AuthorNameWeb LinkYearCompany/PublicationTypeSubjectTopics (Primary)$Brief Summary
AARP; Getty ImagesThe Disrupt Aging® Collection
AAPR & Getty ImagesPhotos/Graphics (Stock)AgeStock Images"While older adults live increasingly full lives, aging is often depicted in images as a time of isolation and dependency, or a lifestyle of leisure devoid of intergenerational friendships. In fact, 80% of people 50 and over say they are stereotyped by marketers. By releasing a collection of images that portrays a more authentic picture of aging, Getty Images and AARP are changing the conversation."
Academic Society for Management & CommunicationLet's Talk About Diversity & Inclusion: Fostering an inclusive work environment
through communication
2021Günter Thiele Foundation ReportDEI (General)"The aim of this research project was to examine the role and practice of communication in D&I management. While there is already a considerable body of research on the management practices of D&I, the communication aspects have been largely overlooked so far.'
Academy of Breastfeeding MedicineAcademy of Breastfeeding Medicine Position Statement and Guideline: Infant Feeding and Lactation-Related Language and Gender
2021Academy of Breastfeeding MedicineStyle Guide/Preferred TerminologyLGBTQIA+Words/Style Questions"The ABM Affirms That Language Should Be as Inclusive as Possible When Discussing Infant Feeding"
Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass CommunicationsDiversity: Best Practices: A Handbook for Journalism and Mass Communications Educators
2003Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass CommunicationsReportRaceJournalismDiscusses compliance with the council's diversity standard, proposed revisions, and assessment. Presents examples of best practices in ensuring diversity in curricula, faculty, student body, and campus environment, with excerpts of course descriptions.
ACES: The Society for EditingDiversity Style Guide (Summary of the #ACESchat)
2021ACES: The Society for EditingSocial MediaDEI (General)Words/Style Questions"Rachele Kanigel edited the Diversity Style Guide, a resource to help journalists and other media professionals cover a complex, multicultural world with accuracy, authority, and sensitivity. We will discuss how changes are made, some of the key points of the style guide, and answer your questions."
ADA National NetworkGuidelines for Writing About People With Disabilities
2017ADA National NetworkStyle Guide/Preferred TerminologyDisabilityWords/Style Questions"The words you use and the way you portray individuals with disabilities matters. This factsheet provides guidelines for portraying individuals with disabilities in a respectful and balanced way by using language that is accurate, neutral and objective."
Adegbite, ToluThe case for describing race in alternative text attributes
2022Shopify UX BlogBlog/Editorial/ArticleDisabilityAccessibility"When we don’t describe the race of someone in an image, we push the narrative that what our society deems as the default (usually a white person), is the default. We exclude other people and make them invisible."
Adichie, ChimamandaDanger of a Single Story
2009TEDVideo/WebinarDEI (General)Storytelling"Our lives, our cultures, are composed of many overlapping stories. Novelist Chimamanda Adichie tells the story of how she found her authentic cultural voice -- and warns that if we hear only a single story about another person or country, we risk a critical misunderstanding."
Advancement ProjectSocial Justice Phrase Guide: 5 Guidelines for Conscientious Communicators
N.D.Advancement ProjectGuidelines/PolicyDEI (General)Words/Style Questions
AffectDisabled and Here Collection
AffectPhotos/Graphics (Stock)DisabilityStock Images"This stock library is a disability-led effort to provide free and inclusive images from our own perspective, with photos and illustrations celebrating disabled Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC)."
Aldoory, Linda; Toth, ElizabethThe Future of Feminism in Public Relations and Strategic Communication: A Socio-Ecological Model of Influences
2021Rowan & LittlefieldBookGenderPublic Relations$"Aldoory and Toth present a socio-ecological model for understanding and building a feminist future public relations. This approach acknowledges previous gaps in scholarship and practice caused by ideological, societal, mediated, and organizational factors constructing norms and expectations for gender and race."
Alemán, SonyaLocating Whiteness in Journalism Pedagogy
2014Critical Studies of Media CommunicationAcademic JournalWhiteness/ ColonialismJournalism$
Allen, ElizabethAdding Color to your Campaign: An Exploration of the Lack of Racial Diversity in U.S. Advertising Agencies
2017University of Minnesota Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass CommunicationThesis/DissertationRaceIndustry Change
Allen, NnekaCollecting Courage: Joy, Pain, Freedom, Love
2020Gail K. Picco BooksBookRaceFundraising/Development$"Collecting Courage is a powerful and moving collection of personal experiences written by Black fundraisers that chip away at the idea of an inherent goodness of the charitable sector... These personal testimonies document racism, survival and the preeminence of 14 accomplished Black North American Fundraisers, 5 from the United States and 9 from Canada."
AllgoFree Plus-Size Stock Photos: The Home Collection
AllgoPhotos/Graphics (Stock)OtherStock Images"These photos are available for all uses and feature plus-size people at home. From looking at their phones in bed to having a glass of wine with friends, this collection is powerful because the emphasis is on what the models are doing, not how big they are while they're doing it."
Alwood, EdwardThe Role of Public Relations in the Gay Rights Movement, 1950–1969
2015Journalism HistoryAcademic JournalLGBTQIA+Public Relations$"As this study shows, public relations played a vital role in the early stages of the gay rights movement. It concludes that though gay and lesbian activists of the 1950s and 1960 had no formal training in PR, they made a concerted effort to influence public opinion using fundamental public relations strategies more than a decade before the Stonewall riots that marked the beginning of the modern Gay Liberation Movement."
Amaria, KainazNational Geographic’s November cover falls back on a racist cliché
2018VoxBlog/Editorial/ArticleRaceJournalism"The white cowboy versus the 'savage native': 8 months after its 'racial reckoning,' the magazine takes two steps backward."
American Psychiatric AssociationWords Matter: Reporting on Mental Health Conditions
N.D.American Psychiatric AssociationStyle Guide/Preferred TerminologyMental HealthWords/Style Questions"The media plays a critical role in advancing our understanding of mental illness and substance disorders. How you report stories about individuals with mental health challenges can increase awareness and reduce stigma around these conditions. Following are useful tips for covering mental illness accurately."
American Psychological AssociationBias-Free Language
2020American Psychological AssociationStyle Guide/Preferred TerminologyDEI (General)Words/Style Questions"The guidelines for bias-free language contain both general guidelines for writing about people without bias across a range of topics and specific guidelines that address the individual characteristics of age, disability, gender, participation in research, racial and ethnic identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and intersectionality. These guidelines and recommendations were crafted by panels of experts on APA’s bias-free language committees."
American Society of News EditorsHow Diverse Are US Newsrooms?
2018American Society of News EditorsImageDEI (General)Journalism"The Newspaper Diversity Survey measures the percentage of women and minorities working in US newsrooms. The results from 2018’s survey are in."
Andrijasevic, RutvicaBeautiful Dead Bodies: Gender, Migration and Representation in Anti-Trafficking Campaigns
2007Feminist ReviewAcademic JournalTrafficking/Sexual ViolenceMessaging$
Angry GrammarianHow passive voice can make protesters seem bad and let cops off the hook
2020InquirerBlog/Editorial/ArticleCriminal JusticeWords/Style Questions"Maybe you learned growing up that you should avoid writing in the passive voice. But no one told you that doing so can be a matter of life and death. These two sentences are textbook examples of why: because passive voice eschews responsibility for action. The sentences are factually equal, but their active/passive-voice dance affects how you feel about what occurred."
AntenaHow to Build Language Justice
2012AntenaReportLanguage"When people are able to communicate together across language difference about their experiences, their thoughts, and their visions, all kinds of possibilities can ignite, and ideas can take shape that might not have been imaginable without that cross-language conversation"
Apollon, Dominique; Keheler, Terry; Medeiros, Jillian; Ortega, Natalíe Lorraine; Sebastian, Julia; Sen, RinkuMoving the Race Conversation Forward: How the Media Covers Racism, and Other Barriers to Productive Racial Discourse- Pt. 1
2014Race ForwardReportRaceContent analysis of mainstream media and 7 harmful racial discourse practices
Aratani, LoriFAA committee recommends shifting to gender-neutral language
2021Washington PostBlog/Editorial/ArticleGenderWords/Style Questions
Asian American Journalists AssociationGuide for Covering Asian America
N.D.Asian American Journalists AssociationStyle Guide/Preferred TerminologyRaceWords/Style Questions
Association of LGBTQ JournalistsNLGJA Stylebook
N.D.NLGJAStyle Guide/Preferred TerminologyLGBTQIA+Words/Style QuestionsStylebook supplement on LGBTQ terminology
Austin, LucindaFraming diversity: A qualitative content analysis of public relations
industry publications
2010Public Relations ReviewAcademic JournalDEI (General)Public Relations$
Baker, CarrieMoving Beyond "Slaves, Sinners, and Saviors": An Intersectional Feminist Analysis of US Sex-Trafficking Discourses, Law and Policy
2018Journal of Feminist ScholarshipAcademic JournalTrafficking/Sexual ViolenceMessaging"This article analyzes stories and images of sex trafficking in current mainstream US public discourses, including government publications, NGO materials, news media, and popular films. Noting the similarities and differences among these discourses, the first part demonstrates that they often frame sex trafficking using a rescue narrative that reiterates traditional beliefs and values regarding gender, sexuality, and nationality, relying heavily on patriarchal and orientalist tropes. "
Bardhan, Nilanjana; Engstrom, CraigDiversity, Inclusion, and Leadership Communication in Public Relations: A Rhetorical Analysis of Diverse Voices
2021Public Relations JournalAcademic JournalDEI (General)Rhetoric"Dr. Nilanjana Bardhan and Craig Engstrom use rhetorical analysis to examine the prominent frameworks within 43 leadership narratives. The authors offer a critical lens in how D&I stories can enact change and lead to a more inclusive profession."
Barokka, KhairaniThe Case Against Italicizing “Foreign” Words of Minnesota-the-case-against-italicizing-foreign-words-khairani-barokka
2020Catapult MagazineBlog/Editorial/ArticleLanguageWords/Style Questions"Italicization too often bolsters a sense of superiority when it comes to the unitalicized, reinforcing a thick patina of whiteness or other cultural dominance."
Beaubien, GregAdvice for PR Students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities
2021Public Relations Society of AmericaBlog/Editorial/ArticleRacePublic Relations
Berger, BrucePower over, power with, and power to relations: Critical reflections on
public relations, the dominant coalition, and activism
2009Journal of Public Relations ResearchAcademic JournalDEI (General)Public Relations$"If public relations is to better serve society, professionals and academics may need to embrace an activist role and combine advocacy of shared power with activism in the interest of shared power."
Best Starts for KidsBest Starts for Kids Equitable Visual Communications Guide
2019Best Starts for KidsReportDEI (General)Photography/ImageryThe Best Starts for Kids communications team uses the following approaches for photography and visual communications so that our materials are equitable and accountable to the communities that we partner with and support.
Best Starts for KidsBest Starts for Kids Guide to Equitable Storytelling
2019Best Starts for KidsReportDEI (General)StorytellingThe Best Starts for Kids communications team uses the following guide and questions when creating messaging and stories so that our materials are equitable and accountable to the communities that we partner with and support.
Best Starts for KidsBest Starts for Kids Writing Style Guide
2019Best Starts for KidsStyle Guide/Preferred TerminologyDEI (General)MessagingThis document functions as the BSK brand guide. It outlines our strength-based messaging approach, commitment to racial equity, and gives examples of our voice and tone by embedding our values.
Birkwood, SusannahStorytelling for Impact
2021PodcastDEI (General)StorytellingStorytelling for Impact is the podcast about people who tell stories that change the world.  Hosted, produced and edited by Susannah Birkwood, this monthly show is for and about remarkable NGO storytellers, humanitarian photographers, investigative journalists and war correspondents who share stories and truths far and wide to drive social and environmental change.
BlackIllustrationsBlack Illustration Packs
BlackIllustrationsPhotos/Graphics (Stock)RaceStock Images$"Beautiful illustrations of Black people for your next digital project"
BloomerangDiversity, Inclusion, and Equity Policy Template
BloomerangTools/TemplatesDEI (General)Policies"This sample policy is designed for a small arts organization. The language in this template is a good starting point for your nonprofit, but it should be adapted to fit your organization’s culture, mission, strategy, and policies."
Boise State UniversityInclusive Excellence Communication Guide
Boise State UniversityStyle Guide/Preferred TerminologyDEI (General)Words/Style Questions"This guide will suggest some basic ways to start incorporating inclusion into your everyday writing, communicating, and professional life at Boise State. This is not a complete list, and it will be updated as terms and usage shift."
BondPutting the people in the pictures first: Ethical guidelines for the collection and use of content (images and stories)
2019BondBlog/Editorial/ArticleDEI (General)Storytelling6/8/2021
Boone, Sandra"While most are well intentioned, few are intentional": An examination of anti-trafficking communications and the need for ethical/equitable storytelling practices for strategic communication and public relations professionals
2020University of Minnesota Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass CommunicationVideo/WebinarTrafficking/Sexual ViolenceStorytelling20 minute presentation ethical storytelling work practices for strat comm/pr professionals through an examination of the communication practices of anti-trafficking organizations. Also:
- Full Capstone paper and expanded ppt available at
- Research summary available at
Boone, SandraEthical and Equitable Storytelling
2021University of Minnesota University RelationsBlog/Editorial/ArticleDEI (General)StorytellingShort blog discussing items for communicators to consider when doing storytelling
Borde, CrystalWhy Educating Employees on Inclusive Language Matters
2021Public Relations Society of AmericaBlog/Editorial/ArticleDEI (General)Words/Style Questions"Word choices in emails, releases, statements, digital content, speeches, reports and presentations can either further where your organization stands on the diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) spectrum or sabotage it."
BroadlyGender Spectrum Collection: Stock Photos Beyond the Binary
2019VICEPhotos/Graphics (Stock)LGBTQIA+Stock Images"The Gender Spectrum Collection, is a stock photo library featuring images of trans and non-binary models that go beyond the clichés of putting on makeup and holding trans flags."
Brown Kilgo, DanielleBeing skeptical of sources is a journalist’s job – but it doesn’t always happen when those sources are the police
2021The ConversationBlog/Editorial/ArticleCriminal JusticeJournalism"As a scholar who researches media coverage of police and protests, I believe Toledo’s death exposes a blind spot in journalism: a tendency to go with the 'police said' narrative without outwardly questioning if it is right."
Brown, Lydia X. Z.Ableist Words and Terms to Avoid
2012Autistic HoyaBlog/Editorial/ArticleDisabilityWords/Style Questions"This is a list of ableist words and terms for reference purposes. Some of the entries are slurs, some are descriptions of disabled people or other people with pathologized identities/bodies/experiences, some are slang that derive from ableist origins, and some are common metaphors that rely on disability and ableism.'
Brown, Lydia X. Z.Violence in Language: Circling Back to Linguistic Ableism
2014Autistic HoyaBlog/Editorial/ArticleDisabilityAccessibility"The single most frequently-viewed page on this website is the glossary of ableist phrases... One of the most common (inaccurate and mischaracterizing) criticisms, however, both from inside and outside the disability community, is the accusation that the list is a tool for policing language or censoring words."
Bureau of Internet Accessibility8 Common Image Alt Text Mistakes to Stop Making
2020Bureau of Internet AccessibilityBlog/Editorial/ArticleDisabilityAccessibilityWhen alternative text, or using text to describe images and other non-text content, is done well, it improves both the accessibility of your website and your SEO. Assistive technology users will have a richer understanding your website content and its searchability will increase. There are 8 common mistakes.
Bureau of Internet AccessibilityDo I Need to Write Podcast Transcripts for Accessibility?
2021Bureau of Internet AccessibilityBlog/Editorial/ArticleDisabilityAccessibility"Put simply, if you’re planning on hosting podcasts on your website, you should also provide transcripts. Below, we’ll explain why text alternatives for audio-only content are helpful — and provide some best practices for creating and publishing."
Byrne-Haber, SheriGiving a Damn About Accessibility
UX CollectiveReportDisabilityAccessibility"A candid and practical handbook for designers"
California State UniversityDiversity Style Guide
2020California State UniversityStyle Guide/Preferred TerminologyDEI (General)Messaging"Staff from a range of departments at the CSU Chancellor's Office have created a guide that attempts to address common questions that may arise when CO staff create or modify content that is about and/or speaks to particular groups of people."
Campbell, TaraA Copy Editor’s Education in Indigenous Style
2020The TyeeBlog/Editorial/ArticleRaceWords/Style Questions"Journalists’ word choices are shaped by colonialism. Here’s how The Tyee is changing that."
Cantor, DaveLanguage around mental health — like gender, race and sexuality — needs reconsideration
2021PoynterBlog/Editorial/ArticleMental HealthWords/Style Questions"Mislabeling, stigmatization and trivialization can result from how news organizations write and talk about mental health."
Cargile Cook, KelliWriters and their maps: The construction of a GAO report on sexual harassment
2009Technical Communications QuarterlyAcademic JournalGenderTechnical Communication$"This article examines a 1994 General Accounting Office (GAO) report on sexual harassment at U.S. service academies to determine how power structures affected the report writers' rhetorical choices."
Carrington, SharlynDoes PR Have a Diversity Problem?
2020Canadian Public Relations SocietyBlog/Editorial/ArticleRacePublic Relations"In 2018, I researched whether there was a lack of Black women in public relations, and if so, what was keeping them out. Limited research about Canadian public relations led me to draw on data from the U.S. which uncovered four key insights."
Carrington, Sharlyn; Strachan, Gail; Goldvine, Sara; Chohan, Parm; Thomas, Sarah; Flynn, TerryCommunications and Public Relations Leaders as Anti-Racism Change Agents: A Call to Action
N.D.McMaster UniversityBlog/Editorial/ArticleRacePublic Relations
CEL"Good Trouble: Effecting Change and Diversifying the Profession"
2020CELBlog/Editorial/ArticleRacePublic RelationsSummary of the conversation at PRSA's 2nd Annual Diversity and Inclusion Forum on increasing diversity among PR professionals
Celarity & The BrandLabAsk a Recruiter
CelarityOtherRaceIndustry Change"Ask a Recruiter, powered by Celarity, is an opportunity for early college and young professionals to gain exclusive access to one-on-one time with staffing and recruiting experts in the marketing, creative and digital industries. "
Center for Disability RightsDisability Writing & Journalism Guidelines
N.D.Center for Disability RightsStyle Guide/Preferred TerminologyDisabilityWords/Style Questions"This guide is intended to help journalists and other members of the media learn about the Disability Community as a demographic and a source, while exploring how to talk about disability in a way that is not harmful"
Center for Integration and Improvement of JournalismDiversity Style Guide
N.D.Center for Integration and Improvement of JournalismStyle Guide/Preferred TerminologyDEI (General)Words/Style Questions
Center for Media Justice PublicationTHE DIGITAL CULTURE SHIFT: FROM SCALE TO POWER How the Internet Shapes Social Change, and How Social Change Is Shaping the Internet
N.D.Center for Media Justice PublicationReportDEI (General)
Center for Story-Based Strategy"The 4th Box: DEI + Story-based Strategy!"
Center for Story-Based StrategyTrainingDEI (General)Storytelling$"This 90-minute self paced workshop will introduce you to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in theory and use using Story-based Strategy. Participants will be provided with a practical framework for understanding issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in their work and how using a Story-based Strategy can assist in both assessment and planning."
Center for the Study of Social PolicyKey Equity Terms and Concepts: A Glossary for Shared Understanding
2019Center for the Study of Social PolicyReportDEI (General)Words/Style Questions"Developing a shared language for thoughtful discussion about equity provides a foundation for all of our work. This glossary of key terms and concepts focuses on content that is most relevant to CSSP’s work."
Centers for Disease Control and PreventionCommunicating With and About People with Disabilities
2020Centers for Disease Control and PreventionStyle Guide/Preferred TerminologyDisabilityWords/Style QuestionsPeople-first language is the best place to start when talking to a person with a disability.
Changing the NarrativeGuidelines for Age-Inclusive Communication
2022Changing the NarrativeGuidelines/PolicyAgeWords/Style Questions"It covers language, messaging and visuals to use—and what to avoid. This is great for organizations and individuals who write and speak about aging-related issues and ageism as part of your work. "
ChangingFacesUKI Am More Than Just Your Villan
2021ChangingFacesUKVideo/WebinarDisabilityStorytelling"To mark the premiere of new Bond movie No Time To Die, we've released our own film showing a future where people with visible differences are the hero, love interest or main character - and not just the villain."
Charlton, James I.Nothing About Us Without Us: Disability Oppression and Empowerment
2000University of California PressBookDisability"Nothing About Us Without Us is the first book in the literature on disability to provide a theoretical overview of disability oppression that shows its similarities to, and differences from, racism, sexism, and colonialism... Charlton finds an antidote for dependency and powerlessness in the resistance to disability oppression that is emerging worldwide. His interviews contain striking stories of self-reliance and empowerment evoking the new consciousness of disability rights activists."
Climate Nexus; Survival media AgencyA Practical Guide to Ethical Imagery
2021Water Hub at Climate Nexus and Survival Media Agency Guidelines/PolicyDEI (General)Photography/Imagery"As media makers and content creators for change and sustainability, it is essential that the processes we use to create content do not perpetuate harm and are done with the same integrity we want to see reflected in the world. This guide will serve as a resource for media makers who are committed to making a difference."
Cohen, Jamie BethHow l—a Jewish Writer—Approach Sensitivity Reads for Authors Who Write Jewish Characters
2021Conscious Style GuideBlog/Editorial/ArticleReligionSensitivity Readers"Sensitivity readers are not here to censor authors but to help them avoid pitfalls they may not even realize exist."
Cojocaru, ClaudiaSex trafficking, captivity, and narrative: constructing victimhood with
the goal of salvation
2015Dialectical AnthropologyAcademic JournalTrafficking/Sexual ViolenceStorytelling$
Cole, TejuWhen the Camera Was a Weapon of Imperialism. (And When It Still Is.)
2019New York Times MagazineBlog/Editorial/ArticleWhiteness/ ColonialismPhotography/Imagery$
Colón, Aly Black, black, or African American?
2005PoynterBlog/Editorial/ArticleRaceWords/Style Questions
Colton, Jared S.; Holmes, SteveA Social Justice Theory of Active Equality for Technical Communication
2016Journal of Technical Writing and CommunicationAcademic JournalDEI (General)Technical Communication$"This article foregrounds the political philosophy of Jacques Rancière as a way to cultivate a practice of 'active equality' that enables technical communicators to enact social justice rather than wait for institutional redistribution"
Commisceo Global Consulting How to Avoid Cultural Appropriation & Promote Cultural Awareness Instead
2017Commisceo Global Consulting Blog/Editorial/ArticleDEI (General)Cultural Appropriation
Communications Network*DEI Toolkit
2020Communications NetworkWebsiteRaceReport and tools to incorporate racial equity into your digital, strategy & development, outreach, internal comms, branding, research, and more. "We've created [these tools] with the communicator in mind. It’s flexible, so use it as a checklist, a launching point for a discussion, or even an assessment survey to improve your DEI communications."
Communications NetworkCrowdsourcing anti-racism communications = statements, resources, tools, and guidance
Communications NetworkResource ListsDEI (General)Messaging
Community Centric FundraisingCommunity Centric Fundraising
2020Community Centric FundraisingWebsiteDEI (General)Fundraising/Development"Community-Centric Fundraising is a movement to evolve how fundraising is done in the nonprofit sector. Its goal is to support fundraisers and other nonprofit professionals to re-examine every fundraising philosophy and practice they have been taught, engage in vigorous ongoing conversations, and explore doing fundraising in ways that reduce harm and further social justice."
Conrardy, AlyssaCombating Stereotype Porn and Poverty Porn With Asset and Strengths-Based Communications
2019Prosper StrategiesBlog/Editorial/ArticleDEI (General)RhetoricAn article on focusing on strength-based communications as a way to combat relying on poverty porn.
Conrardy, AlyssaHow to Create a Guide to Strength-Based Communication for Your Nonprofit
2019Prosper StrategiesBlog/Editorial/ArticleDEI (General)Messaging"we're big believers in the importance of taking a strength-based approach to nonprofit communications that focuses on the assets of an individual, group or community rather than their needs and deficits"
Conrardy, AlyssaThe Latest Research and Trends in Strength-Based Communication
Prosper StrategiesResource ListsDEI (General)Messaging
Conscious Style Guide; Editors of ColorDiverse Picture Books
Concious Style GuideResource ListsDEI (General)Storytelling"Exceptional picture books that spread understanding, compassion, and joy through diverse representation."
Contreras, ConradSocial Change Communications Agencies Have a Problem: #Prsowhite
2016GreenliningBlog/Editorial/ArticleRaceIndustry Change“Agencies aim to speak to people affected most by social justice issues but not letting those same people be at the frontline of creating the message.”
Contreras, YolandaCan anybody hear me? How white nonprofit writing standards erase BIPOC voices — and why that is definitely not ok
2020Community Centric FundraisingBlog/Editorial/ArticleDEI (General)Editing Process (General)
Coombes, ThomasHow talking about ‘humanity’ and not ‘crisis’ can aid all refugees right now
2022The New HumanitarianBlog/Editorial/ArticleImmigrationMessaging
Coombs, W. Timothy; Holladay, Sherry J.Fringe public relations: How activism moves critical pr toward the mainstream
2012Public Relations ReviewAcademic JournalOtherPublic Relations$"We argue that Excellence Theory‘s seemingly reluctant evolution has provided unsatisfactory treatments of concepts like power and activism, even though it has attempted to address some limitations of the symmetrical model's efficacy in responding to activist challenges."
Corces-ZimmermanNormalizing Whiteness on College Campuses
2018Understanding & Dismantling PrivilegeAcademic JournalWhiteness/ Colonialism
Costello, Amy; Boswell FredericaEthical Storytelling for Nonprofits and Philanthropy
2020Nonprofit QuarterlyVideo/WebinarDEI (General)Storytelling"In this webinar, NPQ’s Senior Correspondent and Investigations Editor, Amy Costello, takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes exploration regarding ethical storytelling and effective nonprofit communications. In a conversational format, Amy and her long-time producer, Freddie Boswell, discuss the ethical challenges they have confronted while covering nonprofits, philanthropy and international aid in their podcast, Tiny Spark."
Costello, Amy; Boswell FredericaThe Ethics of Nonprofit Storytelling: Survivor Porn and Parading Trauma
2019Nonprofit QuarterlyPodcastDEI (General)StorytellingIn this podcast, Amy Costello and Frederica Boswell talk to Sophie Otiende (program consultant for HAART Kenya) about "poverty porn" and interviewing survivors of trauma.
Countryman-Roswurm, Karen & Patton, BaileyAwareness Without Re-Exploitation: Empowering Approaches to Sharing the Message About Human Trafficking
2017Journey of Human TraffickingAcademic JournalTrafficking/Sexual ViolenceStorytelling$"Within the last two decades, media personnel, multidisciplinary professionals, and concerned citizens alike have taken note of this social-justice issue. Due to such increased interest, an unprecedented number of people are engaged in awareness efforts that claim to combat human trafficking. While most involved in such efforts are well intentioned, few are intentional"
Countryman-Roswurm, Karen & Patton, BaileySharing the Message of Human Trafficking: A Public Awareness and Media Guide
2013Wichita State UniversityGuidelines/PolicyTrafficking/Sexual ViolenceMessaging"As allies and partners in the anti-trafficking movement, we must do better. The
complexity and scope of this issue demands collaboration – no one person can do it alone. However, we must be thoughtful and intentional in the ways we engage and utilize survivors in the anti-trafficking movement."
Cowle, Denise; Harnb, Louise Understanding microaggressions in editing with Crystal Shelley
2022Editing PodcastPodcastDEI (General)Editing Process (General)"Improve your understanding of microaggressions during the editing process and how to serve your author well regardless of your own identity and lived experience."
Crabtree-Condor, IsabelNarrative Power and Collective Action: Conversations with people working to change narratives for social good – Part 1
2020OxfamReportDEI (General)Storytelling"Narrative knowledge and framing know-how can help us to open civic space, collaborate better and amplify others, helping us to be part of the biggest ‘us’ we can be. Interested to know more? We spoke to 20+ collaborators from across the world. They share with us their knowledge, ideas, tips, and tactics from their lived experience."
Crombie, Jess; Girling, DavidWho Owns the Story? Live financial testing of charity vs participant led storytelling in fundraising
2022University of South AfricaAcademic JournalDEI (General)Storytelling"The researchers aimed to explore how UK audiences respond financially and emotionally to stories of poverty developed and told directly by the image ‘subject’ in their own words, as opposed to fundraising materials designed by the charity.'
Cronin, DougOur Race- Taking a Story Holder-centric approach to Story Telling
2021Our RaceVideo/WebinarDEI (General)Storytelling"An introduction to Transformational Ethical Story Telling and the work we do at Our Race."
Cronin, DougTransformational Ethical Storytelling: How does this impact the storyteller and the communities represented?
2019Blog/Editorial/ArticleDEI (General)Storytelling
Curry, LatiaHow Brands Can Follow Through on the Values They're Selling
2020Harvard Business ReviewTools/TemplatesDEI (General)"From our work in advocacy communications and collaboration with dozens of companies, we've had a front row seat to assess both what works and what fails. In the process, we developed the Brand Advocacy Map to help guide companies through potentially fraught cultural and social terrain. "
Daniels, Shereen"RACIAL EQUITY ACTION #20 - Don't let your PR, Comms teams lead the narrative."
2021HR RewiredVideo/WebinarDEI (General)This video to employees doing THEIR work about the dangers that exist when PR pros wish to "Spin the narrative".
Daniszewski, JohnThe decision to capitalize Black
2020Associated PressBlog/Editorial/ArticleRaceWords/Style Questions"AP’s style is now to capitalize Black in a racial, ethnic or cultural sense, conveying an essential and shared sense of history, identity and community among people who identify as Black, including those in the African diaspora and within Africa. The lowercase black is a color, not a person."