Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes
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Season and EpisodeSequential Episode NumberTitle (Memory Alpha)CommentsMy VerdictZH GradeWikipedia SynopsisZH ReviewWW Review
1x01, 1x021Encounter at FarpointQuite a good introduction to the characters, even if it's clear that the show is still finding its feet.KeepB-The new starship Enterprise begins her maiden voyage by uncovering the mysteries of an advanced space station. The crew's mission is threatened by an omnipotent being named Q, who puts them (and specifically, Captain Picard) on trial for the crimes of all humanity.,39777/
1x033The Naked NowIgnoreD-A mysterious, communicable contaminant causes the crew to experience symptoms similar to alcohol intoxication.,39963/
1x044Code of HonorTruly awful.IgnoreC-Lt. Yar is abducted by the leader of a people who abide by a strict code of honor, which requires her participation in a fight to the death.,39963/
1x055The Last OutpostIgnoreC-An unknown force immobilizes the Enterprise during the Federation's first encounter with a new alien threat—the Ferengi.,39963/
1x066Where No One Has Gone BeforeThis only just makes the cut for me.KeepB-Warp efficiency tests send the Enterprise traveling far beyond known space, where the crew's imagination takes on real form. First appearance of Eric Menyuk as The Traveler.,40195/
1x077Lonely Among UsUndecidedC-An alien entity possesses Dr. Crusher, Worf, and Picard while the Enterprise is transporting delegates from two feuding planets.,40195/
1x088JusticeEmbarrassingly bad.IgnoreCWesley breaks an idyllic world's trivial law by accidentally stepping on flowers and faces the death sentence.,40195/
1x099The BattleIgnoreC+A Ferengi captain returns the abandoned Stargazer to its former captain, Jean-Luc Picard. Picard, who experiences severe headaches, begins to relive the "Battle of Maxia" in which he lost the ship. Guest star Frank Corsentino as DaiMon Bok.,40421/
1x1010Hide and QA nice idea, but I don't buy it.IgnoreC-Q returns to the Enterprise to tempt Commander Riker into joining the Q Continuum with the lure of Q's powers.,40421/
1x1111HavenIgnoreDLwaxana Troi visits her daughter, Counselor Troi, and prepares her for an arranged marriage.,40421/
1x1212The Big GoodbyeIf you think you can write a pastiche / tribute of Raymond Chandler, you don't understand what makes his writing good. This attempt is really painful.IgnoreB-A computer malfunction traps Picard, Data, and Beverly in a Dixon Hill holodeck program set in early 20th-century Earth.,40656/
1x1313DataloreUndecidedB-The Enterprise crew finds a disassembled android identical to Data at the site of the Omicron Theta colony—where Data was found—which was destroyed by a life form dubbed "the Crystalline Entity." The reassembled android, Lore, brings the Crystalline Entity to the Enterprise.,40656/
1x1414Angel OneIgnoreFThe Enterprise visits a world dominated by women to rescue survivors of a downed freighter.,40656/
1x151511001001The holodeck nonsense makes this quite skippable.IgnoreBBynars upgrade the Enterprise's computers in spacedock. Riker and Picard become distracted by a surprisingly realistic holodeck character.,40903/
1x1616Too Short a SeasonKeepC+The Enterprise transports a legendary geriatric admiral who must once again negotiate a hostage situation involving a man from decades earlier in his career. The admiral is mysteriously growing younger; by the time the Enterprise arrives he is a young man.,40903/
1x1717When The Bough BreaksIgnoreBA planet formerly existing only in legend uncloaks and requests help from the Enterprise. Planet's inhabitants are sterile and want to adopt children from the Enterprise—by force, if necessary.,40903/
1x1818Home SoilKeepB+The crew of the Enterprise discovers a crystalline lifeform with murderous intelligence that has been killing the scientists on a terraforming project.,41154/
1x1919Coming of AgeUndecidedCWhile Wesley takes a Starfleet Academy entrance exam, the senior staff of the Enterprise are placed under investigation by Starfleet.,41154/
1x2020Heart of GloryKeepB+Fugitive Klingons seeking battle attempt to hijack the Enterprise, and ask Worf to join them.,41154/
1x2121The Arsenal of FreedomKeepC+Trapped on the surface of an abandoned planet, an away team becomes unwitting participants in the demonstration of an advanced weapons system.,41394/
1x2222SymbiosisKeepBPicard tries to mediate a trade dispute between two neighboring planets, one of which is the sole supplier of a drug to treat the other's apparently fatal disease.,41394/
1x2323Skin of EvilIgnoreC-An evil, tar-like creature holds Troi hostage on an alien world. During the rescue mission, one of the Enterprise crew is killed.,41394/
1x2424We'll Always Have ParisIgnoreB-Picard meets an old flame, whose husband has been affected by a dimensional experiment accident.,41626/
1x2525ConspiracyBestBThe strange behavior of high-ranking officers—which earlier prompted the investigation of the crew (in "Coming of Age")—leads Picard to uncover a conspiracy within Starfleet.,41626/
1x2626The Neutral ZoneDeeply irritating characters.IgnoreC-A derelict satellite is found containing cryonically frozen humans from the 21st century as the Enterprise is sent to investigate the destruction of outposts near Romulan space.,41626/
2x0127The ChildUndecidedD+Dr. Pulaski joins the Enterprise while La Forge prepares the Enterprise to transport dangerous plague specimens; Deanna spontaneously becomes pregnant and gives birth to a mysterious child.,41741/
2x0228Where Silence Has LeaseKeepBThe Enterprise becomes trapped in a "hole in space", where the crew encounter strange spatial phenomena and crewless ships materialising in and out of existence. The crew suspect they are akin to lab rats.,41741/
2x0329Elementary, Dear DataIgnoreB+After Data easily solves an ordinary Sherlock Holmes holodeck mystery, Geordi asks the computer to make a Holmes villain capable of defeating Data. The resultant Professor Moriarty soon becomes far more powerful than expected.,41741/
2x0430The Outrageous OkonaIgnoreC-The Enterprise is caught up in the schemes of a flamboyant space rogue on the run, while Data explores humor with the help of a holodeck comedian (played by Joe Piscopo).,42004/
2x0531Loud As A WhisperIgnoreB-The Enterprise hosts a deaf, telepathic ambassador who mediates difficult peace negotiations with the assistance of his trio of telepathic interpreters.,42004/
2x0632The Schizoid ManIgnoreC-A brilliant scientist and former mentor of Data's creator, Dr. Ira Graves, cheats death by uploading his memories and personality into the android Data.,42004/
2x0733Unnatural SelectionQuite a good Pulaski episode.KeepC+The Enterprise receives a distress call from the USS Lantree where the crew find all hands dead from, apparently, old age. The cause of the accelerated aging must be found before scientists on a research colony suffer the same fate.,42221/
2x0834A Matter Of HonorKeepA-Riker is assigned to a Klingon vessel via an officer exchange program between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.,42221/
2x0935The Measure Of A ManAnother one that just makes the cut.KeepA-When Data refuses orders to be dismantled for research purposes, a hearing is convened to determine if he is a legal citizen or property of the Federation. Guest stars Amanda McBroom as JAG Philippa Louvois.,42221/
2x1036The DauphinKeepBThe Enterprise hosts a young world leader and her mysterious chaperone. Wesley soon falls in love with the young leader. Guest stars Paddi Edwards as Anya.,42337/
2x1137ContagionKeepB+A dangerous alien computer virus runs rampant through the Enterprise after causing the destruction of her sister ship, the USS Yamato.,42337/
2x1238The RoyaleThere's something embarrassing about this one - there are plot reasons for the hammy acting, but it still makes it awkward to watch.IgnoreBRiker, Worf, and Data investigate a structure on an icy gas giant. Inside, they find a casino reconstructed from a bad Earth novel.,42337/
2x1339Time SquaredBestA-Picard encounters his future self, when the Enterprise becomes caught in a time loop.,42564/
2x1440The Icarus FactorKeepC+Riker's estranged father visits to brief him on the command he has been offered, and Worf's friends discover he is about to miss an important Klingon rite of passage.,42564/
2x1541Pen PalsUndecidedB-Data befriends a child from a doomed planet, breaking the Prime Directive.,42564/
2x1642Q WhoI remember well the excitement of watching this first Borg episode.BestAQ flings the Enterprise 7,000 light years beyond Federation space and introduces the ship and its crew to the deadly Borg.,42852/
2x1743Samaritan SnareIgnoreB-A group of seemingly dimwitted aliens, the Pakleds, kidnap Geordi to make their ship go.,42852/
2x1844Up The Long LadderIgnoreCPicard must find a way to bring two radically incompatible cultures together, lest both of them face extinction.,42852/
2x1945ManhuntIgnoreCDeanna's mother seeks a new husband, and she has her eyes on Picard.,43036/
2x2046The EmissaryKeepB+Worf's former lover comes aboard Enterprise to help deal with a Klingon sleeper ship.,43036/
2x2147Peak PerformanceKeepB+The Enterprise and USS Hathaway face off in simulated combat maneuvers. Data fails to beat a humanoid at a game of Strategema and experiences feelings of self-doubt.,43036/
2x2248Shades Of GrayA completely disposable clip show.IgnoreFRiker is poisoned by an alien plant and, as he lies comatose, he relives various memories of his life serving the Enterprise. (Clip show as a result of the 1988 Writers Guild of America strike.),43316/
3x0149EvolutionKeepBNanites escape Wesley's lab and form a collective intelligence, threatening an astrophysicist's only chance at performing a stellar experiment. Guest star Ken Jenkins as Dr. Paul Stubbs.,43507/
3x0250The Ensigns of CommandIgnoreB+Data must persuade a stubborn colony to evacuate their homeland under threat of a powerful and mysterious race.,43507/
3x0351The SurvivorsA very nice tale with a great ending.BestAThe Enterprise investigates the last two survivors of an annihilated world, as the entire surface has been transformed to dust except their one little garden and house. Guest stars John Anderson and Anne Haney as Kevin and Rishon Uxbridge.,43800/
3x0452Who Watches The WatchersKeepADeanna and Riker must rectify the damage done when two primitives from Mintaka III catch glimpse of a Federation observation team and eventually conclude that Captain Picard is a god.,43800/
3x0553The BondingIgnoreB+A mysterious entity seeks to comfort a boy who has lost his mother in an accident on its planet. Guest star Gabriel Damon as Jeremy Aster.,43932/
3x0654Booby TrapKeepBThe Enterprise falls victim to an ancient booby trap set to snare starships; while in an effort to find an escape, Geordi finds himself falling for the holodeck's representation of a famous Federation engineer. Guest star Susan Gibney as Dr. Leah Brahms.,43932/
3x0755The EnemyUndecidedA-Geordi is trapped on a harsh planet with a hostile Romulan, and the two must work together to survive.,44184/
3x0856The PriceIgnoreB-Troi falls in love with a charismatic negotiator who vies for rights to a wormhole. But several different groups are after the wormhole as it may be the only known stable wormhole in existence. Guest star Dan Shor as Dr. Arridor.,44184/
3x0957The Vengeance FactorKeepBRiker exposes an assassin in the midst of critical peace talks.,44737/
3x1058The DefectorA nice episode that keeps you guessing.KeepADetermined to avert a war, a Romulan officer defects to warn Picard of his Empire's invasion plans.,44737/
3x1159The HuntedGreat fun, with excellent chase sequences.BestAA genetically modified soldier reveals the social problems of a world hoping to join the Federation. Guest star James Cromwell as Prime Minister Nayrok.,44911/
3x1260The High GroundIgnoreB-Dr. Crusher is kidnapped by terrorists who need medical assistance as the technology employed in their attacks is detrimental to their own health.,44911/
3x1361Déjà QKeepB+The Q Continuum strips Q of his powers, and dumps him aboard the Enterprise.,45055/
3x1462A Matter of PerspectiveQuite a good mystery.KeepB-Riker is accused of murder, and the holodeck is used to reconstruct the events from different perspectives.,45055/
3x1563Yesterday's EnterpriseA very enjoyable alternate universe episode.BestAThe Enterprise-C arrives from the past, causing a shift in reality—and the return of the deceased Tasha Yar.,45195/
3x1664The OffspringIgnoreA-Data creates a young gynoid, which he considers his daughter, "Lal". But a Starfleet admiral arrives demanding she be removed from the Enterprise. Guest star Hallie Todd as Lal.,45195/
3x1765Sins of the FatherKeepAWorf goes on trial to prove his father's innocence after the Klingon High Council declares that Worf's father is a traitor, and worked with the Romulans all along.,45696/
3x1866AllegianceKeepBAliens kidnap Picard and replace him with a duplicate, who sends the Enterprise to a pulsar. Meanwhile, the real Picard and three other captives try to escape from their prison.,45696/
3x1967Captain's HolidayUndecidedBPicard is convinced to take some much needed shore leave, but gets wrapped up in a woman's treasure hunt. Guest star Max Grodenchik as Sovak.,45986/
3x2068Tin ManLots to enjoy in this one, particularly the story of the prodigious telepath who has to cope with hearing a flood of other people's thoughts.KeepB+A gifted telepath whom Deanna Troi once treated as a patient comes aboard to establish first contact with an unknown vessel near an unstable star before the Romulans do.,45986/
3x2169Hollow PursuitsUndecidedBLt. Barclay's use of the holodeck as an escape interferes with his duties. Meanwhile, the Enterprise suffers from mysterious and random malfunctions.,46570/
3x2270The Most ToysKeepA-An obsessed collector is determined to add Data to his private collection of unique items. Guest star Saul Rubinek as Kivas Fajo.,46570/
3x2371SarekA very touching story, with great performances.BestAThe Enterprise hosts Ambassador Sarek, but his deteriorating mental health causes unforeseen problems.,46871/
3x2472Ménage à TroiIgnoreBThe Ferengi kidnap Deanna, her mother and Riker.,46871/
3x2573TransfigurationsKeepB-The Enterprise rescues a humanoid with amnesia and incredible healing powers.,47157/
3x2674The Best of Both WorldsKeepAPicard is kidnapped by the Borg, who begin their invasion of Federation space.,47157/
4x0175The Best of Both Worlds, Part IIKeepAPicard is rescued from the Borg as the Enterprise races to save Earth. A great number of Starfleet ships are destroyed by the lone Borg ship, although an away team finally rescues Picard. Data interfaces with the half-Borg Picard and finds a way to shut down the Borg ship. Guest star Elizabeth Dennehy as Starfleet Commander Shelby.,47402/
4x0276FamilyA great Picard episode, a perfect followup to previous two.BestAPicard visits his family in France and Worf's human parents come aboard the Enterprise.,47755/
4x0377BrothersIgnoreB+Data is summoned by his creator Noonien Soong who is still alive, and they are joined by Lore.,47755/
4x0478Suddenly HumanKeepA-Picard must help a human boy, raised by aliens, to decide his fate.,48129/
4x0579Remember Me KeepBAfter an apparent failure of a warp-field experiment, people begin to disappear from the Enterprise with only Dr. Crusher remembering that they ever existed.,48129/
4x0680LegacyI just found I didn't care about the characters in this one.IgnoreBTasha Yar's sister Ishara seeks to restore order on their conflict-ridden colony world.,48377/
4x0781ReunionKeepB+Worf's ex-girlfriend returns, and along with Picard, the two mediate a Klingon power dispute and Worf discovers more family.,48377/
4x0882Future ImperfectKeepA-Riker finds himself sixteen years in the future, his memory of the interim erased by a dormant virus.,48735/
4x0983Final MissionA missed chance – I think this could have been good...IgnoreB+Wesley sets off on his final mission with the Enterprise accompanied by Picard, but they become stranded on a desert planet.,48735/
4x1084The LossIgnoreC+An unknown force captures the Enterprise and causes Deanna to lose her empathic powers.,49072/
4x1185Data's DayThis just makes the cut for me.KeepB-Data gets dancing lessons from Dr. Crusher in preparation of Chief O'Brien's wedding as the Enterprise brings Ambassador T'Pel to the Romulans for negotiations.,49072/
4x1286The WoundedA very good episode - Colm Meaney was definitely underused in ST:TNG.BestA-A rogue Starfleet Captain jeopardizes the Cardassian peace treaty.,49396/
4x1387Devil's DueIgnoreB+A powerful mythic figure from a millennium ago returns to enslave a planet in accordance with a contract. However Picard is convinced she is an opportunistic charlatan. Guest star Marta DuBois as Ardra.,49396/
4x1488CluesGreat, one of my favourite episodes.BestB+The crew, with the exception of Data, is rendered unconscious for 30 seconds after going through a localized wormhole. However, various clues suggest they were unconscious for an entire day.,49450/
4x1589First ContactKeepB+Riker is hospitalized during a botched pre-first contact mission. Xenophobia results in increasing hostility toward his presence.,49450/
4x1690Galaxy's ChildI liked the space creature plot, though I don't believe Leah Brahms's sudden and complete forgiveness of Geordi.KeepC+The Enterprise accidentally kills a space creature, and the crew rush to save its unborn offspring. Meanwhile, Geordi meets the engineer he fell in love with and finds to his shock, she's nothing like the woman he encountered on the holodeck. Guest star Susan Gibney as Dr. Leah Brahms.,49596/
4x1791Night TerrorsKeepBThe Enterprise is trapped in a rift. The crew succumbs to REM sleep deprivation, while Deanna has a recurring nightmare.,49596/
4x1892Identity CrisisKeepB+Geordi transforms into an alien creature with strong instinct to return to its planet of origin.,49914/
4x1993The Nth DegreeA fun Barclay episode.KeepBAfter an encounter with an alien probe Barclay experiences great leaps in confidence and intelligence.,49914/
4x2094QpidEssentially a holodeck storyline - nothing on the line at any stage.IgnoreB-Q returns to test Picard's love for an old flame.,50266/
4x2195The DrumheadKeepAA witchhunt ensues for suspected Romulan spies aboard the Enterprise. Guest star Jean Simmons as Rear Admiral Norah Satie.,50266/
4x2296Half a LifeKeepB+Lwaxana Troi finally finds love, but discovers her man must undergo a ritualistic suicide. Guest star David Ogden Stiers as Timicin.,50582/
4x2397The HostKeepB+Dr. Crusher falls in love with Odan, only to discover that Odan is a symbiote, which is implanted into Riker after his original host dies. Odan continues peace negotiations using Riker as a temporary host.,50582/
4x2498The Mind's EyeA dark and disturbing brainwashing storyline that's well done.BestAThe Romulans brainwash Geordi to carry out a covert mission.,51206/
4x2599In TheoryOh dear.IgnoreBData participates in a romantic relationship with a fellow crew member.,51206/
4x26100RedemptionKeepA-Worf leaves the Enterprise to fight on behalf of Gowron in a Klingon civil war.,51569/
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