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Dept.Host nameEmailPosition TitleProject titleNumber of interns needed Internship advertisementProject durationWeb authorWeb designImage editing FlashDigital audioDigital videoMultimediaWeb 2.0/Social MediaComputer programmingMgmt/ LeadershipTraining others - softwareTraining others - equipmentWriting-web site contentWriting - technical contentComputer repairOtherPlease list any additional skills the intern(s) will need at the start of the internship, including both computer and soft skills (e.g., interpersonal skills).What skills from the checklist above or additional skills can be acquired through on-the-job training.
AdmissionSoup Campbellsoupcambell@depauw.eduOffice of Admission E-Marketing DeveloperE-Marketing Development2 or moreStart honing your social media e-marketing skills now and gain experience that looks great on a resume! We are looking for two qualified ITAP interns to become creative partners in assisting the Office of Admission to increase DePauw’s reach among the brightest high school students in this country and around the world. Our student interns are an integral part of our marketing efforts as we use social media platforms, web-integrated databases and dynamic messaging to build relationships and strengthen DePauw’s image with targeted audiences.
During the year the two interns will work together and on individual projects, helping to:
1. Develop and maintain our uniquely branded social media networks.
2. Create new electronic services to reach prospective students including email outreach, e-surveys and an enhanced marketing presence on recruitment websites frequented by high school students.
3. Produce attractive content for electronic invitations to programs and events.
4. Other projects as assigned.
With your skills using Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Fireworks, ASP and JAVA Script, along with excellent creative and communications skills, you will be presenting the best of what makes DePauw great to prospective students, parents and high schools. Experience in web and graphic design, social media and digital editing are important. Applicants should be self-starters with an ability to think creatively about potential communications and marketing opportunities. If you’ve come here looking for an internship that will give you unique skills and experiences to use when you graduate. . . you’ve found it! For more information, contact Soup Campbell, Assistant Director and Social Media Communications Coordinator, at ex4069 or
Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXStudents will use Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Fireworks, along with ASP and JAVA Script to develop web applications.We would prefer our interns to have the three necessary technical skills listed when they begin. We can work with them to enhance their marketing and writing skills.
Alumni RelationsDeanna (Dee) Wendlingdeannawendling@depauw.eduAlumni Relations E-Communications InternAlumni Relations E-Communications2Start networking now with DePauw alumni! Join the Alumni Relations team as we utilize our web-integrated database and new technologies to help advance communication with DePauw’s constituencies! We seek two qualified ITAP interns to become creative partners in cutting-edge e-communications with the Alumni Relations Office. During the year the two interns will work together and on individual projects, helping to create multimedia presentations (including digital elements) for Old Gold Weekend alumni awards, the Athletic Hall of Fame and the Alumni Reunion Weekend Celebration. With your networked computer and your skills using Microsoft Office, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Flash, and Adobe Photoshop, along with excellent communication skills (writing, speaking, and listening), you will be prepared to help expand the electronic horizon for the donors, alumni, parents and friends who make up the external DePauw constituency. Experience in videography, digital editing and web and graphic design are important. Join us as we find new ways to communicate with our uncommonly successful alumni and help DePauw lead the liberal arts into the brave new e-world of constituent relations.
If you need more information, please contact: Deanna (Dee) Wendling, Administrative Assistant, Alumni Relations at X4209 or
Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXInterns need to demonstrate competency in iMovie or multimedia software available at DePauw. Dreamweaver competency desired as well as strong communication skills. Because interns will occasionally work outside our office on media projects, a high level of initiative and ability to work independently and without direct supervision are required. We provide the training to access the alumni database (limited access), utilize the e-blast program, and to understand the philosophy for our web content management.
Chemistry and BiochemistrySharon Craryscrary@depauw.eduWinter Term in Service Google Earth and Web AuthorGoogle Earth and Web Author in support of Timmy Global Health1Intern will use geospatial information technologies, such as Google Earth, to create a visual representation of information about the communities served by our DePauw Chapter of Timmy Global Health and our annual Winter Term in Service. The Google Earth product will be embedded within a website that the intern will also develop. Candidate should be familiar with basic website design and with Adobe Photoshop and Google Earth, and be willing to work independently to further develop their expertise. Faculty involved with the Timmy chapter will provide advice and guidance throughout the project, and DePauw's GIS center is available for technical expertise. Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXGoogle EarthOrganization and the ability to multitask are encouraged for this position. Interpersonal skills are also important as the intern may be working with members of the Timmy Global Health chapter or with members of the Timmy Global Health Headquarters. They must be computer savvy and be able to use the necessary software that is available in the GIS center through Beth Wilkerson. An appreciation for global health efforts and the importance of properly run non-profit organizations is also a plus!The intern will become proficient in new software such as Google Earth and possibly other more advanced geospatial information programs. He or she will use the programs to create a narrated visual tour of the villages that the Timmy brigade visits.
Communication and TheaterKevin Howleykhowley@depauw.eduElectronic Journalism Technical ConsultantElectronic Journalism (EJ) 2.01Seeking multimedia specialist to assist students producing content for new student e-publication. Successful candidate will work closely with ITAP supervisor to design an electronic publication (a "blogozine") for use in a course on Electronic Journalism. In addition, ITAP associate will assist students in producing content (photos, audio, video, slideshows) for the blogozine. An interest in multimedia production, social media, and media training is essential.Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXTechnical skills: web design, digital audio, digital video, image editing, slide show and multimedia production.
Soft skills: collaboration with faculty and students, training capacity, creativity
Completion of Technical Training Strategies and Methods Rotation preferred.
With on the job training, the intern will learn strategies and techniques of technology/software training, collaborative teaching/learning skills, creative and analytical thinking.
Communications and Strategic Initiatives (Coffin)Jonathan Coffinjonathancoffin@depauw.eduStrategic Communications Intern - Digital Video / Social Media2The Division of Communications and Strategic Communications seeks an intern to produce regular web videos to support University marketing and communications needs, particularly in service of admissions and advancement goals. Interns will be asked to shoot video with a DSLR (Canon 60D) and should have editing experience with Final Cut Pro. Past projects have included the “Day at DePauw” video and other work for the office of admission. Interns are asked to participate in and - in many cases – drive creative development of video ideas, and are tasked with managing video projects from creative concept through shooting, editing and final production. As such, interns have the potential to complete their internship with a portfolio of video projects. It is crucial that interns in this position be self-starters capable of working without constant oversight and should possess an ability to think creatively about potential communications and marketing opportunities.Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXIt would be quite helpful for the student to be interested photography and film. Regarding soft skills, the intern should be an effective communicator and a self-starter who’s not afraid to offer ideas and collaborate with others.A variety of Web 2.0 and leadership skills can be learned on the job, but a basic familiarity with video editing software etc is a necessity.
Communications and Strategic Initiatives (McAdams)Sarah McAdamssarahmcadams@depauw.eduPublisher and Editor, Arts@DePauw Electronic Newsletter 1Interested in the arts? Like to write? Have Dreamweaver and Photoshop skills? Be the creator of the Arts@DePauw electronic newsletter. Published bi-weekly, the newsletter's purpose is the dissemination of arts programming information to the DePauw community and to subscribers of the DePauw Arts mailing list. You qualify to apply if you care about arts marketing, consider yourself a good reporter, can work under deadlines, and are undaunted by the technology skills needed to produce the newsletter. Want to see what it looks like? Go to

Bring your ideas and enthusiasm.
Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXInDesignStudent needs to be highly organized, committed to getting projects completed in a timely manner, have a developed aesthetic sensibility, detail-oriented and very proactive. I hope the student will be familiar at the outset with the software needed to produce marketing materials, but I know that frequency of use can lead to mastery. I hope the student to have an aesthetic sensibility, but, again, hope that experience with creating posters, programs, and other materials will sharpen those sensibilities. I hope that the internship will enhance skills and characteristics that can be carried beyond DePauw: mastery of design software, heightened artistic and promotional awareness, time management, commitment and responsibility. Finally, I hope for the intern what I hope for all of those who work for me, whether ITAP or work study: that working in arts promotion will ignite or deepen a passion for the relevance of arts in our world.
Community Technology Enhancement ProgramBob Hershbergerhersh@depauw.eduCommunity Technology Enhancement Program Technical CoordinatorCTEP4Technical coordinators will work on imaging CPUs, troubling shooting, installing components, testing components, and participating in weekly workshops for local high school students. Any community outreach programs might also include working with senior citizens.Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXAll skills are teachable.
Computer Science
Dave Berquedberque@depauw.eduPersuasive Technology and Virtual Goods Software Development InternTrinkon (Trinkets Online)2 or 3Human Computer Interaction is the branch of computer science that deals with the design, implementation, and evaluation of software systems that meet user needs in a safe, effective, and pleasurable way. Persuasive technology is a subfield of Human Computer Interaction that deals with the design, implementation, and evaluation of technology that changes attitudes or behaviors. While persuasive technologies may use a number of techniques, one simple approach relies on making it easier for users to carry out target behaviors.
Student interns will primarily work to design, prototype, and one or more software based persuasive technologies with the ultimate goal of developing a critical mass of persuasive technology projects at DePauw, which could lead to the development of a small "persuasive technology laboratory." Interns may help to establish a presence for this new laboratory (logo, web page) and may be involved in dissemination activities related to this work. The primary persuasive technology system to be developed during the 2012-2013 academic year is called Trinkon. Trinkon (which stands for Trinkets Online) encourages engagement with organizations by allowing Facebook users to exchange organizationally-themed trinkets. An important goal of Trinkon is to provide a service that allows non-profit organizations to garner support for their group. However, for-profit organizations can also use the system.
Applicants should ideally have completed computer science coursework at least through one 300-level or 400-level computer science course. Applicants should also have experience with mobile programming and with developing software that uses the Facebook API (Application Program Interface). A course in human computer interaction or design would be helpful but is not required.
Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXSoftware Design (which is a higher level skill than computer programming). The intern(s) will need to develop the ability to read and evaluate research papers. I will work with the intern(s) on this.
Computer Science (Kendall-Morwick)Joseph Kendall-Morwickjosephkendallmorwick@depauw.eduOpen Source Development Project ManagerIPAL Moodle Module and Mobile Application1I am seeking to hire a student with enthusiasm and strong leadership skills to be in charge of the Depauw University Open-Source Development Team. This position, project manager, will be multi-faceted, involving development work, organizing and running meetings, coordination between outside collaborators at other universities, and managing local participants here at Depauw.
The project which the development team is currently working on is a classroom polling plugin for Moodle, principally developed at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. This module allows students to be polled during class for assessment purposes through Moodle, similar to the use of DyKnow polls here at Depauw. Our collaborators in Florida have worked hard to increase the project's acceptance world-wide, so collaboration in this process represents a valuable opportunity for a DePauw student to work in a leadership position on an important and wide-reaching software project.
Specific duties for the project manager will be:
* Assign responsibilities to local participants
* Insure development efforts among student collaborators remain consistent
* Insure quality of code produced by local participants
* Contribute to the development effort
* Negotiate project goals and coordinate development responsibilities with outside collaborators
* Schedule and run weekly meetings
Applicants should have strong programming skills and experience developing web applications in PHP (particularly in a LAMP environment), and either Java or Objective C. Experience writing mobile applications, specifically for iOS or Android, is highly desirable. Applicants should be familiar with software development practices and revision control systems. Applicants should have strong communication skills and a willingness to take a leadership role.
Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXWeb authoring, writing-web site content, writing-technical content, Linux experience, Java, PHP, web application development, revision control systems, communication and organizational skills, Objective C, iOS development, Android developmentObjective C, iOS development, Android development, revision control systems (if the intern is already very familiar with Linux), some degree of Linux mastery (I'd like applicants to have some experience, but I expect the intern to learn on the job).
Computer Science (Stewart)Khadija Stewartkhadijastewart@depauw.eduResearch InternNetworking and web programming2The intern will be asked to design and build web applications and also work on a networking project using the Xinu operating system (see: (Fall-Spring)XXWeb application developmentThe interns will need to have taken at least three computer science courses. Networking skills can be acquired during the internship.
DePauw SustainabilityCarol Steelecarolsteele@depauw.eduSustainability Web Page EditorSustainability Web Page1The Sustainability program would like to work with an ITAP intern who is able to manage the Sustainability Twitter account (@DePauwSustain), manage the Google Calendar, and act as an author/editor to create and maintain a professional looking, well-organized, well-maintained Sustainability web site ( The 2011-2012 academic year began the major renovation of the DePauw website and the transfer from the old website to the new. The purpose of the website is to facilitate communication among all sectors of the campus about DePauw’s Sustainability efforts. Internally, many students, staff, and faculty want to know what sustainability efforts are being implemented and how they can be involved. Externally, DePauw has a great interest in making its achievements visible to the broader public, particularly alumni and prospective students. Therefore, we need the continued re-creation and maintenance of a quality, interactive web site. We need an author/editor for the website, who will work well with the Sustainability Director and others on the Sustainability team. This individual should have some knowledge about and interest in the topic of Sustainability, should have excellent writing skills and should have knowledge of/experience with web design and maintenance. The individual should be knowledgeable about creating multimedia stories, which will populate the site.
Works well both in a team setting and individually. S/he should be someone capable of learning new things and thinking outside of the box - be it about the Sustainability program or about the technical aspects of the job.
The intern may be asked to learn technical skills new to them. It is not expected that the student will have all of the skills needed to update the website in an innovative way. The student may also be someone new to Sustainability, but it would be helpful if s/he had an interest in the topic and desire to learn more.
Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXWorks well both in a team setting and individually. S/he should be someone capable of learning new things - be it about the Sustainability program or about the technical aspects of the job. The intern may be asked to learn new to them technical skills. It is not expected that the student will have all of the skills needed to update the website in an innovative way. The student may also be someone new to Sustainability, but it would be helpful if s/he had an interest in the topic and desire to learn more.
Dining ServicesSteve Santossanto@depauw.eduDining Services Web Site Manager1Intern will work with dining services management team to maintain web site for dining services and help develop signage and design materials to advertise and market events for dining services.Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXGood grammar, some knowledge of foodWill get interpersonal skill in working with busy managers and will develop skills to meet weekly deadlines.
English (Wright)Lili Wrightliliw@depauw.eduNew Media Field Producer for The DePauwNew Media Field Producer for The DePauw1 to 3The DePauw, the university’s twice-weekly student newspaper, is for a student who can create New Media news stories for its web site.
As the paper moves toward convergence, we are doing more reporting and storytelling online. We are looking for an innovative, hard-working student who is full of energy and ideas of how to make our website more interactive and engaging. We want this person to create video packages and slide shows for the site. Candidate should be comfortable working with a video camera, video editing software like Vegas, Final Cut or IMovie, and have audio recording experience. The ideal candidate will be an integral part of our reporting team and work closely with our Web Master and news staff. He or she must attend storyboard meetings (Sunday and Wednesday at 4:30 p.m.) where we plan out the upcoming issues.
Candidate must be creative and detail-oriented. Candidate needs to understand good journalism practice and have a passion for new media storytelling. We want the producer to generate ideas and be self-motivated to make good work. We would like to have roughly one video package per week, worked out with the Editor-in-Chief.
Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXCandidates should have a basic understanding of news, ethics, and video storytelling. We need a baseline understanding, but interns will learn a lot on the job. That said, they need to understand the difference between journalism and PR.
English (Wright)Lili Wrightliliw@depauw.eduWebmaster for The DePauwThe DePauw1Project Description: We are looking for an ITAP student to serve as Webmaster for The DePauw, the university’s twice-weekly student newspaper. This person would be responsible for maintaining and updating The DePauw’s website (
We are looking for someone who can make our website shine, who can conceive and implement new ways to make our site more interactive and dynamic. Specifically, the Web Master posts content (stories, photographs, and graphics) Tuesday and Friday mornings before 10 a.m. on our site, which is sponsored by College Publisher. (The issue must be posted on time!) Anyone who can copy, paste, and resize images is ready to start.
Knowledge of programming code not necessary, but desirable. While putting the issue on line is the fundamental responsibility, we want this student to do more than simply cut and paste. Our ideal candidate will be brimming with ideas about how to use new media to increase web traffic and augment our print coverage with new storytelling strategies. Blogs. Twitter. Video. We want to get it all working. The paper will increasingly break news online. The Webmaster would be in charge of the website on a daily basis, but also would be a visionary person who could help us imagine news ways to use our site for both editorial content and advertisements.
Finally, should there be any sort of tech emergency, the Web master would be on call Monday and Thursday nights to come in and fix related problems. This doesn’t happen often (one or two times a semester), but when it does, the Webmaster is an essential part of the team.
The DePauw's staff are an exceptionally cohesive, fun, engaging group, and we are always excited to welcome more aboard.
Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXSee add descriptionShould be comfortable working with Facebook, Twitter, posting videos and slideshows. Be able to work with team, take criticism and have interest in journalism. Ideally, they would also be able to construct polls.
Financial AidCraig Slaughtercraigslaughter@depauw.eduMalpas Scholarship Program Website AuthorMalpas Scholarship Program Website1The Financial Aid Office seeks an intern to support the creation of a professional, well-organized Web site for the Malpas Trust Scholarship program to replace the current Web site located at
The new site will be significantly expanded and the ITAP intern will work closely with the Information Services department as well as Malpas Trustees and the Admission office to design and publish this new content. Features of the new site will include a landing page, historical information regarding Mr. Malpas and his life, lists of current and past scholars, an online scholarship application, links to admission pages and other resources, new multi-media content and links to external social media pages for Malpas alumni.
The first major project is to convert existing video content (currently in DVD format) into smaller clips to use as embedded video on the new site. The ITAP intern will also capture still images from the DVD for use as part of a multi-media presentation that will include text and graphical content.
If time permits, the ITAP intern will also begin work on a Facebook page designed to connect Malpas alumni with each other and with current scholars.
The successful intern should have some experience in digital editing and web and graphic design. Strong interpersonal and time management skills, a solid foundation in web authoring, a willingness to learn new technical and project management skills are also important.
Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXWeb authoring, basic familiarity with Web design, digital video, image editing, slide show and multimedia production. The intern should be able to work well with non-technical constituents providing guidance to translate their vision into a functional product.Advanced technical skills related to digital video and multimedia production may be learned while "on the job". The intern should be a motivated self-starter eager to produce a demo webpage to the Malpas Trustees before Thanksgiving.
Information Services (Adamchak)Andrea Adamchakandreaadamchak@depauw.eduSpecial Projects Team Project ConsultantSpecial Projects Team2Information Services is seeking Associates to work on the Special Projects Team, a project consulting team of highly motivated and skilled student consultants. Members of the team work with faculty, staff, and student clients on short-term projects (ranging from 1 week to several months) and Web training. Projects may involve web design and maintenance, image development and newsletter design. Student consultants will also assist staff and first-year ITAP apprentices with Web-related questions. In addition to exercising and expanding their technical skills, project consultants gain invaluable experience and preparation working in the types of consultant/client relationships they may encounter after graduation.
Activities and Responsibilities: • Consult with members of the campus community on a variety of technical projects • Utilize effectively a broad range of applications and technology • Train clients to use and maintain project products • Participate in all team activities • Adhere to project management procedures and reporting • Communicate effectively with clients and team staff
General Qualifications: • Strong interpersonal and time management skills • Solid foundation in Web authoring • Proficiency with MS Office applications • Demonstrated experience with a wide range of technology and applications • Willingness to learn new technical and project management skills • Familiarity with either Windows or Macintosh • Good troubleshooting skills
Contact: Please email resume (or link to ePortfolio) and a brief statement of interest to Andrea Adamchak
Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXMust be familiar with Adobe Dreamweaver, Web WYSIWYGs (such as Wordpress, Blogspot, Joomla), must have completed Web Authoring rotation, must have exceptional time management skills, must have exceptional interpersonal skills.Finer knowledge of HTML/CSS, Image editing, some Flash and working with multimedia can be acquired on-the-job.
Information Services (Arrington)Donna Arringtondonnaarrington@depauw.eduHelpDesk Intern8 or moreThe DePauw HelpDesk is seeking enthusiastic ITAP associates to assist full time staff members as the initial point of contact for students, faculty, and staff in resolving hardware, software and network issues. This position requires attention to detail and a strong work ethic as well as great customer service, communication and troubleshooting skills. Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows and/or Mac operating systems and basic software applications a plus. This position is for one year. Training will be provided. To be considered, please submit your resume and ePortfolio to Donna Arrington at (Fall-Spring)XXTroubleshooting skillsUnderstanding of Customer Service skillsAll skills above will be enhanced through on-the-job training.
Information Services (Arrington)Donna Arringtondonnaarrington@depauw.eduHelpDesk Student Director1This position will work directly with the Director of Technology Resource Center (HelpDesk) and the HelpDesk Analysts to improve HelpDesk service and support to the University by identifying, creating and administering areas of training for our student staff.
There will be an opportunity for additional special projects (creating documentation, updating HelpDesk Facebook page and Google sites, for example) throughout the year.
Requirements: great customer service skills, attention to detail, strong work ethic, previous HelpDesk experience, working knowledge of Microsoft Windows and/or Mac operating systems a plus.
This position is for one year. Training will be provided. To be considered, please submit your resume and ePortfolio to Donna Arrington at
Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXCustomer Services Skills
Ability to work unsupervised
Time-management skills
Strong oral and written communication skills
The above skills are needed to start the position and will be strengthened through on-the-job training.
Information Services (Carpenter)Curt Carpentercurtiscarpenter@depauw.eduTech Center InternTech Center Intern5Are you interested in learning computer hardware and software, troubleshooting and resolving technical problems, helping assist the Field Technicians install computers, resolve trouble (Heat) tickets, and helping maintain the Lab and Tech Classrooms? If you have experience in these areas or are interested in learning we are looking for several highly motivated people to become a part of our team.Full-year (Fall-Spring)XWe would like to have someone that has both computer skills as well as soft skills. There are many times they work with the faculty and staff as a representative for our area.We would like someone that has some technical experience but if someone is willing to learn we can teach them what they need to know to be effective in this internship.
Information Services (Crawley)Rob Crawleyrcrawley@depauw.eduPrinting Services Intern2DePauw Printing Services is seeking 2 ITAP associates to assist full time Printing Services staff members. This position includes:
• Creating/maintaining spreadsheets for monitoring job volume
• Creating/maintaining website/electronic job submission forms
• Creating images for print output (for newsletters, pamphlets, brochures, etc.)
• Preparing and proof-reading print jobs
• Printing electronic files to the large-scale printer and copier
• Training other students to run equipment
• Improving reporting and marketing
• Informing staff on areas and means to improve operations and service, informing them on particulars of materials in digital format
• Working to improve department's 'green' initiatives.
Requires: great customer service skills, attention to detail and a strong work ethic. This position is for one year. Training will be provided. To be considered, please submit your resume and ePortfolio to Rob Crawley at
Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXAn understanding of the 'value' of customer service skills to the success of the intern's roll is required before starting.Confidentiality
Intern needs to be able to work standing and make deliveries.
The skills themselves will be taught through on-the-job training.
Information Services (Hughes)Adam Hughesadamhughes@depauw.eduAdministrative Systems Software DeveloperAdministrative Systems Software Development1The Administrative Information Systems(AIS) team seeks an energetic and motivated intern to work on software development projects in support of e-Services. The successful candidate will participate as an integrated member of the AIS group and will participate in the full software development life cycle within the framework of our project processes. Our intern will have the chance to interact with University staff and faculty across multiple functions to define project requirements, plan project scope and timelines, and deliver new software functionality.
Several available projects will afford the AIS intern an opportunity to learn modern programming languages and software development techniques, depending on individual interests. Some of the specific development efforts under consideration include e-Services integration with various external APIs (ASP, HTML, PHP); development of an open-source API to support a web-based project management tool called Trello (.NET); development of a web-based equipment reservation system (ASP or .NET); web apps to support e-Services browsing or Trello.
Full-year (Fall-Spring)XBasic working knowledge of the Windows operating system, navigating the web, and Microsoft Office are needed. Helpful, but not absolutely necessary, would be some programming experience, HTML/CSS knowledge, and familiarity with Dreamweaver or Visual Studio. Pretty much any of them can be acquired if the student has the proper interest level and motivation, though starting from scratch would obviously greatly diminish the likelihood of fully completing a software development project in one semester. For a very raw student, I would definitely prefer to scope this internship as a multi-year effort.
Information Services/I.L.S. (Champagne)Matthew Champagnematthewchampagne@depauw.eduRecordist Intern3The Recordist Intern is a tripartite position:
1. assisting in the recording, editing, and archiving of School of Music- and University-presented events as directed by the Recording Arts Specialist; 2. helping manage and maintain the recording spaces (Central Recording and the Recording Studio); and 3. assisting in the training and management of work-study student recordists and ITAP apprentices in the Audio Recording Rotation.
The intern will have an opportunity to learn aspects of the art of (predominately) classical music recording (with some jazz and rock techniques explored on the side), editing, compact disc production, and digital distribution, as well as current best practices in audio archiving. The intern will also be taught to listen critically to recordings in order to perceive differences among recording techniques. Skills related to effective professional dealings with musicians will also be related.
The intern will also participate in the I.L.S. Associates program, which is designed to promote the professional development of the intern and prepare him/her to assist with common instructional technology support problems encountered by DePauw faculty, staff, and students.
Qualifications: Knowledge of music; strong unto obsessive attention to detail, especially aural; experience with audio recording hardware & software (Pro Tools in particular); highly responsible, prompt, and reliable; curiosity about and willingness to learn esoteric things.
Full-year (Fall-Spring)XGood client relations.General troubleshooting skill is desirable. Macintosh experience, especially with Apple's Pages application, is desirable. Knowledge of classical music highly desirable. Classical recording experience desirable. Pro Tools recording and editing experience necessary. Effective written and oral communication skills necessary. For otherwise qualified exceptional applicants, accelerated remedial training is available.Applicants who seem especially suited to the work but lack necessary or desirable skills will be considered.
Information Services/I.L.S. (Pejril)Veronica Pejrilveronicapejril@depauw.eduMusic Instructional Technology Center Specialist1The MITC Specialist will perform a variety of work, including, but not limited to, digital audio editing, computerized music notation processing, media conversions, and simple multimedia production. The Specialist will assist with the formation and delivery of the MITC rotation for apprentices. The intern will also participate in the I.L.S. Associates program, which is designed to promote the professional development of the intern and prepare him/her to assist with common instructional technology support problems encountered by DePauw faculty, staff, and students.Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXGood communication skills are essential.Most can be acquired on-the-job, but I would prefer someone with experience. The musical skills are required before we begin.
Information Services/I.L.S. (Pritchard)Mikah Pritchardmikahpritchard@depauw.eduInstructional & Learning Services Intern4 or moreHave a direct impact on teaching and learning at DePauw as an Instructional & Learning Services (I.L.S.) Intern! Work side-by-side with staff professionals! As an I.L.S. Intern you will assist full-time staff members working in the Digital Media Lab (DML), Faculty Instructional Technology Support (FITS), Student Technology Support, and Technical Training in supporting faculty, staff, and students with their diverse technology needs such as consulting, designing and developing multimedia, supporting digital video, planning and leading workshops, supporting walk-in lab clients, developing instructional materials, maintaining lab spaces, and working on special assignments. Interns will work on a variety of activities ranging from Social Media to Moodle to Google Apps to iMovie to DyKnow to Photoshop. Interns will be assigned to projects and tasks according to their interests and strengths. In addition, leadership opportunities will be available as well as professional development opportunities through the required participation in the I.L.S. Associates Program. Apply by submitting your résumé, link to your ePortfolio, and a brief letter of interest to Mikah Pritchard at (Fall-Spring)XXXEffective written and communication skills with a focus on customer/client service, knowledge of or willingness to learn new technologies, self-motivation and initiative!
Interns can acquire any of the technology skills they need through on the job training. However, a candidate should already be proficient in a few types of advanced software as this usually indicates that s/he is able to learn new technology skills easily.
Information Services/I.L.S. (Wilkerson)Beth Wilkersonbwilkerson@depauw.eduGIS ITAP Intern1 or 2Gain valuable skills that are becoming increasingly sought after in corporate, government and academic sectors! If this sounds appealing to you, join the DePauw Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Center team and be a key player in promoting and supporting spatial technologies at DePauw.
The successful candidate will gain experience related to GIS and other spatial technologies by working independently and as part of a team to shepherd GIS projects and to provide GIS support and expertise campus-wide. In addition, the GIS Intern will develop organizational, project management, and technical skills by participating in the I.L.S. Associates Program, a requirement.
Candidates should have strong interpersonal skills, be familiar with PC-based computer systems, be open to collaborating with others, possess the capacity to take direction and the motivation to take initiative, and be willing to learn new technologies and software.
For more information, visit the GIS Center website:
To discuss this position and/or set up an interview, please contact Beth Wilkerson, GIS Specialist, 765-658-6554,
Full-year (Fall-Spring)GISThe Associate should have strong interpersonal skills, the capacity to take direction, the aptitude to take initiative, and the ability to work as part of a group as well as independently.GIS
Information Services/ITAP (Richmond)Brandy Richmondbrandyrichmond@depauw.eduITAP Student Director2 or 3Contribute directly to the enhancement of ITAP by working side-by-side with the Director and Assistant Director of ITAP! Looking for an upcoming junior or senior in good standing in the program, with solid organizational, interpersonal, leadership and academic skills. Intern will assist with recruiting/outreach efforts, new directives, and program projects as needed. Intern will also have the opportunity to brainstorm with the ITAP leaders on ways to enhance and strengthen the program, especially its connection to the liberal arts. Here’s your chance to give back to the program at a dynamic time!Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXProgram promotion, marketing, and tracking.The soft skills from the ad are needed at the start (organizational, interpersonal, leadership and academic skills). Understanding the need for discretion is key.
Information Services/ITAP (Sendelbach)Donnie Sendelbachdonniesendelbach@depauw.eduITAP Student Rotation HostITAP Computer Programming Rotations1Contribute to the knowledge base of other ITAP students! We’re looking for a student trainer for ITAP rotation sessions and Professional Development Series skills sessions in computer programming. Upcoming juniors and seniors in good standing in ITAP, with solid organizational, interpersonal, and leadership skills with a computer science background in programming and mark-up languages should apply. Those with experience in technical training, including creating written materials, are especially encouraged to apply. This is a great opportunity for students considering future work in teaching in or after graduate school or in preparation for the current job market.Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXEffective communication skills both written and oral. Understanding how to present material in different ways to reach different learners and being flexible in working with people.Intern will gain knowledge of effective teaching and presenting skills from guidance of Director.
Information Services/ITAP & PCCM (Fellegy)Doug Fellegydouglasfellegy@depauw.eduDigital Video Production AssistantMultiple Projects5This one-year position requires students who are interested in producing high-quality videos in a production-house atmosphere. Your priority will be to produce videos for general campus use; these include promotional videos, specific (and rare) class-related videos, and other programming for the web and the campus cable network D3TV.
Applicants should be familiar with the basics of video production, either through the ITAP Digital Video rotation, a production course, or some other related experience. You’ll be given training throughout the internship, but the curriculum will be heavily project-based.
Applicants should come prepared to work in a production house-type environment, where priorities are shared between learning the theories and practices of video production and satisfying the client. Applicants are expected to be very reliable and flexible when meeting with a client, as well as when planning and executing a video project from concept to completion. Creativity, responsibility and time management skills are must-haves.
Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXVideographyDigital audio a plus. Ideal candidates will have experience with Final Cut Pro Studio 2 (and associated software Soundtrack and LiveType), DVD Studio Pro 4, and Adobe Photoshop CS2. The hardware candidates would ideally be familiar with are Panasonic MiniDV camera and accessories, full Lowell lighting kit and accessories, and other related production accessories. Students will definitely need soft skills, such as interpersonal skills, creative and analytical thinking skills, time management skills, and possessing a sense of personal responsibility and self-motivation.Candidates will gain more experience with software and hardware as the semesters unfold.
Management FellowsSandy Smithswsmith@depauw.eduTechnology Support SpecialistManagement Fellows Technology1 or 2The Management Fellows Program needs an intern to support a wide range of technology needs, including maintaining and revising our website, working on video projects, creating on-line and print newsletters, and constructing a database to help us manage program information. It is important that our website be top-notch as it is a recruitment tool and a key interface between the Management Fellows Program, intern hosts, and our alumni base. The ITAP intern will be able to help shape their projects as well as implement them.Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXTraining others on software. Basic database skills and ability to build on them.
Basic database skills or the ability to learn them.
Modern LanguagesBob Hershbergerhersh@depauw.eduITAP Online Editor of the Adelantado de IndianaEl adelantado de Indiana: a Spanish Language e-journal1The intern will receive materials from the editors and post them into pre-existing templates. We will also need to redesign the existing templates due to a change in the server. The intern will also help with a variety of Modern Languages web projects.Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXAdvanced command of SpanishMost skills can be acquired, but we do need someone with web authoring ability from the beginning.
Prindle Institute for EthicsNicki Hewellelizabethhewell@depauw.eduPrindle Institute Digital Media Intern1 or 2The mission of the Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics is to foster interdisciplinary reflection on ethical issues, including questions of justice and public policy, character, duty and responsibility. The primary role of the Prindle Digital Media Intern is to work to enrich and extend student and community involvement at the Institute. The intern will accomplish this task through creating digital videos for the Prindle website, updating Prindle social media outlets (primarily, Twitter and Facebook), and creating new pages for the Prindle website. The Digital Media Intern will be expected to work 8-10 hours/week, which will include weekly meetings with the Graduate Fellow and bi-monthly meetings with Prindle staff to discuss the direction of the digital media projects. The Digital Media Intern will also have the opportunity to create an event on technology and ethics. Additionally, the intern will have the option of attending an off-campus conference on ethics.
If possible, the intern should be comfortable using video editing software (currently we use Adobe Premiere), Dreamweaver, BigTree, Facebook and Twitter; however, relevant training can be provided at the beginning of the internship.
Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXIt would be best if the intern has some experience with BigTree, Adobe Premiere (or other video production software), Dreamweaver (to help update the touchscreen) and basic social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Google Docs, etc.)I am comfortable training interns to use BigTree and Dreamweaver. I also have a working knowledge of Adobe Premiere, so I can answer questions, but it would be best if the intern was already fairly familiar with video creation software.
PublicationsKelly Graveskgraves@depauw.eduDigital Photography Assistant2Assist the University photographer on photo assignments; assist with loading images into the University photo database and maintaining accurate information about each gallery; tagging galleries; photo editing using Adobe Photoshop; assist with researching industry standards and making recommendations for upgrades.Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXPhotographyWe are Mac-based and use Adobe Create Suite.Familiarity with Macs can be learned as well as the programs. What we do not expect to teach is the basics of photography. A basic knowledge and interest in photography is necessary.
Science Research FellowsHilary J. Eppleyheppley@depauw.eduScience Research Fellows Web Author and Content DeveloperSRF Marketing 2.01 or 2The Science Research Fellows Program seeks an intern to develop content for its website, program that content, and help design other types of marketing materials to publicize its program, students and outcomes. The intern would work with the SRF Program Director and Assistant Director to plan, edit, and author web content, make updates to the program's website and online application process, and help test and implement possible social media expansions for the SRF program. They will also help to design and author a research brochure/newsletter that summarizes what is going on around campus in the sciences. Additional projects will include survey design (using Google forms) for measuring program outcomes and educating the SRF program for possible implementation of electronic portfolios. Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXSome Web 2.0 knowledge would be helpful but not necessay. Previous knowledge about how science research works (especially at DePauw) would make developing content easier. Helpful interpersonal skills would include being a self-starter, ability to set and meet goals, and find resources to help solve IT-related problems. Web 2.0 skills, survey development using Google Forms and other online forms, electronic portfolios, security protocols useful for creating secure rec letter submission
Spiritual LifeKatherine Smanikkatherinesmanik@depauw.eduSocial Media and Internet Communications Developer1Spiritual Life is looking for an energetic, well read, inquisitive and design savvy student who is passionate about Social Media and website design. The ideal candidate is interested in how non-profit organizations use Social Media and the Internet to share their message with their constituents. As the Developer of our Social Media and Web presence the student will have a unique opportunity to work alongside the Director of Spiritual Life to continue to reinforce the public message for the Center for Spiritual Life and explore best practices in sharing that message with others. This ITAP Intern will build upon the work of the 2012-2013 ITAP Intern by increasing our use of Social Media, continually looking for ways to refine our web presence, and determining the best ways to successfully explain our web and Social Media philosophy to key students, faculty and staff who make use of our Social Media sites and web presence. The intern will build upon our plan for future use and updates to relevant websites and Social Media sites, ensuring that we stay relevant to our target audience.Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXResearch Skills, Interest in use of Social Media, Public Speaking/Presentations, Interpersonal Skills, Organization Skills and Internal MotivationPublic Speaking/Presentations, Internal Motivation, Organization Skills
Student Disability ServicesPamela Robertspamelaroberts@depauw.eduStudent Disability Services Assistive Technology InternStudent Disability Services Internship 1Student Disability Services is looking for an intern who is passionate about the field of technology and willing to learn innovative ways to support students with disabilities through assistive technology. This intern will research new technology available, as well as become familiar with already existing technology, such as iPad, iPhone Apps, Kurzweil, Livescribe Pens, and Dragon Dictate, to support reading and study skills. The intern in this position would also be encouraged to produce PowerPoint presentations for various events, and take part in presentations and training sessions for students and possibly faculty and staff. During the year the intern would be encouraged to spend time networking, observing and visiting public schools, universities and workshops to gain knowledge of the technology available to support students with various learning challenges. A positive attitude is a must, as well as the ability to maintain confidentiality. Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXAssistive technologiesWeb 2.0 and multimedia. Experience with Mac, iPhone, iPad helpful. Enthusiastic, positive attitude with leadership potential. Must have an engaging personality with excellent communication skills and the ability to interact well with both students and staff.The intern does not have to have a strong background in assistive technology, but must have an interest in learning about various types of technology supports. It would also be helpful if the student had an interest in the area of student disabilities, but does not have to have experience in the area, just a strong desire to learn more.
WGREChris Newtonnewton@depauw.eduWGRE Web DirectorMaintaining WGRE Website1The student will function as a WGRE director, the same as the other directors, and work to make the website reflect the on-air entertainment and information of the radio station. News, sports, podcasting, promotions and station information will be presented using contemporary web technologies including video, audio, blogging, polling, etc., which the ITAP student will oversee.Full-year (Fall-Spring)XXXAbility to work as part of the director team, and ability to pick up basic operating procedures of the radio station (maintain a shift, work with audio files) Much of this is training we will provide to any ITAP-er we hire who needs it.WGRE-based stuff like audio editing or operating WGRE on-air equipment.