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Town for which CCL Mid Maine Chapter has membersTown Championphoneemail addressBackup ChampionTown Meeting DateUpdate week of 12/27Update Week of 1/3/21Week of 1/10/21week of 1/17Week of 1/24/21Week of 1/31/21Week of 2/7/212/14/212/21/212/28/213/7/213/14/213/21/213/28/214/4/214/11/214/18/214/25/215/2/215/9/215/16/215/23/21
Albion Not PassedEd Riggs
Laurie Lundgren, Paul FormanMarch 20collecting signatures Article will be on the Albion Warrant!
AlfredMaggie Harms
Peter Dugasletter sent to board
AnsonErnie Hiltonewhilton@myfairpoint.netSent proposed Article with web link to John Bryant, a selectperson, with suggestion he work with rest of Board to put on Warrant
Appleton PassedSharon Preespree@tidewater.netJune 8Sharon is up and at-em now, eager to take on the task with a buddy.Communications with Select Board on going
Arrowsicendorsed 2019
Augusta No Vote; need more info
Tracy Webertwebersails@gmail.comFrazer SmithCity Councilletter has gone out to contacts who are sharing it with their contacts, when that runs dry, I will contact my local city councilorGetting signature son letter for City Council23 signatures, potential for 4 more
Bangorendorsed 2019
Bar HarborEllie Whiteewhite22@coa.eduTown Council
Belfastendorsed 2019
BelgradeNancy Findlannfindlan@gmail.comkelly Sandman, Bonnie SammonsMarch ?Town Mgr and Select Board Contacted; presenting statement to SB at Jan 5 mtg; great conversations over the past week -10 da with all select Board members; very helpfulDid our Public comment last night 1/5. Tentatively on schedule for presentation Feb. Have been asked to send samples of other towns resolutions and other infoGot a nice call fromSB Chair - making sure we feel welcome; gave a couple of tips: Expect the questions: what will this cost? Also - don't paint it as a panacaea - talked with Tn Mgr and SB member who is very supportive. Chair is also positive. 2 of the 5 are known to be likely naysayers. We've talked with both of them. We are emphasizing keeping the conversation goingmtg FEb 3 with Select Board lots of questions; some support. They suggest that we get signatures and come backPossibility of getting article to vote in June! Have had conversations with Clerk, SB Chair and now Tn Mgr will see if the June vote will workLatest news from MMA - lawyer says we can't have it on teh June mtg vote - have to wiat for next years TM!!working on public education to bring article to 2022 tn mtgCCB4me mentioned in Town newsletter; we are working with the town communications committee
Benton, Dwight Gagnonbentonfalls@me.comMarch ?May not have a Town Meeting. He is figuring out how it might come together.waiting to hear from Tn clerk
BiddefordJody Makaijmakai9@gmail.comPeter DugasCity CouncilContacted Climate Task Force chair Steve ReiterPresenting to the Mayor on 1/29/21
Blue HillDavid Dietrichviddietrich@yahoo.comApril 20reaching out to Select Board membersoutreachon hold till 2022
BowdoinFrazer Peter DugasMay or June
Bowdoinhame s
BuckfieldRoberta HIllonirishhill@gmail.come sSent secretary more info and offered to appear at meeting to answer questions.
CanaanAlan Sanbornalan.sanborn@gmail.comIver LofvingSpec mtg June?In touch with town clerk 12/19. The resolution was tabled at the Selectman's meeting on 12/20 and I was told it would be reintroduce at meeting on 1/20.Send Selectman secreatry more info and offered to appear at meeting to answer questions.I'm contacting friends and neighbors telling about the warrent and asking them to sign it and contact others. I plan to drop the signitures at town hall a day or two before the Selectmen meet.Talked to Selectperson and I will attend the meeting tomorrow (1/20) to answer questions. Was told that if the Selectmen don't vote to put the warrant on the town meeting agenda I will need 83 signatures to make it happen. I have 12 to date. Town meeting is scheduled for March 13.Got info from town clerk about getting signatures outside a polling place. Will get signatures at town meeting 3/13 for one of the special town meetings being planned for this summer.
Cape ElizabethNina Trowbridgensimonds@yahoo.comThey endorsed in 2019
Cape Porpoise
Chesterville Not Passed
Cynthia Stancioffcynthia.hoeh@gmail.comMar 22initial email to all people I can think of (about 25) out of the 65 needed signatures to get on warrant - deadline 1/15Figured out wording for article and petition by talking with Town Clerk. Have obtained 29 signatures out of 65. deadline 1/15. Sent email description of campaign to all 5 Selectpersons. Scheduled to present to them 1/14.On 1/14 presented to Selectboard and said I have 57 out of 65 signatures and they said it will go in the warrant! Just have to get a few more signatures for form's sake. 2 of them even signed the petition!presumably on the warrant for March 22town mtg 3/22Warrant article 42 will be considered at in-person annual town meeting 3/22.
China ??Maine Bob, bob@mainebob.comJoann AustinJune 8 ?3/1/2021In touch with new selectboard member Janet Preston who is long time member of China Lake Association (CLA). Also President of CLA. No meeting of CLA Planned but can appeal by email to the board... Voting by secret ballot; no town meeting
CumberlandConnie Bingham
susan penza-clyde spenza@mac.comhas town councilinitiating conversations with council members
Marnie Sinclair 1/15
marticamv@aol.comJune 8Contacting Town officialscollecting signatures; teh SB chari got rather confused about CFD
Deer IsleKim
Detroit(207) 257-4488
Embden(tentatively April 9, 2021)ballot this year occurring on the same day as the Municipal Elections .
FalmouthSteve Merz
Town Council1/6/21: contacted the town sustainability coordinator to get the ordinance on the schedule. Sent email to one of the Town Council members. There appears to be no set schedule and no warrant needed. Scheduled a meeting on 1/19/21 with the Ashley Kurlik, the town sustainability coordinator"Zoomed" with town coordinator on 1/19 who directed me to the chair of the Town Recycling, Env. and Energy Cmte with a request for consideration. Sent cover ltr and ppt via email for review. Signatures not required in my town and will be referred by the Cmte to the Council.Great meeting with chair. Agreed to present proposal at Feb 4 cmte meeting. 2 questions were important: is CF&D the "best" approach and what about equity and inclusion? Updated PPT accordingly.Presented the materials to the committee. They asked a # of good questions. I responded the next day. Now awaiting f/u from the cmte chair.Awaiting feedback from the chair. will email on 2/11 which is 1 wk from the presentation date for an updateTown REAC committee will review the request to endorse CF&D resolution during its March 4th meeting at 530p. Reached out to 4 other CCL folks in my town to join me during the public comment portion of the meeting.One REAC committee member suggested I present to the Town Conservation Commission. This has now been scheduled for March 1st at 5p. Engaged another CCL member who lives in town to provide support during public comment portion of the meeting.
Presented to the Town Conservation Commission on 3/2/21. Went well. Also included a public comment period with a CCL supporter voicing support. Scheduled a f/u meeting with a Town Councilor on Friday.
Town Conservation Commission voted to recommend the Town Council pass resolution to endorse a Carbon Fee and Dividend approach. With 2 town committees voting in support of this approach, the issue will now be taken up by the town councilors for the full town council consideration.
Farmington PASSEDFen Fowlercalled
April 26Farmington has a team of 5 carbon cashback champions meeting via zoom bi monthly. We have developed a strategy where each one of us will talk with one Farmiigton select person to ask their advice on having a“Cash back solution to carbon pollution” article on the town warrant for Town meeting. We have reviewed Sam Saltonstall’s slide show and one member will be working with Sam to edit it for Farmington. We have agreed that having youth involved is important but have not determined how and whom to engage.We view this as an opportunity to engage the public in the long term thinking about climate change. Farmington Champions Plan on meeting briefly next week to report out on selectperson response and determine next stepsOn the agenda for farmington select men's meeting on January 26th. met 2-2 tie vote to place on warrant-will reconvene to reconsider at a later datetown meeting referendum 4/26
FayetteJon Beekman
No date set
FreedomAugustus Freeman
FreeportSusana Hancock
robrez3@gmail.comcouncilI am part of Freeport's sustainability board, which advises the town council on climate-related matters. I have shared EICDA with most of the board, but I have not yet been able to share it with the full sustainability board because that needs to be done during a public hearing--had hoped to do it last Monday but it's budget season, so we had to prioritize financial matters. The board members who have seen it thus far support the initiative, although there are some hold outs for NRCM's plan due to personal allegiance, but it seems likely we'll get through. I expect to take this for a full board vote later this month and then will take it to town council. At that point, additional support might be helpful, and I will certainly invite people like Kathleen and Kate, as well as other Freeport-based CCL members to offer testimony during meetings or in writingin process
Gardinercity council
Garland not passedEd Hummelehum50@gmail.comMarch 13Brought up withPlanning BoardGarland Tabled till June
GeorgetownRachel WhitePeter DugasesSpoke to Rachel about contacting her town and sent a draft letter. -PD
Glenburn 1 cncl member supports
Theresa Hainerthainer55@gmailtown councilDiscussed with town councilor. Was on 1/7/21 agenda but postponed as town unable to do meeting by zoom. 2/19 Spoke by phone to town council chair who said he liked the concept though voiced concerns about transporation sector being disproportionately affected, he will speak w/ the council members to see if they will support it and call me back. If they will support it, we will give a presentation at town council meeting. 2/27/Sent a follow up email to one of the town council members. 3/10 Town council chair emailed that the council will not support this though he felt it was novel and interesting and praised the effort. 4/2/21 Sent the link to one of the Glenburn town councilors who supported, endorsed and signed the document
Gorhamtown council
GrayDon Parentdparent55@gmail.comPeter Dugastown council
HampdenEndorsed 2019
Harpswell PASSEDTony Barrettbarretttony@mac.comMary Lee Fowler maryleefowler18@gmail.come sDiscussed with Town staff. No open Town Meeting. Warrants will be voted on by secret ballot on June 1. Selectboard can place warrant on ballot.Requests to meet with various Town committees for endorsement.On agenda for Conservation Commission for 1/20. No reply from other committees.1/20 Met w/ ConservationCommission. Unanimous support for CCB4ME. Added "(Carbon Cash Back)”. After “Carbon Fee and Dividend” in draft warrant for clarity.5 of 6 Town Committees endorsed the vote warrant.
Harpswell Selectboard rejected the warrant for June as too complicated and long. Need more education time. Take to open town meeting in 3/22 where there can be open debate.
Will submit a resolution for just the Selectboard to sign.
HinckleyEmanuel Pariser
Hollis CenterAnne Peter Dugas
Hope not passed 6/22David Oakesdave@cellonline.orgesBLS call 1/18/21
KennebunkTom Berry
12 Littlefield Dr Kennebunk 04043
tberry@rsu21.netNov mtg (not TM)met with Kennebunk Tn Mgr & Selectboard Chr, 12/30. Will need 500 signatures to have Article on warrant. Will present at SB mtg 1/26.1/5 Emailed MPBN proposing CCB4ME as topic for Maine Calling. Resp fr producer C Han: "Interesting - will keep in mind" for future CC program.Was interviewed by York Co Coast star for article to be based on CCB4ME article submitted on 1/9.
Kennebunkport1/6. Met w/ town's Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee. Unanimous support for CCB4ME.1/9 Presented at KBK Dems meeting. Mixed verbal support/silence. Awaiting contacts for signatures & help circulating petition. 1/9. Submitted opinion piece based on WEN article, to York Co. Coast Star.
LibertySusan Davies
Lisbon Falls
ManchesterLuke Bartollukegbartol@gmail.comWorking with conservations commission; they have had discussion about carbon pricing alreadyAfter some conversations with Manchester officials and starting new semester, planning to continue working on tihs
Mercer NP 66/91Chris Beeuwkes
Mar 20article will be icluded in the warrant for town meetingMercer NP 66/91
Mt Vernon PASSEDRandy Oakleyroakley@roadrunner.comJuneDeb Stahler debstahler1@gmail.comDeb and Randy coordinatingOur town meeting is in June, and we are told that we will need 43 signatures on petitions to place this initiative on the ballot.signatures completed, town meeting date June.
New Sharon
NorridgewockSally WilderMar 1tabled
North Yarmouth
OaklandRob Lesterrob.lester54@gmail.comMarchCalled town clerk and left messageRob and Bonnie are planningcalled Town office again. waiting for reply. WIll send email and keep trying. Also contacted Don Borman and will contact Mike Perkins, onTownCouncil We are on the Agenda NEXT WEEK!!!! Contacted Mieke Perkins and sent to him and rest of council: Primer, article and link to site Tn Mgr says latest date for getting article on warrant is Mar 13; Rob and I made a presentation to a very cool audience who after some questions and discussion ( a lot negative but some positive as well) voted NO. We will make a list of the questions and objects that came up so that other TC's can benefit from our experience. Also there will be other tips and recommendations for procedures. Story not over! We plan to follow up with some contact and replies to some of their concerns.
Old Orchard Beach
Oronoendorsed 2019
Palermo NP (by Narrow Margin!)
Pam McKenney
support person RIch RoughgardenMar 13contacted select board; waiting for replyconnecting Pam and RIch R (bls)article in town linePalermo NP (by Narrow Margin!)
PerryFrazer Smithfrazer.smith@baxter-academy.orgPeter Dugasnot scheduled yet
PhippsburgDavid Solmitz
PittsfieldCaleb Curtistown council
PortlandPeter MonroPortland endorsed in 2018
RangeleyToby Alvestobya5125@gmail.comPeter DugasJune 8Toby agreed to check out town council
Readfield PASSEDMelanie Lanctotmlanctot@roadrunner.comJune 8I talked to Chair of the Select Board, Bruce Bourgoine, who is sympathetic to the cause, but town warrant focuses on budget matters. I'm waiting for more details. Town meeting is in June.I am on the Select Board's February 15th agenda fgor 5 whole minutes!
Tori Markiewicztuf20661@gmail.comcouncilEmailed Councilman Ben Dorr intro information about CCB4MEEmailed Councilman Ben Dorr again requesting information about how to begin the process for a CCB4ME resolutionbrief introduction to council Mar 1
Rome (NP) Barbara Russell
March 13, Saturday at 10amPeter Kallin joined me in doing this presentation and he started us off. He did so well and I did not get the slide slow up as quickly as I thought I could so we did without it. He presented his history in working with climate change in our area and then went on to share how many other countries and state have already begun to do something. My mention that this warrant doesn't involve fiscal responsibility or committment, just allowing our state government to know that we are behind such programs I feel is what caused the 3 - 0 for putting the warrant on the list for town meeting without the collection of signatures. We are prespared for discussion the day of our town meeting.Rome (NP)
SacoMike MacomberEricPeter Dugascity council
SanfordJeff Kerriganjeffryw.kerrigan@gmail.comPeter Dugascity councilContacted Mayor and City CouncilMayor promised to follow up and set an appointment soon.Scheduled meeting 2/11/21
ScarboroughDavid KunhardtPeter Dugastown councilcontacted Paul Johnson who promises to get back to us next week
SidneyWally BuschmanPeter KoonsMarch 27Jean is also interested, and doubtless John Koons and John Wiggin at the Music Camp. PG sent over the link 12/31Town Meeting is March 27. Wally still on boardsent article to one Selectman
SkowheganJen Olsenjen.e.olsen@gmail.comWarren Shay, Patsy Miller; Amber Lambke, Iver LofvingJune 6
SmithfieldAbigail Stevensabigails92@gmail.comescontacted town office tried twice
SolonErnie HiltonSent proposed Article and web link to Sarah Davis- a Selectperson- with suggestion she work with others to put on warrant.
South BristolNormand
South PortlandDavid MorinSouth Portland endosred in 2019
Starks PASSEDErnie Hiltonewhilton@myfairpoint.netMar 8Article will be on the warrant for town meeting Sat. March 13thStarks PASSED
Temple NOT PASSEDGreg Kimbercalled
jo JosephsonApr 24Contacted town clerk and select board. Looks like we'd need 28 signatures by Feb 1. Waffling about whether we want to dive into that challenge. May start reaching out to others in town to see if there's more interest.Preparing to circulate petition to obtain 28 signatures for April town meeting warrant articlearticle is on town meeting warranttown meeting April 24
ThorndikeJon Wadick