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1Talk to StrangersIntroduce yourself to a stranger and ask them to be in a selfie with you.10photoInstagram
2Instant MakeoverApply makeup while jumping on a trampoline.15photo or up to 10 seconds of videoInstagram
3Flip-o-RamaCreate a flip-book animation using the corner of a book.20up to 15 seconds of videoFacebook
4Good Luck With ThatMake a wearable good-luck charm (no animal feet allowed!) and give it to a stranger.20photoFacebook
5Halloween in AugustShow us your best watermelon jack-o-lantern!20photoInstagram
6PunningMake a visual pun (think handbag made of hands...)20photoFacebook
7That's So CorvallisPost a picture (without a caption) of something it takes a Corvallis local to know about.20photoFacebook
8The Rainbow ConnectionMake a rainbow from everyday objects. They can all be the same item (like book spines) or a collection of random things.20photoInstagram
9A Man For All SeasonsPersonify the title of your favorite movie.25photoInstagram
10Always Read the PlaqueKeep an eye out for a plaque that you haven't read before. Make a rubbing of it (don't damage the plaque). Post a photo of your rubbing along with the location of the original plaque.25photoInstagram
11And The Winner Is ...Make a unique trophy and award it to someone. Post the video of the award ceremony, including your presentation speech. 25up to 30 seconds of videoTwitter
12Freddie'sGo to Fred Meyer and put together the perfect 4 items for a Fred Meyer receipt. You do not need to purchase the items - just post a picture of them in your cart.25photoFacebook
13PoemingMake a dozen copies of a poem you love. Give them out to strangers. Post your poem.25photoFacebook
14ShouldaGive us 10 well thought out items for Summer Games 2019. Post a photo of your list.25photoInstagram
15The ChickenAnswer that age-old question, "Why did the chicken cross the road?"25photo or up to 15 seconds of viceoInstagram
16CanningExperiment with pickling or jam-making. Post a picture of a teanmmate tasting your delicacy.30Twitter
17DisguisedMake a disguise for yourself, a friend, a pet, or an object. See if you can fool anyone with it.30photoFacebook
18Flower DeliveryHand a bouquet of flowers to a person entering/leaving a house of worship that is not your religion, and introduce yourself. 30photoInstagram
19GhostsWrite a ten-word ghost story and bring it to life.30photo or up to 15 seconds of videoInstagram
20H2OWork underwater. Fill up a large bowl, vase, or old fish tank with water and create something inside of it.30photo or up to 15 seconds of videoTwitter
21Half and HalfTake two things that don't usually go together and find a way to make half of one and half of the other fit together into one new thing.30photoFacebook
22Hope FloatsCreate something that floats on water. (It doesn't have to be a boat.) Document it in action.30up to a 15 second videoFacebook
23Love Is...Write a ten-word love story, and bring it to life.30photo or up to 15 seconds of videoTwitter
24ManicurePaint someone's fingernails with a unique design.30photoTwitter
25PictionaryCreate a visual definition for a word chosen randomly from a dictionary. If you know the word, choose another one.30photoTwitter
26Sci-FiWrite a ten-word science fiction story and bring it to life.30photo or up to15 seconds of videoTwitter
27ShadowsMake an object that casts a shadow. Post only the shadow and ask your friends to identify the object.30photoInstagram
28SushiFimo art, but with sushi.30photoInstagram
29The Icing on the CakeOn a cake, write something in icing that you've always wanted to tell someone, and deliver it to them.30photoFacebook
30HamstersWhat is the best animal to make the size of a hamster? Prove it.35photo or up to 15 second videoInstagram
31Summer Games PRCreate a Summer Games ad (still photo or video) that nobody can resist. 35photo or up to 30 second videoFacebook
32We Get LettersEveryone on your team - write a letter to someone who’d love to get mail from you. Post a picture of your letters.35photoTwitter
33You RockHand paint at least ten small rocks with kind messages and leave them in spots where people need them. Write "Pass it on" on the underside. Post a picture of one of your rocks doing its job.35photoInstagram
34Band CampPlay a few bars of a well-known tune on a working musical instrument of your own invention.40up to 15 seconds of videoFacebook
35Book ArtTransform an old hardback book into something new by cutting, folding, gluing, etc. Post a photo of your creation.40photoInstagram
36Fly a KiteMake a homemade kite with a child and take a picture of your kite in flight.40photo or up to 15 seconds of videoFacebook
37MuralDesign a mural for a Corvallis wall/building that can use some love. Post a drawing of your design.40photoTwitter
38RecessOrganize a group to play a game you loved from elementary school recess (Kickball? Wallball? Jumprope?).40photoInstagram
39Team PicturePersonify or embody your team name. Everyone on your team must be part of the picture.40photoFacebook
40Think BigCreate a large version of something that would normally be much smaller.40photoTwitter
41WelcomeCreate a hand drawn map of your Corvallis and give it to someone staying at a local hotel/motel. Post a photo of the recipient showing the map.40photoFacebook
42Building BridgesCreate a bridge. Connect two things in a creative way.45photo or up to 15 seconds of videoFacebook
43Chime InMake wind chimes out of your choice of materials. Take video of them in action.45up to 15 seconds of videoTwitter
44Finding BalanceCreate something at least 12 inches tall that's perfectly balanced on a small point, and document it coming apart when it becomes off-balance.45up to 15 seconds of videoTwitter
45Freeze FramePost a picture from a superhero dance party.45photoFacebook
46Mad LibCreate a Corvallis Mad-Lib and have someone else fill it in. Act out or illustrate the result.45photo or up to 30 seconds of videoInstagram
47Newbery Start with an illustrated page from a children's book. Your picture should include the original and your reenactment of that illustration in three dimensions.45photoTwitter
48Paper DollsMake a repeating image by folding paper and cutting out the shape of an opbject or an abstract pattern. Record yourself demonstrating your technique along with the result.45up to 30 seconds of videoFacebook
49Psychic Greeting CardOn the same day, you and a friend in another part of the world will try to buy each other the same greeting card. Take a picture of the card you send and the card you receive. 45photoTwitter
5052 PickupUse a deck of cards to make something, or design an original deck of cards.50photo or up to 15 seconds of videoInstagram
51A Full DeckWhat's the card game you've always wanted to learn how to play? Canasta? Bridge? 7 Card Stud? Get someone to teach you. Bonus points if that person is 65+. Post a picture of you and your tutor in action (but not if your game includes nudity).50photoFacebook
52Balloon MazeCreate a balloon maze of at least 10 yards. The balloon can only be touched by moving air, and cannot land on any surface. Record in timelapse.50up to 15 seconds of videoTwitter
53Bron-Y-Aur StompWrite a short love song about a pet (yours or someone else's). Perform it for friends or in public.50up to 30 seconds of videoFacebook
54CamouflageCreate an outfit that allows you to blend into one of the murals downtown.75photoTwitter
55Over the EdgeExtend an existing photograph or painting beyond its current edges, using any medium.50photoInstagram
56The Winter GamesThere's something you love to do outdoors in the winter. Do it now.50photo or up to 30 seconds of videoFacebook
57You Say It's Your BirthdayCreate a new birthday song or tradition, then try it out on someone's actual birthday (during the nine days of the Summer Games).50photo or up to 15 seconds of videoTwitter
58Busy WorldIn our busy world, people sometimes forget to slow down and see the beauty around them. Using time lapse, record a teammate performing a task extremely slowly while everyone around them carries on at normal speed. 75up to 15 seconds of videoInstagram
59Collect YourselfFind someone who collects something, and interview them about their collection. Post a video including you asking a question, their answer, and a clear shot of their collection.55up to 30 second videoFacebook
60Egg DropMake a structure (under 12' in every direction) to protect an egg from a long fall. Test it by dropping the structure (and egg) from a second-story window.55up to 15 seconds of videoFacebook
61Good WordsWho in Corvallis is doing a great job without a lot of gratitude? Write a letter of appreciation about that person and submit it to the GT or the Advocate. Post a photo of your letter.55photoInstagram
62HolidayDeclare today to be a new holiday and create a decoration, food item, and card to go along with it. Bonus - get a few friends to celebrate it with you.70photo or up to 15 seconds of videoTwitter
63Knock KnockIn your neighborhood, knock on doors until you have conversations with 10 of your neighbors. During your conversations, find out how they ended up in your town. Record a recap of what you find out.55up to 30 second videoFacebook
64Mad MenWrite an advertising jingle for Corvallis, along with a commercial to go with it.55up to 30 seconds of videoTwitter
65The Sixth BeatleMeet a new person around town (nobody on your team can know them) and make them an unofficial member of your team. Take a picture of your new teammate helping with an event.55photoInstagram
66You're GroundedTell your parents about something you did as a child that they still don't know about. Capture their reaction.55up to 30 second videoInstagram
67Candyland?Work with a child to create a simple board game, and make a video explaining how it is played.60up to 30 seconds of videoInstagram
68Come On DownFilm the pilot of an Oregon-themed game show.60up to 30 seconds of videoTwitter
69Dewey DecimalThe Dewey Decimal system separates fact from fiction, politics from science fiction. Be a matchmaker and take a photo of the spines of at least 6 books, the title of which create a great oxymoranic sentence or phrase. If you do this in the library or a bookstore, please put the books back where they belong!. 60photoInstagram
70Get on the BusGo to the nearest bus stop, catch a ride (it's fareless!), and ride until you're back to where you started. Post a selfie of you on the bus.60photoTwitter
71GlobieFlip through an almanac or spin a globe and put your finger on a random location. Research the place and make something (food/art/?) inspired by it.60photoFacebook
72MobileMake a functioning mobile. It can be tiny or gigantic, in a public place (with permission!) or in a private room. Show it in action.60up to 15 seconds of videoInstagram
73Special DeliveryMake an epic delivery of baked goods to a group of public service folks.60photoInstagram
74Toy StoryWhat do toys do while you're sleeping?
Share some secret footage.
60photo or up to 30 seconds of videoInstagram
75UniformsCreate a uniform for a job that normally doesn't have one. Post a photo of someone modeling it.60photoFacebook
76FlagWatch Roman Mars' TED talk about good (and bad) flag design. Using his principles, design a flag for Corvallis. Post a photo of your actual-size prototype.65photoInstagram
77Master of PuppetsEach team member should make a puppet (out of a sock, a paper bag, cardboard and a popsicle stick...). The team should then create a performance using all 5 puppets (and more?).65up to 30 seconds of videoInstagram
78MonumentalMake a monument to an important person, event, pet, or place in your life. Included in your photo should be the monument and the plaque you would install next to it. 70photoFacebook
79MultitaskingSometimes it seems like your boss/mom/dad/teacher expects you to be in more than one place at one time. Using the panoramic feature on a camera, insert yourself into the picture at least 3 times in different positions/wardrobes as you multitask. No Photoshop! (Hint: You have to run around the person taking the picture each time they pass you in the frame.)70photoTwitter
80Rube GoldbergCreate a Rube Goldberg machine to automate a self-care process (Need inspiration? Watch the opening sequence of Pee Wee's Big Adventure). Share video of your machine in action.75up to 30 second videoFacebook
81Street ConcertYour team forms a quintet (get creative with instruments) and performs one song at a park.70up to 30 second videoFacebook
82Team MascotOn day 1 of the Summer Games, choose a mascot for your team. For the rest of the Games, take pictures of your mascot helping your team with as many eventsas possible. Compile those images into a short video describing your mascot's experiences.70up to 30 seconds of videoTwitter
83The Corvallis ShowInterview the oldest person you can find... or interview a kid. The interview needs to take place on your new talk show. Give us a clip.70up to 30 second videoFacebook
84The Real Housewives of Corvallis?Film a 30 second trailer for a new Corvallis reality TV show.70up to 30 second videoTwitter
85What's Cooking?Ask someone who immigrated to the United States to give you a recipe for something from their country of origin that you have never tasted. Prepare the food and take it back to them for a taste-test. Post a photo of you and your cooking mentor with the dish you prepared.75photoTwitter
863 Ingredient ChallengeChoose 3 words at random. Use those words to create a story for a short film (you don't need to actually make the film). Share a preview of the film, complete with dramatic narration.75up to 30 seconds of videoTwitter
87Adopt-a-StopSpruce up a bus stop near you. Post before and after shots.75photosTwitter
88DIY Booth LoveVisit another team’s stand/booth. Use social media to help them attract more customers.75photoInstagram
89Follower?Be a guest on a local YouTube channel or podcast.80up to 30 second videoTwitter
90Life SizeMake a lifesize representation, in any medium, of a large animal (species selected by the youngest member of your team).80photoInstagram
91Mini-Miniature GolfMake a unique miniature golf hole in your home or outside and get some friends to try it out. 90up to 15 seconds of videoFacebook
92Pinata Party!Make a pinata, fill it with something awesome, and invite your neighbors over for a pinata party.90photoInstagram
93Shoulda CouldaComplete one of the more challenging items on your Shoulda list.90photo or up to 30 second videoTwitter
94Doo DahPut together an unusual marching troupe and throw a mini-parade. Google the "Doo Dah Parade" for inspiration.95up to 30 seconds of videoTwitter
95Skywriting for the 21st CenturyWhile using a GPS tracking app, walk, jog, run, cycle, as you spell out a message of peace, love, and/or understanding. Post a screenshot of your message.95imageTwitter
96CakewalkOrganize a cakewalk/dance party in your neighborhood or at work.100photo or up to 15 seconds of videoFacebook
97DIY BoothKids sell lemonade for 25 cents in lemonade stands. Lucy from Peanuts sold advice for 5 cents. How about you? Put together a stand/booth selling something you have to offer for $1 or less. Stay open for at least an hour. Use social media to let your customers know you exist.100photoFacebook
986:00 PMRecruit a partner who lives in another part of the world. On each day of the Games, you and your partner will each take a picture at 6:00pm (set an alarm to remind you!). On the last day, create a video showing your pairs of images. Be sure to give credit to youe partner and include the locations of your pictures.100up to 30 seconds of videoTwitter
99Time CapsulePut together a collection of modern day relics and tash it somewhere so that when it's found in 100 years the people of 2118 they'll find out what life was like in 2018. 100photoTwitter
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