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Assigned DateBrief description Due date Remarks on the due dateFinal outcomePerson responsible
Remarks by ED
9 JuneGive list of all Umbrella manufacturing units to Hon Minister for finance (with present stock) and take it forwardJun 15List given to EDPriya
31 MaySign Jan Oushadhi MoU, write to all Panchayat presidents about this scheme and start 100 such outlets in the state (move it to district targets once our part is over)Jun 15Letter send to all DMCs to identify land & HR. 18 LSGs identified space. Proforma send to districts concerned to register in Jan Aushadhi and ot obtain consent.Priya
9 JuneProblem solving - Discuss the problem of Napkin units and solve the same at the earliestJun 15Payment transfered to Kudumbashree account on 26.07.2017Akhila
3 AprilMs. Mrudul Eapen, Member of planning board requested to start creche in technopark and in other KINFRA parks. Team should discuss, formulate policy and decide on the targets/ requirementsJul 1Report received from the districts of Tvm & Ekm . File put upThe no. of children is less and starting of Day care as ME group is not viable. Therefore, a stakeholdre meeting under the chair of Planning board is requiredPriya Paul
3 AprilMs. Mrudul Eapen, Member of planning board requested to start a mobile creche in labour migration settlement .Team should discuss, formulate policy and decide on the targets/ requirementsJul 1Report received from Idk. File put upMunnar panchayat, Devikulam Block is identified. Panchayat is willing to provide building Priya Paul
31 MayILO representative came today. They were willing to give training to MECs. Write letter to ILO; and conduct training of MECsJul 1Met Isac Sigh from International Labour Organization , He agreed to send the module and other details regarding Training. The training for 20 selected MECs will be conducted in August, Akhila
9 JunePWD rest houses - Take up with PWD secretary; and sign MoU for housekeeping/ canteen in all Rest Houses (PTA - EE PWD refused to extend the contract because of NO MoU)Jul 1PO(ME) & Gov. Body member Smt.C.S.Sujatha had a discussion with Hon Minister for PWD with regard to extending the MoU with Kudumbashree to run the canteen & housekeeping units in PWD rest houses. But the decision is for open tender and Kudumbashree may participate in the open tenderKudumbashree should participate in open tender processPriya
9 JuneClean Destination Campaign: Tourism department through DTPCs are implementing Clean Destination Campaign. District MIssions are providing the required HR as per the MoU between the DTPC and District MIssion. Tourism department increased wages of all daily wage workers. Get orders and give to workers. Study about this and find out if any policy level decisions are neededJul 1The working group held on 02/06/2017 decided to revise the wages to Rs.10,500/- per head per month. Rs.625/- per head may be provided for equipments and Rs.3125/- per head may be provided as uniform allowances for two pair. The G.O is G.O(Rt). No. 330/2017/ TSM dated 22.06.2017The copy of order is circulated to all DMCs via mail and official communication file has been put up.Priya
9 June2017 - Year of ME - Conduct inauguration; and give a list of componentsJul 1Inauguration of Jeevanan Livelihood campaign held on 19.07.2017 at Panchayat Association Hall, Trivandrum CompletedME team
14 JuneNGO from MP gave letter showing willingness for buying nutrimix packets. Take it forward and get ordersJul 1Talked and email send. They informed they need to finalize the quantity after discussion with partners and hence awaiting thier reply.send reminder. Got RFP for 4050 Kg of Nutrimix.Dr.Shameena PN
4 JuneGet a list of all MEs sector wise; in ascending order (enterprises with highest number of units on the top) and assign the charge of one such group to one consultant of state missionJul 1Prepared the list of MY ME assaigned to PMs and APMs in the State Mission and the same has been uploaded in the web Akhila
14th JuneApparel units- Hantex Work coordinationJul 1Work order given to units . Material Distributed.17000 coat stiched so far. Asked units to complete by July 30.Dr Shameena P.N
14th JuneFirst Quarter Wheat liftment file process going onJul 1CompletedDr Shameena P.N
16 JuneLoan recovery Units survey- MEJul 1Completed Akhila
16 JuneGive proposal to government (specially mentioning about units that completed 10 houses) and get government order for exempting this unit from tender by July 1.July 1One construction unit in Ernakulam is eligible. Already informed DMC Ernakulam to send the details. Nishanth
27 JuneGive proposal in CC regarding RO Plants and get government order for partial funding by LSGs for RO plants July 1Proposal submitted in CC and got approval.CC minutes recieved and copy of minutes circulated to all DMCsPriya Paul
27 JuneGive proposal to PWD secretary regarding cleaning projects for Kudumbashree. Study about Meghalaya / Sikkim and give a detailed proposal by July 1August 1Biju Prabhakar sir asked to call on 14th July for appointment.Met Biju sir, The work is not a continous work. Whenever pits are formed in NH , the members have to fill it, cut the grass and shrubs near NH, do drainage cleaning once whenever needed. Asked to submit a ToR. There is no scope for setting a ME.Details mailed to ED whether to go with this project or not.Dr Shameena P.N
16/6Upload apparel units in priority project and start monitoring. Get the list of existing apparel units district wise, form consortiums etc. Conduct a meeting by July 1 and give circular to all districtsAugust 1Priority note prepared. Waiting for EDs approval.
Added in Priority sector.
Dr. Shameena
16/6Give proposal to the next CC to ask Panchayats to keep projects for salary of kudumbashree staff for running plastic shredding units (June 19). PO ME should give a presentation in CCJuly 1Under preparation completedNishanth
31 MayHon Minister suggested starting of canteen units in colleges and in higher secondary schools. Give a proposal, and get approval from government. Once project is approved, we may give it as target/ goal for the district teamsJul 15Note send to Hon.MinisterAkhila Devi
31 MayPrincipal Secretary asked the state mission to give a proposal to start budget canteen in all 14 districts. Get approval from government Jul 15Discussed the proposal with Director Civil supplies. Civil supplies can support Kudumbashree as part of their 'Hunger free Kerala' project to a certain extend. Asked to submit a detailed proposal based on market rates. Draft proposal preparedDraft proposal submitted to POPriya Paul
31 MayLearn about Sabala projects (Nutrimix units of two districts are getting sabala funds) and give proposal and get funds of sabala for out nutrimix unitsJul 15Discussed with Anupama Madam. There is no scope for getting order. Sabala Project is given by Central Govt to backward districts.Dr Shameena P.N
14 JuneSC corpus fund - Not fully utilised till now. Give UC and detailed report to SC department after fully utilising the fundsJul 15UC received from PTAAkhila
14 JuneMILMA expressed willingness to start MILMA shop in existing canteens/ Get details, and tie up with at least 10 canteens/ cafe units as a pilotJul 15Thrissur, Eranakulam ,Kannur and Trivandrum expressed willingness (in 67 canteen units). Will establish in August Akhila
9 JuneSelect 100 people in various district and develop a pool of people with expertise in Malayalam typing. Their training should be started by July 15Jul 15Collected list from districts,MEC teams are also ready to attend the training.Training will be conducted soonAkhila
14th JuneCoat- Lottery Apparel Jul 15Got order worth 1.50 crores from lotteries dept for stitching coat. MoU signedAkhila
14th JuneCanteen SOP formationJuly 15Draft SOP prepared Dr Shameena P.N
12 juneMarketing network- additional allocation of 10 crores in State budget: In the budget speech, an additional allocation of 10 crores is stated to promote Subiksha model marketing network that will market local products. The amount is earmarked for Kudumbashree. Get approval for 10 crore project (for marketing enterprises) by July 15.Jul 15Request sent to Principal Secretary LSGD & PS- FM. Special fund request givenFile pending Priya Paul
27 JuneRDs building in Balusseri. Proposal given to government for adopting it as a Kudumbashree training center. Follow up and get favorable ordersJuly 15File transfered from RD to LSGD. Order will be issued soon Rajeev
27 JuneGet proposal from CTC regarding empanelment (as training agency for Panchayat level projects/ trainings), and keep in next CC and get approval (July 15). Convey to all Panchayats and departmentsJuly 15
organization team
27 JuneGet report from CTC on more training for them, 50 lakh pending fund of CTC regarding pension survey, and list of artists/ groups under them for kala troupe.July 15Jiji
16/6Give proposal to government, get approval and issue circular to all DMCs to start material supply units (NREGA) in all districts by July 15.July 15Sub committee formed . Dr Shameena P.N
9 JuneSBI GM, in a meeting expressed willingness to give housekeeping of SBI to Kudumbashree. They should explore the possibility of the same and take this forwardAugust 1Communication given to all DMCs to identify a minimum of 15 persons from each ULB Priya Paul
31 MayPalakkad railway division is positive about giving parking management/ visitor lounges to kudumbashree. Write letter to the railway authorities, get approval for all the railway stations in the next two monthsAug 1Letter send, DPM and ADMC met Railway officialsAkhila
14 JuneGive a proposal to SC department for starting of enterprises for SC families Aug 1Project plan under preparationAkhila
9 JuneStudy about 63 IT units. Can they be CSCs? Akshaya? If so, get a policy/ government order to convert them to CSC/ Akhaya centresAug 1File processed. Given letter to Principal Secretary for taking policy decision regarding the same.. Dr.Shameena PN
9 JuneMNREGA Material component - Get government order for the same and make a policy level decisionAug 1Committe consituted to study and submit report. Shri Jyothish, Shri Saidalavi and Kannur DMC are members. Given letter for submitting the report.Follow up going on. Thrissur DMC said he will give thr report by 27th July.
DMC - Thrissur informed that the 0.5 % commision is not feasible and at least 4 % is needed . otherwise this project is not feasible.
Dr.Shameena PN
14th JuneStarting Coir Project 30 nos in Thrissur and KannurAug 1Identified units and updated in website
Started 1 unit in Kannur.
Dr Shameena P.N
14th JuneNorka DataEntry Work coordinationAug 1met MD of Norka. 1.22 lakhs data entry completed. New Renewal applications rate given. Also discussions conducted regarding supply of Data Entry personnel at Daily wage Rates. New work received 19800 applications
Bill submitted for payment. Payment received and settled to IT units
Dr Shameena P.N
14th JuneKSRTC Proposal for various job opportunities Aug 1Proposal send will follow up. Meeting with MD completed. Willing to start , Buscleaning, Toilet and Reservation Counter urgnetly. Prepared a survey format for studying the facilities. Akhila & Shameena P.N
14th JuneCloth Bag- Lottery- Apparel SectorAug 1Finance department rejected the proposal from lotteries and they are in the process of resending modified proposal. Akhila
6/12Get approval and funds for establishing Creche in 3 districts, by calling a meeting of planning board and KSIDC and give work order to districts by August 1. Also, remember to start mobile creche in one or two placesAugust 1Priya Paul
27 JuneCRDs building in Moovattupuzha - Workshop. Ask DMC and team to visit and give a proposal to government if it can be used as a training center / workshop for kudumbashree August 1official from district mission (ernakulam) visited CRD office on 16.08.2017.Told will provide detailed report within two days.Nishand
27 JuneCTC will start a hostel, and training center at Trivandrum. Follow up and give approvalAugust 1Priya Paul
15 JuneMILMA shoppe- Milma offered to provide freezer and their products for sales on commission basis. We may sell their products through existing canteens, kiosks etc. As it gives additional income the objective is to provide the freezer to the canteen units and they may sell Milma products on one hand and may provide milk shakes, fruit salads etc through the canteenSeptember 1Communication given to DMCs to identify canteens/ places where there is scope to set Milma shoppe or to sell milma productsInstruction given to all DMCs to contact the concerned persons in their districts for availability of milma products to set up along with Kudumbashree canteensPriya Paul
18 JuneSECRETARIAT CAFÉSeptember 1Established one cafe in Secretariat premise Completed, construction of second canteen is going on Akhila
18 JuneAccounting and Book Keeping TrainingSeptemberState level training held for Micro Enterprise Consultants and Kudumbashree Account and Audit service society members. CompletedAkhila
16/6Get orders for 10 ME constructions units for construction of 10 houses per unit; and once they start their work, give proposal to government to get GO for these units (to get exception from tender) 15 NovemberNishanth
16/6JeevanamMar 1 2018Inaugration of Jeevanam 2017 livelihood campaign held on 19th July at Panchayat Association Hall by Hon.Minister for LSGDCompletedME team
9 JuneDDUGKY training agency M/S SB Global informed that they will give free training to 30 women in creche/ child caring service so that they can set up small child care/ day care centres. One such batch should be trained at CochinAugst 1Asked Ekm District Mission to identify 30 interested people for training. List of persons send to SB.Global. Training yet to startIdentified personsPriya Paul
18/6GREEN BYTESAugst 1Started 1 Green bytes unit which sells cut fruits and vegetable in Secretariate and also 1 unit in Kottayam CompletedAkhila
27 JuneGet permission (through DMCs get consent of district collectors) and start Kudumbashree outlets in all collectorates Sept 1Note for the same send - for presenting in collectors conference. Letter send to districts to contact collector for getting approval. Eranakulam started Akhila
14th JuneDDUGKY Uniform Work CoordinationGoing on. PIA s give orders. The orders are distributed to units and ensure that units are supplying the orders in time.Dr Shameena P.N
14th JunePlastic Shredding units formationUpdated the status in kudumbashree website on 01.07.2017Nishanth
14th JuneLIFE - Hollow Brick UnitsPrepared Draft report. A Field visit to ernakulam is planned for identify the requirement of hollowbricks. Field visit planned on 10.07.2017.Nishanth
14th JuneNutrimix GradingGrading will start on November 6. on processRenu
16/6Technology MeetExecutive Director suggested to conduct the same after onam.Nishanth
16/6Hollow BricksDraft training module prepared.
Detailed field report conducted at hollow brick unit at trivandrum has been prepared.
16/6Plastic shreding UnitsUnit started functioning at Trivandrum ( corporation 4), one unit inaguration completed at Idukki - Kattapana, two units started at Palaghat Nishanth
17/6Construction Units59 Units got trained , 38 units started functioning , 1.91 lakhs amount of work contracted last week, (24.06.2017 to 01.07.2017).Already asked DMCs to register these units as Micro contracting units. DMC , pathananmthitta submitted details of 5 Construction units.Nishanth
18/6Guideline of Start up Fund - ABCGuidelines preparedNishanth
18/6BANANA FIBER UNIT - TRIVANDRUM: NIIST- CSIR entered into an agreement with Kudumbashree to install plants that process banana & pineapple fibre. The project has to be implemented in Kulathoor grama panchayat as availability of raw materials is there(as Samagra- banana was implemented there). Though agreement was made with the Panchayat, the Panchayat is reluctant to implement the projectResistance from public and reluctance to implement the project. Difficult to establish the unit in the concerned panchayat. Decision has to be taken to relocate the areaPriya Paul
18/6Guideline of Start up Fund - General MEPrepared Akhila
20/06Media Shree - Give proposal to government/ put up proposal for GB for training of 140 women through press academy or similar institutions (20 day course, maximum)August 1Media Sree is a seperate project and is not part of ME till date
20/06Give proposal to NREGA director regarding 40% material component - after studying all aspects. Once the project is sanctioned, start MEs in all CDS for material procurementAugust 1Proposal under preperation
02/07IOC expressed interest to start toilets in 79 locations. Get list from IOC and select staff/ volunteers for manning these unitsAugust 1Collected list from IOC and send it to districts for allocating staffs for Public Convenience facility Management at IOCL outlets Positioning completed in 25 outlets Akhila
02/07IOC expressed interest to start dealership of small gas units in Ernakulam district. Start at least 1 in Ernakulam districtAugust 1Satrted in Eranakulam ( Perumbavoor) letter send to districts from Thrissur to Kozhikkod for starting the sameAkhila
02/07IOC is willing to provide new job opportunities like Lubricating oil changing, sales promotion, petrol pump manning etc. ME team to conduct discussion and take it forwardAugust 1Akhila
11/07Start 21 reservation counters of KSRTC, Provide cleaning staff to 27 depots out of 93 depots; and take up construction and maintenance of 30 toilet complexes of KSRTCSeptember 1Questionnaire prepared for survey of existing facilitities of KSRTC ( Toilets and Canteen). Survey completedShameena
11/07Give proposal to Civil supplies department for starting Kerala mess; get approval and start such mess in all the districts before OnamSeptember 1Priya
11/07Get a stock of 11,000 umbrellas using the 29 umbrella units in the state. Issue work order to them through Maari, after getting funds for MaariSeptember 1Priya
11/07Get work order from civil supplies department for powdering of wheat (for nutrimix units)September 15Letter prepared and file submitted.Data regarding the capacity of various units is under preperation.Shameena
11/07Give proposal to PWD secretary for cleaning the shoulders of the road and proposal for operating pot hole machines projects by ADS/ NHGAugust 1Project Prepared and submitted to PWD secretartyShameena
11/07Get order from Supplyco for starting franchise of supplyco for kudumbashree membersAugust 1Sabu
18/07Print a brochure of all railway units (parking/ waiting room etc) and put up draft letter to be given to chief secretary regarding policy making for railway projectsAugust 1Received letter from Chief secretary and send it to Railway chairmanAkhia
18/07Conduct a detailed review of railway projects and examine the proposal of clubbing of projects/ fundsAugust 1Railway review with district held on 20.09.2017, discussed abou pooling of revenue . Almost all districts appointed supervisors Akhila
18/07Railway - start new initiatives like mobile application; CCTV; red button, insurance, value addition, car washing etcAugust 1Akhila
18/07Railway - Give motivational training to all the staffAugust 1Training conducted Akhila
20/07Give a presentation to ED on impact of GST on MEs and “How to Make use of the GST provisions” in the best way for Kudumbashree MEsAugust 1
Team Monitoring
Goals 2017-18
Priya Paul