2019 Judge's Comments
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Project NumberWhat Was Well DoneNeeds Improvement
52Nice display. Practice your presentation a little more next time to make sure it flows well. Very interesting
102Blake was very well-informed and enthusiastic about sharing his experiment.
102Great job explaining your experiment! I love that it has relevance to real world issues. Looks like it was fun to do, too! Awesome job writing in your science notebook too!!
103Live the sparkles on a board about crystals. Very creative.
103Well spoken and enthusiastic student scientist! She really enjoyed teaching about how to grow crystals.Keep up the good work! See you next year at the science fair, tell your friends how fun it is!
104Terrific. Notebook is excellent. Excellent penmanship
104Student was prepared and enthusiastic, he understood his project and enjoyed it, teaching his friends about brushing teeth.Keep up the good work! See you next year at the science fair.
201What a fun, creative, interesting project! You presented your findings so nicely!
201Super creative and original. Who would have thought to find meteorites on your roof! The presentation was well done. None!
202Good job explaining your experiment!
203The girls clearly had a great time doing this experiment and they explained it well.Using the scientific method to list the question, hypothesis, materials, etc would be great next time.
203Tremendous enthusiasm and great boardNames in front. Own this fun project!
204Great understanding of the scientific method and excellent oral presentation.
204Wow! What a great project! The results were very interesting and I am glad you brought the paper you tested to school. Your poster was very colorful and detailed. I really liked your log book with even more information. Good job!
207Perfect project for a budding food scientist, well understood and presented. Excellent job quantifying and averaging grease spots to determine most greasy chips. Wonderful presentation!Are you curious about why grease in chips matters? Does it make them taste good? Stay fresh longer? More crispy? When you become a baker you will be an expert. Good luck!
207Loved this project, so informative and the rules surprised me. You put a lot of work into this and I loved that you had all your findings available to see. Excellent job.Would love to see how much grease the paper would absorb after a longer time.
209Fun project. Good experimentation.
209Great job! I love that u love apples so much!
209Great poster and project. This is so relevant to our lives
211Great presentation and understanding of the tipic
211Excellent understanding of the phase changes of water! I love that the poster was done by hand by the student. :) Thanks for your great presentation!!Next time, find a question to answer using this great knowledge so you can come up with a hypothesis and test it using the scientific method.
213Poster presentation. Enthusiasm.Include let aspects of experiment: hypothesis, data, conclusion, etc. See STEM fair packet.
214Great board
214the Poster is great. I liked seeing the results in pictures. Crazy that the water worked so well all by itself! What might you or others do with the knowledge you gained by doing this experiment?
215Cute drawings on poster
215Great obeservations, and presentation, lots of enthusiasm. Very impressive second graders!For next year focus on documenting the scientific method on your board. for example; question, research and conclusion
216Excellent explanation of the experiment. Great demo of which is the most effective dish soap. The experiment was very well thought out. None!
217Great unique project. I loved your excitement and presentation. I'm so curious how that egg feels with no shell. Would love to see how the egg looked each day and exactly how many days it took to completely dissolve the shell.
217Great enthusiasm for participating in the science fair!!Do some research to find out why the egg shell went away and maybe try putting an egg in another liquid to see what happens! Thanks for your presentation!!
301Great topic. Love that you researched ph levels also. Good job.Would love to see your experiment journals.
301This was a very interesting project and relevant to our life. I appreciate your hard work. Your poster was very informative and creative. I really liked seeing your experiments in person. Great job!
303Great student driven projectTry an experiment using different types of treats
304Good project idea paired with your intetestsTalk more about project during presentation
304Very good communication, clear, looked at judge, answered all questionsFor Next time, it might be good to start your presentation with a brief introduction versus having the judge go right into asking questions
304Very good communication, clear, looked at judge, answered all questionsFor Next time, it might be good to start your presentation with a brief introduction versus having the judge go right into asking questions
305Great teamwork! Excellent research! Beautiful poster!
305This was a wonderful project! Your methods were so nicely done-way to be scientific and careful as you measured and tested! Isn’t it fun to discover your hypothesis wasn’t right? What a fun, delicious way to learn!
307Good data collection.
307Aiden did a great job if orally presenting his experiment. He had a very good understanding of the process and his display board was well organized.The experiment could use a control (like a water bottle in a 32’ freezer) compared to water bottles in locations with other temperatures (room temp, vs fridge temp, vs outside). Or it could have compared different types of water bottles in the same location.
308Well organized presentationI think it is really good for their level
308Excellent coverage of an important topic! Good job explaining two variables: sugar and pH effect on teeth. It is hard to measure the effects on the teeth, I want to learn more about etching. I think the students observations were excellent, they were wonderfully enthusiastic, budding scientists.Next time try a longer exposure to the liquids and see if they might get "holes" like you thought. Cool idea.
308You guys were amazing!
309Your experiment was done so well! Your question was a great guide to your experiment and your procedure was very good. Your explanation was excellent. Good job looking at the judge and speaking clearly!Maybe there could be some kind of scale to show how clean the pennies were after the 24 hours.
310She did a great job of orally sharing her project. The pictures were very useful.The experiment could have had more than a few types of solvent and surfactant used to determine the best kind.
310Love that you tested homemade stain removers instead of store stain removers, great unique idea. Well done. Very interesting results. Would also like to see the results if the stain soaked longer.
312Very good project and nice demonstration!
312Very exciting engineering project that is unique and ambitious! The student had a great understanding of the materials and Methods, even how to get an average from his trials, good job! How was the velocity measured? It is exciting to think you can measure this easily at home when the ball bearings are travelling so fast! Have fun, be careful. Great job on a tough project!
313What a great project! You were so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about your subject. I liked your display and your oral presentation. Your written report was very well done. I really liked your ideas for what you could do differently next time.
313Your presentation was really great! It was clear you both knew exactly what you were doing and spoke very clearly and with confidence!Keep refining ways to explore your question! Good job!
315Great observations. I liked the chartMight be easiest to talk about your experiment from start to finish
315The student gained a good understanding of how magnetic fields worked and charted the testing well. Photos helped support the explanation.
317Fun real world example! I liked that the student involved their family. Good understanding of the scientific method required.
318Well designed and presented,
318Great topic and such interesting results. Well done. It would be interesting to see a control of just washing with hot water only.
318You looked marvelous!
320Poster board and resultsTalk a little more about your idea
320Oral presentation was great! Great eye contact!
321Entirely student designed and completed, great job not relying on parents to do
It for you
More info on results
321I love that you hand wrote the board yourselfPut your name on the board. You should be proud if this project.
401Wow! What an impressive project! You research and the multiple experiments with controlled variables really helped support your conclusion. Your poster was great and informative. Wonderful job!
401Well researched and important topic, wonderfully presented! I think this is an ambitious project with multiple variables and difficult to measure results, great benchwork on a topic that matters! Good effort understanding percentages in results, you will love 6 th grade math!Is there a more simple way to report amount of oil absorbed? It must be a hard thing to measure, good job!
405Nice poster, great observationsNothing! Good project
405Presenter was genuinely engaged in subject matter. Good hands on way of conducting scientific experiment and method. Thorough research.Better controls: use video to capture true bounce height. Data should show units.
407Great graphsGood oral presentation, but more practice will make it even better
407Nice charts and pictures!
407Topic was interesting to students. Experimental procedures were all able to be done by students. Good data presentation.Better reasoning behind hypothesis. Explain what can be drawn from findings.
408Good experiment! Awesome presentation!Nothing that I can think of.
408The scientific method was demonstrated well.I thought they were spot on. Perhaps some density calculations would have enhanced the project.
414Overall idea and conceptLess parent involvement
414Cool experimental setup! You did a great job explaining your experiment and what the circadian rhythm is. I like that you thought about how these results could help feed people!!It would be interesting to see this replicated with four more bulbs to make sure the results were due to light and not differences in bulb vigor.
416Asked a good question and answered it. Captured the data. Needs to do research. Why does leaving it on drain the battery? Think about other modes to test with: Airplane mode, wifi on/off, Bluetooth on/off, etc. Fun project, think about how to expand.
416Unique research topic Your presentation was great.Would love to see a test on power saving on different devices.
417The question was clear and hypothesis explained. Student had a good understanding of the project.Some misspelled words.
417Fun project! Do more research and detailed experiment
418Loved that you demonstrated the project and that you made the rockets yourself Poster organization
419Great research. I liked learning all the facts about readingNext time, you might want to consider incorporating an experiment about people’s reading skills
419What a fabulous topic. I was impressed how much research you did about the importance of reading. Wow! I loved how passionate you both are about reading and your understanding for how important and fun it is - reading makes your heart happy, the best. Would love to see reading scores at oakridge and even maybe the different grades.
420Fun project !!!
420Great work! Loved the way you documented your data and conscidered so many variables:)! Appreciated that you came up with the idea yourself, and developed the testing methods.Would love to hear your thoughts related to possible applications, related to your findings, regarding future inventions and/or crossover to other areas of science/environment.
501Very good questions and i can tell you did a lot of research Would focus on answering just one or two questions next time but very interesting
502High level of engagement and interest. Impressive amount of preparation and excellent experimental procedure.Additional info on the poster: dates, types of bacteria, etc.. Ask a question with a less expected outcome.
502Did a really good job describing their study and what they learned from doing the experiment. Poster was well organized.
502What an interesting experiment! What a cool thing to explore! It was a relief to discover the school cafeteria was clean. Great work getting an expert to help you do the work. You are awesome. Wow!
502Good project! I liked the log book they have maintained! Good job overall!It could have been even better if they tried vinegar or other natural solutions in addition to Clorox wipes as disinfectant. Thanks!
502Great idea to test the effecacy of the Clorox wipes! Appreciate your use of an accredited lab, the hypotheses you shared with me regarding possible improvements, and your wide variety of items, swabbed!!! Awesome job!!Would love to know what was surviving, specifically. How the surviving microbes matched up against the claims made by the manufacturer (Clorox) of the antibacterial wipes you tested, for killing the bugs:).
504Your research was fabulous. I was so surprised at your findings about the readings inside. Your board was done well with all the information presented. I loved your microscope results displayed.Would love to see what the air quality test would be in the mountains at very high elevations.
504I Liked how you tested both inside and outside the places you spend time.
504Loved that you want to use this data to make change! Great eye contact!
506A lot of Style and pride in their project
506I liked that you picked a topic that was practical for your life and you found interesting. I also liked that you both encouraged each other and gave a high other a chance to talk.
506Great command of hair products!
508Great experiment. I was surprised by the results. You both did a great job presenting your project.Would love to see what temperature produces the most power.
508Testing the hypothesisMaybe a little more research. Overall really good though.
509Clarity and design of project
509You were awesome!
510This student did very hard work with studying and experimenting with brain science! Very well done and presented, student had excellent understanding of brain imaging and biologics of lie detection.So much great data, consider presenting in a graph.