[Bella Bites ! and slobbers] - Our List of Dog Friendly Places
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List of Dog Friendly Places, that we have visited.
In no particular order, here is a list of places that we have been before, together with Bella - Rottweiler.
NameLocationFood TypePersonal VerdictSide Remarks
1Jaya One shopping mall PJ-The whole mall is gazetted as dog friendly, what's not to LIKE ?
aMarufukuJaya OneJapaneseA fav dinner place, no fuss and simple good Jap casual food. moved inside The School
bStarbucksJaya OneCoffeeSit outside, no issue.
cBrussels Jaya OneBeer + Western foodSit outside, no issue.
The rack of lamb was one of the best ! And reasonably priced too..
dThe Bee's Jaya OneWesternGreat place. Staff welcomes dogs. Just be wary of other patrons, who might be Muslim.
eThe Morning After, changed name.Jaya OneCafe
Outdoor seating, if I remember correctly, there were only 3 tables available.
Don't like the food or the coffee there...
fRobata MonkeyJaya OneJapaneseThe waiters were a bit wary of having a Rottweiler dining together, but overall it was OK.
Food wise it is a bit pricey, but food quality is good. The grilled salmon was good and fresh...
gchilli rushJaya OneLocalSpicy chicken wings if not for the weak tongue... It literally numbs your whole body.
Oh.... outside seating for you and your dog(s).
hOldSchoolJaya OneLocalOutdoor seating, by the corridor just beside the driveway entrance to The School.
Food wise... better order the burgers. Nasi Lemak was a disappointment, the siew yuk also dry.
jSuper DJaya One WesternThe same owner as Marufuku, lovely lady who is a dog lover herself. Owns a Rottie mix herself.
Western food, with budget pricing... Portion wise also good !
kSalt n Koffie, changed name.Jaya One CafeCooling outdoor seating. Just opened (Q3 2014). They served better coffee than The Morning After.
Waiting for them to start their kitchen and extend their food menu.
lDoi Chaang Coffee Company Jaya One CafeAlso another outdoor sitting cafe if with dog(s). Just have to be careful, cause seated at the side of
corridor, alongside the entrance drive way into the residence parking.
Still... the area is quite cosy, doesn't feel hot and stuffy. Very few cars pass through there, so no
problem with exhaust smoke smell.
2Tom, Dick and Harry'sTTDIWestern + BeerThis place is a pub in general. But in the mornings, they serve a vareity of kick ass brunch menu.
1 of our fav place after BU park... Prices are Nett. And you get orange juice, coffee and tea free flow.
Dogs can sit inside... We once had a pack consisting of a Rottweiler, Great Dane and Doberman.
Hop Hop Cafe

Now known as Bark Bunnies Cafe

Changed name again, to Thai Salad
or something like that.
SS18, Subang JayaWestern + CoffeeMost hyped place on DLOM. We have been to the place twice, love the gazetted dining area for dogs.
Cool and cozy area... That area might be a bit small to accodomate a few large breed dogs.
Staff are friendly, just cause they remembered us. Always nice when someone remembers, well in this case your dog's name.
Coffee served was good ! But they kitchen needs improvement... Will return for coffee and cakes.

Moved to Bangsar
4Standing TheorySS2Coffee Cafe
Non Halal place... simple and limited food menu. Good coffee !
Outside sitting for dogs... They've also got a resident dog, that goes to the place and sleep.
aRed Bean BagPublikaCoffee Cafe
I am guessing this place serves no pork or could be halal... As there are Muslim patrons.
This place is usually packed on weekends. Important to inform that you will be sitting with dog(s)
cause only outside sitting is allowed.
bMarmalade CafePublikaWesternOutdoor seating if you are with your dog(s).
6Haikara Style Cafe & BakerySubang JayaJapanese Bakery
Comfortable cooling outdoor seating area. Awesome coffee and fresh bakery.
The place is run by a Japanese family, we have had both the husband and wife welcoming Bella.
Onwers wanna go HALAL,
so NO longer dog friendly.
7Centerpoint Bandar Utama-
We took the chance and just walked Bella around. No issue from security guards...
Just be sure to hold your dog(s) close.
aChamp'sCenterpointLocal and Western
Famous for their pork and/or prawn noodles. We have had the staff offering Bella a tupperware of ice.
bMeat in ClaypotCenterpointLocalBah Kut Teh... Food wise ok ok only. We sat at the edge, so that don't disturb other customers.
cStarbucksCenterpointCoffeeCan chill at the outdoor area at the sides... Weather dependent cause it can get very hot.
8The Bulldog Pub and CafeSri HartamasWesternServes errr English style food. Indoor seating - no problem !
9The PoundTTDIWestern + LocalWent there for the 1st and last time. Horrible service, food wise not upto par. RUBBISH !
10Isaki Japanese RestaurantSri HartamasJapaneseComfortable cooling outdoor seating. One of our dinner options after visiting DPC.
11Onde OndeDesa Park CityLocalOutdoor seating lor... Food wise so-so only la. For when u are lazy to drive elsewhere.
12Blue Cow Cafe and DeliPlaza DamasWestern
The definition of BIG BRUNCH set... Pricey but good food.
I take back the comment on good food, our last visit (end of Sept 2015) - food tasted all too salty !
13Ficelle Boulangerie & PatisserieTaman Danau DesaBakeryAll outdoor seatings, tables are placed very close to each other. Place is packed.
14The Humble PieSection 17, PJWestern
Go for their signature pies, but stay away from their pasta. Normal la... Outdoor seating if with dog(s).
15Rib's LeeHartamasWestern
Pork ribs... Situated on the first floor, you will enter through the main door and then ushered to
outdoor seatings.
Closed Down
16Three Little Birds CoffeeDesa Park CityCafeNewly opened coffee cafe, only outdoor seating - so no double standards.
17Butter + Beans at SeventeenSection 17, PJCafe / Bakery
Great quiet place for coffee and fresh pastries. Only 2 tables available outside.
No problem even from the Muslim staff....
18Artisan Roast HQ Section 13, PJCafeOutside school canteen style long table and bench...
19Restoran OKTTDIHawker
Been there twice... As long as Bella isn't disturbing or blocking the way path, then it is OK.
Go have the char keoy teow and/or curry laksa. Although aunty might be a bit cranky sometimes.
20Monkey GarageBangsarWestern & Local
This should be a big hit with dog owners. The place is really comfortable and very "hip". Plays great
chillout music... when I was there, they were having wine buffet. Not sure the promo till when... And it
opens till 3am. Owners and dogs, sit inside... Make your dog(s) is well behaved, tables are quite close.
21KalamazooAman SuriaWesternOutdoor seating, with limited tables.
22O Banh MiDamansara UptownVietnamese
Vietnamese style sandwich, in non halal goodness...
But only ONE table outside, so are you feeling lucky ?
23Strangers at 47Section 17, PJCafe
Food is awesome, crepe as base and lots of variety. Coffee is good !
Very few tables outdoor, and the place is popular... Parking is also by luck...

Been coming to this cafe, almost weekly...
I wonder if you quote Bella's
name... got discount or not ?
24Ho Choon SienDamansara UptownDim Sum We sat outdoors, literally on the road. The tables all places quite far apart from each other, there is ample space for a calm large breed dog to wait quietly. Place is run by a husband & wife, who are dog lovers themselves.
25Belly GoodSunway MentariPorky Western This has to be one of the most welcoming dog friendly place we have visited...
We dined indoors, in the comfort of the cool aircon... And luckily for us, the place wasn't busy, so the owner, Will got the chance to sit and chat with us. He had a Rottweiler before this, that passed away of old age. Needless to say, he was all over Bella.
Food wise... AWESOME ! No idea what to order, trust his recommendation. Tell u... The Grilled Pork Belly was the best ! Fat melts... the meat is tender and juicy sweet.
This place changed owner.
Not sure if they will still allow
26MiniMe CafeOasis Ara DamansaraWesternLimited outdoor tables... but food and coffee is GOOD !
27AMPM CafeUSJ21 Subang JayaWestern
Located at the shoplot right opposite of Main Place in USJ21, Subang Jaya.
Comfortable and cozy outdoor seatings... A bit on the pricey side, 2 mains and 2 coffee - expect to pay
about RM80+
28Restoran Loong SengSS2Dim Sum
Another morning dim sum place to dine with Bella... And yes, we sat on the road...
We had many many curious onlookers, from the passing cars and even shop owners... But we were
left alone to enjoy our dim sum meal.
29Iberico KitchenOasis Ara DamansaraWestern + Beer
Tables placed on the walkway @ kaki lima... The waitresses were friendly and very welcoming.
Incidentally one of them has got a dog named Bella back in Philippines.
The honey glazed pork ribs... BEST ! Tender fatty meat on bones... Bella helped finished the bones.
Surpringly the Prawn Mee was damn GOOD ! Food is a bit pricey, but layanan from the staff and boss
memang BEST !
30CuBs & CuPsHartamas
Western + Coffee
+ Beer
This place is the right definition of a dog friendly cafe... Dogs are able to roam freely around the whole
cafe - off leash. That being said, PLEASE be sure that your dog(s) is well behaved and properly
socialized. Don't leave it to chance... Cause there will be other dogs - BIG dogs there too.
It is great that they do not discriminate against large breed dogs.

The environment is very pleasant. Tables are spaced well apart from each other. Food wise, there
isn't much to comment - most patrons are there for the dogs !

They have 3 resident puppies - Husky, Malamute and Pom... A great idea for those who wants to own
a puppy but can't. Go there... get your dosage of puppy loving.
312 Scones 1 CupSection 17 PJWestern
Hidden amongst the housing area of Section 17 PJ, this new place is getting quite some hits from the
residents nearby. They allow dogs at their outdoor seating.
The only complain is that they need to relook into their ventilation from the kitchen. Very often you get
the smelly oil from all the frying.
32Restaurant Satellite Ipoh Chicken RiceJalan Gasing, PJChicken Rice
Still the better Chicken Rice, as compared to the competitor neighbor. Not just saying cause it allowed
us to dine with Bella. Been going there for ages, the tipping point isn't just the better and quality food
served. But also the awesome oldies playing over and around the shop, creates a nice atmosphere.
33Ming Tien Food CourtTaman MegahHawkerIconic landmark in PJ, no need for further explanations.
34The HoundOUGCafe
Simple cafe that just started up (July 2015). Kitchen is almost non existent, only drinks and cakes. So don't
go on an empty stomach. Place is packed with small dogs and kids. Wish they were on leash, especially
the kids ! Not advisable for big dogs, the small dogs are just too noisy - to an uncomfortable level.
Though Cookie - the resident Beagle, was fine after some introduction. The kids I beh tahan...
35Gee and GeekSS2Cafe
The cafe is located at the rows of shops near the Taman Bahagia LRT station. Have to waze it to find it.
Avoid going during hot & humid weather, cause have to seat outside, it can get really uncomfortable.
Food is non-halal... Portion and presentation served was pretty good. Would go back again, but in the
late evening.
36The Brew HouzeKota DamansaraCafe
The ambiance of the cafe is quite good, though sitting outside, it isn't too warm and with the chillout
jazz music. The coffee was quite good too... I rather enjoyed it.
But the deal breaker was the food, both of us had chicken - meat was dry. And served with a pathetic
portion of soggy cold fries. What a waste, really... At least the coffee was good.
Just ok-ok only la... Had the lamb spaghetti bolognese, which was nice but too dry - very kiamsiap on
the sauce. Drinks were a bit of a hit and miss also...
38DoiffeeTaman DesaCafe
It was another random find... Just called up the cafe and asked if we could bring Bella. Of course outside
seating, but I would have to say... the inside ambiance and decor was very well done.
Better as a romantic dinner venue or intimate dining party perhaps?
39Ah Ping Bah Kut TehSS14. Subang JayaRestaurant
The ever popular Ah Ping bah kut teh, been coming here for quite awhile. The couple that runs this place
is an avid cyclist. When we first brought Bella there, I told the lady boss that we have a dog with us.
She said OK, let me get another chair. Like huh ? Chair for what ? For Bella to sit on ? She was stunned
for a few minutes looking at Bella's size and how calm she is... Hehehehe.
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