Global Grants Activity for District 5170
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Last update: 08/20/21
GG #StatusDate Opened, Approved or ClosedTitleProject DescriptionHost CountryLead 5170 Club5170 Club is the Intnl or Host Partner5170 Club Contact5170 Club Contact EmailOther 5170 ClubsTotal Grant FundingDistrict 5170 ContributionsTrip
DDFDDF Tnsfr/Use or MtM Forms RcvdCash
18731580 - Draft4/16/18Haitian Vocational Training and Solar Electric Installation at SchoolBy providing an advanced reference library with thousands of books and videos we intend to greatly improve the education of around 3000 - 5000 primary school students by providing RACHEL libraries, to around 40-50 schools. And we intend to extend the program by adding girl-empowerment modules to the RACHEL systems and provide appropriate training to the local teachers.HaitiLos AltosWendy$135,6835,000✔︎$0.00
20119770 - Draft4/13/20Guatemala COVID-19 relief, Health and WASH educationTrain and equip a cadre of "barefoot" indigenous women healthcare assistants to respond the COVID-19 pandemic, and provide ongoing general health and WASH related community support. Provide RACHEL offline educational servers loaded with customized training resources for COVID-19 pandemic, general heath and WASH related community support.Lake Atitlan, GuatemalaLivermore✔︎Patrick Coylepat@coyles.comArea 4 Clubs15,800
20127100 - Draft4/25/20?????n/a?????Palo Alto✔︎Timothy
20147180 - Draft5/31/20D.S.E.T. Public School - The Common Thread of a Remote Rural Communityn/aDelhi, IndiaFremont/Union City/Newark✔︎Michael Franciscomikel1386c@gmail.comArea 3 Clubs15,000✔︎$0.00
20939730 - Draft8/26/19Borehole installation and pipe distribution at Haymu Primary School in Karatu District, Tanzania.The project is to install a borehole and water distribution system at Haymu Primary School. The system will supply water to the school as well as the surrounding community.TanzaniaSan Jose✔︎Catherine$31,30015,650✔︎$0.00
21176920 - Draft10/7/20Sri Lanka Projectn/aSri LankaOakland #3✔︎Marietta
21185400 - Draft8/21/20Nicaragua COVID-19 Response and Health and WASH educationn/aNicaraguaLivermore✔︎Patrick
21192810 - DraftSaving mothers and babies in Rural GuatemalaThe objective of the project is to provide quality medical care to women, and to unborn children and newborns in rural Atitlán, department of Sololá.
Provide safe care, protecting and preventing mothers and newborns from Covid 19 Coronavirus infections.
Provide special medical care supplies to prevent the spread of Covid 19 Coronavirus, including equipment, biosecurity suits, gloves, glasses, masks (200 kits).
Donation of ultrasound and fetal monitors, which will help doctors prevent complications during labor and delivery.
Encourage the use of infant resuscitation table and portable incubator that will be used by the pediatrician of Hospitalito Atitlán, with newborns in the event of any problem that occurs at the time of birth.
GuatemalaOakland #3✔︎Renia
21212420 - DraftMejora del Equipamiento del Servicio de Emergencia del Hospital de CLIZA, Cochabamba - BoliviaBolivia???3,500$0.00
21222680 - Draft12/21/20Equipamiento de taller para panadería en Centro de Rehabilitación.El objetivo es suministrar todo el equipamiento necesario para un taller de capacitación en panadería de tamaño medio, en el que jóvenes en rehabilitación del consumo de drogas, como parte de su terapia, aprendan el oficio de panadero, para elaborar principalmente pan galletas y pastelería. Quienes también aprenderán a organizar líneas de trabajo, manejo de materiales, comercialización y registros de sus operaciones de producción y venta.MexicoSilicon Valley Passport✔︎Lisa
21223280 - DraftPygmy Water project for Peace in DRCDemocratic Republic of CongoMorgan HillPeter Anderson3,300✔︎$0.00
21224360 - Draft12/13/20Kolala Educational FoundationMission San Jose✔︎Krishna Murthy
21226620 - Draft10/1/21Providing Safe Drinking Water in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, UgandaBest Future School (BFS) acts as a primary school in Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda. Along with serving as a primary school, BFS provides learning opportunities for people of all ages through business trainings, women’s seminars and other seminars. It is a school created and run by refugees to serve refugees.UgandaLos Altos???0$1,050.00
21227370 - Draft1/12/21Lhuhwahwa Area Two Sanitation, Hygiene and Water ProjectUgandaSanta Cruz Sunrise✔︎Peggy PollardISI.SantaCruz@gmail.comCapitola23,748✔︎$0.00
21231160 - Draft1/13/21RACHEL Digital Library Project for Tikal PeténThis project builds on the lead clubs’ (Gig Harbor and Chatham) experience with the RACHEL project in Barillas Guatemala. From that project, we know that, with a few laptops and the RACHEL Library (see below), we can make a huge difference in the educational resources available in rural schools and in the learning experience of the children - leading to fewer students dropping out and imparting an ability to search for knowledge in today’s digital world. GuatemalaLos GatosMarty$133,7711,600✔︎$0.00
21233130 - Draft2/1/21LET'S SAVE EYES OF OUR CHILDRENKawolo hospital that lies about 50 kilometres from the capital Kampala on the Eastern part of Uganda is the beneficiary of GTN. It is on the main road that links Uganda to the East cost of Kenya Mombasa. The nearest urban areas are Jinja on the East and Mukono on the West. It is located in the District of Buyikwe, one of the new political District with a population estimated at about 450,000. Ailments, like HIV/AIDS, Ulcers, eye ailments, malaria and water born disease are common. Covid 19, has also greatly affected the population and a number of residents have died with little intervention.TurkeySilicon Valley STAR$35,4930$1,000.00
21233270 - DraftBaby Mwanzo PacksIt is a maternal health project, whereby we seek to offer pre and post-natal support to mothers and babies to reduce child mortality rates and encourage safe delivery among need family living in the informal sectors of Nairobi. How this will be achieved is by creating awareness during visits on safe delivery practices and infant care. On delivery each other will be issued with a kit to aid her handling of the infant at home.KenyaCupertinoAlysa$42,3122,890✔︎$0.00
21234040 - DraftEND MALARIA NOW - UNOPI 8, ColombiaColombia???4,000$0.00
21236110 - Draft3/12/21The Grand Karnataka Project - Bangalore RuralThe Grand Karnataka Project aims to provide training and work towards increasing ground water table level through Watershed management project in collaboration with the Government of Karnataka, Rotary Club of Bangalore Greenpark, VVKI (Art of Living Foundation), Rotary Club of Silicon Valley for Global Impact, and Overseas Volunteer for a Better India to execute watershed management to recharge ground water through de-siltation, construction of recharge wells and water pools. Bangalore, Indiae-Club Silicon Valley for Global Impact✔︎Dolly Parikh15,000✔︎$19,425.00
21236870 - DraftThe Karat School Project, Girl's Educational Incentive and Women's Farming ProgramLos Altos✔︎Sherry Auerbach
21244700 - Draft1/19/20Water 4 Life - bringing safe drinking water to the poor children on Koh SamuiThe Rotary Club of Samui-Phangan and in conjunction with each of the school committees has decided to provide “World Best Practice” RO plus UV water filter systems and ancilliary equipment (Tanks, plumbing, water coolers and Vending machines etc) to the remaining 23 Public Schools on the Island.Koh Samui, ThailandPalo Alto✔︎Khashayar "Cash"$33,88415,000✔︎$0.00
21253390 - DraftNambale Health (Kenya)KenyaLos Altos✔︎Rich Caseyrlc73@aol.com25,000✔︎$0.00
21255420 - Draft4/4/21Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change in Rabinal Guatemala Through Youth Leadership, V2GuatemalaOakland✔︎Peter
21269400 - DraftNasik Road Global Grant ProjectAustraliaNiles FremontAudrey Kearns500✔︎$0.00
21292210 - DraftLatrines for Las TrincherasEl SalvadorPalo Alto UniversityPatrick O'Reganporegan8@gmail.com8,214$35,000.00
22302120 - Draft7/25/21Every Youth Working, an initiative of RotariansUgandaLos Altos✔︎Jack Higgins
20989542 - Submitted3/12/21Dotación de Equipos de Rayos X Comunidad SamaipataThe main objective of this global grant is to improve access to diagnostic radiology services for the poor and underserved residents of the province of Florida through a digital X-ray Equipment system for the first level Hospital of that province (in Bolivia, the First level hospitals are those that provide basic services).
The digital images obtained from the hospital will be remotely reviewed and evaluated by radiologists in medical centres in the city of Santa Cruz de La Sierra to re-confirm the diagnosis and follow appropriate treatments.
This proposal is for the order, shipment and installation of a single fully digital X-ray unit.
BoliviaAlmaden Valley???$72,6000n/a$2,250.15
21185392 - SubmittedWater Systems for Lake VictoriaThis project will reduce the practice of drinking unsafe water from Lake Victoria by providing a clean water system and ongoing public health education.

The Rotary Clean Water Systems will be located on the grounds of community schools, belong to the community and be run by existing community organizations. The revenue from water sales will pay for maintenance, a Community Health Provider, community benefits and potentially support a future system in another nearby community. The communities will provide the labour to dig and backfill the pipe trenches and provide raw materials during the construction of the systems.
KenyaOaklandSean Marx$66,0008,000✔︎$0.00
21215182 - SubmittedTo Support the 5th phase of agrarian economic development for the native farmers in Peruvian Altiplanon/aLos Alamos De Monterrico, PeruLos AltosVicki Oldbergvoldberg@stanford.edu10,000✔︎$0.00
21221972 - Submitted12/17/20Cambodia Dreams OutreachThe primary objectives of this project are to provide better education to students of the Feeding Dreams Cambodia day school in Siem Reap, ensuring protection against Covid and other infectious diseases as well as provide access to nutrition and education to enable their families to avoid sexual predators who are actively recruiting in the urban slum community. The beneficiaries are the 800 enrolled Khmer students in the Feeding Dreams program and their families in the Tavien urban slum on the outskirts of Siem Reap, Cambodia.CambodiaCupertino✔︎Mauri$50,00019,111✔︎$0.00
21224012 - SubmittedLucha contra la enfermedad de ChagasMorgan Hill???$40,3410$525.00
21231662 - Submitted1/28/21Improving Maternal and Child Health in Kenya through TelehealthIn many places there are not enough doctors to support even the most rudimentary health care services and many more areas lack mental health services. Therefore, by providing telehealth technology for use by volunteer professional and network to connect them with patients, they also offer services to people with the greatest need, and mostly with limited access to care.Kenyae-Club of Silicon Valley Smart Village✔︎Rajan Kapurrajan.kapur@larankelo.comLos Altos$98,00054,445✔︎$0.00
21248462 - SubmittedWASH Project in local schools and community, Baitadi, Farwest province, NepalNepale-Club of Silicon Valley???$74,6650n/a$1,025.00
21267522 - Submitted5/2/21Improving Proficiency in English among school childrenProject Goals:
• Empower 2160 rural children over One year by teaching basic English skills so that they are able to mingle and compete confidently with their rural and affluent peers"2160 Children per year from 72government schools studying in 3rd grade thru 7th grades.
• To teach English as a Second Language (ESL) for children with Kannada as their mother tongue. Developing and promoting speaking and writing skills among 2160 children in 1 year from 72 Govt. schools/Villages for studying in 6th grade and 10th grade.

• Build on English language skills and encourage the love for reading by establishing 72community libraries catering to 4320 children in 72 villages.
21269722 - Submitted5/6/21Saneamiento de cuencas río Jamapa y comunidades en el Pico de Orizaba, con Baños Secos de compostaObjetivos
a) Mejorar la disponibilidad de agua limpia en la comunidad de Elotepec, municipio de Huatusco, Ver. con la construcción de Sanitarios secos de composta
b) Evitar la contaminación de los pozos de la comunidad y de los rios de la cuenca.
c) Contar con una fuente de fertilizante orgánico sano y seguro para el uso en las parcelas de los beneficiarios.
d) Proporcionar una metodología a los gobiernos municipales para que puedan replicar esta tecnología como una alternativa viable al drenaje en comunidades rurales de la cuenca.
Veracruz, MexicoSan Juan Bautista✔︎Michael ReidArea 6$37,89616,033✔︎$0.00
21276362 - Submitted5/20/21Ogboji Primary Care Center in Ebonyi State NigeriaOgboji is a marginalized community located in Ishielu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State in
Southeastern Nigeria. Due to lack of access to primary healthcare services, the maternal, newborn and
child mortality in the area is high. The community, through its leadership, has applied to government
and agencies for assistance. Rotary proposes to address the primary healthcare needs through a
partnership with the community, Ebonyi State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, and the
AMURT Foundation. AMURT Foundation and Rotary Club of Abakaliki have partnered on five projects
going back to 2014.
21277102 - Submitted5/21/21Orange Hybrid Vision Centres to combat avoidable BlindnessThis project is to render primary eye care services at the rural, semi-urban and urban-slum communities to
enable Avoidable Blindness Free Communities.

The main objective of the project is to establish Hybrid Vision Centers (HVC) along with Mobile Vision Care
Units (MVCU) and Advanced Mobile Vision Care Units (AMVCU) partnering with Sankara Nethralaya ( and Christian Medical College – Schell Eye Hospital (
IndiaFremont Bridge✔︎Geeta$276,7490n/a$0.00
13258043 - Appr. Paid8/17/12Media Center in Hounde, Burkina Fasoto provide computers, printers, and printing materials needed to create a media center for the Friends of African Village Libraries organization to increase the literacy rates in Hounde, Burkina FasoBurkino FasoSunnyvale✔︎Manju Puri$35,5849,420n/a$11,063.00
13263733 - Appr. Paid7/26/13ECOCINAS LOMA CALIENTE to establish a ecostoves factorie and distribute 550 ecostoves in the rural communities of Michoacan, Mexico.MexicoLivermore Valley✔︎Javier PerezCupertino$61,4423,873n/a$19,081.00
14106193 - Appr. Paid4/29/14Sumba Island WaSH Project Sumba Barat Daya, one of the ‘Kabupatens’ or Regencies on the island of Sumba is a poor area of Indonesia that has little or no access to reasonable sanitation and village people generally must travel long distances to fetch water. They are subsistence farmers and generate less than $2 USD per day as cash income. Sumba has a widely dispersed population in hamlets.

This project aims to provide a complete package for the village of Kali Ngara, in this region, for improved access to better water and sanitation facilities, and to allow more children access to basic education.
IndonesiaLos Alto???$59,2583,500n/a$3,000.00
14198273 - Appr. Paid11/4/15Solar and sustainable technologies Tatopani villages Nepal Los Altos✔︎Frank Verlot
15283673 - Appr. Paid6/29/18Breathing for Life, Oromia region, Ethiopia Castro Valley✔︎Carol Wikle
16352573 - Appr. Paid3/4/16Rainbow and Swagatham
16383773 - Appr. Paid8/9/17Nicaragua - water supply project Livermore✔︎Glenn Kubiak
16388753 - Appr. Paid3/21/17Via Village Entrepreneur Development Center, Wanni, Sri Lanka
Sri LankaOakland #3✔︎Peter Sharris7,650--$5,163.90
16401663 - Appr. Paid10/14/16Safe Water for Rural Families-Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
17434573 - Appr. Paid9/25/18Lhuhwahwa Model Village Water & Sanitation Improvement
UgandaSanta Cruz Sunrise✔︎Peggy Pollard
17459333 - Appr. Paid6/25/18Rural Youth Development ProjectTegucigalpa, HondurasSan Leandro, Cupertino✔︎Rose Johnson16,540--$6,380.00
17473343 - Appr. Paid4/5/17Old England Water Project
17501223 - Appr. Paid8/16/19Maternal & Child Health and Child AIDS Prevention in Tanzania
17558413 - Appr. Paid2/13/18Sight NowChannai, IndiaNiles Fremont✔︎Audrey Kearns30,000--$0.00
18604733 - Appr. Paid1/22/19Agua para salvar vida a ninos de la Guajira
18664443 - Appr. Paid5/21/19Alegria Gilroy Sunrise✔︎Mary Humphries
18676903 - Appr. Paid4/11/18Water for the Nuevo Progreso, and Chocol communities in Santa Lucía, Guatemala
18699503 - Appr. Paid2/14/19Maternal and Child Health in Northeast NepalNepalLos Altos✔︎Karen Berner36,971✔︎$0.00
18699923 - Appr. Paid7/7/20Potable Water System for Las Graditas, Jayaque, El SalvadorJayaque, El SalvadorOakland #3???8,506✔︎
18713623 - Appr. Paid9/12/18Education through Technology, 6 schools, Guatemala city Gilroy✔︎Susan Valenta
18720203 - Appr. Unpaid10/27/20La Vega Water Project, GuatemalaGuatemalaOakland #3, Gilroy Sunrise, Almaden Valley11,500✔︎$6,300.00
18723763 - Appr. Paid10/12/18WASH
18735853 - Appr. Paid2/10/20Nicaragua - composting latrinesNicaraguaPleasanton North✔︎Michael Cherman$34,98817,494✔︎$0.00
18741163 - Appr. Paid5/24/19Fundación María Amor - Casa de Acogida, Cuenca - Ecuador EcuadorCupertino✔︎Dana Stern
18768403 - Appr. Paid6/24/19Puerto Rican clean potable water project
19796733 - Appr. Paid2/21/20Rehabilitation of Water System in UNRWA Schools in JordanAmman, JordanSan Jose???0$5,250.00
19801623 - Appr. Paid9/13/18Esquintla/Solola RACHEL Digital Library Project, GuatemalaRotary Club of Esquintla, they are renovating multiple urban schools. However, as the restorations would still leave the schools without a computer lab and access to the Internet, five schools have been selected for the RACHEL system. Esquintla and Solola, GuatemalaDublin✔︎Michael$46,62821,634✔︎$0.00
19806153 - Appr. Paid7/18/19Razlog Hospital Development
19811563 - Appr. Paid3/27/19Collipulli Mobile Dental UnitChileCupertino✔︎Kathy Yates12,500✔︎$0.00
19826263 - Appr. Paid7/29/20Madonna School for Children with Special Needs, Nigeria NigeriaSaratoga✔︎Sangita$26,31716,756✔︎$0.00
19839603 - Appr. Paid7/12/19Mending hearts & spreading peace through children heart surgeries by connecting people
19845283 - Appr. Paid1/13/20Improving Incomes and Food Security Through Youth Leadership in Rabinal, GuatemalaGuatemalaOakland #3✔︎Peter Sherrispsherris@mac.com9,000✔︎$12,824.00
19849233 - Appr. Paid7/1/20Agrarian Enterprise & Nutrition 3 The Altiplano of Puno, PeruPuno, PeruLos Altos, WatsonvilleWendy Walleigh (Los Altos)
Carol Turley (Watsonville)
19853863 - Appr. Paid7/12/19Improving Reproductive Health Services at North Kigezi Maternal and Child health Center IV Los AltosMarlene Cowan$78,37122,550✔︎$606.90
19884613 - Appr. Paid7/10/19WASH EN LAS ESCUELAS EL SALVADOR
19884633 - Appr. Paid7/9/19Carson Smith Scholarship Pleasanton North✔︎Richard Flanders
19893373 - Appr. Paid10/27/20LEAD Africa - Liberia / MonroviaLiberiaLos Altos, Mountain View, Los Gatos Morning, Saratoga✔︎Steve Geisheker26,244✔︎$0.00
19899103 - Appr. Paid7/16/20Strengthen the educational experience through improved infrastructure and facilities in Centro FuertCentro Fuerte, PeruGilroy✔︎Janice Felipa22,251✔︎
19899143 - Appr. Unpaid5/22/19Njicha Clean WaterNjicha is a community of over 5,000 people with one hand pump to serve them all. Consequently most resort to finding dirty, polluted water to drink. This project will create an adequate clean water system to serve them all - well, submersible pump, solar power for the pump, elevated water storage of 12,500 gallons, and 20 water faucets/taps.Njicha, TanzaniaCapitola/AptosArt Dover & Michele
19899253 - Appr. Part. Paid7/13/20VTT for Hypospadias surgeons and Hypospadias Surgeries for rural HebeiShijiazhuang, Hebie, ChinaCupertinoAlysa Sakkasasakkas@gmail.com6,500✔︎
20012303 - Appr. Paid7/31/20Latrines in individual homes in MewatIndiaMorgan Hill✔︎Arlene Noodleman14,431✔︎$1,836.45
20013893 - Appr. Paid3/26/20Project AlesiThe project’s primary goal is to afford easy access to potable water for two villages in Turkana County, Kenya.Turkana, KenyaCupertino✔︎Jagi Shahanijagis1@comcast.netOakland, Sunnyvale, Palo Alto$92,33042,890✔︎$0.00
20106883 - Appr. Paid2/29/20Educating Girls to Empower Self-Reliance, in Mekong Delta, VietnamThe project enables economically disadvantaged girls from the Mekong Delta to continue going to school. In the Mekong Delta, students drop out of school primarily due to family circumstances and economic hardship rather than school performance. The students will receive support covering school fees, school uniforms, books and school supplies, after-school tutoring, exam preparation, health insurance, tablets and bicycles.Mekong Delta, VietnamOakland Uptown✔︎Sue$10,00050,000✔︎$0.00
20113033 - Appr. Paid10/1/20TOILETON. - Ten public schools in El Salvador.Armenia, El SalvadorOakland✔︎Sean Marx7,200✔︎$7,000.35
20116753 - Appr. PaidCritical Skills Development as Empowerment for Youth Central Provinces, VietnamThe project enables 270 economically disadvantaged youth from the Central Provinces of Vietnam to develop critical skills to strengthen individual knowledge, life skills, explore career paths, and develop networks.VietnamOakland Uptown✔︎Sue$90,00050,000✔︎
20121553 - Appr. Paid4/27/20Donación de equipos médicos y EPP para hospitales públicos en el Azuay y el Oro, Ecuador - COVID-19EcuadorCupertinoChuck Harper6,000✔︎
20125263 - Appr. Paid7/13/20Happy School Project by RCP SarasbaugPune, IndiaSilicon Valley Passport✔︎Lisa Akselradlisaakselrad1@gmail.com6,376✔︎$1,000.00
20125673 - Appr. Unpaid4/23/20Guatemala Literacy Project –Chimaltenango, Quetzaltenango, SacatepéquezThis Global Grant project has four distinct and complementary components that strengthen both traditional and technological literacy in the communities we’ve targeted. All of these schools and students are located in Guatemala’s Western and Central Highlands—the most illiterate part of the country. A projected list of schools showing approximate school sizes is provided later in this application.
GuatemalaSan Lorenzo ValleyMike$507,6923,024✔︎$0.00
20129983 - Appr. Paid7/24/20Donation of 3D Laparoscopy System & 4K ICG Laparoscopy SystemMumbai, IndiaOakland✔︎Barbara Beery0$0.00
20133353 - Appr. Paid7/1/20Potenziare l'Ospedale di Assisi per fronteggiare il Covid-19
ItalyFremont BridgeGeeta Kadambi0$0.00
20136373 - Appr. Paid7/14/20Area 4 COVID-19 Community Healthcare ResponseUSALivermore✔︎Patrick Coyle48,425✔︎$0.00
20137913 - Appr. Part. Paid5/14/20WASH for Escuintla GT Hospital in Response to Covid-19The project will install two solar-powered wells to provide adequate water for patients, medical procedures and improved sanitation. Escuintla, GuatemalaLivermorePatrick Coylepat@coyles.com17,913✔︎$0.00
20146293 - Appr. Paid9/16/20Romania Student Business Development CenterRomaniaCupertinoAlysa Sakkasasakkas@gmail.com5,000✔︎$0.00
20148173 - Appr. Paid7/14/20Red Cross Blood Bank Components GunturGuntur, India Ramesh Hariharan0$10,500.00
20151173 - Appr. Paid6/6/20NAKILAGALA SOLAR POWERED SAFE WATER PROJECT Nakiragala Solar Safe water Project
NAKILAGALA SOLAR POWERED SAFE WATER PROJECT is intended to improve not only access to safe and clean water for the the community, the institutions in the same community i.e. Give Her Chance Girls’ centre (Orphanage) St. Francis Primary School and neighboring community beneficiaries but also improving on the overall Water, Sanitation and Hygiene aspects of the beneficiaries/communities eradicating water born diseases. the project will have about 800 beneficiaries
Wakiso, UgandaMission San Jose✔︎Ruth Wenzelruthwwenzel@gmail.comFremont, Newark, Fremont Monrning, FUN Sunset, Niles Fremont$38,22617,163✔︎$0.00
20157363 - Appr. Paid7/13/20Rotacare COVID19 Response-Bay AreaUSScotts Valley✔︎Cindy Schuette16,800✔︎$5,250.00