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Time Worked ThereYour EmailNotesSALARY EARNED2222222222222222222222222222
Adobe / BehanceAmy ChenSummer 2015Tweet me: @theAmyDanceThe work culture at Behance is great. They make you sure you don't get burned out & encourage you to ask questions. Definitely ask me who you should talk to while at your internship to get the most out of it. There was a lot of freedom in the internship to work on projects you were interested in. Tweet me. Internship: $34/hr
AmazonBig1Lindsey Crocker, Bilal Quadri, Charles Marino, Jon Shao, Pawel Szczurko, Abhijit Shanbhag, Kirsten RaufferSummer 2012, Summer 2013, Aug 2013 to Present, Aug 2014 to Present, Summer 2015, Summer 2015, Summer 2016jm1271 [at] gmail [dot] com,,,,,,, kirstenrauffer@gmail.comYour experience at Amazon is entirely dependant on the team you work for. Each team can feel like its own company$90k start with $10k relocation, $20k sign-on bonus, and an additional $17k in the second year. Also, $53k in stocks distributed over 4 years.

Interns in 2013 made $6000 a month with either a $2000 housing stipend a month or corporate housing that cost $500 a month (Lindsey: Corporate housing was awesome). If you intern in California (2014), the pay was 7200 +3500 a month. (Charles: Live in SF, not corporate housing)

Masters: $100K base for fulltime
Masters: $6500 + $2500(housing) per month for internship Bachelor's 2016: $90k start with $10k relocation, $22k sign-on bonus, $20k bonus for the second year. $53k stock
Offer upgraded for summer 2016 interns to 103k salary 26k bonus year 1+2 65k RSU vesting over 4 years (Seattle)
AppleBigSoftware dev internElana BraffSummer 2013ebraff@gmail.comInternship:
Bachelors: $34/hr + housing

Full time:
Bachelors: $95k base
Masters: $115k base for an EE major doing hardware
I don't know what the stock/bonus/etc was on the offers
AppleBigSoftware Engineering InternVivek SethSummer 2015vivekseth.m+internship@gmail.comVery secretive (as you probably already know). You won't be able to discuss what you do outside of work. Interns are given a single project which the complete over the course of the summer. Contact me for details. Hourly pay based on graduation year. $3k relocation package. $1k/mo housing stipend or free corporate housing. Contact me for details.
AppNexusSoftware EngineerJohn EsmetJan 2015 - presentjohn.esmet@gmail.comadserving has dope systems problems, chill work env, successful business model. not bad. plus, if you join the real time platform you get a great job and I get a big referral bonushedge fund level salary, but bonus is no where those 100k figures your hedge fund friends get. a very reasonable tradeoff.
~1000, ~200-300 devs?Software EngineerIndraneel PurohitJuly 2015 – presentindraneelpurohit@gmail.comappnexus competes directly with google's online ad business, there's lots of money to be made here and it is, as of august 2015, doing very well in that regard

web: b2b webapp used by all clients
data: hard to find scale like this elsewhere (besides fb/google/nsa)
real time bidder: probably one of the few places where you'd be writing optimized c code if that's your thing

overall: very well run company, if a little boring on the product side (nobody dreams about adtech)
Bachelors: 100k
Bank of America Merrill Lynch275kProject ManagerRushi AminMarch 2013 - Global Markets group works mainly with Quartz.
- GWIM(Legacy Merrill) is mostly microsoft technology but there are opportunities to work on iOS and android. Top tech shop if you want to work in tech related to wealth management business. However, you need to stay away from financial firms if your goal is to stay in tech for long term.
Bachlors: 71k + 10 signing bonus (2012)
Masters: 87K + 15 signing bonus (2012)

Bachlors: 85K + 10 bonus (2016)
Master: 105K + 15 bonus (2016)
Bloomberg LPSoftware R&D internAbhijit ShanbhagSpring 2016abhijit.shanbhag@rutgers.eduMasters: 40$/hr + 5100$ housing
Brown Brothers HarrimanSystems InternBrianna NemaSummer Bank that is a bit smaller then its competitors (GoldmenS/JPMorgan) Bachelors - Internship - 20/hr (2016)
ChallengePost<30Software EngineeerDan MundySummer 2014-presentdrmmundy@me.comVery cool place to work. Lots of opportunities to learn new things, very talented team, relaxed working atmosphere, strong processes, tons of free food, opportunity to make a huge impact on the hacker community.
Conductor~110, ~30 devs
SDE InternWayne Chang
Summer 2013wayne@neverfear.orgMon
Coursera~200, ~40 engSWE InternRevan SopherSummer 2015rsopher@gmail.comFun place, manages to balance mission with work/life balance. Catered lunch and dinner daily, well stocked fridges. Scala backend (learn on the job!), ReactJS front. Really smart team. Part of KPCB Fellow program.$8k/month
Crowtap<30Software EngineerSwiftAugust 2012 - May 2013theycallmeswift@gmail.comBest rails shop you could ever ask for. Lots of pair programming, code reviews are fun, solid TDD foundation, smart senior people to mentor you. Also, they have some cool open source projects$70k
Defence R&D Canada~6000 employeesSoftware Developer (Information Fusion Research)Mark FarrellMay 2014 - August 2014m4farrel@csclub.uwaterloo.ca13.68 CAD/HOUR (open research vs corporate environment)
Ernst and YoungTech Consulting InternTech consulting internAshni MehtaSummer 2015ashnimehta@gmail.comYoung company! Worked on the financial side, but it was cool doing tech within that. Company culture is great - people are fun and mentorship definitely happens. Little opportunity to write code, but they're really open & transparent about that during the hiring process.
FundersClub12Software EngineerAndrew JaegerCurrent (Summer 2013+)mrjaeger00@gmail.comBaller engineering team, very cool if you want to learn more about startups in general. Awesome perks.$100k, $10k signing bonus
GoogleBigSite Reliability EngineerJarek SedlacekInternship Summer 2012, Full-time Summer 2013 - PresentJarekSedlacek@gmail.comPerks off the chart (seriously, way many to be able to list here. That isn't the interesting stuff though). Incredible internal tooling, insanely smart co-workers. Strong emphasis on code reviews, {unit,systems,integration} tests, and reliability. You will learn a LOT, very fast. Very flexible in what you work on. (I'm sure everyone has heard of 20% time). Hours are totally up to you, as long as you get your shit done, no one cares when you are in (or where you are working from). The best thing to me is the problems Google faces are ones most companies don't run into, since so few things run at Google scale. Teams are very small, management structure is very flat (promotions and such are decided by your peers, not your manager). Honestly, my dream 2013: $100k/year, 250 units of stock, relocation bonus depends on distance moved for new-hire full-time. Internship in 2012 was housing + $80k/year (so $1,538.46 per week, + very nice apartment in SF)
Software EngineerBilly LynchInternship Summer 2013, Full-time Summer 2014 -
Software Engineer, Tools and InfrastructureRevan SopherFull-time Summer 2016 -$110k/year, 250 stock, $7.5k relo to CA, $15k signing
iCIMS~500Software Developer InternVarun ShahSummer 2014, Fall 2014, & Summer 2015thevarunshah@gmail.comFast growing company; friendly people; get your own internship project; there's a mentor system but you can ask anyone for help! Absolutely loved my time here as an intern! Email me if you have specific questions! :)
IEEE~5000Application Developer InternSaad QuadriSummer 2015, Fall 2015saad@saadquadri.comGreat place to intern if you are interested in full-stack web development in an Agile environment. Friendly work atmosphere with a ton of smart people. They made sure I worked on a project that interested me. The pay was a bit lacking, but it was worth it for the experienceInternship: $16/hr
IQTELL< 20Software DeveloperEytan Biala2011 - August 2015eytanbiala@gmail.comGrowing fast. Good salary, excellent working environment - you will learn a great deal very quickly.
JPMorgan260,000 worldwide, 44,000 in techApplication Developer, Tech Analyst Intern (Application Developer)Kenny Liau, Chalmers Brown, Dean RexinesSummer 2012 & Present, Summer 2013, Summer,, deanrex17@gmail.comIf you are interested in financial world, this is the best place to be in.75k,
~$32/hr + $1.5k sign-on for interns
JW PlayerSoftware Engineer, PlayerMobile Development InternJohn BartosMay 2016-jbartos@jwplayer.comAwesome company going places :^) stable company with startup culture, "hiring is our most important job". the CEO is good at ping pong. My code is run 17+ billion times per week - on a team of 10, I have a huge impact. Everyone is really good at their job
Khan Academy100 (growing rapidly)Vivek SethSummer 2014vivekseth.m+internship@gmail.comI was on the Mobile team. While I was there it was just iOS, but Android team should be coming soon. Interns are given just about the same responsibilty as full time engineers. Almost all work I did was pushed to production. Overall a very talented team. Tons of fun interns event through out the summer. 5k salary + 1k housing stipend
L&T InfotechHuman Resources InternAditi RameshTime Worked Thereaditiresumes@gmail.comDId mostly Immigration work, auditing and some recruiting. Stipend (Contracted for 3 months period at a time) Depends on hours worked.
LinkedIn12,000+ I think, part of Microsoft but pretty seperate at the same timeSoftware Engineer: UI + FrontendKirsten Rauffer
January 2018 - presentkrauffer@linkedin.comWorking on LinkedIn Learning, really love it. Not too corporate like Microsoft, lots of room for impact and a super open culture. They take good care too with perks - just took the org skiing at Tahoe for a weekend paid for. Let me know if you're interested!$145,000/year + $160,000 stocks + extras like $2,000 for massages
MicrosoftBigSoftware Development Engineer
Software Dev Intern, Software Engineer
Kirsten Rauffer
V,David L Patrzeba
June 2016 - January 2018
June 2015
Working in the Copenhagen office as a full-time employee. Everyone speaks English in the office, and it is a super international office and an awesome company to work for. The work life balance is really really good, with work days being an average of 7 hours long. Overall a really healthy environment both mentally and physically. We get delicious cake every Thursday too which is pretty cool.

Worked on Windows Azure. They have what I think is the single best tech internship program. Microsoft Internships are like summer camp, except they pay you lots of money, give you a rental car, put you in Seattle, and give you a lot of free shit. It's also cool to intern for Microsoft if you think of yourself as someone that wouldn't traditionally work there.
(Copenhagen) 510,000 DKK salary, 80,000 DKK relocation
MongoDB100 when i was there, 450 as of August 2014
Software Dev Intern, Software Engineering Intern

Kaushal Parikh, Kyle Suarez

Summer 2014
Awesome company, solid team. I had my own side project and didn't feel quite like I was working on stuff the rest of the company was working on.

Amazing work environment. Great mentors and great team (Drivers). Very cool project:

12k salaray for 10 weeks, 15k salary for 10 weeks
Nextdoor~60Software engineering internSam Agnew, Pawel SzczurkoSummer 2013, Summer 2014rWorked on the news feed infrastructure team. Nextdoor does mostly everything in Python(lots of Django dev), and are located in downtown San Francisco $6000/month as an intern
Nomura Software DeveloperRushi AminMarch 2013rushamin@gmail.comDid not work here but had an offer65K + 10 signing bonus
Noom30Software engineering internRevan SopherSummer 2014rsopher@gmail.comAndroid and iOS weight-loss apps, Java server, Python internal tools. Work alongside fulltimers, great environment, all documents transparent. Make your own hours. Company chef serves buffet lunch every day.$7000/month as an intern. Optional housing for $1500 out of salary (pretax).
OpenTable350+, 80ish engineersData Science InternJeremy TingSummer 2013jting0193@gmail.comLooking for rails developers and data scientists$29/hr
Perka7 Developers, 35 totaliOS, Android, and Backend Java developer (all the hats!)Jeremy SchiffApril 2013 - presentjschiff90@gmail.comAcquired 6 mos after I signed on. by First DataStarted at 70k in 2013
Got 30K from equity during acquisition.
140k salary + 20k bonus as of Jan. 2016
S&P Capital IQBigSoftware Engineer (intern)Nikolay FeldmanSummer 2014niko@niko.rocksDecent place to work. I didn't really feel an urgency in any of the code that I wrote and it's very slow paced in my opinion. I worked in the backend with C# using the ASP.NET MVC 4 framework and SQL Server, however there are other teams that use Java and js.$28/hr, 40 hours a week as intern, offered FT at $70k+$10k signing bonus
SecondMarket150 approximagely 20-30 developersSoftware Dev InternKaushal ParikhSummer 2013kaushalp88@gmail.comMost of the work is done in java/scala. Not the sexiest stack, but the team was a lot of fun to work with.
SendGrid250Developer EvangelistEddie ZaneskiJune 2013 to
Tesla1000+ engineers and devsFirmware Engineer InternShreyas JaganmohanSummer 2015shreyas.jaganmohan@gmail.com28/hr, 50+ hours/week, 3k housing stipend
Tumblr200Software Engineering InternJeremy TingSummer 2014jting0193@gmail.com41 an hour + 4500 housing stipend
Twilio300 total, ~100 devs maybe?Software Engineering InternJosh MatthewsSummer 2014josh@jmatthews.usLiked my team and manager, the company culture seemed to have a bit too much "we are so awesome" flavor of coolaid for my taste. There was also a weird disconnect between engineers wanting to fix broken tech debt and upper management plowing forward with new stuff. Cool internship, not sure if I would go back full time.$35/hr + provided housing in 4 person / 2 bedroom apartments that were pretty nice. I understand they may not provide housing or just give a stipend in the future.
Twilio~450-500 in August 2015Developer EvangelistSam AgnewSummer 2015-sagnew@twilio.comThis is the coolest job I've ever had.$115,000
TwitchTV100Software Dev InternVaibhav VermaSummer 2013vaibhav2614@gmail.comIt's baller if you love esports, and want to push lots of production code during an internship.5.5k salary + 1k housing per month as an intern

105k full time starting salary
Uber~300 People ~100 Dev'sSoftware Dev InternKaushal ParikhSummer 20146.5k + $400 in uber credits per month
WINLAB40InternRevan SopherSummer 2013rsopher@gmail.comRutgers wireless tech research lab off of Cook, shares faculty with ECE department. More of a sponsorship than an internship: given choice of project, hours not enforced, no one cares.$10/hr, 20 hr/week
Yahoo12k (~6k in Sunnyvale HQtest)Software Engineer,
Software Engineer (Intern)
Jerry Reptak, Indraneel PurohitSummer 2013 - Summer 2014, Summer, indraneelpurohit@gmail.comInternship - Join a small team, get assigned your own project. 1 on 1 mentorship. While working on your own project also work with team to push their feature to product. Fulltime - Small teams, quick release cycles, feels like a startup. Company is turning around, new codebases.

Summer '14: you can feel a turnaround happening, Marissa is a dope leader, mobile is booming and much younger than rest of company, not as big of an emphasis on code quality as you might find at Google or Facebook. Some teams have more boring work than others but things are moving fast in pretty much every dept. If Marissa stays CEO, this will remain a good place for engineers—she's really doing her best to Googleify it. 3 meals/day + micro kitchens on every floor. Lots of cool events, talks and intern stuff
105k full time + 10k signing + 2k relo

$32-38/hour as intern + corp housing or $4500/summer stipend
Yelp!1000+ total, about 200 in Engineering Jonathan Maltz
Tum Chaturapruek
Summer 2013jm1271 [at] gmail [dot] com

tummykung [at]
Jon: I worked on the mobile team and pretty much every major feature we shipped over the summer on Android was written by interns, so if you're looking to become a badass mobile developer, definitely apply. People on other teams also seemed to be enjoying themselves, I just can't speak first hand to that.

Tum: I worked on the search data team and really really enjoyed my experience here. People were very nice and super smart. I got to work on a cool project too (business matching for various partners' data merging and for data deduplication). My mentor knew tons, and I learned from working at Yelp more than what I learned in many classes combined! A 5 star internship!
7000/month (6k salary + 1k housing) as an intern

103k starting salary + 20k signing bonus
YouNow15~Software EngineerCarlos GilSummer
MailChimp400-500Infrastructure and Ops EngineeringDavid AwadSummer 2015contact@davidawad.comAmazing company, amazing culture, I've never seen anything better than this place. They do so much for their employees, so much free stuff, free food, and a willingness to really invest in anything that could matter to an employee. 25/hour + 1k housing stipend each month
Goldman Sachs30,000 (10,000 are in the tech department)Software DeveloperRenish MattaSummer 2015renish.matta@rutgers.eduEveryone is very friendly and nice. They have a flat stucture so you can talk to anyone by setting up a meeting with them. There are projects using various technology stacks so there will most probably be a project you're interested in. They are slowing becoming more open source(GS Collections, Symphony, etc...). Your experience also depends on your team. The company has a really good mobility system. Some negatives would be no free food and not really a tech company (though they claim they are). The culture of the company is for the most part chill (flexible hours as long as you get your work done) but you won't get the hacky/techy culture if your team isn't like that.Summer Salary: 75k/annum rate for sophmores becoming juniors, 85k/annum rate for juniors becoming seniors Full Time: Bachelors: 85k base salary + other stuff like reallocation (becomes ~100k)
Goldman SachsSame ^^Technology AnalystApoorv VermaSummer 2015avdaredevil@gmail.comVery Flat organization, super approachable people, awesome culture. Big push towards the MEAN stack. They have managed to imbibe the top practices and technologies as other top tech companies. NY office had more events. Negatives: Some teams are [all work, no talk, dress code, long hours]. I did not have thatSame ^^
Engineering Practicum (Freshman/Sophomore Internship): Google Play Store
Bruno J. LucarelliMay 2015-August 2015
I really loved the team I was placed on (Google Play Store), and I was given a very large-scale project that my project technical lead host wanted to work on himself but didn't have the time for. I got to do analysis, experimentation, some software development, and basically project development and management right after my first year of college! You really need to take initiative and be willing to ask questions, though, or else you'll get lost. It's really worth the time you invest in asking LOTS of questions of your coworkers (I mean LOTS), rather than lollygagging and getting nothing done. Nobody expects you to know anything or everything going in since there's so much to learn, so you need to know that everyone loves to help at Google and that people really do mean well. Don't be scared to cooperate or ask for help, and remember that it's not a competition. Your time is worth a lot to them and they want to make sure that you get the most out of your experience. :) As of recent, interns are obligated by contract to not disclose salary figures from our internships at Google (despite the fact that people have done so, I'm not going to be that person or verify the validity of others' figures). We do, however, receive a very generous relocation bonus in addition to our hourly pay. I mean a VERY generous relocation bonus from which we can keep funds we don't use for our housing, in addition to a really good hourly pay. Seriously, at what point do we stop complaining about what we're earning and just say "whoah, that's a lot of money!"? Also, be sure to file for a tax return and make sure that paperwork goes through. This applies for any internship where you make a very high yearly "salary" but only earn it for 3 months. You'll get taxed like crazy, and then will get a crazy tax return later on when the federal government realizes you've basically made a cumulative salary approaching the poverty line for the year since you only worked for 3 months or so.
Morgan Stanley
60k (10k-15k developers)
Summer Tech Analyst
Jon Walch
Summer 2015, Aug 2016- April 2017
jonwalch@gmail.comEveryone is nice and friendly. Easy to set up one on ones with upper management. Many, many teams have extremely boring and tedious work. Few teams that do really cool stuff, but they do exist. Dress code, some people put in long hours, Decent amount of bureaucracy. You're a second class citizen unless your team happens to make a lot of money for the company. Some roles can be very support like, even though your duties should be that of a developer. (TLDR typical bank)Full time offer for August 2016: 85k +10k signing
Intern Summer 2015: 33.64/hr + 2k housing stipend (10 weeks, will offer to extend if they like you)
Zetetic6 People
Software Dev Intern
Bhargav TaparaSummer 2016brainiacbt@gmail.comGood team. Good experience. They are looking for full time.
Verizon WirelessSoftware Developer
Software Developer
Matt ClawsonJune 2012 - Nov 2014mclawson@gmail.comNot even once. Out of date practices. Terrible release schedules. Underpaid with the expectation that you will work lots of paid overtime including many weekend hours. Experience will vary depending on department. Steer clear of Point of Sale.Starting salary in 2012 was $65k. For a while, VZW was increasing college-hire salaries at the rate of $5k per year, but I'm not sure if that trend continued through 2015. Standard corporate 'performance reviews' netted me a few thousand dollars in bonuses each year and a few extra thousand in raises. When I left after 2.5 years, I was making ~$78k base, ~$105k including overtime. Decent 401K program with 100% match up to 6% of salary - unfortunately, there is a 3 year vesting period for the match with no partial vesting.
Member of Technical Staff I
Shreyas Jaganmohan
Starting June 20th, 2016
Huge company, ~60 devs on floor
SWE AssociateNaeem HossainJan 2016 - Sept 2016
$20/hr, ~40 hrs/week, website says juniors+ only but they didn't care I was a sophomore
Ladder Life~30, ~10 devsSWEJon Walch
May 2017-presentjonwalch@gmail.comBest job I've ever had.
SIG: Susquehanna International Group
600-1000 devs
Software Dev Intern
Derek MacielSummer 2017derek.maciel@rutgers.eduWorked at the company headquarters in the Philadelphia area. Technologies used varies by team; nearly every team uses C#, but some will use C++, and each team has some Python thrown in somewhere. Interns are placed on real projects and are respected by others in the company, I believe my project was hugely important to my team and was not something I would expect other companies to put an intern on. The Lecture Series during work and the Tech Dinners after work you get the chance to learn about the company from all angles. You are also assigned a "Buddy" full-time employee on a different team who takes you to two or three dinners at awesome restaurants over the summer -- our bills were usually more than $300 each time. Exact hours vary by team but it is usually 8-5 for 45 hours per week. Free breakfasts and lunches, can't complain at all. I have a photo album of my summer: Dev Intern (rising Junior): $35/hr base, 150% overtime. Typically rising Seniors were paid $40/hr base for this position.

Housing: free housing at the UPenn apartments. No alternative stipend or anything.

$500 Transportation stipend for gas/Ubers to work and to events.