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Campaign ThemesUS Poverty: Housing: Renters Credit

Global Poverty: Child Survival: Appropriations
1. Appropriations
2. Global Fund Replenishment
3. Set the Agenda
1. Appropriations
2. Set the Agenda

1. Global Fund Replenishment
2. Appropriations
Global Fund ReplenishmentGlobal Fund ReplenishmentICGlobal Fund ReplenishmentGlobal Fund ReplenishmentGlobal Fund Replenishment
Gavi Replenishment
Gavi ReplenishmentGavi Replenishment
GR Themes1. Group Planning
2. Meet with MoCs
3. Outreach: Invite new advocates to MoC meetings
1. Meet with MoCs
2. Outreach: Invite new advocates to MoC meetings
1. Submit Approps & sign-on letters
2. Meet with MoCs
3. Outreach: Invite advocates to MoC meetings
1. Meet with MoCs
2. Outreach: Invite new advocates to MoC meetings
1. Global Fund Media
2. Looking toward the IC
1. Global Fund media, appropriations
2. International Conference prep.
IC1. Recess meetings
2. Global Fund Resolutions
3. Global Fund media
Global Fund Resolutions
Global Fund Media
3rd Trimester Planning
Global Fund Resolutions
Global Fund Media
3rd Trimester Planning
DescriptionThis is a new Congress (the 116th). It's time to meet new members of Congress (MoCs) and deepen relationships with existing MoCs. And what's more exciting for new advocates than meeting with MoCs or their staff? Not much--so invite them to join you!The President's budget will likely cut development assistance. Congress is the firewall. We must mobilize as many MoCs as possible in support of appropriations sign on letters!House SFOPS deadline is 3/28. We must get Reps to submit requests and sign on to sign on letters. Senate Appropriations all month!We need to ensure that the House and Senate increase funding for the Global Fund in 2020 to $1.56 billion. We can do that with appropriations requests and the media.Time to prepare for the IC: Set up meetings, build our local delegations, gather letters to bring to DC, make travel arrangements, set up lobby prep. calls with staff.Let's go to the IC and leverage the ICGroups follow up on the IC requests, schedule recess meetings, and work to generate media in all 50 states on the Global Fund. Full speed: Global Fund media and resolutions
-Groups decide how many new advocates they want to recruit by the end of the year, then receive coaching and support to use organizing tactics and our campaign actions to create transformational experiences and new group members.-
-We need to generate political will in Congress on the Global Fund so the world knows they can count on the US for leadership.

-While we work on the Global Fund, let's make plans to grow our groups--who in our networks is ready to take the next step in their advocacy? Let's give them the opportunity to experience something transformational.
Conference Call Guest SpeakerJanuary 12: Mark Dybul, former ED of the Global FundFebruary 9: A current or former Appropriator. We'll hear why our work on appropriations is critical, and how best to do it.March 9: Maurine Murenga (confirmed), Kenyan MD and Global Fund board member. Theme: what is at stake with the Global Fund Replenishment?April 13: Margaret McDonnell: ED of Nothing But Nets. Focus on Malaria and the Global FundMay 11: Sibu Sibaca: Global Fund HER AmbassadorJune 8: In House--prepare for the ICNo Global Call as it's during the ICAugust 10: Our GR Advocates who attended the ICSept. 14: Tentatively: Congressman McCaul if he's available.October 12: Tentatively: Peter Sands, ED of the Global Fund
Action SheetEarly Jan: Welcome new MOCs
Mid Jan: Appropriations
AppropriationsLTEs on the Global FundSenate Appropriations all month!Global Fund Media: LTEsWrite Letters on the Global Fund to bring to DCGlobal Fund ResolutionsHRes. 517: Letters to CongressWrite letters to Senators and Reps. on both Global Fund resolutions.Write a letter to the editor on the Global Fund replenishment
Laser TalkInvite new advocates to join you at MoC meetingsAppropriations Requests (ETA: 2/5)Following up on AppropriationsInvite people off the streets and into the offices of their MoCs--come to the IC!Invite people to get published at E&AAsk editors to write on the Global FundGlobal Fund ResolutionGlobal Fund resolution requestThank members of Congress and activists for their work on the Global Fund
Key Dates & Congress Recesses1/18-27: Recess
1/21: MLK Day
2/15-24: Recess
2/21: Pres. Day
3/8: International Women's Day
3/15-24 Recess
3/24: WTBD
4/13-28: Recess5/24-6/3: Recess
5/13: Mother's Day
All Month: R Spring Friends & Family Fundraising
7/1-8: Recess
July 13-16: IC
7/29 - 9/8: Recess9/1-8 Recess
9/1 - 10/12 Recess
10/1-12: Recess
Global Fund Replenishment (France)
11/2-10: Recess
11/23-30: Recess
Nov Friends & Family Fundraising
12/13-31: Recess
Successes2018 Totals:
575 meetings with MoC offices
You played a principle role in getting 137 Reps to sign Global Fund letter to Sec of State!-100 piece of media
-Approps: 147 signers on MCH, 146 on Global Fund, 77 on TB, 123 on Education
-Great turn out at TB Briefings:
-3/31: Ann Arbor fundraiser
The House passes SFOPS with $1.56 billion for the Global Fund and protects other programs300+ Hill meetings at the IC-In a very short time got a lot of Reps and Senators on the Global Fund resolutions, even during a very loud time in Washington
GL Call Themes1:1 meetings with new people
Setting up meetings with Congress
-Group Planning
-MoC meetings
-Inviting people to MoC metings
-MoC Meetings w/ outreach
-Global Fund
-Group plans and coverage
-Senate Appropriations
-Set the Agenda: MoC meetings
-Prepare for the IC
-Strengthening our organizing skills
Training and/or Webinars1/24: (Thurs.)-9 pm ET - Researching Your Member of Congress (Allison Gallaher) or (669) 900-6833 or (929) 436-2866, meeting ID 136610114

1/29: (Tues.)-9 pm ET - Appropriations Basics for FY20 and Our Global Campaigns (Crickett Nicovich) or (669) 900-6833 or (929) 436-2866, meeting ID 261474560
2/12: (Tues): 9 pm ET - Getting to Know the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria. (John Fawcett): Or dial: (669) 900-6833 or (929) 436-2866, meeting ID: 236892312

2/20: (Wed.) - 9 pm ET - Working With New Members of Congress (Crickett Nicovich) or (669) 900-6833 or (929) 436-2866, meeting ID 173515662
3/6: Action Network Call

3/13 @ 8:30 pm ET: Using the Champion Scale for Greater Influence wiht Congress. Zoom: or (669) 900-6833, or (929) 436-2866, ID 379628924

3/21 @ 9 pm: Quiet Leadership Disscussion. or (929) 436-2866 or (669) 900-6833,ID 482992263.
August 21, 8:30 pm ET: “ ‘Wow, I got published!’: Making Media a Transformational Experience.” We can use RESULTS campaign actions to create transformational experiences for new advocates that will inspire them and lead them toward longer-term engagement with our RESULTS Groups. Join us and get practical guidance on using organizing practices and our media actions to spur deeper engagement. Join:, or dial 929-436-2866 or 669-900-6833, ID: 586201507#Sept. 19, 8:30 pm ET: Repeat of "Wow, I got published"
Outreach & FundraisingInvite new advocates to join you for meetings with MoCsInvite people from your Action Network, friends, family to your join you for meetings with congressional offices.Invite people to join you for MoC meetings.

Monthly Giving March. Each new monthly donor will gain $500 match! See here.
-May Friends and Family Fundraising!
Houston fundraiserSanta Fe Fundraiser
Snohomish Fundraiser
Virtual Thanksgiving Feast!
Grasstops ActionsNeed R House leaders for Global Health and Education caucusesNeed R House leaders for Global Health and Education CaucusesAppropriations
Fact SheetsAppropriations memos for MoCs found here.Appropriations memos for MoCs found here.
Action NetworkWrite to your new members of CongressWrite to MoCs on Appropriations: They can use this online action.Write a LTE on the Global Fund
Media support Write a LTE on the Global Fund
International ConferenceRegister here!!! July 13-16.Register here!!! July 13-16.
Anti- OppressionSee 2/5 Weekly Update for Black History Month resources
Regional Conferences
ExpansionWV, Pittsburgh, DenverWV: Fayetteville, Morgantown
PA: Pittsburgh
FL: Penney Farms
Congress ActivitiesRecessesSee "Key Dates" above2/15-24: Recess
2/21: Pres. Day
See Above in "key dates"
Other Activities
Champion Actions
World ActivitiesHealthIndia to host Global Fund pre-replenishment meeting.World TB Day: "It's Time" social media campaign.
Economic Opportunity