gmail.comEmergency MedicineCaucasian2011Henry Ford Hosp Wayne State UnivMichiganSuburbanEntered medical school married. Had my first child after 2nd year, my 2nd one after intern year and 3rd at the end of my final year of residency.Balancing Work-Personal Life, Career Guidance, Relationships, Residency Process, Switching Programs / Specialties
Glatz, Greg g2.r.edd0.07@gmail.comEmergency Medicine (board with ACEP).Lifelong resident of Lansing1995NoMichiganRuralCarson City, MIBalancing work / life, Ethics, Career Guidance.
Bills, Gust W.gbills1@hfhs.org313-623-5094Emergency Medicine / Family MedicineGreek Orthodox1985DMC ENT ResidencyMichiganSuburbanWayne State undergrad. Teach at WSU, Fam Practice residency at Detroit Osteopathic/ Bicounty Comm Hosp in 1987. Began EM after completing residency and board certified in 1995. Work in Henry Ford Health System in 1997, Currently Division Head for ED at Henry Ford Med Ctr Cottage Campus.Ethics, Career Guidance, Diversity, Life Skills, Balancing Work/Life, Shadowing. Medicine/work ethics and religion
Doud, Richard W., Jr.RWDoud@Gmail.com269-209-6998Emergency Medicine / Family Medicine1987NoMichiganRuralE.M. - Hillsdale Hospital in Hillsdale, Mi., & Branch County Community Health Center in Coldwater, Mi. F.P. at Primary Care Associates in Jonesville, Michigan with a P.A. & a N.P.Balancing work / Life, Ethics, Life-Skills, Medical Missions / Int'l Medicine, I look forward to seeing MSU students and graduates coming to our sites. I enjoy an office perspective on the practice of Emergency Medicine, that is: how to facilitate follow up in a way that maximizes the benefit for the patient in their transition from the Emergency Department to their follow up in an office. Working in both E.M. & F.P. allows me to better understand the relationships required. We have been blessed with the opportunity to practice medicine with exceptional Medical school training. Share that joy with our patients whose lives we've been given the opportunity to affect. They will remember that you cared.
Bokhari, Abdullah, 630-456-2888Emergency Medicine / Family Medicine2013MichiganSuburbanAcademics, Career Guidance, Diversity, Life-Skills, Personal Statement / CV Review, Relationships, Residency Process, Shadowing, Specialty Opportunities, Research. Easy going and very approachable.
Carrel, Daniel 616-706-9975Emergency Medicine / Internal MedicineCaucasian Christian1987Metro Health in Grand Rapids, MIMichiganRural1 year internship at Lansing General after 1987 graduation. 3 year internal Medicine Residency at Blodgett and St. Mary's Hosp in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Emergency Med and Hospitalist in Greenville, Mich from 1991-2004. 2 short term mission trips to the Amazon River in Brazil in 1993 for two months and 1996 for six months. 1 yr in an office practice from 2004 to 2005.Life Skills, Medical Missions / Int'l Medicine, Relationships, I wrote a book about my experiences in 2007 that I self published. I owned a print shop for 5 years with my wife which we sold in 2006. I presently work with my wife in a personal development business called Life Leadership. Started working at the Kent County jail in 2001, still there. I practiced home care med with Visiting Phys from 2006 to 2011. Worked at Carson City prison since 2011.
Herber, Kara Karaherber@yahoo.comEmergency Medicine, Family MedicineCaucasian2007MichiganRural, Suburban and UrbanBalancing Work/ Life, Career Guidance, Life Skills, Medical Missions, Relationships, Shadowing, Specialty Opportunities
Ahmed, Saadiah alsaadih@msu.eduEndocrinologyPakistani Kashmiri2002Metro Health hospitalMichiganUrban / SuburbanAcademics, Balancing Work / Life, Ethics, Career Guidance, Diversity, Life Skills, Medical Missions / Int'l Medicine, Shadowing
Wandzel, Richard A.richAJW7@msn.comENT / Plastic SurgeryPolish1981NoMichiganSuburbanCV on Linked INAcademics, Shadowing, Lecture to students at MSUCOM
Greene, Charlenecharlene.greene@dchs.orgFamily MedicineCaucasian1983WI/ MichiganRuralFamily Practice w/ OB 30 yrs. Medical Director of Florence and Wausaukee Medical Ctrs. Supervisor, Upper Pennisula Health GroupsAcademics, Ethics, Career Guidance, Life Skills, Balancing work/Life, Shadowing
Sikorski, Markdrmarkdo@comcast.net586-786-1800Family Medicine1987St. John ProvidenceMichiganSuburbanFamily Medicine at Farmbrook Fam Med. Distinguished Fellow; speaker of Congress of Delegates, Member of Special constituency committeeDiversity, Shadowing, Specialty Opportunities, Treatment of transgender population
Woo, Stephenwoos517@hotmail.comFamily MedicineAsian Indian2012Manistique Lakes Family ClinicMichiganSuburban2nd year FM Resident. Previous engineer in MICHAcademics, Ethics, Career Guidance, Diversity, Life Skills, PS/CV, Residency Process, Balancing Work/Life, Shadowing
Hanert, Kimberlykhanert@hnjh.org906-586-3116Family MedicineCaucasian1986Mercy Health Partners, Hackley Comm CareMichiganRuralRural health provider in UP for 25 years. Would welcome students to home/practice interested in rural medicineBalancing work/life, Shadowing, Juggled divorce & single parenting with help of mentors and would like to pay it forward.
Koestner, MedicineCaucasian2006Clinic and Garden City HospitalMichiganUrbanFull scope fam med. OB, Peds. Works in underserved Urban Area, lead physician of large practice with many mid levels.Ethics, Career Guidance, Balancing Work/Life, Med Missions, Relationships, Shadowing.
Burry, Michaelburrym24@gmail.comFamily Medicine1996ClinicMichiganSuburbanTeaches in OPC course at DMC. Interested in Education in generalAcademics, Career Guidance, Life Skills, Residency Process, Balancing work/life, Relationships, Shadowing
Guevara, Tristantguevara@silverpinedocs.comFamily MedicineHispanic1998NoMichiganSuburban12 yrs of practice with special interests in office procedures specifically derm.Academics, Ethics, Career Guidance, life Skills, Balancing work/life, Relationships, shadowing. Specifically interested in students, residents to shadow him.
Canfield, Cheryl Ann Barkercherylcanfield@att.net989-551-9088Family MedicineCaucasian1989noMichiganRuralCovenant Healthcare Sebewaing Primary Care less than full time 20 yrs of practice. Delivered babies 1st 5 yrs, Hospital medicine 1st 15 yrs of practice. Very much enjoys job. Been on 3 med mission tripsEthics, Career Guidance, Life Skills, Balancing Work/Life, Med Missions, relationships
Lerner, Sandra Schlaensandralerner99@gmail.comFamily MedicineMercy - MuskegonMichiganSuburbanBeaumont Living Well Primary care. Preceptor, recently started small practice in Farmington Hills with 2 other MSUCOM gradsCareer Guidance, Diversity, Life Skills, PS/CV, Balancing Work/Life, Shadowing.
Isokaitis, Anthonyizokaita@gmail.comFamily MedicineCaucasian1998LansingMichiganSuburbanFM Residency Director in MuskegonEthics, Career Guidance, Balancing work/Life, Residency Process, Shadowing.
Balawender, Jennifer (F)shreveje@msu.eduFamily MedicineCaucasian2009Battle CreekMichiganSuburbanSparrow Fam Practice in clinic with focus on OMM and Sports Medicine and women's health.Life skills, balancing Relationships, career Guidance, PS/CV, Shadowing
Adamson, Angela (F)517-617-6411Family MedicineCaucasian1997Okemos, MIMichiganSuburbanGuest room if needed for students. Practice 11 yrs in Coldwater, worked for VAMC as physician 2 years, Now in large group we work out of Richland; Galesburg. Pending move to Battle CreekAcademics, Ethics, Life Skills, Balancing Work/lie, Relationships, Shadowing. Incorporating OMM to daily practice.
Manzano, Vicki (F)manzano@msu.eduFamily MedicineHispanic1980OaklandMichiganSuburbanPrivate practice, FAM MED, run by self and husband. Douglas Nunn, DO, No other employees. Entirely independentBalancing Work/Life, Relationships, shadowing, alternate practice style, how to establish/manage a practice, coding and billing expertise. Lots of OMT in our practice.
Young, Rachel (F)youngster4812@gmail.comFamily MedicineCaucasian2012CorvalisMichiganSuburbanPeer Mentor of the year. Very involved. Family Medicine Resident at St. John Macomb/Oakland. In ACOFP, MOA, MAOFP. Chief Intern. Teaching and mentoring 3rd and 4th year students in hospitalAcademics, Life Skills, Balancing work life, Ethics, Career Guidance, PS/CV, Residency Process, Shadowing, Political Advocacy, mentoring
Kaiser, Max (M)max.kaiser@gmail.comFamily MedicineCaucasian2013St. John Macomb OaklandOregonSuburbanKnowledgeable of West coast FP Program and living in that area. Bioethics, humanities and society degree from MSU.Academics, Ethics, Life Skills, Med Missions, Residency Process, Relationships, Shadowing.
Yoyakey, Neena (F)neena316@gmail.comFamily MedicineAsian2013Ohio State Fam MedMichiganUrbanPsyc undergrad at U OF M. Struggled with choosing specialty (started w/Peds.) I have a lot to offer for Career Guidance. Chose Fam Med.Academics, Career Guidance, Diversity, Balancing Work Life, Med Missions, Shadowing.
Garcellano, Miriam (F)wren1976@yahoo.comFamily MedicineFilipino2005Sparrow LansingOhioUrbanUrban track director at Ohio State Fam Med Residency Program. Does OMT. Started Family Oct 2013Academics, Career Guidance, Life Skills, PS/CV, Balancing Work/Life, Relationships
Hinklely, Brianhinx11@gmail.comFamily MedicineCaucasian2011McLaren Bay RegionMichiganSuburbanFrom Adrian, MI. Fam Med at Providence in Southfield. Strong Interest in Sports Medicine. Will begin SM Fellowship at MSU in July. Married to fellow MSU COM Grad who is currently an Emergency Medicine Resident at Allegiance Hospital in Jackson, Enjoys traveling, reading and sportsMed Missions, residency Process,
Guenther, Lisaguenth31@gmail.comFamily MedicineCaucasian2013MichiganSuburbanFrom Midland will stay in that area after Residency. Love of travel and medical missions to Haiti, Peru and hope to go to Africa during ResidencyCareer Guidance, Med Missions, Residency Process, Relationships, Shadowing
Izzo, Timtimizzo@comcast.netFamily Medicine1991Detroit areaMichiganSuburbanShadowing
Grzeszak, Joanne M 616-452-8923 or 616 452 9247Family MedicinePolish, Catholic, farm girl from West Michigan, raised in poverty1976McLaren Greater LansingMichiganUrban30 years in the same neighborhood OfficeInvolved in residency a little, I go to Journal Club whenever we have one. It is one of the best in Michigan. Interested in Ethics, Career Guidance, My blood is green. I feel that medicine is my vocation. It is not just a job for me. I made a commitment to my patients to be there through the years. I enjoy longitudinal care. I have had 2 5 generation families in my practice and I think that is special. I love to use the history and physical exam to diagnose patients. One of my happiest moments is when, after giving someone an osteopathic treatment, they say "I can feel the difference."
Cadle, Danielle Daniac82@gmail.com248-343-9464Family MedicineTypical American2012Internal Medicine residents Plaza Medical CenterSouth DakotaMilitaryMilitaryAcademics, Balancing work - life, Career Guidance, military experience, shadowing. Passionate about family medicine & dedicated to maintaining my scope of practice and a balanced life.
Gill, Jasper Gilljasp@gmail.comFamily MedicineIndian American2014Internal MedicineMichiganUrban2nd year residentAcademics, Balancing Work / Life, Ethics, Career Guidance, Diversity, Life-Skills, Personal Statement/ CV, Relationships, Residency Process, Recent graduate who did not know what field I wanted until 4th year. Interviewed well and got first choice of program. Learned much about the process along the way. Grateful to MSUCOM and proud to be an alumni.
Akhdar, Farah H. farahakhdar@gmail.comFamily MedicineAmerican / Lebanese (see highlights)20113MSU Internal Medicine SparrowMichiganSuburbanCurrently in a hospital - PGY3 - Family Medicine Resident at Providence Hospital (Southfield); born and raised in Africa (Cote D'Ivoire), Fluent in Arabic, French.Academics, Balancing Work Life, Ethics, Career Guidance, Diversity, Life-Skills, Shadowing, Procedural Skills, OMT
Canfield, Edward 517-373-0476 or 989-550-3933Family MedicineCaucasian1983Henry Ford Macomb HospitalMichiganRuralPracticed independent medicine as a Family Practitioner for greater than 20 of my approximate 25 years since graduating from my Internship. Currently practicing on a very limited basis as in 2014 elected to the Michigan House of Representatives. Great deal of experience with management of medical practices and contracts.Academics, Balancing work / life, Ethics, Career Guidance, Life Skills, Personal Statement / CV, Relationships, Specialty Opportunities, I would love to mentor medical students or residents. There are many opportunities for medical students and residents to make about their future, they should observe many different practice situations, you will see good and bad. One should start as a medical student studying and collecting forms and processes that appear to work well or seem helpful. All too soon you will be needing to make these decisions on your own, start early to realize what you want and put it into practice. I would be pleased to assist in any way possible.
DeYoung, Karen kmdeyoung@gmail.com989-370-6344Family Medicine2007St Joseph Oakland radiology residency programMichiganRural / SuburbanMunson Family Clinic, Roscommon
Fitzgerald, Jacqueline jfitzger@alconahc.orgFamily MedicineRoman Catholic. Apply these values to my practice.1985Saint Joseph Mercy family medicine residencyMichiganRuralAlcona Health Centers, a FQHCBalancing Work/ Life, Life-Skills, Relationships, shadowing. I have learned to blend a satisfying medical practice and successful and blessed family life. My husband and I have 4 children, one still at home. We have worked in his home county in NE Michigan for 26 years .We have participated in medical missions, too. Our life is full and enjoyable. We welcome students to shadow us or come for a preceptorship. We can host for accommodations as well. My husband, John MacMaster , DO, can advise students about medicine in the VA outpatient system.
Dregansky, Glen, V glenn.dregansky@med.wmich.edu419 343-8537Family Medicine1981MaleMcLaren OaklandMichiganUrbanResidency Director of a Family Medicine Kalamazoo. When I was first applying to Osteopathic medical school then learning the art of Osteopathic medicine, there were physicians who mentored and taught me. I've been given the honor to pay that forward to the next generation.Academics, Balancing Work / Life, Ethics, Life Skills, Medical Missions, Military Experience, Personal Statement / CV Development, Diverse background of experience: residency at DD Eisenhower Army Medical Center, military family and emergency medicine, 10 yrs solo Mt Pleasant, MI, 17 years in large health system in Toledo, OH and now am residency director of a FM residency in Kalamazoo, MI. Passions are maintaining humanity in the practice of medicine, access to primary care, especially to under served populations and Osteopathic heritage unification for GME. Practiced in Europe, jungles of Panama, Papua New Guinea, small towns & large cities. Full time EM physician, solo rural family doctor, suburban doctor, medical administrator
Hafeez, Farrah hafeezfa@msu.eduFamily Medicine2011NoMichiganRuralBalancing Work / life, Career Guidance, Diversity, Personal Statement/CV Development
Cantu, Ramon (Ray) Rdccan2@aol.comFamily MedicineHispanic - Catholic1997Current resident at St John MacombTexasRuralAssociate Instructor for UNTHSC - Fort Worth Rural medicine track in Rural settingAcademics, Balancing Work / Life, Ethics, Career Guidance, Diversity, Life Skills, Developing good doctor patient relationships. Practice with D.O. And M.D. in rural medicine. See patients in clinic & hospital. Deliver babies, cover ER, and do rounds in hospital. Physician for local high school and athletes.
Gorsky, Amy (616)308-4636Family Medicine2014Hematology Oncology to IM residents.MichiganSuburbanAcademics, Balancing Work / Life, Ethics, Life Skills, Residency Application Process
Centilli, Lisa Lisarose104@gmail.comFamily Medicine2011Integrated FM/NMM and IM/NMMMichiganSuburbanDoctor and mom :)
DeYoung, Karen 989-370-6344Family MedicineCaucasian2007IM South Pointe Hosp / Cleveland ClinicMichiganRuralBalancing Work / Life, Shadowing. Overall love what I do and incorporate OMT in about half my patients with good response.
Basket, Brandi bbasketdo@gmail.comFamily MedicineAfrican American2010McLaren OaklandMichiganUrbanBalancing Work/ Life, Diversity, Life Skills, Residency Process, Currently working in a medically under-served area in Detroit. I love Family Medicine and I am still so glad I chose it!
Gorz, Joseph, Joegorzusa@gmail.comFamily medicine2013Michigan Metro healthMichiganSuburbanBalancing Work/ Life, Career Guidance, Diversity, Life Skills, Medical Missions, Int'l Medicine, Personal Statement / CV composition, Relationships, Residency Process, Shadowing
Hanna, Jennifer hannaje3@msu.eduFamily Medicine2015Metro Health FM/NMMMichiganAcademics, Balancing Work/ Life, Career Guidance, Diversity, Life-Skills, Personal statement / CV Construction, Residency Process, Shadowing
Agrest, Kevin 248-227-7688Family Medicine2012Mercy Clinic St Vincent Medical CenterMichiganSuburbanBalancing Work / Life, Career Guidance
Eichorn, Wesley (preferred) 269-870-5812Family Medicine2014University of Wisconsin - Madison, PM&RMichiganUrbanWill graduate from residency in 2017. Full spectrum family medicine and will pursue an academic path with hopes to secure a faculty position immediately after residency (possibly after a Hospice/Palliative care fellowship).Ethics, Career Guidance, Life-Skills, Medical Mission / Int'l Medicine, Shadowing. Grew up on a farm and through a series of events ended up entering healthcare initially as a nurse and later becoming a physician. interested in whole person which means emotional, mental, and spiritual health in addition to physical health.
Bryce, Richard Ricardobryce@gmail.comFamily Medicine2008MIMichiganUrbanAcademics, Balancing Work / Life, Ethics, Career Guidance, Diversity, Medical Missions / Int'l Medicine, Residency Process, Shadowing
Andjelkovski, Kristifor, Kristifor.Andjelkovski@gmail.comFamily MedicineMacedonian American2011MSU Psychiatry ResidenceMichiganSuburbanPart of the LGBT communityAcademics, Balancing Work/ Life, Ethics, Career Guidance, Diversity, Shadowing
Camara, Robert cam6797@comcast.netFamily MedicineCaucasian1997General Surgery at Keesler Medical Center, Keesler Air Force BaseMichiganSuburbanI completed the Faculty Development Program during my residency and enjoy providing a relaxed learning environment for medical students, NPs and PAs. I believe that teaching in a relaxed environment provides the best method for learning.Balancing /Work Life, Career Guidance, Shadowing, Administration background having served as the Chief Medical Officer for Mercy Hospital in Port Huron and currently serve as the Medical Director for Livingston County through St. John Providence Park in Novi, Michigan. I feel that this allows me to share the "other side" of medicine with the students and provide a real insight to how hospital administration works at various levels.
Gallagher, Jamesjgallag9@gmail.comFamily Medicine2012ColdwaterMilitary Match
Ruff, Staceystaceyrunndo@gmail.comFamily Medicine / GeriatricsCaucasian2010Detroit areaMichiganSuburbanIn Geriatrics Fellowship in Metro Detroit. Will be practicing Geriatrics/FM soonAcademics, Career Guidance, PS/CV, Residency Process, Relationships, Specialty Opps
Swetech, Stephendrswetech@gmail.com586-219-9490Family Medicine / GeriatricsPolish/ Russian1986OrlandoMichigansuburbanworked in many venues. Current president elect of MSUCOM alumni Board.anything, been around school 1/4 century
Danto, Jay 248-231-3630Family Medicine / OMMCaucasian, Jewish1994Still in residency, currently a PGY4 at GRMCMissouriRuralAcademics, Balancing Work/ Life, Ethics, Career Guidance, Life-Skills, Personal Statement / CV Construction, Relationships, Shadowing
Todd, Kathleenktodd823@yahoo.comFamily Medicine / Osteopathic Manipulative MedicineCaucasian1995Providence Family MedicineFloridaSuburbanInterested in students rotating with her in OMT, or Family Practice
Soni, Emilyemilygeib@gmail.comFamily Medicine / Osteopathic Manipulative MedicineCaucasian2009MichiganRural/ SuburbanCurrent FM outpatient, w/ few wks in hosp. Worked in inner city/ underserved FM residency at Case Western Cleveland. 1 yr Maine Dartmouth in NMS/OMT.Career Guidance; Med Mission; PS/CV; Residency Process; Shadowing
Arenz, Kelly 249-982-8881 (cell) 810-844-7940 (work)Family Medicine /Addiction MedicineCatholic2006WMU Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine FM ResidencyMichiganSuburbanNFP only Catholic physician and program director of family medicine residency.Academics, Ethics, Relationships, Residency Process, Shadowing, Married with five children, living on a homestead, and active member of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish.
Ferrill, Heather hferrill@rvu.eduFamily Medicine & NMM2000ColoradoSuburbanschool and ClinicAcademics, Balancing Work/Life, Personal Statement / CV Development
Hanselman, Laurey Family Medicine, Geriatrics, Hospice, and Palliative Medicine1989Currently resident at WMED Family MedicineMichiganRuralNow employed as physician in farming community, in progressive hospital, but was in private practice for many years. Been through devastating fire in private practice. Involved in MSUCOM, CHM, Wayne State and CMU med schools. Teach at all levels.Academics, Balancing Work / Life, Ethics, Career Guidance, Life-Skills, Relationships, Shadowing. Primary care is a calling and I love it. It excites me to see a newborn in one room and a 100 year old in the next. I do both In and Out Patient medicine. (critical for students to work on relationships 50% of marriages end in Residency). While difficult to do as a student since others manage your time, critical to find work / life balance and stick to it. Put self first in terms of balance - not money.
Fontaine, Danadrdfontaine@aol.comFamily Medicine, Urgent Care, Occupational MedicineCaucasian1987MichiganUrban SuburbanBoard Certified Family Medicine and CAQ in Occupational Medicine & practicing full time as well as part-time in urgent care.Academics, Career Guidance, balancing Work/Life, Shadowing, Specialty Opportunities
Kushner, Marladoctormarlak@gmail.com312-305-5454Family Medicine/ Addiction Medicine1985IllinoisUrban Chicago25 years of practice in Chicago, Family Medicine ACOFP Fellowship in 2013. Fellowships in Addiction Medicine and adolescent medicine. Private PracticeLife Skills, Med Mission, Balancing Work/Life, Relationships, Specialty Opportunities Addition medicine, Guatemala Missions for 3 years
Brinsky, Kelley Kbrinsky@gmail.comFamily Medicine/ Neuromuscular Medicine2010MichiganUrbanCareer Guidance, Diversity, Shadowing,
Beasley, Donnie dsbeasley@gmail.comFamily Medicine/ Urgent Care1990MichiganSuburbanMichigan State University Adjunct facultyBalancing Work / Life, Ethics, Career Guidance, Life-Skills, Residency Process, Shadowing, Finding Financial Resources and Paying back loans. Women who started medical school later in life, as a second career. I gave up my job, had limited financial resources, & a 12 y.o. son, but still was able to achieve my goal of becoming a physician. There are many resources available to help a person who really desires to be a physician, & I am available to lend support, guidance, & information. DONOTgive up on being a physician because of finances. There are many options available.
Flynn, Kelly mormank@gmail.comFamily PracticeCaucasian2013MichiganSuburbanAcademics, Balancing Work / Life, Career Guidance, Medical Missions Int'l Health, Relationships, Residency Process, Shadowing
Lewis, Andrewlewisah@sutterhealth.orgFamily Practice / Urgent Care1999ToledoCaliforniaSuburbanFull time Urgent Care physician for 10 years incorporating OMT occasionally. Lodging must be self-arranged in Santa Cruz or Bay AreaEthics, Life Skills, Balancing Work-Personal Life. Medical Missions, Shadowing
Buckley, Andrew Family Practice/ Emergency Medicine2011Dwcha family medicine residency Henry ford family medicine residencyKentuckyRuralAcademics, Balancing Work/ Life, Ethics, Career Guidance, Life-Skills, Residency Process, Shadowing
Otaibi, Waelw.otaibi@me.comGeneral SurgeryMiddle Eastern2003McLaren OaklandOhioSuburbanMarried, PT prior to Med School. Multi-specialty clinic in Toledo. Interested in volunteer work just completed 3rd med missionCareer Guidance, Med Missions, Residency Process, Shadowing residency life/experience
Hinton, Isaac isaach5@outlook.comGeneral SurgeryBlack2014Lansing Emergency MedicineMichiganSuburbanCurrently in ResidenceBalancing work / Personal life, Career Guidance, Relationships, Residency Application Process
Gerken, Jeffrey 2489307296General surgeryCaucasian2004Current resident at Mercy Health MuskegonMichiganSuburbanD.O., FACOSBalancing Work / Life, Career Guidance, Residency process, Shadowing. Surgery is awesome. You can be a dedicated surgeon and still have a family and enjoy life. It doesn't have to be an anxiety provoking rotation or career.
Caverly, Erin; 989-670-1682General SurgeryChristian2014MississippiMilitaryMultiple hospitals in this residency program: Keesler Medical Center, Gulf Coast VA, Eglin Air Force Base Hospital, Pensacola Naval Hospital, Sacred Heart Hospital Pensacola, University of Mississippi Medical Center, as well as burns in San Antonio and trauma in Lundstuhl, Germany.Medical Missions/ Int'l Medicine, Military Experience, Specialty Opportunities
Voelpel, Mary Jomaryjodo@gmail.comHemetology / OncologyPolish1975LansingMichiganSuburban1-2 mission trips annually, medical expert for Office of Disability, Part time Clinical Instructor MSUCOM, Part Time Heme-Onc, Ball Room Dancing, Marathon RunnerCareer Guidance, Life Skills, Med Missions, Balancing work/life, Relationships, Research, Shadowing.Personal balance essential for successful career.
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